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^ Struct creates non-standard classes
179532 [r.mark.volkm] If Struct is a shorthand way for creating Classes, why don't objects
+ 179536 [david vallne] My guess is because Struct directly accesses a C hashtable, instead of
| 179543 [r.mark.volkm] My issue is that I wanted to think of Struct as an alternate way ofdefining a class and that after doing so I could use it like any otherclass. However, classes created using Struct aren't the same asclasses created in the "normal" way and because of that I have toremember when I use them how they differ. I've found one way in whichthey differ and don't know if there are others.
| + 179554 [shortcutter ] You can.
| | + 179592 [david vallne] Amen.
| | + 179654 [hal9000 hype] Well, what if you want to add a new method to the class? That
| |   179657 [james_b neur] It does, if there are any.
| |   179660 [hal9000 hype] It doesn't have to, but it's common practice.
| |   179705 [david vallne] Hmm. Can you give an example where you absolutely need to access an instance
| |   179728 [r.mark.volkm] I think the main use would be for writing tools that help Rubydevelopers. For example, I might want to write a tool that inspectsRuby objects in a running program. I might want to ask "What data doesthis object hold?". In order to answer that question, I'd have to knowwhether the object was created from a "normal" class or a struct.
| + 179653 [hal9000 hype] This Struct issue was one reason I created SuperStruct (see
+ 179538 [aredridel nb] Because they're not stored as instance variables.

^ Ruby/Python Continuations: Turning a block callback into a read()-method ?
179539 [kxroberto go] After failing on a yield/iterator-continuation problem in Python (see

^ Implanting a new method for a class
179541 [jeppe88 gmai] class Array. I would like to write a ruby file that sums all of the digits
+ 179555 [levin grunde] You are confusing classes and instances of classes.  You are definingmethods for the Array class, not for actual array instances.
| 179561 [jeppe88 gmai] Thank you, for sorting things out for me :)
+ 179557 [klancaster19] Jeppe,
+ 179558 [james_b neur] You've defined a class method (e.g. Array.sum)

^ [ANN] Mongrel 0.3.1 -- New Site/Runs Right
179546 [zedshaw zeds] Yet another release of Mongrel proudly pushed out for everyone to review and
+ 179566 [david vallne] I've got half a mind to go out and code something useful (cue gasps of
| 179573 [zedshaw zeds] If you do it's got to be named Dentata.  :-)
| 179588 [david vallne] Good idea there. Especially useful as a psychiatric diagnosis method. Everyone
+ 179598 [rasputnik gm] s/net/org/
| 179610 [zedshaw zeds] Damn!  Thanks for the catch, hopefully others will figure it out.
+ 179898 [malteNOSPAM ] You meant <http://mongrel.rubyforge.org>. Nice job!

^ irb not working in stable snapshot
179551 [    s xss.de] ruby 1.8.4 (2006-02-12) [i686-linux]

^ Re: FasterGenerator (#66)
179556 [vikkous gmai] Here's my solution for this week's quiz. Normally, I just watch the
179645 [davelee.com ] - passes the tests
179658 [davelee.com ] - intended to handle infinite generators.
179674 [zeisu hotmai] Here's my solution. Mine is pretty much similar in spirit to Caleb's
+ 179694 [vikkous gmai] A confession: I had just the tiniest peek at Jacob's entry before I
+ 179700 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure they learned the same lesson changing the standard
  179795 [zeisu hotmai] Aha! Well, then we have a strong candidate for the next quiz, namely
  179834 [daniels pron] Which makes perfect sense, since Mutex is simply wrapping around
  179901 [vikkous gmai] Interesting. I saw much larger speedups (4-10x) from using the

^ Trouble calling unnormalize
179562 [qantrell yah] I'm trying to use the unnormalize method of the Text class in the
179637 [christiancan] For those interested, I was passing in an instance of Text rather
179639 [david vallne] Weird. I'd say a Text XML node would be coercible to a String without much

^ Equivalent of const modifier
179563 [eastcoastcod] Very often, I'd like to ensure (and document) that a method will not
+ 179571 [cyclists nc.] You can make a deep copy and then freeze the copy.
+ 179576 [david vallne] The most Ruby way would be plain not changing the parameters - you're
  179746 [thorin thesh] Unless your code is multithreaded, you could always just unfreeze the
  179924 [david vallne] I thought freezing objects was permanent?

^ How to pass a function as argument in ruby?
179564 [python gento] I've searched a bit about the subject, but I don't understand it. All I
+ 179568 [dblack wobbl] That's because it's not equivalent :-)
+ 179569 [james graypr] def a(x,y)
+ 179572 [SimonKroeger] def a(x,y)
+ 179575 [cyclists nc.] In Ruby it's typical to encapsulate bits of code in Proc objects and
  179578 [david vallne] Or use Procs and inject the instance into them as a parameter, which is a bit
  179673 [python gento] Ok, thanks a lot everyone! Seems like a lot of usefull ideas.
  179832 [python gento] Though I tried your suggestions, something worked out much better. I
  179922 [david vallne] There you go, proper OO instead of functional for the heck of it.

^ newbie question about blocks
179577 [jeppe88 gmai] a =3D (1..1000).to_a
+ 179580 [dblack wobbl] a.map {|x| x**2 }
+ 179581 [nugend gmail] The problem you're seeing is that :each doesn't do anything with the
| 179589 [dblack wobbl] But probably the methods, not the like-named symbols :-)
+ 179584 [cyclists nc.] a.collect {|x| x*x}

^ Re: Mongrel 0.3.1 -- New Site/Runs Right
179585 [f andreas-s.] Does it handle multiple concurrent Rails requests (threads)?
+ 179591 [david vallne] The documentation seems to indicate that Mongrel is a threading server with 20
+ 179612 [zedshaw zeds] Yes, it handles concurrent requests *except* for right when it runs the
  + 179614 [david vallne] I might be easy to amuse, but I'm getting hilarious mildly (well, not really
  + 179622 [schoenm eart] Ah, that incontinence problem again.
    179629 [david vallne] You could possibly directly wire lighttpd to Rails then, what with the New!
    + 179631 [sera fhwang.] Such nice design, Zed. You're so Web 2.0 I can barely stand it.
    | 179659 [tomcloyd bes] Yeah, well, too bad I'm given absolutely no reason to click past the front
    | + 179677 [rasputnik gm] Did you miss the 'Mongrel is a fast HTTP library and server for Ruby' bit?
    | + 179683 [david vallne] I don't get your point about "mystery meat". If you get over the dog photo and
    | | 179719 [jgbailey gma] I submitted a couple of feature requests to RubyForge - I hope you
    | + 179754 [tomcloyd bes] OK, now I see the actual application web site. The link in the original
    |   179786 [zedshaw zeds] Yeah, I screwed up the link with a .net ending rather than .org, so you
    |   180161 [tom infoethe] Not at all!   Static hits are easy... the more the merrier...
    |   180185 [matt.mower g] You may live to regret saying that Tom ;-)
    |   180186 [tom infoethe] Heh, so true!
    + 179635 [schoenm eart] That's how we've been running for the past few months (thanks Zed!), and

^ Ruby CGI question?
179590 [info johnale] Could someone point me to some example code for a Ruby script that would
179757 [info johnale] No luck ...
179777 [david vallne] CGI and Net::SMTP should be part of the standard library. I advise looking for

^ Howto use rubyscript2exe to package some external application along with ruby
179593 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
+ 179594 [david vallne] I have very, very strong doubts rubyscript2exe will detect and pack external
+ 179602 [alex deletem] No, it's not done automatically. You can tell rubyscript2exe to include an external executable in the package by setting the constant RUBYSCRIPT2EXE_BIN at "compile"
+ 179672 [google erikv] No, it's not.

^ Idiomatic ruby
179595 [eastcoastcod] Very often I have a question method, which, in some cases, the caller
+ 179597 [david vallne] You can subclass TrueClass or FalseClass, it just wouldn't do you much good.
+ 179600 [gavin refine] How about returning multiple values?
| 179609 [david vallne] Wouldn't ever evaluate as false, which means all the predicates would have to
+ 179606 [alex deletem] Use exceptions, which can contain readable messages
+ 179689 [briankbuckle] I'm not sure I'd agree that it is hackish to set @instance_variables (or
  179696 [bob.news gmx] IMHO it's bad practice to store this info in the instance.  It really

^ couple quick questions about YARV
179596 [joshua rever] 1. any idea what the up-front cost for starting up YARV will be?  I'm
+ 179636 [matz ruby-la] % ruby1.8 -ve 0
| 179833 [joshua rever] Excellent!  I'm really glad to see that.
| 180366 [ilmari.heikk] Way to do partial time-limited GC runs would be nice, but no idea aboutfeasibility. Run GC for 2ms, then do more stuff, and when alloc limit hit,run GC for 2ms again. A single 20ms GC run is a visible glitch, buttwenty 2ms runs spread over twenty frames is practically invisible.
| 180544 [surrender_it] I think the easier way would be, again, to integrate Bohem's GC, which
+ 179638 [stijndesaege] what speed-up can realistically be expected? I 've seen Koichi's slides
  + 179640 [matz ruby-la] YARV runs much faster on calls and basic operations.  But it runs
  | 179643 [david vallne] I wonder if that will be an incentive for people to use standard reflection
  | 179691 [chneukirchen] *hope*
  + 179644 [ksruby gmail] $ cat bm.rb
    179697 [hawkman.gelo] can anyone post a benchmark using a simple eval() ?

^ Idiomatic ruby
179599 [eastcoastcod] Very often I have a question method, which, in some cases, the caller
+ 179604 [ssmoot gmail] I can think of two directions you could go real quickly.
+ 179620 [ara.t.howard] class C
| 179749 [thorin thesh] I like this solution the best.  Unlike the solutions involving
| 179758 [ara.t.howard] still - some people prefer not to do control flow with exceptions.  as with
+ 179663 [w_a_x_man ya] def valid?( n )

^ HELP!! Installing Rails on OS X breaks irb??
179603 [info johnale] OK .. I need help.
179605 [theaney cabl] I had readline troubles with Ruby 1.8.4 too (I have OS X 10.3, which
179756 [info johnale] Thanks Tim,

^ Irb problem in OSX
179607 [ssmoot gmail] I'm not sure how I got into this situation being a Mac newbie, but I
+ 179613 [james graypr] Check for something goofy in the file ~/.profile.
| 179617 [M.B.Smillie ] Check Terminal's preferences as well, it can be set to run particular
+ 179618 [cyclists nc.] Is is possible that you added 'irb' to one of your shell start-up
  179626 [ssmoot gmail] I don't see anything in ~/.profile except some export line to set the
  179630 [david vallne] In the same place as .profile. It's nothing strange not to have any of those.
  179641 [ssmoot gmail] Yeah, I don't have 'em then I guess.
  179678 [cyclists nc.] The section called "INVOCATION" in the bash man page describes all the

^ Ruby GUI Debugger
179619 [ffsnoopy gma] bundled debugger using the Ruby/GTK2 bindings. I've always wanted just
+ 179680 [wilsonb gmai] This looks very nice.  I'll give it a shot, and let you know if it
+ 179698 [netghost gma] Hey that looks pretty neat, thanks for putting it up,
+ 179716 [edder tkwspi] Great! I always missed a graphical debugger to go with my vim :)
| 179750 [ffsnoopy gma] It sure is! Mr. Guid loads any new file immediately as it encounters it
| 179778 [kenosis gmai] Looks like I might now have a debugger for my Nokia 770 (see prior post
+ 179850 [snail objmed] mitchell <ffsnoopy@gmail.com> writes
  + 179876 [tsumeruby ts] Like CS kiddies and people haven't been using conflicting names before?
  + 179909 [david vallne] Sooo... Are we going to not use the word "assembly" now because it's a .NET
  | 179937 [snail objmed] <david@vallner.net> writes
  + 179919 [ffsnoopy gma] No, I'm not worried. I don't think this is an issue because when people

^ tree structures
179623 [mjzanis yaho] I have been using ruby for a few months now and am writing a program
+ 179624 [nshb inimit.] "just" looked at Bob's work, acts_as_threaded.
+ 179627 [david vallne] Hmm. To be very, very, very frank, If I wanted binary trees for something, I'd
| 179633 [mjzanis yaho] David,
| 179634 [david vallne] Migration from a fully procedural, compiled, statically typed language with
| 179712 [mjzanis yaho] Okay, so I need to approach this head on from an OO standpoint.  I have
| + 179718 [david vallne] Oh, it gets worse. Data structures are actually more or less the same thing in
| | 179721 [mjzanis yaho] Okay, I'll break the code into small bits.  Thanks for the guidance.
| + 179720 [ef alum.mit.] Why do you really want a "linked list"?  Just use an Array and stop
| + 179972 [ruby-talk de] Like David said, probably not at all, using Array.
|   180002 [mjzanis yaho] Thanks Dave,  I'll look this over as I continue to modify my code.
|   180033 [ruby-talk de] I really wouldn't use that for anything other than what it was: my first
+ 179648 [gene.tani gm] this is a good discussion (from Ruby Way, by Hal Fulton)
+ 179679 [james graypr] [ ["A", "B"], "C" ]
+ 179773 [Digikata gma] You might look at the Ruby Graph Library

^ unsubscribe
179632 [sirzifnab gm] unsubscribe

^ Implementing the Self-Shunt testing pattern
179650 [ruby-talk de] I just stumbled across the Self-Shunt unit testing pattern[0] and
179651 [david vallne] I -so- needed this PDF - self-shunt is the one thing that really confused me
179662 [ruby-talk de] Yeah, I remember seeing this pattern a while back somewhere else. Head

^ Command Pipeline (pipes & filters) in Ruby
179652 [eastcoastcod] Anyone know of any generic implementation of a pipeline in ruby?  That
+ 179655 [james_b neur] Does Rake approach this?
+ 179675 [bob.news gmx] There are several ways you can do pipelining.  Do you want concurrency
| 179699 [netghost gma] class Proc
| 179703 [bob.news gmx] Depending on the number of processors you might even run into stack size
+ 179693 [ara.t.howard] hth.
+ 179707 [chneukirchen] Christian Neukirchen  <chneukirchen@gmail.com>  http://chneukirchen.org

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] FasterGenerator (#66)
179656 [horndude77 g] whole thing in c. I do realize one thing already: I'm using the

^ Re: Quickly before all is lost! (FOUND!)
179661 [ruby-talk de] google "planet ruby"
+ 179664 [james_b neur] They have the wrong feed for my site.
+ 179665 [alex.combas ] Now thats what Im talking about!
  179829 [ruby-talk de] No earthly idea. I just googled and it was there.

^ nonblocking sockets, select, & OpenSSL
179667 [rakaur gmail] I've been having issues using Ruby, select, and the OpenSSL library.
179706 [billk cts.co] I myself look forward to the day when Ruby supports native OS threads.
179751 [rakaur gmail] Actually, I'm starting to think it is a bug.
179784 [rakaur gmail] My code at the previous URL has been updated, as it seems I've found
+ 179794 [billk cts.co] might be useful.
+ 179804 [mental rydia] I would expect that behavior from SSLSocket#read -- did you mean
  179810 [billk cts.co] ...However, !  I see SSLSocket#read is implemented in pure ruby,
  179811 [rakaur gmail] I discovered readpartial slightly after I made this post, and it may
  179823 [rakaur gmail] This has finally been fixed in my main project. Thanks for all your

^ test::unit runner in eclipse rdt
179668 [bpettichord ] When i run the Test::Unit runner inside eclipse RDT, sometimes i get a
179684 [deanwampler ] This is speculation, but I recall that when running Junit tests (i.e.,
179816 [bpettichord ] I think that is it. I have some tests that exercise threads that spawn

^ Re: Ruby/Python Continuations: Turning a block callback into a read()-method ?
179670 [eule space.c] I guess you are running into some threading/synching of Net::FTP here.

^ Re: inheritance from C object with different parameter count
179671 [Geert.Fannes] Thank you, this was exact the information I was looking for.

^ RoR Active Record question
179681 [zachary.zolt] I work at a .NET shop, but I enjoy learning Ruby.  So, I wanna
179688 [lists halffu] Tom

^ ANN: Watir WebRecorder for Ruby
179682 [mtettmar mjt] We have released a free Watir version of our WebRecorder product that
179685 [klancaster19] Marcus,
179686 [mtettmar mjt] The Watir version of WebRecorder is, and will remain, freeware.
+ 179687 [klancaster19] GREAT! I am consulting on a testing engagement where they REALLY need this,
+ 186166 [mark.ericson] I just noticed that unfortunately this WebRecorder is no longer available
  186719 [alex_f_il ho] You can also try SW Explorer Automation (www.webunittesting.com).
  186785 [kevin.jackso] I've got to say that this is the exact same response to my request for
  186941 [alex_f_il ho] I am not a sales person. SWExplorerAutomation was developed by me. You

^ Can not install mysql-binding
179690 [gunnar.larss] I cannot install native MySQL-binding on my iMac G5 using OSX 10.4.4, ie

^ inspecting cyclic structures
179708 [konsu hotmai] is there  a way to inspect an object only to a given depth to avoid infinite
+ 179710 [ara.t.howard] a = Object.new
+ 179711 [konsu hotmai] please disregard this, it seems to work outside irb too. in still outputs

^ Ruby port for Nokia 770 Wireless Internet Tablet
179709 [ruby770 gmai] Greetings Fellow Ruby Enthusiasts,
+ 179768 [julian.kamil] Excellent!  Let me know if you need a Wiki, I can set up a Pandora site
| 179822 [botp delmont] ruby770@gmail.com [mailto:ruby770@gmail.com]
+ 179896 [ssmoot gmail] 1: I didn't see a way to swap orientation in the browser. It'd be nice
  + 179897 [kenosis gmai] 1. Too funny.  Everyone I've shown my 770 too, more or less, pointed
  | + 179902 [ssmoot gmail] Rubyforge? They host the Windows One-Click Installer, so this seems
  | + 179927 [ml.chibbs gm] You an host the entire project on RubyForge. Besides the tarball, you
  |   180954 [ruby770 gmai] Ruby for the Nokia has been released to RubyForge w/an important
  + 179900 [tsuraan gmai] If you just hold down the direction arrow the browser will scroll that

^ DateTime.parse speed question
179713 [cmbowma cast] I'm trying to speed up a small app that I've written.  When I run the
179715 [cribbsj oakw] DateTime, being written in Ruby itself, is pretty slow.  If you can use
179723 [cmbowma cast] The Time class doesn't appear to have any methods to parse a string into
+ 179725 [rforum gmail] ri Time.parse
+ 179729 [cribbsj oakw] As Mike Fletcher answered in another email, there is a Standard Library
  + 179732 [cmbowma cast] Thanks!
  + 180906 [charlie cast] I decided to figure out just how much faster using Time was than using