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^ Ruby 1.8.4 One-Click Installer
183793 [greg.kujawa ] I just wanted to say good job for the folks responsible for the
183854 [riko despamm] Are we talking about Windows? Could you please post I link?
183867 [ml.chibbs gm] The One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.4 preview3 has been posted since Jan
183910 [riko despamm] Sigh.. I totally missed it. Sorry.

^ Re: Agile Web Developement with Rails in Italian
183794 [horndude77 g] I know this probably won't answer your question, but here's the page

^ Ruby 1.8.4 One-Click Installer
183795 [greg.kujawa ] I just wanted to say good job for the folks responsible for the

^ Re: String subclass method returns subclass - intentional feature
183796 [svolkov comc] Thanks for references,

^ Re: abstract method in Ruby
183800 [google erikv] You can't call them *abstract* methods if you implement them
+ 183919 [ara.t.howard] how interesting!
+ 183921 [coder68 yaho] A good portion of the GoF patterns rely on abstract methods (visitor,
  + 183936 [google erikv] I'm not advocating these abstract methods in Ruby. On the
  + 183938 [ara.t.howard] i disagree strongly here.  check out these two snippets that i am working on
    + 183958 [halostatue g] Okay, Ara. Why do these methods need to be abstract and specificallyhave code around them? IMO, the *same* question should be asked oftsort.rb. I think that, in both cases, the answer is the same: theydon't.
    | 183965 [ara.t.howard] you are perfectly correct.  however, i think we all know that there is a lot
    | 183978 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
    | 183994 [lukfugl gmai] Umm, except, no. Maybe if we used Erik's "allocation-time checking"
    + 183961 [avdi.grimm g] The question is, why use either of those methods?  Why not just note
    + 183962 [coder68 yaho] I still prefer the "full on type ducking" with a readable comment in the
    + 184015 [vjoel path.b] rdoc -A abstract_method=ABSTRACT
      184074 [jim weirichh] I've been following the discussion on abstract method declaration with
      + 184077 [james graypr] Priceless.
      + 184078 [pit capitain] LOL!!! Very nice! You should post this to the TDD mailing list.
      | 184081 [simon.kroege] *g*
      + 184088 [benjohn fysh] It would be preferable I think, if a more helpful error message were
      | + 184089 [dblack wobbl] I don't think Jim is being flippant at all.  He's provided a fantastic
      | + 184091 [jim weirichh] Agreed.  The unit test only specifies that the method name should be
      + 184108 [vjoel path.b] class A

^ array element access
183801 [tomas_fische] I've got an array a= [1,2,3,4,5,6] and want to access each second
+ 183805 [dharple gene] require 'enumerator'
| + 183810 [cyclists nc.] enumerator is handy but it seems a bit like overkill for a task that can
| + 183812 [fugalh xmiss] map , = (1..10).partition{|i| i%2==0}
| + 183813 [w_a_x_man ya] f=1
+ 183807 [hhausman gma] a = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
+ 183811 [farrel.lifso] array.inject(false) do |alternate,element|
+ 183818 [luc honk-hon] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
| 183822 [adam.shelly ] irb(main):012:0> a=[1,1,2,2,3,3,4,5]
| 183851 [luc honk-hon] Yep, good catch.
+ 183821 [ara.t.howard] a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
+ 183997 [noone nowher] I've always been intrigued by creating a generalized enumeration system.  Have
  184001 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure why, but to my eye this has always looked somewhat
  184002 [noone nowher] file.each_byte.with_index.collect { |b, i| b + 1 }
  184013 [dblack wobbl] There's still something I don't like about using method-chaining

^ freeze and hash
183819 [uval rz.uni-] irb(main):069:0* a = Hash.new([])
+ 183826 [cmills frees] Try
+ 183828 [cyclists nc.] Freezing the hash doesn't freeze the array that is its default value

^ Rinda not working through the network - what's wrong?
183820 [pgquiles elp] I have host A (IP and host B (IP, both of them Linux

^ alias_method 'stickiness'
183825 [ara.t.howard] any idea if this behaviour is intended or not?
183833 [vjoel path.b] Unfortunately (?) what this^^^ does is define run to be a copy of the
183836 [ara.t.howard] doh!  yup - yer right.  i like my 'anonym' method more and more.  perhaps an
183972 [vjoel path.b] I've just gotten used to using alias *only* for metaprogramming, and not
183982 [ara.t.howard] i like that.  what do you think about

^ [ANN] abstract.rb 1.0.0 release (Re: abstract method in Ruby)
183830 [kwa kuwata-l] I released abstract.rb 1.0.0.

^ Array#inject with hash as initial, unexpected error
183831 [matthew.moss] (On Mac OS X 10.4.5, Ruby 1.8.4)
183832 [trevor proto] Hey Matthew,
183840 [matthew.moss] Okay, I feel silly now.  Thanks for the reminder on basic assignment

^ Init Script Installer
183835 [zdennis mkte] I've got a few scripts which need to run as system daemons. For a while
183915 [zdennis mkte] Checking for feedback this morning on this thread I see that my post doesn't make a whole lot sense. Perhaps a rephrase will help
183940 [ezmobius gma] Zach-
183953 [zdennis mkte] Absolutely. I just didn't want to post anything *yet* until I got some
183960 [mercan01 gma] I'd also be happy to test this out.

^ [Quiz 70 Solution] -- Using Amb
183846 [jim weirichh] The Amb library is part of the continuations talk that Chad and I gave
183848 [jim weirichh] Oops, typo!

^ What's the best way to split this kind of string?
183847 [sam.s.kong g] I'm trying to make a routine to make a Morris Number Sequence.
+ 183849 [jim weirichh] "111223133".scan(/1+|2+|3+|4+|5+|6+|7+|8+|9+|0+/)
+ 183850 [rossrt rosco] s.scan(/(\d)(\1*)/).map! { |e| e.join }
| + 183864 [thiago.arrai] Hmm.... Clever
| + 183951 [ajohnson cpa] s.scan(/((.)\2*)/).transpose[0]
+ 183858 [w_a_x_man ya] "111223133".scan(/(.)(\1*)/).map{|x|x.join}

^ Ruby application
183860 [benjohn fysh] I'm after some general advice about creating a Ruby application that
183862 [farrel.lifso] ...
183889 [shugotenshi ] A lot of Ruby applications will come with a setup.rb that will install

^ [soap4r] how to get the soap stream from a client ?
183863 [com.descasof] With soap4r, I send a soap request to a server, but I would like to see my

^ The benefits of tail recursion
183866 [interfecus g] I thought I'd share a useful little trick with the list. I've put
+ 183868 [interfecus g] Sorry guys, I have a patch already. After the line
| 183945 [pbattley gma] Very nice. However, I couldn't run the normal recursed fibonacci test
+ 183946 [vanek acd.ne] do you know whether it's possible to do Ackermann with this?
+ 183971 [pit capitain] If you're interested, see ruby-talk:145593 for an implementation with
| 183975 [headius head] Someone wanna run a comparison of performance between the two? If
| 183995 [ajohnson cpa] def foo(n)
+ 183974 [headius head] Yes, this is a very nice little trick, especially with the performance gain=

^ Extension module: Why does object get GCed?
183871 [pseudoman4 y] I try to write an exentension module with containing the following
183875 [decoux moulo] at the end of the function, this address is not valid and probably will
183882 [pseudoman4 y] i know that ruby_obj goes out of scope when the function exit. But that
183881 [pseudoman4 y] i know that ruby_obj goes out of scope when the function exit. But that
183887 [decoux moulo] After the function exit anything can be put at this address. This mean
183905 [pseudoman4 y] I tried adding ruby_obj to a stl vector. This doesn't work and the
183907 [decoux moulo] First, what are you trying to do ?
183912 [pseudoman4 y] Yeah!

^ word_wrap method for String?
183873 [progressions] For a text adventure program I'm working on I needed a method to word
+ 183874 [ruby crazyte] def wrap(wrap_len=78)
| 183884 [shugotenshi ] class String
+ 183876 [vanek acd.ne] width = 11
| + 183879 [progressions] When I was writing that I just KNEW there must be some one-line solution
| | 183891 [vanek acd.ne] everthing old is new again.
| | 183893 [progressions] It's my first time using the profiler, but if I'm reading this
| | 183895 [vanek acd.ne] yahtzee!
| + 183914 [w_a_x_man ya] When you modded, you didn't notice that 8 was 2 less than the width.
+ 183901 [dharple gene] This one is taken from facets[1]. I use it to wrap lines in TextMate.

^ Quickest way to do this string op.
183878 [eastcoastcod] What's the quickest way to turn "BOCA RATON" into "Boca Raton"?
+ 183880 [angus quovad] "BOCA RATON".replace "Boca Raton" # :-P
| 183883 [simon.kroege] "BOCA RATON".gsub(/\w+/){|w| w.capitalize}
| 183885 [ppalmer nani] "BOCA RATON".capitalize
| + 183890 [ppalmer nani] Answer : No you can't. Please ignore me ;)
| | 183900 [james_b neur] Do we ignore the message asking us to ignore you?
| + 183896 [heimdall uni] irb(main):001:0> "BOCA RATON".capitalize
| + 183952 [rhkramer gma] Nope!  (That gives => "Boca raton").
+ 183897 [heimdall uni] irb(main):006:0> str = "BOCA RATON"
+ 183986 [poeniprinter] "BOCA RATON".split(' ').collect do |name| name.capitalize end.join(' ')

^ RAA <=> Gem
183888 [info johnale] What is the best way to

^ RubyCorner a meeting place for the Ruby blogging community
183902 [anibalrojas ] After spending some of our spare time (a software developer having
183909 [lyle.johnson] Let me begin by saying I'm glad whenever anyone wants to contribute
183976 [anibalrojas ] Lyle,
183991 [james_b neur] How about PHP? I believe it powers RubyForge.org.  Or is it Perl?
184014 [michael.gors] I really like the idea: it allows all of us to contribute, and it
184378 [anibalrojas ] James,

^ Recursive line counter (review?)
183904 [thibaut.barr] I'm practicing ruby everyday on small tools to learn more, could anyone
+ 183916 [chris.hulan ] I like your use of inject.  However, the code you show is not
| 183930 [bob.news gmx] This doesn't work well with large files and also uses more resources
+ 183929 [bob.news gmx] You're not properly closing IO's.  Rather do

^ Broken pack/unpack workaround
183911 [fugalh xmiss] Array#pack and String#unpack are broken on OS X Tiger's ruby build. This
183933 [pbattley gma] broken = (1 == [1].pack('n')[0])
183935 [fugalh xmiss] tr never occurred to me. That's perfect!

^ [ANN] Nabaztag 0.1
183913 [pbattley gma] I'm pleased to announce the public release of our Nabaztag
+ 183920 [ara.t.howard] may we ask - for what?  ;-)
| 183922 [pbattley gma] It performs a couple of announcement functions. First, it reports the
| 183923 [robert.feldt] I find the whole idea of a Ruby library for controlling a little white
| 183927 [charlie cast] I never thought I would want a small toy rabbit but I do!  Does it work
+ 183926 [vincent.arno] Being French, I particularly appreciated the phonetic translation to
+ 183931 [james.adam g] Paul, can you bring that to the next LRUG meeting?
+ 184023 [zdennis mkte] That's pretty sweet Paul. Thanks for sharing!
  184063 [xmlarchitect] Awesome idea!

^ autorequire
183924 [eastcoastcod] I know Rails uses some const_missing magic to automatically require
184065 [benjohn fysh] I think you want Kernel::autoload( module_name, module_path ), and also

^ Re: Integer(nil) and checking numericality
183925 [Daniel.Berge] Not exactly.  It normally returns the value that YourObject#to_int would

^ simple one-liners: last line missing
183934 [tobiasreif p] Let's say I'd want to modify each line of a file. Here's the dummy
+ 183939 [decoux moulo] The replacement string is build when #sub is called
| 183944 [tobiasreif p] Thanks. I guess my (current) opinion is that it should work.
| 183949 [tobiasreif p] Now I understand that it can't work.
+ 183942 [ajohnson cpa] When doing substitutions with a string replacement, you do not get what
+ 183943 [vanek acd.ne] I think you want,

^ Passing methods around
183937 [sleepingsqui] I'm a Ruby novice working my way through the pickaxe book, and I've got
+ 183947 [ssmoot gmail] Haven't tried it, but the "LHS (some_dynamic_method) RHS" syntax does
+ 183950 [jim weirichh] [... program elided ...]
  + 183970 [sleepingsqui] OK.  I'm trying to get aquinted with the terminology.  Would we say
  | + 183980 [gene.tani gm] ...
  | + 184019 [ssmoot gmail] No, the deal is that '+', '*', etc aren't some special "operator" type
  | + 184031 [acharlieblue] Nah. You're confusing syntax with identity. The token "*" there is not
  + 183990 [sleepingsqui] Just another data point.  It looks like you can also use "method"

^ Alternate notation for eigenclass
183948 [transfire gm] Rather then using a specific method for accessing the
+ 183956 [halostatue g] As long as we don't call it "eigenclass". To pick on your specificproposal, isn't x:foo going to be used for selector namespaces? x!foolooks odd, to me. I'm not opposed to the idea in general, but thenumber of sigils in use in Ruby is already high, and I think I'dprefer a method overall.
| 184020 [ssmoot gmail] I don't like it. Why do we need special notation? x.eigenclass.foo is
| 184033 [johan.veenst] Maybe 'myclass' or 'selfclass' instead of 'eigenclass'
| 184067 [dblack wobbl] Or singleton_class, which is what it's called :-)
| 184068 [transfire gm] Really?
| 184069 [dblack wobbl] I didn't mean there was such a method (though I hope there will be,
+ 184080 [gwtmp01 mac.] class <<obj; end
  + 184086 [dblack wobbl] I know it sounds minor but I think with the space it's much clearer
  | + 184148 [wright_gary_] Yes.  My comment regarding expressions after the 'class' keyword
  | | + 184167 [mental rydia] The above example illustrates exactly why general expressions aren't
  | | | + 184172 [gwtmp01 mac.] Ah!  Yes.  That funny thing over my head is a light bulb.
  | | | | 184174 [1337p337 gma] You get APL, the original language of choice for one-liners.
  | | | + 184184 [transfire gm] That's a good point. But we should be clear. First, this is only
  | | |   184305 [mental rydia] Only because you have an a priori idea of what makes sense.
  | | + 184193 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):001:0> def x; class << String; self; end; end
  | |   184220 [gwtmp01 mac.] A singleton class/end block is parsed and evaluated as an expression.
  | |   184257 [transfire gm] As I pointed out, there really isn't an ambiguity. BUT that doesn't
  | |   184307 [mental rydia] Well, when we're speaking of grammars, "ambiguity" refers to
  | + 184158 [wright_gary_] This has problems also.  Too me it now looks like << is a binary
  |   184195 [dblack wobbl] and
  |   184197 [matz ruby-la] It was the original reason.  But I changed my mind.  The only reason
  |   184204 [wilsonb gmai] We've already got superclasses and subclasses.  I suppose the
  |   + 184221 [vjoel path.b] Underclass??? It's revolting ;)
  |   | 184255 [transfire gm] No comment on #sig? Oh my, that must be GOOD sign. :-)
  |   + 184296 [mental rydia] It's worth noting that "eigenclass" is synonymous with these.
  |     184298 [dblack wobbl] Not entirely; for example, objects have lots of innate behaviors that
  |     184315 [halostatue g] #inner_class  #shadow_class
  + 184152 [transfire gm] That's an interesting view point Gary. Hadn't thouhgt of it that way. I

^ Test::Unit mixup
183963 [warrens actc] charset="us-ascii"
183969 [pit capitain] normally the assert methods are accessible in subclasses of

^ Recall: Test::Unit mixup
183964 [warrens actc] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Wrapping XML document in Class
183966 [aaronbecker1] I would like to use Ruby and REXML to wrap an XML document and allow
+ 183979 [aaronbecker1] I found this blog entry on a XmlStringBuffer class in Ruby.  I
+ 183983 [jim weirichh] [... example elided ...]
+ 183985 [SimonKroeger] class Xmltree
  183996 [benjohn fysh] Last time I was doing playing with XML, I wanted to be able to,

^ how do I post to a form (http) in Ruby 1.8.2?
183968 [dandante dan] How do I do the equivalent of Net::HTTP.post_form() in Ruby 1.8.2? (This

^ Re: Wrapping XML document in Class (Ruby Source Filters?)
183988 [aaronbecker1] Awesome!  That is better than I ever imagined.
183989 [aaronbecker1] I found a couple links on source filters for Ruby.

^ Posting to an http server using pre-1.8.2 Ruby
183993 [dandante gma] How do I send data to an http server using POST and basic

^ Soon I will have teh 64-bit words
183999 [ayZIG0106 qa] I'm starting work - at last!  Time to put together than Athlon 64 X2 3800+

^ Soon I will have teh 64-bit words
184000 [ayZIG0106 qa] I'm starting work - at last!  Time to put together than Athlon 64 X2 3800+

^ Rake best practices for managing multi-directory project?
184003 [stuart.hunge] I'm currently working on a project with a number of "modules"

^ Looking for Rake C code building examples with multiple platforms, versions...
184004 [stuart.hunge] I'm currently using Rake to manage the building of a smallish

^ Instiki on shared host?
184006 [grrr toto.ma] Anyone ever attempted this? My host is shared *nix style with ruby 1.8.2.
184310 [ abc def.ghi] I have instiki-ar(beta1), running somewhat correctly on apache 2 with
184322 [grrr toto.ma] I am asking because I have no idea how to do it. I am used to apt-getting
184725 [ abc def.ghi] is how I did things, but in addition i had to clean out the vendors

^ formatting dates and times
184008 [rtilley vt.e] In Python, I do this to format date and time in a certain fashion.
+ 184009 [zakak fastma] Time.now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
| 184011 [rtilley vt.e] Thanks... I came across the answer soon after posting. I should research
+ 184010 [dharple gene] Time.new.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') -> "2006-03-14"
+ 184012 [cyclists nc.] ri Time#strftime