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^ Ruby Drops
190457 [jake.mcarthu] This is the idea I am thinking of proposing for my Google Summer of
+ 190529 [jake.mcarthu] Come on, it can't be that bad of an idea! Is this really going to go
| + 190533 [gregory.t.br] I think that this idea would work better as a social network which
| | + 190535 [vshepelev im] It is a very good point (I just tried to write something like this).
| | | 190571 [jake.mcarthu] That exactly what I'm going for... something that nobody else really
| | | 190592 [robothor gma] Just had a thought...  Something similar _has_ been done before, but
| | | 190596 [tom infoethe] That is an interesting paper, thanks for the link!  He lists a couple of
| | | 190597 [matthew.moss] plagiarism in programming classes."
| | | 190601 [robothor gma] Must keep you busy, checking all those submissions... :-)
| | + 190567 [tom infoethe] It's got a (very basic) Ruby parser.
| | + 190569 [jake.mcarthu] I do like the idea, but it's a different spirit from what I'm going
| + 190582 [kiaroskuro g] Jake,
|   + 190586 [kiaroskuro g] The cleaned-up code (which I call 'prozed') looks like the coloured
|   + 190624 [jake.mcarthu] You're right. It is very similar. We do, however, have slightly
+ 190530 [curi curi.us] Your idea sounds good to me. It'd have the additional benefit of
| 190566 [jake.mcarthu] I've already been working on this. Right now, I'm making a simple
| + 190568 [tom infoethe] CPD uses the Burrows-Wheeler transform to find exact matches.  It has
| | 190572 [jake.mcarthu] Excellent find! Gives me some good algorithms to look up at the
| | 190594 [tom infoethe] html
| + 190575 [ara.t.howard] it seems down at the moment, but this is close/perfect for your needs
| + 190587 [gene.tani gm] (my 1st ruby-talk post not from Google groups )
| + 190598 [curi curi.us] What if the code functioned exactly the same plus some nasty side
|   190617 [jake.mcarthu] You have a point. This would not be caught. I see only a few
|   190619 [gilesb gmail] I'm working on something similar also, although it's hardly even
+ 190654 [vshepelev im] [skip]
  190672 [jake.mcarthu] a) You help others to not repeat themselves (obvious).
  190693 [alex blackke] d) You find not only the bit you've already written, but also the bit

^ Google SOC Suggestion
190459 [james graypr] A bug tracking mechanism that sucks significantly less than FogBugs!
+ 190460 [wilsonb gmai] What would you like to see?  I feel pretty much the same way, but
| + 190461 [masukomi gma] well ... "sucks less" is incredibly subjective.. I think FogBugz sucks FAR
| + 190471 [james graypr] The *number one* focus, should be on how quickly the developer can
|   190578 [masukomi gma] I have to disagree here. If you want fast response nothing beats Phone and
+ 190462 [leavengood g] Nothing can be as bad as the old version of HEAT we are using at my
  190474 [ray warmroom] Many people love FogBugz. It recently won a Jolt award.
  190475 [james_b neur] ...>

^ Google Summer of Code Suggestion
190464 [joshknowles ] Not sure if we are still looking for SoC suggesitons but here goes...

^ is_number function ?
190476 [tgate mypubl] Is there a function in core ruby to determin if a variable is a number
+ 190477 [dharple gene] 1.is_a?(Numeric) # => true
| + 190479 [logancapaldo] Or Numeric === 1
| + 190491 [tgate mypubl] Thank you.  I thought it was something to that effect.
|   190499 [wilsonb gmai] Don't forget the question mark.
+ 190478 [james graypr] => false

^ Possible Ruby Bug?
190480 [rtilley vt.e] require 'open-uri'
190504 [rtilley vt.e] I think using Kernel.open will correct it. Sometimes being more explicit
190555 [rtilley vt.e] Using Kernel.open did not correct this problem. I believe
190580 [phasis68 hot] There was bug in taskscheduer module and fixed in CVS.
+ 190595 [rtilley vt.e] require 'open-uri'
+ 190850 [rtilley vt.e] How do I get the updated .so file? I got the cvs taskscheduler.c,
  190853 [Daniel.Berge] You'll have to build from source using a C compiler, unless Heesob or

^ getting the next line with the iterator
190481 [devlists-rub] I would like to know if there is a ruby way to achieve what I want to
+ 190482 [logancapaldo] list = []
+ 190484 [shanko_date ] arr = IO.readlines('toto.txt')
| 190485 [shanko_date ] Oops, made a mistake :-)
+ 190492 [work ashleym] Eric
| 190494 [work ashleym] Oh I forgot to say... anyone know how to avoid the horrible Perlism
| 190509 [devlists-rub] Thanks a lot everybody for all your good answers. Logan, this is exactly
| 190510 [daniels pron] I find this the most readable way to do it, though using generator is
| 190543 [simon.kroege] Well, yes. In the general case I would agree.
+ 190496 [agorilla gma] Something like this maybe?

^ Cosmological distances with ruby
190487 [cameron.mcbr] I'm doubtful of any interest, but in the odd chance that someone else
190518 [jmg3000 gmai] Neat. Thanks for the link Cameron.
+ 190520 [ara.t.howard] if anyone is interested in playing with the gsl using the one-click-installer
| 190553 [cameron.mcbr] Very cool, Ara.  I'll remember that link!
+ 190558 [cameron.mcbr] Some might consider that a fair distinction between the two bindings,
  190561 [ara.t.howard] lastly, yoshiki's versions allows one to intermix narray and gsl routines
  190563 [nugend gmail] Awesome!  This'll show James Gosling that Ruby's perfectly fine for

^ nil? takes much time
190488 [vshepelev im] def stored?
190512 [logancapaldo] If you think about it, it's not all that surprising. false and nil
190514 [vshepelev im] [skip]
190545 [shortcutter ] There might not be an easier answer to that: could be that some

^ nil? takes much time
190489 [vshepelev im] def stored?

^ Ruby Size
190490 [kuppas gmail] What would be the smallest ruby size?
190513 [eban os.rim.] % ls -sh miniruby
190650 [kuppas gmail] Thanks for the tip and appreciate your help.
190673 [joevandyk gm] Assuming you're running Linux...

^ ANN: Matchable 0.2
190497 [hubrix gmail] aHR0cDovL21hdGNoYWJsZS5ydWJ5Zm9yZ2Uub3JnLwoKVGhlIE1hdGNoYWJsZSBtaXhpbiBib3Jy

^ RMagick, win32, installs but won't load
190503 [belorion gma] I tried installing RMagick-1.9.1-IM-6.2.3-win32 gem on WinXp, running Ruby
190508 [rmagick gmai] It looks like something is requiring RMagick twice. What happens when

^ Implementing publish subscribe in ruby
190534 [bujji2352 ya] I want to implement publish subscribe pattern for small application like "stock market" or " reservation of trains". Can any body tell me where to start. I am new to ruby.
190539 [pcdavid gmai] If what you're looking for is a simple non-distributed observer
190546 [xuwang motor] If you want a publish/subscribe framework, I found freebase, which is the core of the freeride ruby IDE, elegant and powerful.
190549 [ml.chibbs gm] QWN0dWFsbHkgd2hhdCB5b3Ugd291bGQgcHJvYmFibHkgYmVtb3N0IGludGVyZXN0ZWQgaW4gdGhl
190557 [ml.chibbs gm] Sorry for all the typos... I had just gotten out of bed.  :-(

^ Re: Text Munger (#76)
190542 [robert.dober] My appologies to James and the list,

^ [Q] Object browser, Smalltalk like Ruby environment
190544 [xuwang motor] Does anybody know is there a Smalltalk like Ruby environment, providing
190547 [rosejn gmail] Mike Austin has built a nice prototype environment, using ruby and
190548 [botp delmont] # Mike Austin has built a nice prototype environment, using ruby and

^ unsubscription
190550 [sarnaam123 y] kindly unsubscribe me from this group
190629 [jmg3000 gmai] ...

^ $SAFE question
190560 [simon.kroege] basically I just want to know if the code below is safe.
190792 [drbrain segm] Yes and no.  While in C code Ruby's threads won't switch, so

^ ruby lib for debtags and dpkg
190562 [m4 polite.se] Are there any efforts to write a ruby library for the debian packaging

^ time.parse fails for year values > 2037 (time out of range) in ruby 1.8.4
190564 [peter.krantz] I am trying to parse dates that take place in the future. When event
+ 190565 [farrel.lifso] Looks like the Unix time limitation. Unix based OS, like darin,  uses
+ 190680 [morris wolfm] If you don't need the time and just the date, then Date seems to have a much wider range
| 190688 [peter.krantz] I specifically need both date and time. I find it strange that a
| + 190691 [rossrt rosco] Depending on what you're doing, couldn't you maybe use two Times, one as
| + 190708 [chneukirchen] This is not a limitation of Ruby, but of your operating system.  If
|   190727 [peter.krantz] I don't agree. Other laguages typically implement this type of core
|   + 190731 [ray warmroom] No.
|   + 190735 [chneukirchen] Python however provides a native DateTime implementation since 2.3.
|   + 190745 [khaines enig] irb(main):001:0> require 'date'
+ 190900 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -rtime -ve 'p Time.parse("3000-01-01")'
  190954 [djberg96 gma] Yes, but, BUT, you are limited to the year 2,147,485,547 on Solaris due

^ class returns value without method or attribute
190570 [krisleech in] If I have a class how do I get it to return a value without specifying a
+ 190577 [farrel.lifso] You could overload the  methods you require.  For instance if you want
| 190583 [one.three gm] $ cat money.rb
+ 190581 [gthiesfeld s] class Money
| 190694 [krisleech in] I like the idea of using inspect, will this also allow me to assign
| 190696 [shortcutter ] No, inspect will only affect output with p (or in IRB).
+ 190585 [rossrt rosco] require 'delegate'

^ Rake tasks with parameters
190574 [one.three gm] I have some Rake tasks (actually these are Rails tasks to load db

^ Ruby is the stuff Gems are made of
190576 [ xyz abc.com] Ruby is productive fun.
190579 [johnwilger g] Just in case we needed another reason why the forum / mailing listgateway should go away?
+ 190584 [tanner.burso] +1 I'm about to just auto-kill anything started by someone posting from
| 190621 [steve waits.] I'm getting close myself.  But I would like to see the NNTP gateway un-die.
| 190659 [jesusrubsyou] -1
| 190662 [logancapaldo] 1) Don't allow anonymous posts
+ 190709 [chneukirchen] For telling the truth? }}:-)

^ [QUIZ] cat2rafb (#77)
190588 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 190591 [novakps gmai] And we should submit our solutions to rafb (after the spoiler period),
| 190593 [james graypr] As long as they make it here, I'm happy.  :)
+ 190778 [taschini.mli] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 190781 [rossrt rosco] My solution is attached (It's also at http://rubyurl.com/mgX but I know
+ 190818 [wilsonb gmai] I decided I didn't like rafb's Ruby highlighting, so I set up an
  190837 [leavengood g] Wow, now talk about an interesting way of solving this quiz. You

^ Intra-module method calls
190589 [weyus att.ne] I have a module named X
190590 [weyus att.ne] Sorry, I wasn't clear enough - my question is why does the call to
190600 [zdennis mkte] Is the following what you are doing ?
190602 [weyus att.ne] I just want to have some utility methods for use by my app.
190606 [decoux moulo] Be carefull, ruby will not do what you think
190608 [weyus att.ne] So, in normal language, does that mean that "private" is not meaningful

^ Ruby unable to parse my wsdl
190599 [simon widgit] I'm trying to make Ruby talk to a webservice I'm working on, by having

^ regex loop yields single element array for multiple finds
190604 [xeno eskimo.] markup.scan(/@@@/) do |ats|
+ 190605 [ara.t.howard] str.scan(pattern)                         => array
+ 190610 [dharple gene] "@@@asdfasdf@@@  @@@ lk;lk@@@".scan(/@@@/) do |ats|
+ 190614 [curi curi.us] irb(main):090:0* markup = "@@@asdfasdf@@@  @@@ lk;lk@@@"

^ how to create Class object with name determined at runtime
190607 [bill.roberts] I hope someone can help with this - I am a Ruby newbie.
+ 190611 [james graypr] => nil
+ 190642 [johnatl mac.] irb(main):001:0> a='String'
+ 190834 [benjohn fysh] It (may be) worth noting that because classes are "first class

^ Counting words
190609 [Jamal.Mazrui] I've research this but am still having trouble getting it right ....
+ 190612 [marcel verni] class String
| 190710 [chneukirchen] class String
+ 190613 [u.alberton g] I'm a bit of a nuby, and this is my first post to the list, but I
| 190615 [u.alberton g] number_of_words = string.split(/\s+/).length
| 190646 [collinsj sea] Just plain string.split.length will work as well, and should handle line
+ 190627 [shortcutter ] s.scan(/\w+/).size
+ 190645 [johnatl mac.] irb(main):020:0> a="This is a test."

^ Re: how to create Class object with name determined at runti
190616 [bill.roberts] Yes it helps a lot! Thanks.

^ regex loop yields single element array for multiple finds:  Correction
190618 [xeno eskimo.] markup.scan(/@@@.*?(@@@).*?@@@/) do |ats|

^ how to use curly brackets vs. 'end' in Ruby
190622 [cdicelico ea] i dislike the use of 'end' (just about the only think i *don't* like in
+ 190625 [halostatue g] This is not a matter of taste, in the main.
| 190628 [jake.mcarthu] charset=US-ASCII;
| 190631 [halostatue g] This is an oft-used convention, but it is probably wrong. I am leaningmore and more toward Jim Weirich's view, where one uses do/end forblocks that do not return a meaningful value and {} for blocks that doreturn a meaningful value, and using parenthesis to ensure binding.
| 190777 [shortcutter ] I wonder how a convention can be wrong. This may sound like linguistic
| 190796 [billk cts.co] You know Robert, I was in complete agreement with you - until
| 190797 [kiaroskuro g] ah! but not may know that there are both bad-hungarian and good-hungarian !
| 190803 [stuart footw] So Hungarian Notation = Bad, Hungarian Women = Good.  Did I get that right?
| 190807 [kiaroskuro g] I certainly cannot disagree with that!
| 190851 [lukfugl gmai] This is a good point, but I would hesitate to call that hungarian
+ 190626 [shortcutter ] Because it's syntactically not permitted.  Note that {...} can only
| 190630 [kiaroskuro g] If you don't like the 'end'.. well I don't like the 'do' :-)
+ 190774 [ruby anthrop] } i dislike the use of 'end' (just about the only think i *don't* like
+ 190800 [dblack wobbl] The point is that the {}/do/end distinction is largely (not entirely)
  190811 [rossrt rosco] Amen to that.

^ Re: IMAP disconnect broken?
190643 [drbrain segm] # Disconnects from the server.
190653 [stuart footw] I cannot replicate the problem with my imap4 server.
+ 190656 [bealach gmai] I've not set up my own IMAP server to test this, but I just might.
+ 190794 [drbrain segm] Did you use SSL?
  190802 [stuart footw] I used SSL and I tried it on Gentoo Linux and Windows.  The Windows is
  + 190805 [bealach gmai] Is your code anything like what I posted (quoting from "Programming
  | 190960 [stuart footw] I used the same code, but did you use the same IMAP server for all of
  + 190903 [drbrain segm] This problem has nothing to do with SSL on the client side.
    190959 [stuart footw] [SNIP]
    + 191341 [drbrain segm] Could you find out?  It'll help track down where the bug really is.
    + 191344 [drbrain segm] UW IMAP has the same problem (host name removed, not my mail server).

^ [ANN] rq-2.3.2
190651 [ara.t.howard] NAME
190702 [guslist free] I couldn't find the changes list. What is new in this version?
190728 [ara.t.howard] sorry.  here you go

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.4 released
190657 [skurapat ucs] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. With it, you can create

^ where is the old irb-tools's rtags.rb, or another decent tags generator?
190660 [sroberts uni] I'm looking for tagging of constants, classes, modules, and methods,

^ HTTP:Post and Ruby 1.8.2
190663 [jason persam] It seems HTTP:Post was changed a bit in 1.8.3+
+ 190665 [logancapaldo] Should you? That's debatable. Could you? Absolutely.
| + 190666 [jason persam] while I guess I *could* call eval and get that, is there a way to check the
| | + 190667 [gregory.t.br] VERSION
| | | 190670 [jason persam] no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no!
| | + 190668 [james_b neur] Yes.  See the example above.
| | + 190669 [logancapaldo] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| + 190686 [ mfp acm.org] $ ruby19 -ve "p VERSION"
+ 190703 [ng johnwlong] Instead of using the RUBY_VERSION constant, it's probably better to use
  190730 [jason persam] just verify that it runs on each version.  Also, it lets me have a nice

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.4.0 Released!
190664 [gregory.t.br] = Ruby Reports 0.4.0: The "Less than 100% API change" Release

^ [ANN] RubyCLR is now up on RubyForge
190671 [drjflam gmai] The project page is http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyclr.

^ Ruby on 64-bit Linux
190674 [sidstuart gm] I imagine this topic has been covered before, but I have searched and
190717 [daniel.schie] I'm currently running Ruby 1.9, and I've run 1.8, too, on a 64 bit

^ Re: [Q] Object browser, Smalltalk like Ruby environment
190679 [xuwang motor] I want to dump the state of the Ruby interpreter and load it later. Just like the image file used in Smalltalk.
+ 190681 [m.fellinger ] btw, have a look here :)
+ 190788 [logancapaldo] Well you could try Marshal.dump(ObjectSpace), but I wouldn't. As cool

^ Publish/Subscribe pattern in DRb
190685 [bujji2352 ya] server=Abc.new()
190897 [drbrain segm] What do you mean by "it is not working"?