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^ ruby on gumstix
181193 [vjoel path.b] Looks like I will have a chance to play around with a small fleet of
181201 [hal9000 hype] Duuude. I'm drooling here.
+ 181207 [Ephaeton gmx] You don't need infinite time but something easy to port :)
+ 181352 [vjoel path.b] Well, to answer my own post, it looks like ruby is buildable, and may

^ [ANN] Calgary Ruby Users Society (CRUSERS)
181194 [alex verk.in] Calgary Ruby Users Society (otherwise known as Association of Anonymous

^ Is it safe to undef the socket rb_w32_*() wrapper functions in an extension?
181199 [jacobrepp gm] I've undef'd the macros (bind, setsockopt, etc) in my C file but I'm

^ ebXML 4 Ruby?
181205 [giacecco gma] Does anybody know about anyone working on an ebXML library for Ruby?

^ compiling c program using rb_eval_string()
181210 [hongseok.yoo] #include "/home/xopht/lib/1.8/i686-linux/ruby.h"
+ 181213 [nohmad gmail] rb_string_eval() needs to be initialized properly.Check this,http://phrogz.net/ProgrammingRuby/ext_ruby.html#extendingrubyhttp://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?EmbedRuby
| + 181215 [nohmad gmail] Ouch,
| + 181216 [ashishwave g] i also got the same error.
+ 181221 [caleb aei-te] This is in your C compiler.  You probably need to add some library flags like
+ 181368 [hongseok.yoo] You guys are really helpful !!

^ Ruby/Tk : Accessing a Checkbox
181222 [u235321044 s] How can I find out whether a Checkbox is checked or unchecked in Ruby?
181228 [dperkins fri] You need a TkVariable associated with the checkbutton.
181233 [nagai ai.kyu] Latest Ruby/Tk supports a default variable of a checkbutton.
181260 [dperkins fri] Great!  I'll add this to my Rubyt/Tk notes.

^ [SUMMARY] metakoans.rb (#67)
181223 [james graypr] This was a wildly popular quiz with solutions all over the board.  I will do my

^ Ruby as First Language
181224 [wood_yee12 h] example, how it compares to python/perl/basic/etc as a first language.
+ 181225 [dblack wobbl] Yes, and then some.
| 181226 [charlie cast] I wish I had that book when I first started programming.  That book
+ 181227 [bob.news gmx] Ruby vs. Perl: much cleaner syntax and less typing.
| + 181230 [dave burt.id] Just to knock down your only negative point a little, Robert, there is DL,
| | 181242 [bob.news gmx] I forgot that.  Yeah, with DL it seems reasonably easy.  Good point!
| + 181235 [gene.tani gm] Perl has gotten a bad rap, well-written perl is pretty easy to follow.
| | 181238 [bob.news gmx] Yes, but this thread is about "first language".  I don't know how Perl's
| | + 181240 [james graypr] I agree.
| | + 181249 [james.herdma] But more importantly, *should* Ruby be a first language taught, period?
| | | + 181254 [bob.news gmx] That's precisely the point where we disagree. :-)
| | | | 181258 [james.herdma] Ah, yes.  I have a bad habit of using procedure and method
| | | | + 181263 [jaco neottia] Is the "C widespread usage" still true, by the way? I admit it is
| | | | | 181270 [james.herdma] The OS you're using is likely written in a combination of C and C++ ;)
| | | | | 181288 [jaco neottia] Yes, but you haven't understood my previous post. I've not said that C
| | | | + 181264 [bob.news gmx] Certainly!  C might not be for everyone but if mastered certainly helps
| | | |   181284 [devlists-rub] So it all depends on what you want. Do you want to have knowledge of
| | | + 181257 [james graypr] I see this comment a lot and it bugs me, so I'm going to take it out
| | | | 181381 [ruby-talk de] Okay, now I have to pull this one out. See if listening to this one
| | | | + 181423 [chneukirchen] Plain lovely.
| | | | + 181554 [devcjohnson ] I apologize for noise but I have to say thanks for that link.  My
| | | + 181280 [glen_ap yaho] I think there are two flaws in your argument.
| | |   + 181388 [james.herdma] Of course =)
| | |   | + 181395 [nugend gmail] I think they should teach kids Lisp/Scheme, C, the Lambda Calculus,
| | |   | | 181401 [chris pine.f] "They"??  Have *you* ever tried to teach kids programming?
| | |   | | 181403 [nugend gmail] I agree, I was just being flippant (mostly).
| | |   | | 181405 [chris pine.f] Hmm... iteresting.  (I was just talking about teaching kids toprogram, not getting at the core of what CS really is.)
| | |   | + 181397 [glen_ap yaho] Sorry, I did not notice that in your first post.
| | |   + 181442 [just-for-new] This is definitly a problem for "imperative" programmers. Therefor I
| | + 181417 [snowzone5 ho] it still feels "tacked on". i think python's does also...
| + 181416 [snowzone5 ho] ruby has the cleaner syntax, but i don't think it has less typing you
| + 181443 [just-for-new] I don't think the vs stuff is needed. Ruby is a nice language by many
+ 181234 [giacecco gma] profession?
| + 181253 [james_b neur] Your primary goal in learning a language is the most important criteria.
| | 182381 [tom infoethe] And if you want to convert those videos to sound files to listen to
| + 181282 [billk cts.co] It should be noted that many people here are using ruby for our jobs.
|   181283 [charlie cast] If you plan on working on the web, you should definitely make sure that
+ 181266 [pat.eyler gm] Harvard is teaching Ruby and C in their introduction to CS, and several
| 181277 [charlie cast] That's such a good point.  I'm a self taught programmer and my first
+ 181286 [ayZIG0106 qa] I'd just like to add my two pennies - do NOT learn Ruby first.  You will be
| 181312 [jwkenne attg] x86 assembler is rather a mess.
| 181338 [cyclists nc.] I spent 5 or 6 years writing IBM 370 assembler starting in 1983 and I
+ 181418 [robert.c.may] Personally, I think it is a horrible first language.  Let me preface
| 181419 [james graypr] I'm not seeing that.  Ruby supports pretty much the same constructs
| 181424 [robert.c.may] Sure, you can do that stuff, but most of the existing documentation
| + 181429 [peter semant] This is a big problem for a lot of programmers. We've had Visual Basic
| + 181435 [chris pine.f] While I disagree with most of what you have written (respectfully,though :), I think you hit the nail on the head here.  Most of thetime when we are showing Ruby, we are showing *off* Ruby.  How can wenot!
| + 181498 [ruby-talk de] Perfectly said.
+ 181451 [hawkman.gelo] besides Ti-BASIC (i'd say that doesn't count), Ruby is my first language,
+ 181479 [interfecus g] My order was Quick BASIC, then C++, PHP, then Ruby. I found the
  181520 [ruby anthrop] } My order was Quick BASIC, then C++, PHP, then Ruby. I found the
  181526 [chris pine.f] No way.  :)  Ruby before C, any day.  It's really not an issue of"procedural is easier than OOP".  You can do procedural Ruby, and it'sso so so so so much easier.  The aspiring programmer will be able todo so much more after their first half-hour lesson.  This ismotivating.  A motivated student learns faster, retains more (longer),and most importantly, is less likely to quit!  (You wouldn't believehow often I hear people saying, "I've tried to learn to program overand over again, but never got into it... until Ruby!")
  181537 [alex.combas ] I am a big, really big big... not even in a strictly volume sense, I'mtalking mass...ridiculously humongous fan of the Poignant Guide.
  181552 [akulbe gmail] Chris, I am presently enjoying your book.

^ What's mean? global variables
181229 [blue_fox ynm] in test.rb
181255 [lukfugl gmai] The keyword def, as you already know, begins a method definition. When
181374 [ruby-talk de] Jacob,
181392 [blue_fox ynm] Oh! the test function just an another way to access the global variable

^ Re: Diakonos gem
181239 [jesusrubsyou] I would simply love to make a gem for Diakonos.  I have been wanting to
+ 181259 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 181364 [jesusrubsyou] If you use
| 181365 [logancapaldo] Yeah, basically what I was hoping for is diakonos to remember the
| 181426 [jesusrubsyou] You could always just go in and hack that conf_dir Array for the time
| 181441 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 181358 [ezmobius gma] Pistos-

^ Looking forward to being able to answer Ruby quizzes...
181244 [merc mobily.] The subject says it all: I will consider myself a real Ruby
181251 [james graypr] If you can't, that's my fault, not yours!

^ reading rompt protocols
181247 [mihai.vlad a] I'm trying to implement a function that reads from a socket ( TCP/IP

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0
181252 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0 is now available.

^ Creating Ruby Classes from XSD?
181261 [jgbailey gma] .NET ships with a tool that will generate classes directly from an XML
+ 181265 [logancapaldo] Ok, I'm going to be honest and say first I've never had occasion to
| + 181271 [jgbailey gma] Well, what it really makes easy is the import of a given XML document into
| + 181273 [ef alum.mit.] Sometimes you don't control the source of the information.  If someone
| + 181333 [henrik.marte] <snipped a W3C Schema>
|   + 181384 [ruby-talk de] ActiveRecord?
|   | 181436 [henrik.marte] No, I have nothing against ORM tools. ActiveRecord, (which I must
|   + 181415 [geoff zorche] Yep, that's the exact idea. You don't only want to be tightly-coupled
|     + 181444 [henrik.marte] My point is that you are tightly coupled to somebody elses data. This
|     | 181455 [geoff zorche] In general, I'm not worried about this because things like Schema have
|     | 181474 [henrik.marte] I agree that changing the schema is easy. That is part of the problem.
|     + 181446 [ruby anthrop] } XSD schema (for all of its imperfections) has the ability to specify
+ 181279 [bmoelk brain] better,
+ 181363 [geoff zorche] Check out SOAP4R.
+ 181447 [netghost gma] I've actually found that you don't usually want to use the xml

^ Re: [OT] Ruby as First Language
181262 [steve waits.] Object and Turbo Pascal took the language nicely into the realm of

^ Two Ruby threading questions
181268 [codeslinger ] I have a number of issues that I'm dealing with regarding Ruby threads
+ 181274 [codeslinger ] Nevermind about question 2 above. I figured it out. Defining the
+ 181275 [bob.news gmx] No.  You will have to terminate them manually on exit.
  181287 [codeslinger ] If this is true (see my last post), then this is a design flaw in
  + 181311 [mental rydia] If the dead threads aren't referenced anywhere, the garbage
  | 181313 [vjoel path.b] Aren't other threads terminated?
  + 181402 [bob.news gmx] Joining won't help because essentially this prevents the process from

^ Q: How to initialize debugger's state when starting
181269 [Dymaio gmail] When starting a Ruby script in debug ('-rdebug') mode, what's the
181294 [Dymaio gmail] (What I'm looking for is something with the effect of gdb's '-x'
181330 [logancapaldo] Well after looking at debug.rb and trying to hack this in, I think
181347 [Dymaio gmail] Thanks.  I _thought_ it would be a quick question... one of those
181353 [matti.georgi] A short hack.
+ 181359 [logancapaldo] Clever. I hope  if someone comes up with a clean way to do this it
+ 181850 [r.mark.volkm] Cool idea!  However, if you don't have a debug.rc file, this doesn't

^ Help with Sha + Base64 for WSSE encoding.
181281 [patched sour] I've got a numbers puzzle for someone out there.
+ 181285 [tom infoethe] Cool.
| 181289 [patched sour] Thanks for the quick reply Tom,
| + 181292 [tom infoethe] =======================
| | 181301 [none none.ne] Same here. Gregg, are you sure the original data is correct?
| + 181293 [tom infoethe] ===================
| + 181303 [aderobertis ] Which decodes to 326948c689d70c1c33a10eb6c8936bc33da6e2a2, which is
+ 181398 [Roland.Schmi] you have to use the base64-decoded nonce, as stated in the specs at

^ [ANN] LibXML-Ruby 0.3.6
181291 [rossrt rosco] LibXML-Ruby 0.3.6 is now available from Rubyforge. LibXML-Ruby is (as
+ 181307 [dsisnero gma] Tried to install it under windows and it failed because I didn't have Zlib.
| 181407 [ml.chibbs gm] Strange, because ZLib *is* included in the one-click installer.
| 181412 [rossrt rosco] Ross Bamford - rosco@roscopeco.REMOVE.co.uk
| 181413 [rossrt rosco] (Wrong button, excuse the noise)
| 181428 [ml.chibbs gm] No, it just includes the executable. The release notes show the exact
+ 181437 [keith oreill] Wow, this is a pretty incredible speedup!
+ 181461 [pere.noel la] looks really great, thanks for your work.
| 181493 [rossrt rosco] I'm afraid I can't be much help there, I've no experience with OSX. I've
| 181503 [pere.noel la] even not general advices ?
| 181511 [rossrt rosco] Yes, it's handled by ext/xml/extconf.rb . The Ruby version you build
| 181524 [pere.noel la] OK, fine i'll give it a try ASAP and let you know.
+ 181534 [dharple gene] I am having some trouble with building.
  181540 [rossrt rosco] I'm not sure about this - I'm still finding my way around some things
  181545 [dharple gene] The problem is really strange. I have libiconv-1.9 installed in
  181549 [rossrt rosco] Hmm. The website lists 1.9.1 as the latest stable release. I need to
  181551 [dharple gene] $Author: haible $

^ Re: LibXML-Ruby 0.3.6
181295 [   no no.com] Will this library be renamed LibXML2-Ruby soon? The current name is
181298 [rossrt rosco] Yes, I have to agree. But the project was previously under the name
181300 [none none.ne] Good work! I prefer the API (and, obviously, the speed)

^ AJAX Patterns Blog
181297 [pat.eyler gm] Christian Gross, the author of AJAX and Best Practices, runs a blog

^ Private methods and self:
181305 [byrnejb hart] #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
181320 [none none.ne] Private methods are not allowed to have an explicit receiver
181323 [byrnejb hart] Curious that this restriction does not appear to be mentioned in the
181342 [cyclists nc.] Page 35 in the 2nd Edition: "Private methods cannot be called with an

^ C Extensions not working on Windows XP 64
181306 [mattcbro ear] I can not for the life of me get even the simplest C extension example
+ 181308 [dharple gene] Classes must be constant. Try naming your class ``Simple''.
| + 181309 [Daniel.Berge] csimple = rb_define_class("Simple", rb_cObject);
| + 181310 [dharple gene] That should be ``Class names''. Sorry for the spam.
+ 181661 [skurapat ucs] Ack! I see some integers being directly stored into a Ruby VALUE.

^ [Job] Job Posting In Grand Rapids, MI
181314 [zdennis mkte] There is a job opening in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a full-time entry-level to intermediate
181329 [tsumeruby ts] Finally a legitimate ruby developer and a legitimate job posting which

^ Huge performance gap
181315 [mail koffein] I've ported the following c++ code to ruby. It is a recursive
+ 181318 [none none.ne] Post the code somewhere, there might be room for improvement
| 181324 [steve waits.] It looks, to me, like he attached his code to the OP.
| + 181326 [none none.ne] Ah, caveat forum-user!
| + 181332 [mail koffein] Why should that be ridiculous or ignorant?
|   + 181334 [none none.ne] Well, Ruby is strictly interpreted using the parse tree instead
|   | + 181336 [lopexx autog] And turn the magic opcodes on :D
|   | + 199671 [ko1 atdot.ne] I found this article today :)
|   |   199843 [znmeb cesmai] Guest machines under VMware are pretty much useless as a performance
|   + 181335 [lopexx autog] Which version of java did you use ? Since 1.4 there is a JIT compiler so
|   + 181337 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
|   + 181339 [w_a_x_man ya] More ignorance.  Java has a JIT compiler which produces
|   | + 181345 [billk cts.co] Alexis,
|   | | 181431 [wilsonb gmai] # YARV 0.4.0
|   | + 181346 [mail koffein] Why are you being so mean? I wasn't aware of that.
|   |   + 181348 [steve waits.] Calm down Alexis.. nobody is being mean.  When someone doesn't
|   |   | 181366 [nugend gmail] Yikes!  What's with the snarkiness guys?
|   |   + 181476 [igouy yahoo.] If you have the curiousity there are all kinds of results to wonder
|   + 181367 [jwkenne attg] Most modern Java implementations (on full computers, not PDAs and the
+ 181321 [matthew.moss] Others can better speak on ruby specifics, but...
+ 181322 [meinrad.rech] ruby code may be up to 100 times slower than c++ binaries. i think it is
| 181327 [pat.eyler gm] there are a couple of (really minor) things like using for loops instead
+ 181375 [sky.yin gmai] 100 times is normal. Just use ruby for where it works well and use compling
| 181400 [simon.kroege] Nothing to bad here, it looks awfull at first sight but it doesn't
| + 181430 [cameron.mcbr] Simon,
| + 181491 [mail koffein] Sure I know that my recursive algorithm is the simplest and most
+ 199704 [pbattley gma] Ruby *is* relatively slow, but the algorithm is the problem. This Ruby
+ 199810 [buppcpp yaho] Here is a simple graph of performance by different platforms.
  199814 [halostatue g] I can't think of a more useless "test" other than anything put out by
  + 199841 [znmeb cesmai] My experience with web application benchmarks (nearly all
  | + 199844 [ara.t.howard] amen!
  | | 199848 [znmeb cesmai] I really *should* learn how to program in C. :) I can just barely read
  | + 199864 [shortcutter ] VM's can collect performance data while the application is running
  |   + 199866 [ara.t.howard] how is this performance data available significantly different from that made
  |   | 199868 [headius head] Ahhh, venturing into a domain I love talking about.
  |   | + 199901 [mailinglists] The last time i looked into papers about YARV it does nothing about
  |   | + 199908 [ mfp acm.org] IIRC it just did use inline caches for ... constant lookup.  No inline caches
  |   |   199909 [headius head] Well, that's too bad, but many of the optimizations you mention do sound
  |   + 199870 [znmeb cesmai] Ah, but at least for the multiprogramming case, so can (and *does*) the
  |     + 199872 [headius head] An interpreter *is* an underlying abstract machine. Ruby and Java both have
  |     | 199878 [znmeb cesmai] Exactly! Now when Java first came about, the underlying hardware was fairly
  |     + 199883 [shortcutter ] As Charles pointed out the interpreter *is* a virtual machine and thus
  |     + 199884 [shortcutter ] ** sorry for the last incomplete post, I accidentally hit the wrong button **
  |       199913 [znmeb cesmai] So, in fact, does a CISC chip with millions of transistors at its
  |       + 199920 [headius head] Which VMs also benefit from when they compile to native code. Isn't that why
  |       + 199923 [mailinglists] It runs much better on Solaris/SPARC then on XXX/Intel.
  |       + 199950 [shortcutter ] True, they do quite a lot of smart things nowadays.  I feel however
  + 199885 [buppcpp yaho] I would agree...except Ruby did VERY poorly in this "useless" test.
    + 199886 [halostatue g] No except. It's a useless test. I wouldn't trust a single thing about
    | 199902 [headius head] Austin makes a good point; I'd expect they'd all blow away Java in CGI mode
    + 199888 [khaines enig] Except...the test results have to be taken with a very large grain of
    + 199889 [dan-ml dan42] Sure it's a simple test but that doesn't make it useless. Systemic performance
      199890 [garbagecat10] We recently did a simple hello world test with Rails on a very low-end