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^ dirty ranges
180709 [dvandeun vub] I'm a new Ruby user (currently at page 68 of Programming Ruby !) and
+ 180808 [david vallne] Range code seems to enumerate and determine the maximum by generating all
| 180860 [bob.news gmx] Having said that I can't see where modifying range members like this is
+ 180831 [g_ogata optu] You can modify the endpoints if you reference them using #begin and
  180837 [david vallne] Pffft. Doesn't even flinch.
  + 180842 [nugend gmail] Hrmmm.. the second example that Dirk gives is pretty ugly.  I shouldthink that you could simply call clone on the begining value of therange and get a more desirable result.  I don't know if a deep-copywould be required, and if it were, it's only aMarshal.load(Marshal.dump(obj)) away, right?
  | 180870 [dvandeun vub] For the people who remarked (quite sensibly, of course) that you just
  | + 181008 [david vallne] Commandment <number> of not causing obscure bugs: thou shalt not clobber
  | + 181021 [merc mobily.] c'mon, it's not _that_ much of a problem!
  + 181058 [g_ogata optu] You're right; modifying #end is okay.  Not documented, though.  Also
    181078 [dvandeun vub] The requirement could be weakened a bit, because you do not need to
    181109 [g_ogata optu] That's how I figured you would do it.  One of the most common

^ I'm SYCKened by the SYCK tutorial I found
180711 [ayZIG0106 qa] I am SYCK with disgust...
+ 180741 [mental rydia] It's really not his style.  Blame blind chance and indiscriminate
| 180790 [ayZIG0106 qa] You DO realise I was joking, right? :-)
| + 180803 [david vallne] And I was almost hoping.
| + 180804 [mental rydia] Belatedly.  I'm more than a little sleep-deprived today. :)
| + 181104 [peter semant] No, I assumed you were a troll.
+ 181103 [meta pobox.c] You know that REXML has a nice fast stream processing API, right?

^ Site is down
180712 [tlamb sark.c] Routing Error
180713 [dblack wobbl] What site are you referring to?
180718 [mtrier gmail] What does your routes.rb file look like?

^ Class instance variables, class variables and constants
180717 [merc mobily.] Thanks to the code in attach, I've figured out what is now completely
+ 180733 [dbatml gmx.d] class A
| + 180779 [merc mobily.] OK. One hour later, this is became clear...
| | 180820 [david vallne] Hardly ever? It's not like you need more instances to always get the same
| + 180827 [dblack wobbl] There's an interesting discussion of this in an earlier thread; see
+ 180821 [david vallne] Nope. Class variables could still be "inherited", but they wouldn't clobber

^ Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] metakoans.rb (#67)
180739 [phurley gmai] class Module
180750 [tristan.allw] Hey,
180752 [mental rydia] Blocks that take blocks aren't possible in Ruby 1.8; you'll have to

^ can't convert String into Integer
180742 [pere.noel la] @label_list={}
+ 180822 [david vallne] I can't reproduce this. Can you make a simple full code example where this
| 180950 [pere.noel la] the guy betwwen my chair and the computer ;-)
| 180960 [david vallne] Those things are arguably the largest source of bugs in any software
+ 180861 [bob.news gmx] This gsub is pretty useless as it will replace the string by itself.  What
  180923 [david vallne] It strips the double quotes.
  180935 [bob.news gmx] <david@vallner.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  180949 [pere.noel la] ;-)

^ Making my internal speaker beep
180744 [matt.ramos g] alert, but I can't seem to get it to work.
+ 180745 [james_b neur] This works for me on Win2k
| 180748 [matt.ramos g] Thanks for the quick response.
+ 180747 [matthew.moss] puts "\007"
+ 180784 [w_a_x_man ya] print "\a"
  180788 [mental rydia] -mental
  180797 [w_a_x_man ya] Or perhaps for "alert".

^ DB2 Driver on RHEL 4 x86_64
180753 [c_piliotis y] Having some trouble getting the Ruby/DB2 Driver going on my x86_64
+ 180755 [Daniel.Berge] Is your Ruby 32 or 64 bit (i.e. what does (2**32).class return)?  Was
| + 180769 [c_piliotis y] ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [x86_64-linux]
| + 180770 [c_piliotis y] Oh, and 2**32 returns Fixnum on my x86_64 box.
|   + 180771 [christopher.] I'm using Ruby with DB2.  But I'm using the ODBC interface rather than
|   + 180778 [Daniel.Berge] You've got a 64 bit Ruby then.
|     180796 [c_piliotis y] /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldb2
+ 181011 [c_piliotis y] If anyone cares, I figured it out...

^ openssl library?
180758 [lists turnip] Where I work we have an Ubuntu server. I installed Ruby by compiling the
+ 180759 [billk cts.co] I don't know why it doesn't build automatically, but whenever I build
| + 180761 [vjoel path.b] Probably, you can just apt-get install libssl-dev.
| + 180762 [vjoel path.b] Probably, you can just apt-get install libssl-dev.
| | 180764 [billk cts.co] I think I looked for openssl-dev and hadn't found it.
| + 180773 [lists turnip] Thanks for the info.
+ 180835 [david vallne] Can't quite reproduce this. Uninstalling everything ruby-related and

^ Bluetooth on OSX
180765 [varvello yah] I'm trying to connect, over bluetooth, to a mobile device and send a
180972 [varvello yah] Any hints?

^ Re: metakoans.rb (#67)
180766 [interfecus g] class Module

^ Yaml & SortKeys in 1.8.4
180767 [rm_rails che] IIRC, in a previous version, I was able to make more
180768 [vjoel path.b] In the interim, you can load the following patch whenever you want to

^ camping error
180772 [alex.combas ] Trying to learn to do cool and interesting. But failing at it. Any ideas?The camping.rb is just a horrible condensed mash otherwise I wouldpost the significant lines of code from the file, here is my error.

^ RailsConf 2005 podcasts
180774 [bryan railsr] I'm looking for a downloads of ALL podcasts from RubyConf2005.
+ 180775 [agorilla gma] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
+ 180776 [james_b neur] Subject line says otherwise.
  180782 [ezmobius gma] Bryan-
  180911 [bryan railsr] Thank You, that's just what I wanted. :)

^ How to make Ruby on Rails working with appache 2.0?
180777 [mark.shen ti] I need to know how to set Ruby on Rails working with Apache web server.
+ 180805 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
+ 180806 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
  180878 [Todd.Linnert] Cathy,

^ perl equiv.
180780 [tallison tac] It's rather complete as a server.
181055 [shortcutter ] Do these help?
181529 [tallison tac] I installed the debian package for ruby dbi but there's nothing in the 'ri'
181576 [halostatue g] It works very similarly to Perl's DBI module.

^ My "ri" died!
180789 [merc mobily.] $ ri

^ accents and String#tr
180791 [fxn hashref.] def self.normalize_for_sorting(s)
+ 180824 [david vallne] david@chello082119107152:~$ irb
+ 180873 [robin nibor.] My guess is that the "tr" method treats its arguments as a string of

^ [ANN] HighLine 1.0.2 Released
180799 [james graypr] =======================
181267 [james graypr] ...but we unfortunately introduced a new one.  ;)
181596 [james graypr] updated to 1.0.2, I strongly recommend going up to 1.0.4 now since a

^ can opengl work with an object method?
180800 [anne wjh.har] I started with robot.rb in the sample folder of opengl-0.32g
+ 180807 [billk cts.co] format=flowed;
+ 180809 [logancapaldo] GLUT.DisplayFunc(upperarm.method(:traversetree))
| + 180817 [ilmari.heikk] Except that GLUT insists on getting a Proc :|glut.c:22    if (!rb_obj_is_kind_of(arg1,rb_cProc) && !NIL_P(arg1)) \         rb_raise(rb_eTypeError, "GLUT.%s:%s",#_funcname,rb_class2name(CLASS_OF(arg1))); \
| | 180927 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 180856 [spam2 noreal] GLUT.DisplayFunc(upperarm.method(:traversetree).to_proc)
+ 180825 [g_ogata optu] It doesn't work because `upperarm.traversetree' calls #traversetree
  180867 [anne wjh.har] Thank you to the four of you, this list is just amazing to help folks

^ Newbie: need suggestion for "the ruby way"
180801 [yanping.jia ] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
180937 [CodeSlapper ] It might be more helpful to show what kind of output you want, rather
+ 181031 [yanping.jia ] thanks a lot.
+ 181053 [shortcutter ] require 'find'
  181168 [yanping.jia ] yes, this is what i want.

^ YAML's handling of Bignum's in 1.8.4
180810 [rm_rails che] Is there any reason why 1.8.4's YAML exposes what seems to
180999 [drbrain segm] $ uname -a

^ ANN: Second drop of RubyCLR bridge
180811 [drjflam gmai] To show off its features, I've built a non-trivial all-Ruby Windows Forms
+ 180814 [tanner.burso] Any idea if this will, or will be capable of working with mono?
| 180816 [drjflam gmai] I haven't had any cycles to look at mono's implementation of the
| 180833 [tanner.burso] I don't know how far along mono's .NET 2.0 implementation has gotten, but i=
| 180840 [magicmat gma] Oh man, if this means we can finally write true-blue Windows GUI apps
| 180875 [drjflam gmai] Yes - that's the primary goal of this project - client side GUI apps
+ 180991 [jgbailey gma] This is a great step forward. I've done a lot of Windows Forms work and
  + 181009 [jgbailey gma] Here's some more fun - an alternate way to initialize properties. Now if
  + 181045 [yangfreecode] dynamic constant assignment
    181060 [drjflam gmai] Watch out for the wrapping from the email. Just delete the carriage return

^ [ANN] SwitchTower 1.0.1, SwitchTower Extensions
180839 [jamis 37sign] SwitchTower is a utility that can execute commands in parallel on

^ Need help understanding exceptions handling from C extensions
180841 [jacobrepp gm] I'm working on the test cases for my AIO extension library on windows
180849 [jacobrepp gm] rbaio.c(1279): ruby error: NoMethodError: ???

^ Fwd: [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.3.8 Released
180847 [gregory.t.br] = Ruport 0.3.8, The "Officially no longer vaporware" Release =

^ Idiomatic Ruby: Enumerations
180848 [listrecv gma] For some variables, we need to be able to choose from enumerations.
180859 [bob.news gmx] I would not use a class variable here as it does not seem needed.  A simple

^ Re: [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.3.8 Released
180852 [gregory.t.br] I may have accidentally X-Posted this.  Sorry :-/

^ Idiomatic Ruby: Enumerations
180855 [listrecv gma] For some variables, we need to be able to choose from enumerations.

^ is there a seperate mailing list for novices?
180857 [info jayeola] After having writen many lines of bloat.... Is there a seperate list
+ 180862 [bob.news gmx] You can just post them here.  If you feel more comfortable going to a
+ 180868 [phurley gmai] To second what has already been said, don't run away, join the fun.
+ 180871 [ news jay.fm] comp.lang.php.

^ Ruby Weekly News 13th - 19th February 2006
180858 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 13th - 19th February 2006

^ Re: lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparent futures!
180865 [minkoo.seo g] [root@poseidon tmp]# ruby -v
180872 [jim weirichh] The installatiof of the lazy software is OK ...
+ 180909 [minkoo.seo g] Still, no luck.
| + 180915 [rossrt rosco] Haven't followed this thread all the way, but I'm assuming you must have
| + 180922 [logancapaldo] require 'rubygems'
+ 180946 [mental rydia] DIVERGES is a nodoc'd constant which is used internally.  If anyone can
  180968 [ruby-forum-r] Did you try   # :nodoc:  ?
  180993 [jim weirichh] The BlankSlate class in Builder handles this without resorting to the
  + 180997 [mental rydia] Hmm, that sounds more like it.  Any chance of a separate BlankSlate gem?
  | 181023 [jim weirichh] gem install blankslate --source http://onestepback.org/betagems
  | 181025 [guslist free] irb(main):004:0> require 'blankslate'
  | 181041 [jim weirichh] Dang!  Autorequire bit me again.
  | 181163 [mental rydia] Invalid object explicitly tagged !ruby/Object: "requir"
  | 181217 [jim weirichh] Ahhh ... Interesting.
  | 181356 [jim weirichh] Yep, it was a bug in the new RubyGems server-side indexing software.
  | 181380 [nugend gmail] Mental, could I perchance persuade you to add an optional parameter to
  | 181456 [mental rydia] future {
  | 181556 [nugend gmail] Good idea, thanks!
  | 181588 [minkoo.seo g] I'm sorry if this bothers you, but I have no idea what "circular
  + 181003 [ajohnson cpa] That does appear to plug it -- and I even recall looking at

^ How can I evaluate and visualize code instead of running it.
180869 [anne wjh.har] I am using a tree and traversing down a tree to generate opengl code
+ 180877 [bob.news gmx] "anne001" <anne@wjh.harvard.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 180969 [anne wjh.har] Thank you Robert. I can see that it would be cleaner to
| 181054 [shortcutter ] You'll have to separate the generation code from the invocation code.
+ 180912 [billk cts.co] require 'opengl'
  180987 [anne wjh.har] Thank you very much Bill Kelly for your response.

^ Using RMagick to extract IPTC data from JPEG file
180876 [jeremy.chata] I'm relatively new to Ruby and RMagick. I want to extract IPTC
180879 [rmagick gmai] Send a JPEG with an IPTC profile in it to rmagick AT rubyforge DOT org
180888 [jeremy.chata] Before sending you an image, I want to try by myself :)
180892 [rmagick gmai] RMagick simply provides an interface to the ImageMagick API. The doc
180899 [jeremy.chata] It's Ok, I've just found it!
180910 [jeremy.chata] Oups! I was wrong finally. get_exif_by_entry only returns EXIF
181049 [guest nowher] The iptc_profile attribute of the Image class. (see post of rmagick!)
181062 [jeremy.chata] I'm currently working on it! Writing a class to format the binary IPTC
181123 [jeremy.chata] Jy

^ Question about String.unpack
180880 [jaco neottia] typedef struct {
+ 180956 [logancapaldo] there isn't really a "clean" way to do this, since you are doing
| 180957 [jacobrepp gm] I'm curious about binary protocol parsing in ruby and have scratched
| + 180966 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 181073 [ruby-talk ba] Yes, I've needed one of these too (read + write).  My application was
+ 181042 [drbrain segm] Your struct says char name[30] not 32...
  181051 [decoux moulo] Yes, but there is alignement
  + 181070 [phurley gmai] I would suggest that Z30xx would be a better choice.
  + 181091 [jaco neottia] Thanks...

^ "exporting" module methods
180881 [fxn hashref.] Is there standard idiom to add module methods to classes that mixin
+ 180884 [r.mark.volkm] When you say you want class C to croak, I assume you really mean you'd
| 180886 [dblack wobbl] I don't think that's what Xavier wanted; I think he wanted C to be
| 180895 [r.mark.volkm] Wow!  I have a fundamental misunderstanding of mixins apparently. I
| 180904 [dblack wobbl] Yes, but croak isn't an instance method :-)  (Note the "self." part.)
| 180908 [r.mark.volkm] Silly me!  I briefly crossed things in my mind and thought that
+ 180891 [james graypr] Module M

^ Install into $HOME fails
180883 [u235321044 s] I don't know how to install Ruby into my home directory. Looking
+ 180898 [rmagick gmai] ../configure --prefix=$HOME
+ 180907 [chneukirchen] ./configure --prefix=$HOME
  181050 [u235321044 s] Thank you, this works.
  181110 [g_ogata optu] The README says to run ./configure to generate the Makefile.

^ FILE test
180885 [ernest.mickl] if __FILE__ == $0
+ 180894 [james graypr] It allows the file to be both a library (when required the if
+ 180897 [peter semant] You will see this sort of thing in other scripting languages. __FILE__
  180959 [damphyr free] Not to mention the fact that it allows you to easily write unit tests
  181015 [david vallne] Which I personally can't bear the sight of. Library is script is test? Nuh-uh.
  + 181137 [adam.shelly ] So what is the 'ruby way' to store your unit tests?  A separate require'd file?
  | 181149 [byrnejb hart] ./classfilename
  + 181236 [damphyr free] Well I actually put the unit tests in a different file.

^ ruby vim
180887 [steve asklat] On Debian out of the box the ruby indenting is a little poor with it
180900 [rossrt rosco] $ su -c 'gem install vim-ruby'
180902 [rossrt rosco] ... from http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=16&release_id=3083 ...

^ Blocks / Closures
180889 [picklegnome ] I've just been looking into Ruby in the last few days, and I must say it
+ 180893 [james graypr] Sure.  File::open uses a block for resource clean-up (auto file
+ 180896 [explosiv0SX ] Pick-up the latest edition of Programming Ruby (ISBN:0974514055). As
+ 180917 [fred.grott g] There is a presentation you might want to read..
+ 180920 [phurley gmai] In addition to what has already been mentioned, blocks are useful
+ 180924 [malteNOSPAM ] For example, Hash.new can be given a block in which you provide a default
| 181022 [picklegnome ] Thanks for all your help!
| 181024 [agorilla gma] You are wise beyond your years (and so are your parents).
+ 180925 [GENIE prodig] Blocks are great, for all the standard stuff, iterations/list
| 180958 [david vallne] People STILL don't use C++98 bools? Or is that the gods know why still popular
| 180977 [GENIE prodig] Program was VS6.0 until 9 months ago.  The insides of this program are
| 180981 [logancapaldo] Search and replace? <g>
+ 180929 [jim weirichh] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 181093 [chris pine.f] I have some examples here:  http://pine.fm/LearnToProgram/?Chapter=10