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Ruby::Watir Forum?
184129 [kalen.howell] I was wondering if there was any interest in starting a Watir forum? I
184199 [dave@bu t. d] There's a Watir users mailing list.
+ 185601 [kalen.howell] Thanks Dave!
+ 185612 [christopher.] The Watir mail list welcomes general Ruby questions, if they are likely

text to images using RMagick
184134 [ray_carrasco] (http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.ruby/browse_thread/thread/c1e73e86ca02c6af/7868ea24e7069eea?#7868ea24e7069eea)
184170 [cyclists@nc ] This works for me. You may need to upgrade your ImageMagick. I'm using
184525 [ray_carrasco] OSX 10.4.5, how do I check the version of ImageMagick installed?
+ 184530 [ray_carrasco] So i guess I'm running ImageMagick 6.2.4???
| 184555 [rmagick@gm i] Yes, that's right.
+ 184764 [cyclists@nc ] irb -r RMagick
  184995 [alex.combas@] The rmagick docs look absolutely amazing
  185011 [cyclists@nc ] Thanks for the kind words, Alex! I guess I need to look to look at that

some questions on language syntax
184139 [smerk@fi mu ] = %w{a b} produces ['a', 'b']. Is there some similarily easy way for
+ 184140 [elven@sw rd ] Hash[*%w{a b c d}] yields {"a"=>"b", "c"=>"d"}
| 184157 [smerk@fi mu ] Oh, that's great!!! How could I not notice that? ;-)
| 184159 [ef@al m. it ] I don't think that actually does what you want.  The test should
| + 184162 [mike@st k. a] Are you sure?
| + 184166 [jim@we ri hh] => -1
+ 184143 [james@gr yp ] => {"a"=>"b"}
| 184147 [jim@we ri hh] Or nonzero? ... eg.
+ 184146 [gene.tani@gm] Enumerable#sort_by { |obj| obj.fld1, obj.fld2 }
+ 184154 [ara.t.howard] a <=> b
  + 184165 [smerk@fi mu ] Interesting idea, but may be _\w{2}\. would be more appropriate instead
  | 184168 [ara.t.howard] right you are!  bug number 63 squashed.
  + 184171 [mike@st k. a] Tangentially speaking you can use unpack and sort_by to do this kind
    184173 [ara.t.howard] i actually like that.  whether regexes or pack codes are more obtuse is

RewriteRule with scgi on Apache 2
184144 [meng.frank@g] I want to direct all access of "/" to index.html
184149 [steve@fi ha ] You don't need a RewriteRule, you need DirectoryIndex.
184443 [meng.frank@g] Thank you for your message.
184446 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

setup.rb --prefix not working?
184150 [transfire@gm] I'm trying to use setup.rb's --prefix option, but it only seems to be

Scope of an @variable
184153 [nathan.olber] I've got a class. I want some methods of this class to be able to edit
+ 184155 [adam.shelly@] you need to use @@name.
| 184156 [nathan.olber] I was under the impression (newbie alert) that @name was for instances
| + 184163 [dharple@ge e] class Person
| | 184164 [wfroelich@db] I'm also a newbie so others feel free to correct me as well ;-)
| | 184176 [rtilley@vt e] This may be wrong, but I like to think of @@ as a class variable and @
| | 184181 [cohen.jeff@g] You're close. @ are instance variables.  Any instance method in your
| | + 184183 [rtilley@vt e] Thanks Jeff! That makes sense. I was confusing @ vars with local vars.
| | + 184502 [benjohn@fy h] You can also access @ variables from a class method - ie
| |   184504 [dblack@wo bl] obj = Object.new
| + 184324 [adam.shelly@] Oops, I read the question too quickly. Sorry.  David Black has the
+ 184191 [dblack@wo bl] As you've learned from some of the other responses, @name is an
  184194 [steve@wa ts ] Light bulbs floating above list readers' heads around the world just

[SOAP] Setting the namespace of an object
184161 [dan@ep rk ab] I posted this to the soap mailing list but have not received any input.

known isp running ruby
184175 [pere.noel@la] i'm looking for an internet provider able to run ruby (nitro).
+ 184177 [agorilla@gm ] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
+ 184179 [aredridel@nb] We're a full-service web host, including Ruby support. We're happy to
+ 184200 [jesusrubsyou] Ruby CGI scripts can be run.  With coupon code "998", you can get their
+ 184207 [todmcintyre@] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  184226 [pere.noel@la] ok, thanks to all of you !

Building querystrings with ruby
184178 [nicholas_wie] external modules to build querystrings without creating the string from
184196 [ara.t.howard] require "cgi"
184233 [pbattley@gm ] "?" << inject([]){ |a,(k,v)| a << [CGI.escape(k),
184235 [pbattley@gm ] "?" << map{ |kv| kv.map{ |e| CGI.escape(e) }.join("=") }.join("&")
+ 184240 [simon.kroege] golfing? :)
| 184244 [pbattley@gm ] All right then! :-)
+ 184241 [nicholas_wie] Wow !
+ 184427 [ecbearden@gm] Wow, I have no idea what this does or how it works.  Would you mind
  184450 [pbattley@gm ] "?"<<map{|h|h.map{|e|CGI.escape(e)}*'='}*'&'
  185299 [ecbearden@gm] perfectly.  very clever.

Newbie question
184180 [a_karhunen@h] I stumbled to Ruby by accident and read the beginning of Why's guide,
+ 184189 [poeniprinter] You mean this one?
+ 184503 [benjohn@fy h] I believe Ruby will run on a palm pilot, so I think your P2's
  184509 [kevin.jackso] Why's guide is probably the most fun way to describe a language ever

Equivalent to ColdFusion's CFDUMP tag in Ruby on Rails?
184192 [google@ke ri] One of ColdFusion's best features is it's CFDUMP tag with awesome
+ 184211 [bauer.mail@g] require 'yaml'
+ 184218 [bauer.mail@g] arg....  You made me do it.  It sucks, but it works for basic types.
+ 184239 [dave@bu t. d] <%=debug the_object_you_want_to_inspect %>

Rails' effect on Ruby as a language
184198 [transfire@gm] A while back I wondered if Rails threatened to subordinate Ruby. (See
+ 184208 [tirado.carlo] While I no longer subscribe to the Rails list, I left it with the
+ 184210 [ng@jo nw on ] I'm curious as to why you find this troubling.
| 184212 [leavengood@g] Well said, and I agree. But I do see Trans point in all this, and it
| 184242 [raphael@sc w] Am just a newbie to both Rails and Ruby myself, but... frankly...
+ 184263 [ruby@an hr p] } A while back I wondered if Rails threatened to subordinate Ruby. (See
+ 184290 [lukfugl@gm i] I wouldn't take the comparitive volumes of the lists as indicative of
  184313 [jdvolz@vo zs] I am just starting to learn Ruby, and I am very excited about it.  In
  + 184314 [ara.t.howard] not windows - but certainly 'scalable'
  + 184319 [tom@in oe he] Yours,

Unix file desciptors
184202 [anibalxk@ya ] ...

Useful methods for RubyGems
184203 [transfire@gm] Please, could these be added to the next version of Gems?
+ 184268 [transfire@gm] Should I send this to someone in particular instead?
| 184274 [jeffrey.dik@] Wouldn't this be better off sent to the rubygems-developers mailing
| 184302 [transfire@gm] True. True. I just don't want to subscribe to the list. But maybe a
+ 184304 [halostatue@g] Why not submit a feature request on RubyForge?
  184349 [transfire@gm] Thanks Austin.
  184360 [paul@ic no l] Well, FreeBSD has /usr/ports and that gets really useful if you run

Enumerable#find return index
184206 [todmcintyre@] This is quite embarassing because I Don't consider myself a poor
+ 184209 [danielbaird@] ...
+ 184229 [rossrt@ro co] (The upshot is that in CVS, 1.9 now allows a block to #index to specify
+ 184259 [bob.news@gm ] Yeah, but this is just a special case. With a block you can employ
  184271 [todmcintyre@] Once again I knew this would be a simple answer!!  I thank you for your
  184275 [bob.news@gm ] Ah, don't bother.  The API of the standard lib has it's humps and bumps
  184279 [dblack@wo bl] * given meth and meth!, meth! is the more "dangerous" version
  184283 [bob.news@gm ] Although it's certainly the most common use of "!".

xcopy doesn't work inside ruby?
184213 [ruby-talk@de] irb(main):005:0> r = `xcopy /s a\*.* b\*.*`
184214 [dave@bu t. d] => "xcopy /s a*.* b*.*"
184230 [axel.friedri] you are on Windows? (me too...)

[ADV] Best of Ruby Quiz now available
184215 [dave@pr gp o] Quizmeister James Edward Gray II selected the best 25 Ruby Quizzes
+ 184216 [leavengood@g] Yes, that is great cover.
| 184217 [billk@ct .c ] Haha, yes!!  Seconded (on all counts)!
+ 185074 [chneukirchen] I just received my free copy (I provided a solution to Quiz #9) and
  185137 [james@gr yp ] There wouldn't be a Ruby Quiz without all the wonderful people who

Hash default -- what's going on here?
184222 [pete@jw ib s] I've hit what is either an egregious bug in ruby (1.8.4) or some subtlety
+ 184223 [danielbaird@] ...
| 184234 [pete@jw ib s] Heh -- you can tell I'm new to ruby... (:-))
| + 184237 [simon.kroege] maybe
| + 184262 [bob.news@gm ] The question is what exactly are you trying to do?
|   184366 [pete@jw ib s] [Strangely this thread has completely disappeared from our server!
+ 184224 [gerardo.sant] table = Hash.new { |h, k|  h[k] = [0, 0] }

Mongrel Web Server 0.3.11 -- Edge Rails and Win32 Compliant
184231 [zedshaw@ze s] This is the big release of Mongrel that's been in the works for a while now
184379 [stoyan@gm il] Great job Zed,

GemPlugin 0.2.1 -- Resources, Configs, Cleaner
184232 [zedshaw@ze s] Just a quick announcement for people interested in GemPlugin.  GemPlugin is

Patching file class
184236 [daniel@vo lk] I checked out the ruby cvs tree for me Windows Mobile issue. After I run
+ 184238 [daniel@vo lk] In addition I saw that the method is implemented in Ruby 1.9. Is the cvs
| 184390 [nobu@ru y- a] You have to use ruby_1_8 branch.
+ 184247 [ml.chibbs@gm] You can put this anywhere in your own application. Ruby's classes can

Ruby Parser ...
184243 [Pierre.Barbi] A few month ago, for the ruby quiz 61, Dennis Ranke proposed a solution

Time object problems - 1.8.2
184245 [temp@lo ri a] I am trying to efficiently get the date part of a Time object.
+ 184250 [elven@sw rd ] irb(main):001:0> t = Time.now; t - t.sec - 60 * t.min - 3600 * t.hour
| 184280 [gthiesfeld@s] irb(main):001:0> t = Time.now; Time.local(t.year,t.month,t.day)
+ 184251 [pit@ca it in] p Time.at(0)
| 184316 [temp@lo ri a] Unfathomable! What does it mean?!?! I am entirely perplexed by this
| 184323 [pit@ca it in] GMT). My timezone is GMT + 1, so epoch happened to be at 1 o'clock. I
| 184331 [temp@lo ri a] Well that is the answer, then. Thankyou very much for that. Perhaps the
+ 184254 [aglarond@gm ] I've just been playing around with Time and Date a bit.  I have to ask: why?
  184270 [temp@lo ri a] Unfortunately the Date class is horrifically slow. I'm already being
  184276 [aglarond@gm ] Indeed.  I just discovered
  184300 [temp@lo ri a] It makes me think that an effort is needed to convert many of the
  184301 [ara.t.howard] check out the speed gains one can get with FasterCSV and reconsider - and it's
  184317 [temp@lo ri a] Sounds promising. I particularly like the sound of "Faster", in
  184320 [Daniel.Berge] Yep, it's mainly the algorithm, not the language.  You should be able to

No to_d in BigDecimal
184246 [work@as le m] I'm new to the Ruby bandwagon.  To get warmed up I've took on the gentle task
+ 184641 [blargity@gm ] If you're looking for double, then you're probably looking for to_f (float).
+ 184668 [dave@bu t. d] Looks to me like it's missing.

Installing 1.8.4 on windows
184258 [bttman@bi tr] Let me start by saying Yes! I have seaarched this list, I have done
184440 [dave@bu t. d] The One-Click Installer 1.8.4-preview3 _is_ "the complete ruby". As far as I
184442 [bttman@bi tr] Thanks Dave!
184451 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
184496 [nobu@ru y- a] Compiler configuration; you have to tell the compiler where

How to compile Ruby on Windows
184260 [idontwantspa] Does anybody have a kind of "step by step" instructions on how to
184264 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
184273 [daniel@vo lk] +1 But I suggest a ruby-dev list in english, as my japanese is very poor
184289 [wilsonb@gm i] 1. Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (free)
+ 184318 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
| + 184327 [halostatue@g] No. Of the choices, MSYS/MINGW is going to work most like Unix. MSVC6is no longer available for legal download. But...
| | 184330 [greg.kujawa@] This sounds pretty complicated as a DIY solution or a project goal. I
| | 184334 [halostatue@g] Did I say "instructions?"
| + 184340 [wilsonb@gm i] I know you were kidding, but I felt like sending an e-mail, so..
|   184347 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
|   184348 [wilsonb@gm i] Yeah, I knew that.. Didn't mean for my response to come out sounding defensive.
|   184352 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
|   + 184356 [wilsonb@gm i] Just checking.. do you know about this page?
|   | + 184361 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
|   | + 184457 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
|   |   + 184464 [wilsonb@gm i] ...
|   |   + 184492 [ml.chibbs@gm] Naaa... The One-Click Installer is an open source project, and all of
|   |     184755 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
|   |     + 184757 [dharple@ge e] Has anyone tried using Code::Blocks[1] and gcc? I don't use Windows,
|   |     + 184776 [ml.chibbs@gm] build scripts for the 1.8.4 release. The "installer-win" directory
|   + 184380 [adam.shelly@] ...
+ 184402 [daniel@vo lk] *g* Thanks for that, I'll give it a try.

184266 [ null@vo d. ] I am having problems with the Telnet module.
184272 [ null@vo d. ] Ok, the following works.

wsdl2ruby problem
184267 [vshepelev@im] But unforunately received message
184329 [vshepelev@im] Sorry, here must be

[BUG] rb_gc_mark()
184281 [ericrchr@gm ] I'm getting the following error quite frequently. What additional info
184394 [matz@ru y- a] This means an object in your application referring a broken

CURL-alike library for ruby
184282 [tswiah@in ov] Can you please advice me any CURL-alike library for ruby? I've found two
184297 [rossrt@ro co] ...
184306 [tswiah@in ov] Patched successfully, but when i tried to compile the extension on Linux
184309 [rossrt@ro co] Hmm... I just tried it here with a fresh copy, and it worked straight
184337 [eastcoastcod] +1 that Ruby is in major need of a cURL binding.
184372 [rossrt@ro co] I've found updating old extension code to Ruby 1.8 to be a great way to
184441 [tswiah@in ov] I decided to use http-access2 - it was fairly easy to set up and use.
184445 [aglarond@gm ] clnt.ssl_config.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE

returning p array
184285 [rtilley@vt e] I like the way in which p prints out the contents of an array. It's easy
+ 184287 [Pierre.Barbi] def info
| 184292 [rtilley@vt e] Thank you Pierre and Robert. That is exactly what I wanted to do.
+ 184288 [bob.news@gm ] This won't work because p returns nil.  Do this
+ 184291 [rtilley@vt e] x = Array.new
  184405 [bob.news@gm ] This can be shortened to

Ruby for Java Folks?
184286 [emschwar@fc ] I've agreed to give a brief talk on Ruby for the Pikes Peak Java
+ 184294 [billk@ct .c ] One possibility might be to show them JRuby?  I used to do
+ 184295 [chanezon@gm ] ...
| 184365 [emschwar@fc ] Right.  The problem I have is that I'm, as I said, much more of a
+ 184299 [ruby@an hr p] } I've agreed to give a brief talk on Ruby for the Pikes Peak Java
+ 184311 [james.herdma] It's safe to assume that your viewers will have seen this, and perhaps
| 184321 [julian.kamil] And let me add another one: "Coming to Ruby from Java", by Francis
| 184333 [headius@he d] ...
+ 184342 [wilsonb@gm i] How about working through some of the examples from Refactoring by
| 184364 [emschwar@fc ] Most of my good books (like Refactoring) are packed up, alas!  But
| 184410 [null.and.voi] File yourFolder = new File("/home/emschwar");
+ 184434 [jesusrubsyou] Personally, I still think Stephen Waits' "Learn Ruby" slideset [1] is

word split with 2 columns
184293 [dan@me as .h] outfile = ARGV.shift
184303 [chris.hulan@] start_line = 6 #or 7, or whatever...

comp.lang.ruby FAQ
184308 [hal9000@hy e] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

construct AoA with REXML XPath?
184312 [christopher.] say I have a document
+ 184351 [gthiesfeld@s] You could use Array#zip
| 184362 [christopher.] Yes, but I wonder if there is a rock-solid guarantee that each array
+ 184387 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Array; alias atr first; alias txt last  end