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rails installation - incompatible rake ?
177768 [nirav.dani@g] What do I need to do inorder to install rails? - Thx -ND
177891 [jim@we ri hh] The rails gem has dependencies on a number of other gems.  When

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] #64: Text::Graph
177770 [martindemell] A port of Text::Graph, which generates pretty ascii bar graphs from

Interfacing white board with ruby on rails
177774 [bafna.sapna@] I am building a network application where I want to integrate White
177813 [interfecus@g] What's a white board? We know next to nothing about what you're trying
177828 [bafna.sapna@] Hey,
178157 [interfecus@g] You will need additional software such as a javascript / java / flash

date_select no day field
177776 [michaelaugus] elow

#defines in Ruby's .c files
177778 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I was talking to someone on irc who was trying to speed up sockets - he came up
177949 [matz@ru y- a] How about merging his patch to io.c?  I would be very glad to apply if
177956 [ptkwt@ar cn ] It looks like he found some other problems with that patch (core dumps).  So

Newbie query regarding ruby best practice
177781 [neowulf@ii e] I've just finished working on a few util scripts in Ruby to cut my
+ 177785 [rmagick@gm i] Welcome to Ruby! Regarding your question, let's use irb try it out...
| 177811 [neowulf@ii e] Ah... I see.  Your not really creating an instance of the object at
+ 177893 [vjoel@pa h. ] Or
+ 177950 [bpettichord@] Try this...

Trying to compile Mongrel with nmake
177789 [olle.jonsson] My name is Olle, and I'm on Windows at the moment, and I procrastinate
+ 177895 [halostatue@g] You need a C++ compiler.
+ 177913 [zedshaw@ze s] As Austin mentioned before I think you need the entire Microsoft VC++

Re: Mongrel HTTP Library 0.2.0 (Fast And RubyForgified)
177792 [djberg96@gm ] http11.c:286: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
177800 [dgtized@gm i] I missed the first announcement for this.  Has it always been this fast

"[BUG] Segmentation fault" on import script.
177796 [sean.swolfe@] Stop Word dictionaries. Been all too busy, but the posted info was very
177803 [cyclists@nc ] Anything that runs for 4000 iterations and then bombs almost has to be
177973 [sean.swolfe@] Hmm... Strange... I did try to run a GC.start after each pass, and I
177986 [sean.swolfe@] I have a temporary fix for now. I just made a bash script that would

select year from database as  datetime
177797 [michaelaugus] I got in database datetime field
177819 [bob.news@gm ] I assume this is an ActiveRecord / Rails issue.  I cannot comment on the

WIN32OLE extension using in/out SAFEARRAYs (Matlab interface)
177799 [iobass@em il] I am having trouble calling a COM object (Matlab) using the excellent
178164 [masaki.suket] I do not have MATLAB, But I read the web document about MATLAB(Japanese).

177801 [rubyhacker@g] I was trying to use memoize the other day (v 1.2 from Dan Berger --
177946 [hal9000@hy e] Ignore this post -- I made it 48 hours or so ago. A gateway glitch

can robot.rb be written a ruby way?
177804 [anne@wj .h r] This site gives the c code from robot.c in its
177837 [anne@wj .h r] Actually, maybe it is display which I would like to see more ruby like
177972 [ilmari.heikk] The usual way is to have a scenegraph, which is a tree that describesthe scene you're drawing. You then attach models and transformationsand material information to the nodes in the graph. When you draw it, therenderer (for example) traverses the graph depth-first, calling the statesetting functions and drawing functions. Other way would be to collectthe scene objects into a list and collapse their transforms into worldcoordinates and then draw the list.

rgl and vertices on path
177809 [meruby@gm il] How can get list of vertices from start node to end node in rgl?
177906 [M.B.Smillie@] If you just to find one or two paths per graph, you can use breadth-
178618 [monora@gm il] Using BFS is the right way. As an example usage have a look at the

rgl and vertices on path
177810 [meruby@gm il] How can get list of vertices from start node to end node in rgl?

Re: Numeric#of
177814 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Fixnum
177815 [transfire@gm] The coming dawn of Role-Oriented Progamming is upon us (such is the way
177858 [netghost@gm ] Bah, too long!
+ 177945 [vjoel@pa h. ] irb(main):018:0> a=[""]*42
+ 177998 [ara.t.howard] this is __exactly__ why i made the RCR!

neuroimage software - scientific computing and visualization
177816 [darrenleeweb] I've been programming with perl, a bit of python and a lot of matlab.
+ 177831 [anne@wj .h r] I think you should stick with Matlab, they have developped programs for
| 177864 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here: are you saying you want the
| 178104 [vjoel@pa h. ] Unless MATLAB has changed in the last 3 or 4 years, it's a real pain to
+ 177844 [junk5@mi ro ] I used Matlab for my PhD research (medical image modelling and
| + 177861 [darrenleeweb] Thanks very much for these thoughtful comments.
| | 178014 [junk5@mi ro ] All valid points, except that you can call matlab functions on the UNIX
| | 178017 [ara.t.howard] i do a lot with narray, mmap, and gsl.  let me know if you have questions.
| + 177869 [ptkwt@ar cn ] There are a few things out there.  There's a gnuplot interface, for example.
|   + 178018 [junk5@mi ro ] Phil
|   | 178029 [ara.t.howard] but you can use many gsl methods with narray - check out the docs.
|   + 178106 [vjoel@pa h. ] That would be very cool. Eventually, we're going to be porting a
|   | + 178108 [ara.t.howard] this sounds insanely cool.  can you ping me offline phil?
|   | | 178120 [srinivas.j@s] Acceleration of algorithms by moving the number-crunching parts to FPGAs
|   | | + 178122 [daniels@pr n] class Array
|   | | + 178128 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Yes, this seems to be going on, though it's kind of been in the background.
|   | + 178125 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Initially it's going to be VHDL, a hardware description language.  There are
|   |   178251 [wilsonb@gm i] I really don't know anything about actual (as opposed to armchair
|   + 180432 [znmeb@ce ma ] <Saturday morning rant>
+ 177862 [ptkwt@ar cn ] wxWindows, GSL, OpenGL are there, I believe.  Not sure about the rest.
  180424 [znmeb@ce ma ] There is a Ruby wrapper for the core R math library (Rmath) on RAA. I

Class vs. Object
177817 [james.herdma] I'm new to Ruby, and relatively new to OOP (1.5 years of Java -- but
+ 177818 [dan@da ko n.] ...
+ 177822 [bob.news@gm ] Yes.
| 177922 [james.herdma] First of all, thanks to everyone who's replied so far.  I appreciate
| + 177940 [logancapaldo] #kind_of? tests if an object is an instance of the given class. "" is
| + 177965 [bob.news@gm ] It does.  Note, that String is an instance of Object (because everything
|   178013 [james.herdma] Here we go again =)  (I fairly sure I've almost got it now)
|   + 178015 [bob.news@gm ] Yes, all superclasses and mixed in modules (see example below).
|   + 178021 [gwtmp01@ma .] No.  X.ancestors returns the list of modules that will be searched
+ 177825 [markonlinux@] A class is a 'blueprint' for objects(s). Just as you could use a blueprint of a house to build 10,100,1000 houses, so too you can use a class blueprint to create 10,100,1000 similar objects. So an object is an actual instance of a class.

Win XP USB Port?
177821 [a82374237x@r] Good morning rubyists,
+ 177942 [daniel.amela] How's the weather down there?
+ 177994 [peter.fitzgi] ...
  178009 [a82374237x@r] not yet and not until the problem with the USB device is solved :-/
  178020 [daniel.amela] So how far have you got?
  178022 [a82374237x@r] I'm still looking for a posibillity to switch of a USB device out of ruby.
  + 178036 [mental@ry ia] That isn't really a Ruby question so much as an "is there a
  + 178092 [daniel.amela] Did you get my first reply that specified the functions you (likely)

Ruby Weekly News 23rd - 29th January 2006
177824 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 23rd - 29th January 2006
177838 [martindemell] Laughed out loud at that. In case I haven't said it before, thanks for

hobix down?
177829 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Haven't been able to pick it up for a couple
177840 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] back up

Rake slowness on NFS
177833 [dgtized@gm i] Is there any further work going into speeding up the basic startup time

ruby for the nokia 770 internet tablet
177834 [mischamolhoe] As a proud owner of the nokia 770 (http://www.nokia770.com/) and a ruby
177839 [marc.foret@g] Yesterday, i have uploaded the debian package for arm and it is working
+ 177843 [mischamolhoe] Superb. it's working fine indeed....
+ 177856 [mischamolhoe] ok... got the thttpd server up and running :)
+ 179734 [kenosis@gm i] I was wondering where you got these packages?  Did you build them
  + 179739 [marc.foret@g] In fact it is part of the standard Debian
  + 179911 [david@va ln ] As the OS is supposed to be a Debian-based distribution, there is no proper
  | 179914 [logancapaldo] Having no proper root account or password is an Ubuntu-ism (and a Mac
  | 179926 [david@va ln ] Thought it went along with the use of sudo as opposed to su. Ah well, another
  + 179928 [tsuraan@gm i] I dont' think anyone's figured out the root password (if it's even

Apache 2.2 and mod_fastcgi
177842 [andrea.regin] I'm trying to install mod_fastcgi for my rails app.
177845 [x@ve sa ec s] I installed Apache a few weeks ago. Everything worked perfectly (on
177846 [andrea.regin] I think is this the problem. I have Apache 2.2 and the problem for me
177850 [x@ve sa ec s] I just recalled now. I actually got the FastCGI component for Apache

change from int 1 on int 01
177853 [michaelaugus] I need to change variable as int = 1 on  = 01
+ 177855 [malteNOSPAM@] May you elaborate?
| 177909 [M.B.Smillie@] Maybe he wants octal?
+ 177917 [rossrt@ro co] 1.to_s.rjust(2,'0')

Need help installing fxruby (gem) on gentoo
177857 [kasten.m@gm ] I just tried to install fxruby throug rubygems, but got the following
178094 [vjoel@pa h. ] It might be worth trying to install from source, just to see if this is

Ruby xmlrpc/server incompatible?
177863 [greg.kujawa@] I have had a Ruby xmlrpc/server instance running for awhile now. Using
177988 [greg.kujawa@] I can see things process okay on the Ruby xmlrpc/server, but it's where
178002 [greg.kujawa@] What I did was rebuild the SimpleHttpClient.java file on the xmlrpc
178336 [greg.kujawa@] It seems as now there's an issue where my xmlrpc client isn't parsing

Re: Indentation vs. "end"s
177867 [Gennady.Byst] Then get to *REALLY* love Python and the problem is gone for you (and
177958 [nuby.ruby.pr] Is this a "solution"? Are your "solutions" always like this?
178066 [martindemell] Do you dislike writing or reading the 'end's? If the latter, set your

Job Vacancy RoR
177902 [stephen@ch n] I am part of a small Agency that supplies contractors to clients. A
177919 [tsumeruby@ts] Please use sites like monster or dice if you wish to post jobs. Some have been

Grammars (mini-scripting languages)
177916 [mjudge@su ve] I'm working on implementing mini-scripting languages for two different
177928 [rossrt@ro co] class Commands
177939 [mjudge@su ve] That's neat, Ross.  I wasn't familiar with the send command.  Looks like
+ 177959 [rossrt@ro co] Agreed, but it did bug me a bit, too :) Depending on the actual input
+ 177969 [alec@ar ro s] Judge <mjudge@surveycomplete.com> writes
+ 178647 [harley3@pe l] I don't let them in the code in the first place. A situation that would

One-Click Ruby Installer 184-16 preview3 is available!
177918 [ml.chibbs@gm] === One-Click Ruby Installer 184-16 preview3 is available! ===
+ 177983 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
+ 177985 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
| 177990 [glenn.ruby@g] ...
| 178000 [ml.chibbs@gm] Your welcome, your welcome, your welcome, your welcome, your welcome, ...
+ 180249 [james_b@ne r] I ran the installer, and unclicked the options for each of the bundled
  180263 [ml.chibbs@gm] No, this hasn't been reported yet... Thanks!
  180344 [vjoel@pa h. ] Curt,
  180386 [ml.chibbs@gm] Yes, its going to be fixed -- its a known bug.

[ANN] Toronto RUG Meeting - 5 Feb 2006
177926 [mike@st k. o] Once again the Toronto Ruby User Group is meeting at the Linux Caffe

Re: Sudoku - Dancing Links algorithm
177927 [justin.w.smi] It should run on any platform that has the Ruby/GTK bindings.  Although

[ANN] Houston RoR/Rails Group
177935 [klancaster19] A few of us have decided to meet in Houston to try to kick off a Houston

automated mailing
177947 [bafna.sapna@] I want to automatically generate emails on specific events.
+ 177952 [james_b@ne r] How do you go about *what*?
+ 177966 [bob.news@gm ] robert

[ANN] Mongrel 0.2.1 HTTP Library (Fancy URI Matching)
177955 [zedshaw@ze s] And now it's time for yet another Mongrel release.
177978 [nissl@ti ca ] Please, add
178047 [zedshaw@ze s] Done.  I'll post a 0.2.2 tonight with this and some other improvements.
178084 [nissl@ti ca ] simply add

AW: ANN: WSS4R was released
177960 [Roland.Schmi] In fact WSS4R is released under both GPL and ruby's license as stated in the

Could someone please explain what that "super" is?
177961 [nuby.ruby.pr] In order not to make an unnecessary crowd here, first I tried to learn
177967 [rossrt@ro co] # The 'super' commentary starts below. This is just a base-class.

ruby-dev summary 28206-28273
177964 [aamine@lo er] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 177992 [martindemell] a[1].if?.strip.empty?
| 178016 [luc@ho k- on] How about replacing '.' by something else in those cases ? Something
+ 177999 [halostatue@g] I would prefer the latter, but it doesn't completely solve the repeated
+ 178005 [ara.t.howard] # predicate methods to avoid double evaluation of expr
| + 178007 [Daniel.Berge] Yuck.  Looks like a hack from Perl6.  Not Ruby-ish.
| | + 178064 [martindemell] Didn't see that post :( Hopefully it'll show up on the ng side sometime
| | + 178099 [drbrain@se m] Looks more like Smalltalk, but should be not_nil?.
| + 178071 [Daniel.Berge] (Reposted to ruby-talk)
+ 178101 [vjoel@pa h. ] What about
  178339 [angus@qu va ] [Joel VanderWerf <vjoel@path.berkeley.edu>, 2006-02-02 23.23 CET]

Ruby in Rome: First Meet-up of the Ruby Social Club in Rome
177975 [kiaroskuro@g] ...

Parsing Ruby with Ruby
177977 [lists@so rc ] Guys,
+ 177984 [gene.tani@gm] ...
+ 177987 [gene.tani@gm] Actually, I think you're looking for libs that expose language
| 177997 [lists@so rc ] Gene,
| 178159 [interfecus@g] Do you mean the number of times a method is references or do you mean
| 178304 [lists@so rc ] The number of time a method is referenced in the code, not called while
+ 178276 [drbrain@se m] ParseTree is probably the best tool for this job, it returns the AST

[SUMMARY] Port a Library (#64)
177982 [james@gr yp ] The great element of porting a library is that you get examine another
+ 177993 [rossrt@ro co] ...
| 177995 [rossrt@ro co] (Oops, TestSpice is a simplified LazySpice I used in the tests.
+ 178119 [ptkwt@ar cn ] It would be cool to have a monthly Port-a-library exercise that might run in
| 178121 [james@gr yp ] Interesting thought.  If you could divide up the bigger libraries,
+ 178177 [martindemell] I also love the way that code seems to vanish when you port it to ruby :)
  178225 [Daniel.Berge] See http://rubygarden.org/ruby?LibraryModules

Chomping and stomping
177996 [info@ja eo a] Chaps,
+ 178028 [lukfugl@gm i] String#chomp! is a "destructive" operation. This means that it acts in
| 178046 [info@ja eo a] Chaps,
+ 178031 [w_a_x_man@ya] def chomper
  + 178033 [ara.t.howard] def chomper
  | + 178037 [lukfugl@gm i] Heh, yeah, I glossed over that too. You really need to check the
  | | 178048 [james@gr yp ] Isn't this why we have iterators in Ruby?  We get to avoid all these
  | | 178060 [ara.t.howard] golfing
  | + 178062 [w_a_x_man@ya] The error I get in a dos-box is
  |   178065 [lukfugl@gm i] Well, in Ara's defense I would claim that prefixing the command with
  + 178053 [w_a_x_man@ya] def chomper
    + 178061 [lukfugl@gm i] This will always loop until EOF and then return nil. $_.chomp! (as
    | 178068 [w_a_x_man@ya] It works under ruby 1.8.2 (2004-05-19) [i386-mswin32].
    | 178075 [lukfugl@gm i] Because the original poster was asking for advice on why it wasn't
    | 178085 [w_a_x_man@ya] The fact that his expectations were modest doesn't mean that
    + 178063 [w_a_x_man@ya] def chomper

FXRuby Image Scaling question
178001 [phurley@gm i] I have a screen with a logo on it, I would like the logo to scale with
178043 [phurley@gm i] Ok I am still very interested if there is a better solution, but this
178054 [phurley@gm i] class FXScaledImageFrame < FXImageFrame

Spaces in between brackets
178003 [semmons99@gm] <input id="recipe_title" name="recipe[title]"
178006 [james_b@ne r] Because Rails magically converts "recipe[ title ]" into
+ 178149 [jimfreeze@gm] I  don't know. Seems like he got his question answered pretty well on
| 178154 [james_b@ne r] Yeah, well, it happens. (And this was one of those unintuitive Rails
| 178155 [jimfreeze@gm] We need to tell those rails core folks about #strip. And, #strip! is
+ 178197 [semmons99@gm] Thanks for the help, I will move over to the rails list from now on.

How to make beep sounds?
178010 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
178011 [tanner.burso] ...
+ 178012 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
+ 178032 [w_a_x_man@ya] puts "\aThe pot is boiling over!"

irb cursor navigation
178019 [ummaycoc@gm ] ...
+ 178023 [se@di it le ] Great, I have the same problem. Was just gonna ask myself. I have it on
| 178025 [tanner.burso] ...
| 178027 [james.herdma] I don't have this problem on my OS X 10.4 box.  I compiled and
+ 178026 [knorton@me i] On OS X 10.4, you are running into Apple's long standing readline