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^ SystemStackError when rb_define_module_function() * 3
180296 [skurapat ucs] I'm getting a "test.rb:46: stack level too deep (SystemStackError)"
+ 180295 [skurapat ucs] $ ruby --version
+ 180563 [matz ruby-la] Did SystemStackError happened during rb_define_module_function()?
  180616 [skurapat ucs] No, it happened later, when the Ruby interpreter was executing a script.

^ Ruby TK GUI question
180299 [htruax stf.c] charset="us-ascii"
+ 180308 [dperkins fri] Are you looking for a new window that you can move around, or one embedded
+ 180685 [nagai ai.kyu] Is the one which you want like as the following?

^ Fwd: [grammarians] First release of Rubyfront
180302 [mental rydia] For those interested in things Ruby and grammatical, grammarian Xue
180380 [ptkwt aracne] This seems applicable to JRuby (since it's in ANTLR which is in Java).  How
180406 [david vallne] Not necessarily, it should be useful for all sorts of toolchains - it's just
+ 180453 [mental rydia] I think it's pretty mature now actually, though I haven't played with
+ 180457 [ptkwt aracne] Quite true.  It's been our 'holy grail' for several years now.  I was not aware
  + 180470 [mental rydia] aware=20
  + 180554 [david vallne] Not to diss all those projects, but ANTLR has that "major" ting to it. Even if

^ Re: metakoans.rb (#67)
180310 [jim weirichh] And the test framework included with it is priceless.  I like the fact
180385 [interfecus g] Mine's also 42 non-blank, non-comment lines. I can see many ways to
180431 [from_google ] Geez. Seeing all these tiny line counts tells me that I'm missing
180498 [interfecus g] To take the focus off number of lines, let's take a look at bechmarks.
180509 [wilsonb gmai] That's interesting. I didn't expect the difference to be quite this
180522 [ruby-ml magi] user     system      total        real
+ 180523 [hhausman gma] attr_* are written in c if I'm not mistaken. That might explain (at
| 180546 [chneukirchen] Not only that, it directly circumvents further method calls and
| 180586 [ruby-forum-r] This solution is by memory, it seems my website
| 180630 [hitesh.jasan] Here's my solution.  It ends up at 13 lines, as long as you don't mind
+ 180526 [rossrt rosco] I wasn't going to get into benchmarking this one, but ...

^ getoptlong, getopt, parseopt, which one to use for command line tool?
180312 [cmbowma cast] There seems to be several options out there.  Which one should be used
+ 180313 [ara.t.howard] it keeps things exciting to mix them up in unpredictable ways - preferably in
+ 180314 [r.mark.volkm] I was just looking into that last night, but in my case I wanted to
  180315 [Daniel.Berge] Use getopt for simple stuff or commandline if your needs are more
  180319 [charlie cast] I'm not sure what you mean.  I know what getopt is but what do you mean
  + 180321 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
  | 180324 [charlie cast] Oh, thanks.
  + 180322 [r.mark.volkm] commandline is in RubyForge.  See http://rubyforge.org/projects/optionparser/.

^ Which GUI toolkit in Ubuntu?
180323 [evahlis gmai] Can anyone recommend a gui toolkit that works well with ruby in ubuntu?
+ 180325 [cribbsj oakw] Ruby/Gtk2
+ 180329 [tsumeruby ts] There are plenty. I've used all the available toolkits which have bindings to
| 180399 [robert.feldt] Have anyone tried OpenGL via ruby-gnome2 in Ubuntu? Does it work well?
+ 180493 [ jupp gmx.de] Two that one should *not* choose for Ubuntu: qt and kde - for no other

^ how to create an ruby array from C or C++
180327 [sayoyo yahoo] Does anyone know how to create a ruby array from C or C++?
180330 [ksruby gmail] rb_ary_new

^ Removing files in directtories
180343 [info jayeola] Almost there... I've included line 7 as I'd like to be able to remove
+ 180381 [w_a_x_man ya] def back_up
+ 180520 [glen_ap yaho] class. It iterates through a directory deleting all files and
+ 180548 [bob.news gmx] ruby -r find -e 'Find.find( File.join( ENV["HOME"], "foo" ) ) {|f| puts f}'

^ Telnet question
180354 [rolfedh hotm] I'll ask the questions first, and then show the code and examples
+ 180368 [samuel.murph] Look at 'expect', it's the standard tool to handle the dialog
| + 180371 [mercan01 gma] It may be that you have to use write and waitfor to accomplish logins on th=
| + 181128 [rolfedh hotm] As a relative newbie, I was frustrated by the lack of good
+ 181127 [rolfedh hotm] After even more tinkering with waitfor and other methods, I ultimately

^ Ruby scripts as Win32-Service
180358 [mercan01 gma] I've through together a ruby script as test for a monitoring app for a few
180360 [phurley gmai] You did "install" the service using win3-service right? (just asking)
+ 180367 [mercan01 gma] Nope, I used the command sc.exe, which allows you to create services. I
| 180372 [halostatue g] It's not a traditional installer; it's registering the service. Lookat what Ruwiki does for service management in its command-line.
| 180382 [peter.krantz] Check out the instiki instructions for running a ruby script as a
| 180387 [fxn hashref.] Hey I know practically nothing about Windows. Could I follow those
| 180396 [assaph gmail] - It's very much possible to do so. I personally prefer cygwin's
| 180398 [fxn hashref.] Nice. I'll consider this solution.
| 180517 [assaph gmail] I developed something in house that run on WEBrick and SQLite (only
+ 180388 [jeremy chaos] I did this at $WORK a while back (with ActivePerl rather than Ruby).

^ define_method fun
180359 [pritchie vid] I just setup the following in one of my classes, I'll let the code speak
+ 180376 [vjoel path.b] module Order
| + 180407 [pritchie vid] Wow, that's impressive, why such huge difference?
| | 180447 [mental rydia] eval-ing (especially a string) is expensive, basically.
| | 180874 [pritchie vid] Ah ah, makes total sense now thanks for the explanation.
| + 180417 [dbatml gmx.d] class NoEval
+ 180377 [gboyer gmail] Take a look at the Comparable[1] module. It's a much cleaner, simpler
| 180408 [pritchie vid] Definitely cleaner in my case, thanks for the tip!
+ 180466 [drbrain segm] class YourClass

^ Ruby Web Start?
180361 [petermichaux] I've been poking my nose into some Java books over the last week. Java
180402 [david vallne] <rant>
180442 [risaacs99 gm] T24gMi8xOC8wNiwgRGF2aWQgVmFsbG5lciA8ZGF2aWRAdmFsbG5lci5uZXQ+IHdyb3RlOgo+Cj4g

^ Desktop apps written in Ruby?
180362 [petermichaux] I've only used Ruby in the Rails framework. How about using Ruby to
180365 [wilsonb gmai] GTK and Qt are the most feature-rich Ruby-compatible frameworks, but
+ 180369 [tsumeruby ts] The toolkits are feature complete yes, but what matters is how frozen and
+ 180370 [petermichaux] Thanks for the reply. From that QTRuby link "to create cross-platform
  180373 [tsumeruby ts] Unfortunately, there isn't a stable windows build, they've been working on it.
  180375 [weeksie twel] Why not just build the front end of the app in a windows language
  180378 [tsumeruby ts] Well, you are welcomed to use the Windows C API to build your applications,
  + 180389 [gregory.t.br] Teeth sure.  Everything else... forget it!
  | 180390 [tsumeruby ts] What pain have you had with Dentrix? Did it drill a hole in the users
  | 180400 [gregory.t.br] You haven't peeked at the database... have you? ;)
  | + 180401 [gregory.t.br] Also, to keep this more on topic... (about GUIs) the appointment
  | | 180427 [tsumeruby ts] Huh? Well Dentrix Appointment works better than Office Hours. They use
  | | 180433 [gregory.t.br] Agreed.  Dentrix is pretty straightforward, I just hate the way it
  | + 180425 [tsumeruby ts] Well, no. Supposedly its huge. I probably shouldn't look.
  + 180479 [weeksie twel] How is this so? I'm not a windows developer and I've only done a few
    180499 [tsumeruby ts] You must deal with the most stupid people of the world then. I'm talking
    180513 [weeksie twel] I'm not interested in a flame war over interface design but I do want

^ Ugly bug with one-click installer and postgres-pr
180364 [djberg96 gma] Windows XP Pro
182506 [rmkeene comc] I tracked this down into readbytes.rb, which is a standard ruby library.

^ Source for Programming !
180383 [midrah gmail] Good Programming Source and Much More !
180384 [tsumeruby ts] Please ignore the idiot's spam, he is just trying to make money from google
180403 [david vallne] Good to know.

^ Still trying to grok GC & continuations
180394 [lerno dragon] I still don't understand why I keep having so many non-gc:ed

^ How to translate a C tree structure to  ruby tree objects
180395 [anne wjh.har] I want to draw a figure with opengl. The key seems to start from a tree
180412 [matt.smillie] The children of a node go in @children.  They're probably other nodes.

^ Socket problem under Windows
180397 [groowey gmai] After reinstalling my windows i noticed all the programs using

^ RDoc format
180405 [briankbuckle] One format of RDocs comes with a very useful [ show source ] link for each
180414 [david vallne] Passing the -S or --inline-source option to RDoc does that. It has to be done

^ DB2 UDB connectivity
180415 [business_int] I have a second shot at getting our dpt to use Ruby now that the 'perl

^ Ruby Cocoa Droplet?
180416 [jp jeffpritc] I'm a Ruby Nuby.  I plan on using rails for my web related Ruby
180533 [jpb ApesSeek] Look for DropScript. You drag a script onto it and it turns it into a
180597 [jp jeffpritc] Hey, thanks Joe!  This is cool!

^ [ANN] Alpha Compositing with RMagick
180419 [cyclists nc.] I've just uploaded the 2nd in what I hope will be a continuing series of

^ Odd break behavior?
180420 [enebo acm.or] class A
180423 [matz ruby-la] It seems to be a bug.  Thank you for finding it.  It's too complex to
+ 180426 [enebo acm.or] I am trying to determine the proper behavior to fix break in jruby.
| 180656 [matz ruby-la] "break" should always terminate the lexically innermost loop or block.
+ 180439 [decoux moulo] moulon% diff -u eval.c~ eval.c
  180654 [matz ruby-la] Yes!  You must be a genius.  Thank you.

^ [ANN] Ruby/DBI 0.1.0: Not Dead Yet
180422 [sera fhwang.] After a long, deep slumber of more than 18 months, Ruby/DBI awakens and

^ Dentrix (was Re: Desktop apps written in Ruby?)
180428 [james graypr] I would sure look before I paid them any more money.  I worked on a

^ Understanding ruby? need help
180429 [none noine.c] I hi,
+ 180484 [logancapaldo] bool code_blk(int v)
+ 180541 [chris pine.f] Yep, that's basically it.  Coming from C++, I also had a tough time
  180547 [bob.news gmx] C++ might want to compare blocks with functors.  I like to think of them as
  181090 [chris pine.f] Yep.  On the next page (Chapter=11), I talk about, among other things,yield.  But I wanted to bring it in later as another way of doing it.
  181438 [shortcutter ] Sorry for the late reply.  Apparently your posting didn't make it to

^ best way to use (exploit) mailing list.
180430 [info jayeola] hey Chaps,
+ 180436 [daesan gmail] Switch to Mac, it has a feature called "spotlight" which will search
+ 180437 [hramrach gma] Note that some emails may be encoded in weird ways making grep uselessfor searching.So you either need to search in an email client or in the web archives.Alternatively, you could write a script to decode the mails or justignore the ones that are not readable (ie my emails are probablybase64 encoded or somesuch).
+ 180438 [cyclists nc.] Hmmm... why not just use Google?
| 180448 [skurapat ucs] iD8DBQFD92rgmV9O7RYnKMcRAohjAJ0R3rreaAUcM5p38NLTA73cklQp4QCeKEdt
| 180543 [bob.news gmx] Also Namzu...
+ 180452 [chneukirchen] Namazu and mairix, here.
| 180455 [jacobrepp gm] Sounds like a fun ruby problem. Write a simple word indexer and search
+ 180555 [david vallne] Delete (*cackle*) everything older than a day I'm not interested in after
+ 180613 [w3gat nwlaga] Mozilla's mail program works very nicely searches old ruby emails.  I've

^ Erb rdoc wrong?
180434 [belorion gma] Greetings.
180441 [james graypr] Hmm, has ERB stopped defaulting to a top-level binding?

^ convert each element in an array
180435 [jeppe88 gmai] array.each {|x| x.to_f}
180446 [logancapaldo] array.map! { |x| x.to_f } # for in place modification
180469 [jeppe88 gmai] convert each element in an array

^ Printing in Ruby
180443 [flash3001 ya] It seems there is not a lot of information on this subject so I have a
180445 [logancapaldo] assuming cups or lpd is setup for pdfs you can just shell  out to lpr

^ Specializing Range
180444 [briankbuckle] I was using Dates in a Range and my program was running very slowly.  I

^ Passing a proc as block to a method from a C extension
180449 [dbatml gmx.d] I am looking for a way to do the equivalent of the following ruby function
180647 [matz ruby-la] Currently there's no good way, since no one has complained loudly
180653 [dbatml gmx.d] Ok, thanks. That's what I thought.

^ Hello, and a question about finding a defined Class from C
180450 [jacobrepp gm] First of all I would like to say Hello! I am new to Ruby programming
+ 180454 [jacobrepp gm] Not long after sending this I ran a little experiment to validate the
+ 180468 [vjoel path.b] Just wondering, why did you decide not to use ruby threads to wait on
  180474 [jacobrepp gm] # server
  180486 [vjoel path.b] That code works fine for me, using ruby-1.8.4, both linux and windows
  180491 [jacobrepp gm] I followed up and it seems that you're right, I had assumed the recv
  180501 [vjoel path.b] Yes, unfortunately, AFAIK. These are known problems on windows.

^ Gtk and root window
180456 [eustaquioran] Is there a way to draw something on the root window
180460 [detlef.reich] Am Sonntag, den 19.02.2006, 04:37 +0900 schrieb Eustaquio Rangel de
+ 180465 [eustaquioran] I'm kind of new on this Ruby graphics thing, I'm
| 180477 [detlef.reich] Am Sonntag, den 19.02.2006, 05:19 +0900 schrieb Eustaquio Rangel de
| 180483 [eustaquioran] Thank you so much! I'll run the code here. :-)
+ 180489 [eustaquioran] Argh. XFCE4 also does not allow to draw on the root

^ Changing port for WEBrick ???
180458 [info johnale] After working with rails code I have decided that WEBrick would be quite
+ 180459 [daesan gmail] I think you should post rails related questions to
+ 180461 [shanko_date ] How can I change the port form 3000 to something else ... say 3020. I have

^ PStore bug "Marshal data too short"
180462 [jvalencia lo] Is there any solution to the "Marshal data too short" in pstore?
180560 [matz ruby-la] Could you explain bit more detail?  What exactly happened on what

^ wxRuby sizers
180463 [r.mark.volkm] I'm looking for a sizer (the things that control widget layout in

^ Deploying a Ruby desktop app
180467 [petermichaux] Suppose I build a ruby desktop app to talk across the internet to a
+ 180472 [jcribbs twmi] Google for rubyscript2exe.
+ 180476 [rmt512 gmail] I use the 1 click installer for ruby, then i have a second installer
+ 180550 [pan erikveen] gegroet,

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.5 -- Rails/CGI Actually Works
180475 [zedshaw zeds] This release of Mongrel features a CGIWrapper that actually works.  The

^ Re: Mongrel 0.3.5 -- Rails/CGI Actually Works
180480 [rmt512 gmail] Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
+ 180485 [zedshaw zeds] Ok, let me look at the wrong content-type.  Problem is that I have a handler
+ 180488 [zedshaw zeds] Ah yes, very clever stuff going on here in CGI land.  Take a look at this
  180494 [rmt512 gmail] nice one laddie!

^ maximum number of module methods?
180487 [skurapat ucs] Is there a limit on how many methods you can define for a module?
180495 [drbrain segm] Only the amount of memory you have.
180497 [skurapat ucs] Ah, thank you. Now I am confident that my code is at fault.
180528 [skurapat ucs] Okay, it seems nobody on the Ruby list likes looking at C code.
180530 [rossrt rosco] I might have had a go, but would have given up when I got to installing
180534 [skurapat ucs] I empathize and appreciate that you had even considered to try it
+ 180536 [rossrt rosco] Well, I've absolutely no experience embedding ruby (apart from about
| 180540 [skurapat ucs] Correct. The relay code works just fine.
| 180620 [skurapat ucs] The Verilog simulator was not at fault.
| 180662 [skurapat ucs] I am thrilled to report that the problem has been solved! 8-)
+ 180537 [skurapat ucs] 1. I added lots of extra print-inspect (p "foo") statements in the
  180539 [skurapat ucs] This led me to think that there was just too much state information

^ Why does drb.rb depend on its filename?
180505 [ news jay.fm] I was creating my first DRb server, and ran into a trouble with ACLs.  I
180507 [drbrain segm] It would be easier to tell you with an example.
180565 [ news jay.fm] $ cp /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/drb/drb.rb jrb.rb
180631 [drbrain segm] drb is more than one file so you need to fix your requires.

^ [ANN] lazy.rb 0.9.5 -- transparent futures!
180506 [mental rydia] I'd like to announce a new version of lazy.rb -- this one offering
+ 180632 [james graypr] Wow, that is just super studly!
| 180743 [mental rydia] Oh, mainly it was an aesthetic thing.  It _worked_ fine.
| 180843 [nugend gmail] Hah!  Awesome mental, I was going to be implementing something like
| 180944 [mental rydia] Hmm, if it doesn't already do that, it's a bug.
| 180955 [nugend gmail] I must've misread the code (or misunderstood something)....
| 181001 [mental rydia] Hmm.  Could you give me some examples of the behavior you have in mind?
| 181007 [nugend gmail] Actually, now I'm not so sure that I read that part either....
| 181012 [mental rydia] s/Future/Promise/, and you've got it.
| 181016 [nugend gmail] Right, then there's no purpouse to being able to put the lock down.  I
+ 180853 [ajohnson cpa] When I toyed with a proof-of-concept of Io's asynchronous messages in Ruby
| 180945 [mental rydia] b)
| 180947 [james graypr] Oh, I don't think so.  It would cut off some users, like me.  ;)
| + 180961 [ajohnson cpa] At one point I was going to try to extract a minimum subset of evil
| + 181004 [surrender_it] maybe just making it optional.. you could even make great use of
+ 181156 [shanko_date ] I have a feature request (along with a quick-hack solution).
  + 181162 [daniels pron] charset="us-ascii"
  | 181173 [nugend gmail] table_name = "CUSTOMERS"
  | + 181189 [shanko_date ] x = promise {table_name.dup}
  | | 181192 [nugend gmail] Unlikely.  The variables passed into the promise would still have
  | | 181196 [mental rydia] Here are a couple trivial examples...
  | + 181195 [mental rydia] Actually, no.  String#dup wouldn't get called until the promise was
  + 181166 [mental rydia] =20