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^ RE : segfault when using super and method_missing
185443 [guillaume.be] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32] (Windows)

^ Re: XmlStruct-1.0.0 released
185457 [transfire gm] I'll add that there's a partial E4X implementation on RubyForge that
185482 [jim weirichh] If you really want to, that style works fine with XML builder too.
185498 [aldursys gma] One man's meat is another man's poison.

^ what on earth..
185459 [joevandyk gm] a = 5
+ 185460 [b.libbey gma] I'll admit I only started learning Ruby 3 days ago, so don't hold it
| + 185463 [b.libbey gma] 5.class === Fixnum => false
| + 185469 [dblack wobbl] (I've fixed your Fux :-)
|   185471 [timothy.s.be] Ok, this is off the original track of discussion a bit, but I wanted
|   + 185474 [mike stok.ca] I think of it more as a relationship which has "direction", so in my
|   + 185476 [vikkous gmai] Fixnum===Class #false
|   | 185483 [timothy.s.be] Hm, at least that makes sense.  However, it's hard for me to think of
|   | + 185488 [hal9000 hype] I drew some (a little) criticism for spending four pages
|   | | 185490 [timothy.s.be] If four pages is what it takes....  I haven't read the Ruby Way yet
|   | | 185494 [dave burt.id] Actually there is a conceptual relationship between === and =~ - it is a
|   | + 185500 [pit capitain] After using it a couple of times, it's not that hard. I'm sure you have
|   + 185496 [noone nowher] So that was what got me a few weeks ago when using a case statement!  I was
+ 185461 [timothy.s.be] case uses === for comparison, not ==
+ 185462 [mike stok.ca] a = 5
  + 185465 [timothy.s.be] Ok, out of the three of us that responded, Mike is the one who knows
  + 185468 [joevandyk gm] Very nice, thanks!  Less code is always better.

^ C extensions question
185464 [jaredRMV-ric] I haven't done any "real" work in C in nearly 10 years and I'm still
+ 185467 [zengke ce-la] You'd better make the Makefile using extconf.rb, in which you can
| 185479 [jaredRMV-ric] Good point. I should've mentioned that I am already doing that.
+ 185491 [gerardo.sant] I'm not familiar with Ingres, but according to
| 185527 [jaredRMV-ric] My original code was written just like that but I cut it down for the
+ 185798 [jaredRMV-ric] I finally got this thing working so I thought I'd share the answer, even
  185800 [jaredRMV-ric] ruby -r mkmf

^ [ANN] Houston RoR/Ruby Group
185470 [klancaster19] (x-posted to Rails group)

^ Matrices, Gtk et al
185478 [rblove airma] I have something working but it sure seems clumsy and I'm hoping for
+ 185629 [collinsj sea] -Justin
| 185656 [rblove airma] Thanks, I will look at.  I assume that it is for floating numbers only?
+ 185657 [matthew.moss] You can do 2d arrays in Ruby as an array of arrays. (Very much like

^ nkf #guess1 and #guess2 on html files
185497 [pere.noel la] may be i'm not using correctly nkf #guess1 but it gaves me return type 3
185516 [kjana dm4lab] Unfortunately NKF is just for Japanese tool, so you can't use it for
185521 [pere.noel la] ok, fine, i need just a tool in order to discriminate between ISO-8859-1

^ making use of buttons
185499 [sikar17 gmai] I am trying to create a user interface for a client side of a socket

^ drb over pipes
185505 [reto-ruby-ta] I'd like to establish a drb connection over ssh, preferably over the
+ 185506 [pertl gmx.or] I would suggest using ssh-tunneling.
| 185508 [pertl gmx.or] some
+ 185509 [john-rubytal] With drb, the client needs to talk to the agent and vice-versa, so this
| 185511 [reto-ruby-ta] A pipe provides two streams (in & out), and tcp does the same. The
| 185513 [pertl gmx.or] the 'daemon' is just ssh which you already have.
| 185585 [reto-ruby-ta] Well.. yeah, there's no need for an additional daemon on the outside,
+ 185525 [jp-www dcs.g] I implemented a quick hack to do this. Hopefully the code below will help.
  185589 [reto-ruby-ta] That's great! exactly what I needed.
  + 185845 [jp-www dcs.g] I encountered that too; hence all those exception handlers and calls to
  + 185866 [ara.t.howard] i think this will fail with calls that use 'yield' or that return

^ Require Math
185518 [lindsay.boyd] I need to access the sqrt method in my rails app. I believe I need the
185519 [mike stok.ca] puts Math.sqrt(2)
185520 [lindsay.boyd] Thanks Mike - I was trying '2.sqrt'. No wonder that didn't work!
185536 [dave burt.id] class Numeric
185639 [lindsay.boyd] That's really elegant. I can see why Ruby has so many fans :-)

^ perl regexp to ruby one conversion ?
185526 [pere.noel la] $field =~
185537 [james graypr] The expression looks fine to me.  Did you try using it?
185541 [pere.noel la] field='&tybvn'
+ 185544 [rossrt rosco] You'll need to switch those around, as I showed in my response to your
| 185548 [pere.noel la] ok thanks for all, may be it could be better streaming out all of the
+ 185545 [james graypr] utf8rgx = / ... /x
  + 185547 [pere.noel la] ok, thanks, i see what u mean !
  + 185564 [pere.noel la] the above regexp doesn't work as expected with ruby, i've compared the
    185566 [decoux moulo] moulon% cat b.rb
    185571 [pere.noel la] i don't understand your post )))
    185573 [decoux moulo] my file is ISO-8859 encoded
    185586 [pere.noel la] nil
    185623 [dbatml gmx.d] As I understand it utf8rgx matches any string that is utf8, which includes
    185624 [pere.noel la] fine thanks a lot it works, you explained very well why the ruby version

^ Gateway Truncation (was: Re: drb over pipes)
185528 [bob.news gmx] The code didn't make it into the newsgroup.  I can't detect something
185529 [jp-www dcs.g] Very strange. I sent the message to the mailing list, where it has shown

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
185532 [tserra stude] Tiago Serra

^ [SUMMARY] Space Merchant (#71)
185534 [james graypr] The primary focus of this quiz, for me, was to see how well a handful of
185549 [rossrt rosco] Definitely agree :) Thanks for another fun and (for me, at least)

^ understanding aRegexp === aString
185538 [pere.noel la] i'm experiencing with regexp and ruby and follo the page
185540 [rossrt rosco] a = "HELLO"
+ 185542 [bob.news gmx] Adding to Ross' excellent explanation: it helps to *not* view "===" as
| + 185575 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):001:0> case [1,2,3]
| + 185580 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):001:0> case [1,2,3]
| + 185636 [kjana dm4lab] Once that can be but "fixed" later since.... it can be a seed of
|   185670 [bob.news gmx] Good point!  Thanks to you and Joel!
+ 185543 [pere.noel la] fine, thanks, difficult to catch out typos particularly in regexps...

^ Problem with RubyWebDialogs and Ruby 1.8.4
185551 [devlists-rub] I try to use RubyWebDialogs 0.2.0 (which seems really great) under

^ Problem resolved: thanks and a followup question (was Re: How to make readline work in IRB?)
185552 [rhkramer gma] Thanks to all who replied!  I found the libreadline5-devel package, installed

^ Proxy question when using soap/wsdlDriver
185555 [jared.RMOVE_] I'm going through the Brian Marick web services article
185557 [dishmael win] http_proxy=http://URL:PORT

^ DATA.readlines in an inner file
185561 [agorilla gma] Is there any way to use DATA.readlines to read the data (below
185570 [ara.t.howard] require 'dynaload'
185602 [agorilla gma] Thanks much, was hoping there was a more elegant solution.  I was just

^ Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.2. to 1.8.4
185567 [weyus att.ne] All,

^ Problem seeing classes in rubygem
185568 [weyus att.ne] Ruby 1.8.2
+ 185578 [rossrt rosco] require_gem does (by default) actually require anything inside the gem -
| 185582 [r.mark.volkm] I assume you meant "doesn't" above. A caveat is what you mention below
| 185593 [rossrt rosco] Oops, yes, typo there.
+ 185579 [dharple gene] Python actually.

^ What is the point of require_gem in Ruby 1.8.2?
185581 [weyus att.ne] I just went through this mess over the last few hours...
185592 [jim weirichh] That's because the first argument is the name of the Gem to be
185604 [weyus att.ne] Jim,
185638 [jim weirichh] (1) Activates a gem with an appropriate version number (see below for

^ unhandled exception in thread causes ruby to lose control
185588 [ null void.0] <code>
185615 [james_b neur] WinXP pro, SP2: Code works just fine.

^ Ruby and RoR Book Roundup
185591 [rsanheim gma] I'm a big bookworm, so I decided to round up all the upcoming Ruby
185876 [me jasonclin] I wanted to add my book to the stack. "Ruby Phrasebook" is also being
186039 [jzakiya mail] I'm glad to see an increasing proliferation of Rubyish books but
+ 186064 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 186102 [jzakiya mail] inciteful is the phonetically correct substitute for insightful,
+ 186065 [hal9000 hype] Just my opinion.

^ What is a stable way to use postgres with Ruby?
185600 [stephen.tash] ruby" are two different ways to use SQL from ruby via postgres.   Are
185627 [stephen.tash] "What is a Ruby Gem?
185630 [drbrain segm] Its a way of distributing ruby libraries and applications similar to

^ FXRuby, FXList with (sunken) Frame
185605 [rretzbach go] how can you make a FXLists' frame sunken?
+ 185625 [YKloubakov f] @secondhframe = FXHorizontalFrame.new(parent,
| 185632 [rretzbach go] Ha!, thank you for that. Dirty, but looks good!
+ 185631 [lyle.johnson] Like Yura said, you need to put FXList inside some other container

^ test unit with ARGV input
185606 [rtilley vt.e] I can't get test/unit to work with command line scripts that take user
+ 185609 [rossrt rosco] (I assume this is in a testcase class?)
| 185616 [rtilley vt.e] OK, I got it working... I'm new to test unit... this was my first go at
+ 185610 [skhisma gmai] Not sure from what you gave but are you calling TestCase's initialize

^ Directory structure of a Ruby installation, including the paths that should be set, etc.
185607 [rhkramer gma] For a variety of reasons, I'm trying to get a better understanding of how a
185618 [rossrt rosco] I think Ruby generally follows the standard Linux/FHS layout, together
185714 [rhkramer gma] Yes, very much, thanks!  (It may take me a little while to "internalize"

^ Inheritance Question
185608 [dsolis yahoo] I'm having difficulty understanding inheritance in this case. In the
+ 185611 [r.mark.volkm] There's no problem with having multiple classes in the same source
| 185634 [jrich013 gma] I noticed that removing the initialize method allows the tests to run.
| 185645 [dsolis yahoo] Thanks Everybody for your help. So I did get it to work by removing the
+ 185613 [skhisma gmai] This error is related to an earlier post.
+ 185619 [rossrt rosco] require 'test/unit/assertions'
+ 185621 [GENIE prodig] i know people already said this, but I'm saying it again cause it might

^ language in Time.to_s?
185614 [fxn hashref.] Is there a way to ensure Time.to_s uses English?
185617 [fxn hashref.] Nevermind, looks like Time#rfc2822 will do.

^ Re: undefined method `add_assertion' for nil:NilClass
185620 [BPaatsch act] I found my problem.

^ variable substitution in strings read from a file
185622 [stephen.bann] I have a bunch of template documents which I need to manipulate in
185628 [james graypr] => "apple"

^ using builder to make jnlp xml elements with "-" in name?
185626 [stephen.bann] I'm trying to use builder to construct jnlp files. I need to create
185637 [joshknowles ] Use the tag! method...
+ 185652 [stephen.bann] [partially answering my own question ...]
+ 185653 [stephen.bann] Thanks Josh.  That did indeed help! It is much simpler than the way I was trying to solve the problem.

^ ANN: Greasemonkey script for adding index to api documentation
185633 [lachiec gmai] I'm shortsighted. I turn the fonts up to 11. I invest in large,
185732 [adam thereal] I like it!  Thanks for sending the link.

^ Stupid Problem
185641 [trevershick ] I'm a total newb as you'll find out. But regardless, i have a question.
185677 [simon.kroege] your code is fine, it blocks at sThread.join (as you would expect it to

^ Ruby Optimiztion Wiki Page
185642 [john.carter ] Please feel free to add to / modify / contribute to the
185651 [john.carter ] Sorry, I had cut&paste the edit this page url, not the display version

^ Fill out PDF forms programmatically?
185643 [fugalh xmiss] Is there a way, with PDF::Writer or somesuch, to fill out PDF fillable
185755 [raffaele.tes] i use pdftk: http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/

^ using unit test
185644 [rtilley vt.e] What is the most prevalent way of using unit testing in Ruby? Do I
+ 185646 [joevandyk gm] I generally put my tests in a separate tests directory from my code.
| 185647 [drbrain segm] $ ls
+ 185650 [cyclists nc.] Put the tests in a separate directory alongside the code. Chapter 12 of
  186507 [erik hollens] I have a patch which fixes the test functionality in Minero Aoki's

^ [ANN] socket_accept_filter
185648 [drbrain segm] = socket_accept_filter

^ [ANN] socket_sendfile
185649 [drbrain segm] = socket_sendfile
185655 [ara.t.howard] i'm just about to write a server which sends 1-3gb images as the response...
+ 185660 [drbrain segm] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 185666 [drbrain segm] Your home dir is group and world writable.  A 755 directory works,
| 185713 [ara.t.howard] thanks figured that out later... unfortunately it needs to be as some webdav
+ 185667 [ryand-ruby z] Your home dir is world and group writable, not just group readable.
  185710 [ara.t.howard] i totally understand what you are saying.  however i dont' see why a ruby lib

^ New Profiler.
185658 [john.carter ] One of the rules of optimizing OO programs is to create less objects.

^ Verifying keyword arguments
185659 [eliben gmail] I'm now writing my first real Ruby module, and on the second function I
+ 185707 [ara.t.howard] regards.
+ 185810 [eliben gmail] Is this topic of no interest to anyone but me ? :-/
  185821 [rossrt rosco] It works, and strikes me as more compact and elegant than a simple
  + 185853 [eliben gmail] This is a nice trick that can be used to handle optional keyword
  + 185897 [vjoel path.b] What about using rescue for optional arguments? It might be slower though.
    186020 [eliben gmail] What do you mean ? Can you provide an example ?
    186033 [vjoel path.b] args = { :one => 'two', :three => 'four' }

^ [ANN] Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3
185662 [jeremy chaos] Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3 , 2003-03-23
185818 [axel.friedri] Nice to hear, that Ruby-FLTK is alive!
185945 [jeremy chaos] Despite appearances to the contrary, it was in fact just resting.

^ require 'tk' SEGV with Ruby embedded in C
185663 [nicolas.desp] I'm having trouble trying to embed Ruby in a C program.
185674 [nicolas.desp] EXTERN VALUE rb_progname;
185678 [nicolas.desp] Indeed the problem comes from the tcltklib.c line 7932 and the program

^ scraping websites
185664 [kevin.jackso] I'm considering a side-project where I'd have to scrape a couple of
+ 185665 [alder.green ] Hey Kev
| 185679 [kevin.jackso] I've installed as a gem and now I'm getting unitialized constant
| 185686 [rossrt rosco] but watch out for the typo (I meant "*doesn't* (by default) actually
| + 185687 [dharple gene] ...
| + 186087 [kevin.jackso] Thanks!  Just tried and worked perfectly.  I've always used
+ 185681 [lars.gersman] i have made good experience using watir (http://wtr.rubyforge.org/ and
| + 185682 [kevin.jackso] I know how to use watir - it's great, but it's not the correct approach
| + 185743 [james_b neur] James Britt
+ 186312 [alex_f_il ho] Look at SWExplorerAutomation (www.webunittesting.com)
  186323 [kevin.jackso] Perhaps you've misunderstood my intentions.  I want to scrape a website
  186347 [alex_f_il ho] 1. You don't  have to use regular expressions to extract data. SWEA

^ How to Iterate over nested Hashes ?
185668 [u_dinesh yah] I'm new to Ruby. I want to know how to iterate over a nested hash as
+ 185671 [robert.dober] Something like this might work
+ 185672 [bob.news gmx] Yes, it's the result of a hash converted to string.
  185676 [u_dinesh yah] Thank a LOT for the quick reply. Sorry for not making it clear when i
  185689 [bob.news gmx] Please don't top post.

^ How is Symbol#to_int useful? (should it exist?)
185669 [ptkwt aracne] str = '0'*n
+ 185683 [drbrain segm] Symbols used to be just numbers without names attached.
+ 185685 [nobu ruby-la] Fixnum was used.  Symbol#to_int is deprecated and has been

^ [ANN] sa-daily-report
185675 [tony.kemp gm] Thought I would announce the release of a small ruby script that that I

^ [ANN] Libxsl-Ruby 0.3.6
185684 [rossrt rosco] Libxsl-Ruby provides libxslt bindings for Ruby. libxslt is a very fast
185721 [itsme213 hot] This looks extremely useful, thanks so much.
185722 [rossrt rosco] Not at present, we're maintaining libxml-ruby and libxsl-ruby as
185791 [itsme213 hot] I meant the libxml2 stuff, one level further removed (so perhaps my question
186173 [rossrt rosco] Ahh, I see. I don't think it's something we'll do, libxml2 has it's own

^ iterator class not working
185688 [pertl gmx.or] in order to understand ruby better (and for fun reasons of course) I try to
+ 185690 [robert.dober] you are missing "state" here, each time you call next, you start to iterate
| 185691 [pertl gmx.or] thanks for your feedback.
| + 185693 [pit capitain] Peter, I think you can't use bindings for that. All the continuations
| + 185694 [robert.dober] and you want lazy evaluation, converting the Enumeration into an array is
|   185697 [rossrt rosco] A while ago, while rather more bored than I'd have liked, I came up with
|   185701 [robert.dober] Well it really will take me hours to figure your magic out, but looks like
+ 185695 [rossrt rosco] Here is a slightly modified version of your code that doesn't cover
  185702 [rossrt rosco] +       callcc { |cc|
  + 185704 [pertl gmx.or] Thanks for all you help.
  | + 185705 [pertl gmx.or] really UGLY typo!!
  | + 185706 [pertl gmx.or] aargh, again...
  + 185708 [robert.dober] Well I got it!
    + 185711 [pertl gmx.or] Indeed, you topped my solution my needing one callcc less...
    | 185726 [pit capitain] Peter, test your code with
    | 185734 [pertl gmx.or] whoa, amazing + surprising!!!
    + 185715 [rossrt rosco] Well, if you're going to cheat and use return ... :)
      185718 [robert.dober] your continuation stuff, when I realized what callcc really does, I realize=