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^ Fwd: Launching Ruby scripts and the future of MVM
181316 [headius gmai] I tossed this message off to the Ruby-core list about a month ago, and

^ Re: Launching Ruby scripts and the future of MVM
181317 [headius gmai] FYI, I also created an RCR for this, #328. Please post comments and
181325 [gwtmp01 mac.] In what way is what you are proposing different from Kernel#system?
181343 [logancapaldo] system(x) # x is arbitrary shell command
+ 181350 [headius head] Logan is spot-on with this interpretation. The intent is somewhat
+ 181377 [gwtmp01 mac.] You already have coroutines, threads, fork/exec, system, and load/
  181379 [halostatue g] Right. But this is meaningfully different than all of the above,especially within the context of JRuby. JVMs are *expensive* to start,but independent Java threads are pretty easy to start. I think that theintent is that JRuby is going to introduce Kernel#run_script orsomething similar to it because they want to give JRuby programmers away to start an external script in a lightweight manner. The suggestionbeing made here is to reincorporate it into CRuby, something I support.
  181460 [headius head] I'd only correct this by saying we'd really *like* to add something
  181494 [kjana dm4lab] Just a simple note and no further info but....
  182487 [headius head] Just to keep this discussion going, anyone want to take a stab at a
  182486 [headius head] And a friendly reminder about the RCR...I think this would be a really

^ Net::HTTP and submitting forms
181340 [cbowmanschoo] page.  The script pulls the data off of index.php but not
181449 [adam thereal] #post_form will put the parameters you pass in the request body.  If
181462 [charlie cast] Thank you.  The following worked fine.

^ ruby-gnome2/gtk error on mac
181344 [jkosch u.was] I'm running Ruby 1.8.4 (installed via darwinports) on OS 10.4 with gtk
+ 181422 [mutoh highwa] It's very difficult not to check your gtktest.rb....
| 181466 [jkosch u.was] This is the "Hello World" program on the website tutorial.
| 181488 [mutoh highwa] How about gtk-demo ?
| 181644 [jkosch u.was] Same error message multiple times when I start it.  Every demo seems to
+ 181684 [dharple gene] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparent futures!
181349 [jim weirichh] Hmmm ... I just tried it and got "MONKEYS" for the result.  It makes
181354 [nugend gmail] I don't think I understand what'sgoing on th... oh wait.  I see.

^ Nuby - help with Ruby object references
181351 [cremes.devli] I'm very new to Ruby (as in, just started yesterday). As a learning
181362 [ruby-forum-r] I am pretty sure this is where the problem is. Blocks
181369 [cremes.devli] Okay, I did as you suggested and it works now. But...

^ Ruby plugin for spreadsheet?
181355 [matobinder i] I know this may sound insane... but is there anything like a ruby plugin
+ 181357 [logancapaldo] Alternatively consider Win32OLE. The upside to ParseExcel is that you
+ 181361 [rcoder gmail] I actually did a project a couple of years ago which used the Win32 OLE
+ 181391 [james.herdma] Check this thread out >>

^ Creating Files
181370 [aferra gmail] Could someone please tell me how to create a new file?
+ 181373 [none none.ne] You could use FileUtils.touch or just File.open a filename
+ 181385 [merc mobily.] # Create a new file and write on it

^ Everything's an object, right?
181376 [nmorse gmail] I was talking to a coworker today about the Ruby, and we were
+ 181378 [marcel verni] String#+ creates a new object. String#[] edits the object in place.
| 181383 [nmorse gmail] What about when I don't use String#+ ?
| 181386 [hal9000 hype] Look at it this way. You're not "passing by reference." You're
| 181389 [nmorse gmail] << ... remember that assignment always "wipes out" the old reference.
+ 181404 [huw DELTHISB] To the best of my knowledge everything (apart from integers) is passed by
  181414 [dblack wobbl] Have a look at Hal's post: it's more a question of passing by value,

^ Tk horizontal scrollbar infinite loop
181387 [calfeld math] I'm having a bizarre problem with Ruby/Tk.  I'm running OS X 10.4 with
181390 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm.... It may be the trouble on your Tcl/Tk.
+ 181425 [calfeld math] That works fine.  The problem only shows up in Ruby/Tk.
+ 181433 [calfeld math] I still have no idea what the problem is but I found a work around.  The
  181469 [nagai ai.kyu] Do you mean that 1.8.4 has no problem? Or still has the problem?
  181517 [calfeld math] 1.8.4 still has the problem.
  181522 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm... That is a bad news.
  + 181528 [calfeld math] I get
  + 181530 [calfeld math] I can generate the problem in wish as well.  The previous test on wish did
    181557 [nagai ai.kyu] That is an unfortunate situation for you.
    181613 [snowzone5 ho] i assume someone sent off the bug report to activestate? i imagine

^ Question: is it possible for an extension to convert a block to a proc and execute it later
181394 [jacobrepp gm] puts "sending data"
181399 [jacobrepp gm] I found a good example of how to do this in hash.c

^ First Pune Ruby Group Meet
181396 [prakash.diby] Pune Ruby group is having its first Ruby/Rails meet on 25th Feb 2006 from

^ Class method availble via soap server?
181406 [danperrett07] does anyone know how to make a Class method available via a soap

^ [ANN] Toronto Ruby User Group, 5 Mar 2006 Meeting
181408 [mike stok.ca] The March meeting of the Toronto Ruby User Group is planned for

^ wsdl problem
181409 [h_kon18 hotm] I used wsdl2ruby to generate classes and methods.
181421 [geoff zorche] eui = EndUserIdentifier.new(some_value) - not sure what value is
181988 [h_kon18 hotm] The line

^ 'mailread' considered dangerous ?
181410 [Ephaeton gmx] Hoi rubyists,
+ 181704 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 181706 [Ephaeton gmx] It's a sarcastic analogy for mailread working fine for some kinds of
+ 182080 [aledonne.lis] Looks like this has recently been discussed on ruby-core...

^ Comments on gtk-ruby/main.rb appreciated
181411 [info jayeola] I've been using ruby-gtk for a few weeks now. Please find attached

^ [QUIZ] Current Temperature (#68)
181420 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 181580 [dave burt.id] I still haven't done last week's metakoans, but I thought to myself, "Dave,"
| + 181584 [mrnicksgirl ] hahaha, thats great. Very entertaining Dave. Sometimes I wish I was
| + 181594 [james graypr] This step could prove very difficult for some programmers.  ;)
| + 181599 [rossrt rosco] Very cool :D
| | 181606 [leavengood g] Here is mine. It only provides temperatures for US zip codes. I've
| + 181643 [hal9000 hype] Amazing, Dave. A boon to hackers everywhere.
| | 181645 [g_ogata optu] You need to "require 'pants'" first.
| | 181687 [chneukirchen] Alternatively, require 'rubypants'  ;-)
| + 181720 [aderobertis ] Appears there is a bug here...
+ 181630 [adam.shelly ] I used Yahoo Weather's RSS feed.  net/http and simple-rss did most of
+ 181712 [harley3 pebl] I've been lurking for a bit over 2 months as I've been reading
| 181717 [james graypr] Let me be one of the first to welcome you then!  Script looks great
| 181723 [harley3 pebl] Thanks! It's lacking a bunch of error checking, input validation and the
+ 181728 [rretzbach go] I just want you to know my solution. Nothing special, but sharing is
+ 181928 [chanezon gma] An answer just for the fun of it, showing that you write as obscure and

^ ruby segfaults with rails app
181427 [payton foolo] ideas from the rails list and I think this may be more generally
181870 [payton foolo] The Gentoo guys have given up.  Apparently this is a ruby problem or

^ Re: Xpath to attributes
181432 [listrecv gma] Thanks.
181527 [w_a_x_man ya] p DATA.read.xchain('customer/@loc="south"/phone').first.atr['type']

^ [ANN] Registration now open for Silicon Valley Ruby Conference
181434 [dblack wobbl] Registration is now open for the upcoming Silicon Valley Ruby

^ Re: LibXML-Ruby 0.3.6
181439 [listrecv gma] Great!
+ 181450 [netghost gma] This sounds great.  Thanks for producing these bindings.  I am really
| 181492 [rossrt rosco] Hopefully if you have the required libraries it will work, but I have to
| 181532 [joesavona gm] This is great news - does the library include bindings for libxslt as
| 181535 [rossrt rosco] We're working separately on bringing the libxslt bindings up to date in
| 181539 [dsisnero gma] What is the difference between this and xml-smart.  It looks like xml-smart
| 181541 [rossrt rosco] In all honesty, I've no idea. A quick glance suggests some differences
| 181553 [dharple gene] There is small  documentation error at
+ 181489 [rossrt rosco] I'll try, but I have to admit I've never made serious use of REXML.

^ Noob:  Building Yarv 0.4.0
181440 [gzoller hotm] Apologies if this is posed in the wrong forum...
181448 [none none.ne] Just to make sure you are not running into any strange
181465 [gzoller hotm] Thanks, E, but I'm still having the same issues. :-(
+ 181472 [none none.ne] Maybe download the latest snapshot instead, just
+ 181496 [rossrt rosco] Yes. There are big changes going on over there right now I think.
  181512 [decoux moulo] Well with yarv-r475

^ Rails - Any way to pass state to a component?
181445 [deja homerle] I am trying set up a rails app that utilizes components.  I need to be
181453 [jgbailey gma] Check the docs, but I believe you can pass a hash called :params with

^ RDT - RemoteTestRunner.rb:1: [BUG] Bus Error
181452 [jschementi g] ruby 1.8.4 debugger listens on port 49905
181454 [Daniel.Berge] You'll probably want to report this bug to the RDT folks directly at

^ how to check if script in a file a method?
181457 [konsu hotmai] given a text string with ruby code, that my program evaluates at some point

^ Subversion ruby bindings for win32
181459 [luislavena g] Already have tried contact subversion ppl, all without luck.
181538 [alex.combas ] You may already be aware, and if so then please ignore me, but thereis an svn binary available for Windows already. Perhaps building svn yourself isnot even nessisary??
181657 [luislavena g] You are talking about svn binaries, the command line tool you could use.

^ select()
181480 [michaelaugus] I got for now this code html
+ 181481 [collinsj sea] Have you looked at erb
| 181485 [jgbailey gma] Go to http://api.rubyonrails.com/ and click on the Method named
+ 181500 [devlists-rub] Why not use a check box?  I always hated drop downs for binary state

^ FreeRIDE
181486 [reachzach ya] (If this is a bad place to ask about FreeRIDE specifically then let me

^ [ANN] win32-clipboard 0.4.0
181495 [djberg96 gma] The Win32Utils team is happy to announce the release of win32-clipboard
181508 [d454d web.de] Works great with cygwin! :)

^ gems package for TMail
181497 [info johnale] Is there a gems package for TMail?
+ 189010 [mark scottis] Can we assume that there isn't one?
+ 189046 [gregory.t.br] I do not think there is a gem for TMail.  I might submit a gemspec to

^ Using resolv.rb
181504 [smallfries g] I am working on developing an application that does mx/a/ns lookups .
181506 [drbrain segm] Use the built-in socket library.

^ Inconsistent Behavior Converting String to Integer/Float
181513 [dharple gene] $ruby-yarv -v
+ 181514 [decoux moulo] You have a problem with your version of yarv
| 181515 [dharple gene] num = "3e2"
| 181516 [decoux moulo] OK, sorry, I've not understood.
+ 181648 [matz ruby-la] Integer() does not understand scientific notation as an integer

^ [ANN] RMagick-1.10.1 fixes memory leak
181518 [cyclists nc.] I've  just uploaded a new release of RMagick. This release fixes 3 bugs,

^ Re: win32-clipboard 0.4.0
181519 [djberg96 gma] Oops, thanks.  Fixed in CVS.

^ Simple "pass-thru" SOAP4R web service
181521 [kturner radl] I'm trying to write a simple "pass-thru" web service using SOAP4R. This

^ comments of less.rb appreciated
181523 [info jayeola] I've had a look at /usr/share/doc/ruby-1.8.4/sample/less.rb and made
181544 [drbrain segm] YAGNI
181547 [info jayeola] Thanks for that reply. YANGNI's made my day. I'll keep things as

^ Ruby for Rails chapter 4 up now
181531 [pat.eyler gm] If you buy the MEAP (Manning's version of Beta Books), you

^ FOX widget layout
181533 [r.mark.volkm] Does FOX have a layout manager that can layout widgets in rows and
181562 [meinrad.rech] afaik, there is no such layout.

^ BlankSlate for lazy.rb (Was: Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparent futures!)
181536 [mental rydia] Hmm.  Okay, for lazy.rb there are a couple things I would need from
181560 [vikkous gmai] I have a rather mutated version of BlankSlate (as a module) which

^ [ANN] FasterCSV 0.1.6 -- With Header Support!
181542 [james graypr] FasterCSV 0.1.6 Released
+ 181543 [gregory.t.br] Cool James!  I just ran the units on Ruport, for which you are an
| 181705 [james graypr] That's either a miracle or a sign of poor test coverage, because I
| + 181730 [gregory.t.br] It's a result of simple needs. I only call two FasterCSV functions.
| | 181739 [james graypr] Hey, that move is my unique signature.  We all need at least one.  ;)
| | 181772 [se digitale-] first, thanks for FasterCSV. It is very useful. I have been wildly using it
| | + 181778 [se digitale-] I just had a look into the FasterCSV class and I must admit that I didn't
| | | 181782 [james graypr] Most of it is just interface or the new headers feature
| | + 181784 [james graypr] Always nice to here.  Thank you!
| |   181822 [se digitale-] No, I certainly don't want to build a complete C version. I was thinking
| |   181836 [james graypr] Patches welcome.  ;)
| |   181841 [se digitale-] if I can do it I will. But don't hold your breath ;)
| + 181745 [wilsonb gmai] Ruport has something like 3400 unit tests, if I recall, so I'm going
|   181769 [gregory.t.br] 34000+ assertions, almost all of them for Ruport::Parser.  (Which are
+ 181559 [james graypr] I was in such a hurry to get this out (was almost late to the
+ 181571 [petite.abeil] Couldn't resist the temptation to check how much faster 8^)
+ 181935 [zdennis mkte] Thanks for this James, this is really great! We replaced n partial csv codebase with FasterCSV
  181958 [james graypr] Awesome.  You let me know if you find any problems.

^ Ruby TK and loading PNGs
181546 [fakeemail100] Is there anyway to load PNG files with TK?
181558 [nagai ai.kyu] Please use 'TkImg' extension (http://sf.net/projects/tkimg).

^ N00b request help with scaffold- undefined method 'body=' error
181548 [    na na.na] Hey guys,
181587 [hcatlin gmai] If I had this error, I'd guess that I don't have the attribute "body"
181597 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

^ QtRuby install
181550 [r.mark.volkm] I'd like to evaluate using Qt with Ruby. I've downloaded and installed
181561 [jellenchan g] This is what I have met on My Mac(Tiger 10.4.5).
+ 181564 [wn9r-amn asa] The following discussion
+ 181572 [caleb aei-te] When configuring qtruby 4, make sure you specify where qt is located
  181574 [r.mark.volkm] How about instructions for installing QtRuby and either Qt 3 or 4
  181578 [caleb aei-te] QtRuby for Qt3 won't work on Windows out of the box.  There's no GPL
  181583 [mrnicksgirl ] I would be interested in trying it out on windows :)
  181652 [greg.kujawa ] So would I. On my Win32 platform I was looking to implement a Ruby
  181683 [caleb aei-te] I plan to play with it a bit this week, but it's unfamiliar territory

^ MySQL Bindings, Pather Server, existing MySQL - help
181555 [bablaza gmai] I'm trying to install Ruby with the MySQL bindings via Darwinports on a
181746 [bablaza gmai] In the interests of helping others (since I couldn't find the answer to

^ Memory Question
181563 [zdennis mkte] I am doing some large queries with Mysql and the memory that gets allocated never seems to go back
181568 [drbrain segm] Ruby does not feature a compacting garbage collector so you may
+ 181605 [minkoo.seo g] What? Is this true? It's quite disappointing. Is there any master plan
| 181651 [greg.kujawa ] I have personally seen similar behavior. I have a Win32 Ruby CTI
+ 181641 [zdennis mkte] Well I did some digging, and I'm left with more questions. The following script does NOT collect the
  181660 [ocean m2.ccs] Ruby's GC is conservative, so there is no guarantee object is freed even if
  181747 [zdennis mkte] H. Yamamoto,

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 0.1.14
181565 [kubo jiubao.] ruby-oci8 0.1.14 is released.
181590 [wilsonb gmai] Thank you for your excellent work on this library. I've used it for a

^ 'require' does not work under mod_ruby
181567 [fuxoft gmail] When using: "require 'engine.rbx'" under mod_ruby, I get "File does not
+ 181570 [kyosuke sezn] chmod +x engine.rbx
| 181575 [fuxoft gmail] A mentioned in my original post, the file already has permissions set
+ 181577 [eban os.rim.] See ri 'Kernel#require'.
  181581 [kyosuke sezn] Oops! Right now I tried this, it really behaves this way. I suspected

^ BlankSlate for lazy.rb (Was: Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparen
181569 [jim weirichh] Instance_eval can be hidden with a call to hide.  This class method is

^ [SOLUTION] Current Temperature (#68)
181573 [semmons99 gm] # Author: Shane Emmons
+ 181579 [rossrt rosco] I wanted to allow UK postcodes, and I've had some mad insomnia the past
+ 181593 [james graypr] "Horizontal scrolling is bad...  Horizontal scrolling is bad...

^ Rdoc mode for Emacs
181582 [jim.menard g] I've whipped together this Emacs mode for editing rdoc files. It's

^ In doubt with sqlite3-ruby
181585 [aurelianocal] I have a table with an AUTOINCREMENT primary key and I would like to
181589 [none none.ne] Just INTEGER PRIMARY KEY should be enough.
181615 [aurelianocal] The method is last_insert_row_id (note the "_" between row and id).

^ Fwd: Ruby Quiz Submission
181586 [james graypr] ...

^ RE : N00b request help with scaffold- undefined method 'body=' error
181591 [guillaume.be] My guess is that "response" is something special in Rails (so is "request"
+ 181595 [jeff blue-gi] Shouldn't you also be inheriting from ActionController and not
+ 181608 [    na na.na] Thanks, Guillaume.

^ [ANN] win32-sound 0.4.0
181592 [djberg96 gma] The Win32Utils team is happy to announce the release of win32-sound

^ Support for audio recording and analysis using Ruby?
181598 [wink saville] I was wondering if there were any modules available for Ruby to capture
+ 181601 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Wank,
| 181647 [wink saville] Thanks for the info, looks interesting but seems to be somewhat out of
| 181697 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Wink,
+ 181823 [bil ccrma.st] ...
+ 181843 [bouncer nowh] this looks interesting...
+ 181852 [guslist free] I did something like this last year. I was recording with the venerable