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^ Array comparison returning nil
182407 [julian.gall ] original_item_ids.sort <=> new_item_ids.sort
+ 182412 [decoux moulo] moulon% ruby -e 'p ["a" , 2] <=> [3, 4]'
| 182415 [julian.gall ] But http://www.rubycentral.com/ref/ref_c_array.html#_lt_eq_gt
| 182423 [julian.gall ] It seems <=> is not much use if it can't be relied on to do what it
| 182431 [dblack wobbl] Can you show an example of two arrays with the same elements that give
| 182432 [Nuralanur ao] Could it be that some of the elements in your arrays cannot be  compared,
+ 182413 [bob.news gmx] => #<Object:0x4a7c118>
+ 182444 [steve waits.] It works for me...
| 182451 [julian.gall ] Not really possible. I am writing a Rails application with a sortable
| + 182466 [logancapaldo] Based on join working this is my theory. One  of the two arrays have
| | 182473 [dblack wobbl] => "1-2--3"
| | 182476 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| | 182481 [dblack wobbl] It's not a display thing; it's a <=> or == thing.  If the two arrays
| | 182483 [logancapaldo] Good point.
| + 182499 [w_a_x_man ya] new_item_ids = params[:itemlist]
|   182578 [julian.gall ] Thanks very much to Logan, David and William. David hit on the answer by
+ 182448 [logancapaldo] <=> will return nil when a comparision makes no sense

^ [QUIZ] The Golden Fibonacci Ratio (#69)
182410 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 182416 [dev.random g] So the task is visualisation of the Fibonacci series ?
| + 182420 [rretzbach go] the description is really exciting :>
| | 182422 [james graypr] Basically the goal is to visualize the sequence.  Perhaps you want to
| | 182449 [lukfugl gmai] Sample output for my solution, this may be a little clearer than
| | 182458 [james graypr] It might be good to note that multiple layouts are possible.  For
| | 182467 [lukfugl gmai] Good point. I actually like that one better, and have altered my code
| | 182525 [brian.matter] +---------------+---------+
| + 182421 [james graypr] Correct.  In block format.
+ 182850 [harley3 pebl] Here are my two versions. The first is my first pass. The second is a
+ 182965 [adam.shelly ] I used this quiz as an excuses to get Ncurses-ruby running on my
  183130 [gdprasad gma] Under linux, I have installed ncurses-ruby-1.0, just now and tried
  183168 [emeza cdi.go] Use  '#tset -s' to reset the xterminal.
  183184 [adam.shelly ] I forgot to mention that it looks best if you can set your terminal to

^ Seeking tech reviewers for the O'Reilly Ruby Cookbook
182417 [leonard.rich] With a huge amount of help from the Ruby community at large, Lucas
182464 [rhkramer gma] I'd like to try to help out--I'm pretty new to Ruby (started trying to learn

^ Ruby on the mobile?
182438 [Daniel.Berge] I found this post interesting.  Is Ruby ignoring the mobile market?  Do
+ 182439 [headius head] A number of people have approached the JRuby project, asking if there
+ 182440 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, Ruby is not originally designed for mobile devices, since it has
+ 182441 [greg.kujawa ] Good point. Personally as a language I like Ruby better than Python and
| + 182471 [ptkwt aracne] So why does Python have more working implementations on small device platforms
| | 182515 [matz ruby-la] Probably they have separated POSIX dependent functions into modules.
| | 182537 [matti.georgi] The idea of a stripped down ruby, which just depends on ANSI-C,
| | 182540 [matz ruby-la] Ruby's Parser depends on File and IO, so that it's bit hard to
| | 182549 [matti.georgi] This surprises me, as I cannot find anything related in parse.y or did
| | 182552 [decoux moulo] NODE*
| | + 182558 [logancapaldo] Wow, that's kind of (if I may be permitted to use the term) badass. I
| | + 182561 [matti.georgi] Thanks Guy!
| + 182550 [kero chello.] Then port Ruby.
|   182586 [greg.kujawa ] True. I honestly lack the skill set to get that far under the hood I
+ 182443 [james_b neur] That's too funny.  Where do people come up with these ideas?  The
+ 182445 [bob.news gmx] I think a reworked runtime (maybe JVM?) which supports native threads is
+ 182463 [fred.grott g] While in J2ME MIDP we cannto do ruby as jruby on the J2EM JVMs..
  182468 [headius head] Oh yeah, I had forgotten PersonalJava. Actually almost all my with

^ ruby: no such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)
182447 [coachhilton ] Greetings,
182453 [caleb aei-te] It sounds like your RUBYOPT environment variable is set to "-rubygems", to
182455 [coachhilton ] That did the trick!  Thanks Caleb!

^ Python for Ruby programmers
182454 [joevandyk gm] I need to write a GUI for a vanilla RHEL3 box (with no extra software
182497 [joevandyk gm] What's the Ruby equivalent of this?
+ 182498 [Daniel.Berge] -10.upto(10){ |n| puts "#{n} #{n**2}" }
+ 182503 [logancapaldo] Well after struggling with mapping the results of the code to the

^ Re: require just in a context?
182456 [none none.ne] Well, anytime you call #require, the effect will be global.
182512 [vjoel path.b] Nope. If you Kernel#load or Module#module_eval a file which requires

^ Taking screen shots
182457 [BPaatsch act] I am using ruby for a month now and loving it. Is it possible to take screen
+ 182459 [Daniel.Berge] It would be trivial to port.  Hey, Shanko, are you listening? ;)
| 182461 [shanko_date ] It would be trivial to port. Hey, Shanko, are you listening? ;)
+ 182492 [ml.chibbs gm] Its freeware, very flexible and easy to use.

^ Advice for general-purpose programming with Ruby
182470 [rtilley vt.e] Hey guys,
+ 182474 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
+ 182475 [vjoel path.b] The pickaxe book (Thomas and Hunt) is great. The first ed. comes with
| 182478 [rtilley vt.e] Thank you both. I've reserved a copy at Barnes & Noble. Looking forward
+ 182488 [ghalsey yaho] i liked 'the ruby way' by hal fulton - it also has an appendix for
  182524 [alex.combas ] ...

^ lib for loading jpeg images
182477 [sp01 astro50] I am searching a lib for loading images (jpeg and if possible png and
182482 [ara.t.howard] google RMagick.

^ closure & local_variables
182484 [lopexx autog] l=lambda{p local_variables;p a}
+ 182485 [logancapaldo] l is closing over main, main has a local_variables method, that is
+ 182490 [none none.ne] Well, #local_variables is a method call so it resolves

^ windows and http servers on ruby
182489 [dont sendmes] ruby code. It works fine on Linux, but on Windows it doesn't work properly
182491 [Daniel.Berge] I don't know if this is your only issue, but there's no "/" (root) on Windows.
182502 [donot spam.c] thought it was the issue but it wasn't, all i got was pc speaker

^ Best tools for compiling Ruby (Windows)?
182493 [glenn.ruby g] I'd like to figure out how I can download and compile the latest version of
+ 182523 [alex.combas ] ...
+ 182529 [ml.chibbs gm] Don't use VC++ 2003. Austin Zeigler, and experienced Rubyist, has been
| + 182539 [glenn.ruby g] Thanks Gents - good info as ever.
| + 182580 [usrlocalinfo] I think there is some confusion regarding VC++ versions and hope this
| | + 182581 [usrlocalinfo] I forgot to mention that I was able to compile Ruby 1.8.2
| | | 182584 [glenn.ruby g] I have happily compiled it on my laptop using Visual Studio Enterprise
| | + 182624 [ml.chibbs gm] My mistake -- Wilson  is correct, it VC++ 2005 that you should avoid.
| + 187064 [halostatue g] Actually, VC++ 8, not VC++ 2003. VS.NET 2003 is VC++ 7.1.
+ 182570 [wilsonb gmai] VC++ 2003 works fine, it's 2005 that's a big change, and difficult to
+ 184736 [eule space.c] I won't say mine's best, however all RMagick binary releases are compiled
  + 186423 [pete nospam.] I compiled ruby (latest stable snapshot) fine on Windows2000.
  | 186424 [wilsonb gmai] Check your "RUBYOPT" environment variable, and clear it out if it has
  | 186438 [pete nospam.] I dont have an enviroment var called RUBYOPT, only the usual PATH and
  | 186443 [pete nospam.] Even so, doing RUBYOPT= on the command line cured the problem.
  + 187065 [halostatue g] Note that mingw/msys builds are NOT compatible with VC++2003 orVC++2005 builds because of a different runtime environment. At aminimum, there is a mismatch between where errno is defined (somehow).
    187088 [vjoel path.b] I've done a little work with an extension compiled with VC++2003 and
    187090 [ml.chibbs gm] You're lucky.
    187091 [vjoel path.b] Hm, any plans to migrate the One-Click Installer to VC++2003?
    187098 [halostatue g] The One-Click Installer for 1.8.2 was on VC++2003. However, becausethe most common free compiler (mingw/msys) was not compatible with itand any number of other reasons, 1.8.4 is now based on the Ruby 1.8.4build built in Japan (I'm sorry; my mind is blanking on the name ofthe site and the person behind it) which is built with VC6 -- and isNO LONGER AVAILABLE to users.
    187111 [ml.chibbs gm] Yeah, Austin got it right.The official Japanese build of ruby for
    187145 [ml.chibbs gm] I need to start proof reading my responses before I hit "Send" -- I'm

^ rubygems bug?
182494 [logancapaldo] Help! Today I was trying to use rubygems and all of a sudden I
182737 [jim weirichh] Is it only the update command that is having problems?  Could you try

^ Sending mail when exception occured
182495 [michal-lomni] I want to send e-mail when an exception will occur. What is important
182505 [james_b neur] Does it work?  Does it allow you to go back to solving more interesting
182507 [michal-lomni] Yes, it works, but I`m not sure if it works in all cases.
182616 [blargity gma] begin
182619 [michal-lomni] Of course it`s the simplest way, but I`ll have to invoke that in every

^ Non-blocking KitchenSink
182496 [aaronbecker1] I am a recent convert and I am very impressed by the productivity gains
182500 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 182508 [aaronbecker1] Thanks for the reply!
| 182731 [bob.news gmx] <disclaimer>Never done this myself with this setup.</disclaimer>  Since
+ 182847 [drbrain segm] Not entirely true.  Calls to C code other than socket operations
  182937 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
  182941 [mental rydia] Note that your C code needs to call the rb_* versions of select and

^ Write up on hazards of instance_eval?
182509 [itsme213 hot] Is there any good write up on the hazards of instance_eval? Or do you happen
+ 182520 [dblack wobbl] I don't know whether there are ten distinct hazards, but a couple of
+ 182522 [ara.t.howard] one thing you have to watch out for it getting alot done in a hurrry - if

^ Pandora 0.4.0 Public Release
182510 [julian.kamil] I am happy to announce that Pandora 0.4.0 has been made available to

^ ANN: Ruby metablog for Korean rubyists
182518 [minkoo.seo g] As of today, I proudly announce rubyist.or.kr, a meta blog for Korean
182535 [daesan gmail] Thanks for the announcement, I will drop by soon!
182536 [minkoo.seo g] Thank you for your interest in rubyist.or.kr.
182541 [pat.eyler gm] It would be easy to create one at groups.google.com.
182546 [daesan gmail] charset=US-ASCII;
182653 [nohmad gmail] There's Korean Ruby User Group a.k.a RubyKR(rubykr.org)There's no Korean rubyist mailing list AFAIK.But there's RubyKR Forum. http://forum.rubykr.org

^ Mr. Guid 0.2.5
182519 [ffsnoopy gma] Mr. Guid 0.2.5 includes an all new object view which lists instance

^ ruby-talk mail server blacklisted in spamcop
182526 [steve waits.] Has anyone else noticed this?  Anyone looking into it?

^ [ANN] Canada on Rails announces location, and a site redesign
182528 [nshb inimit.] BCIT Downtown Campus[1] has been chosen, with a maximum capacity of 300

^ (none)
182530 [hasimoto s3.] # chaddr hasimoto@s3.dion.ne.jp hasimoto.kazuhito@gmail.com

^ Problem in database updation through Adapter in VB.Net...
182531 [rabindrakpat] I am new to .Net. So I don't know much.

^ Problem in database updation through Adapter in VB.Net...
182532 [rabindrakpat] I am new to .Net. So I don't know much.

^ Problem in database updation through Adapter in VB.Net...
182533 [rabindrakpat] I am new to .Net. So I don't know much.

^ Review requested: Binding.call_stack(), Binding.of_caller()-style
182538 [Dymaio gmail] I'd like to submit for evaluation an elaboration I've made on the
+ 182559 [jgbailey gma] Wow, impressive. I can't comment very much on the implementation, I'm
| 182583 [Dymaio gmail] Sure, I'll talk some more.  It took *me* a while to wrap my head
+ 182564 [florgro gmai] Wow, that's some pretty innovative, clever and great thinking going on
+ 184967 [Dymaio gmail] Update.  So I learn that using an exception as the unrolling

^ Fox, printing and exporting
182542 [guslist free] Does printing with FXDCPrint works? All I manage to get are corrupt
182569 [meinrad.rech] you may ask this question on the fxruby-users mailing list!

^ test
182543 [ruby redry.n] Sorry just testing... please ignore.

^ Kirbybase Hacks NilClass
182547 [james graypr] I'm examining Kirbybase for use it a project and was surprised to
+ 182548 [dblack wobbl] Or, depending on circumstances: r.speed.to_i > 300.  I would
| 182554 [jcribbs twmi] Thanks very much for the feedback on my overriding
| + 182555 [jcribbs twmi] Hey, I think I will just respond to myself with a suggestion.  :-)
| | + 182556 [gregory.t.br] I was discussing this with one of the guys from new_haven.rb, Matthew Desmarais
| | + 182566 [james graypr] I know I would feel a lot safer with that.  The only minus there is
| | | 182572 [desmarm gmai] Without thinking too deeply about this, I came up with using a marker
| | + 182600 [dave burt.id] If you define a new NULL class, you have the problem of it being true in
| |   + 182603 [jcribbs netp] == Warning
| |   | + 182605 [logancapaldo] % irb
| |   | + 182606 [dave burt.id] You can subclass NilClass, but it has no allocator, so you'd have to define
| |   |   182609 [jcribbs netp] Yeah, I tried some of the same stuff Logan did in his email and finally
| |   |   + 182610 [jcribbs netp] puts 'False!' unless k > 300 and 800 < 900    False!
| |   |   + 182611 [gregory.t.br] Jamey, I like this.  Seems much safer to me.
| |   |   | 182621 [transfire gm] # :title: NullClass
| |   |   | 182635 [jcribbs netp] Thanks, Trans!  I really like this.  It makes sense to just create one
| |   |   + 182620 [dave burt.id] That would be a lie. There can only be one nil.
| |   + 182666 [halostatue g] I think that the risk is very high. As with JEG2, this would preventme from using KirbyBase were I to have something that could use it. Ithink that this is a fundamental change to the language and *not*desirable.
| + 182563 [james graypr] 1.  You change the semantics of the language to get around this.
| + 182587 [angus quovad] [Jamey Cribbs <jcribbs@twmi.rr.com>, 2006-03-04 18.56 CET]
|   + 182596 [jcribbs netp] I'm not so sure about that.  Here's a link to a page talking about how
|   | 182602 [jcribbs netp] Here's another follow-up to Angus comment about NULL values in OR
|   | 182614 [james graypr] select { |r| r.speed > 300 or r.range < 900 or r.service_date <
|   | + 182615 [logancapaldo] Maybe. NULL is not equal to zero in SQL DBs for similar reasons why 0
|   | + 182631 [james graypr] I realized, after I sent that, that my solution is *not* equivalent.
|   |   182637 [jcribbs netp] Well, I just wanted to thank you for starting this whole discussion.  I
|   |   + 182640 [james graypr] And thank you for listening!  :)
|   |   + 182663 [none none.ne] I may be jumping in the deep dark waters of overengineering,
|   |     182671 [jcribbs netp] Hmm, this is an interesting idea.  I think I'll chew on this one a
|   + 182604 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
|     182607 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
|     182625 [djberg96 gma] If only we had a Boolean class we could subclass and/or override.
+ 182551 [rossrt rosco] I've never used KirbyBase, but from this it looks like it could just
+ 182608 [transfire gm] This issue also arises in the Annotation system used by Nitro. The

^ Symbols
182557 [garcia.serva] I am a newbie to Ruby. I have been reading everything I can get my
+ 182560 [dev.random g] Check out these pages:http://glu.ttono.us/articles/2005/08/19/understanding-ruby-symbolshttp://www.oreillynet.com/ruby/blog/2005/12/digging_into_ruby_symbols_1.html
+ 182562 [kiaroskuro g] I usually use a symbol instead of a string when I use it to represent
+ 182565 [gwtmp01 mac.] IMHO, when your goal is to model distinct values but the actual bit
| 182575 [w_a_x_man ya] Nobody who has any sense wants to record the "gender" of
| + 182576 [kiaroskuro g] It must have started with people filling in the 'sex' entry in forms
| | 182634 [zimba.tm gma] Also, symbols can be used when the string is not intended to change.
| + 182784 [aledonne.lis] One important plus to using symbols... it's obvious how to then extend
|   182794 [mccarthyjame] what about using symbols to represent methods or instances of classes
+ 182567 [meinrad.rech] personally, i use symbols whereever i want to refer to method names, as key=

^ Symbols similiar to defined in c++ ?????
182568 [garcia.serva] would it be safe to say that I can use symbols in the same manner as a
+ 182571 [cyclists nc.] Not really. In C++ you're assigning a symbolic name to a number. You
| + 182573 [cyclists nc.] Oops. Forgot. Also, Ruby guarantees that no two different symbols will
| + 182749 [aderobertis ] irb(main):001:0> :foo.to_i
+ 182574 [logancapaldo] You are looking for a constant (in ruby terms)
  182585 [garcia.serva] I am not looking for a constant. I am just trying to understand the uses
  182588 [interfecus g] A symbol is represented internally as a number (an index in the symbol

^ Re: [OT] Symbols
182582 [gwtmp01 mac.] Thanks for pointing all that out. Here is a corrected version

^ Simple Script Help (New to Ruby)
182589 [jordan vivio] I'm attempting to write a very simple guessing game script in an effort
+ 182590 [ u g0ertz.de] I guess you mean == here, not =.
+ 182591 [lopexx autog] (there is no elseif kayword but elsif)
| 182592 [lopexx autog] oops it seems I missed this (theNumber = theGuess)
+ 182593 [jaco neottia] elseif is not Ruby... try elsif instead.
| 182595 [jordan vivio] No, it was not the case, but that might have been helpful!
+ 182597 [agorilla gma] This is a good place to use symbols -- if nothing else, you won't need
  182601 [mike stok.ca] You could avoid the symbols if you are prepared to understand the <=>

^ Jumble character order in a string
182598 [jonathan.ott] I'm trying to figure out a way to randomize the letters in a word,
+ 182599 [billk cts.co] irb(main):034:0> "abcdefg".split(//).sort_by{rand}.join
+ 182939 [jesusrubsyou] Bill Kelly gave a nicely concise and elegant solution, so I won't bother