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YAML, ERB & nested maps problem
189816 [one.three@gm] I'm trying to genereate YAML fixtures with ERB, but I can't get it to
+ 189819 [one.three@gm] <%
+ 189830 [transfire@gm] You've picked an interesting way to be generating YAML --with ERB?
| + 189832 [dblack@wo bl] In Rails, the test fixture files are YAML files that get pre-processed
| + 189850 [one.three@gm] Thanks for pointing me to this Facets library !
+ 189831 [dblack@wo bl] Can you just do this?
  189848 [one.three@gm] I need to generate random data for testing. Dates will be between
  189855 [dblack@wo bl] or something like that.
  189860 [one.three@gm] Wow. Thanks, David. This is simple and straight forward, just what I need !
  189861 [dblack@wo bl] I think you'll want to call .inspect; otherwise it will all be strung
  189867 [one.three@gm] Yeah, forgot that ;)

Behavior Driven Development
189823 [jake.mcarthu] Does/has anybody here practice(d) behavior driven development (as
190237 [kiaroskuro@g] ...

[ANN] Rake 4.5.0
189833 [transfire@gm] A N N O U N C I N G
189834 [dblack@wo bl] Is there a typo in the subject line? :-)

[ANN] Reap 4.5.0
189835 [transfire@gm] Hah! Too kenn on the the Rake interoperabilty feature! The Subject
+ 189836 [transfire@gm] Yes, I know. I'm the typo king. I really need a secretary!
+ 189842 [james_b@ne r] Not that I want to encourage traffic, but perhaps you should repost the

[ANN] Reap 4.5.0
189845 [transfire@gm] A N N O U N C I N G

[SOLUTION][QUIZ] Text Munger (#76)
189849 [al.barrett@g] ...
+ 189852 [fxn@ha hr f.] There was some golf in ruby-talk when that study was mentioned in
+ 189918 [smithav@cs l] [SOLUTION][QUIZ] Text Munger (#76)
  190032 [john-rubytal] [SOLUTION] [QUIZ] Text Munger (#76)

Linking Woes
189863 [wesdives@ao ] test123.rb:3: uninitialized constant Profile (NameError)
189878 [collinsj@se ] It might be easier to help you if you let us see the entire contents of
189896 [wesdives@ao ] Here ya go
189897 [collinsj@se ] I made two files, copied what you posted, and it worked fine.

require problem
189869 [eobusek@be l] I'm trying to use the WWW::Mechanize library and I created a short
189870 [one.three@gm] require 'rubygems'

Method vs variable assigment
189871 [ml@gi el ba ] I can't understand why this script
189872 [dblack@wo bl] var = value

Thinking in OO
189874 [gregcoit@gm ] Trying hard to get my brain wrapped around the concepts of OO (using
189876 [dblack@wo bl] The question you should ask is: is there an entity called a "turn" in
189885 [gregcoit@gm ] In my latest attempt at writing a bot, my objects are radar, gun and tank.

[CASH]  Wake Up NYC Companies! NYC Ruby Slaves For Hire Next Tuesday!
189875 [zedshaw@ze s] The NYC Ruby Group was planning a little job fair for next Tuesday's

Manchester.rb ? (as in Manchester, UK)
189880 [paul@ic no l] Was wondering if there was a Rubyist meet-up here in Manchester, UK,
189881 [ppalmer@na i] We're starting up a Ruby User Group which is based in the North West.

MS Word files and PDFs
189883 [mateo.barraz] ...
+ 189886 [ksader@gm il] You could use the win32ole library and read them yourself via OLE.
| 290341 [rajesh.soni@] could you provide code snippet
| 290344 [robert.dober] what you want should be hidden in there
+ 189887 [keith@or il ] There's not a MS Word library that I know of that will easily allow you
  189888 [mateo.barraz] ...

thread count
189889 [ath-admin@vt] I'm writing a basic socket server in Ruby. I've made it use threads to
189893 [Gennady.Byst] Thread.list.size

Metaprogramming is fun!
189890 [mguterl@gm i] ...
+ 189891 [mguterl@gm i] ...
+ 189909 [dblack@wo bl] You're indenting one space instead of two on the first indent, but
  189928 [mguterl@gm i] ...

Mocking a tcp server
189898 [pergesu@gm i] I have an class that should connect to a server and just wait for
189951 [james@gr yp ] post

How do threads and join work?
189900 [pergesu@gm i] I'm reading the pickaxe and it says on p137 "When a Ruby program
+ 189902 [work@as le m] Your thread never actually finished, because you joined on it before
| 189905 [work@as le m] Sorry - missed your final point because I forgot to scroll down.  In
| 189907 [pergesu@gm i] Well this is all because I need to interact with a remote server that
| + 189912 [work@as le m] Ahh... I thought this was a newbie question hence patronising intial
| + 190380 [shortcutter@] If your program does not have to do anything else you don't need threads at all.
+ 189903 [work@as le m] Actually I just noticed that in my version the join is redundant.  I
  189904 [pergesu@gm i] Right, I mentioned that in my OP.  I want to know if there's a way to
  190063 [logancapaldo] Have you considered the possibility that you're either a) doing

How to make an array from a date range?
189906 [marston@ma s] What is the easiest way in Ruby to make an array our of a date range?
+ 189914 [mutedev@ya o] dates = []
| 189923 [dblack@wo bl] I think the date library ways will scale better; but for your possible
+ 189917 [rossrt@ro co] require 'date'			# from stdlib
| 189925 [robin@ni or ] Leave out the to_a so it's faster and uses less memory :)
| 189927 [rossrt@ro co] Doh... I really must find my proofreading glasses :)
+ 189919 [work@as le m] start_date = Date.strptime("2006-04-01")
| 189922 [marston@ma s] Thank everyone, thats exactly what I needed.
+ 189937 [ara.t.howard] require 'date'
  189957 [robin@ni or ] I'm curious, is there a special reason for the use of inject here?
  190068 [logancapaldo] Yes, they are exactly the same. It's just that inject is a force of
  + 190081 [rossrt@ro co] Latterly though I've found respite from my own inject addiction thanks
  + 190085 [ara.t.howard] well, in this case it was merely the result of posting sans coffee.  i do that

Metaprogramming Conventions
189908 [daniel.schie] Recently, there was a post on news:comp.lang.ruby[1] by Avdi Grimm, who
189910 [dblack@wo bl] "super" is not the best term, though: it means "next highest up in the

Scan-like Idiom to Capture a Group as a String Instead of an Array?
189911 [clc1024@ho m] I've been using these two lines to capture text that only appears once, but
+ 189913 [makenai@gm i] Any reason why
| + 189915 [clc1024@ho m] Well, now, that's just embarassing.  Thanks!
| | 189920 [dblack@wo bl] I might have misunderstood your original question, but if you're happy
| | 189930 [clc1024@ho m] Oh, I didn't realize you could do that with parallel assignments too.
| + 189916 [dblack@wo bl] They'll do the same thing as Chris's example, though they all return
+ 189935 [james@gr yp ] => "skip this find this skip this"
| 190031 [john-rubytal] arg, sorry for the dupe.
+ 190030 [john-rubytal] text = string[/skip_this (keep_this) skip_this}is/, 1]
+ 190034 [shortcutter@] Adding to all the other replies: keep in mind that scan usually
  190051 [clc1024@ho m] Thanks for clarifying the operation of scan -- I mistakenly thought I was

Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Text Munger (#76)
189921 [rossrt@ro co] Seems like forty-eight hours are up now, so here are my solutions for

[QUIZ] Text Munger (#76): A solution
189926 [taschini.mli] 1  #!/usr/bin/env ruby
189929 [decoux@mo lo] $~ is not a global variable : it's a local and thread-local variable (like
189946 [taschini.mli] You are absolutely right, of course.

[SOLUTION] Quiz #76
189931 [hakuch@gm il] I sincerely hope I am doing this correctly, as...
189966 [james@gr yp ] Looks perfect to me.

[ANN] ruby-oci8 0.1.15
189932 [kubo@ji ba .] ruby-oci8 0.1.15 is released.

Installationsproblem with FC5 and MOD_Ruby
189933 [  doc@l4 .d ] i have try to install the mod_ruby.

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Text Munger (#76)
189934 [rretzbach@go] ...
189943 [ara.t.howard] [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Text Munger (#76)

[QUIZ] Text Munger (#76) simplistic solution.
189936 [aledonne.lis] This solution makes no attempt to deal with non-ascii, AND counts
189942 [chneukirchen] ... and niheter deos mine.

Ruby Quiz Spoiler Period Reminder (was Re: [QUIZ] Text Munger (#76))
189938 [james@gr yp ] Just a gentle reminder here folks, please remember that Ruby Quiz has
189955 [gregory.t.br] How about COBOL or FORTRAN?  Or is that a spoiler for a different reason? ;)
190102 [robert.dober] ...

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Text Munger #76
189939 [ruby@cr zy e] ...
189945 [logancapaldo] Here's mine, it doesn't do nifty accented characters, but on the
189950 [dave@bu t. d] My version features an un-munging mode and the use of procs and blocks
+ 189953 [gthiesfeld@s] class String
| 189956 [leavengood@g] class Array
+ 189968 [james@gr yp ] Is there a missing word in there?  (I hope...)  ;)
  189990 [dave@bu t. d] It won't shuffle _accented_ letters!

how to ensure no blank lines in DATA statements
189940 [jepaish@in e] suppose i have the following piece of code to read some data (input by
189941 [dblack@wo bl] Here's a nice way to avoid worrying about the spaces, though it may
189944 [jepaish@in e] this is exactly what i needed.
189947 [dblack@wo bl] Do be careful, though, if there's a chance of a malformed line.  scanf
189984 [jepaish@in e] ok, thanks for the warning.  malformed lines *shouldn't* be an issue.

How to properly interact with processes?
189948 [jonntp@ya oo] I've been trying for three days now to find a proper way of interacting
+ 189949 [jonntp@ya oo] A thought just struck me, that most people on the mailing list and forum
+ 189952 [jonntp@ya oo] I just saw that the forum destroyed the code by wrapping the lines too

189958 [speechexpert] Can someone tell me how to unsubscribe?
+ 189961 [asbradbury@t] Just send an email to the list controller address ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org
| 190014 [ruby@gm il c] When I send a message to ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org containing
+ 189986 [chneukirchen] Luckily, it's at the *top* of each mail :-)

cannot connect to server in OS X
189960 [mail@da ie t] i've just finished installing ruby, ruby gems, rails, blah, blah, blah,
189962 [mail@da ie t] sorry, ignore me. its sorted now... i just started doing some of the

What Happened to the Default Ruby Installation on Mac OS X 10.4.6?
189965 [dharple@ge e] I usually use a ruby installed through DarwinPorts, but I have some

resolv.rb and IPv6 nameservers
189967 [stephan@sp c] UDPSocket requires address family given on initialization, so it's not
190091 [drbrain@se m] Send this patch to ruby-core or the maintainer (I think Akira Tanaka).

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
189972 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
189973 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
189974 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: [SOLUTION] Text Munger (#76)
189975 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
189976 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please forward: Ruby Quiz Submission / Text Munging
189977 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
189978 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: [SOLUTION] Text Munger
189979 [james@gr yp ] ...
190015 [dave@bu t. d] Very nice!

Fwd: [QUIZ] Text Munger (#76)
189980 [james@gr yp ] ...

Ruby Quiz Contest Update
189981 [james@gr yp ] Just a quick note to let those with ideas know that the current Ruby
189983 [florgro@gm i] Heh, would have been hard to beat it judging from all the solutions

[ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.3
189982 [skurapat@uc ] Ruby-VPI 0.3 has been released.

[QUIZ][no solution but an idea]
189985 [wollez@gm .n] I just read the quiz and the solutions an as I had to parse some unicode

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Text Munger
189987 [badcherry@ma] ...

Google Calendar lib?
189988 [james_b@ne r] I've been hacking around with the Google calendar API, but before I
+ 190002 [cameron.mcbr] heh.  I just started futzing with google calendar and Gdata today.
| 190164 [amrmalik@gm ] There is a gcalendar.rb out there. Has anyone tried it or integrated it
| 190208 [amrmalikNOSP] link to it. I just came across it today looking for something to
+ 190008 [jimfreeze@gm] Have you checked out http://developer.yahoo.com/yui
  190009 [james_b@ne r] I've seen that, and it's interesting, but it's JavaScript.

os level thread in a Ruby extension module
189989 [goldfita@si ] I need to handle sockets in C which will be wrapped in a Ruby extension

Graphics library
189992 [aa_mm29@ho m] i am looking for a way to make animations and things in that nature.
190018 [dave@bu t. d] RMagick can make animated GIFs.

Ruby programs to learn from.
189993 [j.tuttle@40 ] I'm sure that this has been covered before, but I'm horrible at doing
+ 189994 [rmagick@gm i] www.rubyquiz.com
| 189996 [agorilla@gm ] +1 on rubyquiz.
+ 189995 [ruby@cr zy e] I think one of the best places to look is www.rubyquiz.com.
+ 190019 [dave@bu t. d] The best way to improve on your programming skills is a combination of
  190214 [j.tuttle@40 ] Thanks for the help so far. I was indeed aware of Ruby Quiz already and
  + 190216 [agorilla@gm ] Well, it's probably not your average ruby program, but I found this
  | 190230 [bealach@gm i] Looks and sound interesting though there's not much meat on the site
  | 190253 [agorilla@gm ] Here's the table of contents for the code overview (it's the
  | 190301 [bealach@gm i] Very nice blend of subjects close to my heart - thanks for putting me
  | 190303 [agorilla@gm ] np. If you want more like that, you should check out Ara's SciRuby project
  | 190308 [bealach@gm i] Hey! Another treasure trove - thanks :) I've got a lot of reading to
  + 190217 [ara.t.howard] -a

Re: nuby: %w to understand quotes
189997 [botp@de mo t] # In that case, wouldn't it be easier to just do
189999 [dcorbin@ma h] But why?  %w is intended as a shortcut when everthing is a single word.  For
190000 [botp@de mo t] # But why?  %w is intended as a shortcut when everthing is a
190001 [rossrt@ro co] Perhaps you are looking for shellwords?
190005 [botp@de mo t] # Perhaps you are looking for shellwords?

commandline help for frustrated newb?
189998 [posterboy@re] ye gods,
190007 [jimfreeze@gm] So sorry about that.
190012 [posterboy@re] A-HA!
190077 [posterboy@je] Oops, spoke too soon.  When I actually try this suggestion I get a
190095 [jim@fr ez .o] ...
190322 [posterboy@je] I can only speak to my experience but POSIX and gnu seem to be far and

[SOLUTION] Re: [QUIZ] Text Munger (#76)
190003 [tom@mo rt l.] === snip ===

Future of parenthesis?
190006 [robby.lists@] Hey all!
190016 [rossrt@ro co] I'm not entirely sure, but I think this warning is about slightly
190020 [dave@bu t. d] That's right. Ruby will certainly never have parens on all method calls
190062 [robby.lists@] So, nothing will be *required* butt it may still generate a warning?
190072 [phurley@gm i] My understanding from reading this list is that at some point
190073 [dblack@wo bl] Do you predicate that frequency of parentheses on method calls and
190075 [phurley@gm i] Maybe :-)

[ANN] Ruby/Informix 0.2.0 released
190010 [gerardo.sant] Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix

Yoichiro Hasebe?
190013 [hal9000@hy e] I received a kind email from this person and have tried twice

[part-OT]  fault-tolerant persistent storage  (DB?)
190017 [ruby@ml ic m] I'm currently looking for a data storage backend for a little pet project
+ 190044 [ara.t.howard] are your two processes on the same machine?
| 190047 [ruby@ml ic m] Nope - they're running on two different hosts - those hosts that would
| 190049 [ara.t.howard] so what are your requirements?  lose or strict sychronization?  how do you
+ 190344 [john.carter@] The most common error in designing fault tolerant systems is not the

how to integrate ruby tk/gtk event loop with another kind event loop such as socket server?
190021 [toktay@gm il] ...
+ 190023 [nagai@ai ky ] Maybe, the followings are not answers which you want.
+ 190055 [chris.alfeld] The following is probably insufficient for your high performance
  + 190056 [chris.alfeld] Woops, sorry about this.  It slipped in from an earlier draft.  Please ignore.
  + 190084 [nagai@ai ky ] Or, TkTimer.new(:idle, -1, proc{print "Hi!\n"}).start
    190139 [toktay@gm il] ...
    190160 [mutoh@hi hw ] How about Gtk.idle_add ?

Ruby scripting support for Emacs
190022 [alder.green@] Is there a way to use Ruby as a scripting language for Emacs?
+ 190040 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Try EL4R: Emacs Lisp for Ruby,
| 190070 [alder.green@] Thanks, Bil
+ 190066 [dharple@ge e] The emacs wiki is pretty comprehensive when searching for stuff like

trap("CLD") - ignore TSTP signal
190024 [wiesn@wi sn ] i'm writing a distrubuted process queueing and scheduling daemon
190026 [john-rubytal] Process.wait
190029 [wiesn@wi sn ] Works perfectly, thanks!