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^ anybody working on GEDCOM data?
189219 [wybo servaly] Is anybody working on GEDCOM-formatted genealogy data?
+ 189222 [dave burt.id] Cheers,
+ 189223 [pat.eyler gm] Not that I know of.  Are you thinking of taking it on?   I'd love to
+ 189256 [lukfugl gmai] Posted on behalf of Hans Fugal... [1]
  189377 [wybo servaly] I'm very interested in those docs!

^ split words with two columns
189225 [dan megast.h] outfile = ARGV.shift
189228 [farrel.lifso] ...
189234 [pbattley gma] marked_up_lines = lines.map do |line|  eazon, mezo = line.split($;, 2)  "<mezo eazon=\"#{eazon}\">#{mezo}</mezo>\n"end

^ Net::Smtp error
189230 [mark scottis] ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-freebsd5]

^ Mentors for Google Summer of Code: how to apply
189244 [dblack wobbl] I've tracked down the info about applying to be a mentor.  There's a

^ Ruby Central's Google Summer of Code page
189248 [dblack wobbl] We've now got a Summer of Code page up and running.  I've pretty much
189249 [dblack wobbl] And now, the URL :-)

^ Win32 Serial Communications, maybe using mscomm.ocx
189254 [johnatl mac.] It's good to get back to the RT Mailing List!
189320 [luislavena g] John,
189375 [johnatl mac.] Luis,
189391 [luislavena g] So you're using control lines then... we managed to create a spooler,
189397 [eliben gmail] I'd just like to suggest an alternative.
189574 [dave burt.id] Why not use Win32API?

^ Is anyone doing serious dev using the one-click Ruby?
189258 [dr-groups fa] I'm getting started with Rails on Windows and really like the
+ 189261 [halostatue g] I develop exclusively (at least for right now) on Win32 with theone-click installer.
| + 189319 [zdennis mkte] When I work remotely on my winlaptop i use the oneclick installer supplied version of Ruby. It is also installed on all of our
| + 189321 [dr-groups fa] Thanks, Austin and Zach for setting me straight, and especially Curt
|   189338 [ml.chibbs gm] I must not be doing a very good job of getting the message out... the
|   189346 [dr-groups fa] OK, thanks, Curt. I'll give it a try.
+ 189277 [ml.chibbs gm] A new version of the one-click installer is released whenever there is
+ 189376 [gregory.t.br] Every version of Ruby Reports is tested against the One Click installer.

^ ruby-ldap on Windows (built)
189263 [scharfie gma] I have finally managed to build the ruby-ldap library for the Windows
+ 189265 [Daniel.Berge] Excellent work.
| 189278 [scharfie gma] I did have to modify the sslconn.c source slightly, in fact.  There are
+ 189271 [halostatue g] Cool. Would you be interested in alpha-testing a different solutionand providing advice toward the development in it?
+ 189279 [wilsonb gmai] I would LOVE to know how you managed this. I struck out hard on
  189280 [scharfie gma] Well, the first step was to download the latest Platform SDK
  + 189281 [Daniel.Berge] Ah, excellent.  I already submitted a bug report about the build errors.
  + 189285 [ian caliban.] Can you possibly provide me with the good wldap32.def file from the SDK?
    189328 [ian caliban.] Current Ruby/LDAP CVS has the changes, so I'm curious to know if the
    189633 [ian caliban.] I worked with Chris Scharf to fix the issues on Windows and am pleased
    + 189682 [botp delmont] # I worked with Chris Scharf to fix the issues on Windows and
    | 189704 [scharfie gma] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
    + 191252 [lightsedge h] The new version worked on Windows for me.  I updated my Platform SDK to

^ visual web scraping with Ruby
189266 [ peter rt.sk] Does anybody have an idea about this stuff?
189269 [ilmari.heikk] at bottom:"""On 20:43, 21 January 2006, an anonymous user added a link toBox-A-Web[1]. No edit summary was given, but the contributor includedthe link description "Not an article on how to do it in Ruby, butrather a technology demonstrator for drag and drop web scraping usingRuby on Rails Framework"."""

^ Publishing to rubyforge - is there a command line tool that accompanies the rubyforge publisher rake contrib task
189286 [jeff.barczew] I was trying to use the rake contrib task for publishing to Rubyforge, but
189289 [halostatue g] You can see what I do for PDF::Writer (and my other projects) in theRakefile there. I use metaproject.
189312 [jeff.barczew] Thanks Austin, that looks like that will work well and appears to have more
189329 [ara.t.howard] it installs a rubyforge script which can be used to automate rubyforge
189388 [halostatue g] The main difference, as I recall, is that you have a lot of hardcodedvalues in your code. Metaproject may have those hardcoded values aswell, but they are well hidden from me, the user.

^ Very Strange Error(s)
189287 [hutch recurs] I've been encountering strange behaviour with Ruby recently. I'm
+ 189290 [fxn hashref.] This is happening here as well sporadically, and I can't reproduce it
+ 189291 [leavengood g] Are you absolutely sure that to_i isn't being called somewhere along
+ 189296 [binary42 gma] I've been experiencing this same thing on Mac OS X. I haven't been
| 189298 [jake.mcarthu] I've not been having any of these problems myself. I've been running
+ 189299 [james graypr] And if I understood the discussion (way over my head), it has been
| 189305 [binary42 gma] Actually, from what I can tell the issue is separate (or possibly and
| 189307 [james graypr] Oops, sorry.  My bad.
+ 189315 [hutch recurs] I found this <http://blog.segment7.net/articles/2006/04/07/chasing-
  189349 [fxn hashref.] Excellent! So just to double-check, is it an issue that has been seen
  189365 [hutch recurs] It sure looks that way, but I don't know for sure. Someone thought
  189750 [hutch recurs] An update...

^ RI documentation for RubyGems
189288 [weyus att.ne] 1) generated
+ 189293 [phil hagelb.] I think if you do an 'rdoc -R' in your gems directory it will create
| 189297 [weyus att.ne] Phil,
| 189302 [phil hagelb.] On my system (Ubuntu) it's /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/
| 189322 [groups grand] Doesn't that depend on the question? If Wes wants documentation for
+ 189310 [rossrt rosco] If you don't care about the regular rdoc (for gem_server), this might
+ 189324 [jim weirichh] This won't help you immediately, but the next version of rubygems will

^ OT: Drifting off topic to debugger utility
189295 [phurley gmai] I will vote in on the rarely use a debugger camp. The single exception

^ String#clear
189303 [james graypr] Today I was using an Array and a String to track some info in my unit
+ 189304 [vjoel path.b] $ irb19
| 189308 [james graypr] we not adding this to Ruby 1.8.x?
| 189314 [ruby anthrop] class String
| 189316 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 189309 [jake.mcarthu] class String
+ 189352 [angus quovad] Better #empty!. IMHO.

^ [ANN] librend 0.5
189317 [ilmari.heikk] Librend is a real-time graphics library for Ruby. It provides ascenegraph canvas for drawing 3D, 2D and vector graphics with anevent-driven API.

^ practices
189323 [tallison tac] Is there anything of a best practices on how to use your own modules?
+ 189350 [kiaroskuro g] I have been wondering the same.  By looking at libraries out there, it
+ 189356 [shortcutter ] There is an env var, I believe it's RUBY_LIB.
| 189358 [zimba.tm gma] It is RUBYLIB
| 189362 [tallison tac] Thank you.  I found more information on it.
| 189369 [leavengood g] I think a fairly common idiom in cases like this (one I have used
+ 189401 [halostatue g] Will you ever load them without each other? If so, then split them. Ifnot, don't.

^ Nested scopes
189331 [john-rubytal] I just discovered a behavior of ruby that seems strange to me.
+ 189332 [dblack wobbl] No; it should walk the method lookup path.  Inside Baz, self is Baz,
| 189345 [groups grand] Me too.
+ 189333 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 189364 [shortcutter ] No. But there's a simple cure (that we might even suggest to go into
+ 189428 [pit capitain] Module.nesting[ 1 ].bar
  189433 [john-rubytal] Thanks, Module.nesting[-2] is quite close of what i need.

^ [ANN] open4-0.3.0
189335 [ara.t.howard] URIS

^ eclipse rubypeople plugin prereq to radrails RE: Newbie's Ruby IDE Editor Roundup, April 2006
189336 [sanjivendra ] BTW, I've been using Kumodo IDE for ruby for the past one month, and it

^ [ANN] TRUGhat 2006:1
189337 [halostatue g] The Toronto Ruby User's Group (TRUG) is pleased to announce TRUGhat2006:1.

^ [ANN] apt-cgi-1.0
189344 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Runtime Revolution
189347 [Russ psyex.c] Has anyone tried using Ruby with Runtime's Revolution--

^ unsubscribe
189353 [nwang.list g] ...

^ interested in metaprogramming?
189354 [kiaroskuro g] of meta'.  I have written only a draft intro and a simple example up
+ 189355 [ peter rt.sk] IMHO there definitely is.
+ 189359 [mark scottis] I'm definitely interested in learning more about metaprogramming.
| 189361 [kiaroskuro g] two people is already a crowd to me :-)
| 189366 [ruby anthrop] } two people is already a crowd to me :-)
| + 189367 [meadori gmai] Out of curiosity, why is this better?
| | 189368 [kiaroskuro g] It's harder to get information on buggy eval-ed code than just plain code.
| + 189370 [dblack wobbl] I don't think instance_eval and class_eval, in their block forms, have
| + 189381 [robert.dober] Could not agree more but I am desperately looking for a way to replace this
|   + 189383 [kiaroskuro g] what about using define_method from ruby1.8.4 ? it also accepts a
|   | 189386 [robert.dober] which is...
|   | 189390 [kiaroskuro g] quite chiari, but the answer is still scura :-)
|   + 189385 [decoux moulo] wait for 2.0
|     189393 [robert.dober] Great, I just started
|     189395 [decoux moulo] Well you have also this
|     189398 [robert.dober] Ok let's all stop talking about ruby 1.8 it is too boring, just kidding.
+ 189379 [brett.a.roge] I would definitely like to add my +1
+ 189382 [robert.dober] Nice start
  189384 [kiaroskuro g] the synonym is just an example, but it still serve a purpose, though.

^ OFFTOPIC: console text viewer
189371 [dan megast.h] I need TXT file viewer, like cat or type, that works with Win9x, XP and
+ 189372 [gregory.t.br] Just use cat via msys.
+ 189373 [ peter rt.sk] Or did you have some more specific idea on your mind?
+ 189374 [mental gmail] cat, less, tail and more...
| 189435 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
+ 189775 [ jupp gmx.de] lynx

^ Organizing Ruby code
189378 [uwe kubosch.] I have now completed two web projects using Ruby On Rails in The Real
+ 189403 [Stephen.L.Mo] Uwe,
+ 189408 [mgreenly gma] I'd recomend looking through the source of other well known projects,

^ [ANN] new article up at Linux Journal
189387 [pat.eyler gm] If you've got feedback, requests for coverage, etc. please let me

^ Canada on Rails MP3s?
189392 [tom infoethe] Does anyone have audio files of the Canada on Rails presentations?  It'd
189894 [alex.combas ] I do have one of the talks in mp3, and I just posted a link to it on my blogunder the title "audio => where will rails be riding next?" if you arestill interested.Sorry that the quality is not so great, but I still think this is worth hearing.
+ 189895 [alex.combas ] also, just in case anyone is concerned, I got permission from Davidbefore I posted
+ 190004 [tom infoethe] Downloading it now, thank you!
  190115 [nshb inimit.] DVD is in the works as well. Keep plugged on canadaonrails.com for more

^ understanding the behavior of Method#to_proc
189396 [eliben gmail] Some things are unclear to me about Method#to_proc. I understand the
+ 189402 [decoux moulo] not like you think :-)
+ 189404 [matz ruby-la] Which version of Ruby are you using?  My 1.8.4 gives me 22.
  189436 [eliben gmail] You are right, I made a mistake. It prints 22 for me too.
  189499 [matz ruby-la] Still I don't quite understand what you expect for a Proc not to be
  189564 [eliben gmail] Matz,
  189566 [decoux moulo] Well, I've not understood but if you want to know why Method#to_proc exist
  189584 [eliben gmail] Can you please explain how this works ?
  189586 [decoux moulo] Well `&' call #to_proc to create a Proc object (from the Method object #a

^ ResultSetMetaData
189400 [barinek gmai] dose Ruby or ActiveRecord have the Java/JDBC equivalent for retrieving
189549 [zoso foton.e] Hmmm... you can use ActiveRecord::Base.columns to get a list of

^ Is there an "in" operator in ruby ?
189407 [u_dinesh yah] I want to do this manipulation. I have an array say @test=[2,4,6,8].
+ 189410 [jake.mcarthu] ar = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
| + 189411 [hawkman.gelo] @test=3D[2,4,6,8]
| | 189412 [hawkman.gelo] @test=[2,4,6,8]
| | 189413 [matthew.moss] @test.each do |n|
| | 189432 [lukfugl gmai] @test=[2,4,6,8,13]
| + 189416 [brett.a.roge] ar = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
|   189420 [jake.mcarthu] If Array was extended with some set theory, things like this would be
|   189427 [billk cts.co] => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
|   + 189430 [Stephen.L.Mo] a = [*1..10]
|   + 189431 [jake.mcarthu] There you go, ruining my moment of self-apparent ingenuity. :P
+ 189415 [fxn hashref.] irb(main):001:0> 1.upto(10) { |x| puts x if [2,4,6,8].include?(x) }
+ 189421 [mike nthwave] for i in [2,4,6,8]
+ 189438 [hal9000 hype] It's backwards from the way you want it.

^ VIM + indentation/highlightning for ruby
189409 [Meino.Cramer] I started learning vim and I tried the indentation/highlightning for
189417 [Pierre.Barbi] Nice scripts :)
189424 [Meino.Cramer] Hmmm....
189440 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Probleme with 2-dimensionnal arrays
189414 [ror z720.net] I can't understand why this piece of code doesn't return the array
+ 189418 [matthew.moss] It has to do with how you construct your array.  Your outer array
| 189419 [ror z720.net] Perfect thank you very much...
+ 189439 [james graypr] my_array = Array.new(3) { Array.new }

^ Re: practices (File and directory structure)
189422 [johnatl mac.] If the safe mode is a problem, do all your require'ing before changing

^ Symbol#to_proc is just so beautiful
189423 [daniel.schie] When is this ever getting into Ruby Core?
+ 189425 [Daniel.Berge] [1,2,3].all?(:positive?)
| + 189437 [lukfugl gmai] It's possible be adjusting the definition of Enumerable#all?
| + 189442 [daniel.schie] The beauty of Symbol#to_proc is that you don't need to change any method
| | + 189444 [Daniel.Berge] I don't like it. It bugs me. That ampersand is an eye sore in otherwise
| | + 189452 [gerardo.sant] An approach similar to Facets' Enumerable#every would look better
| |   189456 [florgro gmai] These already have another meaning in 1.8. any?() without a block
| |   189459 [Daniel.Berge] Got a file download link for us?  I don't see an entry on the RAA, and there's no 'Files' section on the RubyForge page.
| |   + 189461 [florgro gmai] If only I could put a note on the project homepage on RubyForge.
| |   + 189462 [lukfugl gmai] ("SCM Repository" link off the RubyForge page)
| + 199703 [omerraviv ba] What you are suggesting is basically an expansion of something that was
|   199712 [djberg96 gma] Heh, I'd forgotten it was ever suggested before.
+ 189449 [florgro gmai] class Symbol
| + 189467 [daniel.schie] Sweeeeet! Oh man, I love this language!
| | 189468 [daniel.schie] [2, 3].inject(&:*)  => 6
| | 189475 [lukfugl gmai] Is it just me, or does that look like an ASCII singing Elvis? Maybe
| + 189500 [johnatl mac.] IIIEEEeee, it's Perl, it's Perl!  :-)
|   199701 [omerraviv ba] a) It can be expressed with a shorter code snippet (less line noise),
|   + 199705 [transfire gm] Perhaps instead of
|   | 199801 [transfire gm] No one though this was interesing?
|   | 199805 [matz ruby-la] Interesting but too radical.  I'm afraid that it's too hard to imagine
|   | 199833 [transfire gm] I can see that on first econounter the idea, certainly. And I think the
|   | + 199834 [matz ruby-la] This means 'print([1,2,3].collect)' would not work, since it calls
|   | | 199837 [transfire gm] Why should it? If the block is manditory then it won't work anyway.
|   | | 199838 [matz ruby-la] "need" is pretty relative indeed.  And I'm a big fan of concise
|   | | 199842 [transfire gm] Okay. Though we should consider that it can already be done, and
|   | + 199835 [dblack wobbl] array.map.upcase
|   + 199816 [dblack wobbl] I agree.  I don't see the problem with it.
+ 199813 [sean.ohalpin] I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but this technique is fairly

^ Rake question - what is the best way to package multiple things up changing directories and such
189429 [jeff.barczew] I would like to make my Rakefile be able to create multiple packages and fo=

^ [ANN] Ruby on Rails - "Workshop For Good"
189441 [jeff commont] Rubyists,

^ overriding a class method
189443 [devlists-rub] Here's a quick question for the Meta-programming gurus
+ 189445 [farrel.lifso] irb(main):001:0> class A
+ 189447 [farrel.lifso] Oh wait I think I misunderstood the question are you looking to
| 189458 [devlists-rub] Yeah, not looking to subclass.
| 189463 [binary42 gma] class A
| 189470 [devlists-rub] Thanks!
+ 189450 [jake.mcarthu] I'm not a guru, but the following works for me, though it is not very