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^ screen scraping using htmltools and rexml
176625 [bodikp.archi] I need to do some screen scraping and I've spent a couple hour getting

^ screenscraping using htmltools and rexml
176626 [bodikp.archi] I need to do some screen scraping and I've spent a couple hour getting
176627 [bodikp.archi] htmltools 1.09
176628 [bodikp.archi] I have just tried rexml 3.1.3 and the "stable" version of rexml 2.4.8,

^ [ANN] RMagick gets face-lift, book and movie deal
176631 [cyclists nc.] I've just uploaded RMagick 1.10.0 to RubyForge.  This is the first major
176647 [no.spam for.] Cool!  Win-32 version (binary gem) planned anytime soon?
176648 [cyclists nc.] For that we are in Kaspar Schiess's Win32-black-belt hands...

^ problems with standard rand functions
176632 [mwbuda gmail] I have been working on some simple dice rollers, and the problem is
+ 176660 [mwbuda gmail] whoops, im an idiot! i forgot to clear out the array the generated
+ 176732 [matthew.moss] 1_000_000.times do |i|
  176806 [ruby-forum-r] It is MT, indeed, but apparently the amount of bits actually

^ "self.class" vs. "(class << self; self; end)"
176633 [ssmoot gmail] Is there any difference between these?
+ 176651 [lopexx autog] Yes there is a difference.
| 176673 [krishna.vive] What exactly do you mean by eigenclass? is it the same as  an
| 176688 [lopexx autog] Yes (but actually I haven't found any eigenclass definintions on the
| 176853 [gwtmp01 mac.] (class <<target; self; end)
| 176897 [krishna.vive] The eigenclass.org even has a favicon.ico  which looks like '<< '  :-)
+ 176667 [narf968 gmai] How does one recognize when to use these techniques?

^ rb_gc_* function not found
176636 [yue_nicholas] I am compiling Maya Ruby plugin on OS X and during the linker stage,

^ Wanted: Ruby/Rails Genius. Offered: The Opportunity to Develop an App That Matters!
176637 [steve.jovano] Are you interested in using your Ruby/Rails knowledge to create a

^ Free Blog Hosting
176640 [mutantwebdes] I setup an account at http://www.bloggerteam.com the site provides

^ readable and provocative & daring
176643 [rdrake98 gma] A funny thing happened to me in irb this week. Well, to be honest it's
176810 [collinsj sea] Some interesting stuff there...but I think the main thing is that 'and'
176922 [rdrake98 gma] I did kinda realise all that, except I wasn't focusing on the fact that
176987 [matthew.moss] && and 'and' both exhibit the same behaviour, in that they short-circuit.
176995 [matthew.moss] Sorry, should have realized that you can make your own version of &
177029 [rdrake98 gma] Yes, and it was the ability to extend & to String that started as a
177035 [matthew.moss] class String

^ Re: RMagick gets face-lift, book and movie deal
176645 [anne wjh.har] I have installed Rmagick on my tiger with

^ povray and opengl install and use?
176649 [anne wjh.har] I would like to manipulate a 3D skeleton. On the opengl list, it was
176650 [anne wjh.har] rupov is still a baby, meaning, i only started work on it very recently

^ Re: #63: Grid Folding
176655 [agafonkin gm] Of four solutions submitted so far, Luke's performs the best (2 times
+ 176665 [nmorse gmail] Here's my solution.  It's not terribly efficient (uses arrays of
| 176666 [agafonkin gm] Brilliant idea, Simon! Though it's somewhat slow comparing to other
+ 176863 [luke blansha] Wow, that's excellent.  I would have thought that the prepending
  176877 [agafonkin gm] Each operation will run 1000 times.

^ Making Thumbnails with RMagick
176672 [cyclists nc.] I notice that RMagick seems to be mostly used for making thumbnails of

^ Config file for Lighttpd for win 2003 server
176674 [noreply nore] I am having difficulties setting up the lighttpd.conf file for running Ruby

^ Re: Ruby Extensions and Thread Safety
176676 [bob.news gmx] +1 - Completely agree to all your points.

^ Looking for information on string processing performance
176681 [tuweiwen gma] complete newbie here. I love Ruby and would like to use Ruby in my new
176682 [bob.news gmx] - keep the number of created objects as small as possible
+ 176692 [tuweiwen gma] Thank you, Robert. That's great advice! I will keep them in mind while
| 176695 [bob.news gmx] No, that's exactly what I meant: If possible do it line by line instead of
+ 176769 [chneukirchen] [great hints snipped]

^ [OT] OCamlMakefile
176684 [martindemell] I know there are a lot of OCaml enthusiasts among the ruby community -

^ tidy for RoR
176694 [michaelaugus] there is some software beautifuler for ruby code like tidyhtml ?

^ How to capture a pressed key?
176698 [nuby.ruby.pr] How can I capture a key from keyboard in a console program? I mean, I
+ 176706 [zakkriner ya] print "Enter your name: "
| 176713 [nuby.ruby.pr] Oh, I know the "gets". But user will need to press "enter" in order to
| + 176729 [dale.martens] Are you running on Windows or Linux?
| | 176731 [nuby.ruby.pr] Gulp! I thought that could be done in two or three lines... :-(
| + 176797 [mariusfriis ] You might want to look into the curses/ncurses library for Ruby. This
+ 176890 [payton foolo] It's just not as easy as it may seem.  This is true of any language.
+ 176895 [konstantin.l] require 'curses'

^ Re: ICU4R 0.1.0 - initial release
176700 [alex deletem] thanks for this, it compiles fine on OS X 10.3 (see below), but segfaults when I run the ruby test with
176741 [hramrach gma] Usually C++ code compiled by different versions of gcc linked together.

^ get the name of the day from Time.now
176703 [michaelaugus] how can I get the name of the day from Time.now
176704 [acangianohat] you can use strftime.
176705 [michaelaugus] thank you it was super easy

^ Rails 1.0 blues
176707 [ oop poo.com] I am a Rails nubee but not to web app development. I've been pouring over
+ 176715 [interfecus g] The models you produce are accessible from all controllers. If you
| + 176864 [ oop poo.com] If this is a duplicate post, I do appologize...
| + 176962 [ oop poo.com] Of course...
+ 176728 [todd.makinst] If I am incorrect, someone please correct me, but I believe one of the
  176744 [dominic.mark] I think this what you are looking for..
  176866 [ oop poo.com] Yes you are right! Please see my other post.

^ [newbie] The Duck Problem, or accessing one instance var from another
176708 [agafonkin gm] What is the best way to access class' instance variables from a method
+ 176710 [ara.t.howard] class Duck
+ 176716 [bob.news gmx] Sounds like an application of state or strategy pattern.  I posted some
+ 176745 [halostatue g] Huh?
+ 176781 [vjoel path.b] This is a slightly different way, based on a soon-to-be-released version

^ Problems with Net/HTTP
176711 [magicmat gma] Good evening,
177052 [magicmat gma] OK, after much time with the my editor debugger and STDERR, I've
177805 [magicmat gma] Fixed!

^ gateway
176712 [ara.t.howard] am i the only one missing it?  who manages it?  can we help fix it?
+ 176746 [Daniel.Berge] Based on the flood of dups, I'd say it's fixed. :)
+ 176747 [james graypr] No.  It's a real pain to find all the Ruby Quiz solutions when it is

^ slowness of WIN32OLE.rb in 1.8.2 - faster in 1.8.4?
176714 [temp lorrima] I've extensively used WIN32OLE.rb to program against excel data and
+ 176751 [ghalsey yaho] i didn't find the wrapper helpful. seemed to take time to load up. i
| 176821 [temp lorrima] object to manipulate a specific sheet or range of cells it could be a
| 176826 [corey.ssf.la] Well, I'm not seeing it. I'm messing around with ADO thru WIN32OLE in an IR=
| 176835 [corey.ssf.la] What is slow, though? In Ruby 1.8.2, with a workbook with one sheet with
| 176859 [temp lorrima] Thanks for your reply.
+ 176753 [corey.ssf.la] What does some of your code look like?

^ Ruby Weekly News 16th - 22nd January 2006
176718 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 16th - 22nd January 2006
176749 [rdm cfcl.com] Thanks for doing this!

^ LazyLoad
176722 [google erikv] Imagine, you're building a CVS like repository. A repository
176724 [dave burt.id] Interesting. Here's a potential problem. You won't hit method_missing for
176733 [google erikv] I was aware of this problem and was already working it out. My
+ 176737 [google erikv] As a side effect of the last improvement, the attr_reader now
| 176828 [mental rydia] Ah, careful.  Every method call on @prop1 or @prop2 would rerun the
| 176846 [google erikv] Yeah, true. Bad example. The original code (the branches) uses
| 176852 [mental rydia] Actually there is a problem the moment such an instance variable is
| 176856 [google erikv] It does work with the thread safe version I posted a couple of
+ 176827 [mental rydia] I've seen a lot of different ways of writing this; my personal
| 176851 [google erikv] I added some things to make it thread safe (see below). One of
| 176858 [mental rydia] Ah, okay, yeah.  Disregard my last email then.  That fixes the
| + 176865 [google erikv] Catching the exception, storing it and rethrowing it every time
| | 176868 [google erikv] require "my_lazy"
| + 176869 [google erikv] I don't get this. Can you please explain a bit more
| | 176985 [mental rydia] For example (not a great example, but hopefully you'll get a feel
| | 177012 [google erikv] I got it. I introduced LazyException (see below) as a wrapper
| | + 177024 [mental rydia] Sometimes optimistically trying an operation and catching exceptions
| | + 177025 [mental rydia] Hmm.  Interesting.  I hadn't considered making DivergenceError
| |   177031 [google erikv] There can't be two LazyExceptions with the same "original"
| + 176875 [google erikv] Well, there is a problem with my locking. Do you remember that
|   176999 [mental rydia] Well, the way I would do it is to treat load as a single computation
+ 176830 [mental rydia] I forgot to mention.  I think you've hit on a nice idiom for using

^ Job posting: Ruby / Ruby on Rails developers
176723 [connect rese] Greetings,
176788 [r.mark.volkm] There's actually a city named "Default"? I guess that's what a city is

^ EasyPhp Vs InstantRails
176725 [mickoc gmail] I am considering developing in Ruby on Rails but also need to
176779 [ml.chibbs gm] Instant Rails is a fork of EasyPHP. So, you pretty much have all of
+ 176782 [ml.chibbs gm] I realized my answer was a little terse. You should be able to do your
+ 176803 [mickoc gmail] Ok,
  176815 [ml.chibbs gm] That could be. I picjed up whatever was the current version around May

^ Rethinking Memoization
176726 [james graypr] Daniel Berger and I have been having an off-list discussion about his
+ 176801 [ruby-forum-r] Good stuff! The only idea I have just from an end-user
| 176898 [james graypr] That's an interesting idea.  It does seem this is what extend() is
+ 176848 [ mfp acm.org] I also generalized Daniel's memoize.rb to support class-level
| 176990 [james graypr] I should have mentioned that.  Daniel did point me to this message
+ 177016 [shortcutter ] Going back to the original question which approach to favour...
  177022 [james graypr] Can you show an example or two here?  Using the current memoize.rb,
  177098 [bob.news gmx] class SillySomething
  177117 [james graypr] This example runs as written with the module discussed in this

^ Pure ruby Zlib impl?
176736 [headius gmai] We on the JRuby project have reached the point where rubygems runs up
176761 [a.r.ferreira] For a quick start, the "Zlib" implementation at java.util.zip package
176770 [headius gmai] Yes, we intend to eventually wrap Java's zlib functionality, to allow

^ split up days
176738 [michaelaugus] problem is ....
176740 [bob.news gmx] This is not valid Ruby code.  What types are these objects?
176748 [michaelaugus] thank you for answer .
+ 176767 [beforewin gm] def toSecond(stime)
+ 176777 [shortcutter ] Now we're cooking.  How's that?
+ 176784 [sky.yin gmai] =>2006-01-20
  176823 [michaelaugus] this is super but why when I will put 2006,3,2 into variable
  176832 [sky.yin gmai] It's easy to transfer the string "year, month, day" to the parameter
  176833 [sky.yin gmai] days = (Date.new(date_start)..Date.new(date_stop)).to_a
  176842 [michaelaugus] I got like
  + 176843 [michaelaugus] ups to put to
  + 176845 [michaelaugus] I removed , from date_start = @start.split(',').map {|x|  x.to_i}
    176850 [sky.yin gmai] sry, I copied a wrong part of my own code. What I tried to do is to

^ Python / ruby command line script?
176742 [BPaatsch act] I am a newbie to Ruby. However I have used python a little bit.
+ 176754 [rforum gmail] OptionParser, perhaps?
+ 176756 [uval rz.uni-] you script is incomplete, there is no "destination"
+ 176876 [boscomonkey ] The "getoptlong" library has apparently been superceded by "optparse",
+ 176921 [jimfreeze gm] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Re: The Duck Problem, or accessing one instance var from another
176752 [agafonkin gm] Thanks! I will keep that in mind. Though I think that it complicates
176758 [agafonkin gm] Thanks, Robert. You're right, a strategy pattern (I just started
176759 [agafonkin gm] Thanks, Robert. You're right, a strategy pattern (I just started

^ ruby and Tk:- Menu's calling other widgets
176760 [info jayeola] What's the best (and simplest) method of having a menu item produce
+ 176834 [gmurray clou] ruby-1.8.4/ext/tk/sample/demos-en/widget
+ 176884 [nagai ai.kyu] It must be possible, but I don't recommend it.
  176888 [info jayeola] Thank you Chaps,

^ qwikweb
176763 [probertm gma] I am looking for a mailing list manager in Ruby and I noticed QwikWeb

^ Oracle 9i
176766 [sigzero gmai] What is the preferred interface to Oracle9i? I will probably be gearing
176773 [Daniel.Berge] Use OCI8 for all versions of Oracle.  Available on the RAA (and
176780 [sigzero gmai] Thank you very much Dan.
176787 [chuck.day me] At least on our Windows configuration, I struggled with our OCI8 Client

^ it is possible to unload a class?
176775 [sayoyo yahoo] we can load a library, a class or a gem with the funtionc "require". If
+ 176798 [ef alum.mit.] In general it's not possible. =20
| + 176808 [railsinator ] Is it possible to reload a class in irb?
| | + 176814 [julesjacobs ] You could try something with continuations? Go back to the original
| | | 176818 [logancapaldo] Continuations aren't that magical. They don't go back in time, just
| | + 176817 [collinsj sea] If it's from another file, you can use
| + 176973 [kern informa] Well, there is at least one practical reason I can think of. Consider
| + 177133 [troyhen gmai] I haven't looked at the source to Webrick, but it seems to me that it
+ 177131 [pbrannan atd] See [ruby-talk:161691] and the following thread (in particular,

^ REXML question
176776 [christopher.] elements = Document.new( my_xml ).elements.to_a( "//*[text()]").map {
176793 [r.mark.volkm] Are you trying to find only elements that contain text in them that is

^ how to run just one test method in a test case
176794 [dorrenchen g] for example, I have a testcase class, which has test_1, test2, test3
176800 [marcel verni] The -n option.
176805 [dorrenchen g] thanks. should read my rails book more carefully.

^ String search backwards?
176795 [toby cbcg.ne] Can Ruby search a string backwards? I can't find any reference to this
+ 176796 [Gennady.Byst] n = orig_str.rindex(sub_str)
| 176799 [toby cbcg.ne] Thanks. Obviously I have a reading deficiency.
+ 176802 [matthew.moss] n = orig_str.rindex(sub_str)

^ Developing UI applications
176811 [navyaamerine] I am a beginner in ruby.
+ 176822 [mtrier gmail] Check out John Lam's bridge at www.iunknown.com.  He's doing some amazing
| 176907 [navyaamerine] Thanx Michael.
+ 177247 [leavengood g] Ryan

^ missing include files from RExpect
176813 [merrillbeth ] I downloaded RExpect from rubygarden per some thread in this forum.

^ IE Automation/Recorder - Watir/Wet
176819 [asif.kazi gm] I am trying to write a Record and Playback utility for Watir and WET,
180183 [skolgan cox.] I'd be interested to see the solution to this question, too.

^ Ruby, Web Apps and Cross Site Scripting
176831 [jgbailey gma] Something I've seen in the blogosphere lately has been the
+ 176836 [mental rydia] Hmm, that approach makes sense, actually.  Maybe you really should
| 176881 [jgbailey gma] You got me thinking with that. The ERB solution was too broad, so I
| 176889 [kevin.olbric] I tried to stir up a little discussion about this a few days ago.
| 177038 [jgbailey gma] Funny you should mention that - I just blogged about a solution very
| 177039 [kevin.olbric] Good stuff, I posted a comment on the subject.  The gist of it being
| 177042 [jgbailey gma] What about something where you subclass any strings coming out of
| 177054 [kevin.olbric] Perfect, safe by default is what is needed.
+ 176849 [ruby-forum-r] It is a good idea for many use cases but sometimes that behaviour
  176872 [jgbailey gma] What I was trying for was an automatic way to escape dangerous content.

^ Need help setting up SDL with Ruby
176837 [s.pullen05 g] Can anybody help me set up SDL with Ruby? What do I need to get in order
176840 [collinsj sea] ruby-game: http://rubygame.seul.org/
177228 [s.pullen05 g] I am having trouble installing sdl with ruby. I chose RUDL, the one

^ Re: Twin Cities (Minnesota) Ruby User Group Meeting - Jan 31st
176838 [pat.eyler gm] I don't think posting local group meetings here is a bad thing.   Not
176913 [musical.matt] In fact I think it's a great idea.  I'm from the Twin Cities and if I

^ DRb, remote host
176839 [pgquiles elp] - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
+ 177147 [stefan mahli] What is the error message? I've had problems with that last week (it was
+ 177180 [drbrain segm] This should be your external host name.