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^ Newbie question
191502 [kalons yahoo] Given an array like
+ 191504 [shortcutter ] You can use select or inject. However it's not clear to me what you
+ 191505 [james graypr] => ["&abc", "a&cb", "b&ac"]
  191584 [kalons yahoo] That's not quite it.  That seems to match all strings containing an
  + 191588 [james graypr] No letters are duplicated in "&Edit".
  | 191600 [matthew.moss] What he's saying is that he wants both "&Edit" and "Vi&ew" to show up
  | 191602 [matthew.moss] x = ["&Edit", "P&roject", "Noamp", "Vi&ew", "S&ample", "T&ree"]
  + 191595 [alex blackke] keys = {}
  + 191605 [shortcutter ] By your definition "a&cb" does not belong into the result set.

^ comparing objects
191523 [r.mark.volkm] Comparing objects in Ruby can be a little confusing. Let me know if
191609 [shortcutter ] This is called "equivalence".
191611 [logancapaldo] Based on this I would amend your explanation with
191612 [shortcutter ] I'd leave it at "equivalence" for == and eql? because for most types
191614 [r.mark.volkm] So why is it useful to have both == and eql?
191619 [logancapaldo] Well the post that sparked my response and "clarification" is one
191666 [minkoo.seo g] #eql? -- Equivalence with type and value

^ Ruby community website / forum
191524 [eliben gmail] Coming from Perl, what I miss in Ruby the most is (surprise !) not CPAN,
+ 191527 [mike stok.ca] I second your opinion of Perlmonks, a fine site with a good signal to
+ 191528 [halostatue g] I haven't spent much time at Perlmonks, but I hate visiting there whensomeone points out something "interesting." It's almost as bad as LtU.
| 191680 [m4 polite.se] I second that. Most email clients I come across aren't smart enough to
| + 191681 [charlie cast] You know what really bothers me....DevShed doesn't have a ruby forum.  I
| + 191699 [leslieviljoe] I "third" that. Gmail is great - just create a filter which keeps all
|   191710 [jmg3000 gmai] Gmail is great for what it is, but I think the OP was looking for
|   + 191743 [louis.j.scor] I think he was lamenting the fact that there is no way to get a
|   | + 191794 [leslieviljoe] Don't know what you mean, Gmail put the whole Sharp Knives and Glue
|   | | 191803 [louis.j.scor] No, don't get me wrong.  I think gmail is great for what it is, and as
|   | + 192819 [halostatue g] Odd. I've never had a problem with gmail, and I've used a *lot* of
|   + 192817 [halostatue g] I see no value in this.
|     192828 [jmg3000 gmai] No one said RubyGarden couldn't be that site, but AFAICT there's no
|     192832 [halostatue g] This is a good thing. Forums are the lowest denominator of quality,
|     192861 [jmg3000 gmai] Me too.
|     + 192865 [halostatue g] Great. Just what we need. Karma whores. Colour me even *less* interested
|     + 192866 [tanner.burso] So then you can ignore answers from those without good XP?  Spend a week, o=
|       192889 [jmg3000 gmai] I guess so. Though I don't think many folks do that. My impression was
|       192896 [halostatue g] This will be fixed in the next week or two. Jim Weirich has written a
|       192900 [jmg3000 gmai] *BOOM*
+ 191558 [jesusrubsyou] I agree that having a single place to look keeps things simple and
+ 191642 [jmg3000 gmai] Ok, ok. I've heard enough... You're hired! :)
  + 191646 [eliben gmail] For starters, the software that powers Perlmonks itself can be used. It
  | 191687 [jmg3000 gmai] Well, places like perlmonks have a lot of content there besides just
  | 191689 [eliben gmail] By borrowing from Perlmonks I didn't mean the content, but the code.
  | 191690 [jmg3000 gmai] Right. But what I was getting at was, once you've got a body of
  + 192894 [gilesb gmail] phpBB is the work of the devil.
    192898 [jmg3000 gmai] Perlmonks == ruby-talk (via Gmail perhaps) + Ruby FAQ + Ruby wiki

^ accessing mysql thorugh ruby
191526 [bfsog hotmai] [code]
191529 [simon.kroege] cheers

^ snmp gem
191530 [ro paper-mil] I am not sure what is wrong.  "gem install snmp" seems to report success.
191532 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
191537 [ro paper-mil] Thanks Ara!  Typing "SNMP.methods" in irb seems to give
+ 191542 [logancapaldo] If the docs were to change, it should be to the following, not what
+ 191544 [ara.t.howard] nope.  this is the 'fault' of rubygems and has nothing to do with snmp.  all
+ 191553 [halostatue g] No. You want  require 'rubygems'  require 'snmp'

^ win32ole - wait for action to complete
191533 [rich.hall sb] I have a script driving a proprietary Powerbuilder application via
191554 [johnatl mac.] You could use WinBatch http://winbatch.com for this.
191562 [rich.hall sb] Thanks. I'm trying to avoid using software I'll have to license (part of

^ Ruby 2.0: Symbol uniqueness?
191540 [mental rydia] p "!".intern == "!@".intern # => true
+ 191545 [jgbailey gma] This may be a question for the Ruby Core list?
+ 191877 [chneukirchen] +1
+ 192391 [polyergic gm] T24gNS81LzA2LCBNZW5UYUxndVkgPG1lbnRhbEByeWRpYS5uZXQ+IHdyb3RlOgo+Cj4gSSB0aGlu

^ CSV::IllegalFormatError   (Need to club data entry person)
191547 [smc7000 gmai] I'm using csv module to read parse 76,000 rows of patient data in a CSV
+ 191550 [u.alberton g] It's just a guess, but maybe you could try replacing every
+ 191572 [james graypr] Well, the long and the short of this story is that the above line is
+ 191616 [dave burt.id] gsub('"B"', '""B""')

^ Finding an interval in a sorted array?
191555 [Bil.Kleb nas] Surely there is a way to find an interval in a sorted array
+ 191573 [gm.vlkv gmai] class Array
| 192178 [Bil.Kleb nas] My officemate prompted this question.  Here's his
+ 191575 [ara.t.howard] this ought to get you going
| 191577 [Daniel.Berge] class Array
+ 191601 [shortcutter ] module Enumerable
  191603 [shortcutter ] module Enumerable

^ Noob Question - String Manipulation...
191556 [joe.cairns g] Hey, I'm pretty new to Ruby and am trying to absorb the "ruby way" of
+ 191563 [jmichaels gm] I don't know of any libraries offhand that can do this (CGI only has
| + 191567 [ruby-talk fj] I've been using
| + 191571 [jesusrubsyou] gsubbing breaks down for more complex test cases, such as things
+ 191574 [rossrt rosco] There's more to this than meets the eye - it's often best to hand off

^ Help with ActiveRecord
191560 [pjhyett gmai] class AdminQueue < ActiveRecord::Base
+ 191561 [pjhyett gmai] Sorry guys, I meant to post this in the Rails mailing list.
+ 191564 [dave playgra] Any field named 'type' is special in Rails, it enables single table
  191590 [pjhyett gmai] Thanks Dave, I had a naming conflict just yesterday as well, I really

^ Question on self (Newbie)
191576 [darushin gma] I am working my way through some tutorials and books on Ruby and i am
+ 191580 [u.alberton g] In your example, declaring "login" as "self.login" means it's a class
| 191586 [darushin gma] Thanks for the clarification, it really helps clear things up.
+ 191582 [logancapaldo] Here, self refers to the class
+ 191583 [work ashleym] If by "the function" you mean "def self.login" it's to make it a
| 191587 [darushin gma] Thank you for supplying a example, It makes things even more clear then
+ 191589 [khaines enig] class Foo

^ [ANN] Nitro + Og 0.30.0: VCR mode, Og QBE, Feeds, Fixes
191578 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
+ 191596 [khaines enig] Now THAT is a great idea.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and
| 191852 [george.mosch] Glad you like it ;-)
+ 191657 [kashia.buch ] George, you have a bad link there, please update your bookmarks.
| 191685 [robmnl gmail] Yikes, now that's awesome. Hopefully someone will port it to Rails too :)
+ 191718 [pollak gmail] Wow... sounds like a ton of excellent features.

^ Extending Core Classes - Best Practices
191579 [jesusrubsyou] I've been following the "Sharp knives and glue" thread.  It's gotten me
191606 [shortcutter ] What exactly do you intend to achieve with ".respond_to? '>'"?
191608 [logancapaldo] I think he's trying to make sure the result is a number and therefore
+ 191626 [louis.j.scor] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| 191721 [sroberts uni] This pattern could help in some cases, but doesn't address a number of
| 191744 [louis.j.scor] Why can't you wrap the string after you get it?
+ 191754 [jesusrubsyou] Thanks for the tips about Regexp#===, guys.
  191759 [louis.j.scor] Honestly, that's a little childish, don't you think?  You supposedly
  191796 [jesusrubsyou] If there are sensible restrictions that exist with good reason, I am
  191802 [louis.j.scor] Yes, I think that's probably the biggest problem.  The other main
  191811 [jesusrubsyou] Hm, okay.  I think I'll keep living a bit dangerously in this regard,
  + 191813 [louis.j.scor] I agree.  I think it is a reasonable expectation for a string to tell
  + 192228 [not_real exa] Just 2 cents here...

^ adwords4: access the Google Adwords API in ruby
191599 [chanezon gma] For those of you who want to access the AdWords API from ruby.
+ 191895 [me jasonclin] Because RubyGems is a solution to a problem that you only have when you
| + 191901 [leavengood g] Please do not try to speak for the entire Ruby community with a
| | 191902 [me jasonclin] I disagree. RubyGems should only be used on Linux when a package is not
| | 191903 [james graypr] You are welcome to disagree.  You are not welcome to speak for me.
| | + 191906 [logancapaldo] I agree with James. Do they have a similar rant about CPAN? I recall
| | | + 191907 [charlie cast] I prefer gems and CPAN, although my sysadmin hates both.  For him, it's
| | | + 191920 [me jasonclin] That's the only topic of any imporantance here. Applications depend on
| | + 191913 [james_b neur] Same here.
| | | 191917 [me jasonclin] There is no choice available if the package author neglects to include
| | | 191931 [james_b neur] Sure there is.  People looking to repackage source code provided as a
| | | 191936 [me jasonclin] er.
| | + 191918 [me jasonclin] Was I?
| + 191912 [taschini.mli] Actually, RubyGems is a solution that is independent of the underlying
| | 191926 [me jasonclin] No, you misread the page, then. It's only more difficult when an author
| + 191916 [james_b neur] BTW, not sure if this as been mentioned already (if it has I missed it;
+ 192063 [jp jeffpritc] Not to intrude on the hissy-fit over packaging schemes, but I'm
  192207 [paul iconopl] Staying on topic? Heresy! :-)
  192218 [jp jeffpritc] So is the ultimate goal here to write something that will analyze the

^ Ruby-LDAP and leftover connections
191615 [seanhussey g] I'm using RubyLDAP all over the place in my Rails app.  I'm curious,
+ 191627 [garbagecat10] I'm assuming you're using the Ruby-LDAP library that wraps up the native
+ 192829 [ttate ttsky.] The connection is kept open until the connection object is garbage collected, if you call
  193135 [seanhussey g] That bit about the block is a huge and powerful concept.  I learned
  193150 [garbagecat10] Sean, if you have evidence that you are leaking a connection (perhaps
  193174 [seanhussey g] One possibility may have been related to network configuration changes

^ Rough idea regarding modification of core classes
191618 [tanner.burso] After reading the sharp knives and glue thread, my head started spinning
191638 [drbrain segm] Ruby does all that with #extend.
191716 [leslieviljoe] This is cool, very similar to the "adding functionality to the strings
191958 [drbrain segm] Use delegate.rb.

^ urlgrabber in Ruby
191620 [pgquiles elp] I'm looking for something like the Python-esque URLGrabber package, but in
191625 [david.mullet] "open-uri" might serve your purposes. It allows you to work with

^ The simplest way to get 1.9 sources?
191629 [vshepelev im] What is the simplest way to get 1.9 sources? I've already downloaded
191630 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
191632 [vshepelev im] Thanks, Joel.

^ Considering Ruby For a Networking Application
191635 [james graypr] I'm going to be working on a fairly basic networking application
+ 191637 [halostatue g] James, you might want to look for "EventMachine".
| 191701 [james graypr] This is a terrific find.  Thank you so much!
+ 191640 [jlsysinc all] I haven't noticed any difference between 1.8.3 and 1.8.4.
| + 191643 [billk cts.co] If nonblocking works on Windows, it's a post-1.8.2 development...
| + 191703 [james graypr] Yeah, this is pretty much how I did it in Perl.  Thank you from the
+ 191641 [billk cts.co] I'm sorry I don't have definitive answers.  I'm going to
| + 191702 [james graypr] Thank you for the very detailed breakdown.  It was quite helpful.
| + 191909 [garbagecat10] A great deal depends on what you really need to accomplish. Are you doing a
|   191923 [james graypr] But then a large write could still block the entire process, since
|   + 191932 [garbagecat10] Writes can block your process whether they are large or small- it all
|   | + 191937 [james graypr] Forgive me if this is answered in the documentation, I have had time
|   | | 191943 [garbagecat10] I'm glad you asked. Eventmachine is single-threaded. That's an essential
|   | | 191945 [james graypr] So my callbacks need to return reasonably quickly right?  So
|   | | 191988 [garbagecat10] Yes, you want your callbacks to return quickly. Spin a Ruby thread
|   | | 191995 [james graypr] I personally am fine with the current implementation.  Seems like a
|   | | 191996 [garbagecat10] If you try it out, I'll be very interested in hearing how it goes. We're
|   | + 192310 [sroberts uni] Stevens describes this problem, but I thought he also described the fix,
|   |   192312 [garbagecat10] Works fine. It's not a ruby-specific issue. You have to remember to set the
|   |   192954 [sroberts uni] I think it was in the contex of ruby's socket apis not behaving as
|   + 191977 [billk cts.co] format=flowed;
|     + 191984 [james graypr] This is some awesome information.  Thanks Bill!
|     + 191989 [garbagecat10] # hmm, io/nonblock refuses to work on windows because
|       191990 [billk cts.co] Right, except that in win32/win32.c, ruby corrects microsoft's
|       + 191992 [garbagecat10] When you run nonblock_test.rb in Windows, does it ever catch EAGAIN on the
|       | 191998 [billk cts.co] No; the only exception I ever saw raised was EOFError from the
|       | + 192000 [garbagecat10] Your guess about how that Intergraph library happened to get into the distr=
|       | + 192006 [akr m17n.org] I modified the document of readpartial.
|       |   192008 [billk cts.co] Ah - OK, thanks!
|       |   192010 [akr m17n.org] As far as I know, matz found the inconsistency in
|       |   192016 [gilesb gmail] Francis -- just out of curiousity -- is the Reactor model in
|       |   + 192036 [garbagecat10] Well, I don't actually know anything about the innards of Twisted, but I'll
|       |   + 192037 [garbagecat10] Well, Giles, now I'm really glad you asked the question about Twisted. I'm
|       + 191994 [garbagecat10] One more thing, what happens if you run this program on Windows on a
+ 191938 [garbagecat10] James, your application needs to support about 50 users with the occasional
  191941 [james graypr] I'm writing a server.

^ Strange Proc#call problems with profile
191639 [vshepelev im] I've striked with some strange problem.
191667 [ mfp acm.org] $ cat bug2.rb
191762 [vshepelev im] Aha. Thanks.
191768 [matz ruby-la] [ruby-core:07835]
191769 [vshepelev im] Thanks matz! Big thanks!

^ Overloading math operations
191648 [0ffh frankhi] been makin a little "Vector" class by extending Array.
191650 [mvette13 gma] Use this alias line...
191651 [0ffh frankhi] Thanks alot!
191652 [shortcutter ] If you're not doing it for the fun of it: there are already vector and
191653 [0ffh frankhi] I have seen and downloaded narray.
191654 [eliben gmail] Ah... the reason that made my avoid so many Perl modules in my time... I
191656 [0ffh frankhi] No idea, but it makes for a very attractive idea!

^ Record good idea?
191658 [0ffh frankhi] I have made a little record class, because I needed it.
+ 191664 [rossrt rosco] I took the liberty of refactoring your code a bit, mainly to avoid
| + 191668 [0ffh frankhi] Weeeellll, seems once again TIMTOWTDI....
| + 191694 [dbatml gmx.d] This doesn't work as you think, Ruby first creates an array of the values
|   191704 [rossrt rosco] Oops. Something was bothering me when I did that, now I know what...
+ 191665 [shortcutter ] This looks like another implementation of OpenStruct...

^ URI parsing barfs on '^'
191662 [alex blackke] I've got a URL that appears valid, but that URI.parse breaks on.  I'm
191671 [petite.abeil] My guess is that Ruby's URI parser takes its inspiration from RFC 2396,
191672 [alex blackke] Gotcha.  Thought it'd be something obvious...

^ loading data from file with mysql
191663 [jdale58 yaho] I'm trying to load a tab delimited .txt file into a mysql table.  I set

^ State of Mozilla in Ruby - rbXPCOM, Ruby-Gtk/MozEmbed
191675 [ peter rt.sk] I have been asking this more times here but did not got even a single
+ 191677 [mutoh highwa] Ruby/GtkMozEmbed has already been included Ruby-GNOME2.
| 191683 [ peter rt.sk] Thx for the answer. So it seems my question is reduced to 'how can i get
| 191707 [phil hagelb.] I was playing a bit with the Ruby GtkMozEmbed bindings, and it seemed
| 191715 [ peter rt.sk] I know that this is definitely not impossible, since it was done in C,
+ 191686 [pgquiles elp] What about trying Korundum and building the web browser around KHTML? If it