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swig, c++, use string
184896 [killy-kun@wa] I would like to use the c++ string type as a parameter of function
184905 [r.mark.volkm] There's an example that does this near the end of a presentation I
184964 [killy-kun@wa] Thank you very much.
184975 [r.mark.volkm] I'm not sure what else to suggest. If you'd like, tar up your code and
185001 [killy-kun@wa] Thank you very much for your proposition.
185002 [killy-kun@wa] replaced "%module Str" by "%module Str" into the str.i file.
185042 [r.mark.volkm] ...

RubyForge Project Assistance
184910 [greg.kujawa@] Please see

Hey man, can you spare an open souce host?
184916 [transfire@gm] Any recommendations of open source hosts for a NON-RUBY project?
+ 184918 [doodpants@ma] Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/) is a good one.
+ 184985 [ryu@us ne .c] TLD, it is in English, and
  185014 [dandrew.thom] There are the standard hosting providers like sourceforget.net, which

[ANN] New article at Ruby Code & Style
184920 [james_b@ne r] I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new article at Ruby Code &
184978 [agorilla@gm ] Good stuff.  Covers all of the basics, and has clear examples of the

Re: Are college professors teaching computer science with ru
184923 [jesusrubsyou] I used to think this until relatively recently in my programming

Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?
184925 [WangQiangg@g] I'm also a programmer, as working in front of computer day and day, my
184962 [jesusrubsyou] I switched to mousing with the left hand a few years ago.  I forget the
185033 [eastcoastcod] Please keep spam and advertisements off this list.  And please don't

Real-Time Graphing
184926 [dishmael@wi ] ...
+ 184940 [ara.t.howard] what os?  gnuplot can easily do this...
| 184943 [dishmael@wi ] Oh, sorry ... forgot to mention the OS is Windows XP Pro.  I went to
+ 185262 [alexandru@gl] I think GraphViz is what you're looking for ;)
  185267 [dishmael@wi ] I had tried GraphViz in the past and couldn't get it to work.  I installed

upload large files in ruby on rails
184928 [bballr@gm il] I seem to be able to upload files up to 1MB with the generic setup on

IO#popen and exit status
184931 [cjeker@di ha] I need to write data to a process and then wait for the exit code of it to
+ 184937 [ajohnson@cp ] The $? variable will hold the exit status of the last child to terminate.
| 185375 [ null@vo d. ] $? does not work with popen, or open3.  I am not sure why one would want
| + 185380 [farrel.lifso] Actually I just solved this a few threads below. You can just run
| + 185386 [ null@vo d. ] ps - you can call Process.wait to update $?, but it is not reliable if
| + 185397 [ null@vo d. ] Before I get flamed, know Process.waitpid can be used...
+ 184942 [ara.t.howard] gem install open4
+ 186294 [akr@m1 n. rg] $? can be used after close.
  399319 [lists@ru y- ] Just so there is no confusion for others that run into this since google

[ANN] Ruby/DLX 0.8.1 released
184933 [eleotlecram@] ...

warning: using default DH parameters
184944 [eliben@gm il] I'm issuing HTTP requests via SSL, and the following warning is

I need some help with OptionsParser
184959 [bcorrigan78@] Hey all,
184961 [keith@or il ] opts.on("-p", "--prefix NAME", "REQUIRED: Set the prefix NAME (like
+ 184965 [bcorrigan78@] Not working on my end.. Still PUTS nothing?
| 184968 [keith@or il ] Are you parsing them?
| 184970 [bcorrigan78@] Hey..  Well, I was..  There really must be something up here.
| 184973 [ara.t.howard] you are passing '-s' to ruby, not test.rb.  the '--' tells ruby to stop
| 184976 [bcorrigan78@] That seems right!  But alas :(
| 184977 [ara.t.howard] try
| 184987 [bcorrigan78@] (But it kind of rules out the problem being the -- though right?)
| 184990 [Daniel.Berge] # test.rb
| 184992 [bcorrigan78@] Works!
| 184993 [bcorrigan78@] ...
+ 184966 [bcorrigan78@] Am I calling it wrong?

Parsing JSP files and adding a Line
184960 [thedapp@gm i] Basically, I'm still pretty much freshmeat when it comes to Ruby, but
185114 [ g@gu st go ] A Xml-Parser might be able to help?

[ANN] Washington University teaches Ruby (in St. Louis)
184963 [ml.chibbs@gm] If you are in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area and you want to

passing block to another function
184980 [ null@vo d. ] def worker( &p_block )
+ 184983 [marcel@ve ni] def worker(&block)
+ 184984 [ null@vo d. ] Ok,
+ 184986 [vjoel@pa h. ] def wrapper
  184994 [ null@vo d. ] Yeah, it seems dead obvious *now*.  That is good to know about 'yield'
  185005 [vjoel@pa h. ] $ cat yield-vs-proc.rb

OT: Japanese translation favor?
184988 [greg.kujawa@] I apologize for the off topic post, but I am trying to use a Remote
+ 184999 [clvrmnky.inv] Scrn003 Function of the remote desktop of WindowsXP is possible even
| 185029 [greg.kujawa@] Thanks for this. I think the needle in the haystack is starting to
+ 185006 [pbattley@gm ] The Zaurus can access Windows XP's Remote Desktop

many check_boxes
184998 [michaelaugus] I need use check_box to search function.
185039 [dave@bu t. d] You'll get better answers for Rails questions like this there.

How to read process memory?
185008 [beforewin@gm] How to read process memory?
+ 185060 [bob.news@gm ] How to understand your question?
+ 185075 [elven@sw rd ] /proc/#{Process.pid}/mem

File Auditing - Fast DB import and data manipulation
185009 [bcorrigan78@] Hey Folks,
+ 185125 [chneukirchen] How do you import data to MySQL?  Do you have direct access to the
+ 185135 [corey.ssf.la] Well, if you're doing it on *nix, use the 'diff' command. On Windows,
+ 185944 [heron@jp .n ] You can use the 'mysqlimport' utility to do a bulk load

[ANN] lazytest 0.1.0
185010 [listen@ma cr] "lazytest" available as gem. You may wonder what happened to my first gem,
185018 [robmnl@gm il] Cool stuff, I like it, thanks :)

Suppressing printing of evaluated expressions in irb
185013 [mhartl@gm il] I've looked all over, but I can't figure out how to suppress the
+ 185022 [timothy.s.be] In irb, enter `conf.return_format = ""`  That'll turn off all
| 185024 [timothy.s.be] There is another solution, that of course I realize after I send out
+ 185028 [vikkous@gm i] If you want to suppress printing for just one line, try appending ';0'
  186268 [mhartl@gm il] Thanks for your help.  Tim's suggestions are nice, but I'd prefer to be

Method overload, care to improve?
185017 [transfire@gm] Have a need to create method overloading, so I put together an
185019 [ajohnson@cp ] IIRC, the 'strongtyping' library on RAA provide method overloading
185030 [transfire@gm] Thanks Andrew.
+ 185046 [noone@no he ] I would agree.  You loose the most powerful part - to define methods after the
+ 185049 [noone@no he ] class Test
  185056 [google@er kv] The "methods" are executed in the context of an Object object,
  185067 [noone@no he ] Points taken for the problems of the implementation, and the metameta solution
  185070 [google@er kv] As long as the objects are of the same class, you could use
  185076 [noone@no he ] Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Downloading ActiveTCL
185020 [rhkramer@gm ] I'm trying (I've tried) to download ActiveTCL to use with Ruby.  (IIUC, it
+ 185036 [znmeb@ce ma ] ActiveTCL is for Windows. Konqueror is for Linux. Which are you trying
| + 185095 [rhkramer@gm ] Ahh, that could be (one of) my problem(s).  I'm running on Linux.
| + 185128 [nagai@ai ky ] ActiveTcl is not only for Windows.
|   186073 [znmeb@ce ma ] Now that I think about it, you're probably right. However, most folks I
|   186097 [nagai@ai ky ] On my Linux box, both of the distribution-standard Tcl/Tk and
+ 185127 [nagai@ai ky ] I don't know. However, you'll be able to get ActiveTcl packages from

Multiple SCP from remote machine
185021 [merrillbeth@] I'm a nuby who needs help solving a problem trying to copy from
185027 [mdoughty@gm ] ssh -t host1 scp host2:/path /localpath

Web server recommendations?
185025 [mreed@th re ] I want my website to include a mixture of static HTML pages, RAILS apps,
+ 185031 [ruby@an hr p] } I want my website to include a mixture of static HTML pages, RAILS apps,
+ 185090 [info@jo na e] This is a loaded responce because I am looking for comments on my solution
  185119 [james_b@ne r] Have you looked at Mongrel?  It's a Ruby + C Webserver in the vein of

Keeping a thread alive
185026 [NSMITH5@UM C] I'm trying to keep a thread alive after exiting a method. The pseudo-
185032 [vjoel@pa h. ] Is you program exiting after aObject.start? Then maybe you want to do

Using Rake to compile FreeBASIC code
185038 [luislavena@g] Maybe the subject sound strange, but FreeBASIC
185044 [jim@we ri hh] Cool!
+ 185052 [luislavena@g] In one of our projects, the business logic is driven by a embedded lua
+ 185883 [luislavena@g] After toyed with the rakefile with simple files, moved it to my project.
  185907 [jim@we ri hh] Ok, the rule needs to bridge the gap between test/test_bf.bas and
  185924 [luislavena@g] Thank you again Jim, following your indications I solved it (btw, this

A long call chain...
185048 [benjohn@fy h] automate it up by putting something neat in to a mix in module)...
+ 185054 [drbrain@se m] Yuck.
| 185635 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*
+ 185062 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*

POLS violation? /\s*/ no match at StringScanner end
185066 [robert.feldt] irb(main):003:0> StringScanner.new("").match?(/\s*/)
185082 [angus@qu va ] I think, if it matches /\s*/ at end of string, then it should scan it
185086 [robert.feldt] My point is that my POLS is that eos? should be true *and* you should
185131 [ajohnson@cp ] irb(main):014:0> lex =  StringScanner.new("")

Class (not instance) initializers
185069 [akiba.rubyns] Is there an equivalent to a static constructor in ruby?
+ 185071 [bob.news@gm ] class MyClass
+ 185072 [rossrt@ro co] class InitMe
  185077 [akiba.rubyns] I'm so dim. I didn't realise I could just call a method from inside the

Initializing ivars from block without prefixing with self?
185078 [dave.baldwin] class _Box
+ 185091 [cyclists@nc ] ...
+ 185094 [itsme213@ho ] I agree, though some experienced Rubyists don't see it that way.
+ 185116 [ara.t.howard] class OpenStruct

FreeRIDE problem ("Failing to load")
185088 [joench@gm il] ...
185115 [ml.chibbs@gm] Try deleting the freeride configuration directory (it will be
185142 [joench@gm il] ...
185163 [ml.chibbs@gm] Have you tried the latest version of the one-click installer (184-16
185176 [joench@gm il] ...

Problem with Why's Poignants guide code..help
185096 [jmwhittaker@] Trying to follow the code on chapter 4 (
185097 [alder.green@] Any Python experience by any chance? :)
185101 [jmwhittaker@] Thanks, but no no Python experience!
+ 185106 [alder.green@] The guide is cute, but I wouldn't recommend it as an actual tutorial.
| + 185111 [jmwhittaker@] Thanks, consider it canned!
| | 185148 [greg.kujawa@] Here's something that works if you define things in terms of a Ruby
| + 185117 [alder.green@] BTW I asked since what you did there kinda, sorta, makes sense in
+ 185155 [ruby-talk@wh] We've been working so much on the translations and music that I've not

Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
185098 [ejdepaepe@gm] ...
185099 [ejdepaepe@gm] ...
185102 [alder.green@] You're sending control commands to the main ruby-talk list. Send those
185103 [ejdepaepe@gm] ...

Disabling reception of copies of my own messages sent to ruby-talk
185105 [alder.green@] How can I tell ruby-talk to not send me copies of the messages I send to it?
+ 185118 [matz@ru y- a] No.  It's distributed to all list recipients right after its arrival
| 185122 [bob.news@gm ] Alder, since you are on Gmail it's probably not too hard to create a
| 185234 [gregory.t.br] Careful with this though, because it'll trash both copies.
+ 185311 [alder.green@] Thanks to everyone who answered this thread.
  185325 [alder.green@] It appears Gmail doesn't provide any way to filter those messages.

OpenSSL for public/private key encryption
185109 [decouto@in o] I want to use the OpenSSL bindings to do some public/private key
185110 [michael.gors] Take a look at this.
185120 [decouto@in o] Perfect, works great!

Help with Ruby/TK install on Mandriva2006
185112 [rhkramer@gm ] My Ruby install on Mandriva2006 (from, iirc, the Mandriva package(s)) appears
185129 [nagai@ai ky ] Although I don't know Mandriva2006, there may be another rpm package
185141 [collinsj@se ] I believe it is called ruby-tk. Try searching for it in mcc or rpmdrake

TCPSocket.accept blocks signals on win32?
185121 [ null@vo d. ] On Windows XP, ruby 1.8.4.
185133 [r.mark.volkm] It is a mystery to me too. Sometimes I can break out of Ruby code
+ 185149 [ null@vo d. ] I didn't know about ctrl-break. (I am not a windows guy).  But if
+ 185153 [ null@vo d. ] What signal does CTRL-Break send?  I can't seem to trap it with 'KILL',
  + 185154 [ null@vo d. ] Signal.list.each_key { | sig |
  + 185156 [vjoel@pa h. ] If windows is like unix/linux, you can't trap KILL, anyway. So maybe
    185318 [ null@vo d. ] Aah, yes.

185123 [itsme213@ho ] Does Ara's traits package offer similar capabilities to
+ 185132 [Daniel.Berge] It looks to me like some sort of strange mix of delegation, observer,
+ 185146 [ara.t.howard] yeah - actually my traits does about all of that via the various hooks.

[MIA] setup.rb and rubygems
185134 [transfire@gm] I've reported a bug concering setup.rb to this list and directly to
185194 [lyle.johnson] This one I can't help you with. Sometimes, when you're trying to get

! and ? in function name
185136 [tony.moutaux] I often look at some code, for example un rails/active_record, where
+ 185138 [collinsj@se ] Generally the (?) means it returns a boolean and (!) means it modifies
+ 185139 [lukfugl@gm i] The latter. The ? and ! characters in a method name have absolutely no
+ 185140 [one.three@gm] Here is an excerpt from the free online version of the Programming
  185143 [tony.moutaux] Thanks to all !

Find.find bug in 1.8.4?
185157 [lists@tu ni ] I've just had a problem with Find.find: I was using it to recurse

"str1" == "STR1" case insensitive
185158 [ null@vo d. ] For doing case insensitive comparisons, I have been using
185161 [lukfugl@gm i] if str1.downcase == str2.downcase
+ 185166 [one.three@gm] def are_equal(str1, str2)
+ 185168 [pertl@gm .o ] class String
  + 185171 [chris.hulan@] class String
  | + 185173 [Daniel.Berge] Or you could say '$= = true'
  | + 185174 [pertl@gm .o ] class String
  + 185269 [smerk@fi mu ] And how can I define eq as an binary operator on String-s allowing me to
    185271 [pertl@gm .o ] My understanding is that you can only overload existing operators

Two build issues with 1.8.4..
185160 [steve@wa ts ] In attempting to build a completely static ruby, I've discovered a few
+ 185249 [nobu@ru y- a] Can you show the mkmf.log.  It is important for build issues.
| 185354 [steve@wa ts ] ...
+ 185489 [logancapaldo] Have you looked at AllInOneRuby? It may have solved some of your
  185546 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for the reply; however, I need an entirely static Ruby.

Find.find and files in cwd
185162 [rtilley@vt e] I can use Find.find(Pathname.getwd) to get an array of all file paths
+ 185164 [aderobertis@] ...
+ 185165 [james@gr yp ] Dir["#{Dir.getwd}/*"]
| + 185169 [pertl@gm .o ] wow!
| + 185170 [dishmael@wi ] Nice!
| + 185175 [rtilley@vt e] Yes, that helps... thank you. Perhaps I'm using it wrong though. When
|   185178 [zdennis@mk e] Dir["*"].delete_if{ |e| not File.file?( e ) }
|   185183 [rtilley@vt e] The whole thing seems a bit hackish to me and it still leaves links to
|   + 185197 [logancapaldo] Dir.entries(Dir.pwd).each do |entry|
|   + 185216 [zdennis@mk e] Working with file globs is *not* hackish in my opinion. File globs are a powerful and wonderful thing. See Dir#glob for more
|   + 185253 [pit@ca it in] Works here with Ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32] on Windows 2000.
+ 185167 [chris.hulan@] Check out Dir (http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Dir.html)
+ 185364 [chris.hulan@] Was just reviewing the docs for Find
  185376 [chris.hulan@] This seems to have become an obsession! 9^)

Ruby on HP-UX
185177 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
185182 [james@gr yp ] Did you mean gmake install-all here?
+ 185184 [steve@wa ts ] Yah.. isn't that the rub.  In general, the extension build system leaves
| 185186 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
+ 185185 [ mfp@ac .o g] ==============================
  185187 [james@gr yp ] Any idea why digest threw a fit?
  185188 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185195 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185290 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185295 [ mfp@ac .o g] ====
  185340 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185361 [mental@ry ia] I really think this approach of removing things until it compiles is a mistake; if you did eventually get something that built, you'd just end up with a build of Ruby that most likely won't run any useful Ruby scripts.
  185409 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185423 [mental@ry ia] I guess that really means getting correctly built versions of all the relevent libraries on the porting archive first.
  185427 [benjohn@fy h] I desperately need a version of Ruby that works on HPUX, and I've
  185455 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185458 [james@gr yp ] What I believe MenTaLguY was trying to say is that you would need to
  185466 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  185472 [mental@ry ia] libcrypto is provided by openssl, yes
  + 185480 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  | 185569 [mental@ry ia] Yes.  The way libraries work on unix, if you specify -lcrypto, the linker looks for a libcrypto.sl or a libcrypto.a.
  | 185587 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  | 185590 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  | 186856 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  | 186859 [mental@ry ia] I'm puzzled by this one -- for whatever reason, syck isn't getting loaded.  I've not had this problem on HP-UX myself, and yaml.rb has a require 'yaml/syck' at the top, so I don't know why you're not getting an error from rather than getting this far.
  | 186861 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  | + 186862 [SimonKroeger] Rofl, don't worry too much. Most of us don't use HP-UX (like me) and
  | + 186869 [mental@ry ia] I have the extra -E, but it doesn't cause problems.  What version of gcc are you using, and are you using GNU ld or HP's ld?  (I'm using the latter, as grotty as it is...)
  |   186894 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  |   187023 [mental@ry ia] Ok ... I've got gcc version 3.3.2, and HP's ld, version B.11.18.
  |   187341 [tnordloh@gm ] ...
  |   187395 [james@gr yp ] 1.8.4 is the current version of Ruby.
  + 185481 [alex@ve k. n] About a year ago, the major problems for me in building Ruiby on HP-UX