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^ Unit testing confusion
184830 [dae daeland.] Hey all,
184831 [dae daeland.] Sorry, wrong mailing list >_<
184874 [egarson gmai] self.use_instantiated_fixtures  = true

^ simple ruby language question
184832 [MichaelEcono] ok, i've got some module and it has some instance variables i want to
+ 184836 [dblack wobbl] When using instance variables, you have to match each one precisely to
+ 184839 [bauer.mail g] In class B, you are attepmting to use an instance variable as if it
+ 184843 [lopexx autog] module A
  + 184845 [lopexx autog] It can be easily seen who is the default receiver (class object or
  + 184875 [bob.news gmx] module A

^ [OT] Using emacs on Apple's PowerBook
184840 [daesan gmail] I apologize for the off topic post, but knowing that many ruby
+ 184842 [dharple gene] System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Modifier Keys: Set caps
| 184846 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
| 184849 [sean.zuzu gm] These days I only practice my "correct" control-key with my "HappyHacker" keyboard, which isn't often on my TiBook.  The caps-lock is a"special" key, in hardware, and produces weird sticky problems whensoftware attempts to fake it; so I don't bother.
| 184852 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
| 184853 [sean.zuzu gm] My understanding is that EmacsLisp doesn't even have _closures_.  :-(
| 184871 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 184844 [sean.zuzu gm] I bind meta to the cmd key, and suck up the unfortunate fact thatcaps-lock is physically where ctrl should be.  The old TiBooks hadswappable keyboards, but those were dumped starting with the AluminumPowerbooks for the ostentatious feature of backlit keys.  Too bad a3rd party market for alternative keyboards didn't happen before; thenagain, too bad the TiBooks stuck with ADB rather than diving into USB(which is also powered).
+ 184862 [nic.kassis g] I feel you pain. To add to this, I really can't figure out how to make
| + 184867 [sean.zuzu gm] I think the issue here is the terminal emulation you're using and thepreferences for Terminal.app.  I'm rather certain a preference existsto correctly pass the alt keycode (which EMACS will then recognize). As, I sure do think having to use escape (Esc) for meta, sucks.
| + 184870 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
|   + 184898 [hutch recurs] I'm not an emacs user, I've tried but I've been using vi-like stuff
|   | 184927 [tsuraan tsur] Even more OT, but if you break the prongs that hold the keys in place,
|   + 186498 [erik hollens] There is a wealth of information at http://www.emacswiki.org.
+ 184884 [Bil.Kleb NAS] See Brian Marick's post about aquamacs,
| 185255 [ryand-ruby z] GNU emacs builds a mac bundle right out of CVS. It is fully GUI'd,
+ 184934 [daesan gmail] Thank you for all the comments regarding my earlier post.  I really
| 184936 [nicksieger g] I think many folks who spend long periods of time in emacs map capslock to
| 184938 [timothy.s.be] Yeah, I do that as well, and it's really not hard to hit Caps-Lock +
| 184946 [snowbender g] Like the original poster, I use the right control key. I'm just lost
| 184949 [timothy.s.be] Yeah, most of those would be awkward even using Caps Lock.  I hadn't
| 184981 [daesan gmail] Thanks to everyone who replied!
| 185007 [sean.zuzu gm] Feel free to create a dominant assurance contract as an investmentopportunity to manifest exactly that! :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assurance_contract
| 185081 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 184941 [snowbender g] I have an iBook, but I actually use Linux 99.9% of the time on it.
+ 186302 [BreadWithSpa] Been using it for years.  Never had any trouble with it at all.
  187655 [daesan gmail] Sorry for the late reply, I was no longer expecting replies on this

^ rake rules with multiple prerequisites
184847 [vjoel path.b] Is it possible to have a rule which has a prerequisite specified by a
184888 [jim weirichh] Actually that should work.  If rake is reporting that it cannot build
184958 [vjoel path.b] generic_files = [proc {"foo"}, proc {"bar"}, proc {"baz"}]
184969 [jim weirichh] Oops.  Sorry, I misread your example.  I thought you were saying the
184971 [vjoel path.b] Thanks!
184972 [vjoel path.b] On second thought... would it be possible for the proc to *return* a
185045 [vjoel path.b] I found a small patch to make this example work, but of course it could
185050 [jim weirichh] Patch commited, test case added.  The CVS head now has the change.  You
185055 [vjoel path.b] Great! Just installed it and it works nicely. Thanks!

^ .rb file includes c-extension of same name?
184856 [billk cts.co] I have foo.rb and foo.so, the C-extension part of the module.
+ 184861 [ara.t.howard] DLEXT2: ""
| 184864 [billk cts.co] Aha!  TYVM.  I'd been grepping the C source. . . .
+ 184881 [g_ogata optu] An alternative: call the C bit "foo_ext.so" (say) and then in "foo.rb"
+ 184889 [cyclists nc.] You can just always use ".so". Ruby is clever enough to figure out what

^ Re: Space Merchant (#71)
184857 [horndude77 g] Ok here is my quick SpaceMerchant::Sector class. I wasn't able to
184860 [horndude77 g] Ok, here's my somewhat cleaned up version. I added a rudamentary

^ capturing the stdout
184863 [navyaamerine] I am running a test case and need it capture the output it gives me.
184882 [bob.news gmx] You probably must redirect $defout also.  Other than that doing it
184887 [ mfp acm.org] IIRC $defout is deprecated.

^ check_box and form
184866 [michaelaugus] I need use check_box to search function.

^ Traversing superviews' class instance variables
184868 [noone nowher] I have certain variables that are 'properties' and I keep track of them in a
184885 [rossrt rosco] def View.fields
184991 [noone nowher] Thanks, that works.  It is strange, but it's the best way I see to classify

^ Re: Using emacs on Apple's PowerBook
184869 [gene.tani gm] (I couldn't resist)

^ Ruby Weekly News 13th - 19th March 2006
184879 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 13th - 19th March 2006

^ Gemcutter's Workshop open !
184890 [jf.web3 gmai] Gemcutter's Workshophttp://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8921
+ 184904 [pat.eyler gm] Bonjour,
| 184922 [james_b neur] From my exchanges with the editors (though I think they've recently
+ 184909 [james graypr] This is an excellent article.  Thank you Pat!  Looking forward to

^ once again looking for my module methods
184891 [transfire gm] Gee. Once again I want my module methods inherited.
+ 184897 [bob.news gmx] How are they not?
| 184901 [james graypr] => nil
+ 184911 [edder tkwspi] I agree, I was actually going to look into it why it didn't work for me,
| 184912 [ibroadfo cis] module Foo
| + 184919 [dblack wobbl] You're taking the long road :-)
| | 184929 [ibroadfo cis] Ah, I made the classic mistake of simplifying working code to use as an
| | 185034 [eastcoastcod] BTW, There's an RCP asking for this.
| | 185035 [dblack wobbl] I guess that means you don't think the reasons given in the comment
| | + 185040 [ara.t.howard] class B
| | | 185043 [transfire gm] Your example is misguided.
| | + 185130 [transfire gm] What "hypothesis"? It's being used in *practice*.
| | | 185147 [wilsonb gmai] I wonder if there's a way to make several groups of people happy by
| | | + 185150 [dblack wobbl] There's definitely a school of thought that modules and classes should
| | | + 185152 [transfire gm] module Z
| | + 185172 [transfire gm] What "hypothesis"? It's being used in *practice*.
| | | 185180 [ara.t.howard] yeah!   down with inheritance!  up with common blocks!
| | + 185219 [matz ruby-la] Thanks, David.  I don't want to make
| |   185223 [transfire gm] It already does. They are there you just can't access them b/c they're
| |   185276 [wilsonb gmai] Speaking of "<<", what about making more use of that piece of syntax?
| + 184921 [transfire gm] Actually, I have developed what is probably the most complete solution
|   + 184948 [vagabond cat] up using :)
|   + 184957 [ara.t.howard] module M
+ 184953 [rossrt rosco] As usual, I have a feeling the answer is 'no', but doesn't this take
  184989 [dblack wobbl] (class << c; self; end).class_eval
  184997 [rossrt rosco] No, I don't think so. I just missed it during refactoring :)

^ Digest::Base
184893 [rtilley vt.e] I wish to write one method to work with all classes in Digest::Base
+ 184900 [rmagick gmai] Digest.const_get('MD5').new
| 184903 [rtilley vt.e] That's great... Thanks for the tip!
+ 184902 [dharple gene] $ cat digest.rb
  184906 [SimonKroeger] Quite nice. However i think const_get isn't necessary here and should be

^ Passing 'make test-all' on Ruby 1.8.4 on MacOS X
184894 [emk.lists gm] Getting Ruby 1.8.4 to pass 'make test-all' on MacOS X can be tricky.

^ Library for Mocking
184895 [thiago.arrai] Rubysts,
184924 [jim weirichh] Actually, you still need to specify the behavior of the mock.  The "use"
+ 184939 [jim weirichh] Ha!  I now know the exact amount of effort to add parameter validation
+ 185084 [thiago.arrai] Hmm... I knew I was wrong at some point. I think I got fooled by the
  185104 [jim weirichh] Gah!  That example is all messed up.  It looks like I might have been

^ swig, c++, use string
184896 [killy-kun wa] I would like to use the c++ string type as a parameter of function
184905 [r.mark.volkm] There's an example that does this near the end of a presentation I
184964 [killy-kun wa] Thank you very much.
184975 [r.mark.volkm] I'm not sure what else to suggest. If you'd like, tar up your code and
185001 [killy-kun wa] Thank you very much for your proposition.
185002 [killy-kun wa] replaced "%module Str" by "%module Str" into the str.i file.
185042 [r.mark.volkm] I've attached a zip that includes working code.

^ RubyForge Project Assistance
184910 [greg.kujawa ] Please see

^ Hey man, can you spare an open souce host?
184916 [transfire gm] Any recommendations of open source hosts for a NON-RUBY project?
+ 184918 [doodpants ma] Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/) is a good one.
+ 184985 [ryu usenet.c] TLD, it is in English, and
  185014 [dandrew.thom] There are the standard hosting providers like sourceforget.net, which

^ [ANN] New article at Ruby Code & Style
184920 [james_b neur] I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new article at Ruby Code &
184978 [agorilla gma] Good stuff.  Covers all of the basics, and has clear examples of the

^ Re: Are college professors teaching computer science with ru
184923 [jesusrubsyou] I used to think this until relatively recently in my programming

^ Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?
184925 [WangQiangg g] I'm also a programmer, as working in front of computer day and day, my
184962 [jesusrubsyou] I switched to mousing with the left hand a few years ago.  I forget the
185033 [eastcoastcod] Please keep spam and advertisements off this list.  And please don't

^ Real-Time Graphing
184926 [dishmael win] charset="us-ascii"
+ 184940 [ara.t.howard] what os?  gnuplot can easily do this...
| 184943 [dishmael win] Oh, sorry ... forgot to mention the OS is Windows XP Pro.  I went to
+ 185262 [alexandru gl] I think GraphViz is what you're looking for ;)
  185267 [dishmael win] I had tried GraphViz in the past and couldn't get it to work.  I installed

^ upload large files in ruby on rails
184928 [bballr gmail] I seem to be able to upload files up to 1MB with the generic setup on

^ IO#popen and exit status
184931 [cjeker dieha] I need to write data to a process and then wait for the exit code of it to
+ 184937 [ajohnson cpa] The $? variable will hold the exit status of the last child to terminate.
| 185375 [ null void.0] $? does not work with popen, or open3.  I am not sure why one would want
| + 185380 [farrel.lifso] Actually I just solved this a few threads below. You can just run
| + 185386 [ null void.0] ps - you can call Process.wait to update $?, but it is not reliable if
| + 185397 [ null void.0] Before I get flamed, know Process.waitpid can be used...
+ 184942 [ara.t.howard] gem install open4
+ 186294 [akr m17n.org] $? can be used after close.

^ [ANN] Ruby/DLX 0.8.1 released
184933 [eleotlecram ] s-utc.zip

^ warning: using default DH parameters
184944 [eliben gmail] I'm issuing HTTP requests via SSL, and the following warning is

^ I need some help with OptionsParser
184959 [bcorrigan78 ] Hey all,
184961 [keith oreill] opts.on("-p", "--prefix NAME", "REQUIRED: Set the prefix NAME (like
+ 184965 [bcorrigan78 ] Not working on my end.. Still PUTS nothing?
| 184968 [keith oreill] Are you parsing them?
| 184970 [bcorrigan78 ] Hey..  Well, I was..  There really must be something up here.
| 184973 [ara.t.howard] you are passing '-s' to ruby, not test.rb.  the '--' tells ruby to stop
| 184976 [bcorrigan78 ] That seems right!  But alas :(
| 184977 [ara.t.howard] try
| 184987 [bcorrigan78 ] (But it kind of rules out the problem being the -- though right?)
| 184990 [Daniel.Berge] # test.rb
| 184992 [bcorrigan78 ] Works!
| 184993 [bcorrigan78 ] ...
+ 184966 [bcorrigan78 ] Am I calling it wrong?

^ Parsing JSP files and adding a Line
184960 [thedapp gmai] Basically, I'm still pretty much freshmeat when it comes to Ruby, but
185114 [ g guest.gom] A Xml-Parser might be able to help?

^ [ANN] Washington University teaches Ruby (in St. Louis)
184963 [ml.chibbs gm] If you are in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area and you want to

^ passing block to another function
184980 [ null void.0] def worker( &p_block )
+ 184983 [marcel verni] def worker(&block)
+ 184984 [ null void.0] Ok,
+ 184986 [vjoel path.b] def wrapper
  184994 [ null void.0] Yeah, it seems dead obvious *now*.  That is good to know about 'yield'
  185005 [vjoel path.b] $ cat yield-vs-proc.rb

^ OT: Japanese translation favor?
184988 [greg.kujawa ] I apologize for the off topic post, but I am trying to use a Remote
+ 184999 [clvrmnky.inv] Scrn003 Function of the remote desktop of WindowsXP is possible even
| 185029 [greg.kujawa ] Thanks for this. I think the needle in the haystack is starting to
+ 185006 [pbattley gma] The Zaurus can access Windows XP's Remote Desktop

^ many check_boxes
184998 [michaelaugus] I need use check_box to search function.
185039 [dave burt.id] You'll get better answers for Rails questions like this there.

^ How to read process memory?
185008 [beforewin gm] How to read process memory?
+ 185060 [bob.news gmx] How to understand your question?
+ 185075 [elven swordc] /proc/#{Process.pid}/mem

^ File Auditing - Fast DB import and data manipulation
185009 [bcorrigan78 ] Hey Folks,
+ 185125 [chneukirchen] How do you import data to MySQL?  Do you have direct access to the
+ 185135 [corey.ssf.la] Well, if you're doing it on *nix, use the 'diff' command. On Windows,
+ 185944 [heron jpl.na] You can use the 'mysqlimport' utility to do a bulk load

^ [ANN] lazytest 0.1.0
185010 [listen marcr] "lazytest" available as gem. You may wonder what happened to my first gem,
185018 [robmnl gmail] Cool stuff, I like it, thanks :)

^ Suppressing printing of evaluated expressions in irb
185013 [mhartl gmail] I've looked all over, but I can't figure out how to suppress the
+ 185022 [timothy.s.be] In irb, enter `conf.return_format = ""`  That'll turn off all
| 185024 [timothy.s.be] There is another solution, that of course I realize after I send out
+ 185028 [vikkous gmai] If you want to suppress printing for just one line, try appending ';0'
  186268 [mhartl gmail] Thanks for your help.  Tim's suggestions are nice, but I'd prefer to be

^ Method overload, care to improve?
185017 [transfire gm] Have a need to create method overloading, so I put together an
185019 [ajohnson cpa] IIRC, the 'strongtyping' library on RAA provide method overloading
185030 [transfire gm] Thanks Andrew.
+ 185046 [noone nowher] I would agree.  You loose the most powerful part - to define methods after the
+ 185049 [noone nowher] class Test
  185056 [google erikv] The "methods" are executed in the context of an Object object,
  185067 [noone nowher] Points taken for the problems of the implementation, and the metameta solution
  185070 [google erikv] As long as the objects are of the same class, you could use
  185076 [noone nowher] Thanks, I'll give it a try.

^ Downloading ActiveTCL
185020 [rhkramer gma] I'm trying (I've tried) to download ActiveTCL to use with Ruby.  (IIUC, it
+ 185036 [znmeb cesmai] ActiveTCL is for Windows. Konqueror is for Linux. Which are you trying
| + 185095 [rhkramer gma] Ahh, that could be (one of) my problem(s).  I'm running on Linux.
| + 185128 [nagai ai.kyu] ActiveTcl is not only for Windows.
|   186073 [znmeb cesmai] Now that I think about it, you're probably right. However, most folks I
|   186097 [nagai ai.kyu] On my Linux box, both of the distribution-standard Tcl/Tk and
+ 185127 [nagai ai.kyu] I don't know. However, you'll be able to get ActiveTcl packages from

^ Multiple SCP from remote machine
185021 [merrillbeth ] I'm a nuby who needs help solving a problem trying to copy from
185027 [mdoughty gma] ssh -t host1 scp host2:/path /localpath

^ Web server recommendations?
185025 [mreed theree] I want my website to include a mixture of static HTML pages, RAILS apps,
+ 185031 [ruby anthrop] } I want my website to include a mixture of static HTML pages, RAILS apps,
+ 185090 [info johnale] This is a loaded responce because I am looking for comments on my solution
  185119 [james_b neur] Have you looked at Mongrel?  It's a Ruby + C Webserver in the vein of