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^ Brazilian Portuguese Ruby Book
185864 [eustaquioran] I released a Brazilian Portuguese Ruby book, hope that
+ 185880 [jgbailey gma] For some reason that is just too cool. I wish I could read it :(
+ 185967 [ jupp gmx.de] Added to http://rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyBookList
  185974 [eustaquioran] I checked there but did not found it, so I edited the
  186006 [ jupp gmx.de] This is really alien. When I visit the page I
  + 186066 [logancapaldo] One of you is probably in the spam tarpit
  | 186074 [jim weirichh] At least one person editing the RubyBookList page is using
  | 186082 [eustaquioran] Me. :-)
  + 186071 [eustaquioran] Weird!

^ does ruby have database/network support built in?
185877 [yahn15 hotma] I've been using GM for 5 years now, and last year I started to
+ 185881 [dido.sevilla] But of course...
+ 185882 [anne wjh.har] ruby can access databases,
+ 185902 [chris nowher] It certainly shouldn't be hard at all to do in C++.

^ Really basic Ruby question
185884 [paul.denling] I'm learning Ruby from the Learn to Program tutorial by Chris Pine.
+ 185886 [one.three gm] Looks like you are using Scite editor. If so, you can press F5 and see
| 185891 [paul.denling] Thank you. It works!
| 185954 [benjohn fysh] If you are learning, you might want to try the interactive ruby
| 185985 [paul.denling] Thank you very much for the suggestion.
+ 185887 [me davidnewb] What directory is the saved file in would be my first question.
+ 185888 [farrel.lifso] Have you saved the program to file called 'calc.rb' and run 'ruby
+ 185890 [james_b neur] You may be opening the command prompt in some default home directory,

^ credentials/auth in Ruby SOAP libs?
185895 [christopher.] lm = service.getlmapiSoap();

^ Help with tkHTML (specifically, require 'tkextlib/tkHTML' fails to find package)
185896 [rhkramer gma] (Ruby 1.8.4 on Mandriva2006)
+ 185899 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 185904 [rhkramer gma] Thanks for the response!
| 185932 [logancapaldo] Can't say that I do, I just  have slightly more experience with
+ 186096 [nagai ai.kyu] I think that your tcltklib.so doesn't load ActiveTcl library.
  186167 [rhkramer gma] Thanks very much for your help so far!  As you can see (from the comments
  + 186171 [rhkramer gma] "TkHtml Download Page
  + 186188 [nagai ai.kyu] Maybe you need recompile and install tcltklib.so to use ActiveTcl
    186209 [rhkramer gma] Ok, thanks!  I think I'll download and install ActiveTcl 8.4(.12) and see what

^ Multiplayer Space-Merchants (was: Space-Merchants and the future!)
185900 [reto-ruby-ta] Well.. I found the quiz very interesting. I'm at the moment a little
186037 [ilmari.heikk] Another interesting spinoff of this idea would be to use real data andrun the merchant AIs against that, e.g. stock data for some period oftime / goods prices for some towns + transport costs.

^ Best Database For Ruby
185908 [rrrn yahoo.c] I want to learn DB and SQL using Ruby
+ 185910 [bob.news gmx] As always, it depends on what you want to do.  Postgres might be an
+ 185914 [dharple gene] I suggest using http://ruby-dbi.rubyforge.org to help keep your code
| 185915 [Gennady.Byst] Take a look at PostrgreSQL (http://www.postgresql.org). True open
+ 185916 [gerardo.sant] I'm running Informix on Solaris and Fedora Core 4 without any problem.
+ 185920 [reid.thompso] PostgreSQL www.postgresql.org
| 185929 [pergesu gmai] I've never used og, but I suspect that'd drop to < 10s if you wrapped
| 185934 [reid.thompso] yep - was just meant to show a simple usage with stats... but, since i'm
| + 185935 [tallison tac] I think the debate between Postgres and MySQL is about as inflammatory as vi and
| | + 185962 [chneukirchen] Of course, the difference is that *both* vi and emacs are very good editors...
| | + 186186 [jesusrubsyou] Now, I don't want to veer way off topic for either this thread or this
| + 185938 [reid.thompso] Upated athlon system to PostgreSQL 8.1.3
|   185955 [SimonKroeger] As Ara said: "it's madness not to use sqlite" if you don't need the
|   186201 [reid.thompso] agreed, if sqlite meets your needs, it would be the tool to use. IMO it
|   186206 [rob motionpa] Being someone who has done a fair amount of development on Og, I can
+ 185936 [zdennis mkte] Alot of folks have already mentioned Postgresql. I hear there is iffy blob support if you use it
+ 185937 [ara.t.howard] if your applications really need network connectivity the consider mysql or
| 185939 [james_b neur] But will using sqlite help one trying to learn SQL?
| + 185941 [ara.t.howard] no one can help someone using sql, we can only watch in dismay and horror ;-)
| + 185943 [robert.dober] always amazed of its ease to use. As stated above there is no need to look
+ 186298 [groups grand] Well, apparently you can, according to somebody else's post. However,

^ Ruby Help and Forum Usage
185909 [david.bailey] Kind All,
185928 [james_b neur] The ruby-talk list, AKA com.lang.ruby

^ ruby vs gml
185925 [yahn15 hotma] I did a search figuring that something like this would have been posted

^ New release of Rockit?
185930 [ptkwt aracne] there's a new version of Rockit out, but I don't see anything about it on
185942 [djberg96 gma] Actually, I think I picked it up off the gem feed, not the RAA feed.
185964 [robert.feldt] Oops, that was a test release of rubyforge automation which was not
185965 [robert.feldt] BTW, I haven't even tested that 0.7.1 gem myself so not sure
186117 [ mfp acm.org] It's missing parse/*, rockit/grammar, etc...
186121 [robert.feldt] Ok, since it is out there now anyway I will pack up a 0.7.2 so that
186140 [robert.feldt] A 0.7.2 with only stuff that now works is now available on

^ The San Diego Ruby Users Group lives!
185933 [daniel.amela] The San Diego Ruby Users Group lives!

^ web site development methodology
185946 [colonel.ende] I'm starting a new web site project to support a few thousand
+ 185948 [dandrew.thom] This is a highly debated subject. As an agile developer I would
+ 186043 [khaines enig] What you are asking for seems to be a difficult thing to pin down with

^ deciphering poignant guide chapter 4 example
185947 [john_sips_te] I'm reading through the poignant guide, and am a bit stuck
+ 185957 [w_a_x_man ya] No, kitty_toys.sort_by { |toy| toy[:shape] } simply produces an
| + 186060 [john_sips_te] Ahh. Replacing the "fat commas" with commas. Thanks.
| + 186246 [w_a_x_man ya] kitty_toys =
+ 185958 [Pierre.Barbi] First, let me warn you that from what you describe, you have a Python
| 186061 [john_sips_te] Well, hopefully you folks can help straighten me out then. :)
| + 186062 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| | 186178 [john_sips_te] Ah! Hadn't thought of that!
| + 186119 [Pierre.Barbi] obj.fct()
| | 186181 [john_sips_te] Ah. Thank you for pointing that out! I see what you mean.
| + 186193 [emk.lists gm] 1) Comparing two strings may require looking at every character in
|   186320 [john_sips_te] It could probably use some corrections, but please try not to tread to
+ 185960 [toalett gmai] Symbols are not merely lightweight strings, they represent names in the
  + 185969 [dblack wobbl] There's no constraint or direct cause-and-effect operating on Ruby
  + 186070 [john_sips_te] foo = Foo.new  # An instance of class Foo.

^ in search of an encoding guess module
185949 [pere.noel la] does exist in ruby an Encode::Guess like the one available in Perl ?

^ Oracle Stored Procedures - Out Vars
185952 [heron jpl.na] Can anyone help me with the syntax for retriving an 'out'
186283 [kubo jiubao.] ruby-dbi doesn't support out parameters.
186394 [Daniel.Berge] Looks like we need to add StatementHandle#bind_param_inout.  I'll put in

^ Noob: use of the double colon
185961 [xapwing gmai] there seems to be more than one way to execute class methods.
185963 [dblack wobbl] They do both work.  I've never understood why the :: exists for this
+ 185973 [lists turnip] While we're on the topic -- I've never exactly understood what placing
| 185978 [dblack wobbl] class M
| + 185988 [lists turnip] Ah okay, thanks very much.
| + 185989 [xapwing gmai] Thanx for your clear answers David!
+ 185990 [r.mark.volkm] Some might say this is another example of TIMTOWTDI.
| 185991 [dblack wobbl] They'd be right, but that's the *Perl* slogan, not the Ruby slogan :-)
+ 185996 [ara.t.howard] i think it's quite useful in the context of metaprogramming or classes or
  186003 [dblack wobbl] Does anyone hate calling a variable person? :-)
  186008 [ara.t.howard] it does though - you know c __must__ be a module (classes being modules).
  186012 [dblack wobbl] Why?
  186015 [ara.t.howard] wow.  i never noticed that!

^ [ANN] Italy on Rails - First Europe Ruby on Rails Conference
185966 [nshb inimit.] Open Source Path (http://osevents.com) is proud to announce the first ever
+ 185986 [davidw dedas] Very cool!  It'll be nice to go *south* for a conference, for once!
+ 186038 [surrender_it] nice to hear, thanks

^ Which Rails book is good?
185968 [pmak-adwords] Any suggestions on which book for Rails is better (I have no prior
+ 185970 [MartinKess g] Agile Web Development with Rails was very well written in my opinion,
+ 185983 [neuzhoundxx ] Is Ruby on Rails from O'Reilly out already? I thought it won't be released
| 185984 [pmak-adwords] Not in paper form, but O'Reilly is selling the PDF version on their
+ 186084 [nicholas_wie] The one I prefer actually is Ruby for Rails (http://manning.com/books/black).
  186085 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

^ regexp strip html
185975 [pere.noel la] /<[^>]*>/
186137 [pbattley gma] Look at it this way: you have '<script>Javascript</script>'. Youremove everything between angle brackets. You still have 'Javascript',because that's not actually inside <...>.
186144 [pere.noel la] gsub(/<script.*?</script>/im,

^ Check for expiry in Shareware applications ?
185976 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
+ 185981 [m.fellinger ] Hey Axel,
| 185993 [Nuralanur ao] Hey Manveru,
| + 185998 [vshepelev im] AFAIK, rubyscript2exe temporarily decompresses all scripts TO DISK on
| + 186045 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 186049 [meinrad.rech] to secure the source code from the users i compiled the ruby code as

^ Saving Proc object in C extension
185977 [vshepelev im] The question is: can I save some Proc object in global variable of C
185980 [decoux moulo] proc is on the stack, after the end of save_callback() &proc don't make
185982 [vshepelev im] Thanks Guy! I've expected rb_global_variable uses only value of proc, not

^ Getting the module of a class
185987 [csshsh gmail] Can anybody think of a better way to get the module of a class in a module?

^ Whats the rail?
185992 [ryanandkate ] I am an extreme beginer to ruby on rails, but not to PHP, Java ..... etc and
+ 186000 [anne wjh.har] A rails application is going to be a mix of ruby code to program what
| 186048 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 186050 [agorilla gma] (somebody had to do it.)

^ File.new raise an exception ?
185995 [  jfb mxs.fr] I'm pretty new to ruby and I've written some code to parse apache
186007 [patrickhof w] Ruby is opening the file for reading per default. As there seems to be
186013 [  jfb mxs.fr] Thanks Patrick for this precise and clear answer

^ String to array as command line
185997 [lubomir.mark] I can't find a function that takes a string as an input, parses it and
186001 [dharple gene] require 'shellwords'
+ 186005 [ara.t.howard] but that will only be similar to sh-like shells.  i think a portable way to do
| 186011 [lubomir.mark] test.rb:503:in `load': incompatible marshal file format (can't
| 186021 [lubomir.mark] def command_line string
| 186024 [ara.t.howard] ah - yes - good catch.  i guess it goes without saying that this is somewhat
+ 186010 [lubomir.mark] Thank you..

^ File.open and File.new problem for a newbie
186002 [jfb boisvieu] I'm pretty new to ruby and I've written some code to parse apache logs,
186004 [dharple gene] open("test", "w") do |file|

^ [ANN] ruby-sendfile 0.9.1
186014 [toby cbcg.ne] As promised, I've updated ruby-sendfile to make it more "1.0". There is
+ 186017 [ara.t.howard] i can test on solaris... but not till monday.  thanks alot for this work!
+ 186103 [zedshaw zeds] Toby,

^ Areal noob question
186016 [ryanandkate ] Can Ruby run without rails?
186018 [dblack wobbl] framework (a suite of programs and programming libraries) written in
+ 186019 [ryanandkate ] Thank you very much for your insight.  As far as language maturity goes,
| + 186023 [dblack wobbl] There's no "if about it :-)  Ruby didn't become real when it started
| + 186025 [james_b neur] Could you summarize what you love about PHP and Java?
|   + 186027 [ryanandkate ] Well PHP is a "try to be OO" language, it's not nearly true OO.  JAVA on the
|   | + 186028 [james_b neur] Does Ruby's "hardcore" OO suit you?  Ruby is far more OO than either PHP
|   | | 186031 [ryanandkate ] It sure does, working with objects is so much easier than dealing with a
|   | + 186138 [dishmael win] Have you seen PHP v5: http://us3.php.net/zend-engine-2.php
|   + 186143 [dishmael win] I'm still learning Ruby (so don't flame me too hard here), but some of the
|     186146 [jim weirichh] Can't help much with the protected issue, but
|     + 186149 [james graypr] def foo...
|     | 186151 [dishmael win] I didn't know you could do that (seems I learn something new about Ruby
|     | 186153 [james graypr] Using one of the attr* methods just declares a new method or two for
|     + 186198 [jesusrubsyou] We must next ask: Do we care what the
+ 186022 [ajohnson cpa] Too bad rpa doesn't appear to have seen any action since 2004, I rather

^ Interfaces
186026 [rgpublic gmx] Since I've switched to Linux I've been looking for a way to write applications

^ wsdl parsing fails:  Unknown attr {}mixed. (save me from doing this in Perl)
186029 [christopher.] I'm using SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory.new(WSDL_URL).createDriver

^ update_attributes not saving data
186032 [CB314REM THI] The run logs all look good and the data seems to be pre-set but the SQL
+ 186035 [lindsay.boyd] Do you have :customer set in the Customer model as attr_accessor? I
| 186147 [CB314REM THI] Oh... Wow -- thanks!  That would probably work, too....
+ 186111 [drbrain segm] Ask on the Rails mailing list.

^ Do I need tkhtml.so?  (was Re: Help with tkHTML (specifically, require 'tkextlib/tkHTML' fails to find package))
186034 [rhkramer gma] Thanks!  I'll have to think about the idea/possibility that the Tcl/Tk files
186041 [rhkramer gma] few days ago I ran a sample program that used tk--the program created a
186044 [logancapaldo] I was thinking more along the lines of TkHTML specifically, not any

^ Ruby-esque approaches to adding a line at the beginning of a file.
186047 [rhkramer gma] On our local lug mail list a discussion came up about using Ruby (as opposed
+ 186051 [steve waits.] I think it's as good as anything.  You could scrunch it up a bit like
+ 186052 [gerardo.sant] ruby -i -pe 'puts "New first line" if ARGF.file.lineno == 1' file
+ 186055 [ajohnson cpa] Well, assuming reading the entire file into memory is acceptable,

^ RB  + RMagick = cd Crash...
186054 [kitesurf27 g] I had to reinstall RMagick on my windows box. I am using cygwin and
186056 [cyclists nc.] When you say "the gem install" do you mean the "rmagick" gem or the
186059 [kitesurf27 g] Thanks for the reply.
+ 186069 [cyclists nc.] If you can run a ruby script that uses RMagick then I can't think  of
| 186088 [kitesurf27 g] Sorry I've misread your initial response. I can not run the sample
| 186136 [cyclists nc.] No, you were right the first time, I meant ImageMagick's identify command.
| 186165 [kitesurf27 g] Yes I am stuck.I have tried to reinstall either GraphicMagick or
+ 186351 [eule space.c] Did it run all the example files in /doc/ex ? As Tim says, if it does that

^ win32/taskscheduler : Segmentation fault error
186057 [dfaroi gmail] require 'win32/taskscheduler'
186157 [Daniel.Berge] I'm not sure what's happening.  I'll try to take a look at it this week.
186212 [Daniel.Berge] As Heesob has already discovered (and posted on our mailing list)
186220 [dfaroi gmail] Thanks Daniel for your reply.

^ Data Structure for n-dimension values with defaults
186068 [gavin refine] Help! I can't figure out how to store a rather particular set of data.
186072 [logancapaldo] An array of hashes? Actually a hash of structs would probably be better
186076 [gavin refine] Close, but it fails from the ordered-axis problem I've been seeing.
186080 [logancapaldo] % cat table_structure.rb
186083 [gavin refine] Cool, that seems to do it. So now, I just need to figure out how that

^ rsync on rubyforge?
186078 [vjoel path.b] Has anyone been able to rsync to their project dir on rubyforge? I get
186296 [tom infoethe] Yup, right now we don't allow rsync to RubyForge.  Gavin Sinclair asked
186297 [ara.t.howard] what i really really want is a way to do
186648 [tom infoethe] Hm... and you're wanting those gems to be included in the gem index, is
186650 [ara.t.howard] yup.  tall order i know ;-)
186665 [tom infoethe] Heh, yeah, kind of tricky.  Hm.  Have to noodle on that one a bit...
186676 [ara.t.howard] don't worry too much.  it's easy to do from the client side using my rubyforge
186929 [tom infoethe] Cool, OK, sounds good.

^ Why do some methods names which replace the content in place doesn't have the "!" sign?
186079 [devlists-rub] I was wandering why some ruby methods which replaces the contents of its
+ 186081 [cyclists nc.] Using a ! to mean "destructive" is not a hard-and-fast rule. Usually
| 186086 [hal9000 hype] The ! doesn't even mean "destructive" really. It means "dangerous" or
| 186090 [james graypr] Just curious, what is this method?
| 186091 [hal9000 hype] exit!
+ 186089 [dblack wobbl] See Tim and Hal's responses.  A further reflection on it: In cases
  + 186253 [karl_brodows] It would make sense to have a pair replace and replace!.
  | 186257 [dblack wobbl] That's not what replace does, though.  See sub and sub!
  + 186330 [robert.dober] I am in a revolutionary mood today.
    186346 [dblack wobbl] I'm all for revolutionary moods, but I'm afraid that makes no sense at
    186350 [robert.dober] Makes a lot of sense to me (seriously!!!)
    + 186354 [dblack wobbl] A lot of ! methods on container objects (including strings) modify
    + 186358 [peter semant] Dangerous is any function that modifies the caller. Thus
      + 186361 [ruby anthrop] } Methods have nothing to do with "read only" and "write" access. I don't
      | 186376 [peter semant] I do program is C++ but, as I've said in another reply, I fail to see
      | 186421 [ruby anthrop] } >Have you programmed in C++? There is a great deal of value to the idea
      | 186589 [peter semant] Fine, now say how this is supposed to be of benefit to Ruby. What does
      | 186614 [ruby anthrop] } Fine, now say how this is supposed to be of benefit to Ruby. What does
      + 186363 [michael.ulm ] You are mistaken. Consider
        186367 [peter semant] I did not say that all methods that changed their caller had a !. I was
        + 186374 [robert.dober] I am really sorry, this got way out of control.
        | 186378 [dblack wobbl] str = "hello"
        | 186397 [ruby anthrop] } >and how can one modify a receiver without modifying its instance variables,
        | 186399 [dblack wobbl] I've been using Usenet since 1990 and never trolled.  I'm not going to
        | + 186408 [ruby anthrop] } I'm talking about Ruby, not C.  In Ruby, you can modify a receiver
        | | + 186412 [hal9000 hype] I don't see any technicality in what David is saying. You might
        | | + 186615 [dblack wobbl] I'm not arguing at all.  Someone asked a question about instance
        | |   186638 [rossrt rosco] If I can just chime in here, I agree with what I think is David's point
        | + 186409 [chris.alfeld] I'm working on a program that indexes semilarge amounts of data in
        + 186391 [john_sips_te] Then as participants here, it's our job to helpfully explain to
        | 186404 [peter semant] Mea culpa
        + 186401 [ruby anthrop] } >It would if you knew C++. This is actually one of the more useful
          186411 [peter semant] Fine. Firstly explain how having const methods in Ruby would enhance the