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^ Installing ruby-oci8 on Mac OS X for Rails
179714 [brian.donova] I am trying to get Rails to work with an Oracle database running
179857 [kubo jiubao.] Please post the last 100 lines of ext/oci8/mkmf.log and the results of
179879 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
179918 [david vallne] Hmm... Do you have an autoreply script for this? The question was about

^ OO Design Advice
179717 [eastcoastcod] I'm trying to master the more subtle elements of Rubyish OO design, and
+ 179722 [logancapaldo] Here's one idea, pick a very verbose canonical format. Then teach all your
+ 179724 [cohen.jeff g] I say, you should definitely abstract away the "rendering" of the data
| + 179727 [james_b neur] But consider what Holub has to say on objects being responsible for
| | + 179730 [ef alum.mit.] That works great when there's only one kind (or a few kinds) of
| | + 179971 [ruby-talk de] Data Transfer Objects are essentially dumb objects with value accessors,
| + 179763 [tony objectf] In my experience what Jeff suggests is the right OO way to go.  The
+ 179736 [sera fhwang.] Personally, I'd be skeptical of the value of an intermediate canonical

^ Re: DateTime and speed question
179731 [cmbowma cast] I recieve the following error at home and at work
179733 [james graypr] Start irb with -r time as was shown with the example, or require

^ Working with kernel.eval
179735 [iwhitney ssa] I'm trying to calculate the results of formulas that are stored in
+ 179737 [ksruby gmail] $ irb
+ 179738 [vjoel path.b] It's nothing to do with eval, but rather that if you start with fixnums,
| 179743 [iwhitney ssa] This works and I appreciate the response. But it doesn't solve the
| + 179744 [james graypr] Well, depending on how many operators you need to support, it's
| + 179753 [vjoel path.b] David's suggestion to require 'mathn' is a good way to go, but be aware
+ 179740 [david vallne] require "mathn" for a batch of tweaks that will make Ruby maths expression
  179814 [iwhitney ssa] That does appear to be the best solution. I plugged that in & my unit

^ ruby html (or xhtml) forms class...
179741 [skillet3232 ] does one exist?  i use an excellent php based forms class when i code
+ 179745 [iwhitney ssa] After not finding anything that met my needs, I'm writing one. But
| 179755 [ara.t.howard] try this out
+ 179775 [ptkwt aracne] Phil
| 180200 [info johnale] How can I install Markaby?
| 180201 [ezmobius gma] yes
+ 179789 [skillet3232 ] the only reason i haven't jumped into rails head first is the forms
+ 180220 [info johnale] On a similar note ....
  180234 [david vallne] If very desperate, you can put a YAML dump of the form data in an e-mail.
  180247 [info johnale] David (and list) ...
  180254 [david vallne] component. If I have my facts right, it uses a library called TMail to create
  180264 [ezmobius gma] Here is a little snippet that might help for sending emails from a

^ Carriage Return added during return of large string from class method
179747 [xeno eskimo.] Say, this is a doosey:  I'm constructing a string of markup for a CGI script,

^ Carriage Return added during return of large string from class method
179748 [xeno eskimo.] def getTestHeadMarkup()
179797 [xeno eskimo.] I haven't heard anything back on this.  Is my email getting through to the
+ 179815 [xeno eskimo.] My apologies:  my return codes are actually there, as you more seasoned fellows
+ 179842 [bob.news gmx] Yes.

^ xx lib
179759 [vjoel path.b] I'd like to play around with this, as an alternative to Amrita.
179779 [ara.t.howard] hmmm.  i'm not sure what to do - but i'm open to suggestion!  maybe i should
179783 [vjoel path.b] Tnx! tests pass now.
179785 [ara.t.howard] oops!  typo.  here's a fix

^ Writing parsers?
179787 [BPaatsch act] I got this great task assigned to write a parser and looking at the files to
+ 179796 [david vallne] already know some theory behind formal grammars and such. The two tools and
+ 179799 [doug00 gmail] parser from scratch.
+ 179851 [interfecus g] I just whipped this up in a bit of free time. It may be a decent
| 179982 [ptkwt aracne] Phil
| 179992 [interfecus g] Grammar looks much more similar to Spirit, a C++ parser which looks
+ 179856 [bob.news gmx] robert

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.2 -- The Right Site/All Requests Answered
179790 [zedshaw zeds] "Another Mongrel release?!  Is he insane?"  Yeah, basically.
179798 [akulbe gmail] Would Mongrel be suitable for running a Typo blog on?
+ 179801 [james graypr] Your blog must be a *lot* more popular than mine!  ;)
+ 179808 [zedshaw zeds] I'm testing out typo and other apps with Mongrel tonight then posting some

^ Syntax error messages in 1.8.3
179793 [surrender_it] I wonder if this is related to the 1.8.4 one-click installer (preview)
179800 [matz ruby-la] I'm getting this too.  And this is a feature of bison 2.x, I guess.
180048 [surrender_it] I see, but would it be possible to replace internal identifiers such as
180078 [matz ruby-la] I'm afraid not.  Bison doesn't give us a hook to replace it.  Correct
182171 [surrender_it] mh.. I did some research/test, it seem you could just use something like
182173 [surrender_it] * When generating verbose diagnostics, Bison-generated parsers no longer

^ gem help
179803 [ara.t.howard] i have this
+ 179805 [alex deletem] Try adding some additional spec items to your gemspec.
+ 179807 [jim weirichh] +        s.bindir = "bin"
  + 179817 [ara.t.howard] thanks.
  + 179818 [ara.t.howard] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ Generic method without case/when?
179809 [BPaatsch act] I like to write a generic method that calls different functions depending on
+ 179812 [cyclists nc.] obj.send('method', arg1, arg2...)
+ 179843 [bob.news gmx] Difficult to tell from this example.  You could use send as Tim suggested.

^ Re: Slowing down Watir tests
179819 [bpettichord ] You can control the speed of playback of Watir::IE

^ is there a complete ruby email package?
179820 [kirk.johanse] I'm looking for a ruby email package that will allow managing email. Ie, something that

^ more gem help
179821 [ara.t.howard] when running a

^ Form Filler
179824 [eastcoastcod] Is there an equivalent in Ruby to the Perl modules which can "fill out
179826 [ara.t.howard] require "cgi"
+ 179828 [ara.t.howard] i think i got one in under 2 before...  ;-)
+ 179923 [david vallne] Ara's time machine is almost as good as Guido's time machine, it seems.
  179957 [eastcoastcod] Excellent, most appreciated.
  179958 [ara.t.howard] it certainly is different.  google around for more info.  you'll need to use

^ [ANN] rubyforge-0.1.1
180637 [ml kurt.hind] For my project, I release 6 files for each release.  If I use 6 add_release,

^ [ANN] open4-0.2.0
179830 [ara.t.howard] URIS

^ Jabber4R stalls on Thread.stop in session.rb
179831 [trejkaz gmai] Has anyone successfully had Jabber4R working lately?

^ Rails best practice
179835 [danmunk gmai] I've just finished reading the Pragmatic Programmer book on Rails.  It
+ 179844 [interfecus g] This is a purely aesthetic decision. You can implement either, although
+ 179933 [drbrain segm] You'll get the best response for this from the Rails mailing list.

^ Continuation in ruby
179836 [minkoo.seo g] I've written the following code to learn continuations in ruby only to
+ 179839 [gdprasad gma] From another learner
+ 179840 [jesse.yoon g] Minkoo,
  179846 [minkoo.seo g] Now I get it.

^ Globalization
179838 [parlous2112 ] future projects with RoR but am concerned about Globalization features.
179845 [interfecus g] Next time please use the Rails mailing list, not the ruby one. There is

^ help me with Net::HTTP
179841 [wrong socal.] please?
+ 179847 [bob.news gmx] Works for me (cygwin, Ruby 1.8.4).  Maybe it was renamed.  Try
+ 179931 [meta pobox.c] Tiger's Ruby is an old version. post_form is present in the current

^ Re: rubyforge-0.1.1
179848 [interfecus g] Cool, thanks for the script. I'm just starting a project on rubyforge,
179870 [ara.t.howard] glad to hear it.  share and share alike.

^ Odd HTTP headers causing SOAP to fail
179849 [dido.sevilla] I've been tasked to interop with a SOAP gateway provided by another
179877 [tsumeruby ts] Please email NaHi nahi@ruby-lang.org

^ Mr. Guid 0.1 (Ruby GUI Debugger)
179852 [ffsnoopy gma] The second release of Mr. Guid is out!

^ post_form
179853 [pmadr seznam] I'm trying to do auto login and mail checker script to check my webmail
179916 [david vallne] Sessions are mostly stored server-side, so you need to re-send the cookies the

^ Mongrel 0.3.2 Strangely Silent
179854 [jim weirichh] I wanted to check out the latest ruby craze: Mongrel.  So I installed
179855 [jim weirichh] Just to be clear ... I also tried the http://localhost:3030/files and
+ 179861 [zedshaw zeds] Hey Jim,
+ 179865 [zedshaw zeds] Alright, fix is out.  Grab the 0.3.3 release when you can (and when the

^ mongrel rails issue
179858 [rmt512 gmail] i just installed mongrel 0.32 with my rails app and got this,
179862 [zedshaw zeds] Hey, you need Ruby 1.8.4.  I'll see if I can include that in the gem
+ 179866 [rmt512 gmail] thanks Zed,
+ 179881 [mental rydia] Argh, I'm stuck on 1.8.2 at the moment because of Syck bugs in
  179884 [james graypr] I had nothing but trouble with 1.8.3, but 1.8.4 has been working
  179892 [mental rydia] It was stripping newlines from folded scalars under some
  179894 [mental rydia] For Hobix at least.  Lest I scare everyone off 1.8.4, I think this

^ net/sftp 1.10 errors
179859 [zdennis mkte] I recently downloaded net/ssh 1.0.7 and net/sftp 1.1.0. But I get problems with ruby 1.8.2, 1.8.3 on
+ 179872 [jamis 37sign] Zach,
+ 179873 [jamis 37sign] sess.put_file(...)
  + 179953 [jake janovet] A bit off topic for this thread, but is Net::SFTP the best way to do
  + 179962 [zdennis mkte] Thank you very much Jamis!

^ How to run a Ruby file without installing Ruby?
179860 [nuby.ruby.pr] interesting, amazing, shocking and of course I want to let a friend of
+ 179863 [phurley gmai] Check out the wonderful gem rubyscript2exe sounds like exactly that
| 179867 [nuby.ruby.pr] { > Check out the wonderful gem rubyscript2exe sounds like exactly that
| + 179871 [phurley gmai] gem install rubyscript2exe
| + 179883 [joesb.coe9 g] Have you tried running the program without using rubyscript2exe? Does
| + 179903 [acangiano gm] 1. gem install rubyscript2exe
+ 179869 [demmer12 fas] If you can, just invite him to your machine to see it in action. If
| + 179899 [anne wjh.har] how about try ruby?
| + 179934 [nuby.ruby.pr] Oh, it was just a sceneraio. Not reality. :-D
+ 179936 [w_a_x_man ya] If the Ruby program has no "require"s, it can be run in a dos-box
+ 180015 [sethrasmusse] CD?

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.3 -- Bug Fix
179864 [zedshaw zeds] Hey Folks,

^ xml catalog entity resolution
179868 [pere.noel la] someone knows if any xml catalog entity resolution exists in ruby ?

^ mongrel/webrick redirect_to discrepancy
179874 [rmt512 gmail] i'm running mongrel behind lighttpd proxy server, i redirect /xyz URLs
179952 [zedshaw zeds] Let me look at this.  I believe the whole way the redirects are done via the

^ Win32API, clipboard, unicode issue
179880 [Daniel.Berge] I'm trying to resolve a unicode issue that I'm having some trouble

^ Ruby- interactions with Appservers such as Oracle/Jboss
179885 [mikku_khanna] I am evaluating using Ruby to build an enterprise application. I expect
+ 179890 [james_b neur] You should have a medical team on hand, as J2EE developers, after
| + 179891 [mikku_khanna] Thanks much. I am really glad to hear that Ruby development is a lot
| | + 179913 [james_b neur] I believe Obie Fernandez' forthcoming book will cover these sorts of things.
| | + 183558 [lepage gmail] I am interested to know how you made out with your work. I am
| + 179906 [david vallne] Sooo, head explosions are now treatable by paramedics? Oh joy, now I can
+ 179929 [geoff zorche] Well, you can definitely expose the EJBs as Web Services and access them
| 179959 [deanwampler ] The forthcoming Pragmatic book "Enterprise Integration with Ruby" may
+ 180111 [timkuntz agi] Are you specifically talking about integration with Rails or are you

^ ruby-lang emails getting blocked
179907 [caleb aei-te] It seems that beryllium.ruby-lang.org has found itself on spamcop's
179908 [tsumeruby ts] I don't understand, unless someone was using a faked address and actually hit
179939 [matz ruby-la] I don't know.  If anyone has any idea, please tell me.  We do want to
+ 179948 [tsumeruby ts] Well, I know how the list was blocked, but the question is, "how was it
+ 179963 [newshoundat ] Spammer use random faked return (from) addresses in junk mail headers.  If
  179970 [tsumeruby ts] You mean the admins shouldn't demand or threaten to sue, just to turn the
  180095 [newshoundat ] I had seen some similar samples before (in the spampal news groups), but not

^ Web.rb?
179910 [petite.abeil] Beside the "too clever by half" Rails, is there some more
+ 179912 [ara.t.howard] why not just write a servlet for webrick?
+ 179917 [james_b neur] Nitro.
+ 179941 [julian.kamil] I am writing a Wiki and web application framework called Pandora
+ 179988 [dave burt.id] Cheers,

^ Re: Mongrel 0.3.1 -- New Site/Runs Right
179920 [toalett gmai] I keep getting Error:Object when running Rails applications and when

^ Re: How to run a Ruby file without installing Ruby? [OT]
179921 [david vallne] You spell it "thanks". With a "ks". That's a K, and an S following it. Not X.
179977 [alex.combas ] tanks!
179980 [nuby.ruby.pr] How smart you are...
+ 180037 [adam.shelly ] In the English part of the English-speaking world, 'pissed' is slang
| 180062 [david vallne] Mwah.
+ 180076 [david vallne] Neither is mine, and that wasn't a misspelling. Why is it everyone who feels

^ installation geocode
179932 [michaelaugus] did you try install geocode and get it works ?

^ simple programming q
179940 [grrr toto.ma] I am a ruby newbie. I want to make a simple script that replaces certain
+ 179942 [agorilla gma] Here's a simple answer, using a regular expression.
+ 179943 [matthias kl-] you can use String.gsub! to replace a pattern
+ 179945 [drbrain segm] blokoftxt.tr 'Tao', 'Woa'
| 179954 [hhausman gma] Haha! That's awesome. (sorry, I'm easily amused)
| 179995 [grrr toto.ma] Yes indeed! Hehe I guess I am easily amused, too!
+ 179947 [cyclists nc.] text = <<-ENDTEXT

^ good crc?
179944 [Nightgazer13] Man, I've been looking all over for a good CRC16 for an assignment.  Any
179946 [drbrain segm] Wikipedia has links to C implementations.

^ [ANN] Ackbar - ActiveRecord Adapter for KirbyBase
179949 [assaph gmail] = About Ackbar
+ 179951 [hhausman gma] Wow, best news in a while!
+ 180001 [cribbsj oakw] Congratulations, Assaph!  I know you've put a lot of hard work into this.
+ 180071 [ezmobius gma] Assaph-
  180079 [assaph gmail] Te database should point to a directory, in which KirbyBase will store
  180082 [ezmobius gma] Thats what I thought and i already have that but I still get this
  180093 [assaph gmail] Have you require'd kirbybase_adapter? You need to add the require in
  180113 [ezmobius gma] Yeah I tried that. I have the gem installed and I even tried putting
  180133 [assaph gmail] D'oh! My bad - forgot to mention you should require the file *before*

^ HTTP client with zip compression for Ruby
179956 [eastcoastcod] Is there any client for Ruby capable of doing HTTP with gzip
180103 [eastcoastcod] Can anyone direct me here?
180110 [interfecus g] You may need to combine an HTTP socket with ZLib by yourself. You could

^ extend quesion
179960 [ptkwt aracne] module A
+ 179969 [david vallne] Quite so.
| 179981 [ptkwt aracne] Yeah, I just thought it would be a nice, fairly easy solution.
| + 179990 [bob.news gmx] Or use the strategy / state pattern.
| + 180059 [david vallne] Not even in the singleton class?
|   180083 [ptkwt aracne] I couldn't get it to work.  Maybe there's some way.
|   180091 [david vallne] I'll agree with Robert Klemme's previous post that you probably want to
|   180197 [ptkwt aracne] Conditional inheritance considered weird?
|   + 180209 [shortcutter ] Well, certainly.  I can remember that we had a discussion about
|   + 180231 [david vallne] By all means, play around with uncommon concepts. Except I'm more likely to
+ 180282 [nugend gmail] I see that you've already got a solution, but how about something like this?

^ Re: Boulder-Denver Ruby Group - February 15th
179961 [djberg96 gma] The weather forecast does not look good for tomorrow. :(

^ make test-all fails in test/drb on Mac OS X
179964 [gbulmer gmai] I'm building ruby-1.8.4 on Mac OS X 10.4.4 (Tiger) with XCode 2.1
179983 [hramrach gma] It looks like the drb failures are not OS X specific.on GNU/Linux ppc there are drb failures as well.

^ [ANN] Radius 0.0.2 -- Powerful Tag-Based Templates
179966 [ng johnwlong] Things have stabilized enough to release Radius 0.0.2. This release

^ gem/rdoc/ri errors on mingw
179978 [alex.combas ] All went very smoothly.Great documents on setting up mingw/msys herehttp://mingw.org/MinGWiki/index.php/RealDumbQuickstart?PHPSESSID=0691a1dc17253ae9792187c3b78816ad
+ 179979 [daniel voelk] 1. In my path there is an entry for c:\ruby\bin
| 180042 [alex.combas ] Thank Daniel,Yeah I was using the one-click installer which wasreally nice, but I figured it would be good to have rubybuilt from scratch however it seems there are some hidden gotchas.
+ 179996 [jim weirichh] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  180025 [alex.combas ] Thanks Jim, installed gem from ruby forge. Boy, that was easy.
  180061 [david vallne] Well, the online version is faster than ri ;)
  180064 [james_b neur] So *that's* why my bandwidth is going through the roof.
  180089 [david vallne] Well, I have a crappy CPU, and a wonderful cable connection.