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^ Writing to Parent and Child table at the same time
182617 [jimnj72 opto] I am new to Ruby on Rails and Relationonal Database Development in
182643 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

^ Please read - nothing nasty
182618 [Your email.a] I want start a trend, this is make ppl to think carefully about where

^ FreeRide and Rails
182622 [daniel voelk] Currently I'm using scite for my rails work. I inspected the freeride
182735 [nochoice xs4] Daniel,

^ Re: The Golden Fibonacci Ratio (#69)
182623 [tristan.allw] Of course, when rendering large numbers of squares it can be nice to
182695 [hitesh.jasan] Displaying rectangles in ASCII seemed a bit 20th century.  ;-)

^ swig & passing array of arrays
182628 [smithav cshl] I'm trying to get SWIG to create a wrapper for some C code.  I have
182672 [rickhg12hs g] Sorry I don't have a complete answer for you ... looks like this may

^ reading binary data stops unexpectedly
182630 [gonchuki gma] i'm trying to parse a binary file that simply contains Wav files one
182632 [lopexx autog] open('sound.dat', 'rb')
182638 [gonchuki gma] nice!

^ [QUIZ.SOLUTION] The Golden Fibonacci Ratio
182633 [matthew.moss] Here is my solution...  Uses a cheap trick (a la method_missing) to
+ 182636 [jimfreeze gm] Very nice output!
+ 182741 [chneukirchen] Okay, I could not resist "doing it right". ;-)
  182743 [matthew.moss] I hang my head in shame.
  182752 [chneukirchen] The one who reads that code a bit closer probably will grin deeply...
  182759 [logancapaldo] /phi 5 sqrt 1 sub 2 div def
  182783 [chneukirchen] Bingo!  Mine is drawn outside-in. ;-)  [That said, I was amazed how

^ how to use it: require
182639 [garcia.serva] I have a custom file filled with a word list. How do call it in my main
+ 182641 [james_b neur] require is a method call that takes a string.
+ 182642 [d.cano.lagne] require "wordlist"

^ ruby pass like statement
182645 [rtilley vt.e] When laying out programs in Python, sometimes during preliminary design,
+ 182646 [farrel.lifso] Does pass actually do anything like print to stdout "some_function not
| 182647 [rtilley vt.e] No, it's just a place holder.
| + 182649 [farrel.lifso] If the method is not defined the interpreter will throw a
| + 182650 [cohen.jeff g] Empty methods are acceptable in Ruby, and they have a return value of
| + 182652 [matz ruby-la] No, when you want something empty, you write nothing in there in
|   + 182660 [rtilley vt.e] Thank you all for the info.
|   + 182694 [doug00 gmail] One thing I saw for perl6 that I liked is the 'yadda yadda' operator, 3
|     182696 [tdenkinger g] # TODO
|     182700 [james graypr] Then make an editor macro that collects them, HTMLifies them, and
+ 182648 [dharple gene] def some_funtion
+ 182651 [vikkous gmai] def some_function
+ 182674 [lopexx autog] pass is not needed in Ruby. Indentation forces python to have such a

^ Mr. Guid 0.2.8
182654 [ffsnoopy gma] Mr. Guid 0.2.8 does not require local copies of scripts for remote

^ asserting in code vs unit tests
182655 [esad.spammen] I talked to few fellow ruby programmers, and most of them agreed that
+ 182657 [reevesg pobo] Personally, I like the asserts in the test case.
+ 182677 [meinrad.rech] asserts in code are good to ensure preconditions and postconditions of
+ 182678 [none none.ne] If your unit tests do not cover everything, how can
  182679 [kiaroskuro g] These are two different issues.
  182682 [none none.ne] Yes, I agree, and this was partly the point I was making.
  182684 [kiaroskuro g] We are on something interesting here.  I am tempted to agree with you,
  + 182685 [pergesu gmai] Isn't that what exceptions are for?
  | 182686 [kiaroskuro g] I would get my assertions to raise exceptions too.  They are just a
  | 182688 [john.carter ] Unit Tests and DbC assertions are complementary, not exclusive. I always
  | 182690 [kiaroskuro g] Interesting.  Could you expand on "recommends quite sanely that you
  | 182697 [john.carter ] Don't forget he was talking C++ naturally, so he was basically saying if
  + 182687 [none none.ne] Sure, but you could also just have a stick of bad RAM :)
    182689 [kiaroskuro g] Using assertions I could be pretty much sure that certain conditions

^ [SOLUTION] The Golden Fibonacci Ratio (#69)
182658 [semmons99 gm] # Author: Shane Emmons

^ The Golden Fibonacci Ratio (#69) [QUIZ][SOLUTION]
182661 [horndude77 g] I've never done OpenGL before. So after looking a some examples here's
+ 182664 [0x002A gmail] Here's my attempt at the quiz. Instead of producing a text output I
+ 183271 [horndude77 g] I fixed a few things and added mouse callbacks (click drag for zoom,

^ [SOLUTION] The Golden Fibbonacci Ratio (#69)
182662 [mental rydia] Here's my solution.  It's fairly pedestrian, although the size and
+ 182667 [ajohnson cpa] No fancy output here, just a simple recursive version -- build the largest
| 182730 [alexandru gl] Nothing fancy here either, I just tried to solve this in the simplest way
+ 182683 [geoff zorche] Here's my solution. Pretty standard output, I didn't try and do anything
  182691 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  182699 [geoff zorche] Heh, good catch.

^ [SOLUTION] The Golden Fibonacci Ratio (#69)
182670 [email55555 g] Simple Tk version.

^ libxml problems
182675 [mvette13 gma] We are looking at changing from using rexml in one project to libxml, as it
182738 [rossrt rosco] Hmm, this could be a bug... I'd appreciate if you could report it on the

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] The Golden Fibonacci Ration (#69)
182676 [brian.matter] Here is my text based (and animated) solution.

^ dynamic assignment of iterator name
182680 [leah heinous] I apologize if this is a foolish questions, but I am new to the language
182681 [wilsonb gmai] You can use "send" for this, and using the multi-variable block on

^ win32utils
182692 [rtilley vt.e] "A series of packages that provide Ruby interfaces to Win32 systems and
+ 182693 [nightphotos ] I'll let Dan or someone else give the definitive answer, but I'm sure
+ 182717 [djberg96 gma] Yes, everything should work on 2003, though I haven't personally tested

^ Re: The Golden Fibbonacci Ratio (#69)
182698 [gthiesfeld s] Here is my solution.  I decided to go with RMagick for my output, since

^ can't get my Mac OSX UNIX to run 1.8
182701 [seancolquhou] Hey guys! This is my first post here, and I've never studied computers
+ 182702 [dharple gene] I think by default ruby will be installed in /usr/local. The Apple
| 182710 [seancolquhou] OK. That seemed to work.  I thought "Bash" was a command, so it wasn't
+ 182703 [logancapaldo] Assuming that ruby is installed in /usr/local have your .login file
| 182708 [seancolquhou] Sorry! Where can I find these files? I can change them with vi, right?
| + 182711 [logancapaldo] You can change them with vi.  if your shell is bash you need to add
| + 182724 [gene.tani gm] You should feel free to ask as many questions as you like to this list,
+ 182704 [cyclists nc.] The version of Ruby that comes with OS X is installed in /usr/bin. The
  182707 [seancolquhou] PATH   The search path for commands.  It is a colon-separated  list  of
  182709 [ken metaskil] I like to use TextMate (www.macromates.com) and simply just save
  182712 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ undefined method `convert_to' for false:FalseClass
182705 [ruby-talk de] I have a rails app (so maybe this is a question for the rails list) that
182718 [none none.ne] It could just be Rails weirdness. Paste the code where the call

^ ruby gnome bindings on OSX
182706 [rblove airma] I've used Fink to install the native GTK libraries and when I try to run
182758 [logancapaldo] pkg-config should find the libraries. Make sure you  install the -dev

^ RubyGems Malfunction
182713 [seancolquhou] Thanks to everybody who helped me with my 1.61.8 issue.
182714 [logancapaldo] Have you tried reading README or possibly INSTALL?
182715 [seancolquhou] Thanks! That did the trick.

^ [YAML]  Bignum problems
182719 [vjoel path.b] The problems with Bignums in recent YAMLs have been discussed(*), but
+ 182720 [vjoel path.b] Answering my own question, but it's a hack...
| 182723 [mulperi cc.h] The latest ruby cvs seems to work ok?
| 182726 [vjoel path.b] That's good to hear. I'd rather not have to install from cvs in all my
| 182727 [mulperi cc.h] This works fine with CVS ruby, without your special hack.
+ 182728 [vjoel path.b] if RUBY_VERSION == "1.8.4"
  182739 [caleb aei-te] Joel,

^ [ANN] GemPlugin 0.1 -- A Mongrel Spinoff
182721 [zedshaw zeds] Well I spent the weekend working on the Mongrel
182740 [halostatue g] The #autorequire is deprecated at this point and is not recommended inany way. RubyGems still supports it, but I believe that the next versionwill be spouting some warnings at people who use autorequire in buildingtheir gems. Since you're using a secondary call to do the load, you canmandate that lib/init.rb is the file to load and have your loader do therequire yourself.
+ 182777 [zedshaw zeds] Man that just sucks.  I'll have to think about this, but off the top of
+ 182781 [r.mark.volkm] Maybe I misunderstood this, but I thought "require_gem {gem-name}"

^ new version for Zeta
182722 [rk beinforme] here is the latest version for Zeta
182751 [Daniel.Berge] The last time I tried Ruby on BeOS the sockets didn't work right and
182772 [ben.allen gm] The version of Ruby available for BeOS is an old one, the behavior you

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.9 -- GemPlugin Based
182725 [zedshaw zeds] Mongrel now has plugins that are based entirely on RubyGems.  This feature

^ Piping binary data to an external program
182732 [mksm.sama gm] I'm working on a logparser and i've run into some issues. It will
182734 [bob.news gmx] It's likely that you run into a deadlock caused by pipe buffer sizes.  I

^ Path management in ruby
182733 [zimba.tm gma] While playing and coding with ruby, I found it often useful to have a better
182901 [payton foolo] Have you seen the Pathname and Pathname2 modules?  They're part of the
182913 [Daniel.Berge] Just a quick correction - pathname is part of the stdlib, pathname2 is

^ N00b question
182736 [combat2k gma] I'm new in ruby/rails programming and i have a small problem.
182773 [ben.allen gm] Try installing GD as a RubyGem.  From the command line, run 'gem install gd=
182869 [combat2k gma] thanks, but it didn't work. The same message :(
182890 [combat2k gma] No one? :) pls.. hlp! :)
183083 [combat2k gma] No one? :)
183121 [jeem hugheso] You might try copying gd into your vendor directory.  If your require
183124 [combat2k gma] Thank you very much ;)

^ Postgresql could not connect to
182744 [ngoc yahoo.c] My environment is Windows XP and have installed 'gem install postgres-pr'.
182942 [jesusrubsyou] You may have compiled DBI without Postgres support; or the driver is

^ installing win32-process
182745 [rtilley vt.e] Can this be installed with gem?
182747 [rtilley vt.e] I think it's installed. I used the one-click windows installer so it
182750 [Daniel.Berge] There isn't a gem yet for win32-process.  Your best option is to either
182760 [rtilley vt.e] OK, thanks... what's the proper way to require or include it in a program?
182761 [Daniel.Berge] require 'win32/process'
182764 [rtilley vt.e] That still doesn't work for me :)
182768 [rtilley vt.e] OK, I'm good now. I had part of ruby in C:\Program Files\ruby and

^ [ANN] Erubis 1.1.0 - an implementation of eRuby
182746 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released Erubis 1.1.0.
182849 [nohmad gmail] Nice work, very cool features.But can we replace current erb usage in Rails without any problem?I've used some hackish 'concat string, binding'.

^ Rails Developer Required
182748 [prakash.diby] We are looking for a Ruby/ROR developer who can work on an on-going projec=

^ DRb connection closed (nil size)
182753 [chrism cjmil] [Using Ruby 1.8.3 and DRb 2.0.4]

^ Problems with "require" when embedding Ruby
182754 [rurouni.ghos] I have Ruby interpreter embedded in engine... so far all was good. But
182755 [kou cozmixng] In <3e557e01954a584ba2ce911037bbf55b@ruby-forum.com>

^ Compiling Ruby without Tk?
182756 [scott.parker] Greetings,
183087 [nagai ai.kyu] If you give invalid Tcl/Tk lib names, tcltklib may not be compiled.
183494 [nobu ruby-la] "configure --without-tk" should work with 1.8.4.

^ Array range.
182757 [ptsung gmail] I have a question about assigning the contents of a list of variables
+ 182762 [logancapaldo] I am confused, why not title_array = [ ruby, rails, typo, ..., ajax ]
| 182770 [ptsung gmail] Thank you for everyone's help with this.  The eval method is what I was
+ 182763 [farrel.lifso] You can use eval.
+ 182766 [bob.news gmx] Where exactly is the array in your example?  I'm a bit confused.  Do you

^ empty element in string array?
182765 [neoneye gmai] %w(a \  b)     #-> ["a", " ", "b"]
182767 [neoneye gmai] argh.. nevermind

^ Ruby Array -> String Conversion Issue
182769 [nathan.olber] (Newbie Alert!)
182771 [dharple gene] %w{addr1 addr2 city state zip country}.each do |part|
182841 [nathan.olber] Ah, my mistake. I assumed it was talking about my "part" variable when

^ Gems, setup.rb and the 'data/' directory
182774 [transfire gm] Okay, so what's the solution? setup.rb will install anything in a
182892 [transfire gm] No answer? After all this time Gems still has no solution for this?

^ if File.exist? does not work
182775 [michaelaugus] if File.exist?
+ 182793 [chris.hulan ] The snippet you posted works, assuming the wrapping is introduced by
+ 182809 [shortcutter ] Looks ok to me.  But to avoid spelling errors I'd store the name in a

^ [ANN] repocaster.com : RSS feeds of Subversion/CVS repositories
182776 [admin repoca] I just deployed my first RubyOnRails application.  It allows the

^ [ANN] Capistrano 1.1
182778 [jamis 37sign] Capistrano is a utility for executing tasks in parallel across

^ rubyQT on win32
182779 [mccarthyjame] Do the rubyQT bindings work with the latest version of QT(4.1.1) from
182780 [dave.m email] Not yet, Ryan Hinton has developed a patch.

^ FreeRIDE - Debug mode hangs
182782 [billb ti.com] I am just getting started with RUBY.  I downloaded the latest release
182797 [garcia.serva] I have the same problem. I did exactly the same thing you did.
183140 [billb ti.com] I pulled down the separate version of FreeRIDE and used it and no

^ Re: [ANN] Capistrano 1.1 (had been ruby-gem SwitchTower)
182785 [drosihn gmai] Amazingly, I had just referred someone to this project earlier today,

^ idiomatic ruby
182786 [rtilley vt.e] Is there a right way and a wrong way to code in Ruby?
+ 182787 [ef alum.mit.] Yes.
| 182796 [rtilley vt.e] Thanks guys... I'll post something when I have enough for y'all to look
+ 182789 [james graypr] <laughs>  Yes.  Go to your room!  ;)
+ 182791 [rmagick gmai] Here's a place to start: http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyIdioms
+ 182798 [rtilley vt.e] This is probably enough for the list to look over. What do you guys
  + 182800 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  | 182805 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  | 182851 [w_a_x_man ya] puts %w}name processid executablepath}.inject(""){|s,x|
  + 182801 [han.holl gma] mgmt.InstancesOf("win32_process").each do |p|
  + 182803 [shortcutter ] Note that you can use print with several arguments - that way you

^ html gem description like CPAN for ruby?
182788 [bhoult gmail] This seems a little basic to be posting on a forum, but is there a
+ 182795 [jgbailey gma] Try http://rubyforge.org
| 182936 [info johnale] These are Ruby projects.  Few of them are Gems.
| 183150 [vanek acd.ne] and if a list of gems will suffice,
| 183163 [bhoult gmail] Basically I would like to be able to find what is available in a
+ 182927 [netghost gma] Come to think of it, that would be nice ;)

^ imginfo = Magick::Image.read(@params['image']['name']) .first
182799 [michaelaugus] I  try do upload of image but before I need to check the size of it

^ What is the best way to iterate through two containers of the same length?
182802 [mark.watson ] If I have two containers c1 and c2 of the same length, what is the
+ 182806 [shortcutter ] foo-1
+ 182807 [james graypr] => ["A", "B", "C"]
+ 182810 [gthiesfeld s] foo = ["foo","foo"]
+ 182811 [logancapaldo] irb(main):001:0> [1,2,3].zip([4,5,6]) do |a, b|
+ 182815 [wilsonb gmai] require 'generator'
| 182832 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 182846 [james graypr] It was recently reworked to use threads instead of continuations,
+ 182816 [w_a_x_man ya] foo = %w(x y z) ; bar = [2,4,6]
| 182819 [dblack wobbl] I don't think $/ is very idiomatic.  See the ToDo file in the source;
| 182834 [w_a_x_man ya] idiomatic, adj. Peculiar to a particular group or individual.
| 182838 [dblack wobbl] I share your opinion that $/ is not in C or awk, but is in Ruby :-)
+ 182820 [mark.watson ] Thanks everyone - just wht I was looking for. The SyncEnumerator class
+ 182821 [w_a_x_man ya] class Array

^ capistrano
182804 [charlie cast] I'm having trouble finding the benefit of using capistrano.  I'm only
182808 [jamis 37sign] * Consistent deployment. Your deployment process works the same time
182812 [charlie cast] Thanks, I think I'll implement it now so that I'll be prepared when I
182831 [listrecv gma] Forgive my ignorance, but what is capistrano?  URL, please (Google just
+ 182833 [jamis 37sign] Capistrano is a utility for executing tasks in parallel on multiple
| 182925 [jeem hugheso] There are still plenty of references to "SwitchTower" on that page, so
+ 182842 [vjoel path.b] Makes me think of a flock of swallows flying in formation around a
  182906 [Bil.Kleb NAS] And eventually landing on the tower and relieving

^ method_missing
182814 [robert_kuzel] is there a way to find out if a method was called using parens or not.
182824 [daniel.amela] Nope. I guess you could walk up the backtrace, get the file and line

^ log4r - context (NDC)
182818 [listrecv gma] Is there anyway to set a context for log4r?
190140 [edward.syret] I had a similar issue with Log4r, and no there isn't currently a way to
190146 [lyndon.samso] You need to use Thread local variables for this sort of behaviour.