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^ Whatever happened to the improved Ruby website proj?
182993 [ptkwt aracne] This came up in another thread, but I haven't seen an answer there so here's
+ 183008 [ng johnwlong] We have a crew of enthusiastic, but very busy people. :-) The design has
| + 183014 [cohen.jeff g] I'd be willing to donate some time if there's any way I can help?  (I'm
| | 183017 [jperkins sne] I'm willing to donate some time to that cause.
| | 183143 [ml.chibbs gm] Thanks for your offer to help.
| + 183036 [gwtmp01 mac.] Thanks for all your efforts.  I'm curious as to what requirements led
| | + 183037 [ken metaskil] Perhaps the reason was "eating your own dog food"? A Ruby CMS?
| | | + 183039 [gwtmp01 mac.] I know of the various wiki and blog frameworks in Ruby.
| | | | 183161 [julian.kamil] Gary, have you looked at Pandora (http://pandora.rubyveil.com/)?  Not
| | | | 183182 [gwtmp01 mac.] Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out.
| | | + 183173 [ptkwt aracne] Yes, this seems important for a Ruby site to have a CMS written in Ruby.  We've
| | + 183038 [ng johnwlong] For starters we were looking for something in Ruby. At the moment there
| |   183040 [jesusrubsyou] I really can't wait for you to release the code for this.  Please do so
| |   183041 [ng johnwlong] I can't wait to release it either. All in good time though. As I've said
| + 183171 [ptkwt aracne] Good to hear that there is ongoing work on the project.
| | 183246 [ng johnwlong] Yup. As soon as I can break away from the Ruby Web site long enough to
| + 183387 [martindemell] Better than stopping to write TeX first, at least :) Looking forward to
+ 183009 [somacore gma] The blog is here: http://redhanded.hobix.com/redesign2005/

^ [ANN] Rails demo application for web page scraping
182997 [david transc] allow you to weave these pieces together into your own personal page,

^ Trying to do cvs updates inside back accent environments
183001 [xeno eskimo.] I am unable to do:  `cd somewhere ; cvs update`
+ 183005 [james_b neur] Off the top of my head: User full paths for the cvs binary and the
+ 183007 [logancapaldo] Dir.chdir, preferably with a block.

^ strange Complex behaviour
183011 [uval rz.uni-] I encountered a strange behaviour
183025 [matthew.moss] Doesn't Complex hold floats?  Rounding errors?

^ Passing the same argument(s) to several methods at once
183015 [ivanvega gma] I'm a Ruby beginner, but I remember I read somewhere something
183018 [ara.t.howard] %w( function_a function_b ).each{|m| receiver.send(m, *args, &block)}
183021 [ivanvega gma] Thanks but could you explain me a little bit more how that works? Ruby
+ 183023 [wilsonb gmai] ['function_a', 'function_b']
| 183029 [ivanvega gma] Oh I understand now!
+ 183024 [ara.t.howard] a method that takes a block will/can have this signature
  183030 [ivanvega gma] That's kind of what I remember reading, and it was indeed on 'the ruby

^ Having a block executed in the context of an instance
183016 [noone nowher] button = Button.new do
183019 [ara.t.howard] class Button
+ 183031 [noone nowher] Thanks, that works well.  But as you note, prepending 'self' kind of defeats
| + 183066 [bob.news gmx] No, there isn't.  However, often using a hash as argument solves this
| + 183089 [itsme213 hot] I personally would like some such distinction. I don't having to use
|   183098 [dblack wobbl] I have to say, I've been wondering for many years... is self.x = 1
|   + 183105 [rmagick gmai] +1
|   | 183129 [noone nowher] It may be a minor syntax thing, but I think it creates unnecessary ambiguity.
|   | + 183131 [dblack wobbl] You can look at it the other way around, though: you *always* specify
|   | | 183211 [itsme213 hot] Not quite. I believe
|   | | 183220 [dblack wobbl] I don't think that's an exception to what I said, though.  A call to a
|   | + 183133 [tanner.burso] 't
|   + 183120 [gwtmp01 mac.] It isn't *that* bad but it stands out since the rest of Ruby is
|   + 183172 [dbatml gmx.d] How about allowing
|     183198 [logancapaldo] Hmmmmmm, It's shorter than self.attr, but on the other hand it's
|     183256 [dblack wobbl] obj .x
|     + 183266 [logancapaldo] I would imagine obj.x since that is the current behavior
|     + 183267 [dbatml gmx.d] I would say it should be obj.x, as I didn't propose to allow .meth as a
|       183372 [aderobertis ] The spacing, though, makes it look like the latter. The spacing really
|       183377 [g_ogata optu] It's a bit iffy, isn't it?  Wouldn't it also break Matz's golden
+ 183043 [google erikv] Executing a block in another context isn't very readable. Ara's
| 183067 [interfecus g] In my opinion, this is unneccesary and still a bit confusing unless the
+ 183483 [noone nowher] Well I found out either way I go with passing a block to Button.new(), it

^ Adding a compile rule to mkmf.rb
183033 [gerardo.sant] I want to write an extconf.rb file for a Ruby extension. The problem
+ 183034 [logancapaldo] I don't think you can :(. I just looked at mkmf, and it looks like
+ 183187 [rickhg12hs g] Don't know how you could extend mkmf.rb as you describe, but you could

^ TK packing
183035 [fakeemail100] How can I pack this so it looks like this.
183088 [nagai ai.kyu] Please read a Tcl/Tk's document about the rule of 'pack' geometry

^ Problem with win32ole, sapi5
183042 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.4 (both installer and hand built)
196897 [rubyforum ki] Does anyone have any input on this old post? I'm having the same
+ 196930 [djberg96 gma] I think it's a bug in win32ole.  I recommend submitting a report on the
+ 197008 [masaki.suket] Sorry, this is a bug of Win32OLE.
  + 197018 [helge.elvik ] Thanks for the reply. Glad it wasn't me messing up something. It had me
  + 197684 [masaki.suket] I have fixed it in Ruby 1.8.4 latest CVS snapshot.
    197686 [djberg96 gma] Excellent!  I have at least one blind user who will be very happy to

^ self.included(base) and base.class_eval problems, etc.
183045 [n8agrin gmai] I spent a whole night trying to figure out why a module I was including
+ 183077 [vanek acd.ne] Running this command over my gems,
+ 183080 [james graypr] The default included() is what adds the methods, so you need to add a

^ ridiculous behavoir of Array#push and Array#clear
183049 [hongseok.yoo] See bellow code please.
+ 183055 [hannes.wyss ] 14 puts arr1.inspect
+ 183056 [mtraverso gm] Yes, array elements are just references to objects pretty much in the same
+ 183058 [pete notahat] which should give you a hint as to what's going on.
+ 183065 [interfecus g] This is because arr1 is storing a _reference_ to arr2. If you want to
  183112 [kjana dm4lab] Or use Array#concat to concatenate two arrays destructively.

^ newbie question about scope, variables, declarations of variables and option strict (as in perl)
183050 [toktay gmail] I am trying to understand the syntax error I receive in a code similar to
183079 [james graypr] require 'logger'
183091 [dblack wobbl] That's a different @log from the one you assigned to, though.
183103 [james graypr] log.rb
183113 [dblack wobbl] Weird.  I guess Logger does something bizarre in its constructor.
+ 183114 [james graypr] I guess I don't understand what you are getting at.  This is the
| 183119 [dblack wobbl] For some reason I had hallucinated that the original example was
+ 183118 [gwtmp01 mac.] At the top level 'self' references the same object in the file scope
  183123 [dblack wobbl] See my last message -- for some reason I projected a class definition

^ from Hex to string
183053 [pere.noel la] 646c6532 00000000 61657674 0000012e 00000000 00000000 0000011c 00000004
+ 183054 [devlists-rub] String unpack
| 183059 [pere.noel la] thanks !
+ 183057 [gk cutcopy.c] a = String.new
  183060 [pere.noel la] ok, thanks
  183061 [simon.kroege] p "66726f6d 70736e20".scan(/\w\w/).inject('') {|s, b| s << b.hex.chr}
  183069 [pere.noel la] fine, i do have about the same to translate into string.

^ [newbie] REXML, each_element and XPath
183062 [thibaut.barr] while playing with REXML I try to use each_element with an x-path
183064 [farrel.lifso] It seems that when xpathing with an attribute @doc.each_element
183070 [farrel.lifso] I've done some experimentation and I think the problem is as follows.

^ unicode in ruby
183071 [richard byte] i'm using IO.foreach to parse the lines in a file. now i'm trying to get
183074 [hramrach cen] To get unicode downcase you probably want icu4r. To handle the casesyou are interested in you could write your own. However, the []operator of ruby strings returns bytes, not characters.
183075 [pere.noel la] you don't make use of "\n" at uni-berlin.de when wrapping ?
183148 [richard byte] so, you guys are telling me a language developed since the year 2000
+ 183154 [logancapaldo] Ruby doesn't really support any strings natively. It just happens to
| + 183160 [hramrach cen] err, no that is not what people want when they speak about downcase in unicode.Sure, you can write a string encoded in utf-8 in your source, andverify it is byte-identical to another string. That is about all youget this way.I suspect regexps won't work right with multibyte characters, fordowncase or case -insensitive regexps you would even need to know thelanguage.
| | 183449 [richard byte] exactly. utf-8 doesn't mean one byte per char necessarily.
| | 183451 [pjhyett gmai] It's a huge f*cking pain in the ass. We've been trying to convert
| + 183167 [jaco neottia] .... that acts a lot like a string /of ASCII chars/, actually. Rather
|   183174 [rtilley vt.e] Speaking of Rite... is there a timeline on its release yet? One year?
|   + 183176 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Michal,
|   | 183189 [hramrach cen] hmm, I wonder why C with a hook is called Ccaron in keymaps..
|   | 183283 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Michal,
|   | 183316 [james graypr] All copies of Mac OS X ship with a Developer's CD.  It installs a
|   | 183371 [Nuralanur ao] I know, maybe I'm too stupid for simple things (except for Ruby....)  ;)
|   + 183177 [dharple gene] ...
|     183181 [rtilley vt.e] I'm new to Ruby... I did not know that Rite was tied to YARV. Thanks for
+ 183157 [hramrach cen] For me it is a problem as well. But getting unicode right is hard.Look at the size of the icu library and the size of ruby itself.Anyway, unicode regexps are planned for ruby 2.0 iirc.
| + 183158 [Nuralanur ao] Have you tried  ruby-oniguruma _http://www.geocities.jp/kosako3/oniguruma/_
| | 183162 [hramrach cen] No. I want an unicode string processing library, not an unicode regexplibrary. Currently I am working  on a program that needs to work withCzech text.Unicode is not supported in current ruby (1.8), and I can work aroundthat by using iso-8859-2. I choose the workaround because I need easeof installation, and the latin2 encoding is still widely used.With ruby 2 onigurama should be part of the interpreter. But it stilldoes not give me downcase in utf-8. At least it should be possible tosplit a string into characters using Onigurama, and process thecharacters myself.
| + 183165 [dharple gene] Unicode strings are also planned for Ruby 2 (possibly implemented
|   183447 [richard byte] guess i'll wait till then. thanks for the info guys.
+ 183460 [halostatue g] Please note that Ruby itself is ten years old. Unicode has only*recently* (the last three or four years, with the release of WindowsXP) become a major factor, especially in Japan. Unix support for Unicodeis still in the stone ages because of the nonsense that POSIX put onUnix ages ago. (When Unix filesystems can write UTF-16 as their nativefilename format, then we're going to be much better. That will, however,break some assumptions by really stupid programs.)
  + 183509 [hramrach cen] Why the hell utf-16? It is no longer compatible with ascii, yet 16bits are far from sufficient to cover current unicode. So you stillget multiword characters. It is not even dword aligned for fastprocessing by current cpus.I would like utf-8 for compatibility, and utf-32 for easy stringprocessing. But I do not see much use for utf-16.
  + 183576 [aderobertis ] Ummm, no. UTF-16 filenames would break *every* correctly-implemented
    183618 [halostatue g] UTF-16 is actually pretty performant and the implementation of wchar_ton MacOS X and Windows is (you guessed it!) UTF-16. The filesystems forboth of these operating systems (which have *far* superior Unicodesupport than anything else) both use UTF-16 as the native filenameencoding (this is true for HFS+, NTFS4, and NTFS5). The only differencebetween what MacOS X does and Windows does for this is that Apple choseto use decomposed characters instead of composed characters (e.g.,LOWERCASE E + COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT instead of LOWERCASE E ACUTEACCENT).
    + 183702 [hramrach cen] I do not care what Windows, OS X, or ICU uses. I care what I want touse. Even if most characters are encoded with single word you have tocope with multiword characters. That means that a character is not asimple type. You cannot have character arrays. And no library cancompletely wrap this inconsistency and isolate you from dealing withit.
    | 183808 [halostatue g] If you're simply dealing with text, you don't need arrays of characters.Frankly, if you don't care what Windows, OS X, and ICU use, then you'recompletely ignorant of the real world and what is useful and necessaryfor Unicode.
    | 183932 [hramrach cen] The native encoding is bound to be different between platforms. I wantto use an encoding that I like on all platforms, and convert thestrings for filenames or whatever to fit the current platform. That iswhy I do not care what a particular platform you name uses.
    | + 183954 [billk cts.co] I'm writing a cross-platform app in ruby that will include text editing and
    | + 183959 [halostatue g] I think you're just confused here, Michal.
    |   184083 [hramrach cen] I am saying I want to look at characters, not that I want to look at bytes.And I am saying that looking at entities that happen to be all thesame size makes things much simpler than looking at strings packedinto another string without separators. And multiword characters areword strings, nothing else.
    + 183998 [aderobertis ] Well, I suspect most other people want to maintain backwards
      184025 [halostatue g] No. UTF-32 does not have surrogates. Unicode is perfectlyrepresentable in either 20 or 21 bits. A single character is *always*representable in a uint32_t sized space with UTF-32.
      + 184027 [billk cts.co] but the following post has been echoing in my head as a data point
      | + 184059 [halostatue g] Yes and no. When you use combining characters, each of the combiningcharacters (such as COMBINING CEDILLA or COMBINING ACCENT ACUTE) is adistinct character. If I understand the Unicode standard correctly --which is perhaps questionable -- you can go either direction. But Ihad forgotten (temporarily) about combining characters. For the mostpart, Apple chooses to use them and Microsoft chooses not to use themin native representations wherever possible. Where it becomesdifficult is when you need to combine characters that do not otherwisehave canonical forms. At *that* point, yes, UTF-32 can have multipleuint32_t elements creating one character. I think that for mostlanguages, though, the use of combining characters is not necessary.
      | + 184062 [inf262 fh-wo] I don't get it guys. Supporting (not exclusively using) Unicode
      | | 184090 [halostatue g] You have it.
      | + 184087 [hramrach cen] And there are libraries for normalizing/composing/decomposing unicode strings.
      |   184098 [shawn42 gmai] As long as we're discussing unicode here,
      |   184358 [hramrach cen] This is exactly the thing that is not supported right now. But youmight be able to convert the wide character strings to something elseusing iconv.
      + 184075 [aderobertis ] Depends on what you call a character; in the technical way Unicode uses

^ Bruce Tate on ActiveRecord
183072 [snail objmed] Bruce Tate on ActiveRecord

^ Re: REXML, each_element and XPath
183073 [thibaut.barr] "Note that XPaths are automatically filtered for Elements, so that

^ FXRuby multiple applications
183076 [pseudoman4 y] i use FXRuby and try to start a applicattion twice with the following
+ 183078 [gk cutcopy.c] start the scripts twice, or use a second window.
| 183116 [pseudoman4 y] the problem is that i want to embed to start_fox_app in c++.
| 183217 [vincenzo.pio] The following works, it opens two main windows ...
+ 183169 [lyle.johnson] Well, you can't have more than one application instance in the same
  183301 [pseudoman4 y] I try to make a c++ application with a "open"-button allowing the user

^ Call Perl script from Ruby
183081 [nick.snels g] I have a very basic Perl script (calls a nice CPAN library not available
+ 183100 [steve fishar] =20
| 183149 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 183281 [rob motionpa] ruby script.pl
| | 183416 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 183282 [rob motionpa] Look at them gem called "session". It's nice for executing processes.
+ 183106 [bob.news gmx] sql = `perl vendor\\sql\\sql.pl "#{@question.sql}"`
  183273 [nick.snels g] It worked beautifully, thanks Robert. I'm also going to take a look at

^ Ajax request & updating multiple divs
183084 [lists nabble] I'm a relative newbie to RoR and had a question about using form_remote_tag.

^ Newbie: sorting an array of custom objects
183090 [ebuffer dele] As a project for learning Ruby, I'm writing a simple game. I have some
+ 183092 [lopexx autog] arr.sort_by{|obj| obj.some_field}
| + 183094 [lopexx autog] there is also another method for array sorting (actually it was the
| + 183095 [ebuffer dele] That solution requires some_field to be 'naturally' ordered, though,
|   + 183109 [brian.matter] Ideally you would have a Card class that has value and suit fields. Then you
|   + 183126 [dharple gene] As mentioned, you should use the Comparable mix-in.
|   | + 183135 [dharple gene] However, the SUITES and VALUES constants should be in the Deck class.
|   | + 183276 [delete.ebuff] Thanks a lot! This sort of resembles the code I've written, apart from
|   |   183278 [delete.ebuff] Also, let me add that I've heard lots of nice things about the Ruby
|   + 183255 [g_ogata optu] arr.sort_by{|card| ~card.suit[0] & 0x1a}
+ 183097 [dharple gene] You could use a SortedSet, however this has a downside. A Set
+ 183099 [fxn hashref.] class Foo

^ unsubscribe
183093 [brockweaver ] unsubscribe

^ type at rubycentral?
183101 [uval rz.uni-] Returns the number of arguments required by the block. If the block
+ 183104 [uval rz.uni-] and one case is missing there
| 183159 [logancapaldo] Negative arities indicate the _minimum_ number of args to a proc that
+ 183139 [uval rz.uni-] I forgot to copy&paste the link
  183147 [james_b neur] I believe that page refers to Ruby 1.6.

^ Net::IMAP - Support for 'plain' authentication?
183108 [seanhussey g] Our IMAP server here is configured to support only the PLAIN
+ 183115 [steve fishar] Take a look at <raa.ruby-lang.org/cache/imap-backend/imap-backend.rb>
| 183122 [seanhussey g] Interesting...I'll give it a try.  Not much documentation, though.
+ 183138 [f andreas-s.] Try IMAP#login instead of IMAP#authenticate, this uses a different
  183180 [seanhussey g] Oh, wow, it works.  That's amazing.
  183501 [rasputnik gm] stick with net::imap. less to install and it's a really lovely

^ Looking for good reads on Ruby TK GUI programming
183125 [htruax stf.c] charset="us-ascii"
+ 183253 [nagai ai.kyu] Do you mean about such like as TkWindow#grab or TkWindow#focus?
| 183307 [htruax stf.c] I didn't check the source tree you mentioned, but I will, thanks.
| 183342 [nagai ai.kyu] First of all, you'll have to clarify the design concept of your GUI.
| 183357 [htruax stf.c] Thanks so much for the code. I think that is what I am looking for - I need
| 183477 [nagai ai.kyu] Is the 'screen' a physical (multi-display) screen? Or a logical one?
+ 183313 [gk cutcopy.c] ...
+ 183319 [chris.hulan ] I haven't had a chance to check myself, but I understand the some of
+ 183328 [doodpants ma] No. And it's frustrating. The only Ruby/Tk tutorials I've been able to
  + 183330 [htruax stf.c] Karl,
  + 183352 [nagai ai.kyu] based on Ruby 1.8.2-prevew).

^ Newbie: undefined method
183127 [tim.hennekey] I get "undefined method `name' for #<TSPProcess:0x38c7fc0>" when I
+ 183128 [tim.hennekey] <% @processes.each do |process| %>
+ 183132 [dharple gene] The @name could be causing some problems. If you really want a
  183136 [tim.hennekey] This worked out for me, thank you.

^ ANN: uformats 1.2 (Microformats parser for Ruby)
183134 [pbattley gma] The parser that we are using at www.reevoo.com for aggregation of
183295 [chneukirchen] Fantastic!

^ Searching for a very fast string parser
183141 [mksm.sama gm] I want to parse a log file containing several line in the same format.
183144 [ara.t.howard] can you put a demo log file on the web somewhere?
183146 [mksm.sama gm] I'm sorry, the log file i have comes from a live firewall. I'd rather
183178 [james graypr] Would randomizing the data render it safe?
183192 [vikkous gmai] OK, so first off, your sample implementation seemed to have several
183310 [bob.news gmx] charset="iso-8859-1"
183314 [bob.news gmx] charset="iso-8859-1"