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^ Keeping a thread alive
185026 [NSMITH5 UMBC] I'm trying to keep a thread alive after exiting a method. The pseudo-
185032 [vjoel path.b] Is you program exiting after aObject.start? Then maybe you want to do

^ Using Rake to compile FreeBASIC code
185038 [luislavena g] Maybe the subject sound strange, but FreeBASIC
185044 [jim weirichh] Cool!
+ 185052 [luislavena g] In one of our projects, the business logic is driven by a embedded lua
+ 185883 [luislavena g] After toyed with the rakefile with simple files, moved it to my project.
  185907 [jim weirichh] Ok, the rule needs to bridge the gap between test/test_bf.bas and
  185924 [luislavena g] Thank you again Jim, following your indications I solved it (btw, this

^ A long call chain...
185048 [benjohn fysh] automate it up by putting something neat in to a mix in module)...
+ 185054 [drbrain segm] Yuck.
| 185635 [benjohn fysh] *snip*
+ 185062 [benjohn fysh] *snip*

^ POLS violation? /\s*/ no match at StringScanner end
185066 [robert.feldt] irb(main):003:0> StringScanner.new("").match?(/\s*/)
185082 [angus quovad] I think, if it matches /\s*/ at end of string, then it should scan it
185086 [robert.feldt] My point is that my POLS is that eos? should be true *and* you should
185131 [ajohnson cpa] irb(main):014:0> lex =  StringScanner.new("")

^ Class (not instance) initializers
185069 [akiba.rubyns] Is there an equivalent to a static constructor in ruby?
+ 185071 [bob.news gmx] class MyClass
+ 185072 [rossrt rosco] class InitMe
  185077 [akiba.rubyns] I'm so dim. I didn't realise I could just call a method from inside the

^ Initializing ivars from block without prefixing with self?
185078 [dave.baldwin] class _Box
+ 185091 [cyclists nc.] ...
+ 185094 [itsme213 hot] I agree, though some experienced Rubyists don't see it that way.
+ 185116 [ara.t.howard] class OpenStruct

^ FreeRIDE problem ("Failing to load")
185088 [joench gmail] I had to reinstall ruby recently, along with everything else, due to a HD
185115 [ml.chibbs gm] Try deleting the freeride configuration directory (it will be
185142 [joench gmail] help.
185163 [ml.chibbs gm] Have you tried the latest version of the one-click installer (184-16
185176 [joench gmail] Curt Curse-curer!!

^ Problem with Why's Poignants guide code..help
185096 [jmwhittaker ] Trying to follow the code on chapter 4 (
185097 [alder.green ] Any Python experience by any chance? :)
185101 [jmwhittaker ] Thanks, but no no Python experience!
+ 185106 [alder.green ] The guide is cute, but I wouldn't recommend it as an actual tutorial.
| + 185111 [jmwhittaker ] Thanks, consider it canned!
| | 185148 [greg.kujawa ] Here's something that works if you define things in terms of a Ruby
| + 185117 [alder.green ] BTW I asked since what you did there kinda, sorta, makes sense in
+ 185155 [ruby-talk wh] We've been working so much on the translations and music that I've not

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
185098 [ejdepaepe gm] # help
185099 [ejdepaepe gm] # guide
185102 [alder.green ] You're sending control commands to the main ruby-talk list. Send those
185103 [ejdepaepe gm] unsubscribe Jamie D

^ Disabling reception of copies of my own messages sent to ruby-talk
185105 [alder.green ] How can I tell ruby-talk to not send me copies of the messages I send to it?
+ 185118 [matz ruby-la] No.  It's distributed to all list recipients right after its arrival
| 185122 [bob.news gmx] Alder, since you are on Gmail it's probably not too hard to create a
| 185234 [gregory.t.br] Careful with this though, because it'll trash both copies.
+ 185311 [alder.green ] Thanks to everyone who answered this thread.
  185325 [alder.green ] It appears Gmail doesn't provide any way to filter those messages.

^ OpenSSL for public/private key encryption
185109 [decouto inbo] I want to use the OpenSSL bindings to do some public/private key
185110 [michael.gors] Take a look at this.
185120 [decouto inbo] Perfect, works great!

^ Help with Ruby/TK install on Mandriva2006
185112 [rhkramer gma] My Ruby install on Mandriva2006 (from, iirc, the Mandriva package(s)) appears
185129 [nagai ai.kyu] Although I don't know Mandriva2006, there may be another rpm package
185141 [collinsj sea] I believe it is called ruby-tk. Try searching for it in mcc or rpmdrake

^ TCPSocket.accept blocks signals on win32?
185121 [ null void.0] On Windows XP, ruby 1.8.4.
185133 [r.mark.volkm] It is a mystery to me too. Sometimes I can break out of Ruby code
+ 185149 [ null void.0] I didn't know about ctrl-break. (I am not a windows guy).  But if
+ 185153 [ null void.0] What signal does CTRL-Break send?  I can't seem to trap it with 'KILL',
  + 185154 [ null void.0] Signal.list.each_key { | sig |
  + 185156 [vjoel path.b] If windows is like unix/linux, you can't trap KILL, anyway. So maybe
    185318 [ null void.0] Aah, yes.

^ traits
185123 [itsme213 hot] Does Ara's traits package offer similar capabilities to
+ 185132 [Daniel.Berge] It looks to me like some sort of strange mix of delegation, observer,
+ 185146 [ara.t.howard] yeah - actually my traits does about all of that via the various hooks.

^ [MIA] setup.rb and rubygems
185134 [transfire gm] I've reported a bug concering setup.rb to this list and directly to
185194 [lyle.johnson] This one I can't help you with. Sometimes, when you're trying to get

^ ! and ? in function name
185136 [tony.moutaux] I often look at some code, for example un rails/active_record, where
+ 185138 [collinsj sea] Generally the (?) means it returns a boolean and (!) means it modifies
+ 185139 [lukfugl gmai] The latter. The ? and ! characters in a method name have absolutely no
+ 185140 [one.three gm] Here is an excerpt from the free online version of the Programming
  185143 [tony.moutaux] Thanks to all !

^ Find.find bug in 1.8.4?
185157 [lists turnip] I've just had a problem with Find.find: I was using it to recurse

^ "str1" == "STR1" case insensitive
185158 [ null void.0] For doing case insensitive comparisons, I have been using
185161 [lukfugl gmai] if str1.downcase == str2.downcase
+ 185166 [one.three gm] def are_equal(str1, str2)
+ 185168 [pertl gmx.or] class String
  + 185171 [chris.hulan ] class String
  | + 185173 [Daniel.Berge] Or you could say '$= = true'
  | + 185174 [pertl gmx.or] class String
  + 185269 [smerk fi.mun] And how can I define eq as an binary operator on String-s allowing me to
    185271 [pertl gmx.or] My understanding is that you can only overload existing operators

^ Two build issues with 1.8.4..
185160 [steve waits.] In attempting to build a completely static ruby, I've discovered a few
+ 185249 [nobu ruby-la] Can you show the mkmf.log.  It is important for build issues.
| 185354 [steve waits.] MIME-Version: 1.0
+ 185489 [logancapaldo] Have you looked at AllInOneRuby? It may have solved some of your
  185546 [steve waits.] Thanks for the reply; however, I need an entirely static Ruby.

^ Find.find and files in cwd
185162 [rtilley vt.e] I can use Find.find(Pathname.getwd) to get an array of all file paths
+ 185164 [aderobertis ] ...
+ 185165 [james graypr] Dir["#{Dir.getwd}/*"]
| + 185169 [pertl gmx.or] wow!
| + 185170 [dishmael win] Nice!
| + 185175 [rtilley vt.e] Yes, that helps... thank you. Perhaps I'm using it wrong though. When
|   185178 [zdennis mkte] Dir["*"].delete_if{ |e| not File.file?( e ) }
|   185183 [rtilley vt.e] The whole thing seems a bit hackish to me and it still leaves links to
|   + 185197 [logancapaldo] Dir.entries(Dir.pwd).each do |entry|
|   + 185216 [zdennis mkte] Working with file globs is *not* hackish in my opinion. File globs are a powerful and wonderful thing. See Dir#glob for more
|   + 185253 [pit capitain] Works here with Ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32] on Windows 2000.
+ 185167 [chris.hulan ] Check out Dir (http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Dir.html)
+ 185364 [chris.hulan ] Was just reviewing the docs for Find
  185376 [chris.hulan ] This seems to have become an obsession! 9^)

^ Ruby on HP-UX
185177 [tnordloh gma] I have read a couple of posts regarding compiling Ruby on HP-UX 11i, and
185182 [james graypr] Did you mean gmake install-all here?
+ 185184 [steve waits.] Yah.. isn't that the rub.  In general, the extension build system leaves
| 185186 [tnordloh gma] in what way should I edit /ext/setup?  Is there a readme on my options?
+ 185185 [ mfp acm.org] ==============================
  185187 [james graypr] Any idea why digest threw a fit?
  185188 [tnordloh gma] Looking into it, I might be able to download a newer version, if it's
  185195 [tnordloh gma] ok, I uncommented entries in the ext/Setup file one-by-one, and here's what
  185290 [tnordloh gma] These first couple of lines look like a malformed gcc command to me.  Anyon=
  185295 [ mfp acm.org] ====
  185340 [tnordloh gma] Ok, I hand-modified it and ended up with this....
  185361 [mental rydia] I really think this approach of removing things until it compiles is a mistake; if you did eventually get something that built, you'd just end up with a build of Ruby that most likely won't run any useful Ruby scripts.
  185409 [tnordloh gma] Well, my basic Ruby scripts run ok for my basic needs, and no -- I don't
  185423 [mental rydia] I guess that really means getting correctly built versions of all the relevent libraries on the porting archive first.
  185427 [benjohn fysh] I desperately need a version of Ruby that works on HPUX, and I've
  185455 [tnordloh gma] MenTaLGuY,
  185458 [james graypr] What I believe MenTaLguY was trying to say is that you would need to
  185466 [tnordloh gma] At this point, I'm not asking for a lot, just a hint would help, such as,
  185472 [mental rydia] libcrypto is provided by openssl, yes
  + 185480 [tnordloh gma] I'll work on at least openssl, since it is the squeaky wheel at the moment.
  | 185569 [mental rydia] Yes.  The way libraries work on unix, if you specify -lcrypto, the linker looks for a libcrypto.sl or a libcrypto.a.
  | 185587 [tnordloh gma] Thanks, Mental, that helped immensely.  I'm learning a lot.
  | 185590 [tnordloh gma] 1.  install openssl(instructions on HP Software porting archive)
  | 186856 [tnordloh gma] Ok, I've had to install 2 libraries so far, do get all of the dynamic
  | 186859 [mental rydia] I'm puzzled by this one -- for whatever reason, syck isn't getting loaded.  I've not had this problem on HP-UX myself, and yaml.rb has a require 'yaml/syck' at the top, so I don't know why you're not getting an error from rather than getting this far.
  | 186861 [tnordloh gma] I'm puzzled by this one -- for whatever reason, syck isn't getting loaded.
  | + 186862 [SimonKroeger] Rofl, don't worry too much. Most of us don't use HP-UX (like me) and
  | + 186869 [mental rydia] I have the extra -E, but it doesn't cause problems.  What version of gcc are you using, and are you using GNU ld or HP's ld?  (I'm using the latter, as grotty as it is...)
  |   186894 [tnordloh gma] looks like gcc version 3.4.3, and HP's ld, version B.11.41
  |   187023 [mental rydia] Ok ... I've got gcc version 3.3.2, and HP's ld, version B.11.18.
  |   187341 [tnordloh gma] Yup, that's right.  I might try upgrading to a more recent version, but tha=
  |   187395 [james graypr] 1.8.4 is the current version of Ruby.
  + 185481 [alex verk.in] About a year ago, the major problems for me in building Ruiby on HP-UX

^ Connection issue with dRuby
185181 [beeplove gma] on client side, I executed about 200 simultaneous instances of client
186192 [beeplove gma] Am I the first one having this issue?

^ Newbie:  How do I get hex formatted bytes from a file?
185189 [weyus att.ne] File.open(path_to_file, "r") do |f|
+ 185190 [dharple gene] Use printf/sprintf/%
| 185193 [weyus att.ne] Daniel,
| 185202 [dharple gene] Sorry, I misread your question. What you need is String#unpack. Do a
| 185204 [weyus att.ne] Why do I have to read my bytes into a string and then convert them back?
| + 185206 [weyus att.ne] puts "Magic number is: #{magic_number.unpack('H*')}"
| + 185207 [mike stok.ca] A +String+ object holds and manipulates an arbitrary sequence of
|   185228 [klazuka gmai] -keith
+ 185192 [r.mark.volkm] You can do this with String.unpack. In the PickAxe 2 book, see table

^ SOAP Problem...
185191 [jeff_lamarch] I'm using the SOAP::RPC::Driver to access a web service for which I

^ jedit ruby plug in
185196 [itsme213 hot] Is there a way for the structure view to display things other than "def ..."

^ Newbie: Printing hex formatted string using printf
185198 [weyus att.ne] I am trying to print the hex representation of a string using printf.
185199 [weyus att.ne] irb(main):001:0> x=3
+ 185200 [matthew.moss] printf is not a method on Fixnum. The error is confusing (except that
| 185205 [weyus att.ne] If I do
| + 185208 [matthew.moss] => "7b"
| + 185209 [mike stok.ca] What is in magic_number?  If it's something other than an integer-y
|   185210 [weyus att.ne] magic_number is a string returned by IO.read or IO.sysread
+ 185201 [mike stok.ca] Because printf is a method of Kernel
  185203 [mike stok.ca] irb(main):001:0> 3.private_methods

^ MuraveyWeb CMS status
185211 [sdmitry lrn.] I'm author of MuraveyWeb, first open source Ruby on Rails CMS on the

^ Newbie: Better way to check a magic number on a file?
185212 [weyus att.ne] All,
+ 185213 [weyus att.ne] magic_number.eql?('d0cf11e0a1b1') doesn't work which kind of makes
+ 185214 [cyclists nc.] I'm guessing the magic number is constant? Why not construct a constant
+ 185215 [mike stok.ca] There are a number of simpler ways, one might be
  185217 [weyus att.ne] An even better way would be to take advantage of the fact that I'm

^ Ruby for [...] programmers
185218 [doug.bromley] I've come across an online book concerning Ruby for Perl programmers but
+ 185220 [jperkins sne] You may want to give Hal Fulton's, "The Ruby Way," a try. More
| 185408 [benjohn fysh] Curious; I found it was a lot less advanced, and gave far more rote
+ 185407 [benjohn fysh] differ on that. ... The reason I say that, is I came from a c++
  185421 [ruby anthrop] } :) Well, that was the Pickaxe for me, but you've already said you
  + 185429 [benjohn fysh] It's not Ruby's duck typing that makes me like it (I I agree with
  + 185435 [halostatue g] C++ has *very bad* and almost unusable "duck-typing". C++ is apiss-poor object language and a mediocre generics language. The bestthing going for C++ is that it's mostly C underneath.
    185445 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Windows Advanced Permissions on Folders
185221 [archcall gma] In a MS-Windows environment I know how to recurse all the folders using
+ 185222 [wilsonb gmai] Presumably there's an API for setting the ACLs in NTFS, but I've never used it.
+ 185250 [dave burt.id] You can use Win32API to access Windows API calls directly. You probably
  185296 [Daniel.Berge] Yep, but I think the OP will want File.set_permissions. :)
  185439 [dave burt.id] Thanks for the correction; maybe I should start reading the posts I reply

^ Ruby high on Computer Language Shootout scores!
185224 [igouy yahoo.] Now that we're using GZip source code bytes as an indicator of program
185231 [nospam nospa] Almost any language can be at the top if you select/deselect various
185236 [igouy yahoo.] Reality is that on average the Ruby programs on The Computer Language

^ undefined method `add_assertion' for nil:NilClass
185225 [BPaatsch act] I tried to use assertion's the first time in my code and had absolutely now
185227 [dblack wobbl] The code you're posted doesn't compile, so it can't be a real example
185229 [BPaatsch act] I started with ruby about 6 weeks ago. So I am pretty new. The code I have
185258 [robert.dober] if your parameter ieCont (I hope that does not mean what I am afraid it doe=

^ error trying to use sybct in windows
185226 [dominique.pl] "LoadError: 127: The specified procedure could not be found.   -

^ Newbie: .Net => Ruby Questions
185230 [dru druselle] If I am a .Net developer and I want to build a windows GUI I use
+ 185235 [brian.leroux] You can use CLR bridge. Just do a search in the archives..
+ 185237 [cohen.jeff g] Welcome to the Ruby world!  There aren't too many easy choices yet for
+ 185238 [cohen.jeff g] Sorry, forgot the answer the 2nd part of your question... Modules are
+ 185263 [guillermo.go] Perhaps GTK is one of the best choices for Windows Ruby GUI.

^ 'failed to allocate memory' with Mp3Info module
185232 [firejdl comc] I'm pretty new to Ruby [this is my second script], but I'm trying to
185297 [Daniel.Berge] Looks to me like you're just running out of memory, since that line is

^ Thanks, and two followups (was Re: Help with Ruby/TK install on Mandriva2006)
185233 [rhkramer gma] Thanks, Justin and Hidetoshi!

^ Re: Ruby for programmers
185239 [jesusrubsyou] Pistos

^ [ANN] Lafcadio 0.9.3: PostgreSQL support, eager loading, more
185240 [sera fhwang.] The newest development release of Lafcadio, 0.9.3, now supports

^ Rails vs. Ruby Evolution
185241 [gwtmp01 mac.] I was just reading through http://scottraymond.net/articles/
+ 185242 [billk cts.co] On the other hand, one of the things I love about Ruby is that
| + 185285 [avdi.grimm g] There's a fair amount of overlap between ActiveSupport and Facets,
| | + 185507 [surrender_it] +1
| | + 185559 [halostatue g] I would prefer that they didn't. The primary maintainer of Facets hassome odd notions on what should and should not be in Ruby, the languagethat I think makes Facets nigh-unusable.
| |   185562 [jgbailey gma] Care to elaborate? Not asking for a flame war or anything. I've used Rails
| |   + 185563 [halostatue g] The documentation problem is part of it. There have been attributionproblems in the past, but I think that those are mostly fixed, and thelicensing issue is still not 100% clear (the copyright and licencegranted are for the *collection* facets; individual facetimplementations may be under different licences). Mostly, I have issueswith the changes that facets makes -- or has made in the past --#require and some of the schemes that the primary maintainer has come upwith. They're both ugly and unworkable.
| |   | 185806 [transfire gm] Well, documentation of Facets, I think, is actually fairly good
| |   + 185574 [james_b neur] The lack of documentation is the bane of many projects.  There are
| |   | 185577 [gwtmp01 mac.] Until you need/want to use two such libraries.
| |   | 185584 [james_b neur] Can you give an example?
| |   | 186250 [gwtmp01 mac.] If you are asking for a specific example of a method redefinition
| |   | 186252 [jim weirichh] An actual conflict with const_missing has already occurred.  I added a
| |   | 186266 [gwtmp01 mac.] Interesting.  When writing my post I grepped through some gems
| |   + 185583 [kashia.buch ] The part of, "being not well-documented" applies to Nitro as well, sadly.
| + 185558 [halostatue g] ...I just wish that facets didn't try to muck with some of the thingsthat it mucks with unnecessarily.
+ 185243 [leavengood g] Yes this could get tricky and/or dangerous.
| 185246 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm sure that some features could be incorporated into the
+ 185248 [seths.mailin] I am not concerned. This is why the language is open.
| + 185252 [kevin.jackso] On the other hand, if the rails team are finding it useful to have these
| | 185305 [hcatlin gmai] Kev-
| + 185272 [pat.eyler gm] I don't think it's the openness of the classes that anyone is worried
| | 185283 [hunt mets.ee] Most of these methods are in activesupport which is a separate gem.
| | 185287 [peter.fitzgi] My take on this is that this question is a question of language domain.
| + 185304 [gregory.t.br] Very well put. +1
+ 185293 [emk.lists gm] Many of the most useful Rails extensions are actually provided by
| 185298 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think it is great that the language is flexible enough to allow these
| 185314 [transfire gm] This is something Facets was designed to address. When using facets you
+ 185301 [yakumo9275 g] It would be nice to see them do  Object#ROR_to_json so its know what is
  + 185302 [guslist free] This is rather ugly. Wouldn't namespace be able to solve this issue in
  + 185353 [seths.mailin] No, I don't. Please read more carefully.
    185371 [yakumo9275 g] In reply to seth;
    + 185381 [gregory.t.br] No. I think he means if you are doing Rails, you should have a healthy
    | 185388 [dblack wobbl] You mean... you should have Ruby for Rails? :-)
    + 185405 [seths.mailin] No, it doesn't.
    + 185503 [henrik.marte] There will be a few. These mistakes will be made by the same kind of
    | 185510 [kevin.jackso] Ack the very thought!  Indeed part of the fun I'm having learning ruby
    | 185724 [hcatlin gmai] Kev-
    + 185514 [damphyr free] No, it implies that if one uses Rails, he/she should know Ruby.