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^ re-defining an initialize method
189015 [hawkman.gelo] class Foobar
189016 [hawkman.gelo] alias old_initialize initialize

^ Re: Ruby Install vs. Gimp Install: how to make them both hap
189017 [mgreenly gma] Because the %PATH% is searched for DLL's this is correct behavior.
189055 [halostatue g] Thankfully, Ruby's installer doesn't have GTK+. iconv.dll is used forlocalization support; zlib1.dll is used for compression support.

^ Simple Enumerations in Rub
189027 [rusty geldma] Recently I've had to come up with a way to simulate an enumerated type
+ 189031 [florgro gmai] Been there, done that. See attachment.
| 189038 [rusty geldma] I guess the attachment got lost with the forum... do you have a URL?
| 189040 [florgro gmai] Ah, sounds like an RFE for the ruby-forum.com software.
| 189050 [rusty geldma] Oh right, I did come across that while poking around for prior work, but
+ 189045 [james graypr] "That in itself is not a very challenging or interesting problem. We

^ How extract data from a web site?
189030 [ingo01 ingow] I would like to use Ruby to read the content of a web site, and then
+ 189032 [alexandru gl] Well for starters you could use your human interface to connect to the
+ 189035 [ peter rt.sk] In order to parse the page, first you need to push it through  some kind
| 189041 [james_b neur] That depends on what data you are after, and where you want to look for it.
| 189044 [ peter rt.sk] Sure. But the original poster mentioned some HTML parsing so i have thought
+ 189036 [ peter rt.sk] BTW the cleanest method i have ever seen (and used/using, both at my
+ 189037 [fxn hashref.] Some people already suggested HTML parsers. I have done a lot of
  189169 [ingo01 ingow] Thanks so much for all your replies!

^ [ANN] Cobra vs Mongoose 0.0.1
189039 [pbattley gma] Cobra vs Mongoose translates XML to and from Ruby Hash objects,following the BadgerFish (http://badgerfish.ning.com/) convention.

^ postfix -> perl/ruby (ActionMailer) question
189047 [ro paper-mil] a craigslist-like site.

^ Re: cross-thead violation - example code
189049 [skurapat ucs] Attached with this e-mail is example code for the above scenario. If

^ Server-side sandbox for running ruby scripts
189052 [ peter rt.sk] The user writes some ruby code into a text field inside the browser,
189053 [hal9000 hype] This may be easier than you think.
189056 [ peter rt.sk] Thanks, i was looking *exactly* for this!

^ [OT]Tattoo
189058 [rubytalk gma] I want to get a tattoo of ruby code, but i just cant seem to find code
+ 189060 [steve waits.] self.got_ink?
+ 189066 [rossrt rosco] self.inject(:ink) do |body_part|
+ 189071 [gregory.t.br] Why not just get a tattoo that says MINASWAN ???
| 189110 [gilesb gmail] I don't know what that means, but I would totally advise against
| + 189151 [gregory.t.br] MatzIsNiceAndSoWeAreNice
| | 189162 [gilesb gmail] Well, that's a nice rule.
| + 189154 [collinsj sea] Or you could get some snippet of lambda calculus or something. I don't
| + 189156 [ehames gmail] How about that same naked girl sitting on top of a Ruby gem?
|   + 189158 [transfire gm] class Functor
|   + 189163 [gilesb gmail] I'm fairly certain a naked girl can theoretically be incorporated into
+ 189174 [ilmari.heikk] impressive is not the word i'd use for these
  189181 [rubytalk gma] I really like all the ideas.  I don't think i could ever get mad at
  190083 [novakps gmai] Hmm, here are some late suggestions.

^ Re: cross-thead violation - possible solution?
189059 [skurapat UCS] Interestingly, the previous example code can be simplified into the
189074 [skurapat ucs] Unfortunately, this approach doesn't work for a larger program where

^ Porting Perl6::Form (was Re: HighLine - examples for using "list")
189061 [james graypr] I checked the source.  It's 1,300+ lines of code.  That won't be an
+ 189063 [gregory.t.br] I've been looking to get at least my eyes back on some Perl.  ( Though
| 189073 [dave burt.id] Yes.
+ 189096 [pat.eyler gm] One of the hackers in the BYU Ruby Users Group is already working on

^ Re: Tattoo
189064 [mgreenly gma] self.ink!
189166 [eustaquioran] Make a big red ruby gem. If someday you'd be pissed off with Ruby, you

^ Test post
189067 [shosking acm] My first post. <b>testing html</b>

^ Newbie's Ruby IDE Editor Roundup, April 2006
189068 [shosking acm] By a Newbie, for Newbies.
+ 189069 [Eric.Armstro] Spectacular evaluation. I greatly appreciate it.
| 189075 [shosking acm] Thanks Eric. I was unsure about making such a long post, so I appreciate
+ 189070 [Eric.Armstro] Whups. Typo: s/b ArchnoRuby
| 189072 [kevin.jackso] I'd suggest looking at Sapphire in Steel[1] - it's still in beta, but it
| 189077 [shosking acm] Thanks Kevin. Sapphire looks interesting, and they may produce a great
| 189078 [znmeb cesmai] Just out of curiosity, did you look at all at the "QT Ruby" family in
| 189079 [shosking acm] Yes, I did come across that site and it was what led me try KDevelop,
| 189080 [roys mindspr] Did you try RadRails[1] out?  I realize that it's built upon Eclipse but
| + 189084 [shosking acm] Yes, I do remember trying RadRails. This was quite early in my
| + 189192 [ml.chibbs gm] I'll second that. I just started using RadRails a few weeks ago, and I
+ 189081 [alexandru gl] My winner, Vim7 +
| 189086 [shosking acm] Thanks Alex, and thanks for all the info. I won't be having another look
| 189089 [kevin.jackso] No a debugger isn't important for an agile approach.  Unit tests which
| 189185 [dcorbin mach] You twice mention 'reading the stack trace' in Java.  That only helps if you
| + 189188 [shosking acm] Thanks for the info. I'm always happy to be corrected :)
| + 189191 [kevin.jackso] Yes logic bugs, where the outcome isn't as expected, but these should be
|   189238 [banshee bans] I'm confused as to why people think there's some sort of conflict between
|   189240 [mgreenly gma] Reading this I just realied I haven't fired up a debugger in well over a
|   189247 [znmeb cesmai] I've been programming on Unix variants for 20 years and Linux for five
+ 189190 [markhaniford] I'd take a look at Komodo.    I'm not sure how much it costs, but when
+ 189195 [jake.mcarthu] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 189301 [rhkramer gma] I like nedit.  It does recognize when a file (on disk) is altered by some
  | 189311 [john_sips_te] I like NEdit pretty well. It has almost everything you'd want except for a
  | 189313 [vjoel path.b] See also
  + 189306 [shosking acm] Thanks Jake, that complements my roundup nicely, and thanks to Mark

^ Net::FTP broken on OS X (Tiger) / Ruby 1.8.2
189082 [subimage gma] I'm running Ruby 1.8.2 on my Tiger machine. I'm trying to use Net::FTP
+ 189083 [jtregunna bl] charset=US-ASCII;
| 189087 [subimage gma] I'm quite aware. I compiled it myself so Rails would work....Any other
| 189088 [decoux moulo] Try to use passive mode.
| 189131 [subimage gma] I've done that. Like I said, I can run the same code on my Debian box
| 189200 [subimage gma] 1.8.2 (all behind the same router, so it's not a firewall issue).
+ 189085 [subimage gma] fine.

^ Ruby draw fullscreen windows
189090 [redshift pan] Seeing the current state of "mediacenter" software, I decided to write
189570 [nagai ai.kyu] In the case of Ruby/Tk,

^ argument parsing with embedded parentheses
189092 [Bil.Kleb nas] Can someone please point me at a simple recipe for
189095 [james graypr] require "strscan"
189101 [Bil.Kleb nas] It does more than help; the tests pass!

^ Gateway still down?
189093 [Bil.Kleb nas] The news:comp.lang.org <-> ruby-talk gateway doesn't
189567 [dennis lausc] Hey Bil, hello list,
189687 [minkoo.seo g] Maybe I can run gateway if it doesn't need to last very long. Could you

^ windows registry delete value oddity
189094 [rtilley vt.e] 1. 'this_text'

^ [QUIZ} Extract Method
189097 [pat.eyler gm] James' writeup was quite a bit nicer than mine, but I thought I should post

^ Re: Refactoring (#75)
189099 [jim weirichh] Actually, I find it very interesting ... but then, you have to consider
+ 189102 [meadori gmai] Not only printing, anything that causes a side-effect.
| 189104 [dave burt.id] It's not about the side-effect at all (I think) it's about not exiting
+ 189148 [vjoel path.b] What about using another method and yield here?

^ Beginner gsub and ri questions
189105 [Jamal.Mazrui] How can I do a case-insensitive global substitution?  Suppose, for
189121 [mvette13 gma] "DOG" =3D~ /dog/i
189123 [Jamal.Mazrui] Thanks for the response.  Is there a way to do this without a regular
+ 189134 [mvette13 gma] I don't fully understand the situation when a regex would work. Could you
+ 189138 [halostatue g] catmatch = %r{#{Regexp::escape(cat)}}i  stringval =~ catmatch
  189172 [Jamal.Mazrui] Thanks, Austin.  I'm posting my current solution below.  There's

^ Regular expression to parse out "host" part of URL string
189106 [weyus att.ne] All,
189108 [dblack wobbl] /[^\/]+/   # match one or more non-slash characters
189113 [Daniel.Berge] require 'uri'

^ Resources to get started with ruby
189109 [anrea1877 ho] has some great tutorials, can anyone suggest any other places I might
+ 189139 [ksader gmail] I personally liked 'Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby'.
| 189145 [gilesb gmail] Pickaxe book from the Pragmatic Programmers is the canonical
+ 189155 [gregory.t.br] Why's guide and the Pickaxe have been mentioned, and both are great

^ Re: Regular expression to parse out "host" part of URL strin
189111 [weyus att.ne] That works well.
+ 189115 [weyus att.ne] Daniel,
| 189117 [Daniel.Berge] Instead of beating yourself up trying to come up with a regex, just
| + 189150 [SimonKroeger] Definitely a solution, but the regexp shouldn't be that complicated too.
| + 189840 [chneukirchen] unless path.index('http://') == 0
+ 189124 [tom moertel.] The entire regexp matches everything up to the first slash *and* the
+ 189877 [dblack wobbl] Because you told it to :-)  You've got a / in the pattern.

^ Full paths of Ruby interpreter and running script
189112 [Jamal.Mazrui] I've looked through and experimented with predefined global constants,
189114 [Daniel.Berge] Is this what you're after?
189119 [ara.t.howard] i use this
189157 [Jamal.Mazrui] I appreciate these suggestions, but found that they do not actually
189161 [ara.t.howard] check out dl - you can't make native calls directory.  of course you also have
189165 [Daniel.Berge] require 'Win32API'
189170 [Jamal.Mazrui] Thanks, folks!  By coincidence, I had just successfully wrapped the API
189179 [wfroelich db] Well the full path to the running script is easy enough to get from

^ Need to carry over application variable into RUBY script
189118 [pbailey bna.] I have an application that converts PDFs to individual EPS files. When
189120 [halostatue g] %2 is the 2nd argument on the command-line, so you just have to lookfor ARGV[2].
189130 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Austin. So, do I do this?
189136 [halostatue g] Never the latter.
189144 [pbailey bna.] No, there's no command line entry box. It's just an understood variable
189146 [halostatue g] OK. Then you need ARGV[2].
189149 [pbailey bna.] Thank you!

^ Proxy for object in a background process
189122 [ruby-talk ba] I want to use ruby-ldap in my application, but it appears that the

^ (none)
189126 [miken700 yah] unsubscribe

^ IO not closed by GC
189127 [stephan spac] os = IO.popen('uname -sr').readlines.to_s.strip
+ 189129 [Gennady.Byst] But you do not even know when GC will be run, so in your case it might
| 189135 [stephan spac] Inserting 'GC.start; sleep 1' won't help...
| + 189143 [ara.t.howard] this doesn't fit the posix process model.  under posix fd's are managed per
| | 189147 [Gennady.Byst] Even GC.start does not guarantee that the garbage collection will be
| | 189152 [gilesb gmail] I have a question abt this GC stuff, tangential to the challenge
| | 189160 [Gennady.Byst] I must relunctantly admit that I did not get your question. Are you asking about GC in general or how GC.start operates in particular? Assuming the latter, here's my rather naż×e take on it.
| | 189164 [gilesb gmail] bother? The statement isn't actually guaranteed to do anything, and
| | 189267 [shortcutter ] Honestly, to me it's even more unclear what you're after.  I suggest
| + 189268 [shortcutter ] AFAIK GC is not guaranteed to start when GC.start is invoked plus it
+ 189140 [dharple gene] See ``ri IO#close''. Use the block form if you do not want to call

^ very lost with rubygems and required files
189128 [hawkman.gelo] a few hours ago, i successfully packed my first gem.
189132 [rossrt rosco] PNGPATH = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../images/')

^ Re: cross-thread violation on rb_gc() - SOLVED
189137 [skurapat ucs] IMHO, the only practical to way to implement your suggestion is

^ a simple RSA
189141 [xrfang hotma] I tried to implement a simple RSA crypto for my work. It seems all works
189173 [gm.vlkv gmai] format=flowed;
189199 [xrfang hotma] Thanks a lot, this works fine.
189202 [ara.t.howard] num = %w(

^ TimeCert service launched using Camping and mongrel
189153 [pelleb gmail] It was written in Why's fantastic Camping framework over breakfast andwas deployed on Mongrel.
189426 [zedshaw zeds] Hey,

^ URI#path, windows, and file urls
189167 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.4
+ 189186 [danielbaird ] I think the trick is that the file:// is the protocol, and the next / is
+ 189197 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] pre compiled gnu scientific library for win one-click-installer
189171 [ara.t.howard] after a but of hacking with msys and mingw i think i've compiled an easy to

^ want to be a mentor    Google Summer of Code
189177 [gsc omegadog] I have submitted to Google.

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.2
189182 [skurapat ucs] Ruby-VPI 0.2 has been released.

^ Re: "Ruby for Rails" now available in PDF!
189187 [klancaster19] Thanks - I finally figured it out, basically by just guessing and
189189 [amrmalik gma] Would we still get the PDF if ordered through Amazon.ca (for

^ Beginner Question - ?/
189193 [wmioch hotma] Hey guys
189196 [ara.t.howard] 97
189198 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
189205 [wmioch hotma] Thanks guys!

^ Google Summer of Code update
189203 [dblack wobbl] I've just (20 minutes ago) returned from Canada on Rails (plus a
+ 189224 [halostatue g] I would be interested in mentoring, and have a suggestion for aproject that would benefit the Ruby community, but I will be in Europeand mostly away from the Internet for most of July, so will need aco-mentor.
| 189226 [ peter rt.sk] but I will be in Europe
| 189227 [halostatue g] Yes, but I normally live in Toronto. To rephrase: I am vacationingwith my fiancee and will be off the Internet for (on average) five outof every seven days of the trip.
| 189229 [ peter rt.sk] ;-) ok next time i will google first, and ask dumb questions later ;-)
+ 189235 [james graypr] I've looked for the application on that site and I guess I am dumb
| 189236 [vincent.isam] There's no mention of it on the Mentor FAQ, but the Student FAQ says
| 189239 [james graypr] 10. I'm a developer and I'd like to mentor a student. How do I sign up?
| 189241 [dblack wobbl] Mentors are supposed to start applying now, as I understand it.  As a
+ 189282 [tsuraan tsur] One project I'd recommend, in case any more ideas are needed, is a
  189284 [leavengood g] Somewhat related to this, I think it is entirely too hard to send
  189294 [james_b neur] That looks like the code I use to tell me when my arm of mutant robots
  189300 [khaines enig] Yes.  What you show above could be implemented as a very simple wrapper around

^ Setting Up Ruby/Postgresql on Linux
189204 [coolboarderg] I'm wondering if this is the right place or not, so please be gentle. I
+ 189246 [mgreenly gma] What part do you need help with?  If you have them both installed and
+ 189250 [znmeb cesmai] CentOS 3.4 is a tad old -- are there any requirements on how recent the

^ Sponsoring the Sponsors of the Summer of Code.
189206 [agorilla gma] I know that the folks at Ruby Central (David Black, Chad Fowler, Rich
+ 189243 [mtrier gmail] Great idea Bill.  I just made a donation.
+ 189348 [nightphotos ] I'm definitely in favor of the tradition of supporting Ruby Central.
+ 189380 [gregory.t.br] This christmas a made a decent size donation (for a college student)

^ feature request: "make uninstall"
189207 [john_sips_te] I think it would be occasionally very useful if Ruby's
189208 [logancapaldo] I realize that your asking for a feature that has its uses but I'd
189211 [john_sips_te] Thank you for the very good suggestion Logan. I'll

^ Article: Understanding Ruby blocks, Procs and methods
189210 [eliben gmail] Finding myself utterly confused by the various approaches Ruby has to

^ a flaw in tuplespace implementation?
189212 [xa3a.mc gmai] it seems tuplespace's read operation is not considered important
189455 [drbrain segm] This is exactly how DRb works by default.
190011 [xa3a.mc gmai] have you tried combining the tuplespace and ring API? your example
190093 [drbrain segm] It makes no difference if you use Rinda::Ring or not.

^ questions re Method#to_proc
189213 [eliben gmail] Some things are unclear to me about Method#to_proc. I understand the
189405 [matz ruby-la] This issue will be solved in the future version (1.9), which should
189434 [eliben gmail] Thanks, Matz.
189497 [matz ruby-la] You can fetch it from CVS right now.

^ RSA Encryption Decryption
189214 [namepipe gma] I would like to know how can we do encryption and decryption using public
189215 [Roland.Schmi] require "openssl"
189217 [namepipe gma] Thanks,  but its bit confusing with new include files and stuff. Any simple
189242 [xrfang hotma] Try mine :) You may use OpenSSL to generate key and use this program to do

^ how i can get value in string with pattern
189218 [arlan aport2] how i can get value in string with pattern or regular experssion
+ 189220 [alder.green ] "Who is this (//mystring//)".scan(Regexp.new('//(.*)//')).first.first
+ 189221 [shortcutter ] p "Who is this (//mystring//)".scan(%r{//(\w+)//}).map{|m| m[0]}