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^ The GUI poll is in, and the results are surprising
19758 [Dave Pragmat] I let this poll run for a while, just to see if the early results were
+ 19760 [andy.elvey p] Mmm ....  I'm not surprised that Tk is an "also-ran" here.  I've always
| + 19764 [bobh hslda.o] Does "fox" run everywhere you want Ruby to run? If the answer is "yes"
| | 19786 [ljohnson res] FOX only works on Windows and Linux/Unix. It has not been ported (natively)
| + 19771 [ jimm io.com] I hate Tk, but have chosen it for DataVision (my new database report tool
+ 19762 [tobiasreif p] Should be switch to bundling FOX with the Installshield
+ 19765 [eli.green co] How big a Mac user base is there out there? Not that it's particularily
| + 19791 [ljohnson res] MacOS
| + 19798 [bobh hslda.o] I think that "a" default should be picked and others should be
| + 20088 [ljohnson res] MacOS
| | 19806 [eli.green co] You're absolutely correct; I wasn't particularily recommending one toolkit or
| + 20090 [bobh hslda.o] I think that "a" default should be picked and others should be
+ 19774 [larsch cs.au] Please don't forget what Ruby is all about in this discussion! I think
| + 19778 [alwagner uar] You've brought up the second of two separate issues: 1) the GUI
| + 19779 [kero d4050.u] Actually, you could write it like
| + 19784 [ljohnson res] I absolutely agree.
| | + 19789 [decoux moulo] Actually you can write this
| | + 19866 [larsch cs.au] Only a couple of notes, because we basically agree :-)
| |   + 19892 [renaud.heber] []
| |   + 19904 [ljohnson res] I like this a lot. I still need to play with this a little bit but I have
| |   | 19940 [spwhite char] When I looked at FoxRuby, I jumped straight to the examples, went
| |   + 19906 [hal9000 hype] resultsaresurprising
| |     + 19908 [larsch cs.au] Basically, it is a wrapper around the original approach. It builds a
| |     + 19910 [ljohnson res] situation
| + 19801 [hal9000 hype] aresurprising
| | + 19802 [r2d2 acc.umu] Yes, a component inherits the properties of its parent component unless
| | + 19804 [kero d4050.u] In TkObject#method_missing, add
| + 19815 [ptkwt shell1] <snipped...>
|   + 19817 [ned bike-nom] Another possible reason to go to GTK might be to use Glade, which is a nice
|   | 19872 [schneiker ju] nice
|   + 19821 [ljohnson res] I've already posted a reply post to Lars' post, but it doesn't seem to have
+ 19775 [james jamesb] I'm curious to know why people choose one GUI over another.
+ 19787 [ljohnson res] Clearly, with 20% of the vote, we should also consider adding a pencil to
+ 19834 [spwhite char] It would be interesting to see what Ruby-isms could be concoted to
+ 19969 [stesch no-sp] Silly question: What is fox? Can't find it on http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa.html
| + 19970 [ugly-daemon ] Fox is a gui toolkit like gtk, tk, or qt. You can out more at
| + 19975 [rtarpine hot] Fox itself is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit.  To use it in Ruby, you
+ 20091 [ljohnson res] Clearly, with 20% of the vote, we should also consider adding a pencil to

^ TCPServer#accept bug?
19782 [michelv unit] Ruby 1.6.4

^ 2 iterator questions
19788 [ms iastate.e] I'm looking at some code in the FAQ (section 5) illustrating the
+ 19790 [dblack candl] [1,2,3].each &pr
| 19792 [ms iastate.e] Ah... thanks, and now I see the answer there in 5.2, too.  I'd skipped
+ 19795 [decoux moulo] Well, there are many examples. In bdb I use it to implement secondary

^ unable to get the fowardable library required by RDtool
19793 [cbroult sapi] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
19799 [decoux moulo] forwardable.rb is in the distribution of ruby 1.6.4

^ HTTPS using Ruby
19797 [mepython yah] Can somebody points me on how to do https using ruby.

^ Exception handling bug?
19800 [ale crimson.] Didn't post this to the bug database, as I'm not completely sure this is a
19805 [Dave Pragmat] I'm betting you don't have a post listening on echo (7).
19807 [Dave Pragmat] ... and to followup my own post, the unqualified rescue clause is also
19823 [ale crimson.] Sorry, about the long post...
19854 [matz ruby-la] Sumbit RCR via new scheme, i.e. www.rubygarden.org top-level forum.
19855 [Dave Pragmat] I copied it across for him already.

^ ruby/gty win98 install trouble...
19808 [mrp cre.cano] i'm having to port my ruby/gtk apps. from linux to win98 (suits, damn suits).
19838 [tobiasreif p] Wow, the Canon Research Centre Europe uses Ruby ... ;)

^ how to speed up hash script?
19809 [gerry ucar.e] I'm in the process of writing a script that will read data from a 17MB
+ 19810 [joe vpop.net] Ruby hashes seem to be much faster if you use a number as a key
| 19811 [gerry ucar.e] Thanks Joe, that helped to cut the run time from 14 seconds down to 11
+ 19812 [ned bike-nom] First, why are you slurping the whole file into memory at once? This seems
| + 19813 [gerry ucar.e] Thanks Sean, using
| | 19876 [wysNO_SPAM h] ....using "slice()" instead of "[...]" and "hash()" instead of "to_int()"
| + 19816 [ned bike-nom] Sorry, I missed what you were trying to do (that is, to get to the data by
+ 19818 [Dave Pragmat] You're bumping into the overhead of Ruby's garbage collection. When
  + 19859 [barry_shultz] On my machine this is running slightly faster than
  + 19907 [gerry ucar.e] Thanks for all the help. I've learned something from all the postings.

^ Ruby GUI
19820 [avdi avdi.or] Looking over the archives, it seems this very discussion came up a few months
+ 19822 [eli.green co] Hear, hear!
| 19825 [avdi avdi.or] According to their website, the Windows port is now implemented in pure Windows
| 19826 [SAT MULTITEC] How about as a starting point we define some sample applications and then
| + 19833 [avdi avdi.or] I'm game.  Since I'm equally unfamiliar with all of the above toolkits, which
| + 19871 [pit capitain] 2a. myri (see [ruby-talk:19680])
+ 19837 [alwagner uar] I'm not particularly replying to Avdi's post; just seemed like a
| 19839 [SAT MULTITEC] I'd be happy to do Fox and/or Tk though I would probably need some help with
+ 19849 [ljohnson res] their

^ Ruby GUI
19824 [hal9000 hype] The concept of a new GUI is somewhat appealing,
+ 19827 [kero d4050.u] pocketlinux on ipaq provides that for Java; I am sure there are other
| 19840 [hal9000 hype] That sounds interesting.
| + 19843 [armin approx] Enlightement is a window-manager.
| + 19847 [avdi avdi.or] Enlightenment (www.enlightenment.org) is a window manager for X that is chiefly
|   19868 [r2d2 acc.umu] Another option is to use VNC
+ 19828 [mikepence ya] What about XUL and the Gecko engine?
| + 19830 [avdi avdi.or] Not a bad idea. It's got great cross-platform supprt; and a quick look at
| | + 19832 [thegrandbrie] Side question: are there ncurses bindings and are they any easier/nicer to
| | + 19848 [tobiasreif p] To attract new users, we would need something lightweight, easy to use,
| + 19841 [hal9000 hype] Never heard of either. Explain.
|   + 19845 [armin approx] XUL is Mozilla's cross-platform user interface
|   + 19846 [mikepence ya] www.mozilla.org
+ 19829 [avdi avdi.or] I have a few, but I'm just a 21-year old with delusions of grandeur... ;-)
| + 19835 [rtarpine hot] After hearing about him on the BeOS boards recently, I checked out Jef
| + 19842 [hal9000 hype] Ha... don't worry, when you're twice as old, you'll have
+ 19844 [tobiasreif p] 1. what is it?

^ curses bindings?
19831 [thegrandbrie] Out of curiosity since the talk right now is centered on GUIs is there
+ 19853 [matz ruby-la] Curses interface is bundled with Ruby, with some ncurses features.
| + 19919 [J.Travnik sh] and I'm still working on textmode user interface with widgets like
| + 19920 [mrchameleon ] There's a thread called "Full Screen I/O?" or somesuch in which Jakub
+ 19860 [stesch no-sp] Well, some say curses is the right name for it ... :-)

^ RE: Behaviours
19836 [thegrandbrie] This idea is very cool... but how about just implementing a remove module

^ BUG(!) in unescapeHTML
19861 [jobeicus hot] require 'cgi'
20963 [wakou fsinet] $ cat test.rb

^ array refrencing
19862 [vod home.com] what would be the proper way to refrence like [1,array.length] is there any
19865 [avi beta4.co] I think you're looking for [x, -1].
19870 [matz ruby-la] You meant a[x..-1].

^ Re: CPServer#accept bug?
19864 [hipster xs4a] Absolutely right, my goof.
19869 [matz ruby-la] Because accept(2) returned negative value that denoted an error.  So

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-05-26)
19873 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-05-26)

^ distributing python programs to non-geeks
19874 [nivelnospamo] I've got some python and ruby scripts that some people have expressed
+ 19877 [r2d2 acc.umu] For python there is py2exe (http://sourceforge.net/projects/py2exe/) which
+ 19879 [wysNO_SPAM h] As for Ruby you can try rb2exe (http://jarh.hoops.livedoor.com/).
+ 19885 [g.haering __] You can create standalone Windows executables from Python scripts with
+ 19909 [tjreedy home] expressed

19881 [larsch cs.au] Values written to rbconfig.rb by mkconfig.rb aren't properly quoted.

^ TkListbox.bbox() bug?
19898 [ jimm io.com] I've run into a mystery. I create a TkListbox and fill it with items. They
19900 [decoux moulo] The equivalent tcl code is
19902 [ jimm io.com] Thank you. What I meant was, "I don't know how to write loops, construct

^ Keyword arguments (was GUI...)
19905 [joe vpop.net] This requires that Button.initialize deal with a hash as an argument yes?
19912 [matz ruby-la] No.  Keyword argument is harder than I expected.  It would be added in
+ 19922 [ugly-daemon ] I hope those commas won't be needed. I would rather see
| 19929 [matz ruby-la] Ah, it's Smalltalk like.  I'm afraid that syntax would be too heavy
| 19930 [fgp phlo.org] will there be the possibility to pass more than one block to a function? or
+ 19941 [spwhite char] Could the syntax be made the same for both declaration and call?

^ Re: Keyword args (was: The GUI poll is in, and the resultsaresurprising)
19911 [hal9000 hype] resultsaresurprising
19913 [joe vpop.net] some_func(x := 5)  ?
19916 [green FreeBS] A symbol is a keyword, not a method, so it cannot take arguments, therefore

^ Why the " * volatile " declarations in the C source?
19918 [harsh comput] Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, but...
+ 19921 [brucedickey ] The K & R book says that
+ 19923 [chris atdesk] The pointer is volatile because it's an automatic variable, and that's

^ efficent way to split up arguments of a string
19924 [vod home.com] Ive been reading in a file and need to split the first word and the rest of
19925 [mike stok.co] You can ask split to just split it into 2 pieces e.g.

^ Ruby/Fltk
19926 [ttate jaist.] I'm working on the Ruby/Fltk. it was started as the sample
19992 [alwagner tca] I don't know C++ or swig, so I won't be any help in the early part.  But,

^ [ANN] Ruby Behaviors, v. 0.0.2
19927 [dblack candl] The purpose of Ruby Behaviors is to let you implement locally-scoped
19928 [ugly-daemon ] Well I don't know how you feel about this but I was wondering if we could have a
19948 [dblack candl] Hey -- as author of this package, how do you *think* I feel about the
20029 [thegrandbrie] Actually I think I like
20118 [bingalls pan] I'm a newbie; doesn't Ruby have Name Spaces to deal with this?
20122 [spwhite char] Ruby has namespaces for variables, but Ruby Behaviours is for

^ more than one block to methods (Re:  Re: Keyword arguments)
19932 [matz ruby-la] It will stay as it is, I think.  Pass Procs if you want to.

^ SMTP authentication
19933 [marick testi] either, and responds with
19943 [Dave Pragmat] What happens if you don't specify a user name or password? In the
19991 [marick visib] This works with my ISP. Thanks.

^ interbase-0.04
19934 [tarod home.c] Due to the overwhelming response to my prior messages...
19935 [matz ruby-la] Thank you for releasing it.
+ 19947 [tarod home.c] Thank you.  That's great.  I'll check out 1.7.x and make the fix.
+ 19950 [rtarpine hot] It seems that 1.7.x adds enough features that it should be recommended for
  19952 [Dave Pragmat] The 1.7 brach is unstable (hence the odd number). I'd be wary about

^ CORBA Ruby mapping
19936 [MAP2303 mapl] It is well neat for me to tackle to CORBA Ruby;-).
+ 19998 [MAP2303 mapl] following is my comment on Tobin's README.
+ 20249 [senderista h] I agree that common classes like system exceptions, a union type, an
  20262 [MAP2303 mapl] I suspect I'll be busy incoming a few month because of as employment and because I'll
  20385 [senderista h] I think you have some good points.  Such a framework as you describe
  20421 [MAP2303 mapl] I think it is the other style of portability defined in the IDL to Java specification.
  20696 [senderista h] I think the stream-based model would be the one to follow.  I assume
  20739 [matz ruby-la] Don't worry.  I'm not going to make incompatible change of that big.

19942 [   ml sph.de] It sounds like traveling to Rio via North and South Pole, I know,

^ RE-ENTRY: ruby Mysql for cygwin
19944 [   ml sph.de] It sounds like traveling to Rio via North and South Pole, I know,

^ RE:  NEWS:  RE-ENTRY: ruby Mysql for cygwin
19945 [   ml sph.de] This one has now to be reduced to one item -- the library that contains

^ Good examples of Ruby style?
19946 [ljohnson res] A few people have commented on the lack of "good" style in the FXRuby
19956 [alwagner uar] I hope we don't go down that road.  The next step is to enforce
20027 [ljohnson res] It's interesting, a number of people complained (fairly or otherwise) about
20028 [Dave Pragmat] the style of interface that fxruby currently uses: the use of message
20031 [ljohnson res] This sounds good, if it is an appropriate use of the RubyGarden wiki (I

^ Suggestion - RubyTriad
19949 [cyoungbl leg] I've been frustrated trying to set up Ruby and MySQL together on Windows.  I

^ Ruby/Gtk, Text widget question
19951 [YuriLeikind ] Can anyone give me an example of using
19953 [rtarpine hot] Why don't you want to use Gtk::ScrolledWindow?  Then, you only need
19954 [YuriLeikind ] Yes, it does work, thank you.
19955 [rtarpine hot] When in doubt, look at the source in the testgtk directory of the ruby-gtk

^ reading file line by line
19957 [vod home.com] Im reading in a file through a block then a file.each_line {|line|
+ 19958 [armin approx] line.chomp!
+ 19959 [Plate Psyche] String#chomp!
+ 19962 [dsafari xtra] Perhaps you would be looking for String#strip!

^ problem understanding class relationships
19960 [tobiasreif p] Below is my current understanding of how families of classes share
19965 [matz ruby-la] Like constants, class variables must be assigned at the class/module
+ 19972 [dblack candl] Another permutation -- sort of useless, but I found it interesting to
| 19974 [matz ruby-la] <snip code example>
+ 20023 [tobiasreif p] Is the following possible?
  20024 [decoux moulo] No, 'class Foo < Object' is the same than 'class Foo'

^ TIP: invoking help from the scite editor on win32
19961 [bdelmee adva] Right, suppose you're a Win32 user (there goes half the crowd...)
19963 [dsafari xtra] This is quite cool - thanks for sharing it. I've recently started

^ Slow file I/O? (newbie)
19964 [W.L.Kleb LaR] So we were trying to test the speed of mirrored versus non-mirrored
+ 19966 [Dave Pragmat] Well, with the best will in the world, Ruby is going to be way, way
+ 19983 [fgp phlo.org] If you write every byte using putc, you measure how fast your cpu can switch

^ Please keep a lonely page company...
19967 [Dave Pragmat] where people could add notes on Ruby in the real world.

^ New cygwin headers needed for FOX?
19971 [r2d2 acc.umu] Fox doesn't compile out of the box with the latest cygwin distribution.

^ Starting window maximized using Ruby/Gtk+
19973 [harryo zip.c] I just downloaded a copy of Filip Pizlo's Gtk interface to the ri database,

^ How to do arbitrary super calls?
19976 [ned bike-nom] In Smalltalk, "super" in a method represents the receiver object (the same
+ 19977 [Dave Pragmat] class A
| 19981 [ned bike-nom] Ah, thanks!
+ 19979 [jweirich one] [... example elided ...]

^ Callbacks on method removal/undef?
19978 [ned bike-nom] I notice that there is Module#method_added(),
19984 [matz ruby-la] 1.7.x has method_removed, singleton_method_remove, method_undefined,

^ User generated RI documentation
19980 [jweirich one] Is it possible to generate RI documentation for user developed
19982 [Dave Pragmat] I'm working on it, but I'm having to wait for Robert Feldt to appear

^ [RFC] online index to the "Programming Ruby" book
19985 [bdelmee adva] since I already have had to electronically index the pragmatic
19986 [ned bike-nom] Looks great on Konqueror... thanks for making this available!
19989 [adamon MailA] Beautiful!  Thank you!  It's about time someone did this.  This is very
19990 [barry_shultz] A really great project. Thanks.

^ Patching postgres / Noboru Saitou
19987 [wormwood spe] I'm trying to reach Noboru Saitou, or whoever is now maintaining
+ 19988 [ttate jaist.] I sent the mail to ruby-ext in japanese, since his e-mail
+ 25362 [noborus netl] I am sorry to have become very late. I had overlooked this mail.

^ pose_as
19993 [jweirich one] I was reading someone commenting about Objective C yesterday.  They
+ 20000 [dblack candl] Interesting idea, though I haven't thought of anywhere I'd use it.  Do
| 20012 [jweirich one] If the posing class is a subclass of the original, then the original's
+ 20008 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, how about "OldClass = NewClass"?
  20013 [jweirich one] [... long, complex solution elided ...]