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^ irb on windows @{[ etc
179986 [devlists-rub] Just to set set things straight (once more)...
+ 179987 [mulperi cc.h] See the http://www.rubywiki.de/wiki/FAQ, its in german but the
| + 180010 [devlists-rub] Bookmarked! Thanks a bunch...
| + 180096 [newshoundat ] Why don't function into irb under Windows some keys?
|   180116 [peter.krantz] For english instructions on getting irb to work with non-english
|   180117 [alex.combas ] In cmd.exe you get a normal promptafter starting irb, but with msys you getno prompt at all, exactly as if you startruby with no command line args.
+ 180086 [david vallne] You really, really, really want a US layout for coding. The pinky strain of

^ Ruby Weekly News 6th - 12th February 2006
179991 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 6th - 12th February 2006

^ question about http-access2
179993 [enjoy cuhk.e] I am a ruby newbie. When I use the attached script, the file downloaded
179997 [bob.news gmx] Network (driver) timeout?

^ which class defined
179998 [ernest.mickl] I need to load scripts dynamically.
+ 180014 [ara.t.howard] see dynaload
| 180057 [vjoel path.b] There's also
| 180122 [ernest.mickl] thx 2 all.
+ 180017 [rossrt rosco] sc, ec = [], []
  180100 [ruby-talk de] ObjectSpace.each_object(Object) { |o| puts o }
  180143 [g_ogata optu] You get used to it.  I don't even see the code.  All I see is Symbol,
  180159 [gene.tani gm] ...

^ Getting Started
180000 [lists southe] the current books or material that I've uncovered are really what I
+ 180003 [bradleyk80 v] I find "Learn to Program", by Chris Pine, pretty useful for anybody who
| 180261 [gene.tani gm] Chris Pine's book is quite good, and also
| 180290 [james_b neur] Ruby is at 1.8 now.
+ 180004 [james graypr] Obviously I am biased here, but are you aware of the Ruby Quiz[1]?
| 180005 [cmbowma cast] I usually try to find a small tool that I would like to have and then
| + 180007 [james graypr] That's great advice.
| | 180009 [cmbowma cast] I completely agree.  I wasn't putting down reading.  I'm always reading
| | 180011 [lists southe] Yes, reading is certainly not a bad thing... :)  There just comes a
| | 180013 [james graypr] Just to be clear, I was actually talking about reading *code*, not
| | 180016 [cmbowma cast] Oh! I missed your point entirely, but I agree with you on this as well.
| + 180008 [lists southe] Charlie, yes, that's what I'm wanting to do.  Create some small
+ 180028 [huw DELTHISB] We'll be featuring regular Ruby programming columns in Bitwise (online)
+ 180165 [allan.m.mill] There's an older book "Making Use of Ruby" by Suresh Mahadevan (Wiley

^ [ANN] Weft QDA 1.0.0 released
180006 [alex deletem] I'm delighted to announce that Weft QDA version 1.0 is now available for download from http://www.pressure.to/qda/

^ Possible Ruby-centric NASA SBIR area
180012 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I've been asked to write a small topic area
+ 180043 [ptkwt aracne] I'm a little bit familiar with SBIRs; I was contracting for a company last
| + 180167 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Here's your chance to write the connection!
| + 181886 [mtobis gmail] There's already an open source competitior to matlab: python plus
| | 181914 [Bil.Kleb NAS] uses Ruby and we have need for tools I originally outlined.  No
| | + 181905 [ptkwt aracne] Bil,
| | | + 181982 [robert.feldt] And if someone knows (so that I don't have to delve to deeply into the
| | | | 181994 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Yes, I believe that is the case.  The program is designed
| | | + 181995 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Yes.
| | | + 182001 [caleb aei-te] When the solicitation for proposals opens up (in July for the NASA
| | + 182110 [jdh2358 gmai] How much effort do you already have invested in Ruby?  People have
| |   182139 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Bil
| |   182143 [jdh2358 gmai] Thanks for the tip -- I'll be sure to give it a try then <wink>
| + 181887 [mtobis gmail] There's already an open source competitior to matlab: python plus
|   183481 [casuj shell0] with all due respect, aren't the open source competitors to matlab,
+ 180045 [julian.kamil] By this I mean using a Wiki or Wiki-like platform to quickly develop
| 180168 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Done.  Thanks.
+ 180363 [henrik.marte] Project management support tools that are directly geared to supporting
+ 180606 [rblove airma] Is thre any way to produce a Ruby version of SciPy under this funding?
  180918 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I don't see why not.

^ questions about -K and /u
180018 [fxn hashref.] I don't understand what -K and /u mean.

^ Installing a ruby application and data into /opt/<myapp>
180019 [ruby-talk le] And lo, the client came from afar and said, "Thou shalt make me a web
180020 [ara.t.howard] if it were me, i'd simply install the right version of each into /opt.  that

^ Ruby script to Module/Class refactor
180021 [ByrneJB Hart] I have written my first live ruby script that actually performs useful
+ 180034 [emschwar pob] OOP is a different mindset.  But given that you work on big iron, you
| 180085 [ByrneJB Hart] Many thanks.  I have clue where to begin now.  I will try and redo this
| 180088 [emschwar pob] class HP3000
+ 180101 [ruby-talk de] James,
  180255 [ByrneJB Hart] Thanks,  I will check these out directly.  In the mean time I have come
  180259 [w_a_x_man ya] # ruby mv2dir.rb source_dir glob_exp target_dir
  180260 [w_a_x_man ya] Please pardon previous prolixity.
  + 180262 [ara.t.howard] a glob is not a regexp
  | 181458 [byrnejb hart] (src, glob, dst, ext = ARGV) and (dst ||= ".") and (f = File)
  + 180291 [ByrneJB Hart] $cat mver.rb
    180331 [ByrneJB Hart] This class seems to provide all but one element of the functionality
    180332 [ByrneJB Hart] I misunderstood where @@variables have to be declared.  I moved @@logid
    180834 [ByrneJB Hart] I really would appreciate a critque of class Mv2Dir by someone with a

^ pack("l"), 64 bit question
180024 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.4
+ 180026 [ara.t.howard] yes.  'l' is unsigned.  i think you may want 'i'.
+ 180027 [ara.t.howard] btw.  this is useful for me
+ 180030 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, unpack("l") should have returned negative value unless "_" suffix
  + 180031 [Daniel.Berge] # 64 bit
  + 180032 [matz ruby-la] This means EXTEND32() macro in pack.c is not working on 64bit Solaris
    180119 [ocean m2.ccs] Me neigher. But we can use HP TestDrive :-)
    180120 [matz ruby-la] Daniel, could you try this patch on your 64bit box?
    + 180126 [mulperi cc.h] The pach works for me on my opteron 64 box. Here is another.
    + 180182 [Daniel.Berge] Looks good.  The only one I found odd was the [nil] returned by
      180224 [matz ruby-la] No, it should return [4294967295].  How about a patch from Ville
      + 180227 [Daniel.Berge] I applied that, but I get the same result.  Doesn't his patch only
      + 180252 [ocean m2.ccs] Are these also unexpected?
        180256 [matz ruby-la] Wait, ... I see.  "\377\377\377\377".unpack("l_") gives you nil

^ Port of Perl's Parse::AFP?
180029 [bauer.mail g] Has anyone had the need to port the Perl library Parse::AFP to Ruby?
180127 [fxn hashref.] Just as a quick note Parse::AFP was written by Audrey Tang, of Pugs
180178 [halostatue g] Ruby's strings are COW.
180716 [bauer.mail g] Not quite sure what you mean?

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
180035 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

^ make failing while compiling ruby-1.8.4 on AIX 4.3.3
180036 [pbhakre gmai] I am getting getting errors and compilation faile when I do "make"

^ IO::Select and error_array
180039 [lerno dragon] for me. In particular: when will I get it to return due to an error?

^ OT: Is this worth a try?
180046 [greg.kujawa ] I am trying out some other scripting languages and wanted to give
+ 180063 [david vallne] a) Completely dead, I'd say even more so than Smalltalk.
| + 180066 [john.carter ] Note that B&D is all bad, but you certainly can mimic many of the B&D
| | 180163 [jens.auer-ne] Design by contract is a little bit more than placing asserts at the
| | + 180189 [ehames gmail] I assume that "automatically checked" means checking the contracts at
| | | + 180194 [eeklund gmai] Yup, so that's not what Eiffel compilers do.  Instead, they administer
| | | + 180198 [logancapaldo] No he means that a override of a method implemented in a subclass can
| | |   + 180199 [ehames gmail] That's true only for preconditions. However, postconditions in
| | |   + 180203 [jim weirichh] Actually, in Eiffel, this wouldn't be a compile error.  Preconditions in
| | |   | 180225 [logancapaldo] See if I ever try to clarify what someone else said ever again. I get
| | |   + 180273 [jens.auer-ne] Sorry, but I can't see the posting from Edgardo Hames, Feb 16, 2006, at
| | + 180205 [john.carter ] I don't think that does quite all you want, but I find I get 90% of the
| + 180123 [gkoller inte] Despite being 'completely dead' someone found it to be the appropriate
| | 180154 [david vallne] The popularity of a language is completely unrelated to whether it's a good
| + 180155 [greg.kujawa ] Thanks for the info. Breezing through some source code example the
+ 180106 [jim weirichh] I played around with Eiffel for 3 years before switching to Ruby.  In 6
| 180157 [gene.tani gm] ...
+ 180179 [sethrasmusse] Everything is worth a try.
| 180193 [shortcutter ] I'm not sure about suicide though...
| 180253 [hal9000 hype] I've never heard complaints from people who did it right...
+ 180356 [netghost gma] I think every new language you learn helps you greatly.  I would
  + 180379 [greg.kujawa ] Wow. That's pretty out there.
  | 180411 [david vallne] Io has some of the immense coolage a prototype-based OO language inherently
  | 180464 [greg.kujawa ] I think I want to create my own scripting language and interpreter that
  | 180559 [david vallne] Bah. I say stay with Ook for that :P
  + 180413 [david vallne] Type inference = da bomb. I recommend hacking up the assignments from a data

^ Running a script from a rake task?
180047 [seanhussey g] I have 2 scripts (dbload.rb and import_people.rb) that I want to
180050 [james graypr] ruby "script/dbload.rb"
180053 [seanhussey g] Good lord, it's that easy?  Silly me.

^ Re: Ruby IDE/Debugger for Ubuntu
180049 [ruby dac.e4w] I use Eclipse with the RadRails plugin and RDT for non-rails related

^ Telephone Authentication
180051 [mohit.muthan] If anyone is interested I've just revamped my telephone authentication

^ blob coloring (or LABEL_REGION in IDL)
180052 [dmarshall tr] I thought I'd see if anyone has any canned functions/methods or "good
180070 [ara.t.howard] i'm doing a lot of this stuff using the vigra toolkit

^ Deleting objects?
180054 [BPaatsch act] My little program works one. However fails when I add a loop two run it
+ 180055 [Gennady.Byst] If you keep a reference to an object -- no way you can dispose it. On
+ 180065 [john.carter ] Example...
  180069 [BPaatsch act] I set an variable to nil outside the loop and then the second time around it

^ Ruby module for canonicalizing xml (c14n)?
180056 [peter.krantz] Is there anyone who knows of a Ruby module that can create

^ rdoc windows issues
180058 [alex.combas ] Here is a more detailed description of what is wrong with rdocI'm trying to build ruby from source using the stable-snapshot from here:ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/stable-snapshot.tar.gz
180072 [Daniel.Berge] Hm, that .rb can be removed.  But I digress.
180074 [alex.combas ] Do you mean the whole file, or just the extension,$ ls /c/ruby/build/ruby/lib/rdoc/parsers/parse*
180075 [Daniel.Berge] Just the extension.
180097 [alex.combas ] Success!After make clean, i rebuilt ruby and with the changes to __FILE__this time everything worked.

^ Segmentation faults in Ruby-Wordnet
180060 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,

^ Curious interaction between trap and sleep
180067 [jaco neottia] fork do
+ 180109 [interfecus g] The sleep is called when I run it. What are you trying to achieve?
| 180134 [jaco neottia] it exits as soon as it receives SIGCHLD. Did you try to run my script?
+ 180237 [matz ruby-la] It does work on my machine (1.8.4 2006-02-15; i686-linux), although I
  180244 [jaco neottia] In fact, i realize now it's may be a "no-problem": i was thinking that
  180250 [matz ruby-la] This is a intended behavior for C program (sleep(3)) but not for Ruby

^ class/method definitions, transactions and undo
180068 [lopexx autog] I wonder what would be the easiest way to create transactional/undoable

^ Re: Thread#stop
180073 [daniels pron] The following probably contains world-destroying race-conditions, but it
+ 180077 [vjoel path.b] Nice, but I think set_trace_func is going to kill my app. Thanks anyway,
+ 180503 [vjoel path.b] On second thought, this is actually just what I need, with a small
  180504 [vjoel path.b] And with a little extra work, one can use this to approximate

^ Eating CPAN - Was Port A Library.
180080 [john.carter ] CPAN has 9502 modules.
+ 180102 [eastcoastcod] There are modules in CPAN that can do almost anything you need, and
| + 180104 [wilsonb gmai] ...
| | + 180166 [eastcoastcod] Neat.  How do you go about using this this to do Perl?  Do you need to
| | + 180795 [ryand-ruby z] Yup. And at RubyConf I demo'd perl specifically. I'll release it in a
| |   180828 [ehames gmail] Does this really mean that we would have access to all the Perl
| |   180965 [pat.eyler gm] [deleted info about RubyInline's Perl capabilities]
| |   180974 [Stephen.L.Mo] Which are the most important/useful libraries?  I might like to try my
| |   + 180980 [charlie cast] I would also like to know the answer to that question
| |   + 180982 [ajohnson cpa] In all honesty, and without being snide or facetious -- the most
| |   | 180989 [henon.man gm] well because you asked, there are soo many useful libs/tools @ CPAN: i.e.
| |   | 181005 [ajohnson cpa] don't know about that one ...
| |   | 181276 [adam.shelly ] I did a port of Algorithm::Merge for the recent RubyQuiz #64. [
| |   + 180983 [pat.eyler gm] Maybe someone should start with
| |     180985 [Daniel.Berge] There is http://qa.perl.org/phalanx/100/, but most of those already
| |     180988 [pat.eyler gm] Now that it's been mentioned, I have a special kind of envy
| + 180160 [david vallne] Horrible, terrible overhead? Personally, I'd be happier to see Parrot deliver
|   180794 [ryand-ruby z] Really? Have you measured?
+ 180151 [dave burt.id] There's already one. It's called CPAN::Dependency; you can get it from CPAN.
+ 181203 [dave burt.id] (Sorry if this is a duplicate; I attempted to post basically this to
  181272 [pat.eyler gm] very cool!
  181304 [dave burt.id] Thanks.

^ newbie trouble with RubyGems
180084 [donavonj cox] This is a newbie question.  I used OneClick to install Ruby onto my
180108 [jim weirichh] If you are behind a firewall and need an http proxy, make sure that you
180156 [david vallne] Is local caching of the gem index in the works by any chance?
180158 [jim weirichh] The gem index is already locally cached.  The problem is that the index

^ why does this freeze not work?
180087 [konsu hotmai] i need to set an instance variable in my object once and make sure this
+ 180090 [matz ruby-la] No.  You have frozen a Fixnum object 1, not @id.  Instance variables
+ 180092 [rcoder gmail] Freezing affects the object on which you call the 'freeze' method, not
  180094 [konsu hotmai] thank you. i understand.
  + 180098 [david vallne] The same person could also reopen your class, replace #initialize_copy, and
  + 180130 [bob.news gmx] In your case simply change it to attr_reader.  That way the field will be

^ rails - saving a 1 to many relationship in db
180099 [doug.baker f] charset="iso-8859-1"
180107 [interfecus g] def save

^ XML Builder - why?
180112 [eastcoastcod] I see that a lot of Rubyists like using XML Builder to generate XML.
+ 180115 [james_b neur] Uses plain Ruby.  No '<' '>" thingies. Automagic encoding of special
+ 180146 [ruby-talk ba] I like that the ruby parser checks the well-formedness of my markup for
+ 180147 [keith oreill] Well, I don't really use Builder for HTML, but generate quite a lot of
+ 180191 [mental rydia] Perhaps because it's straight Ruby code -- you can apply the same
  180196 [lists turnip] Personally I use the two in different situations. Generally I prefer to

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.4 -- Win32 Gems/Better CGIWrapper
180114 [zedshaw zeds] Today's Mongrel is the first release to sport spiffy pre-built win32 gems.

^ Re: Mongrel 0.3.4 -- Win32 Gems/Better CGIWrapper
180118 [drunkvoodoo ] Great work!
+ 180128 [rmt512 gmail] thanks for the new version!
| + 180144 [zedshaw zeds] Let me try with an AWS setup.  It might be that the way CGI tries to set the
| + 180348 [zedshaw zeds] Comments below...
+ 180138 [zedshaw zeds] Version 1.8.4 of Ruby has the readpartial function for Socket (and other
  180374 [james_b neur] I just tried the Win32 gem, but it complains that I do not have
  180409 [david vallne] Yay for msvcrt version lossage *mutter*. My favourite was .NET 2.0 cl linking

^ Creating objects without knowing their names
180121 [paul.p.carey] I'd like to load an arbitary number of Ruby files from a directory and
180124 [vjoel path.b] You probably know this already, but for the benefit of bystanders: there
180132 [bob.news gmx] - Make sure all classes on those files inherit a base class which
180141 [m4rkusha gma] Or you can compare the classes you had before loading to classes you
+ 180169 [paul.p.carey] All very helpful answers. Many thanks indeed.
+ 180195 [vjoel path.b] Unreliable if your "script" files also require libraries. You still have