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subversion bindings for ruby
183556 [pertl@gm .o ] I am looking for ruby-bindings to subversion.
183603 [kou@co mi ng] You don't need SWIG if you're using tar ball.

problem with date and date/format
183560 [pere.noel@la] i've a RubyCocoa app, working well on my computer, but this app crashed
183564 [none@no e. e] module Date
+ 183565 [pere.noel@la] may be that's the LOAD_PATH being too large, finding another class Date
+ 183743 [pere.noel@la] yes they are two definitions of class Date one in date.rb at line 392

Re: FasterCSV 0.1.6 -- With Header Support!
183562 [Sky.Yin@gm i] I'm using ruby1.8.4 on win32. When I require 'faster_csv', it just
+ 183563 [ara.t.howard] are you sure you are running ruby-1.8.4 and not another ruby on the system?
+ 183566 [james@gr yp ] Forwardable was standard long before 1.8.4 and I know some people are
| 183578 [Sky.Yin@gm i] Sorry for the confusion, the tests run fine from command line. The
| 183579 [james@gr yp ] Does it "fail" or just return false?  Try using it after the
| 183589 [Sky.Yin@gm i] It returns a 'false'. and "require 'forwardable'" returns the same
+ 183567 [gregory.t.br] Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

Using 'include' but not poluting my namespace
183569 [noone@no he ] I noticed that if you 'include' a module within a method, it will polute the
+ 183570 [ara.t.howard] both pollute your namespace equally.  the first pollutes class Object, the
+ 183575 [brian.matter] require 'intertia'

ruby and osc
183572 [k.gebbert@gm] I am quite new to the lang and started off a project in it using

gem + libxml
183573 [mikael.x.lar] Wat is wrong here ?? Do I need ruby source?
183632 [rossrt@ro co] Hmm, I think that the Ruby headers should always be installed, in your
183635 [mikael.x.lar] found this
183636 [rossrt@ro co] Okay, it seems you're missing the headers. Couple of things you might
183638 [mikael.x.lar] There was a ruby-devel pakage, now it works!! Thanks for your help

C++ DLL example
183580 [r.mark.volkm] Can someone point me to a simple example of calling a C++ function from Ruby?
+ 183600 [vanek@ac .n ] The way I do it is to make sure all entry points in the C++ file are extern "C"
+ 183643 [SimonKroeger] #include "ruby.h"
| 183783 [r.mark.volkm] Thanks for the detailed instructions Simon!
+ 183651 [reevesg@po o] I had a question on C++ extensions that contained some code examples.

[SOLVED] Re: Can't get net/smtp to send outside of LAN?
183581 [info@jo na e] For anyone who has been following this thread I have solved the problem.

svn pre-commit hook
183582 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] OK, I give up.
+ 183583 [collinsj@se ] I don't know about pre-commit hooks, but here's a post-commit hook I
| 183587 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Thanks.
+ 183906 [kou@co mi ng] ...
  183908 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Excellent, Thanks!

Red Letter: The Ruby Journal Writing Kit
183584 [sam.flywheel] After some delay, the Red Letter writing kit is now available. The

Question about Hash's initialize
183585 [nineclue@gm ] ...
183588 [shortcutter@] AFAIK there is no way to get this ever to work as you expect since, as
+ 183591 [ara.t.howard] my alib has an OrderHash class.  anyone's welcome to it for the stealing.
+ 183596 [nineclue@gm ] ...

Ruby Brigade|Group|Meetup collaboration
183586 [pat.eyler@gm] I've noticed several things recently that made me think that

Ruby and EJBs
183590 [lepage@gm il] I know this topic has been somewhat addressed in the past but I would
+ 183599 [rcoder@gm il] In order to directly invoke EJB methods from Ruby, you'll need to use
+ 183688 [info@jo na e] What Lennon said.
+ 184344 [headius@he d] ...
  184355 [lepage@gm il] Hey,
  184524 [headius@he d] ...

An Array of grep Results?
183592 [nathan.olber] I want to search all the files in a directory for a string and save the
+ 183593 [lists@tu ni ] See the docs for Dir#glob
+ 183649 [bob.news@gm ] # untested

Help me understand why the Ruby block is slower than without
183594 [orotone@gm i] programmer, so please, if it looks too much like these languages and not
+ 183597 [w_a_x_man@ya] File.open("wordlist") { |f|
| 183658 [james@gr yp ] File.foreach("wordlist") do |word|
+ 183601 [gwtmp01@ma .] I'm guessing that
| 183609 [dblack@wo bl] You're right but spelled rite wrong, Wright :-)
+ 183660 [james@gr yp ] This sounds like premature optimization.  Remember, you start
+ 183771 [w_a_x_man@ya] IO.foreach('words'){|s|puts s if s=~/(?!.*(.).*\1)^.{10}$/}

need GTK grid for ruby on windows
183595 [bww00amdahl@] I need a grid for ruby-gtk on windows...

Re: Help me understand why the Ruby block is slower than wit
183598 [orotone@gm i] Ok, factor of 10 faster, and more Ruby like, much and many Thanks!
+ 183602 [orotone@gm i] I mis-spoke.  Not a factor of 10 faster, just marginally.  I had
| + 183604 [OnlyMostlyDe] Solely for my own amusement, since I'm still trying teach myself Ruby...
| | + 183606 [orotone@gm i] Thanks for doing this way.  I had thought about trying to read it in and
| | | 183782 [bob.news@gm ] I'm not sure whether this question has been answered yet.  It's probably
| | + 183617 [billk@ct .c ] One detail here is the file handle is not being closed.  A few alternatives
| + 183621 [steve@wa ts ] I'm curious why you see it so?  Personally, seems less Ruby-like to me.
|   183624 [orotone@gm i] Let me be the first to say that I certainly don't understand Ruby idiom
|   183625 [orotone@gm i] Oops, don't need the f= on this one.  me bad.
+ 183607 [g_ogata@op u] I don't see much of a slowdown.
  + 183612 [orotone@gm i] Much thanks, I think that you've proved what I suspected, that Ruby is
  + 183641 [benjohn@fy h] ...
    + 183661 [orotone@gm i] A . matches any char except the \n, putting it in (), makes it save in
    | 183663 [orotone@gm i] I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.  I guess maybe I'm getting
    | + 183665 [orotone@gm i] This code doesn't work on my Mac.  I do have a version that uses the
    | | + 183667 [james@gr yp ] tens.rb         wordlist
    | | | 183669 [decoux@mo lo] Try it with
    | | | 183673 [james@gr yp ] Ah, yes, duh.  Thanks Guy.
    | | + 183671 [mike@st k. a] Doesn't James Gray's code print out words which contain exactly 11
    | + 183668 [james@gr yp ] Well, I'm pretty darn sure you are in the minority on that one:  ;)
    |   + 183674 [steve@wa ts ] Well, in this case, being in the majority doesn't necessarily make
    |   | 183675 [wright_gary_] It isn't really premature optimization if you are dealing with a
    |   + 183680 [orotone@gm i] I'm going to make a leap of faith here and guess that we're in agreement
    |   + 183781 [dblack@wo bl] But one doesn't want to suppress one's knowledge.  When I write a
    |     + 183788 [orotone@gm i] Thanks David and others who stated what I wanted to say better than I
    |     + 183798 [rhkramer@gm ] Thank you!
    |       183869 [semmons99@gm] File.open( "./words" ).readlines.each do |line|
    |       183892 [james@gr yp ] File.readlines("words").each do |line|
    + 183745 [eay_nospam@p] I was going to ask why everyone is not doing

Python a hungrier beast than Ruby?
183605 [rcs@bg ar .n] I have tested two implementations of wxRuby/wxPython applications (stock
+ 183627 [ml.chibbs@gm] All I can is is that neither Ruby nor wxRuby is super optimized. The
+ 183662 [riko@de pa m] Did you run the tests on Windows? On GNU/Linux (which distro?)
| 183672 [rcs@bg ar .n] On Windows.
| + 183682 [riko@de pa m] You can check on the documentation of the packages. I suppose that it
| + 183727 [foxdeman@gm ] Windows may be doing something funny with the shared libraries. Just for
|   184005 [rcs@bg ar .n] Same thing, whichever I open first.
+ 183683 [logancapaldo] Random theory, (which could be tested by looking at the source)

Optimizing ruby constant array data
183608 [noone@no he ] I decided it was time to do a little profiling, and am so glad that it's built
+ 183610 [g_ogata@op u] Perhaps use #at instead of #[] ?  Using texture coord arrays might
| 183615 [noone@no he ] Thanks for the feedback.  at() didn't seem to do much, but I just remembered
+ 183639 [ mfp@ac .o g] def draw_string( string )
+ 183648 [bob.news@gm ] This looks rather like the code in each_byte was the problem.  Notice that

syntax highlight problem about the ruby-mode in emacs
183611 [eric.python@] I edit ruby script in emacs, but sometimes I just cannot get ruby mode
212105 [silversys@bt] I have the same problem.

Embedable Ruby Interpreter
183616 [mscode3@co .] I am looking for a Ruby interpreter that can be embedded in another
+ 183619 [jtregunna@bl] ...
+ 183620 [billk@ct .c ] in your ruby distribution.

backslash in quotes
183622 [itsme213@ho ] Why is \ the same as \\ in the 1st 2 cases, but not in the 3rd?
183626 [orotone@gm i] I'm new here, but I can answer this one.  In the last one you are

String subclass method returns subclass - bug or feature?
183623 [svolkov@co c] Could you please explain me why String instance methods return subclass,
183746 [g_ogata@op u] String (and Array) methods that return new strings (arrays) tend to

named method arguments with defaults
183629 [eliben@gm il] What is the current idiomatic approach to pass named arguments to a
183634 [devlists-rub] def a_method(*options)
183637 [eliben@gm il] This works when I remove the asterisk from the (*options).
183642 [devlists-rub] Language support for named arguments will be in Ruby 2.0 (hopefully :P)
183659 [gene.tani@gm] There's a discussion of how to simulate keyword args in the draft Ruby

ruby -w and '(...) interpreted as grouped expression'
183630 [minkoo.seo@g] I've encountered enigmatic error message while learning rdoc. This is
183631 [matz@ru y- a] It's caused by a space before argument parenthesis.  I just removed it

Matrix in Ruby
183633 [minkoo.seo@g] What is the best way to create a matrix whose size is m x n?
183646 [minkoo.seo@g] a = Matrix[(0..3).map { Array.new(5) }]
183657 [ara.t.howard] if you're going to be working with large matrices and doing lots of number

Optimizing Programs And Code them with Ruby way
183640 [serbulentu@g] no errors.
183718 [noone@no he ] Have you tried running it with 'ruby -rprofile'?

[RCR] abstract method in Ruby
183647 [kwa@ku at -l] To define abstract method in Ruby, I use NotImplementedError like the
+ 183656 [halostatue@g] In the last four years of using Ruby, I thought I needed abstractmethods in the first few months. Then I learned what value Modules asmixins gave me.
| 183704 [kwa@ku at -l] Thanks Austin,
| 183709 [logancapaldo] I think you're over engineering. Let's consider the Enumerable module
| + 183711 [benjohn@fy h] supposed to implement something. You could point that out with a
| + 183749 [kwa@ku at -l] Logan,
|   + 183751 [meinrad.rech] ...
|   + 183784 [logancapaldo] ...
|   | 183837 [kwa@ku at -l] I have no intention to argue about dynamic vs. static.
|   | + 183839 [ara.t.howard] careful - ruby is strongly typed.  what it is not is statically typed.
|   | + 183844 [logancapaldo] ...
|   + 183804 [halostatue@g] Actually, the method #each is not abstract in Enumerable. It's aprerequisite. There's a difference. In the C++ and Java world, it's*necessary* to define a prerequisite method as an abstract method,because without a method definition, the compiler goes stupid and can'tfind anything and won't then compile your code at all. Ruby sees thecall to #each with a block and says "okay, I'll trust that you'vesatisified this until I hit it at run time."
|   | 183814 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*
|   + 183815 [matz@ru y- a] class Base
|     183823 [ara.t.howard] how about something very simple?  i use this in my own code
|     183824 [ mfp@ac .o g] It fails in the very way matz indicated.
|     + 183827 [ara.t.howard] class Module
|     + 183838 [kwa@ku at -l] I don't want the just same as Java's abstract method.
|       + 183841 [ara.t.howard] class Module
|       | + 183870 [nobu@ru y- a] This hides NoMethodError within the super method too.
|       | | 183918 [ara.t.howard] class Module
|       | | + 183973 [pit@ca it in] All those implementations which actually create dummy methods prohibit
|       | | + 184022 [nobu@ru y- a] Simply separate Module#abstract_method and Class#abstract_method.
|       | |   184060 [xmlarchitect] ...
|       | |   184061 [xmlarchitect] ...
|       | |   184066 [dblack@wo bl] I fear that  "duck-typing prototype" is a contradiction in terms.
|       | |   184071 [xmlarchitect] ...
|       | |   + 184072 [xmlarchitect] ...
|       | |   + 184073 [avdi.grimm@g] The point of duck typing is that your code automatically ensures it,
|       | |     184076 [xmlarchitect] ...
|       | |     184094 [Stephen.L.Mo] Unit tests?
|       | + 183987 [mental@ry ia] Hmm, what about cases where the super exists, but calls something
|       + 183843 [matz@ru y- a] It's caused by mix-in, a kind of multiple inheritance.  The above is
+ 183715 [lukfugl@gm i] I'm of a similar opinion with others that predeclaring an abstract
  183750 [kwa@ku at -l] Hmm...

183652 [huseyinpolat] while (i>=0)
183653 [dharple@ge e] Use Kernel#sleep

[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.3.0
183654 [mutoh@hi hw ] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.3.0 is now available.

Threads and Deadlocks
183655 [riko@de pa m] It seems that the standard ruby interpreter is able to detect deadlocks
+ 183664 [drbrain@se m] There's nowhere to throw an exception to, all threads are blocked
| 183666 [riko@de pa m] What happens then? Is there any documentation about this (I'd rather not
| + 183686 [bob.news@gm ] ...
| | 183829 [riko@de pa m] Thank you very much.
| + 184336 [headius@he d] ...
+ 183894 [nobu@ru y- a] ThreadError will be raised in the main thread.
  183928 [bob.news@gm ] Hm, but why then isn't it caught by a clause "rescue Exception => e"?
  183984 [riko@de pa m] require "thread"

Regular Expression Intersection
183670 [fugalh@xm ss] Regular languages are closed under intersection (as well as difference,
183755 [dan@da ko n.] You'll generally get a better answer if you include an example in your
183758 [benjohn@fy h] I think he's trying to do this...
183768 [bob.news@gm ] This does not help at all as Benjon explains.  The question is not whether
183809 [fugalh@xm ss] Yes, precisely.

attribute setters for instance variables
183676 [eliben@gm il] class Incorrect
+ 183678 [fugalh@xm ss] @one = 1 is setting the instance variable itself, and that's fine for
| + 183679 [eliben@gm il] Thanks for your swift and insightful reply.
| + 183728 [noone@no he ] I really wish Ruby required explicit locals declaration.  There are many
|   183739 [fugalh@xm ss] What problem? I don't see any problem, I quite like that behavior. I
|   183744 [noone@no he ] I can't imagine coding thousands of lines of code without variable
+ 183693 [ara.t.howard] def one= arg

Calling plotutils from xemacs using Ruby GSL
183677 [rubymode@gm ] ...
183713 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
183732 [rubymode@gm ] ...
+ 183780 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
+ 183797 [gdprasad@gm ] In Linux , after some modifications to rnd3.rb

Suggestions for improving code
183681 [adityam@um c] I am trying to convert a plain text file into a tex file with
183747 [w_a_x_man@ya] ruby -p01e'gsub(/(\n\s*\n)((?:^\s{4}.*\n)+)/,
184029 [adityam@um c] Thank you for the regex. The chapter part of your regex is better than

Tk on windows
183684 [jeppe88@gm i] ...
183687 [vjoel@pa h. ] If you are using recent one-click windows installers, the tk84.dll is no
183696 [jeppe88@gm i] Tk on windows
184674 [rubytalk@gm ] I downloaded the ActiveTcl and installed it. Now i have a differnt error,
184675 [r.mark.volkm] Interesting. I also installed Ruby from the latest version of the one
184681 [rubytalk@gm ] I uninstalled ruby,( i did install over the old version), and

http-access2 question
183685 [const@de ib ] I'm learning Ruby and trying to write small script to fetch data from

Recommend a hosting company?
183689 [snail@ob me ] I have an idea for a website. I want to develop it using Ruby on Rails,
+ 183695 [michael.gors] I use TextDrive (http://www.textdrive.com) and am very happy with them
+ 183698 [farrel.lifso] I use site5 (http://www.site5.com). They're enthusiatic Ruby users so
+ 183759 [sgriffin@ca ] I suggest www.site5.com.  They have great prices and packages and their
| 183857 [riko@de pa m] I have a hosting with them too. Great support.
+ 183872 [gregory.t.br] I use dreamhost.  They are cheap and reliable and add more space /

win32ole question - how to get handle on currently running app?
183690 [itsme213@ho ] I need to process a bunch of word files using win32ole.
183691 [david.mullet] word = WIN32OLE.connect('word.application')
184044 [kiaroskuro@g] ...
184053 [david.mullet] You could use the WIN32OLE.connect method with the path and filename of