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Formatting Numbers
179092 [lists@la to ] This has got to be simple but I checked the PickAxe and Google to no avail.
+ 179098 [logancapaldo] I dunno know about some kind of builtin format object (I imagine
| + 179102 [ksruby@gm il] Or
| + 179103 [david@va ln ] Hmm, I was in the middle of writing precisely this sort of hack as this
|   179105 [logancapaldo] str.split(//).reverse.to_enum(:each_slice,3).to_a
|   365237 [info@is ae u] The one above from Logan didn't work for me.
+ 179107 [konsu@ho ma ] there is even bigger problem: the formatting that you are looking for
| 179146 [david@va ln ] Hmm.
+ 179108 [james@gr yp ] def commify( str )
+ 179109 [gene.tani@gm] ...
  179113 [lists@la to ] Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions.

OSCON Call For Proposals Deadline (Feb 13)
179101 [chadfowler@g] We on the OSCON presentation committee wanted to remind you all that

Ruby on AIX?
179121 [obiefernande] We're looking at big IBM hardware running AIX as a potential
179273 [victor.reyes] ...
179464 [obiefernande] Thanks everyone for the info. Once my team starts benchmarking (in a

[ANN] langhelp-0.9.6
179127 [rubikitch@ru] == Abstract

yaml object de-serialisation
179132 [pere.noel@la] i've a class "Preferences"
+ 179136 [david@va ln ] I thought YAML does deep serialization? It should load this automatically.
| 179140 [pere.noel@la] First, thanks for your reply ))
| 179147 [david@va ln ] Ah, this third case wasn't quite obvious from your example. But yes, you're
| 179149 [pere.noel@la] that's a "small" prob to me, i've used java where i might have multiple
| 179187 [david@va ln ] Constructors are just cleverly disguised initializers. Have #initialize only
| + 179199 [r.mark.volkm] I'd never seen this before. Cool!
| | 179225 [david@va ln ] I saw this on some page about ruby idioms somewhere. Might have been the
| + 179218 [pere.noel@la] yes, that's another solution. I'll think about your above solution
+ 179196 [vjoel@pa h. ] It's a way of automating the configuration of objects from a

[SUMMARY] Splitting the Loot (#65)
179144 [james@gr yp ] There was some debate on the list about which NP-complete problem this actually
179214 [kasten.m@gm ] You may call it a minor optimization, and I agree it's an easy one. But
+ 179220 [james@gr yp ] I agree.  I almost discussed this one, but it had a few issues, like
+ 179223 [luke@bl ns a] that guy -- I finally got up to code the thing at 3 after lying awake
| 179232 [james@gr yp ] It sure is and that was a great explanation of just how cool it is.
+ 179275 [bdolinar@xm ] ...
  179387 [luke@bl ns a] Aha.  You need to be using my *second* solution, cleverly named
  179389 [bdolinar@xm ] Sorry.  Wrong example.  It won't split for things including 2 values
  179397 [luke@bl ns a] Wow, right you are.  I guess this 3AM coding thing has its down side.

Writing Secure Web Services
179151 [bauer.mail@g] I know this is Ruby-specific, but we plan to implement this system
+ 179153 [roland.schmi] Another idea is using wss4r with ActiveWebService. You can then encrypt
+ 179159 [Roland.Schmi] them.
| 179172 [bauer.mail@g] The library looks promising, although I'm having problems with the
| 179550 [roland.schmi] sorry for the late reply.
+ 179173 [rcoder@gm il] system.
  179202 [bauer.mail@g] Yea, I agree.  Maybe a little research on Web Service Security would

Ruby 1.8.4 behaviour - 2 questions
179155 [ByrneJB@Ha t] OS = CentOS 4.2
+ 179156 [ByrneJB@Ha t] Please ignore the "[" typo in the original post. The actual construct
+ 179158 [desmarm@gm i] Everything here is working correctly.  If you look at the documentation
+ 179161 [ara.t.howard] all according to the docs.
| 179227 [david@va ln ] target_f += source_f || 0.0
| 179231 [ara.t.howard] hmmm.  if that's the case (possible string) i'd use
| 179257 [david@va ln ] Well, to_f coerces any junk to 0.0. It depends in that case whether you want
| 179316 [lukfugl@gm i] You of course mean
| 179460 [david@va ln ] I need to lay off kitten huffing, it seems. Of course I meant that.
| 180023 [ByrneJB@Ha t] Thanks for all the help and the insightful discussion of what is going
+ 179163 [lukfugl@gm i] The second regex is coming out case insensitive (and not multiline).

DICOM Tool Kit in Ruby
179157 [mtscolony@gm] ...
179167 [mark@sc tt s] Sounds really interesting, thanks for your work. Any plans on the license?
179179 [mtscolony@gm] ...
179228 [phil@pr co .] Mac,
179254 [daniel@vo lk] Go on! Very, very nice. Are there any websites about your project?
179300 [mtscolony@gm] ...
179324 [daniel@vo lk] Great! Please post an annoucement, I'll looking for it. Finally a usage

Passing POST params from one rhtml to another
179164 [belorion@gm ] ...
179170 [james_b@ne r] Can you use open-uri to send an HTTP POST request?

179165 [imeka@tu ox ] ...

[ANN] Phoenix Ruby Users Group February Meeting Reminder
179166 [james_b@ne r] Monday, February 13

Re: Geocoder 0.1.0
179169 [netghost@gm ] Hey I just thought I'd mention that I'm half heartedly porting the Perl
179194 [jeff@op nd m] Perhaps we should start a rubyforge project and work together on this,

How to improve this kind of API?
179181 [lyle.johnson] ...
+ 179182 [Daniel.Berge] FWIW, I think what you've posted here looks good, so long as I could use
| 179190 [ara.t.howard] indeed.  a symbols only api is evil - makes reading config info from
| 179197 [lyle.johnson] How would one specify (especially in the YAML representation) that
| 179203 [ara.t.howard] exactly right.
+ 179191 [david@va ln ] Looks fine to me. Personally I wish more GUI toolkits provided
| 179192 [vjoel@pa h. ] As much as we all love FXRuby, I sure hope Lyle has another source of
| 179207 [david@va ln ] I cnt saem to tyep tpday...
+ 179195 [SimonKroeger] Well, i haven't used FXRuby very much, so i might miss the problem with
  179198 [lyle.johnson] OK.

win32 openssl help request
179201 [Steve.Debaun] I just joined the list because I saw a post (from way back in 2002) about
179204 [billk@ct .c ] Sorry I can't offer specific help, but I wanted to confirm that
179205 [Steve.Debaun] Thanks, bill.
179229 [Steve.Debaun] Hey, for anyone else who had this problem --

[OT] Re: Start from the start - Ruby or ruby on rails
179212 [ara.t.howard] - concurrency

putting plugins/config in gem
179215 [payton@fo lo] however, requires a directory of plugins and a config file, which the
179288 [payton@fo lo] I realize that I could have the config file automatically created in the

Re: foxGUIb 0.5.0 (for FXRuby 1.4.x)
179217 [meinrad.rech] foxguib-0.5.1-hotfix fixes the event editor crash and the broken event

Re: [rant] Yahoo! Widgets (JavaScript) - do we have a anything like this?
179224 [david@va ln ] *cough* To add insult to injury, this was after experimenting with the

[ANN] "Ruby for Rails" in early access release
179230 [dblack@wo bl] My book "Ruby for Rails" is now being released one chapter at a time

[ANN] MP4Info Initial Release
179234 [jason.terk@g] MP4Info. Please use and abuse the library and please give me any

179235 [vjoel@pa h. ] Is it possible for one thread to put another thread in a stop (or sleep)
179263 [david@va ln ] Letting threads directly play tricks on each other is more of a Q'n'D hack
179320 [vjoel@pa h. ] I agree that Thread#stop is not a good tool for writing concurrency
179462 [david@va ln ] For some strange reason I thought you were using looping worker threads with
179479 [vjoel@pa h. ] Well, some are fairly short lived, but those ones are fired off by some
179504 [david@va ln ] Do those "permathreads" spend a lot of time in an inconsistent state when it

Rails AJAX question
179236 [voice10@gm i] I want to display some picture continously on a page using Rail+AJAX.
179238 [tsumeruby@ts] EWRONGMAILINGLIST
179253 [anne@wj .h r] I liked this tutorial, it has a nice example on the lack of memory of

ActionMailer Inline Image Attachment Issue
179240 [beanbrown@gm] I have been wholely unsuccessful in having an inline image attachment

[ANN] gdiff / gpatch 0.0.2 released
179241 [ruby.brian@g] thanks to a bugreport from David Felstad I found and removed a Bug in

[ANN] Mongrel 0.3 -- Runs Ruby On Rails
179242 [zedshaw@ze s] This is the long awaited release of the Mongrel HTTP library that

Hiding warnings
179244 [mark@sc tt s] I have a couple of sections of code that I don't want any warnings displayed
179245 [fxn@ha hr f.] Yes, the idiom is $VERBOSE = nil.
179247 [mark@sc tt s] Spot on, thanks Xavier.

Catch method calls
179246 [imobachgs@gm] ...
179269 [ksruby@gm il] Check out Kernel#set_trace_func. Note it is very slow!

Ruby injected into Practices of an Agile Developer
179248 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I recently had the pleasure to help review the
+ 179261 [musical.matt] I also had the opportunity to assist in reviewing this book and must
+ 179268 [gavri.fernan] The book was written before the pragmatic programmers' love affair

Why Ruby?
179249 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I was amazed to see no comments on Andy's "Why Ruby?" blog
179252 [bob.news@gm ] what's left to add?

Compiling vim7 with ruby interpreter
179256 [markonlinux@] I've asked this on the vim list as well, so sorry for the cross posting
+ 179260 [david@va ln ] libruby-dev or libruby1.8-dev? I wonder if someone asked / told the Ubuntu
+ 179264 [chneukirchen] apt-get install libruby1.8-dev

[QUIZ] FasterGenerator (#66)
179262 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 179266 [pit@ca it in] James, thanks for the new quiz. It would be interesting to add a
| 179267 [james@gr yp ] That's an interesting point we will certainly talk more about as we
| 179494 [luke@bl ns a] More importantly than endless generators, it seems to me, is ones that
| 179505 [lukfugl@gm i] Actually, there's no way (I can think of) to get the output you
| 179530 [luke@bl ns a] You are correct.  My bad.
+ 179276 [matthew.moss] Not being familiar with all the various Ruby packages and libs, I
| 179279 [james@gr yp ] I will, yes, on Sunday.  :)
| + 179280 [james@gr yp ] In answering Matthew's question, I found a small mistake in the
| | + 179281 [james@gr yp ] Oh and don't be too impressed with those, Pit Capitain has already
| | + 179304 [davelee.com@] Off topic a bit, but what os/hardware are you using to get these numbers?
| |   179308 [james@gr yp ] A dual processor G5 at 2.0 Ghz (each processor), running Mac OS X
| + 179282 [matthew.moss] But you just posted it.  :)
| | 179284 [james@gr yp ] It's not my implementation I am trying to hide, it's the current
| | 179290 [matthew.moss] Okay....   ummm....  sure....  I won't peek.  No, you can't make me.
| + 179481 [lerno@dr go ] Newbie jumping in here.
|   179509 [james@gr yp ] Yes, you are right.  That was silly of me.
+ 179468 [lukfugl@gm i] ### Construction ###
| + 179475 [rossrt@ro co] Here's mine up to now. Being greedy I made two versions, because of the
| + 179510 [lukfugl@gm i] ...
|   + 179518 [james@gr yp ] ...
|   | 179525 [lerno@dr go ] class MyGenerator
|   + 179534 [rossrt@ro co] ...
|     179692 [lukfugl@gm i] Hmm, while I didn't run into any deadlocks with my testing, I'm not
|     179875 [rossrt@ro co] It's an easy mistake to make. When you stop threads right away you need
+ 179483 [lerno@dr go ] With the same trade-offs as James' version(?) (i.e. no infinite block
| 179488 [ocean@m2 cc ] Generator should suspend current calculation, and
+ 179646 [matz@ru y- a] I'd be happy to replace current implementation of generator.rb with
| 179701 [james@gr yp ] I'm not sure we will do any better than the current implementation,
+ 179702 [james@gr yp ] Is anyone willing to benchmark the submitted solutions, the old
  179886 [rossrt@ro co] Here's some I ran up on Ruby 1.8.4-2005-12-24, and results of test runs
  + 179888 [james@gr yp ] We all owe Ross a *huge* thank you for this effort!
  + 179889 [rossrt@ro co] Oops, it was actually three that passed endless but not realtime - I
  + 179893 [davelee.com@] ...
    179904 [rossrt@ro co] It does pass all the tests (including a new one based on Luke
    + 179930 [davelee.com@] I made a couple fixes, which eliminates the problem (of premature
    | 179938 [rossrt@ro co] Hmm. I think stop is a singleton method on Thread, so you'd have to do
    | 179965 [davelee.com@] ah right, thanks.
    + 180022 [davelee.com@] ...
      180038 [rossrt@ro co] Ahh, cool. I knew there must be a better way to do that. Thanks :)

getting method names for a Class
179272 [r.mark.volkm] There are so many methods in Object and Module that return arrays of
179299 [david@va ln ] Because #instance_methods shows methods an instance of Foo will have, and

Yet another question on exceptions
179274 [jaco@ne tt a] If i use File::open to open/create a file objet, and if i use a block
+ 179277 [Gennady.Byst] File.open is not that stupid ;-). It uses "ensure" internally to  close
+ 179285 [bob.news@gm ] Yes, as Grennady pointed out.  The benefit of using File#open with a block
  179289 [jaco@ne tt a] Actually, i took the habit to always handle exceptions myself, hence
  179297 [david@va ln ] Well, File.open in the block version will reraise the exception precisely to
  179303 [jaco@ne tt a] Ok, perhaps i'm not clear or perhaps i've missed something...
  + 179309 [shortcutter@] Actually, catching those exceptions and exiting depending on them is
  + 179317 [david@va ln ] If you want to assign your own error codes, feel free to do so. As I said,

179278 [dominic.mark] require 'net/imap'

179283 [Daniel.Berge] No, it's a bug, either in one of the included packages (socket, monitor,
179287 [dominic.mark] No, it's a bug, either in one of the included packages (socket, monitor,

How to find the current path?
179291 [BPaatsch@ac ] ...
179292 [james@gr yp ] $ ruby -e 'p Dir.pwd'
179311 [BPaatsch@ac ] ...

How are indentor and beautifier projects going, if any?
179293 [d.cano.lagne] I reckon this is my first post to this mailing list.
179296 [ef@al m. it ] Any worthwhile editor should have a Ruby mode that handles indenting
+ 179298 [david@va ln ] I also think you can run emacs in batch mode and have it reindent a whole file
| 179359 [g_ogata@op u] (add-hook 'ruby-mode-hook
+ 179301 [d.cano.lagne] I am aware that it should (I use Vim, by the way), but it doesn't. I have
  + 179305 [cameron.mcbr] shift-v
  + 179306 [reid.thompso] ...
  + 179307 [david@va ln ] Weird, last time I used Vim, it worked fine in this respect. But that was GVim

XML-RPC Compatability
179295 [greg.kujawa@] I know that this isn't a Ruby subject, but since my XML-RPC server is

Programming cell phones in Ruby ?
179302 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
+ 179326 [fred.grott@g] No its not possible as the J2ME JVms are not tradition or standard JVms
+ 179365 [davidw@de as] A language like Ruby is probably a bit big for a cell phone (today's
  179388 [alchen@vt ed] Hey, Python's available for Series 60 cell phones[1], so why not

how to test a ruby class
179310 [doug.baker@f] ...
+ 179312 [Gennady.Byst] You can do
+ 179313 [demmer12@fa ] An alternative to ad-hoc testing in an IDE or via the command line is
+ 179314 [david@va ln ] My two cents follow: I can't stand the very sight of people making a script or

Preserve value-type semantics in imported types
179318 [drjflam@gm i] ...
179327 [noriyuki.tak] Dear John,
179329 [drjflam@gm i] ...
+ 179332 [gwtmp01@ma .] In the eye of the beholder...
+ 179337 [noriyuki.tak] sorry John, I forgot to paste the sample code, but it may not be

rebinding a Proc
179321 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Weird stuff ahead.  I'm making (actually, remaking) a DSL.  I'm re-visioning
+ 179325 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Sorry to respond to my own message, but sometimes it helps to write these
+ 179328 [pan@er kv en] @__behavior.call

OK.rb's First Meeting
179322 [james@gr yp ] After a long search, aided by my Ruby friends in other states even,
182729 [derek.mahar@] After your Oklahoma Ruby User Group meeting, please post the slides to
182742 [james@gr yp ] Will do, sure.

Win32OLE + DRb - Windows = Fun
179323 [keith@or il ] Hey,
179362 [enleverlesX.] Interesting.
179418 [kiaroskuro@g] ...

Re: [RubyCocoa] setting the items of anSPopUpButton programmatically
179330 [groups@gr nd] That'd be because (as far as I can tell) it doesn't have an "addItem"
179368 [pere.noel@la] fine, thanks, i didn't notice the "s" in "removeAllItems", i have to