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openssl encrypt / decrypt question
178712 [Aynon.Ehmous] I'm attempting to encrypt and decrypt a string, and am having some

A great onestop spot
178724 [df@ya oo co ] Here is a site that was definitely worth checking out at http://www.gabbyinc.biz!

178725 [eastcoastcod] Does Ruby's Timeout know about time spent outside of Ruby's
178726 [drbrain@se m] Did you try it?  It is really, really easy, especially with irb.
178732 [eastcoastcod] Thanks for the help.

basic oO :: First Class Object
178727 [henning.jans] What is a First Class Object, explained in Ruby context?
+ 178777 [wilsonb@gm i] "first class" is a general programming-language term for something
| 178790 [julesjacobs@] I think that something is first-class if you can store it in a variable.
+ 178796 [lukfugl@gm i] Note that the above mentions First-class objects, not First-class
  178959 [henning.jans] Thanx for good explanations! I think I've got the idea now... regards,

Feeling sharp?  Sort an array subset in place.
178729 [mjudge@su ve] Here's the situation: I have an array and I'd like to sort certain
+ 178735 [ mfp@ac .o g] class Array
+ 178736 [w_a_x_man@ya] a = [ 3, :x, 1, :y, 2 ]
+ 178737 [bob.news@gm ] I'd change the app design to not have these arrays.  Seriously.  It seems
+ 178738 [peter.thoman] I'm definitely *not* feeling sharp (10 AM here and I haven't slept yet)
+ 178774 [rossrt@ro co] I agree with Robert that you should probably think about why your data

[ANN] Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
178730 [hannes.wyss@] ============

FXSplashWindow usage question
178733 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
178750 [lopexx@au og] require "fox14"
178757 [Nuralanur@ao] ...

Ruby Weekly News 30th January - 5th February 2006
178739 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 30th January - 5th February 2006

lazy evaluation?
178741 [martindemell] def repeat(condition)
+ 178746 [bob.news@gm ] ...
+ 178749 [vidar.hoksta] It's your assumption of where the "retry" restarts execution that's
| 178756 [martindemell] This seems wrong to me, for precisely the reason you cite - it means
| + 178767 [vidar.hoksta] Run the code I posted and see. Or see the reply with an example using
| + 178768 [jeff@sc wa c] That's like saying you have to read the source of every function before
| + 178886 [hal9000@hy e] I never thought of it that way. I always thought of it in the context
+ 178781 [vjoel@pa h. ] What confused me about this is that retry has two meanings, one in the

Great Job Board
178742 [ema32@ms .c ] There is a great job board located at the employment section of

ONLamp tutorial install issue  (mysql gem)
178743 [smerz@un ir ] I have downloaded and installed Ruby on Rails and started on the
+ 178783 [cbowmanschoo] There is a known bug that causes this to happen of Fedora core 4.  I
+ 178791 [ml.chibbs@gm] You don't need to install the MySQL gem at all (at least not for going
  179338 [smerz@un ir ] Thanks,
  179559 [otanuki@gm i] mysqlclient.lib was not found

ruby-nuby bytes question
178745 [steven.shing] I'd like to convert an int to a byte array in Ruby.
178747 [bob.news@gm ] You can use pack
178751 [steven.shing] super!
178815 [Nuralanur@ao] ...

[ANN] ODBA 1.0.2
178748 [hannes.wyss@] I've just uploaded a new release of ODBA, the Object Database Access Layer
178764 [manveru@we z] Hey Hannes,
178778 [hannes.wyss@] thanks, I had in fact heard of Og, but did not know exactly what it did.
178829 [konsu@ho ma ] this seems interesting. thanks for sharing it.
178834 [hannes.wyss@] Correct.

Re: lol
178758 [bill@mi ro o] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Re: [good] Re: [ot] lol
178759 [snowzone5@ho] ah, well, i knew my attempt at cleverness would be lost on some. check
178785 [david@va ln ] *bangs head against wall*

Grep via Ruby
178760 [stark.dreamd] I'd like to have a "grep" with case-insensitive match. normal grep does
+ 178761 [bob.news@gm ] foo
+ 178762 [fritz.heinri] /<something>/i is syntactic shugar for
+ 178769 [jeff@sc wa c] Are you talking about Enumerable#grep or the grep command-line tool?
| 178775 [stark.dreamd] I meant the command-line tool. I thought, that 'grep' should get the
| 179336 [jeff@sc wa c] grep -i
+ 178776 [edder@tk sp ] Grep does have this functionality with the i switch.
| 178788 [jim@we ri hh] most recent rails code base installed on a box.
| 178985 [srinivas.j@s] Here is a small script that I use for my source searches.
+ 178780 [james@gr yp ] You can turn options on/off inside a pattern.  For example, here is a
| 178824 [logancapaldo] Minor suggestion, line is going to end in an nl anyway. I would use
| 178828 [james@gr yp ] puts() adds a newline character only if the string didn't already end
| 178846 [logancapaldo] Egads! Surely you jest!
+ 178843 [w_a_x_man@ya] if ARGV.shift == "-p"
  178844 [Gennady.Byst] Sorry if it was mentioned already (and not to discourage the OP, of
  179119 [martindemell] There's always glark [glark.sourceforge.net]

Ruby IDE/Debugger for Ubuntu
178765 [nultypaul@ei] What is the best IDE/debugger for Ruby that will work on ubuntu linux?
+ 178794 [matiassurdi@] I can't use anything but Quanta.
+ 178811 [pfharlock@ya] I also think freeride is neat, however, if you want a full ide, and are
| 178944 [amrangaye@gm] I use kate (kde advanced text editor). It's not got completion, but
+ 178995 [eric.promisl] Well, I work for ActiveState, and designed and developed most of the
  178997 [cribbsj@oa w] Eric, I bought a copy of Komodo Personal that works great on Windows.  I

Re: New Ruby on Rails Powered Job Site
178771 [michael.gors] Thanks a lot, Will.  I appreciate the feedback, and will be working to
178772 [michael.gors] I agree - the results don't align with my intentions ;-)
178786 [willshattuck] That would make more sense :)  Also the "Search Jobs" says the same
179134 [michael.gors] Thanks for the advice, Will.

Re: Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
178773 [james.herdma] Excellent!  I'll definitely be using this in the near future.

Antw: Ruby IDE/Debugger for Ubuntu
178779 [Fleck@sc le ] I' m using FreeRIDE.

Ruby in Browsers?
178784 [petermichaux] I've had to start using JavaScript to make a DHTML interface. After
178787 [ruby@an hr p] } I've had to start using JavaScript to make a DHTML interface. After
+ 178795 [mark@sc tt s] I couldn't agree more. Writing Javascript is something I have no love for at
| + 178800 [jeff.barczew] ...
| | 178821 [vanek@ac .n ] ...
| + 178850 [jonsmirl@gm ] Venkman Javascript debugger makes things much easier in FIrefox.
|   178912 [anibalrojas@] Thanks a lot for those pointers!
+ 178880 [petermichaux] What if the ruby community supplied the browser makers with a single
| 178887 [paul@st di .] I've toyed with the idea of writing a plug-in for web browsers that
| + 178893 [guslist@fr e] Maybe a source of inspiration can be the TCL plugin
| | 178937 [paul@st di .] I wouldn't be interested in getting browser manufacturers to include
| | 178943 [gonchuki@gm ] or may be if someone follows the idea for Ruby 2.0 to compile into Java
| + 178897 [tsumeruby@ts] We still need to get rid of the white elephant which is standing in the middle
|   178905 [botp@de mo t] petermichaux@yahoo.com [mailto:petermichaux@yahoo.com]
+ 178910 [hramrach@gm ] That would be a great step back in compatibility. While you cancompile Mozilla or Konqueror for almost any platform you choose, andboth support JavaScript, the support for Flash is much worse.Flash is a proprietary technology, and the binary plugin to interpretit is available  only for a handful of platforms. You can use it on OSX, win32, possibly win64 and wince, and x86 Linux. It is quite likelyit will work in emulation on x86 NetBSD or x86_64 Linux. But GNU/Linuxon ppc, mips, alpha, Solaris on anything, or any other OS is quitehopeless.There is a free flash player in which next to nothing works, and I amnot even sure it works as a browser plugin.I do not know waht is ActionScript. The situation with Java plugin issimilar except Sun makes a version for Solaris as well.
  + 178951 [mental@ry ia] ActionScript is Flash's embedded dialect of ECMAScript (i.e.
  + 179023 [david@va ln ] Personally, I'd murder if I could get away with either an Applet or Flash more

IO#reopen bug in 1.8.4?
178792 [me@ja on li ] charset="us-ascii"
178797 [ara.t.howard] i think it's ok

garbage collection
178793 [tallison@ta ] I haven't a copy of the code yet but a friend of mine was bemoaning his
178798 [bob.news@gm ] What exactly do you mean by "discard"?  Does he simply stop referencing a
178801 [tallison@ta ] I don't think he has anything like a defined finalizer.

Help: File.file?, ftype fails oddly
178799 [chris.dagnon] I've been working on a class+script to crawl through my directories and
+ 178802 [david@va ln ] Actually, I think NTFS does have some arbitrary limit on the path length. Or
+ 178904 [djberg96@gm ] YEP.  You're hitting the MAX_PATH character limit.  Try the following

What's the difference between copying and sharing in closure?
178804 [sam.s.kong@g] I read an interview article with matz about closure.
+ 178810 [david@va ln ] class FooButton {
| 178896 [ruby-talk@de] function do_something(in)
| + 179032 [david@va ln ] Wrong. Presuming the pseudocode behaves like ruby with respect to scoping
| + 179083 [david@va ln ] I should also really make myself read long blocks of text to avoiding longer
|   + 179095 [david@va ln ] And write better English. And spam the list less. The above should read "to
|   + 179104 [ruby-talk@de] Thanks for taking the time to explain that for me, David.
+ 178953 [lthiryidontw] class A

Problem with https connection in Ruby 1.8.4
178806 [talanb@gm il] I'm getting the following error when executing in Ruby 1.8.4 (tried it
+ 178855 [drbrain@se m] $ cat ssl.rb
| 178861 [talanb@gm il] Eric
+ 186727 [rc@va ca er ] <snip
  187146 [robert.cowha] I have solved the problem for myself.
  187864 [talanb@gm il] I just re-encountered this problem and it turns out I had an old

About Extending Systax
178807 [sam.s.kong@g] A friend of mine challenged me with Smalltalk.
+ 178812 [jim@we ri hh] class TryFinally
| + 178831 [vanek@ac .n ] nice
| + 178848 [sam.s.kong@g] But my intention is not to make a new syntax that does the same thing.
|   178864 [logancapaldo] % cat try_catch_throw.rb
+ 178817 [david@va ln ] Well, my first reply would be that noone really understands how the hell
| 178822 [mental@ry ia] You could use continutations.  Although they're more general, you
| 178840 [ef@al m. it ] Indeed.  With continuations you can build your own try/finally that
+ 178877 [vanek@ac .n ] Dave Thomas et al have discussed this back in 2001,

Start from the start - Ruby or ruby on rails
178808 [eain.jones@g] I'm looking to start developing a simple task management application
178813 [nugend@gm il] I'd say your best bet would be to start with a couple of Ruby
178816 [devlists-rub] Use Rails, and not vanilla Ruby. It will save you a lot of time.
+ 178820 [nugend@gm il] Yep, I copy/pasted the wrong link.
+ 178854 [kroziewski@g] I completely agree with Jules: try Rails from the start and learn Ruby
  + 178909 [eain.jones@g] Thanks to everybody for the recommendations. I had a lot of the links
  | + 178911 [huw@DE TH SB] You may be interested to know that we shall shortly (within the next month
  | | 178913 [anne@wj .h r] I started with a small ruby project, and I am glad I did, this way I
  | + 178947 [devlists-rub] Pro XML: ehh, you can access it with programming languages that don't
  | + 178965 [james@gr yp ] I'll take the road less traveled and recommend you stick with your
  |   178999 [sethrasmusse] I hope not, as I feel the same way, and this seems very rational.
  |   179022 [eain.jones@g] James and Seth,
  |   + 179029 [james@gr yp ] No problem, you're learning fast now and we will be here when you
  |   + 179200 [alain.feler@] XML, Yaml, database : before choosing, maybe you would like to have a
  |     + 179206 [david@va ln ] Hate to spoil a perfectly good sales pitch, but if the app is supposed to be
  |     | + 179210 [logancapaldo] Well if he's considering not using Rails at all it doesn't matter if
  |     | | 179221 [david@va ln ] I said switching DB -backends-, not what I access it with. I can to some
  |     | + 179213 [assaph@gm il] Sometime that is excatly why you need it: small, personal projects...
  |     |   179222 [david@va ln ] Well, that's the main problem with concurrency bugs. You don't know where they
  |     + 179209 [eain.jones@g] Thanks Alain, Kirbybase does look like a very nice solution. It has
  |     + 179286 [runlevel7@gm] I dig that this recommendation for kirby was written in yaml. ;)
  + 179028 [anne@wj .h r] rails tutorials are very glitzy but they are scary as you may not

[OT] Re: Job postings? Please! (Was: Re: Job Vacancy RoR)
178809 [ara.t.howard] what part?  i'm a fourth generation alaskan - but in boulder, colorado now.

[ANN] New Haven Rubyists monthly meeting
178814 [gregory.t.br] Just letting anyone within driving distance of the greater new haven

178825 [mage@ma e. u] does anyone know that when plruby  and its documentation will be

marshalling constants
178826 [briankbuckle] ...
+ 178841 [david@va ln ] That's because Fixnums are immediate values, and thus they compare by value.
+ 178842 [vjoel@pa h. ] class A
| + 178847 [david@va ln ] Ignore the nonsensical rant that follows after the explanation about the
| | 178849 [vjoel@pa h. ] Your post seemed fine to me. It's true that normally dump/load should do
| + 178856 [briankbuckle] ...
|   178874 [vjoel@pa h. ] anonymous = A.new
+ 178857 [drbrain@se m] How do you know that a Marshal string is identical to a constant
  178875 [vjoel@pa h. ] In some cases, the identity is the name of the constant, not the value.
  178885 [drbrain@se m] Explain.  I don't see how this is true unless the name is not in scope.
  178898 [vjoel@pa h. ] I'm trying to distinguish constant in the sense of
  178928 [briankbuckle] ...

How to check NTFS file permissions?
178830 [chris.dagnon] This problem comes up because WinXP keeps putting it's 'System Volume
+ 178835 [Daniel.Berge] I'm not sure what you mean by "with a square, not a checkmark".  It's
+ 178845 [david@va ln ] The Properties window doesn't display whether a directory is or is not
  178859 [chris.dagnon] POSIX-y - oh, right.  I'm still not used to crossing the Win/not-Win line

Required  Data Analyst with School Interoperability Framework
178851 [promegacs@gm] Required  Data Analyst with School Interoperability Framework
178870 [tsumeruby@ts] Exactly where is the specific phrase, "MUST have knowledge of the Ruby

[ANN] foxGUIb 0.5.0 (for FXRuby 1.4.x)
178860 [meinrad.rech] brings compatibility with the newest version of fxruby and a new event

178863 [pan@er kv en] I had a discussion with a friend. A Java guy. He wants the
+ 178867 [Daniel.Berge] Let's use the strongtyping package on the RAA!
+ 178868 [pan@er kv en] I forgot to show you the implementation of this "typed".
| + 178890 [transfire@gm] But this is an example of why you wouldn't really want this
| | 178914 [vidar.hoksta] That's somewhat short-sighted. Any method in a language like Ruby will
| | 178924 [google@er kv] Well written. Thanks. I'll forward it to Java Joe. :)
| | 178938 [vidar.hoksta] The generic wrapper is absolutely interesting :) It was the typing part
| | 178950 [google@er kv] <quote src="Vidar">
| + 178939 [google@er kv] Oops! A little typo...
+ 178869 [jgbailey@gm ] Slick!
| 178967 [eastcoastcod] Very nice.
+ 178872 [drbrain@se m] For bonus points, record stats for every time your assertion fails
+ 178873 [lthiryidontw] class Foo
| 178876 [google@er kv] So I have to replace every Foo.new to JustWrap.new, just to
| 178879 [transfire@gm] No you do not. A cut is a _transparent_ class. You would still use
| 178882 [maurice.codi] ...
+ 178878 [vanek@ac .n ] you should consider ara's 'traits' library, too, for Java Joe.
+ 178927 [google@er kv] Did I mention that it is possible to double-wrap a method with
| + 178930 [nugend@gm il] So, just for clarifications sake: Both the presented wrapping method
| | 178934 [vidar.hoksta] To me the issue is to avoid surprises. If your function will need a
| | 178936 [halostatue@g] That's what documentation is for.
| | + 178941 [vidar.hoksta] People don't read documentation thoroughly enough.
| | + 178946 [maurice.codi] ...
| + 178956 [james@gr yp ] How is the term "monitor-functions" you have used in this thread
|   + 178964 [ mfp@ac .o g] Erik's "monitor-functions" would be a subset of (the more general)
|   | 178991 [nugend@gm il] My beef with the specific implementation in this thread as it applies
|   | + 178993 [james@gr yp ] class Example
|   | + 179001 [google@er kv] Like this?
|   + 178968 [google@er kv] A monitor-function isn't a higher-order function, since it
+ 178948 [pan@er kv en] The story continues...
  178955 [pan@er kv en] From now on, every time "method_added" is called, it calls

[ANN] My new Rails Site - eVokeTV
178871 [tbuser@gm il] ...

Re: My new Rails Site - eVokeTV
178881 [jgbailey@gm ] Cool idea! Thanks for posting it. A little feedback (after my 5 minutes
178884 [tbuser@gm il] ...