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^ Gem mirrors not updating?
187999 [zedshaw zeds] Just wondering if anyone else who maintains gems on rubyforge.org has posted
+ 188016 [ml.chibbs gm] Its all automated, but if there's a problem then Tom Copeland would
| 188466 [tom infoethe] Doh, sorry, I didn't see this because my mail filters put it in the
+ 188021 [gregory.t.br] This might be an obvious question, but did you build with 1.8.3
  188160 [zedshaw zeds] Nope, 1.8.4 but they updated eventually.  I'd heard of the 1.8.3 and was
  188465 [tom infoethe] Yup, it can be about an hour or so before a gem propagates out to all
  188472 [tom infoethe] Doh!  Sorry, that should be, Dennis _Oelkers_.

^ fxRuby: changing icon in TreeItem crashes
188018 [janchrister.] I would like to change the icon used by TreeItem in TreeList.
188048 [YKloubakov f] Christer,
188072 [janchrister.] Thanks Yura, this solved my problem!
188073 [lyle.johnson] No, the icon's resources will be destroyed automatically when it's

^ easy question about inspect method
188024 [lester ix.ne] When I use myarray.inspect, the result has some odd asymmetrical
188050 [robert.dober] "17"}>
188051 [robert.dober] Typo(1) myarray is an Object having an instance method being a Hash

^ accessing session with session.each
188028 [opensas gmai] I'd like to traverse thru the contents of the session object
+ 188029 [ara.t.howard] if you are running in fastcgi mode you script, and it's dependancies, are
| 188031 [opensas gmai] I followed the install method from Agile Web Development with Rails,
+ 188032 [ara.t.howard] def each(&block)
  188034 [opensas gmai] thanks for the advice, but I'm stuck with something even more trivial
  + 188037 [ara.t.howard] only one of three things can be happening
  + 188038 [opensas gmai] well, I've finally solved the thing
    + 188040 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
    + 188041 [ara.t.howard] great.
      188043 [opensas gmai] Ah, one last thing
      + 188044 [opensas gmai] Well, I'm even more impressed
      + 188571 [opensas gmai] I've figured it out, just had to restart webrick

^ [SOLVED] Compiling ruby on AIX 5.3
188046 [daniels pron] I just recently went through the fun of getting ruby 1.8.4 to compile on

^ Separation of gui from "real work"
188056 [tashiro zian] This is not a ruby specific topic but since there were some definite
188058 [john_ludlow ] You need to look into a concept called MVC - it stands for
+ 188059 [john_ludlow ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 188065 [gwtmp01 mac.] The original post was a pretty general question.  MVC is certainly
| 188088 [john_ludlow ] Yeah, my post was intended to suggest a way he could seperate the
| 188102 [gwtmp01 mac.] Huh?  I simply suggested that not all problems need/should be solved
| 188109 [john_ludlow ] Ah, no argument from me there.  Sorry I just misunderstood your post as
+ 188186 [tashiro zian] I've looked at that in the sense of reading about it.  But general

^ win32ole with COM method taking two out refs
188057 [adam.gardine] I've got a challenge with a COM API that has a method with the
+ 188067 [robert.dober] WIN32OLE::VARIANT springs into mind, but I have no idea ;). RDoc can be
+ 188086 [masaki.suket] What is the result of the following?
| 188159 [adam.gardine] Many thanks for your prompt response!
| 188184 [masaki.suket] It seems to me that your COM server does not provide type library
| 188346 [gardiner_hom] Looking at the type library, I see you are correct - the method
| 188361 [masaki.suket] Hmm, I hope the session OLE object would have DISPID_VALUE method, but not.
| 188551 [gardiner_hom] Unfortunately, the software is commercial software and requires a
| 188563 [cohen.jeff g] Sounds like have a COM object but not a scriptable COM object.  Only COM
| 188651 [gardiner_hom] I thought I'd summarise my conclusions here, on the off chance they may
+ 188690 [corey.ssf.la] Post your VB code...

^ [QUIZ] Markov Chains (#74)
188061 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 188068 [charlie cast] I'm pumped! I've been reading this mailing list for the last 3 months
| 188074 [james graypr] I'm glad.
| + 188076 [simon.kroege] "moby dick - but it was that inscrutable ahab said to have two
| | 188084 [james graypr] <laughs>
| | + 188113 [benjohn fysh] the result will execute? :)
| | | 188119 [james graypr] You are welcome to try it and find out...  ;)
| | + 188172 [drbrain segm] The real trick is being space efficient.  Markov text generation is a
| |   188174 [SimonKroeger] If the text corpus is very small i tend to get complete sentences from
| + 188147 [neoneye gmai] input_text := ruby_talk;   (* hehe *)
| | + 188157 [lukfugl gmai] I've been considering collecting all the Ilias posts (filtering out
| | + 188183 [rossrt rosco] I had to try this out :) With 500 messages from the past couple of days,
| |   188185 [logancapaldo] Thanks for the script, I note this interesting result with my
| |   188197 [matthew.moss] I went and grabbed a bunch of Grimm's fairy tales from Gutenberg.  I
| |   188203 [meinrad.rech] how did you manage to get complete sentences?
| |   + 188217 [brian.ardrey] For sentences, I picked words until it started with a [A-Z], then
| |   + 188363 [matthew.moss] Cheating.  Sort of.
| |     188364 [matthew.moss] Here is my own solution. I had hoped to do a bit more work on this,
| + 188182 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 188089 [aaron_patter] I think it would be really neat to apply this to music composition.  I'm
| 188090 [charlie cast] or ascii based tab files for us banjo pickers!
| 188094 [klancaster19] Banjo? I'm pretty sure he said "music", so I'm not sure why you are bringing
| 188133 [charlie cast] Banjo players spend half their lives tuning and the other half playing
+ 188283 [smithav cshl] charset=US-ASCII;
| 188372 [james graypr] Your code looks very clean to me!  A minor thing I noticed is that
| 188443 [smithav cshl] Didn't feel funny, I just wasn't use to having to declare objects
| 188449 [billk cts.co] Incidentally, if you ever need an auto-vivifying hash-of-hashes
+ 188293 [rossrt rosco] Here is my solution. It was so much fun I couldn't help but keep making
+ 188295 [hchoudh gmai] Great quiz. It will be interesting to see how others have solved this
+ 188309 [logancapaldo] worked, but it was slow as molasses. The second one is much much
+ 188420 [dbatml gmx.d] Here is my solution to this very interesting quiz.
  188445 [rossrt rosco] I used symbols in my solution, but primarily because I was trying to
  188463 [dbatml gmx.d] Tha hash itself will have the same size, because it only stores VALUEs

^ Newbie: dates by week and year
188075 [jeroen.vando] Am a newbie to ruby, so forgive me if this is a stupid question,
+ 188078 [reid.thompso] ...
+ 188081 [ara.t.howard] require 'date'
  188341 [jeroen.vando] Thanks for the answer!

^ rb_hash_aref and symbol keys
188077 [andre digira] I'm just getting starting with ruby C extensions, and I'm having a
+ 188082 [decoux moulo] foo = rb_hash_aref(myhash, ID2SYM(rb_intern("foo")));
| 188083 [andre digira] Thanks a lot!
+ 188087 [matz ruby-la] rb_intern() gives you ID, which is a mere C number.  You have to
  188104 [andre digira] Thank you Matz. Is this documented anywhere? It's not mentioned in
  188121 [matz ruby-la] 2.2.2 ID or Symbol
  188124 [andre digira] Perfect! Thanks again :)
  188125 [matz ruby-la] FYI, Ruby didn't have Symbol objects before.  It used to use Fixnums

^ ruby-dev summary 28397-28494
188085 [ko1 atdot.ne] This is ruby-dev summary 28397-28494.

^ [ANN] Reap 4.3.4
188091 [transfire gm] A N N O U N C I N G
188425 [george.mosch] Great stuff,

^ autorequire.rb
188093 [ara.t.howard] just hacked this out - can anyone see holes in it?
188106 [zdennis mkte] Depending on how smart you want it to be it will fail on stdlib's that don't follow a consistent downcase/spelling naming
188152 [ara.t.howard] this is a possible workaround - it's broken for some cases now but i'm just

^ Gems problem???
188095 [vpuz rogers.] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [powerpc-darwin8.0]
+ 188096 [vpuz rogers.] Oops!  Sorry, wrong list!
+ 188107 [robert.dober] [ snip ]

^ Question about extending schemas at run-time
188097 [rubberduckee] I'm sure this has been brought up before but I probably am using the
188142 [halostatue g] Are you using Rails?
188150 [rubberduckee] I'm going to use Rails - Perhaps I will post this question there.

^ Simple Question About Deleting Instances
188098 [nathan.olber] I have a case where I'd like to delete an instance of a class I made
188099 [zdennis mkte] a = 1
188103 [nathan.olber] require 'my_stuff' # Includes the Report class
188105 [mvette13 gma] I think you problems is in the report class. Each time you do report =3D
188108 [nathan.olber] Ah, this is a question I've had for a while. Last time I looked in to
188110 [zdennis mkte] This is an instance method. It works on the instance of Report.
188115 [nathan.olber] I replaced all instances of "@@" with "@" in my script since I don't
188120 [zdennis mkte] Can you post code along with your questions ? It makes it so much easier
188123 [nathan.olber] class A
188126 [zdennis mkte] You are creating an instance variable @b on your class A. The class A is
188131 [nathan.olber] Not to be a whiner, but is there a reason we can't just do attr_accessor
+ 188135 [nathan.olber] Hmmm!!! My code actually *is* working! The problem: it's a CGI script.
| 188136 [nathan.olber] Now I just feel like I'm spamming the forum with my newbieness...
| 188138 [zdennis mkte] The ruby-esque way to write methods is lowercase with underscores
+ 188137 [zdennis mkte] No. You just need to understand how classes and instances of a class work.
  + 188139 [zdennis mkte] class A
  + 188141 [nathan.olber] I understand how it works. In Ruby, (almost) everything is an object.
    188145 [zdennis mkte] If you want you can extend ruby to do what *you* want. Ruby gives you
    188149 [nathan.olber] Yes, but... that still means that someone has to think about more
    188151 [zdennis mkte] I had to think about half a second, and then type for about 8 seconds. Just copy and paste the code and put it in a file that you
    188169 [nathan.olber] It's not so much that I feel strongly as much as that it perplexes me. I
    188176 [halostatue g] I'm not sure you're clear on the concept (I don't mean that meanly).
    188179 [nathan.olber] I guess to put my question simply, why is there a single context in
    188190 [halostatue g] #attr_accessor creates a pair of instance methods that access and  may instantiate an instance variable, but don't have to.
    188199 [nathan.olber] Way, way over my head, but that probably has something to do with the
    188202 [progressions] As traditional as they are, for me the Foo/bar style examples can be
    188223 [halostatue g] Fair enough. However, let me point out that you showed something*different* than I showed. I deliberately didn't get into classvariables (@@var) because the point I was making was solely about thechange of scope, and @@var is a little funny with scope (I personallythink it's broken, and I simply don't use them any more).
    188250 [progressions] Thanks for your corrections, Austin, I see your points.

^ [ANN] Park Place -- an Amazon S3 clone
188100 [ruby-talk wh] Amazon has a very nice little service for storing files. [1]  However,
+ 188101 [mtrier gmail] Very cool.  Damn, I needed this yesterday.  :)  Thanks for all of your work.
+ 188134 [steve waits.] As a side note, "Park Place" was the name of the game development studio
+ 192516 [runlevel7 gm] Why, no gem yet?
  192554 [ruby-talk wh] gem install parkplace --source code.whytheluckystiff.net

^ [BUY] will pay for help with Ruby add-on of serial port support
188111 [gsc omegadog] I would like Ruby support of serial ports
188114 [ruby crazyte] Can you differentiate between/clarify #1 and #2?
188229 [gsc omegadog] Correction to earlier post  AGS Calabrese

^ [ANN] archive-tar-external 1.2.0
188116 [Daniel.Berge] I pleased to announce the release of archive-tar-external 1.2.0.  This project

^ cant run my Rails app!
188127 [rubyjadz yah] Boy, this is a very weird feeling. Excitement mixed with frustration! Am really excited to learn Ruby and was following the examples of Ruby For Rails e-book (manning) and finally, after getting all the coding and settings bits done, I cant get it to work!
+ 188128 [lukfugl gmai] Jadzien,
| 188207 [rubyjadz yah] Thanks Jacob, especially for pointing me to the rails mailing list...very helpful for a newbie like me! Turns out my problems was that i did not run MySQL service before i tried to run my app. Well...looks like i'm on my way!
+ 188129 [ksruby gmail] Read more careful. For http://localhost:3000 url webrick will render

^ Load and Embed an Image Using Ruby?
188144 [clc1024 hotm] HTML but the image pixels are out of order and the dimensions are not

^ [ANN] Instant Rails 1.2
188153 [ml.chibbs gm] According to Zed Shaw who is doing extensive work on Windows at the

^ webrick, cross-thread violation on rb_thread_schedule()
188154 [Daniel.Berge] Anyone else seen this?  Although it happened while serving Rails, I figured a

^ windows application automation
188155 [wollez gmx.n] I wan't to automate some applications which are running on mswin. Is it
188156 [ksader gmail] require 'win32ole' and read up on your favorite OLE browser.
188158 [wollez gmx.n] I have absolutely no information about OLE object that software uses. It
188166 [mental gmail] You can use the AutoItX com control to automate windows apps.
188168 [wollez gmx.n] that looks really good! Thanks a lot!

^ error when recursively doing hash digests
188164 [rtilley vt.e] ruby(11294) malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=20484096) failed (error code=3)

^ require gem within c extension
188167 [davelee.com ] rb_funcall(rb_mKernel, rb_intern("require"), 1, rb_str_new2("arrayfields"));

^ anyone know of/working on Ruby + OWL
188171 [neuzhoundxx ] is there a Ruby library for OWL (Web Ontology Language) for doing Semantic Web stuff?
188175 [ peter rt.sk] Just wanted to ask the same question today ;-) i would be very
188187 [tom infoethe] Not sure how far along it is, but anyhow...

^ Odd diagnostics when I installed 'rake' like on page 217 PAB
188188 [xeno eskimo.] root@baldwin:~# gem install -r rake

^ Unable to gem install rdoc.  Can somebody suggest something?
188191 [xeno eskimo.] I'm running on Ubuntu, and have gems kindof apparently installed, and yet I
+ 188193 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 188195 [rossrt rosco] I assume you're using your distribution's ruby package, in which case

^ My apologies:  Net::HTTP was actually there and working all along,...
188192 [xeno eskimo.] I just was feeding the prefix "http://" to it when I should not have.

^ Re: Odd diagnostics when I installed 'rake' like on page 217
188196 [jim weirichh] Looks like you don't have rdoc installed.  Since rdoc is a standard part

^ question about require and pdf-writer
188198 [gibson_andre] I am just begining with Ruby (decent overall programming background
188201 [halostatue g] require 'rubygems'  require 'pdf/writer'  require 'pdf/simpletable'
188231 [gibson_andre] Thank you very much, thatt worked AND I learned something!!!

^ Finer Command Line Control?
188204 [al.barrett g] Is there any way to gain greater control of the command line in ruby? I
188205 [alexandru gl] Command line 'belongs to' the command interpreter not to Ruby, so what
188206 [al.barrett g] Sorry, my bad. When I said to a specific location I meant to a certain
+ 188220 [james_b neur] Such as printing a backspace character?
| 188226 [al.barrett g] Heh, thanks. So simple. It's a bit cumbersome, but it'll do.
| + 188237 [rossrt rosco] I remember last time I used DOS, you had to set up a device driver
| + 188260 [jesusrubsyou] In my efforts to get Diakonos running under Windows (without Cygwin), I
| + 188267 [david vallne] charset="utf-8"
+ 188221 [cjkim jcnow.] You will need to have ANSI terminal control sequences to place your cursor

^ Ruby string
188208 [peter negerz] string = "this is a String"
+ 188209 [al.barrett g] string[0, 1] = string[0, 1].capitalize
| 188210 [peter negerz] Thanx
+ 188211 [dblack wobbl] What you've done is to create a new string, consisting of the single
  + 188213 [cjkim jcnow.] Another not-so-brilliant way to do is to put the created string back to
  + 188214 [al.barrett g] Actually, there is :S
    + 188215 [al.barrett g] Must remember to check my pasting before submitting.
    | 188219 [dblack wobbl] And I should remember to read the rest of the thread before replying
    | 188222 [peter negerz] I love Ruby but this is cumbersome.
    | + 188224 [ peter rt.sk] Well, i don't think this is a Ruby specific behavior. I have just tried
    | + 188225 [dblack wobbl] It may be cumbersome but the alternative you describe would be worse
    |   188248 [jeppe88 gmai] string[0] =3D string[0].chr.upcase
    |   188256 [peter negerz] Yep this is the one.
    |   188275 [robert.dober] Deux choses sont infinies : l'univers et la b=EAtise humaine ; en ce qui
    + 188218 [dblack wobbl] Isn't that the same as what you'd already posted?

^ a newbie. not getting run a script
188212 [s_sasmal yah] how to start ruby programming
188216 [meinrad.rech] if i understand your problem right you expected the script to produce
188353 [s_sasmal yah] thanks henon
+ 188388 [john_ludlow ] ruby -r yourmodule.rb
+ 188390 [jaever gmail] San,
  + 188534 [s_sasmal yah] the version is 1.68.8
  + 188635 [s_sasmal yah] i have tried all the methods above but in vain
    188641 [kevin.jackso] you must exit from irb before you can run the command irb -v, similarly
    + 188644 [botp delmont] #i have tried all the methods above but in vain
    + 188676 [s_sasmal yah] thanks kev