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^ Newbie! Programming Calculations
187280 [yascene gmai] Im new to programming, im learning ruby.
+ 187285 [jeppe88 gmai] Ruby follow the laws of math. That means the a + multiplied by a - (which i=
+ 187289 [collinsj sea] Just like in math, the parentheses indicate what happens first. The
| 187292 [yascene gmai] Cool thank you for the explanations guys :)
| 187307 [collinsj sea] There is a thing (which other posts here mention) called operator
+ 187291 [cyclists nc.] When you have an expression that uses more than one arithmetic operator,
+ 187302 [yascene gmai] how many hours are in a year? = puts (7* (60*24))  *52
  + 187324 [jeppe88 gmai] You don't really need to make parentheses when you are only doing
  + 187328 [non none.com] seconds --> minutes --> hours --> days --> weeks --> years

^ converting numbers via bit dropping
187282 [lists kalama] I'm trying to figure out how to convert a number by dropping bits
187287 [clr9.10.rand] This should be 284, right?
187290 [lists kalama] Yep, my bad.

187288 [lester ix.ne] I'm getting 3 unprintable characters after April when use
187359 [one.three gm] Maybe you have corrupted Ruby installation or just corrupted date.rb file.
187422 [lester ix.ne] Thanks, Martins... that's an interesting thing. I think something got

^ [ANN] lazyscript 0.2.0
187299 [listen marcr] Benny is happy to announce the release of lazyscript.rb  0.2.0

^ [serial ports ]    looking for help
187317 [gsc omegadog] I just switched to Ruby and I am finding my way through it.
187350 [rubyprogramm] I don't know anything about this.

^ Help Ruby Emacs on Ubuntu
187323 [pcslen comca] I know I am trying to tackle to many thing at once but it just the way
+ 187342 [roys mindspr] and
| 187399 [pcslen comca] Thanks
+ 187369 [zarahneander] Open a terminal and type 'sudo apt-get install ruby-elisp'

^ gems in userdir - Could not find RubyGem ...
187326 [usenet-42006] I am new to ruby and gem and I have installed a few gems (rails and
187356 [usenet-42006] $ irb
187358 [jim weirichh] Perhaps rake is also installed as a non-gem?
187363 [usenet-42006] Thank you Jim.
187403 [jim weirichh] It would certainly be more consistent for RubyGems to always use .gemrc.

^ rand
187329 [jeff_thorne ] charset="us-ascii"
+ 187331 [phurley gmai] ri rand
+ 187332 [dharple gene] ...
+ 187334 [cyclists nc.] $ ri rand

^ [ANN] Lirpa 1.0
187335 [transfire gm] Introducing Lirpa 1.0!

^ Does Ruby simplify our tasks and lives?
187343 [simplicityfi] Does Ruby simplify our lives by providing more elegant methods to
187396 [james graypr] Don't all programming languages?  :)
187582 [simplicityfi] I'm not entirely sure that all programming languages are elegant;
187586 [botp delmont] #I suppose anyone can make something complex or messy, no
187706 [simplicityfi] I'm not sure people purposely aim for complexity, it is something that

^ Re: Lirpa 1.0
187346 [w_a_x_man ya] => "April 1"

^ Keyboard access
187348 [rubyprogramm] How can I gain access to the keyboard so that I can feed output from
+ 187349 [rubyprogramm] I am using Windows2000.
| 187394 [james_b neur] Go grab AutoItX, and script it from Ruby.
| 187461 [rubyprogramm] That was exactly what I was looking for.
+ 187388 [david vallne] Is it a console or window application?
  187460 [rubyprogramm] I neglected to say that it is a windows application.

^ Gathering ngrams with the highest probability
187351 [minkoo.seo g] I'm writing some scientific applications with Ruby, and found a
+ 187352 [robert.feldt] ngrams.inject({}) do |highest, ngram|
+ 187353 [sylvain.joye] ngrams.inject({}) do |table, ngram|

^ odd number list for hash error and command line parsers in general
187367 [toktay gmail] I am trying to use getoptlong package. From the documentation I have
187368 [decoux moulo] In your eval you have

^ ruby to send email attachments
187377 [rtilley vt.e] I searched the news group and found a script that sends email with
+ 187439 [phasis68 hot] insert this line
+ 187497 [aglarond gma] You might want to check out SimpleMail

^ I can't get hash list params working
187383 [work ashleym] I must be doing something stoopid here.  Can anyone explain why I get
187385 [dblack wobbl] You can only use the "magic" hash argument if it's the last thing in

^ Placing Sets of Ruby/Tk Widgets
187400 [david.bailey] After a whole day of frustrating "experimentation" with no good results,
187448 [nagai ai.kyu] Please cool down. :-)
187490 [david.bailey] Wow!  Once again, brute force must bow to finesse!
187493 [david.bailey] Oh, you're just printing out the geometry when the button is clicked.

^ setup.rb problems and possible fix
187415 [transfire gm] As I reported earlier there seems to be some issues with setup.rb.
+ 187441 [transfire gm] Sigh, 'libdir' isn't right either.
+ 187625 [erik hollens] I have had similar troubles. Testing was added in a recent version (a
  187691 [transfire gm] I agree. In fact, it never occured to me before, but why isn't setup.rb
  187694 [khaines enig] Wait.  Before you rewrite it, take a look at the work that was done on
  187746 [transfire gm] Very interesting. Thanks for making me aware of this. I'm curious about
  + 187749 [cohen.jeff g] Coming from the Windows world, this thread really interests me.
  + 187800 [khaines enig] The Package.setup() call is what handles the actual installation tasks.

^ self.some_attribute vs @some_attribute
187416 [0bssel602 sn] I just finished reading the Agile book. Of course I forgot at least the
+ 187421 [daniel.schie] The difference between `self.attr = val' and `@attr = val' is simply
+ 187427 [james_b neur] @password refers to an instance variable.
+ 187480 [dave burt.id] self.password = ... # calls the method "password="
+ 187483 [wilsonb gmai] Rails is a bit different in this scenario than most other Ruby programs.
  187525 [0bssel602 sn] Indeed, I just noticed this.

^ Newby>> Ruby and method Gets... and Windows
187423 [alex alex.xo] i'm under Windows XP SP2 and i installed OneClick Installer. So, i began to
+ 187425 [jeppe88 gmai] Well don't worry you don't have to switch to Linux.
+ 187430 [w_a_x_man ya] Don't use SciTE.  It isn't part of Ruby.  Use your favorite text
  + 187431 [derek.perrau] Or you can still use SciTE to get the syntax coloring, but follow William's
  | 187450 [daniels pron] In SciTE, you need to focus on the frame that appears on the right where
  | 187452 [alex alexSPA] It works, thanks a lot!
  + 187451 [alex alexSPA] thanks for your answer, actually, i found it after my message. But on
    187473 [jkbowler tis] I have found just the same thing myself.. You can use SciTE to write

^ Writing a file, without deleting it's current content
187426 [jeppe88 gmai] Let's say that I've just written a string to a file, "file.txt". Then I wan=
187428 [james_b neur] Look up the "append" option for File when opening for writing.
187467 [jeppe88 gmai] File.open("myFile.txt.", APPEND=3D"This is the string I'm writing" )
187468 [danielbaird ] myfile =3D File.open("myFile.txt","a")

^ Apache with Ruby
187437 [juandelacruz] I am really new to Ruby. I have just installed Ruby on my Linux box and it
+ 187438 [logancapaldo] You can of course use the regular CGI methods. I.e. start your files
| 187699 [david vallne] I'd use mod_fastcgi instead of mod_ruby if you want to avoid the CGI overhead.
| + 187709 [john_sips_te] Maybe you mis-worded that. Of course, the whole point of using
| | 187708 [john_sips_te] Whoops. Sorry -- I see what you were saying now.
| + 187710 [john_sips_te] Just curious David, why choose mod_fastcgi over mod_ruby?
|   + 187747 [danielbaird ] mod_ruby lives in every instance of the server -- so if you have five apach=
|   + 188258 [david vallne] charset="utf-8"
+ 188700 [brianm apach] I suggest considering mod_fcgid ( http://fastcgi.coremail.cn/ ) for

^ GStreamer Woes
187442 [stupergenius] My question deals with the Ruby GStreamer bindings.  Basically, I
187445 [stupergenius] require 'gst'
+ 187545 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 187550 [stupergenius] while pipeline.iterate
+ 187557 [laurent.sans] $ gst-launch filesrc location=glyn.mp3 ! spider ! alsasink
  187571 [stupergenius] Ahh, that seems to be the problem indeed, reading up on spider shows
  187630 [zimba.tm gma] Do the bindings works with gstreamer 0.10 now ? I've tried to contact
  187634 [laurent.sans] No they don't.  I unfortunately miss the time to do this.  If you are

^ Installing ruby-db2-0.4 for DB2 gives SQLConnect() errors.
187446 [u_dinesh yah] I'm new to Ruby and i was trying to install the "ruby-db2-0.4" package

^ ruby and xemacs syntax highlighting
187449 [pieter.breed] I am trying to get syntax highlighting to work with xemacs. I have the
187489 [mtrier gmail] Here's my relevant section. By the way this gives you the Ink

187453 [danperrett07] When I try to run the soap client without starting up the up the server
187622 [erik hollens] Try rescuing on Exception instead of SystemExit... If that fixed your
187628 [erik hollens] There should be a 'break if @soap_wrp' right here.
187649 [danperrett07] I did this, tried to catch the exception, but it still crashes out.

^ [ANN] Scala-2
187454 [francois.gar] The Scala language fuses object-oriented and functional programming

^ What does this hash do? Is this a hash?
187457 [stark.dreamd] hash = Hash.new("")
187458 [decoux moulo] 1) ruby return the default value for the hash ('a' don't exist as a key)
+ 187459 [stark.dreamd] Thanks!
+ 187472 [ruby anthrop] }
  187474 [botp delmont] #This has to be the most frequently asked question on this
  187484 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  187491 [ruby anthrop] }   This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ running ruby programs on a windows xp computer
187462 [jkbowler tis] I have a couple of questions which is fairly simple , as I am very new
+ 187465 [ml.chibbs gm] You can have both both versions installed simultaneously if you wish,
| 187469 [jkbowler tis] ta very much indeed for your responce, please just explain if possible
| 187485 [ml.chibbs gm] it in any directory your prefer (just make sure there are no space
+ 187470 [huw DELTHISB] If you are a Visual Studio 2005 user, you may be interested in the Ruby In
  + 187477 [jkbowler tis] Thank you very much for your responce, but I do feel that it does not
  | 187500 [james_b neur] I'm not a Visual Studio user, preferring (at least for Ruby development)
  + 187486 [ml.chibbs gm] Very nice... I'm glad to see this!

^ A New Group in Reading Berkshire UK
187463 [jkbowler tis] I wish to start up an informal group meeting in Reading to learn web

^ Re: Oracle DBI problem
187464 [keilhofer we] Did anyone do this? Is there a Oracle 9.0.2 Client version of oci

^ [ANN] Rake 0.7.1 Released
187466 [jim weirichh] = Rake 0.7.1 Released

^ maximum breakage?
187479 [bengt.dahlqv] as i understand it, there will be quite a few

^ Correct way to close IO.popen pipe under Windows? (mingw)
187481 [tyamadajp li] I'm currently writing a wxRuby program to visualize wireless

^ deleting an object from an array
187487 [r.mark.volkm] I assumed incorrectly that Array#delete deleted a specific object,
187511 [ara.t.howard] probably not, but if you're doing alot of this kind of override you might to

^ What's up with symbols?
187488 [hasse hegsof] I'm trying to understand symbols. Not what they are, but rather why Ruby
+ 187503 [dharple gene] * [Symbols Are Not Immutable Strings][1]
| 194041 [tallison tac] Is there somewhere besides the newsgroup for this?
+ 187505 [james_b neur] No.  There was a lengthy thread about Symbols here on ruby-talk not too

^ Mocking whole classes
187495 [thiago.arrai] Has anyone tried to mock whole classes (instead of mocking only the objects)?
187549 [drbrain segm] I've found it more pain than its worth because I change the

^ Ruby-WATir Browser opening issue
187496 [mukund.wangi] is not openign IE browser in Win2k3 server Standard Edition. It is
+ 187599 [dave burt.id] Firstly, try the wtr-general mailing list for questions like this,
+ 187753 [bpettichord ] My guess would be that it has to do with the security settings. Many of

^ can't find io/wait on windows
187498 [timgarwood g] This is my first post. I read a post from a little while ago about
187508 [timgarwood g] I should probably add that the error I'm getting is in
187524 [konstantin.l] generally, you can look into variable $: to see where ruby looks for
187526 [dharple gene] $LOAD_PATH
187609 [timgarwood g] Alright, thanks guys. I will try this out.

^ [ANN] April Meeting of the Phoenix Ruby Users Group
187499 [james_b neur] The Phoenix Ruby Users Group will hold its monthly meeting on Monday,

^ rake -v
187501 [parsons.don ] I just used Gem to install version 0.7.1 of Rake. When I try to get
+ 187502 [jperkins sne] rake --version
+ 187504 [james_b neur] rake, version
  187507 [parsons.don ] TADA!!!

^ Ruby before Ruby ???
187506 [eustaquioran] There was a Ruby before "our" Ruby, and it's known as Visual Basic today! Jesus!
187620 [erik hollens] There's also a Ruby used for (IIRC) ASIC design. I stumbled upon it

^ Why ruby GC takes only 8 meg of memory???
187510 [sayoyo yahoo] As I understand, The GC of Ruby can take only 8 meg of memory, I wonder
187512 [rmagick gmai] 8 meg is the amount of memory that Ruby will allocate before running
187513 [ara.t.howard] that's good stuff.  thanks for the link (thanks _why too).

^ Setting class variable from parent class?
187514 [marco.lazzer] I'm trying to teach my Parent class how to set variables into its Child
+ 187517 [ara.t.howard] class Parent
+ 187519 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):001:0> class A; @@var = 2; end
  187554 [ mfp acm.org] ... depending on the assignment order
  187559 [dblack wobbl] I know -- see
  187778 [ mfp acm.org] ================================================

^ TkHTML progress, additional questions
187518 [rhkramer gma] I finally made some progress setting up TkHTML and getting it to run both as a

^ Secure data storage
187523 [stian.hole g] Greetings,
+ 187528 [michael.gors] I would consider simply building an 'encrypt' method that you call
+ 187539 [daniel.schie] What platform is your application for? If it's for a UNIX-ish platform
| 187540 [stian.hole g] I think it will probably be used mostly on Win XP computers, however
| 187593 [d454d web.de] If each user has its own database file this should be okay (every user
+ 187560 [diazepam gma] You could encrypt it under a password.

^ documentation question (ri and binding vs. get_binding vd getBinding)
187531 [neuzhoundxx ] I was reading up on ERB documentation and a snippet on rhtml

^ Can rubyzip do password protected files?
187533 [jose.luis.rc] I've been looking at the rubyzip docs and haven't found anything
187544 [r.b.hicks gm] I ran into this myself recently.  Rubyzip is a wrapper around the zlib
187552 [jose.luis.rc] Thanks for the fast response.

^ rmagick gem path problem?
187534 [bmg2x yahoo.] I am having a slight problem getting the
187538 [dharple gene] 97fc6d4401e1dc47/44794c4fdb29c3bb?rnum=2#44794c4fdb29c3bb
187541 [bmg2x yahoo.] Ok, then if RAILS is using require 'RMagick' then everything

^ DamageControl on Windows with CVS
187536 [john_ludlow ] I'm in the situation where we're building a mix of .NET and C/C++ (and

^ images in generated rdoc?
187537 [railsinator ] I'm trying to incorporate some images in rdoc generated html. This is a
187551 [vjoel path.b] {README}[link:../api/files/README.html]

^ ruby noobie, midi generator toy
187542 [gilesb gmail] This is a simple file for generating music semi-randomly. The result

^ www.ruby-doc.org not online?
187546 [groups grand] I keep Googling up interesting sounding pages located somewhere on
187547 [mtrier gmail] Works for me.
187548 [Daniel.Berge] Reply from bytes=32 time=35ms TTL=45
187556 [groups grand] No, and no. I cannot ping that IP from here. That's rather curious....

^ while something do end (was Re: GStreamer Woes)
187553 [logancapaldo] Frankly I'm confused that
187569 [ryand-ruby z] Why are you confused that it isn't a syntax error? Is it simply
187578 [logancapaldo] while takes a block argument? I was always under the impression it

^ Better name for instance bypass method?
187555 [transfire gm] Ths is used inside an object that clears out most of the Kernel methods
187558 [ara.t.howard] maybe
187563 [transfire gm] Very nice, Ara. I will use this!

^ Using File.open block to manage svnadmin dump stream
187561 [onegreenbox ] While working on a script to manage dumps from a subversion repository
+ 187562 [steve waits.] Can you do it both ways and then diff the two files to see what's
| 187657 [onegreenbox ] Being on a windows XP machine, I ran COMP to compare the files and it
| 187658 [onegreenbox ] .. btw
+ 187662 [YarahNeander] I'm only guessing but the different file size suggests that our old
  187669 [gwtmp01 mac.] I thought the OP was on a Linux box where there is no difference
  187718 [onegreenbox ] Well, I tried this to no avail (I assume this is using a binary mode
  187721 [gwtmp01 mac.] I should have posted an example.  Your code is opening the file in text
  187744 [onegreenbox ] Ah, I should have been able to come up with that. Thanks. I tried this
  187760 [logancapaldo] ios << obj     => ios

^ [ANN] Houston Ruby/RoR group meeting for April
187564 [klancaster19] The Houston Ruby/RoR group is getting together for discussion, food, and