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^ Mailing list -> ruby-forum.com broken?
191028 [collinsj sea] It looks like messages sent to the mailing list are not being propagated
191196 [nathan.olber] Possibly related: my e-mail notifications that there's been a new post

^ Easy way to escape text for use in regexps?
191036 [weyus att.ne] I need to be able to include some arbitrary text as input into a regular
+ 191037 [weyus att.ne] Sorry all.
+ 191039 [dharple gene] $ ri Regexp::escape

^ parsedate doesn't work on Time.now.to_s
191041 [julian.gall ] require 'parsedate'
191048 [rforum gmail] Hrmm.  Works for me (ruby 1.8.4)
+ 191049 [Daniel.Berge] irb(main):003:0> Time.now.to_s
+ 191124 [julian.gall ] You are absolutely right. I have logged it as a bug.
  191206 [sroberts uni] I think the bug is with Time.now, the format of its output is not correct.
  191227 [Daniel.Berge] len = strftime(buf, 128, "%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Z %Y", &tobj->tm);
  191231 [halostatue g] Note the use of "%z" as opposed to "%Z". Windows is hosed.
  + 191232 [Daniel.Berge] Actually, I guess %z is just a synonym for %Z.  I misread the docs.
  | 191235 [halostatue g] Yeah. My point about Windows being hosed doesn't change that theparser needs to be fixed. It's just a lot harder to fix that.
  + 191267 [sroberts uni] The 1.8.4 source doesn't document %z as an allowed conversion. The linux

^ Re-post: [Mailing list -> ruby-forum.com broken?]
191043 [collinsj sea] I posted this on the mailing list, but obviously that didn't get
+ 191044 [halostatue g] Hm. As far as I'm concerned, it's broken the wrong way.
| 191050 [chneukirchen] Exactly my thoughts. :-P
| 191051 [charlie cast] And I was worried my job was beginning to block my @ruby-lang emails!
+ 191052 [minkoo.seo g] So, we have three lists?
| 191054 [halostatue g] We have ruby-talk. This has been mirrored for a long time withcomp.lang.ruby. I haven't heard anything reliable from the originalmirror person, but it would be nice if someone picked that up again.In the last year, ruby-forum.com went live and shortly thereafter, amirror with ruby-talk was created (also one with the Rails list).
+ 191079 [jesusrubsyou] Gee, that sucks.
  + 191082 [nathan.olber] Does anyone know if ruby-forum.com is missing any posts that have
  | 191085 [rtilley vt.e] search ruby-talk... there are replys there that do not appear in the
  | 191087 [nathan.olber] and can't seem to find anything. Is there another interface to
  | 191134 [edder tkwspi] I'm posting from the ruby-forum so I'm not sure if this will reach
  | 191155 [jesusrubsyou] I must say, this is quite disturbing [for me].  I think we forum users
  | + 191170 [nathan.olber] I didn't even know this forum had a mailing list attached to it! I was
  | | 191183 [rmagick gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  | + 191195 [f andreas-s.] I have fixed the problem, no mails were lost.
  |   191223 [collinsj sea] Thanks Andreas. I looked on the site for a contact, but must have missed it.
  + 191091 [halostatue g] Please don't. I'm not against ruby-forum in general, but the qualityof posts is generally much lower with minimal information fromruby-forum than from the mailing list or the newsgroup.
    191093 [drbrain segm] And I've seen forum replies come without context, or under a
    191226 [collinsj sea] And I've seen emails on the mailing list with the same problems. I don't
    191230 [halostatue g] I have seen a dramatic increase in endless September questions sincethe establishment of the ruby-forum bidi link.

^ Re: Second Edition of Agile Web Development with Rails
191046 [s450r1 gmail] I think that's the latest.  There a list of versions in a drop-down
191055 [psyonic gmai] I just tried to apply the coupon from the first edition book to get the new
+ 191058 [mtrier gmail] Okay, this will probably get a lot of people upset, but I have to come
| + 191063 [s450r1 gmail] I doubt that many people would get upset by this, and if they do, they
| + 191065 [psyonic gmai] I completely agree with you Michael, and I hope my question didn't come off
| | 191076 [dave pragpro] Not everyone who'd used a coupon gets a free PDF: only those who'd
| | 191077 [pollak gmail] Dave,
| | + 191081 [dave pragpro] We don't control when Amazon lists it: the book is not currently on
| | + 191122 [Bil.Kleb nas] Just curious: why do you prefer to give Amazon your business
| |   191178 [pollak gmail] Dave gets my business because I'm buying his book.
| |   191181 [james graypr] Dave gets a lot more of that "business" from those that buy directly
| |   191708 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... besides, the Gerbil Union doesn't have a contract with Amazon.
| + 191071 [pergesu gmai] I'm pretty sure there was no outcry.
+ 191075 [phil hagelb.] Yeah, that was me. In the back of the book it doesn't say anything

^ [ANN] Toronto Ruby User Group Meeting - 7 May 2006
191053 [mike stok.ca] It's nearly time for the Toronto Ruby User Group to meet again - the

^ new to ruby & tk -- seg fault with many buttons
191059 [knerr cs.swa] I'm trying to teach myself ruby/tk, and am getting a seg fault with the
191080 [nagai ai.kyu] Could you try the latest version ?
191182 [knerr cs.swa] That did it. I get some warnings, but I found some previous posts

^ Searching Files
191064 [nathan.olber] I'm trying to write a simple script to go through all the files in a
+ 191072 [logancapaldo] Have you seen File.find ?
+ 191138 [mgreenly gma] # drop this in a file and run it... it should be fairly easy to adapt
  191177 [nathan.olber] I've played with this and it seems to have the same problem as my
  191299 [groups grand] That strongly implies that the problem is with your search terms, not
  191303 [nathan.olber] Excellent, excellent question!
  191317 [logancapaldo] Assuming you know the encodings of the files, you may want to look
  191329 [nathan.olber] I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
  191334 [logancapaldo] Aha, then I'm going to guess that the encoding is probably Western
  191403 [nathan.olber] Anything is possible :-) I just write things in text editors and have
  191406 [logancapaldo] Yeah, this makes me think its UTF16 with a BOM  (byte-order marking).
  191409 [nathan.olber] Mine comes out exactly the same, even through cat. I just never noticed
  191415 [logancapaldo] The problem with that is that cat isn't really doing anything, and as
  191420 [nathan.olber] Shoot, you're right... this is weird. Using cat straight from the

^ resolv-replace issue
191068 [thorin gmail] using resolv-replace, but I can't seem to get it to correctly resolve
191073 [drbrain segm] resolv-replace is working fine for me with your (snipped) code.  Make

^ Golfing a signature.
191070 [rubytalk eac] My first email to the list, to any list for that matter.
+ 191074 [steve waits.] Do you have a non-obfuscated version you could share?  Do that and I'm
+ 191101 [dave burt.id] * -7: inline values of L and s
| 191104 [roys mindspr] (irb):1: syntax error
| 191107 [dave burt.id] Sorry about that. I didn't test it because I'm on Windows and the ANSI
| 191214 [sander.land ] de-obfuscated it a bit to understand it :)
| 191276 [dave burt.id] o = "#"
| 191310 [daniels pron] You can shave off another 12 characters by changing the construction of
| 191311 [daniels pron] Also, somewhere along the line you changed what the program was actually
| 191321 [daniels pron] b[i][e]=(n==2?b[i][e]:n==3?o:f
| 191342 [rubytalk eac] The b.map{|x|x*" "} cannot be changed to b.map{|x|x*f} becasue f and o
+ 191209 [dave burt.id] o,f,u,c="#","
  + 191210 [rubytalk eac] Thanks! This is very nice of you!
  + 191211 [dave burt.id] You know what I mean. That first newline is meant to be a space in
    191220 [rubytalk eac] I now have my signature! It is 305 charcters long, wit help from Florian an=

^ "classes are always open" for anonymous classes?
191088 [joshua rever] So you know how classes are always open?  What about anonymous classes?
+ 191089 [ara.t.howard] try
| 191090 [binary42 gma] class PhantomX
+ 191092 [louis.j.scor] Yep.  The irb error message is actually giving a pretty good hint here.

^ Unpack *.gem
191094 [vshepelev im] Some good and interesting library at rubyforge can be downloaded only as
191098 [logancapaldo] Gems are just tar files. You can use tar -xvf some.gem to extract them.
191099 [vshepelev im] Thanks Logan.

^ system() vs. commandline?
191095 [joe yahoo.co] I have a C program that processes text files. When I run it from the
191097 [joe yahoo.co] insights or guesses why Ruby causes it to choke, please feel free!
191100 [deanwampler ] When you say "truncated near the end", is that the last line of text
191208 [joe yahoo.co] No, it's the last page or so of text that gets truncated, in the middle

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] cat2rafb (#77)
191102 [seanacarley ] It isn't pretty and it isn't feature rich, but it does get the job done.

^ Python and Ruby interpretability
191103 [nospam hotma] Can I use this Python tool/library in my Ruby application?
191108 [roys mindspr] Ruby cannot directly use Python libraries.  Ruby could call a Python

^ [ANN] RubyKaigi 2006
191109 [ko1 atdot.ne] We will hold Japan Ruby Conference 2006 a.k.a RubyKaigi 2006

^ Red Letter - did I just got scammed?
191114 [rubytalk box] Hey guys,
+ 191130 [pat.eyler gm] I'd contacted Sam about writing for the magazine, and pestered
| + 191131 [benjohn fysh] *snip*
| | 191194 [james_b neur] Indeed.  My experience with the Ruby Code & Style[0] webzine is that it
| + 191142 [james graypr] I requested one of the columns with a detailed breakdown of how I
+ 191166 [masukomi gma] you have a limited time to challenge a credit card charge. It may only be 3=

^ Installing 'win32-service-0.5.0'  gives errors ?
191115 [u_dinesh yah] I'm trying to install the package "win32-service-0.5.0" on my system -
191126 [phasis68 hot] It seems that you have several windows.h files.

^ WEBrick initialisation problem
191116 [bwatson doct] charset="us-ascii"
191190 [drbrain segm] You probably have a WEBrick already running.  Shut it down.
191207 [bwatson doct] to
191213 [drbrain segm] What does this do?
191224 [bwatson doct] the
191300 [drbrain segm] It means that there's nothing running on port 3000, so I suggest you

^ Dave Thomas' ego thread
191119 [dave burt.id] Here's a Quote of the Week in lieu of Ruby Weekly News.

^ Cookies and SSI
191125 [ruby tschirl] Dear Ruby Experts,

^ Completely uninstalling one-click installer
191127 [vshepelev im] Here is the situation: a few monthes ago I've started my excersises with
191128 [vshepelev im] Stop! I was an idiot! I have to reboot my Windows after uninstall :)
191151 [Jamal.Mazrui] I have found that the One Click Installer sets an environmental variable
+ 191164 [leavengood g] FYI, the latest version of the One-Click installer which will be
+ 191165 [vshepelev im] Thanks Jamal, very helpful!

^ Problem with SQLite and Ruby
191129 [peter semant] I'm having a little problem here. I have a version 2 SQLite database and
191153 [ara.t.howard] sqlite, by default, gives each tuple as a hash containing both the field names
191156 [peter semant] The problem for me is that the code I am writing needs to take an array
191160 [ara.t.howard] indeed.  you can do
191163 [peter semant] Ah, that looks exactly like what I want.

^ Problem with MODULO function?
191133 [pbailey bna.] The results of my little script here confuse me. I looking for an odd
+ 191135 [jan.aerts bb] I think it has to do with the fact that numberofpages is a string
| 191139 [rossrt rosco] # => "16768.181"
+ 191141 [rforum gmail] The variable numberofpages contains a String instance, not a number.

^ Array.include? strangeness
191143 [linus141275 ] Array.include? doesn't seem to be telling me the truth.
+ 191144 [christoffer.] def remove_common_words(words)
+ 191146 [christoffer.] Forgot to say that the problem is that String#each doesn't do what you want.
+ 191161 [wfspoet appl] See comment below
  191167 [linus141275 ] Thanks William - that worked great.

^ Ruby number crunching?
191145 [m4 polite.se] In my little Ruby and Rails learning experiment I've now come to the
+ 191149 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Alex,
+ 191150 [ara.t.howard] the fundemental ones
+ 191201 [logancapaldo] ...
  191245 [m4 polite.se] And the answer is YES ;)

^ Fwd: [QUIZ] cat2rafb (#77)
191147 [ruby-talk fj] =3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D=

^ [Resolution] Re: Red Letter - did I just got scammed?
191157 [rubytalk box] Hola amigos,
191158 [james graypr] I've been pretty put off by the (lack of) process though.  :(
191159 [pat.eyler gm] I'd have to agree.   I'd love to see it come to pass, but I'd like

^ problems ftp'ing with RUBY
191169 [pbailey bna.] I need to ftp PDF files to our printer. Using the script below, I'm
+ 191174 [ara.t.howard] try
| 191215 [pbailey bna.] Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it still didn't work. For the
| 191216 [garbagecat10] Did you run a network snoop to see if the FTP session is even getting out o=
| 191246 [pbailey bna.] I don't know of such a thing. But, I did do a regular command line ftp
| 191251 [garbagecat10] Apart from the fact the Leavengood (upthread) has probably spotted your
| 191379 [pbailey bna.] I've googled it and I'll download it. Thanks. But, I do know that many,
+ 191217 [leavengood g] I suppose no one has pointed out that the above line is probably a
| 191248 [pbailey bna.] You mean, I shouldn't have it in quotes, right? Or, should I use
| 191307 [danielbaird ] The #{var} syntax is for embedding a variable in a string.
| 191380 [pbailey bna.] Still now working. But, I appreciate very much your explanation of #{}.
+ 191218 [dharple gene] you want indexfile, not "indexfile"
  191250 [pbailey bna.] Thanks. I'll try this. The reason I was doing it for every file was

^ urug/utahvalley.rb Ruby Meeting Tue 9 May
191172 [pat.eyler gm] It's that time again.   Tuesday at 7PM, in room 120 of the TMCB.
191191 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net

^ [REMINDER] TRUGhat: Toronto Ruby Hackathon 2006:1
191184 [halostatue g] = Reminder: TRUGhat is Saturday, 6 May 2006!

^ Anyone out there in Wyoming, or close to the SE corner of Wyoming?
191185 [khaines enig] Just probing to see if there might finally be someone else out there form this

^ [ANN] New Release: One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.4-17 release candidate 2
191199 [ml.chibbs gm] We are almost there to a final release. The uninstall issues have been

^ USB access..
191222 [tcdevlin bc.] In googling I think that I've come up that Ruby can use libusb to talk

^ Re: [QUIZ] cat2rafb (#77)
191228 [ed.howland g] My solution is at http://rubyurl.com//iFW. Sean, Craig Buchek and I

^ Increment day across months
191229 [doug.bromley] I've spent some time trying to find what I thought would be a simple
+ 191234 [doug.bromley] Always happens doesn't it!!
| + 191239 [dharple gene] require 'date'
| + 191243 [trevor proto] begin_date = Date.parse('01-jan-2006')
|   191499 [doug.bromley] Absolutely fantastic.  Thanks everyone - you've been a great help.
+ 191238 [wfspoet appl] I think you will find what you need in the Date class.

^ What do you say to log2 to Math module?
191237 [minkoo.seo g] I'm using ruby for my research purpose, and as everyone knows
+ 191277 [dave burt.id] I say yes to log2.
| 191308 [logancapaldo] Why not just redefine Math.log(numeric) to be Math.log(numeric, base
| 191433 [minkoo.seo g] To whom should I have to correspond to submit request for a feature?
| + 191441 [logancapaldo] ...
| + 191462 [akr m17n.org] ruby-core or RCR.
|   191463 [matz ruby-la] Right.  And I did it last night.  Although gcc gives me warning
|   + 191465 [logancapaldo] Off on a tangent here, but is -std=c99 ok with ruby's K&R style C?
|   | 191490 [matz ruby-la] No.  That's the problem.
|   + 191659 [minkoo.seo g] Thank you for your time and effort!!
+ 191477 [skurapat ucs] A few weeks ago, someone in the #ruby-lang channel on
| 191478 [skurapat ucs] For my purposes, it was useful when determining how many bits are
+ 191711 [znmeb cesmai] Am I missing something here? In any programming language, define the
  + 191714 [logancapaldo] I'm sure they do, he would just like to avoid typing
  + 191862 [taschini.mli] Actually, no.

^ concurrency question
191240 [trish.ball g] I am new to concurrency issues, and am working with DRb (also new to
191244 [drbrain segm] No.
191352 [shortcutter ] IMHO this cannot be answered correctly with the information we have so
191373 [james graypr] The example had one client reading the value and one server setting
+ 191408 [ mfp acm.org] Could you show that example?
+ 191413 [drbrain segm] Assignment is atomic.  The example in the pickaxe shows that += is
  191429 [james graypr] You're right of course.  My bad.

^ Re: Re-post:
191242 [nathan.olber] That was me. After my first couple of posts, I thought it prudent to
+ 191249 [minkoo.seo g] I do not believe web based interface makes the level of discussion low.
+ 191268 [chneukirchen] How about just requiring users to register before they can post to
| + 191269 [agorilla gma] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
| + 191273 [nathan.olber] I like this idea.
| + 191328 [jesusrubsyou] you'll hear from me quickly if anything like this ever happens again.
+ 191274 [drbrain segm] I don't believe anyone gets paid to respond to ruby-talk so increase

^ Re: eclipse rubypeople plugin prereq to radrails RE: Newbie'
191253 [ruby-forum.c] The RDT debugger doesn't work with Ruby 1.8.4. It works with 1.8.2.  (I

^ Windows https - Ruby 1.8.4
191255 [doug.bromley] Trying to connect to a https url using the 'net/http' I consistently get th=
191280 [james_b neur] I was having assorted issues with https-related code that had been