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^ turning off interpolation in a regex
186911 [jperkins sne] I need to be able to find a run of characters (like *count*) in a
186918 [vjoel path.b] s = original_string.gsub(/\*count\*/, 'count of #{object.count}')
186922 [jperkins sne] Thank you, Joel.

^ Ruby and AOP
186919 [james.herdma] I'm reading "The Pragmattic Programmer" right now and I'm at the part
+ 186928 [kevin.jackso] It's actually pretty much like this with aspectj (in java land).  I
| 186946 [james.herdma] Pardon my naivity, but what is IOC?
| + 186957 [pcdavid gmai] IOC = Inversion Of Control. See Marting Fowler's article for a good
| + 186958 [dev-random a] Inversion of Control. Read Martin Fowler's article "Inversion of Control
|   187029 [benjamin_alt] I update aspectr for ruby 1.8.4.
+ 186931 [ksader gmail] Yes, it's like a mixin but on more than a 'class' level.  It's
  186937 [drjflam gmai] Another distinction is that AspectJ and related technologies use a "push"

^ class_eval and iterations
186923 [leonardo.pir] class Module
186924 [ara.t.howard] class Module

^ Rails + SVN generation script
186925 [joevandyk gm] 1.  Creates a trunk directory
186927 [joevandyk gm] crap, wrong group, sorry!

^ win32ole in compiled ruby
186926 [matthewdmaxw] I am having a problem with getting the win32ole extension to work for
186964 [alexandru gl] Yes. You're asuming that the whole world uses Windows :) and therefore
186965 [alexandru gl] but them, why is it listed both on RAA and stdlib?
186986 [masaki.suket] When Ruby version was 1.6.8, the Win32OLE was not stdlib library.
187102 [alexandru gl] Thank you very much for the explanation.

^ Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
186933 [TheExpert Ex] The way our politicians rushed to talk about
187112 [logancapaldo] <snip spam>

^ How slow could ruby be compared to Python or Perl?
186935 [sullivanz.pk] This might be a stupid question, but I really wonder if ruby is much
+ 186942 [konstantin.l] It _could_ be very slow, if you set out to make it so. Othervise, they
| 187639 [igouy yahoo.] Perl & Ruby
+ 187653 [halostatue g] Try it. And ignore anyone who tells you to look at the utterly uselessAlioth shootout. It doesn't model anything real-world and doesn'tactually tell you anything about performance for your problems.
| 187674 [igouy yahoo.] Then your comments would apply to the Alioth shootout in... 2004?
| 187676 [halostatue g] 2005. I avoid the shootout like the plague, until you pop up andpretend that your pet project has any relevance to anything.
| 187686 [igouy yahoo.] And you believe all that without even looking - truly remarkable!
| + 187687 [gregory.t.br] Can we avoid this shootout thing again.  Anyone interested in the
| + 187690 [halostatue g] Isaac,
| + 187693 [robert.dober] First, everybody can contribute ones program, like that, so what if I want
| | + 187728 [igouy yahoo.] Until someone who wants to make Ruby look good contributes a better
| | | 187743 [halostatue g] Standard answer: don't participate in this. There's nothing honestabout it, and Isaac is essentially no better than a spammer since hisprimary contribution to ruby-talk is to promote this site whichprovides no value to anyone and, IMO, provides harm to anyone whotakes the site seriously.
| | | 187745 [headius head] Hey, if it makes y'all feel any better, Ruby is still worlds faster than
| | + 187742 [halostatue g] The better example is the Ackermann. On Unix, at least, the stack isable to be reset with ulimit -- and the Ruby run of Ackermann does notuse this, even though Ruby's stack frame is known to be larger than mostother programming languages.
| + 187696 [tanner.burso] I've looked at your site, nearly every time you've come in posting specific
|   187733 [igouy yahoo.] On that page ( http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/gp4/ruby.php ) the
|   187735 [gregory.t.br] On ruby-talk?
+ 187765 [aldursys gma] Slower in what sense. It's certainly not slower to develop with than

^ Will illegal immigrants get deported?.........Of course not.....................
186938 [TheExpert Ex] Our politicians just wanted to blow us some

^ Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not happen this time.....................
186940 [TheExpert Ex] Our politicians lead the league in all talk, no action.

^ >@>@>@>@>GET MORE CHICKS............LEARN GUITAR.............
186947 [TheExpert Ex] Chicks dig guitar players.

^ Most simple way to do "array + array => hash"
186948 [Meino.Cramer] Is there a ruby-like way to make an hash from two equeal sized
186950 [hal9000 hype] Would this work?
+ 186951 [Meino.Cramer] => ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "O", "P", "Q", "R", "S", "T", "U", "V", "W", "X", "Y", "Z"]
| + 186954 [hal9000 hype] Oops, forgot to flatten.
| + 186963 [rickhg12hs g] $ ruby -w -e 'puts ?A'
+ 186953 [knorton medi] Hash[*keys.zip(vals).flatten]

^ <%><%><%><%>HOW TO BE FUNNY!<%><%><%><%>
186952 [TheExpert Ex] *** Free account sponsored by SecureIX.com ***

^ File.mtime: Bug on Windows?
186956 [axel.friedri] ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32]
187018 [Daniel.Berge] The bug, if you are correct, is in the Windows' implementation of _stat
187401 [axel.friedri] I think, you are right. Sorry to say, that I don't know programming

^ ri for stdlib
186966 [minkoo.seo g] I installed stable release of ruby 'ruby 1.8.4 (2006-03-29)
+ 186968 [eric.wenbl g] change the current directory to the source directory of ruby distribution,
| 186973 [minkoo.seo g] Thanks Eric.
| 186981 [cyclists nc.] Some people take the time to create rdoc for undocumented libraries and
| 186984 [minkoo.seo g] Tim. Please don't be nervous. I am just curious what I'm doing is the
+ 187057 [drbrain segm] There is no RDoc for Resolv in 1.8.  Only in HEAD.

^ Redef undef'ed methods?
186967 [robert.feldt] How "final" is a call to undef_method? Is there any way to get the
186989 [florgro gmai] _why is using this already with great success for his TryRuby sandbox.
186993 [robert.dober] alias_method :b, :a
186994 [robert.feldt] Yes, that will work around. Also you can do it with define_method if
187032 [florgro gmai] Or by undefing the methods before anyone has a chance of creating

^ How does ?A return the ASCII value of A  ?
186971 [dave.baldwin] I have always used 'A'[0] to return the ASCII value of A and as
186975 [pit capitain] Regards,
187092 [coachhilton ] Very cute.  I hopped onto irb to check out what each step of
+ 187095 [matthew.moss] => nil
+ 187106 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ gems for capturing video?
186972 [kevin.jackso] I'm looking into the possibility of using ruby to drive a video capture
187380 [bttman bigtr] Bump...

^ ldap as part of ruby std lib + sample ldaps for windows active dir pls
186974 [botp delmont] (First of all, I'm slow when it comes to mswindows stuff, so pls be gentle :)

^ sockets and threads
186977 [13thmonkey a] I observed that even if every thread in a program creates it's own

^ Re: sockets and threads (solved)
186979 [13thmonkey a] I found the bug: In the client code the variable "socket" was already
187081 [vjoel path.b] I'm getting more and more defensive about this kind of bug. I usually

^ openGL documention?
186982 [baswilbers g] lately is was experimenting a bit with ruby-opengl,
+ 187070 [anne wjh.har] In my experience the ruby openGl have been just like their "normal"
+ 187077 [john_sips_te] Just for some background, here on Debian Etch I can apt-get install
| 187135 [ilmari.heikk] opengl extension module
| 187142 [john_sips_te] Thanks!
+ 187133 [pfharlock ya] checkout this site http://nehe.gamedev.net/
  187151 [baswilbers g] thank you for this site it looks good, but there are no ruby examples
  187157 [anne wjh.har] what are you looking for. Can you give a specific example?
  187413 [baswilbers g] well the camera stuff, and how can I make that a cube gets smaller when
  + 187420 [anne wjh.har] ...
  + 187444 [ilmari.heikk] include GLloop do  MatrixMode(PROJECTION)  LoadIdentity()  Perspective(    camera.fov,    viewport.width.to_f / viewport.height,    camera.near_clip,    camera.far_clip)  MatrixMode(MODELVIEW)  LoadIdentity()  LookAt(    camera.position,    camera.looking_at,    camera.up_vector)
    187644 [baswilbers g] thank you for your example
    187656 [anne wjh.har] this example uses lookAT
    187925 [baswilbers g] that's what I mean these are C# code and not ruby, I think there are not

^ Net::HTTP to resume file download
186987 [ggarra advan] I am using Net::HTTP to download http files.  All is working fine.

^ [QUIZ] Testing DiGraph (#73)
186992 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 187566 [james graypr] No takers on this one?  You guys obviously have no idea how much
| + 187568 [kevin.jackso] I've just tried it, but I'm getting problems with my email
| | 187581 [dev-random a] Same here. '-' should be included in the email regexp.
| | + 187583 [robert.feldt] Sorry about that bug. Will fix
| | + 187584 [robert.dober] I got through the black box phase, but I did not make it through the white
| |   187585 [robert.feldt] I understand that; thanks for your efforts. I really tried to take a
| + 187573 [matthew.moss] Apologies... Maybe it was the density of the problem (or the density
+ 187574 [hchoudh gmai] I don't quite understand what is being passed to new
| 187589 [hchoudh gmai] Perhaps I can ask this in another way. Is it possible to pass a variable
| 187590 [robert.feldt] I don't understand what you mean by "variable collection".
| 187591 [hchoudh gmai] Then you have to manually enter all the edges?
| 187592 [robert.feldt] def m(*a)
| 187597 [novakps gmai] This is a very interesting quiz, but it takes some time just to understand
| 187665 [james graypr] Alright, we will extend the quiz one week.
| 187794 [james graypr] Robert and I have discussed this off list and we feel it's better to
+ 187663 [james graypr] For this phase, I decided to just try some common sense tests and
| + 187725 [james graypr] The above line has an error in it.  Since I am creating one-way paths
| | 187799 [james graypr] Actually, I was right the first time.  The graph is a simple one-way
| + 187737 [kevin.jackso] I got this result with [1,2], [2,1], the 6 really threw me off - was I
+ 187738 [hchoudh gmai] Here is my submission.

^ Windows Registry tool.
186996 [gregory.t.br] require 'win32ole';class P;def initialize;@s=WIN32OLE.new "WScript.Shell";
187005 [Daniel.Berge] See win32-registry.  Included as part of the stdlib, as well as
187007 [gregory.t.br] Daniel, I had problems getting win32-registry to work right.  It was
187009 [Daniel.Berge] In that case, I would submit a bug report. :)
187011 [gregory.t.br] I'll try to recreate the problem in work today and send it your way.
187013 [Daniel.Berge] Send it to ruby-core.  It's not part of Win32Utils, if that's what you
187026 [gregory.t.br] will do.

^ RCRchive and DNS woes
187017 [dblack wobbl] I've been making some DNS changes and happen to have hit a time when

^ Ruby/Tk (X,Y) Coordinate Question
187020 [david.bailey] How do I get the same (x,y) coordinate for a given relative location in
187024 [david.bailey] def writeEntryNumber(num, x, y, fgCol, bgCol)
187037 [dperkins fri] You could try "%X %Y" to get coordinates relative to the top left corner
+ 187076 [chris.alfeld] Actually, what I think you are looking for is the translation from
| 187180 [david.bailey] Chris,
| 187406 [david.bailey] Hey Chris and/or Fellow Rubyists,
| 187435 [chris.alfeld] canvasx and canvasy translate from coordinates relative to the canvas
+ 187173 [david.bailey] Um, just to try out these %X and %Y objects real quick, I added X, Y, %X
+ 187178 [david.bailey] Um, just to try out these %X and %Y objects real quick, I added X, Y, %X
  + 187189 [nagai ai.kyu] X and Y are constans. You must use local variables.
  | 187404 [david.bailey] At first I jumped with joy thinking that root_x and root_y would solve
  | 187447 [nagai ai.kyu] Yes. You are right.
  | 187516 [david.bailey] YES!!!   YES!!!   YES!!!   That worked!
  + 187190 [dperkins fri] Anything that begins with a capital letter is a constant, e.g., |b, x, y,

^ Upgrade to 1.8.4
187022 [stuart.batty] I'm running Ubuntu 5.10 and currently have ruby 1.8.2 installed. I would
187041 [phurley gmai] The big trick on Ubuntu is to make sure you have all the prerequisite

^ HP-UX install-sh gotcha (Was: Re: Ruby on HP-UX)
187025 [mental rydia] Since there's no 'install' available, Ruby falls back to using ./install-sh -c.  This is fine when building Ruby, but it means that rbconfig.rb will set CONFIG["INSTALL"] = "./install-sh -c" when gems and ruby extensions are being built.  Not all gems _have_ an ./install-sh to run...

187028 [transfire gm] What's the word on TLS support in NET::SMTP? I recall hearing that it

^ Scheme Workshop 2006
187030 [robby.findle] Dear all,

^ What must webhost have to support Ruby?
187033 [donna_bjorn ] I want to build a web site using Ruby, and then have it hosted.

^ (Static) Constructors/Destructors in Ruby
187042 [pk yahoo.com] After reading the Pickaxe book I noticed it provides almost no
+ 187044 [lopexx autog] Java does not have destructors either. finalize method is not guaranteed
| 187046 [nugend gmail] Does anyone know under what conditions the finalizer won't be called?
| 187080 [collinsj sea] I believe this is the case if the garbage collector never runs. That is,
| 187361 [ mfp acm.org] The finalizers will be run on exit
| 187410 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 187048 [rmagick gmai] Not so much an afterthought as discouraged.
+ 187056 [jim weirichh] Actually, it is a very well thought out feature of the language.  In
| + 187059 [pk yahoo.com] public class AS400Server
| | + 187074 [logancapaldo] class AS400Server
| | + 187085 [vjoel path.b] I would ask first: does having one class per connection ("SERVERAME")
| | + 187131 [jim weirichh] I think Logan Capaldo's answer is hits pretty close to your intention
| | | 187286 [pk yahoo.com] 1. C++ - static member variables
| | | 187333 [jim weirichh] Ok, at least for C-style languages I won't argue the point (although I'm
| | | 187436 [pk yahoo.cpm] require 'dbi'
| | + 187153 [benjohn fysh] The singleton design pattern certainly can do that, and is easily
| |   187155 [vshepelev im] I like block idea, but must say that blocks can't give full replacement for
| |   187158 [benjohn fysh] tech, when spring is springing :)
| |   + 187160 [benjohn fysh] charset=US-ASCII;
| |   + 187161 [vshepelev im] Hmmm... Not so beautiful/springy day in Kharkov, Ukraine :)
| |     + 187166 [benjohn fysh] myself :)
| |     + 187248 [vjoel path.b] Nor in Northern California. It's so wet the sidewalks are turning green.
| + 187117 [lopexx autog] This makes perfect sense since Ruby uses mark&sweep. But in Python is it
+ 187143 [minkoo.seo g] Actually, destructor in Java, i.e., finalize( ), does not well behave.
+ 187357 [ruby-talk ba] A bit off-topic, but note,

^ Setting the Return-Path in TMail?
187043 [shanti brafo] I was wondering if it's possible to set the return-path in TMail?

^ A good system for $LOAD_PATH management?
187047 [tashiro zian] I see, by experiment, that one can maipulate $LOAD_PATH within a Ruby
+ 187087 [vjoel path.b] One idea: have a directory called ruby/prj/lib or some such, put it in
+ 187543 [drbrain segm] Don't.
+ 187572 [erik hollens] Rails handles this very well, I've duplicated it in my own projects and
  187575 [jim weirichh] NO!  DO NOT DO THIS!
  187618 [erik hollens] I'm using it with my gems, but that thought didn't even cross my mind,
  187641 [transfire gm] If you would like to see some serious $LOAD_PATH Kung-Fu, check out

^ Pandora 0.4.2 Release
187049 [julian.kamil] I am pleased to announce that Pandora 0.4.2 is now available to the

^ know can I know how much object has been created???
187052 [sayoyo yahoo] We have an application which is very time and ressource consuming, so
+ 187055 [Daniel.Berge] Perhaps sys-proctable is what you're after.  Available on the RAA
+ 187058 [gene.tani gm] Not much info to go on, but assuming you've ascertained it's not bound
  187061 [sayoyo yahoo] Thanks you very much for the information:)!!!!

^ can activesupport gem be used in "standalone" fashion?
187060 [neuzhoundxx ] i'm using ruby 1.8.2, rubygem 0.8.10, rails 1.0.0 where activesupport version = 1.2.5
187062 [mguterl gmai] I'm not sure why the above doesn't work, but check below for a working
187063 [neuzhoundxx ] Thanks! That worked. Not sure what was wrong with require_gem
187072 [logancapaldo] Nothing is wrong with require_gem. It has an unfortunate name though.
187083 [neuzhoundxx ] thanks!

^ Trying to get stat, Win32API to work
187067 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.4
187104 [phasis68 hot] It is due to the structure alignment.
187127 [djberg96 gma] Aha!  Thanks!

^ commonly used email library
187078 [sinkanti gma] I search RAA for email library and found many email libraries out there.
+ 187100 [james_b neur] I use the SMTP lib bundled with Ruby for basic E-mail tasks.  It's very
| 187103 [transfire gm] But lacks TLS so you can't send via gmail :-(
| 187105 [halostatue g] GMailer is supposed to work for this, but google appears to havechanged the protocol and it now no longer works (and fails silently).
| 187108 [phasis68 hot] Google didn't changed the protocol.
| 187515 [halostatue g] Hmmm. I haven't upgrade to 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 and it failed. I will tryupgrading, though, in the event that 0.1.1 fixes the problem in anycase.
+ 187494 [aglarond gma] SimpleMail (http://simplemail.rubyforge.org/)  makes it easy to send

^ Questions about Tk - Newbie
187079 [jeppe88 gmai] Hey I've just started to learn my first GUI toolkit today. Tk :)
187110 [chris.alfeld] # This can be shortened at the expense of clarity.
187115 [jeppe88 gmai] Okay, thanks. I have played a little around with it now, and I can get a
187134 [chris.alfeld] So TkText's don't have textvariable's.  They sore their own text
187175 [jeppe88 gmai] Ok, but what is then common to do when you have a variable pointing to a
187188 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmm...
187220 [jeppe88 gmai] It's for a sort of calculater that I'm writing (It's supposed to make my

^ Static and Dynamic Analysis
187093 [aaronbecker1] Are there any static and/or dynamic analysis tools for Ruby?  FxCop for