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^ Win32 extensions??? not OLE
187565 [r2b2 myway.c] I'm new to programming and Ruby.
+ 187570 [dave burt.id] For direct control of Windows, you use the API.
+ 187580 [tyamadajp li] If you need platform neutral interface like "file handling",

^ Possible RubyQuiz idea
187567 [hal9000 hype] This might be too easy, it's JEG2's call.
+ 187576 [halostatue g] Fairly easy, but with some interesting edge cases (t + N crossing anhour, day, month, or year boundary; dealing with leap years; dealingwith summer time/winter time switches).
| 187577 [ara.t.howard] not to mention cron supports variables, ranges, wildcards, and lists!
| + 187602 [robert.dober] Rewriting cron in ruby
| | 187613 [james graypr] Call me crazy, but that one sounds like fun to me.  :D
| | 187616 [azrael cream] You should aim high, and think "bigger than cron".
| | + 187619 [zedshaw zeds] Then watch as people gleefully hack into the newly started
| | + 187627 [pat.eyler gm] Spend some time looking at CFEngine and CFRuby/libcf if you choose to
| | | 187631 [azrael cream] Ooh, this looks interesting.
| | + 187635 [robert.dober] Do not touch!!! This belongs to Hurd ;)
| | + 187758 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 187748 [hal9000 hype] Yes, it's ranges, wildcards, and lists that make it interesting
+ 188542 [znmeb cesmai] OK ... here's my nomination for a RubyQuiz challenge. I've posted a
  + 188543 [james graypr] If I am expected to run this as a quiz, I need to see a write-up that
  + 188545 [james graypr] Also, "hacking Ruby itself" is pretty far beyond the scope of what I
  + 188547 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of hacking virtual machines, the GForth project features some
    188549 [aglarond gma] I thought that was Inferno...

^ Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel
187579 [zedshaw zeds] For the unintiated, Mongrel is a web server that runs Ruby web applications
+ 187603 [toby cbcg.ne] Any plans for an Mongrel XML-RPC hook, a la XMLRPC::WEBrickServlet? I
| 187936 [zedshaw zeds] Hey Toby,
| 188200 [schoenm eart] Do you know if those folks would mind sharing the Capistrano and
| 188238 [zedshaw zeds] Bradley Taylor says he's using these Capistrano tasks with Mongrel and that
+ 187640 [pat.eyler gm] Heh, a new version on the day my mini writeup of 0.3.12 went live.  Isn't
  187756 [zedshaw zeds] Where's your write-up?  Yeah, I'm pushing hard to 0.3.13 (and then 0.4
  187795 [pat.eyler gm] I'd love to to a larger piece on it though at some point though.

^ Understanding Kernel::system
187587 [benjohn fysh] I think this may be more of a unix question than a Ruby question...
187711 [kevin.e.davi] It's because your shell is made to read shell scripts. Ruby needs to

^ Pathname bug on Windows box?
187588 [mirek.rusin ] require 'pathname'
187629 [Daniel.Berge] irb(main):001:0> require 'pathname2'

^ Ruby for system administration
187594 [heimdall uni] since I don't like bash or other shell languages too much, I've started
+ 187596 [farrel.lifso] You might want to look at IO.popen. It allows you to run a command and
| 187604 [heimdall uni] I'll have a look at it later this day. But the things you mentioned
+ 187600 [damphyr free] I use IO.popen and Observer to get progress reports for commands.
+ 187762 [flori nixe.p] system 'my_command' does this.

^ Ruby Weekly News 27th March - 2nd April 2006
187595 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 27th March - 2nd April 2006
+ 187705 [ mfp acm.org] As I said under that thread, I think this (proposal for multi-method support)
| + 187707 [Daniel.Berge] All in favor of banning April 1st humor on this mailing list forever say, "Aye!".
| | 187722 [james graypr] No humor?  Did I just find myself on the wrong list???
| | 187724 [gregory.t.br] James.  Your hair is not long enough to let down.
| + 187719 [timsuth ihug] I fell for it, doh! I've updated the site.
|   187865 [benjohn fysh] Heh - I thought it sounded like an excellent approach! I particularly
+ 187867 [benjohn fysh] Tim, thanks for writing the summaries!
| 187956 [jesusrubsyou] +1
+ 187972 [ peter rt.sk] Btw, during the writing of this thread, we begun to work on
  188033 [james graypr] submission@rubyquiz.com

^ [rails] is relative validation possible?
187598 [hardstyle gm] now when i use validates_format_of / validates_numericality_of / ...
187651 [halostatue g] -austin--Austin Ziegler * halostatue@gmail.com               * Alternate: austin@halostatue.ca

^ [ANN] Ruby Column at Linux Journal
187601 [pat.eyler gm] The next installment of my Linux Journal column was posted this

^ [OT] Good Test Plans
187605 [charlie cast] This isn't a ruby question specifically but I'm sure you guys have some
187611 [charlie cast] The test plans are for a massive curses application (over 200,000 lines
187654 [kiaroskuro g] Start from functional tests.

^ Order in Hashes
187606 [boesemar gmx] I am building a menu structure for rails that I'd like to store in a simple
+ 187608 [james graypr] b.keys.sort.each { |k|
+ 187610 [azrael cream] A Hash is an unsorted container; It is a widely-used algorithm that
+ 187614 [bobgus rcn.c] A hash has no 'order' requirement. Items are added in an
+ 187615 [toby cbcg.ne] If all you're using it for is to test existence of keys, then Hash can
+ 187623 [dave burt.id] You can use SortedHash. You can get it from the RAA. It preserves sort
| 187632 [azrael cream] I assume a SortedHash is a tree of some kind? Probably Red-Black Tree,
| 187638 [dave burt.id] Sorry about the error. The name of the package I'm thinking of is
| 187647 [ara.t.howard] that one has some errors.  i've patched it in my alib, also on the raa.  feel
+ 187636 [transfire gm] If you need one, have a look at Facets' Dictionary class (also called
+ 187645 [ara.t.howard] use an Array and Array#assoc

^ Re: Good Test Plans
187607 [jim weirichh] Make it executable!

^ Mixins and initialize/initialize_copy
187612 [kingruedi c-] I have created a mixin module that overwrites initialize and initialize_copy.
+ 187637 [transfire gm] Anyone who does this kind of thing should always check to see if the
+ 187688 [flori nixe.p] Calling super from the instance methods of your class?

^ SWIG typemap problem
187617 [pseudoman4 y] i have a problem using swig. I wrap the follwing c++ class using an

^ SWIG typemap problem
187621 [pseudoman4 y] i have a problem using swig. I wrap the follwing c++ class using an

^ Ruby Language in Depth
187624 [mtrier gmail] I'm looking for something akin to Stroustrup's C++ Programming
187626 [pat.eyler gm] While it still might not be deep enough for you, I'm really enjoying
187633 [mtrier gmail] Excellent, thanks.  I'll check both of those out.  Actually I started

^ Length of backtrace displayed by ruby
187642 [sylvain.joye] Is there a way to remove the maximum backtrace length displayed by the
+ 187643 [matz ruby-la] Not yet.  Do you (or anybody else) have any good API suggestion?
| + 187646 [ara.t.howard] Exception.backtrace_display_limit = 42
| | 187714 [snail objmed] ara.t.howard@noaa.gov writes
| | 187717 [ara.t.howard] what would be matched?
| | 187773 [snail objmed] ara.t.howard@noaa.gov writes
| + 187704 [chneukirchen] How about giving a full backtrace with ruby -d?
+ 187664 [jim weirichh] IIRC, this only happens when the exception is handled by the top level
  187754 [sylvain.joye] Yes, that's what I did as a workaround. But you have to do it for every

^ ruby-talk-ctl doesn't let me unsubscribe using UTF-8
187648 [timshadel gm] OK.  I'd like to follow the list in archives, instead of my inbox.
187652 [matz ruby-la] Our list server doesn't take base64 encoded mails.  We have to

^ Rake's PackageTask should have tar -h for symbolic links
187650 [ed.howland g] I have a need to have Rake::PackageTask implement the -h option on tar
187667 [jim weirichh] (1) Rake actually makes a copy of the directory and tars that up.  That
+ 187675 [halostatue g] I have been given a patch for minitar that is supposed to supportsymlinks. I have not had time to review or apply it yet.
+ 187701 [ed.howland g] The workaround I came up with does the copy, but at the time time of

^ un_include and un_extend
187659 [itsme213 hot] How do I un_include a module from a class/module, or un_extend a module from
187660 [matz ruby-la] You can't, under the current implementation.
187727 [itsme213 hot] Thanks. Will 2.0 allow this?
+ 187779 [pit capitain] I think it's not included in the "evil" library [1], but it shouldn't be
+ 187908 [matz ruby-la] No plan.  Currently I have no reason to allow it.
  187923 [halostatue g] foo = "mystring"  Transaction::Simple.start(foo) do |t_foo|    t_foo.gsub!(/my/, "your")    t_foo.rewind_transaction    t_foo.gsub!(/string/, "test")  end  t_foo.start_transaction # I want *this* to throw an exception.
  + 187924 [halostatue g] foo # contains "mytest"  foo.start_transaction # this should throw an exception
  + 187953 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, raising NoMethodError for such case sounds like bad manner for
    187958 [lukfugl gmai] Actually, as Austin mentions in a followup email, that last line was a
    187960 [matz ruby-la] It still sounds like bad manner for the same reason.  Besides it's not
    187967 [halostatue g] That might work and I can investigate that. Ultimately, the trick withthat mode of operation is that changes to the t_foo object *must* bereflected to the foo object, but only if the block exits without erroror an explicit #commit_transaction call is made.
    + 188036 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
    + 188039 [logancapaldo] % cat quasiextender.rb

^ [ANN] Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel (Parser Fix)
187661 [zedshaw zeds] This is an ultra quick announce for a bug fix release to Mongrel.  It
187666 [james_b neur] Won't that upgrade ALL of the installed gems?

^ Re: Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel (Parser Fix)
187668 [jim weirichh] No, it wont.
+ 187673 [wfroelich db] Ok so I tried this and it is asking me to choose the version.  What is
| 187681 [jim weirichh] The windows version has a precompiled binary for installing on windows
+ 187677 [james_b neur] Ah.  But 'update' all by itself still updates *all* gems, without
  187684 [jim weirichh] Yes, it will.  I meant to say that too, but forgot.
  + 187692 [wfroelich db] Thanks for clearing this up. I'm looking forward to trying out Mongrel!
  + 187757 [zedshaw zeds] Thanks folks, I was rushing to get that fix out since the parser was broken

^ Ruby 1.8.4 RC1 for Windows debugger problem?
187678 [neuzhoundxx ] i'm trying out my first ruby debugging session from a DOS prompt, but am running into a weird problem as shown below. anyone knows what's happening?
190234 [smtlaissezfa] I'm having exactly the same problem (as the one below).  When loading

^ Is there a decent Ruby zine? Like the regular Javalobby one?
187679 [biot023 gmai] Like the Javalobby magazine (which I still very much enjoy).
187680 [gilesb gmail] Giles Bowkett

^ RADRails and Ruby 1.8.4 RC1 for Windows debugger problem
187683 [neuzhoundxx ] i'm using RADRails 0.61 on Windows XP for both Rails and plain Ruby coding.
188930 [ruby maanpaa] I get same error in eclipse 3.1 and RDT, doesn't matter what the ruby
190232 [gwr broadpar] try rolling back to ruby 1.8.2

^ Re: Is there a decent Ruby zine? Like the regular Javalobby
187685 [biot023 gmai] Cheers for that -- just had a quick look & reckon I'll be abck for more!

^ Validating all php generated html code?
187689 [BPaatsch act] I got a new interesting assignment, to validate all html code of all our

^ Re: [ANN] Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel (Parse
187695 [jim weirichh] Hmmm ... my guess is that you are running Ruby 1.8.2 and the daemons gem
187700 [jw innerewut] You're right, I'm on 1.8.2 (on OS X) but I never had any problems with

^ is GUI a weak point?
187698 [ghalsey yaho] Ruby seems pretty eash to code and understand. However, as a
+ 187752 [bpettichord ] These days most people use the web for their GUI's. Have you considered
+ 187764 [hramrach cen] Generally, gui is the hard part of software that has to communicatewith the user. It takes a lot of work to get at least some gui withthe most importatnt options somewhere, and even more difficult to makeone that is easy to use.
| 187786 [r.mark.volkm] Layout options in Tk and most GUI toolkits are much less primitive
| + 187787 [azrael cream] HTML has no layout out at all.
| | 187789 [john_ludlow ] I haven't tried Gtk or wxRuby, but FxRuby (based on FOX GUI) is quite
| | + 187790 [john_ludlow ] and can be harder to implement.
| | + 187791 [azrael cream] Mac support only with X11. Gah.
| |   187817 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| |   + 187841 [victor.reyes] Where can I find examples and sample codes of web interface GUI programming
| |   + 187904 [azrael cream] I dunno. Whenever I see X11.app spring to life, I think the Universe
| |     187985 [john_ludlow ] Wow...  Guess you really don't like X11.
| |     188014 [chris.alfeld] It's not so much that X11 is bad; it's good to have it available and
| |     188052 [john_ludlow ] I see.  I've only tried it on Windows and, bar a few quirks, it's quite
| |     188079 [chris.alfeld] Yes, Fox has a lot of very nice features and I'm keeping a very
| |     188140 [john_ludlow ] You gather correctly/
| + 187840 [vshepelev im] BTW, I'm now working on Ruby wrapper for great HTMLayout library
|   188064 [snowzone5 ho] i think the ruby interest in this might drop off at the $350 price tag
+ 187770 [nagai ai.kyu] I couldn't understand what you want to ask.
  187776 [cjwoodward g] I am thinking about this problem at the moment. There are a lot of
  187777 [azrael cream] Seems like a lot of effort for very little return. As somebody else has
  + 187780 [cjwoodward g] Java offers cross platform gui development that doesn't require
  | 187783 [azrael cream] Believe me, it doesn't. I've spent a significant proportion of my
  + 187781 [caleb aei-te] Using Rails and a web interface is a nice way to present data to an
    + 187784 [azrael cream] True. But increasingly, the lovely, lovely people behind Rails and Dojo
    + 187792 [zdennis mkte] Until they give the browser persistent connections to the server =)
      187793 [azrael cream] Look at what GMail has been able to do with XMLHttpRequest.
      + 187797 [zdennis mkte] What I'm getting at is that there is time involved with the setup,
      + 187798 [rhkramer gma] I can easily imagine that the output the first poster (above) refers to (the
        187802 [chris.alfeld] Cross platform GUIs is a very serious problem today and one without
        + 187803 [r.mark.volkm] Isn't this what Tk Tile (http://tktable.sourceforge.net/tile) is
        + 187839 [zdennis mkte] I love ruby, but I also utilize Java for thick client applications. It's
        | 187844 [chris.alfeld] I didn't mean to start a flamewar either or, for that matter, bash
        | + 187858 [cjwoodward g] No one is intending a flame war but I have seen java do a lot of good
        | | + 187905 [azrael cream] Ah, me to. But my point is, that even when you use SWT, a supposedly
        | | | 188247 [markhaniford] When we talk about crossplatform, we're talking at the application
        | | + 187906 [robert.dober] No one is intending a flame war but I have seen java do a lot of good
        | |   187909 [azrael cream] This has already happened at least three times in XML; Mozilla's XUL,
        | |   187911 [cjwoodward g] OSDL to Bridge GNOME and KDE
        | |   187912 [robert.dober] Of course somebody else has thaught about this before me, shame ;). Thank
        | + 187897 [nagai ai.kyu] Maybe, in near future, Ruby/Tk applications will be able to be
        + 188062 [snowzone5 ho] ok, for those of us keeping score at home, which is it? :)
          188080 [chris.alfeld] They are not mutually exclusive.  Tk is a nightmare for serious GUI

^ ruby-odbc installation problem
187702 [weyus att.ne] Ruby 1.8.4

^ Re: Mongrel Web Server -- Iron Mongrel (Parse
187703 [jim weirichh] Looks like daemons was just updated today.  (Actually, my gemwatcher

^ DBD::ODBC looks in /etc not /usr/local/etc for odbc files
187712 [weyus att.ne] All,
187739 [gerardo.sant] You set the configuration files path when configuring unixODBC. Test

^ select in rhtml
187713 [Wizumwalt gm] I'm trying to get a select box of categories to appear in my items

^ system() with .msi files on WinXP
187715 [rtilley vt.e] programs.each { |p| system(p) }
187716 [vjoel path.b] What about
187726 [aaronbecker1] msiexec /? and see MSDN
187729 [rtilley vt.e] def install_programs(program_list)
187730 [ruby crazyte] Try working backwards - install the .msi manually using msiexec.exe
187732 [rtilley vt.e] Sort of...
187734 [vjoel path.b] system("msiexec -i #{File.basename(wup)}")

^ compare to strings
187720 [clint.pidlub] What is the best approach to searching a string for another string?
187731 [dblack wobbl] It's not a complete answer, but in case it helps: String has an
+ 187741 [clint.pidlub] I can't think of why that wouldn't work. Thank you.
+ 187759 [zdennis mkte] Using String#include? is much faster then regexp matching. Here are some
  187878 [clint.pidlub] Excellent info Zach. Very relevant for me. I'll have thousands of
  187890 [dbatml gmx.d] $ cat str_inc_bench.rb
  187893 [binary42 gma] # ruby 1.8.4 (2006-03-20) [powerpc-darwin8.5.0]

^ GPL v3 and Ruby License.
187723 [gregory.t.br] I went to MIT for the Free Software Foundation Associate members
187801 [halostatue g] You might be surprised, but I'm not. Stallman is the FSF's worst enemyat this point.
+ 187804 [gregory.t.br] That was sarcasm.  Though, I don't necessarily agree he is the FSF
| + 187809 [halostatue g] Yeah. It is, really. The only saving grace is that it's a back door bothways: if the FSF were to implement something that no one else wants, noone would have to adopt it.
| | 187820 [gregory.t.br] I really didn't want to start a license flame war.  I've responded
| | + 187825 [ruby anthrop] } I really didn't want to start a license flame war.  I've responded
| | | 187915 [chneukirchen] +1, thanks for your pragmatism.
| | + 187829 [halostatue g] (a) or (c). The GPLv3, at least as it exists so far, and there's noindication in Stallman's past that he'll actually listen to anyone, is anon-starter. (d) is problematic.
| | | 187835 [gregory.t.br] (d) was mostly a joke.  Except for the part about the cartoon foxes.
| | | 187849 [halostatue g] In theory, this stance is great. In practice, do you read *every*licence you come across? Click-acceptance is legal these days, you know,so there *might* be a licence clause that requires you to give yourfirstborn the name "Myron Fiddlebrick", and you might have agreed tosuch without having read it.
| | | 187870 [hramrach cen] heh, that is what they say they put in v3 :-)
| | | 187871 [halostatue g] They did. One step forward (acceptable additional restrictions), threesteps back (DRM and patent stuff, neither of which is best fought inthe GNU GPL).
| | + 187903 [matz ruby-la] Ruby is copyrighted free software by Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@netlab.jp>.
| |   + 187922 [gregory.t.br] Oh... cool.  Now we just have libraries and things like that to be
| |   | 187943 [matz ruby-la] Indeed.  I'd change the wording for next release.
| |   + 187968 [ajohnson cpa] Be careful what you assume about the GPL. Consider clause 9 of
| |     + 187973 [matz ruby-la] Ruby is copyrighted free software by Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@netlab.jp>.
| |     + 188022 [danielbaird ] I'm not convinced that's what the licence is saying.  If the program licenc=
| |       188023 [gregory.t.br] You absolutely, positively, can redistribute the software under a later version.
| |       188025 [danielbaird ] Hmm, I guess Bill Gates is right and GPL is aggresively viral after all :)
| |       188026 [gregory.t.br] But that's kind of the point of the whole thing.  You can see farther
| |       188030 [jtregunna bl] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 187814 [bobgus rcn.c] Relative to the v2 vs v3 discussion, you might have a look at the latest
| | 187821 [gregory.t.br] yes, this was discussed at the FSF meeting.
| | 187850 [bobgus rcn.c] I think you agree that the 'v2 or later' is not particularly a good
| | 187855 [gregory.t.br] You are free to modify, copy and/or redistribute this software under
| + 187823 [zoso foton.e] Pointers, or care to explain?
|   187830 [gregory.t.br] Check out the fsf website for loads more.
|   187831 [halostatue g] It's not the code that's locked away; it's the data. I see no reasonthat TiVo should have to release their DRM code, even if I disagreewith their DRM and even if I disagree with the DMCA (which I *do*).The Linux variant they use? Sure. But the DRM code? No.
|   187836 [gregory.t.br] If you want to modify the code, it comes back with a different
+ 187807 [andre digira] Matz has said that he intends to release ruby 2 using a standard license
  + 187808 [james graypr] I agree, that sounds great.  Thanks for the link!
  | 187810 [tom infoethe] velopersSummit2005.html
  + 187812 [dharple gene] He says _Rite_ may be released under a BSD -like license. However,