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BlankSlate for lazy.rb (Was: Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparent futures!)
181536 [mental@ry ia] Hmm.  Okay, for lazy.rb there are a couple things I would need from
181560 [vikkous@gm i] I have a rather mutated version of BlankSlate (as a module) which

[ANN] FasterCSV 0.1.6 -- With Header Support!
181542 [james@gr yp ] FasterCSV 0.1.6 Released
+ 181543 [gregory.t.br] Cool James!  I just ran the units on Ruport, for which you are an
| 181705 [james@gr yp ] That's either a miracle or a sign of poor test coverage, because I
| + 181730 [gregory.t.br] It's a result of simple needs. I only call two FasterCSV functions.
| | 181739 [james@gr yp ] Hey, that move is my unique signature.  We all need at least one.  ;)
| | 181772 [se@di it le ] first, thanks for FasterCSV. It is very useful. I have been wildly using it
| | + 181778 [se@di it le ] I just had a look into the FasterCSV class and I must admit that I didn't
| | | 181782 [james@gr yp ] Most of it is just interface or the new headers feature
| | + 181784 [james@gr yp ] Always nice to here.  Thank you!
| |   181822 [se@di it le ] No, I certainly don't want to build a complete C version. I was thinking
| |   181836 [james@gr yp ] Patches welcome.  ;)
| |   181841 [se@di it le ] if I can do it I will. But don't hold your breath ;)
| + 181745 [wilsonb@gm i] Ruport has something like 3400 unit tests, if I recall, so I'm going
|   181769 [gregory.t.br] 34000+ assertions, almost all of them for Ruport::Parser.  (Which are
+ 181559 [james@gr yp ] I was in such a hurry to get this out (was almost late to the
+ 181571 [petite.abeil] Couldn't resist the temptation to check how much faster 8^)
+ 181935 [zdennis@mk e] Thanks for this James, this is really great! We replaced n partial csv codebase with FasterCSV
  181958 [james@gr yp ] Awesome.  You let me know if you find any problems.

Ruby TK and loading PNGs
181546 [fakeemail100] Is there anyway to load PNG files with TK?
181558 [nagai@ai ky ] Please use 'TkImg' extension (http://sf.net/projects/tkimg).

N00b request help with scaffold- undefined method 'body=' error
181548 [    na@na na] Hey guys,
181587 [hcatlin@gm i] If I had this error, I'd guess that I don't have the attribute "body"
181597 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

QtRuby install
181550 [r.mark.volkm] I'd like to evaluate using Qt with Ruby. I've downloaded and installed
181561 [jellenchan@g] This is what I have met on My Mac(Tiger 10.4.5).
+ 181564 [wn9r-amn@as ] The following discussion
+ 181572 [caleb@ae -t ] When configuring qtruby 4, make sure you specify where qt is located
  181574 [r.mark.volkm] How about instructions for installing QtRuby and either Qt 3 or 4
  181578 [caleb@ae -t ] QtRuby for Qt3 won't work on Windows out of the box.  There's no GPL
  181583 [mrnicksgirl@] I would be interested in trying it out on windows :)
  181652 [greg.kujawa@] So would I. On my Win32 platform I was looking to implement a Ruby
  181683 [caleb@ae -t ] I plan to play with it a bit this week, but it's unfamiliar territory
  240412 [hoornet@gm i] Please do so. I'm tring to install qtruby on windows for 3 weeks now and
  + 240486 [gethemant@gm] This has been discussed over and over again, i believe, but I would
  + 240840 [alex@de et m] Save the GUI design as an XRC (xml) file, and then you can load it into ruby - see the xrc sample in samples distributed with wxruby.

MySQL Bindings, Pather Server, existing MySQL - help
181555 [bablaza@gm i] I'm trying to install Ruby with the MySQL bindings via Darwinports on a
181746 [bablaza@gm i] In the interests of helping others (since I couldn't find the answer to

Memory Question
181563 [zdennis@mk e] I am doing some large queries with Mysql and the memory that gets allocated never seems to go back
181568 [drbrain@se m] Ruby does not feature a compacting garbage collector so you may
+ 181605 [minkoo.seo@g] What? Is this true? It's quite disappointing. Is there any master plan
| 181651 [greg.kujawa@] I have personally seen similar behavior. I have a Win32 Ruby CTI
+ 181641 [zdennis@mk e] Well I did some digging, and I'm left with more questions. The following script does NOT collect the
  181660 [ocean@m2 cc ] Ruby's GC is conservative, so there is no guarantee object is freed even if
  181747 [zdennis@mk e] H. Yamamoto,

[ANN] ruby-oci8 0.1.14
181565 [kubo@ji ba .] ruby-oci8 0.1.14 is released.
181590 [wilsonb@gm i] Thank you for your excellent work on this library. I've used it for a

'require' does not work under mod_ruby
181567 [fuxoft@gm il] When using: "require 'engine.rbx'" under mod_ruby, I get "File does not
+ 181570 [kyosuke@se n] chmod +x engine.rbx
| 181575 [fuxoft@gm il] A mentioned in my original post, the file already has permissions set
+ 181577 [eban@os ri .] See ri 'Kernel#require'.
  181581 [kyosuke@se n] Oops! Right now I tried this, it really behaves this way. I suspected

BlankSlate for lazy.rb (Was: Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparen
181569 [jim@we ri hh] Instance_eval can be hidden with a call to hide.  This class method is

[SOLUTION] Current Temperature (#68)
181573 [semmons99@gm] # Author: Shane Emmons
+ 181579 [rossrt@ro co] I wanted to allow UK postcodes, and I've had some mad insomnia the past
+ 181593 [james@gr yp ] "Horizontal scrolling is bad...  Horizontal scrolling is bad...

Rdoc mode for Emacs
181582 [jim.menard@g] ...

In doubt with sqlite3-ruby
181585 [aurelianocal] I have a table with an AUTOINCREMENT primary key and I would like to
181589 [none@no e. e] Just INTEGER PRIMARY KEY should be enough.
181615 [aurelianocal] The method is last_insert_row_id (note the "_" between row and id).

Fwd: Ruby Quiz Submission
181586 [james@gr yp ] ...

RE : N00b request help with scaffold- undefined method 'body=' error
181591 [guillaume.be] My guess is that "response" is something special in Rails (so is "request"
+ 181595 [jeff@bl e- i] Shouldn't you also be inheriting from ActionController and not
+ 181608 [    na@na na] Thanks, Guillaume.

[ANN] win32-sound 0.4.0
181592 [djberg96@gm ] The Win32Utils team is happy to announce the release of win32-sound

Support for audio recording and analysis using Ruby?
181598 [wink@sa il e] I was wondering if there were any modules available for Ruby to capture
+ 181601 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
| 181647 [wink@sa il e] Thanks for the info, looks interesting but seems to be somewhat out of
| 181697 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
+ 181823 [bil@cc ma st] ...
+ 181843 [bouncer@no h] this looks interesting...
+ 181852 [guslist@fr e] I did something like this last year. I was recording with the venerable

[SOLUTION] Current Temperature (#68)
181600 [dev.random@g] Here is my solution, actually it's my first ruby program, I just
+ 181604 [adityam@um c] This quiz finally got me going to read Ruby's Net API. It turned out
+ 181607 [chneukirchen] $-w = nil  should work.
  181611 [dev.random@g] Yay, that works, no warnings anymore :) Where can I read more about this magic

Scope of constants in instance_eval
181602 [gavin@re in ] I'm writing a DSL, and I want to use some constants. To be clean, I
+ 181612 [jimfreeze@gm] ...
| 181614 [gavin@re in ] Hrm? Not on my machine.
| 181618 [jimfreeze@gm] def initialize(str)
| 181623 [gavin@re in ] Evaling as a string works. (Constant is resolved.)
| 181640 [g_ogata@op u] But only in 1.9, if I understand you correctly.
| 181642 [g_ogata@op u] Sorry, I see this follows on from Jim's post.
+ 181616 [gavin@re in ] For those interested in doing the same, I've hacked up a quick method
+ 181639 [none@no e. e] Just a constant lookup issue for a closure. Doing
+ 181646 [matz@ru y- a] In 1.8, constant uses lexical look-up, even within the block given to

ANN: next meeting of codefesters in Columbia Maryland is Monday Feb 27th at 7pm
181603 [jeffwaltzer@] ...

Re: Current Temperature (#68) [QUIZ][SOLUTION]
181609 [horndude77@g] My solution uses yahoo weather like another of the solutions here. It's
181754 [gthiesfeld@s] Jay,
181794 [horndude77@g] Cool. I'd tried to do something like that, but couldn't quite get it to

Re: [solution] Current Temperature (#68)
181610 [gthiesfeld@s] This is my first submission to rubyquiz.  I've been learning ruby for
+ 181619 [leavengood@g] I think this is pretty darn slick Gordon, and you should continue in
+ 181620 [steve@wa ts ] As Ryan said, excellent job!  Keep at it.
  181622 [jeff@bl e- i] This is also my first Ruby Quiz submission.

ruby vtk bindings
181621 [horndude77@g] I'm wanting to use ruby with VTK (http://public.kitware.com/VTK/).
+ 181654 [gmurray@cl u] The ruby-vtk works with VTK-4.4 but not VTK-5.0+
| 181655 [horndude77@g] Hmm... vtk-4.4 seems to be the default for ubuntu. Following the
| 181663 [gmurray@cl u] I used the tcl8.4.11 and tk8.4.11 src, which put all the headers in
+ 181658 [nagai@ai ky ] Although I know this is NOT an answer which you want,

[ANN] Uttk 0.3 is released!
181624 [nicolas.desp] We are proud to announce that the version 0.3 of Uttk, aka KID, is
181626 [nicolas.desp] Yes, you're right. Actually, I copy-paste the Rubyforge news...

Re: Uttk 0.3 is released!
181625 [none@no e. e] Could you briefly describe what Uttk is? :)

Thinking out of the box
181627 [tsumeruby@ts] Time to get out of my little Linux/BSD/win2k3 comfort zone and make
181659 [nagai@ai ky ] There is a known bug on MacOS X + Tcl/Tk Aqua Framework.
181668 [tsumeruby@ts] Has there bug a patch committed in CVS which fixes this bug?
181671 [tsumeruby@ts] Let me try again...
181676 [nagai@ai ky ] I don't know how to fix the problem.
181678 [tsumeruby@ts] I've access to 2 powerbooks. Can the bug be reproduced?
181701 [nagai@ai ky ] I got a report that Ruby/Tk-Widget-Demo's "Message boxes" demo
182521 [tsumeruby@ts] I understand. Here is the summary of what my results of the widget

rdoc bug
181631 [jesusrubsyou] $ ruby --version
181672 [ocean@m2 cc ] It seems that rdoc should not treat \ as escape character
+ 181680 [ocean@m2 cc ] I have tested. I found some difference between before and after applied my patch
+ 181696 [ocean@m2 cc ] Sorry, I'll cancel this patch. Mr. Ishizuka (Author of irb) pointed
  181867 [ocean@m2 cc ] This bug was fixed by Mr. Ishizuka. Thank you for report.

Using attr_writer?
181632 [joe@ya oo co] class Foo
+ 181633 [none@no e. e] This is perfectly valid. If this is not your actual code,
+ 181634 [lopexx@au og] puts returns nil
+ 181636 [huw@DE TH SB] Curious. I just copied, pasted and ran your code. It produces the string
  181637 [jeff@bl e- i] Are you running it in irb?  As someone else mentioned.. you'll get a
  181638 [joe@ya oo co] Turns out I had a bug elsewhere in my code and it does in fact work as

RubyCocoa and DarwinPorts Ruby?
181635 [info@jo na e] Can anyone point me to potential problems with setting up a RubyCocoa
181650 [jeem@hu he o] The easy way is to install RubyCocoa from DarwinPorts as well.  The
181656 [info@jo na e] Jim,
+ 181817 [jp-www@dc .g] There's a file called PortIndex that contains the summaries of all the
+ 181855 [jeem@hu he o] The /Developer stuff will still go to /Developer.  XCode seems happy

Re: Capitalized method names (was: Inconsistent ... Integer/Float)
181649 [dharple@ge e] I also find using a capatilized method name very odd and

WxRuby widget borders
181653 [r.mark.volkm] I can add a border around widgets in WxRuby using the ALL flag, but

Authenticating distributed Ruby
181662 [trejkaz@gm i] I've been playing with DRb a fair bit lately, am planning to use it as
+ 181686 [ruby@an hr p] } Of course, DRb in itself provides no real security.  But because of the
| 181715 [zhengyi@an r] For specifically doing DRb over SSL, with client cert-based auth, this
+ 181749 [x@ve sa ec s] If your communications is of the (essentially) non-connected variety,
  181763 [trejkaz@gm i] Well, this depends on how you look at HTTP.
  181768 [drbrain@se m] You'll have bigger problems than authentication if you want to have

Undefined Method
181664 [4ied@co ca t] After messing around with PHP for over a year, I took one look at Ruby
181666 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

extending an object
181665 [gerardo.sant] I'm writing an extension for Ruby, and want to extend an object with
181682 [rossrt@ro co] I think rb_extend_object retains the original access of module instance
181783 [gerardo.sant] Thanks Ross, it's solved. For the record, I was using

Ruby Whitespace Semantics
181667 [almann.goo@g] irb(main):001:0> a = ( 4 + 5 )
+ 181669 [hal9000@hy e] I understand your concern. Let me try to clarify.
| + 181674 [almann.goo@g] Thanks, the semantic is clearer now even though I think it is very
| | 181721 [avdi.grimm@g] ...
| | 181738 [aderobertis@] Well, when I work in languages other than Ruby (not in ruby, of course,
| | + 181741 [rmagick@gm i] You're not alone. I've adopted this practice in C programs ever since I
| | + 181742 [mental@ry ia] It works fine in Ruby if you use a backslash to continue the
| | + 181757 [Ephaeton@gm ] If this is M(atlab) then the three dots serve to signal
| |   181866 [aderobertis@] No, that's pseudo-code and the three dots are an ellipsis indicating
| |   181876 [Ephaeton@gm ] *snore* Sorry :)
| + 181732 [mark@mw ld n] But (4 is clearly an incomplete statement.
|   181733 [lukfugl@gm i] Actually, notice the semicolon. What Hal is demonstrating is that a
|   181753 [mark@mw ld n] Ah. I thought a semicolon terminated a statement.
|   + 181755 [mental@ry ia] It does; it's just that the current Ruby grammar permits multiple
|   | 181786 [mark@mw ld n] I guess a = ( 4 ; + 5 ) is not so different from C's a = ( 4 , + 5 )
|   + 181756 [interfecus@g] It does. 4 is a valid statement in Ruby. Ruby doesn't have the same
|     181758 [mental@ry ia] Well... not really.  There's the same distinction in Ruby too (see
+ 181670 [kevin.jackso] I'm no expert, but I think it has to do with both first and third having
+ 181681 [alexandru@gl] and probably in other placess too (but I wouldn't know about them as I am
| + 181698 [jim@fr ez .o] ...
| | 181714 [mental@ry ia] Hmm.  What about
| | 181734 [mark@mw ld n] It should be a syntax error.
| | + 181736 [logancapaldo] ...
| | + 181740 [mental@ry ia] Ruby has an unary +...
| | + 181770 [hal9000@hy e] Why/how?
| + 181702 [almann.goo@g] This behavior actually isn't well documented, since the semantic is
+ 181711 [mental@ry ia] a = ( 4 + 5 )

Curriculum for Teaching Ruby to C++ Professionals
181673 [steve@wa ts ] I'm a game programmer by profession.  I'm setting up a little "Learn
+ 181675 [kevin.jackso] For me as a newbie to the language - the thing that really got to me was
+ 181677 [tsumeruby@ts] Ruby is dual licensed.
| 181699 [steve@wa ts ] Oops, thank you Tsume!
| 181718 [tsumeruby@ts] If you have any problems embedding Ruby in any program, we would be glad
+ 181679 [dave@bu t. d] If they can have laptops, and be networked (802.11?) you can use DRb to
| 181793 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks to both Dave and Kev for the advice!
+ 181694 [ruby@an hr p] } Hi Rubyists,

Ruby/Tk: How to access surrounding class from Tk Callback?
181685 [u235321044@s] Assume that I'm modelling a visible form, consisting of entry fields,
181700 [nagai@ai ky ] It may be a FAQ.
181984 [u235321044@s] Arigatou gozaimasu! But where can I find the FAQ? I was able to
+ 181986 [u235321044@s] I think, I figured this out by myself: Instead of setting
+ 183086 [nagai@ai ky ] I want to compose Ruby/Tk manuals/documents.

Re: ruby-oci8 0.1.14
181688 [keltia@gm il] Same from here.  I'm using it regularely on several machines (Solaris
+ 181765 [steven@lu os] And here.  Also on Solaris and OSX, Oracle 10g.  I even use it with
+ 188345 [tom.styles@n] Has anyone managed to get the library to work with AIX, I've managed to

Ruby path for SVN log XML -> HTML
181689 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] So what's the Ruby way to go from
181824 [kou@co mi ng] ...
+ 181911 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Awesome, thanks.
+ 182087 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] you use it as part of your post-commit hook?
  182204 [kou@co mi ng] No. I made the script only for you. ;)
  182235 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Excellent, the world will thank you.
  182239 [kou@co mi ng] * https://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/tools/examples/svnlook.rb

string contains one of these???
181690 [mikkel@he en] Imagine,
+ 181691 [james@gr yp ] => ["1D", "2D", "U16", "U19", "LR", "RR", "JNL", "NL"]
+ 181692 [shortcutter@] => ["1D", "2D", "U16", "U19", "LR", "RR", "JNL", "NL"]
| 181703 [chneukirchen] irb(main):002:0>  "some stuff NL is chunky".scan Regexp.union(*leagues)
| 181726 [bob.news@gm ] Even better!  Didn't know about that method.  Learn something new every
| 181748 [devlists-rub] amazing...
+ 181693 [dharple@ge e] leagues = %w{1D 2D U16 U19 LR RR JNL NL}
+ 181792 [hitesh.jasan] You've got a bunch of great answers already, but here's another option.
  181809 [johan.veenst] ...
  181832 [hitesh.jasan] Actually if you flip it around as 'leagues & words.split' it turns out
  + 181884 [jeff@sc wa c] Is it possible that link is incorrect?
  | 181908 [hitesh.jasan] Jeffrey, the link should be working for you now.  My hosting provider
  + 181937 [chneukirchen] You'd better cache those Regexps.
  | 181962 [hitesh.jasan] Good comments Christian.  I thought I'd just hack a set of tests and
  | 182025 [james@gr yp ] suggestion@rubyquiz.com
  + 182048 [jeff@sc wa c] I am surprised by the scan failures ("could not continue test").  Do you
    182068 [chneukirchen] irb(main):002:0> Regexp.new "x"*600_000