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^ rake and rdoc help needed - target seems to be generated twice
187736 [railsinator ] I set up some rake tasks to generate documentation for my rails app. I

^ Re: rake and rdoc help needed - target seems to be generated
187750 [jim weirichh] $ rake gendocs --trace

^ Re: Good Test Plans
187751 [bpettichord ] I think Expect can be used with curses applications. Originally Expect
187782 [zdennis mkte] Zach
187952 [jesusrubsyou] I couldn't tell from the webpage(s): Can this be used with [Ruby] curses

^ [ANN] rubyholic v1.1
187755 [drbrain segm] rubyholic.com exists to help rubyists organize and makes it easier

^ load_driver  Error  - while connecting to DB2.   Pl help..
187763 [u_dinesh yah] I'm trying to connect to DB2 from Ruby, and here are the steps i

^ [newbie] What means 1_000_000
187766 [eduardo.yane] trying ri and reading documentation for Benchmark I've seen an example
+ 187767 [pertl gmx.or] it's just for readability!
+ 187769 [dev-random a] It *is* the same, only more friendly for human readers.

^ [ANN] Ruby Hacking Guide - New chapters (and a bonus)
187768 [vincent.isam] Here they are, translations of chapter 3, 4 and 6 of the Ruby Hacking Guide!
+ 187771 [surrender_it] guys, thanks sooo much to all of you :)
+ 187775 [zdennis mkte] Vincent,
+ 187847 [logancapaldo] Thanks! I just starting reading and, and found this gem of an
  + 187852 [robert.dober] It surely has to do with StarTrek, does it not?
  + 187916 [chneukirchen] Same reason ?x is used for character codes, by the way. ;-)
    188042 [logancapaldo] Whatever happened to #\x ??
    188049 [chneukirchen] Debugger entered--Lisp error: (invalid-read-syntax "#")

^ The World's Most Maintainable Programming Language
187772 [Bil.Kleb NAS] He's got Ruby's naming a bit backwards?
187788 [damphyr free] Not the only thing he got backwards. Did anyone read the part about
187868 [kiaroskuro g] I haven't read the article yet, but there is lots to say in favour of

^ Re: load_driver  Error  - while connecting to DB2.   Pl help
187785 [u_dinesh yah] Also, when i try to run the samples directory from the ruby-db2-0.4.4,

^ Re: Ruby Hacking Guide - New chapters (and a bonus)
187796 [krisleech in] Great work doing the translations!

^ Minimal files needed for Windows app
187805 [Jamal.Mazrui] I'm new to this list, so hope I'm asking in the right place.I've

^ Creating images from pixel data (RMagick?)
187806 [tblair rawne] I'm currently trying to build an image file (jpg/gif) from a stream of
187848 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
187918 [tblair rawne] Paul,
+ 187941 [aglarond gma] See the thread starting at
+ 187981 [ara.t.howard] are you really limited to using string pixel values?  if not i would say you

^ Pointer Signedness Errors When Compiling 1.8.4
187813 [rubytalk ben] I'm working on compiling Ruby 1.8.4 on Ubunty Breezy (5.10) using gcc
187843 [zdennis mkte] When ruby runs you get this output? Or just when you are compiling? If
187845 [rubytalk ben] I get that output during compilation. Thanks for the info on not needing
187907 [matz ruby-la] It's not related to your segmentation fault.  gcc 4.x starts to give

^ Comparing Arrays
187815 [nathan.olber] I have two arrays: originalList and deleteList. I'm trying to iterate
+ 187818 [matthew.moss] I would think that trying to remove items from the list you are
+ 187819 [james graypr] Just FYI, the Ruby naming convention is to make those original_list
+ 187826 [r.mark.volkm] I got bit by something similar this past weekend. It turns out that
  187854 [nathan.olber] That sounds like something not many people would assume, and therefor
  187856 [james graypr] vars_and_methods_like_this
  187860 [nathan.olber] Seems you're right! I was looking at documentation for 1.6. Everything

^ [ANN] Starting the Riverside Ruby Users Group
187816 [anthony.mora] Do you live in Southern California's Inland Empire?

^ what are sympbols?!?
187822 [mantat video] book.
+ 187827 [logancapaldo] Well you can search the archives, this question has been asked many
| 188063 [lester ix.ne] I too am struggling to understand, and this statement has me even more
| + 188069 [gregory.t.br] hth.
| + 188071 [r.mark.volkm] Questions about symbols come up about every two weeks. You can find
| + 188092 [halostatue g] { :class => "A" }
|   188177 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 188161 [david.bailey] These

^ ri, rdoc, OS 10.4
187824 [jnchrls Flas] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 187828 [logancapaldo] You need to run rdoc in the directory with the ruby files. For the
| 187833 [jnchrls Flas] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 187834 [ryand-ruby z] It isn't excellent. It is missing an important step. After "sudo make
  187837 [james graypr] Or you can do install-all, to handle both at once.

^ Ruby Game: Nightly Travels of a Witch (Win32, OS X, Linux)
187832 [florgro gmai] Moin.
+ 187838 [james graypr] Florian this is terrific.  I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit
+ 187842 [gregory.t.br] Awesome.  I am excited to see this neat game pop up and it'll help as
+ 187846 [logancapaldo] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 187872 [benjohn fysh] This library looks splendid! Is there support for vector type drawing
  187873 [benjohn fysh] Looks to be sprites only, but still looks splendid.

^ Rake: Making "cleanup" task
187851 [jesusrubsyou] I'm just getting my feet wet with Rake, at least as far as running unit
187861 [jim weirichh] There's no direct way to do this in Rake task, but you can always wrap
187954 [jesusrubsyou] /me nods.
188027 [Eric.Armstro] Rake is just executing a ruby script, right?
188130 [jesusrubsyou] Could you show some example code?  I've never heard of this "END block"
+ 188132 [zdennis mkte] It does, and ruby does the same thing with __END__
+ 188143 [halostatue g] It does.
  + 188146 [jim weirichh] The problem with this is that it will run every time, no matter what
  | 188189 [Eric.Armstro] That's looking like a cool solution. What is that
  | 188194 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  | 188474 [Eric.Armstro] Most excellent. How on earth did you find that?
  | + 188485 [logancapaldo] Have you read the PickAxe? (1st edition is available for free
  | | 188493 [Eric.Armstro] I've got the original version of Pickaxe,
  | | 188494 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  | + 188674 [guslist free] Note that this is fairly "standard" and exists also in C. From the man
  |   188881 [Eric.Armstro] Thanks. It must be standard on unix systems. All those
  |   188913 [guslist free] That's why I put quotes around standard. To exaggerate a bit: standard
  + 188148 [zdennis mkte] Which I think you implicitly confirm this Austin, but don't say so...

^ best practices
187853 [jnchrls Flas] I'm working my way through the Pickaxe book and I have a question
+ 187862 [ksader gmail] IMO your second version is better since the intent is clear.  IMO,
| 187863 [kiaroskuro g] I like this multi-line nested format, that I call stanza (you know,
+ 187866 [ara.t.howard] sometimes i warp a bunch of lines into one, but in production code i tend to
| 187877 [james_b neur] Good points, and very much what I tend to do.
| 187895 [cohen.jeff g] For me, this dilemma (long one-liner vs. several short lines) is usually
| + 187899 [james_b neur] Where did the 'songs' variable come from?
| + 187961 [jesusrubsyou] Jean-Charles Carelli: I always go for a little more verbosity rather
|   187993 [jnchrls Flas] Many thanks for the feedback.  The general consensus is: Keep it
+ 187869 [benjohn fysh] dislike unnecessary intermediate values of the second.
| 187874 [rbates artbe] I prefer that method as well. IIRC, Martin Fowler also recommends
| 188112 [gilesb gmail] Thanks for pointing this out. Until I read "Refactoring," I used to be
+ 188013 [john.carter ] I can take and I also do either. I tend to wrap around 70 characters.
| 188017 [SimonKroeger] Which is especially true because gsub! returns nil if no substitutions
+ 188055 [zdennis mkte] I agree with Jeff Cohen on the refactoring if (as James Britt points out) you find yourself repeating this code in anyway. I also

^ Gateway Outage
187857 [dennis lausc] due to the fact that I have to move the comp.lang.ruby
188227 [SimonKroeger] Well i thought someone should point out that there is still a

^ Ruby Debug Guide.
187859 [john.carter ] I have been stuff odd random things on ruby debugging into...

^ Copying $1.. A loop with two regular expressions
187875 [okesly hotma] for about six hours.
+ 187876 [hal9000 hype] Are you trying to use a command line argument? If so, try ARGV[1]
| 187881 [okesly hotma] Thank you for your reply
+ 187882 [desmarm gmai] Here's _a_ problem for you to start with.  You've assigned the value of
  187883 [desmarm gmai] Huh.
  187884 [okesly hotma] Thanks Matthew,
  187886 [desmarm gmai] No problem!  I'm glad that I could help.

^ [OT] Moin? Re: Ruby Game: Nightly Travels of a Witch (Win32, OS X, Linux)
187879 [james_b neur] I think I understand what this word means, but not how to pronounce it.
187888 [florgro gmai] It's the number 9 (Neun), but with "M" instead of "N" at the beginning.
187892 [james_b neur] Thanks!
187910 [damphyr free] Usually you double it: moin, moin.

^ ruby module for editing open office files
187880 [cbowmanschoo] I'm having trouble finding a module to edit open office files.  I know
+ 187885 [ksader gmail] Have you tried win32ole?  If you have a decent OLE object browser you
| 187951 [runlevel7 gm] I think Charlie means OpenOffice.org documents.  How would win32ole do that?
| 187969 [charlie cast] Yes, I mean OpenOffice.org documents.  I know that oo4r is a possiblilty
+ 187971 [edder tkwspi] This program is to convert odf (open document format) to xhtml. It might

^ HOWTO Use Veriables inside of Regexp and Commands?
187887 [where_1ts ya] I've just started using Ruby and am LOVING IT! :D
187889 [ksader gmail] Have you tried just using
+ 187891 [where_1ts ya] Nope but unfortunately that only gives me solution to one situation :/
+ 187894 [craig jcnow.] To answer the original question, you can embedded any variables or
  187896 [where_1ts ya] Awesome thanks to you both :)
  187986 [logancapaldo] Note that puts `command` is sort of redundant, if you don' want to

^ Using Gems on windows
187898 [wfroelich db] charset="us-ascii"
187900 [jim weirichh] You have done nothing wrong.  There is no problem.  If there were an
187901 [wfroelich db] Thanks for the quick answer.  But I will agree with the docs that it is
+ 187902 [jim weirichh] Take heart!  Here's the result with the most recent CVS version of
+ 187919 [halostatue g] ...take heart as well for PDF::Writer: it's developed on a Windows box.

^ hyphens
187913 [huseyinpolat] how can I scan a string and chop it of to a words without losing the
187914 [benjohn fysh] split?

^ Running rake silently ?
187917 [nomail atall] silently ? --silent, -s, --quiet don't have any effect and when I use
187921 [jim weirichh] Most of the output is generated by software other than rake, so is
+ 187931 [james.adam g] Basically you want to set this in your environment.rb
+ 187932 [james graypr] This is output from the `rake migrate` task in the latest version of
  188053 [nomail atall] Thanks for your answers ! rake outputs produced by rails rakefiles are

^ String generalization
187920 [ peter rt.sk] I am having the following problem: I have to implement a method
+ 187926 [robert.dober] As you said for yourself this is quite a *general* problem. So my code is
| + 187927 [ peter rt.sk] Wow! That's what i like about Ruby. My solution in java (although more
| | + 187929 [robert.dober] Really? (I am new here, begun to learn Ruby 2 weeks ago) - i have seen
| | | 187934 [ peter rt.sk] Uh-oh. I definitely like the idea to do something like this (i.e. to define
| | + 187935 [james graypr] Sure can.  Ruby Quiz is a resource.  Use away.  ;)
| |   187942 [robert.dober] And you do well, doing so.
| + 187938 [ peter rt.sk] The only part i am missing is the one that gave me te most headache in
+ 187930 [pit capitain] Peter, thanks for the quiz. I needed it right now :-)
| 187940 [ peter rt.sk] Actually it was not ment as quiz (its a task at hand at my workplace),
+ 187949 [dbatml gmx.d] class String
  + 187955 [ peter rt.sk] You did not see the java version... Now THAT'S ugly ;-)
  + 187978 [robert.dober] Well that is quite impressive, but I could not figure out why
    188010 [dbatml gmx.d] split(/(\W+)/) splits the string into alphanumerical and
    188066 [robert.dober] That is exactly the question one has to ask himself.

^ Mongrel Web Server -- Thread Tracking and Debugging
187928 [zedshaw zeds] Mongrel is getting closer and closer to being a rock solid release.  My goal

^ [SUMMARY] Testing DiGraph (#73)
187933 [james graypr] The first step to solving this quiz is to come up with some graphs that you can

^ statistics module problem
187937 [craig jcnow.] Here's a code fragment from the statistics module from Ruby Forge.
187944 [gwtmp01 mac.] The problem is unique to the method 'class' because the parser

^ Ruby Quiz Contest
187939 [james graypr] After I launch the quiz tomorrow, my queue will be empty once again.
187964 [jesusrubsyou] You seem to be assuming that everyone knows where the secret New Ruby
187980 [james graypr] You could have saved me the trouble since you found it, don't you

^ Basic input/output question
187945 [pbailey bna.] I spent my $40 on "Programming Ruby," but, it seems dedicated to C
+ 187946 [james graypr] File.open("text2.txt", "w") do |output|
| 187962 [pbailey bna.] I think that this will help me a lot. Now, I see that this is line
+ 187947 [aglarond gma] big = 10485760 # we'll deal with files larger than 10MB specially
| 187996 [pbailey bna.] Dimitri,
| 187998 [aglarond gma] line.gsub!(/Microsoft/,"Apple")
| 188008 [pbailey bna.] Cool. Thanks! So, in James' example, he uses "sub" instead of "gsub."
| 188011 [aglarond gma] "sub" will only replace the first occurrence of the pattern, whereas
| 188054 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Dimitri. Actually, I figured that out on the way home--the "sub"
+ 187948 [ilmari.heikk] data = File.read("text1.txt")result_data = do_stuff_to( data )# open text2.txt in "w"rite modeFile.open("text2.txt", "w"){|text2|  text2.write(result_data)}
  187963 [pbailey bna.] Thank you! This is great stuff, from all you guys. You're all heroes. .

^ Status of WxRuby
187957 [Jamal.Mazrui] The WxRuby web page does not indicate recent activity.  Is the 2.0
188035 [roys mindspr] It's not quite time to get out the paddles yet.  We are currently trying
188070 [Jamal.Mazrui] Thanks for that update, Roy.  I'm not a C-level programmer, so probably

^ Re: String generalization called from JRuby
187959 [headius head] Forking the discussion a bit, but I'm interested in your use of JRuby here.
187965 [ peter rt.sk] Howdy,
187975 [headius head] Excellent, then we are working toward similar ends: the invasion of the Jav=

^ system() Methods in CGI Scripts Not Working
187966 [nathan.olber] I have a few CGI scripts. A couple of them make system() calls to launch
187977 [nathan.olber] Okay, after much searching, I've discovered that the string I'm passing

^ Embedding ruby
187970 [p.triller vi] I am right now considering which Scripting Language to embed into my Server
187979 [mgreenly gma] check out http://www.rubycentral.com/book/taint.html
188012 [p.triller vi] Thanks a lot. This seems to be what I need.
188047 [decoux moulo] moulon% cat b.rb

^ Upgrading Compiled Version of Ruby
187974 [rubytalk ben] In the past, we've used Debian's package management system (apt) to
187976 [chris.alfeld] Well, this rarely happens.  Let's say that something.rb does get
187983 [mgreenly gma] This pretty much covers it.  I really don't ever see there being any
+ 188020 [steve waits.] Thanks for the link!  I've had my own system for years, and it's pretty
+ 188550 [nic.kassis g] Nice script. Just used it. Thanks.

^ installing bdb to local directory
187982 [M.B.Smillie ] Is there a way to install bdb in particular and other Ruby C
188019 [steve waits.] Matthew,

^ Crashing Fixnum#** with 64 bit Ruby
187984 [Daniel.Berge] I thought this was interesting.  Should Ruby handle this better?  Or is this a
+ 187987 [logancapaldo] % irb
+ 187988 [logancapaldo] You can ignore my previous message, I didn't fully read yours. D'Oh.

^ More random, please ! :)
187989 [Meino.Cramer] recently I asked, how one would distribute all letters of
+ 187990 [pit capitain] require "enumerator"
+ 187991 [logancapaldo] % irb
| 187992 [Daniel.Berge] Will this do?
+ 188001 [SimonKroeger] you got some answers already, but of course there is always another fun

^ Methods that return a hash or an exception?
187994 [seanhussey g] I'm not quite sure how to handle this type of thing.  I have a method
188003 [jcribbs netp] One idea off the top of my head would be to catch the exception in
188007 [seanhussey g] Ok, yeah, that worked.  Thanks!  There's a little more code in the

^ Archive::Tar uncompress question
187995 [aglarond gma] I needed to use Archive::Tar today, and was bit by what I guess was an
187997 [halostatue g] I'm not sure. I'm just surprised that tarsimple uses Archive::Tar asits name, instead of Archive::Tar::Wrapper or something like that,since it's just a wrapper, and not a tar implementation in Ruby.
188000 [Daniel.Berge] Are you (or anyone else) using Archive::Tar for minitar or something?
188002 [halostatue g] I'm using it as a namespace in minitar (Archive::Tar::Minitar), whichjust declares it as a module. I can be a bit smarter about how I declareit, so it's not a huge deal; I was just surprised that the package nameand the namespace mismatched so wildly ;)
188004 [Daniel.Berge] Yeah, I didn't want to take the package name 'archive-tar' because I
188005 [halostatue g] Minitar is so named because it's an incomplete implementation of thetar format. It does have the ability to work against gzipped files.
188006 [Daniel.Berge] It basically boils down to a case of unexpected usage.  The assumption
188009 [aglarond gma] I actually chose Archive::Tar over Archive::Tar::Minitar because I
188015 [Daniel.Berge] I thought about that, too.  I don't see the harm, really.  If you want to
188045 [aglarond gma] I prefer the latter.  Would you really need an object returned if
188117 [Daniel.Berge] Ok, cool.  I've renamed everything and put a new release out.
188165 [aglarond gma] Great!  Thanks, Dan.  I'll put those new methods to work on Monday.