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^ order and freedom in Ruby (was: Re:  Re: the way class variables work)
19524 [dblack candl] So do you, and so do they :-)
+ 19527 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| 19531 [dblack candl] Isn't that what happens if you manipulate a parent class (without
| 19534 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| + 19536 [decoux moulo] ...
| | 19541 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| | 19546 [matju sympat] mixins work with 'pointers' as well. I think the problem Guy is showing is
| | 19591 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 19540 [dblack candl] [Note: I'm not complaining about class variables any more... just
+ 19533 [nat.pryce b1] It depends what you mean by "significant meaning"... :-)
| 19553 [chris atdesk] Exactly.
| + 19565 [nat.pryce b1] A protocol encompasses (a) more than one interface and (b) how and when
| + 19581 [r2d2 acc.umu] In a large project you need coding standards for what people can and cannot
|   19610 [chris atdesk] I like the way you summarized this.  Maybe I'm being too paranoid.
+ 19548 [chris atdesk] It could happen, if you take user-supplied input and mix that with an
  19552 [paulp Active] If you write non-trivial Ruby code you must have well-designed test
  + 19554 [Ephaeton gmx] Yes, that's fine. But you'd get a warning for an at least implicit cast when
  | 19555 [paulp Active] Okay, change all declarations to float. It doesn't make any difference.
  | 19564 [chris atdesk] That is absolutely not what I'm gettting at.
  + 19559 [chris atdesk] Dynamic typing is only a tangent to what I'm talking about.
    + 19560 [paulp Active] Let's say you have a library with code you do not have the
    + 19566 [alwagner tca] Just a newbie here, but aren't you talking about  contracts?
      19567 [chris atdesk] Maybe.  What definition of contracts are you using?
      19588 [alwagner tca] suits me fine.
      19606 [chris atdesk] Yes, that's what I'm talking about.  (Thanks for the link.)
      + 19607 [Ephaeton gmx] What about Class.freeze ? ;) (no that is not yet in existance) And why not
      | 19624 [matz ruby-la] class Foo
      + 19609 [alwagner tca] If I properly understand contracts, a real-world metaphor is appropriate:  It

^ Re: Ruby and Apache on Windoze
19539 [web2ed yahoo] What do you mean? Are you not able to get cgi scrips running?

^ Inheritance problem with PostgreSQL extension
19543 [hoss lodesto] I'm having a problem making a subclass of PGconn, the Ruby interface
19587 [decoux moulo] ...
19667 [hoss lodesto] Thanks very much, Guy!  This is tremendously helpful.
19668 [WYS helbling] is the class (i.e. MyPGconn). Recall, classes are objects, too.

^ Test 7, don't read
19545 [hal9000 hype] Trying to get through to the

^ @@variable scope
19549 [tobiasreif p] Below is my current understanding of how families of classes share
19579 [r2d2 acc.umu] I think your view is too static. My understanding is that when a class variable

^ Forced garbage collection
19550 [larsch cs.au] I am testing some code that uses ObjectSpace#define_finalizer, but I can
+ 19562 [nat.pryce b1] I've been having the same problem with Ruby 1.6.4. trying to implement
| 19590 [larsch cs.au] I tried adding a finalizer on a object from its own methods, i.e.
| 19595 [fgp phlo.org] I has the same problem. It works, if you use a _class_method_ as finalizer.
| 19613 [jweirich one] I suspect that it is not so much that it is a deadlock situation, but
| 19620 [fgp phlo.org] Well.. but on the other hand, why isn't the block collected, and then the
| 19623 [jweirich one] The block is referenced by the ObjectSpace data structures (whatever
| + 19629 [matz ruby-la] Your impression is right.  Finalizers are evil both for implementation
| + 19630 [nat.pryce b1] Excellent explanation. Thanks.  I've got my WeakHash working now.
| + 19672 [fgp phlo.org] I saw "block is references by the ObjectSpace data structures, to be called
+ 19605 [matz ruby-la] Ruby uses conservative GC, which leaves garbages unreclaimed if in

^ /.ed again
19551 [tobiasreif p] Ruy gets slasdotted again ;)
+ 19557 [siigron sii.] ...
| + 19558 [Ephaeton gmx] And the typical noise from fanatists who believe in the "one, true and only
| + 19561 [hotfusionman] And this despite the fact that that developerWorks article is just about the
| | + 19563 [ jimm io.com] I rated the article and submitted comments. I suggest everyone else do so
| | | 19568 [hotfusionman] Great idea!  Wish I'd thought of it. :)
| | + 19578 [paulp Active] The reason that this slashdot thread is friendlier than the other is
| | | 19600 [hotfusionman] Someone said a few messages ago that they wish the series of articles had been
| | + 19614 [ruby jamesbr] Agreed. I was disappointed by the article; it
| + 19571 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 19572 [fgp phlo.org] The best comment was about "Ruby being a hacked language like Perl, while
|   | 19612 [matz ruby-la] I agree wholeheartedly.  After a serious seek for the place I can feel
|   + 19611 [stesch no-sp] ...
+ 19589 [yurleik tut.] ...
  19592 [tobiasreif p] Yuri
  19593 [Ephaeton gmx] Me as BSD man can only agree. Most of the /. guys seem to be 15 year old
  + 19616 [elderburn mi] Personally, I tend to be more disappointed (discouraged) by the comments from
  + 19622 [avdi avdi.or] The thing about /., is that it has more than one audience. There is the
  + 19681 [sean-ruby-ta] =20

^ Re: killfile and such
19569 [matju sympat] It seems Mister Thomas has received my message very negatively.
19601 [tobiasreif p] What's going on? What does 'Mister Thomas put me on his killfile.' mean?

^ Why not access control for instance and class variables?
19574 [ptkwt shell1] ...
19576 [gotoken notw] Recently, some possibilities were discussed at Japanese list.  The
+ 19580 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 19582 [r2d2 acc.umu] What about using Module#private to explicitly declare private variables.
  19586 [gotoken notw] Module#private only prohibits explicitly-specified-receiver invocation

^ reading characters without waiting for carriage return
19597 [rodzilla2 ho] ...
19599 [decoux moulo] ...
19640 [jjenning ste] Perhaps this would be a good time to release my ruby-tty extension... it's

^ Overriding Marshal.load version test
19602 [webmaster ru] Evolving Marshal versions have given me headaches, and today I found out
19603 [decoux moulo] ...

^ eRuby Application Server
19604 [llothar mail] After working with Allaires JRUN application server  i would ask if
19627 [dsafari xtra] The idea of a Ruby app server is something I would love and am going
19632 [chadfowler y] Sure am.  I started on a module for communications
+ 19647 [anany ece.vi] ...
| 19649 [eli.green co] Well, if Avi's not going to come to the rescue of his very cool little app,
| 19651 [toddg linux1] ...
| + 19654 [avi beta4.co] Todd,
| + 19658 [eli.green co] Iowa is certainly cleaner and easier to understand the internals for... but
|   19663 [toddg linux1] ...
+ 19682 [dsafari xtra] Great Chad, I will try and catch you on irc and have a chat.

^ eruby
19608 [simon smason] I've been using eruby and every once and a while I get pages that just stop.
19615 [llothar mail] One of the weaknesses of Ruby. You need a posix emulator like Cygwin
19617 [Dave Pragmat] Not true - you can compile it with MSVC on a Windows box. Cygwin gives
19625 [fritz.heinri] A non-cygwin (mingw?, MSVC?) binary distribution for windows would help
19665 [simon smason] I seem to have found the problem. This bit of .rhtml file reproduces it on

^ Interbase Database Driver
19618 [tarod home.c] This message is for Matz and anyone else who is developing or using the

^ Time before the "Big Bang"
19626 [tarod home.c] How do we represent dates before the Creation of the Universe (Jan 1, 1970)?
20357 [neumann s-di] There are two (more?) possible solutions.
20365 [kero d4050.u] ruby 1.7.1 allows me to do

^ unsubscribe
19628 [frusti gmx.a] unsubscribe

^ () overloading
19631 [edsin swes.s] I'm newbie rubyroid and of course I'm suffering from that
+ 19633 [avdi avdi.or] I'll second that!  Coming from a C++ background, there's something that
| 19638 [dblack candl] I'm afraid I don't use C++ or Python, so I'll have to fall back on
+ 19637 [decoux moulo] ...
  19674 [edsin swes.s] Proc#call is an instance of class Method - so it can not call Proc#() -
  19675 [decoux moulo] ...
  19678 [edsin swes.s] I got the point. If we have () operator then it's evaluated in scope

^ OT: Wired
19634 [rtarpine hot] For any and all interested, the current (September) issue of Wired has the

^ Minimum Ruby installation on Windows
19635 [Dunhill_man ] ...
19636 [WYS helbling] ...try rb2exe (http://jarh.hoops.livedoor.com/)!

^ Local variables - can {|a| ..} be made to have 'a' local?
19639 [swbrown ucsd] I'm in the process of learning ruby and I've got a quick question for you
19645 [dblack candl] But if a doesn't wind up as 5, then the code didn't work :-)

^ Array.uniq(!) uses what operator ?
19641 [Ephaeton gmx] class Foo
19642 [decoux moulo] ...
19643 [Ephaeton gmx] Thanks, that did it (of course ;). Maybe this should be easily reachable
19644 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Threading a TCPServer
19646 [ng zabelt.ne] require 'socket'
19677 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [ANN] NQXML v1.1.1 + SourceForge
19648 [ jimm io.com] NQXML v1.1.1 is now available. The Writer class now indents XML when

^ Ruby Newbie mailing list
19650 [mikepence ya] Insert usual Ruby kudos here.
19656 [lcb134 psu.e] We had a similar discussion on the OmniWeb Objective-C mailing list not to
19659 [mikepence ya] I appreciate your references to Objectionable-C ;-)
+ 19660 [dblack candl] I can't speak for either the nubies or the gurus :-)  but I think the
| 19666 [elderburn mi] As an education professional, david, you have no doubt picked up on the fact
+ 19671 [irving_1 com] The obvious pitfall of having the blind leading the blind might be
  19691 [lcb134 psu.e] The sticking point for me, and if I am understanding properly, for several
  + 19692 [dblack candl] I honestly think this is a solution in search of a problem.  My advice
  | 19772 [furufuru ccs] ratio in
  + 19714 [mikepence ya] Perhaps I was premature.  If newbie questions start becoming so

^ String#substr
19652 [sean_ca_1979] Perl/C/PHP have substr.... does the ruby equiv
+ 19653 [dblack candl] Have a look at String#slice[!]
| 19676 [sean chitten] Thanks!  That'll do it!  I knew the functionality had to have=20
+ 19655 [eli.green co] Both Python and Ruby do string slices, which is infinitely cooler than substr,
+ 19662 [gc mandrakes] <advert_mode>
  19669 [sean chitten] Woa!  Way cool!  Thanks for the URL!  -sc

^ [ANN] DataVision database reporting application
19657 [ jimm io.com] DataVision is a database reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports, written

^ Threads and their stack
19661 [t-peters gmx] While threads have no knowledge of their parent thread, they actually have

^ No more temp files for each non_empty_file_field in multipart/form-dad forms
19664 [domingo dad-] I'm working with ruby recently and want adopt it as my favority

^ Re: having to add '\r' for Microsoft hosted telnet daemon (RE: [ruby- talk:19308] Re: PATCH: fixed bug in "waitfor" in net/telnet.rb)
19679 [stesch no-sp] ...
19687 [nat.pryce b1] Not every in known language by any stretch of the imagination!  Only those

^ String#substr ?
19683 [sean-ruby-ta] Perl/C/PHP have substr.... does the ruby equiv exist outside of
19684 [sean-ruby-ta] Blah.  This message had been stuck in my mail queue since=20

^ Compiling Ruby with cygwin and Tk support
19685 [ng zabelt.ne] Is there a howto out there that tells me, how to compile Ruby under
19686 [ng zabelt.ne] I found the ext /directory in the source tree of Ruby.  I edited the
19688 [decoux moulo] ...
19698 [ajm nospam.v] ...
19741 [ng zabelt.ne] where exactly can I find these headers?
19759 [eban os.rim.] Cygwin/XFree86 is very large.
+ 19766 [ng zabelt.ne] I tried this one.
+ 20086 [ng zabelt.ne] I tried this one.
  19777 [kero d4050.u] I have no cygwin experience, but this sounds familiar anyway.
  19882 [ng zabelt.ne] In ruby-src/ext/tcltklib I ran the extconf.rb file and what happened was
  + 19884 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 19895 [r2d2 acc.umu] Ruby does not only check for existence of the file, it checks that it is
    20344 [buck bfg9000] ...

^ bindings for Motif etc
19690 [bil ccrma.St] Ruby bindings for Xlib/Xt/Xp/Xpm/Xm (Motif) are available at

^ class methods and optimizing
19699 [thegrandbrie] Does anyone know what class methods are as opposed to instance methods? Are
+ 19702 [ned bike-nom] Class methods are those that don't operate upon a single instance
| 19814 [thegrandbrie] how about
+ 19706 [joe vpop.net] I asked a similar question in the past and Hal Fulton sent me this
| + 19712 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| + 19729 [ugly-daemon ] Well, I don't know if it would suit you but could you not inherit the class you
|   19734 [joe vpop.net] Yes, that works, but what if I want to install some "cheaters" such
+ 19710 [matz ruby-la] Some functionality, for example object creation, is NOT belong to
+ 19716 [dblack candl] You can usually do without it, but not always.  In particular, you

^ and in postconditions
19715 [siigron sii.] ...
+ 19717 [dblack candl] David
| 19721 [siigron sii.] ...
+ 19720 [ned bike-nom] Note that true and false aren't keywords in Perl (you are doing the
  19722 [siigron sii.] ...

^ General (GUI/license) questions
19718 [rtarpine hot] "Ruby Agenda is written in Ruby with Tk bindings (which are in the default
+ 19723 [armin approx] That is a near-religious discussions. I try to put it very simply, please
| + 19724 [Ephaeton gmx] That IS a religios issue ;)
| + 19726 [elanthis use] Close.  The thing is, anyone can use your code, sell it, whatever, but it
|   + 19727 [anany ece.vi] Code can still be sold under GPL, you simply have to provide the client with
|   | 19735 [spcoltri omc] And cannot restrain the client from disseminating the source code further.
|   + 19728 [rtarpine hot] Personally, I agree most with the LGPL and the Ruby-licence.  I would like
|   | 19731 [mikkelj-anti] ...
|   | 19748 [rtarpine hot] I didn't mean that they had to publish changes, only contact me directly,
|   | 19753 [matz ruby-la] Notice that
|   + 19768 [stephen.hill] Closer :-) The GPL says that you have to distribute (or make
+ 19730 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| 19733 [Ephaeton gmx] People often forget where Tcl/Tk started : Write a C program, hook into Tcl,
| 19739 [kero d4050.u] What is fullblown? I stripped the encoding stuff out of tcl, saving about
+ 19737 [ljohnson res] ...
  + 19740 [Ephaeton gmx] Being a Tix user myself, I'll try that under (Net)BSD. Some fine grained
  + 19744 [mikkelj-anti] ...
    19780 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Re: Ruby Newbie mailing list (RubyNewbie website?)
19725 [ptkwt shell1] ...
19732 [Dave Pragmat] That would be a great addition to the RubyGarden wiki.
19738 [mikepence ya] That would be the ideal solution.  And, the wiki being, well, a wiki, I
19742 [mikkelj-anti] ...

^ Translating Programming Ruby
19736 [juergen.kati] I am about to tanslate into german the book "Programming Ruby" by Dave

^ [ANN] Ruby Behaviors, v. 0.0.1 (alpha)
19743 [dblack candl] I have prepared the first public release of Ruby Behaviors.  This
+ 19752 [joe vpop.net] Wow!  How cool!  Even cooler is that you can accomplish such a thing
+ 19794 [hal9000 hype] What an interesting idea...
  19796 [dblack candl] I hope so :-)  One of my main goals is to take the pressure off the
  19803 [wmwilson01 h] Very cool project!  I was wondering what you might think about something

^ Computer Language Shootout...
19745 [sean chitten] ...

^ wxWindows and Qt for Ruby
19746 [jgraham sign] I have used wxWindows and compiled it on the mac, win32 and linux.  I even
19781 [ljohnson res] ...

^ "new" returning nil: how to report the failure of object creation
19755 [furufuru ccs] How do you report the failure of object creation, that is, if you find