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^ [ADV] Next Beta of Rails Recipes available
184448 [dave pragpro] The fourth beta of Rails Recipes, Chad Fowler's book or writing real-

^ ERB question
184453 [rob lagesse.] Can anyone tell me what the difference is in these two statements?  Yes,
+ 184454 [news wobcom.] h is a short form for is a short form for the method html_escape.
| 184456 [rob lagesse.] OK, I guess that's clear enough... but it doesn't actually seem to make
| 184458 [james graypr] <%= h "< & >" %>
+ 184455 [dharple gene] RoR has it's own mailing list: http://rubyonrails.com/community

^ Evaluating the string in a variable to use as a method name
184460 [lists nabble] This may be a more generic Ruby question, so I'm going to ask on the Ruby
184463 [bob.news gmx] You cannot use @attr, @attr is reserved for instance variables.  Also, it's
184469 [lists nabble] Gotcha there, I wasn't planning to, it was more to make the variable more
184535 [bob.news gmx] It's generally preferred to use pieces of code that are syntactically
184585 [lists nabble] Thanks, I will do so in the future.  Sorry about confusion that I may have

^ build 3x3 table from one array
184462 [forest nitor] I am new to ruby and still haven't got my mind around iterators although
+ 184465 [jesusrubsyou] *snip*
| 184470 [w_a_x_man ya] puts %w(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9).map{|x| "<td>" + x + "</td>" }.
+ 184466 [james graypr] => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
  + 184467 [Daniel.Berge] require 'html/table'
  + 184471 [forest nitor] Thanks all. The each_slice solution I think will work the best for my
  + 184485 [matthew.moss] Is this standard library?
    184487 [timothy.s.be] Yes, enumerator is part of the standard library.  Go to http://ruby-

^ Re: rb_gc_mark()
184468 [ericrchr gma] I did not have a symbol file available, but I caught an access
185151 [ericrchr gma] There is a very strong correlation between this fault and using an

^ Efficiency vs. simplicity
184472 [noone nowher] In passing along event objects down a ui hierarchy, I can either modify the

^ specify a mandatory block parameter
184474 [ null void.0] I think I know the answer to this already, but...
+ 184476 [dblack wobbl] puts p_str
+ 184477 [jeff schwabc] Do you mean something like this?
| 184479 [dblack wobbl] I think you mean "raise" :-)
| 184490 [jeff schwabc] I reiterate:  D'oh!
+ 184559 [ null void.0] "I know, I could just raise my own exception if p_block == nil, just
  184568 [jeff schwabc] That's not the same thing.  If you use block_given? as David Black and I
  184915 [ null void.0] I am not saying it *should*, but just curious why specifying a block,
  184917 [dblack wobbl] It's hard for me to answer, because I don't understand why one would
  185159 [one.three gm] Blocks are actually objects of class Proc, so if you need to enforce
  185431 [emschwar fc.] Are you sure?  I did a lot of reading up on blocks lately, and from
  + 185432 [dblack wobbl] That's correct; the block is a syntactic construct (like argument
  + 185550 [one.three gm] I'm not sure how blocks are treated internally by Ruby (if some expert
    + 185553 [dblack wobbl] a.each {|b| puts b.capitalize }
    + 185554 [bob.news gmx] Actually Eric is right.  They are only objects if you request them to be.

^ mapping table column primary key in the model file
184475 [ai employees] I'm very new to RoR, and am trying to test out the scaffolding bit. I
184478 [cardologist ] This should really be psted on the Rails mailing

^ Card tricks with Ruby
184480 [grrr toto.ma] So suppose you have a deck of cards, that might have some number of cards.
+ 184481 [james graypr] => ["A", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "T", "J", "Q", "K",
| + 184500 [benjohn fysh] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 184546 [francisramme] How does this work??
|   + 184549 [jim weirichh] cards.sort { |a, b|
|   + 184550 [farrel.lifso] I think you're confusing the <=> operator needed to mixin Enumerable.
|     184572 [james graypr] Technically, the only method required by Enumerable is each().  You
|     184577 [farrel.lifso] My bad I meant comparable.
+ 184482 [cardologist ] class Array
+ 184483 [dblack wobbl] def shuffle
+ 184484 [matthew.moss] deck = (1..52).to_a
| 184523 [steve waits.] I find myself constantly pointing this out too.. is anyone else bothered
| + 184548 [dblack wobbl] Maybe I need more caffeine, but what exactly is the problem you're
| + 184562 [geoffrey.par] dots
| | 184567 [dblack wobbl] Yes, that's right.
| + 184573 [matthew.moss] I point it out to people who I think may not have seen it before, just
| | 184603 [steve waits.] Well, it's definitely one of the (very) few things that has bothered me
| | 184610 [dblack wobbl] Can you really stand to look at that?  It gives me the same feeling as
| | + 184613 [matthew.moss] As part-mathematician, I whole-heartedly say, "Yes!"  It's a compact,
| | + 184702 [steve waits.] That you had to invent that mnemonic device just to remember what they
| + 184678 [benjohn fysh] I like being able to express either. I often don't remember which is
|   + 184698 [jim weirichh] The dots *do* go a bit further ... far enough to push the last value
|   + 184716 [cyclists nc.] "When you see that third dot, imagine opening the accordion slightly.
|     184745 [danielbaird ] "We'll let the sky eat it." .. is my favourite sentence in the whole
+ 184486 [wilsonb gmai] How about this as a starting point?
+ 184553 [dblack wobbl] I have to say, it only dawned on me just now that it's kind of funny

^ Full Time Ruby Position in Provo, UT
184489 [pat.eyler gm] FamilyLearn, the developer of exciting family and personal history

^ Delayed File I/O & ZLIB - Any help would be appreciated
184491 [bcorrigan78 ] Folks,
184501 [jeff schwabc] Are you sure that's not printing anything?  It should be print exactly
184575 [bcorrigan78 ] hey Jeffrey,
184578 [bcorrigan78 ] Ok, well I figured out part of the issue.  The CSV file isn't being
184581 [aglarond gma] The CSV::Writer::generate doesn't implicity close the file you've

^ Re: Programming challenge: wildcard exclusion in cartesian products
184493 [sa-spamnotha] cp[2;3;,0 -1 1]
+ 184604 [cretin des.a] That one goes a long way as a proof of eg evolution theory, you know,
+ 184727 [wkehowski co] "This is where K starts to set itself from apart from most of the
  184748 [jo durchholz] Doesn't sound too different from what closures do. Or lazy parameter

^ Ruby 1.8.4 binaries for Win32 are available here
184494 [nospam nospa] * File: ruby-1.8.4-i386-mswin32.zip (6,950KB)
+ 184515 [ml.chibbs gm] This used to be true, but start with 1.8.4, the one-click installer
| + 184829 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of Ruby/Rails and Windows, what are the chances of getting a
| | 184833 [ml.chibbs gm] That's (pretty much) what Instant Rails is, (http://instant
| + 186077 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of Ruby/Rails and Windows, what are the chances of getting a
+ 188376 [jamies digit] Can I use these to upgrade my 1.8.4?
  188396 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ csv updater
184497 [samekh gmail] Greetings!
184517 [james graypr] csv_filldown.rb test_data.csv
184621 [samekh gmail] Cool, the puts command works, but when I tweak it to output this to a
184630 [james graypr] If you go back and look at my last message, I used the puts version
184634 [samekh gmail] to create a file (using redirection).  That's a pretty flexible
184635 [james graypr] ruby csv_filldown.rb  # <= this just prints to the screen

^ rake rules question
184499 [itsme213 hot] I am using RMagick to do multi-stage processing of some images.
184511 [jim weirichh] It will work.  The attached Rakefile will demonstrate the principle.
+ 184512 [jim weirichh] [... Rakefile example elided ...]
+ 184627 [itsme213 hot] Thanks, Jim!

^ ANN: Third Drop of RubyCLR
184506 [drjflam gmai] - Reference .NET assemblies by assembly name or by filename
+ 184507 [transfire gm] Sound like this is really coming along. I wonder does the project have
| + 184508 [drjflam gmai] The project will migrate over to rubyforge between now and the next release=
| + 184531 [thibaut.barr] a .NET assembly is what you get when you compile a .NET (C#, VB.Net...)
|   184540 [transfire gm] Thanks Thibaut. So they are like DLLs.
+ 184510 [cohen.jeff g] Sounds great, John.  I can't wait to start playing with it this weekend.
| 184526 [robert.feldt] John, does this address my earlier comments about being able to create
| 184569 [drjflam gmai] Unfortunately, no. There should be enough features to support creating a ne=
| 184571 [robert.feldt] Ok, I will take a look. Any you are using Komodo for all this dev?
| 184582 [drjflam gmai] I use Komodo for all the Ruby parts of the code. I use VS 2005 for the C++
+ 184586 [daniel voelk] As .NET should be portable (I never tried it), are there any chances to
| 184602 [drjflam gmai] I really haven't looked at what features the compact framework stuff
| 184631 [daniel voelk] I don't have any experience but I'll try tomorrow (uuh, the big trial
| 184720 [daniel voelk] *g* Oooh yes, I've no experience. The package is cool and works as
+ 184685 [hal9000 hype] Very interesting. Thanks for your hard work.
| 184778 [drjflam gmai] Thanks, Hal - I just replied last night to your earlier email.
+ 184733 [ssmoot gmail] This is very, very cool! Thanks!

^ removing diacritical marks
184513 [mail paulbar] I would like to remove the accents marks (a.k.a diacritical marks) from a

^ Re: Small optimization tips - gcc-4.1 ruby1.9 -O3
184514 [john.carter ] Use ruby-1.9 it is faster.
+ 184563 [pat.eyler gm] There was a good article on using profiling information to optimize GCC
+ 187740 [drbrain segm] 7660]

^ Newbie: Reflection question(?)
184518 [gaudimila ya] At runtime I have the name of a class in a string, and I want to call a
+ 184519 [kevin.jackso] you need to look at call
| + 184520 [gaudimila ya] I'll try that, thanks Kev!
| + 184679 [benjohn fysh] I don't think that's going to work for him (if c is the
+ 184528 [rossrt rosco] str = "Array"
  184536 [bob.news gmx] const_get is definitely preferred as it doesn't show the same security

^ [YAML] quirks with \0 in double quotes
184521 [vjoel path.b] Are these bugs? This is ruby-1.8.4. The YAML spec seems to say "\0" is

184522 [invest vosar] <HTML>

^ does exists a module similar to the Perl's Encode::Guess in Ruby ?
184527 [pere.noel la] does exists a module similar to the Perl's Encode::Guess in Ruby ?

^ Q: variable "declarations"
184529 [billy arnis-] I'm new to Ruby so my question could look a bit... hmmm.. stupied.
184533 [farrel.lifso] I would suggest unit tests using the Test::Unit API which comes

^ HungryNil
184534 [jchris mfdz.] you can use to selectively turn nill values into nulls, in a method
184537 [jchris mfdz.] sorry, I forgot the link: <a
184538 [jchris mfdz.] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ deleting from hash question
184539 [ryan jimmyet] I'm a ruby newbie and have what is probably a relatively simple problem
184576 [james graypr] Just FYI, Rails's dynamic finder methods are probably a little
184637 [ryan jimmyet] Yep. I totally flaked on that. Thanks!
184640 [james graypr] This is me being dumb and not realizing how clever Ruby is.  You can
184645 [ryan jimmyet] That did it, thanks! You've been a HUGE help!

^ Are college professors teaching computer science with ruby?
184541 [anne wjh.har] I was wondering if anybody taught the traditional computer courses in
+ 184542 [jeroenbulter] I use Ruby (being a lab assistant) in my Relational Database
| 184554 [bob.news gmx] Prebuild solutions they can find on the web maybe? :-)
| 184570 [jeff schwabc] Python may be perceived as a more valuable addition to a resume.  Python
+ 184544 [robert.feldt] Not traditional in the sense of being basic courses in the starting
| 184545 [anne wjh.har] Interesting, I had not thought of the students resenting having to
| + 184547 [robert.feldt] Well it's not a major factor in the decision since we use it anyway...
| | 184574 [bob.news gmx] IMHO that's true for a completely other reason as well: the task of
| | 184579 [robert.feldt] Yes, that's a good point. Unfortunately many companies are overly
| + 184558 [ news jay.fm] It certainly never contributed to the decision of whether or not to keep
+ 184561 [pat.eyler gm] You might take a looki at
| 184619 [anne wjh.har] thanks, that extended the list quite a bit.
| 184638 [pjhyett gmai] I tried desperately to change the language used for our school's
| 184690 [anne wjh.har] In your case what prevented the use of Ruby for this Bioinformatics
| 184697 [rubytalk gma] I had a programming languages class where we had to research and
+ 184766 [drosihn gmai] One of my friends is a new professor at Sienna college in
+ 184807 [greg.kujawa ] It's funny how every decade or so the prominent language taught at
  184810 [rubytalk gma] I don't think that the languages are as important as knowing how to

^ The Borg Are At It Again!
184551 [thoran thora] Howdy Good Ruby Folk,
+ 184566 [robert.feldt] The more the merrier. MS supports research into compiling many
+ 184705 [ptkwt aracne] Believe me, I am no fan of that company from Redmond.
+ 184708 [doug.holton ] I think you're over-reacting.  You know there has already been a
+ 184713 [ jupp gmx.de] Borg no Matsumoto Yukihiro desu
+ 184732 [ssmoot gmail] I see this as great news.
| 184841 [paul iconopl] It would also, if I understand .NET properly, mean that if somebody
| 184913 [cypher qsig.] Apparently it is true. Even though I didn't find it directly on the
| 184914 [cypher qsig.] Both http://www.answers.com/topic/david-korn and
+ 184838 [netghost gma] I think this is great.  If they are succesful it would mean that I can

^ Rapid Prototyping Perl In Ruby?
184552 [thoran thora] I was searching for a library in Ruby which I wasn't sure existed, and
184557 [dblack wobbl] Maybe I still haven't had enough caffeine... but it doesn't sound
+ 184594 [james_b neur] Remarkable testimony, too, on how language choice effects thinking.
| 184597 [dblack wobbl] Simon took very strongly to Ruby, and was pretty visible for a while.
| 184601 [pat.eyler gm] He did mention that he was stepping away from programming on his
| 184614 [jimfreeze gm] No doubt as a some sort of restitution for all those years of
| 184687 [thoran thora] Jim,
| 184731 [thoran thora] It's a sign!  Prediction: Simon Cozens Will Code Ruby...
+ 184682 [thoran thora] David,
  184688 [agorilla gma] Easier said than done.  If you have a ton of legacy code, it makes
  184691 [james_b neur] a) A member of of a derivative group of the Wobblies (most likely the

^ libxml: handling parse errors
184556 [mage mage.hu] I found the libxml API very nice, so I started using it.
184565 [rossrt rosco] We have a (contributed) patch that addresses this (allows an error proc

^ [QUIZ] Space Merchant (#71)
184560 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 184632 [lukfugl gmai] I've attached a library, GalaxyLoader, that parses a DSL for "world
| 184671 [rossrt rosco] Pretty cool, beats my current random generation strategy :)
| 184850 [timothy.s.be] I'm working on a Sector implementation at the moment.  I'll post the
| 184858 [timothy.s.be] Here's the Sector implementation I was working on.  It can use a
| 184859 [timothy.s.be] Correction to this solution:  in plot_course, @path.nil? should be
+ 184872 [rossrt rosco] Here is my Galaxy implementation. It seems to do everything it needs to
| + 184880 [rossrt rosco] I must've run these tests a few hundred times over the past few days,
| + 184907 [james graypr] This might be a fun follow-up quiz someday, if we can get the other
| | 184908 [timothy.s.be] I'm working on a planet.rb.
| | 184935 [timothy.s.be] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 184947 [timothy.s.be] James (or whoever else is doing station.rb), how are you representing
| | | + 184950 [james graypr] I'm thinking I will introduce a Ship object in there.  I've cleared
| | | + 184952 [lukfugl gmai] I'm working on an implementation of Station and just representing
| | | + 185015 [james graypr] I haven't had time to introduce ships yet, so I went with pretty much
| | |   185023 [timothy.s.be] Ok, great, I'll work with that then.
| | |   185041 [timothy.s.be] charset=US-ASCII;
| | |   185108 [rossrt rosco] Maybe we could work it with a block on planet/station initialize, so
| | + 184951 [steve waits.] Would you guys like a public svn repository for this?  That way you
| | + 184954 [rossrt rosco] Now you mention that, I think it's probably better if I remove that
| + 184945 [vjoel path.b] What about including DRbUndumped in the sector class, to keep them on
| | 184955 [rossrt rosco] The setup I had in the end was: (server) Galaxy as front object,
| | 184956 [james graypr] Could you have the client pass you $stdout and $stdin, then set them
| | 184996 [rossrt rosco] I had a go with this, but couldn't get it to work. However, in the
| | 185016 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| | 185057 [rossrt rosco] Ahh, I see. It looks like we had pretty similar concepts of how it
| | + 185100 [rossrt rosco] Okay, I have this working now after a fashion, but still can't get it to
| | | 185145 [james graypr] Yeah, this was a fun little experiment.  I'm glad we were able to get
| | + 185144 [james graypr] This is a great point.  Good ideas all around.  I believe you're
| + 185294 [ mfp acm.org] I found your message indirectly via my httpd logs :)
|   185312 [rossrt rosco] I meant to put a thanks in the message body after I decided the code was
|   185365 [rossrt rosco] For completeness, here is the final galaxy.rb with this bug fixed. I
+ 185485 [aglarond gma] I know this is 11th-hour and all, but I thought I'd mention it
  185535 [james graypr] I *almost* made the quiz like this, but changed my mind to keep