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^ basic question about Fixnum & Integer
175910 [tallison tac] I'm really new to Ruby and rather new to OOP in general.  I've been
175911 [zdennis mkte] There is no method named "lcd" on Integer, unless perhaps you're using an outside library which
175913 [tallison tac] Yeah...  I just caught that.
175919 [julesjacobs ] No, you don't have to require integer, because it is in the core. The
175921 [tallison tac] Thanks for the references.
+ 175923 [dharple gene] You must require 'mathn'
| + 175926 [dharple gene] Actually, this is partially wrong. #lcm is defined in rational, but
| | 175929 [gavin refine] Ah, so the documentation isn't wrong, it's just confusing.
| | 175932 [tallison tac] OK, I understand how the documentation got there.  It's a merged super
| | 175940 [lukfugl gmai] 1) Every rdoc page mentions at the top which files the methods are
| + 175928 [tallison tac] Thank you.  This is the first I've heard of mathn, even from the Integer
|   175952 [david vallne] Err. Mind the terms, including a module in Ruby is something VERY
|   175972 [tallison tac] My mix in terminology is a reflection of my origins.  Perl uses Modules.
|   175999 [david vallne] Good luck finding support for that. Of course, noone dabbles into this
|   + 176003 [dblack wobbl] mathn is in the standard library, so it's got a different relation to
|   | 176008 [david vallne] Nevertheless, it's nice to have it there. Heck, Rails runs on so much deep
|   | 176032 [dblack wobbl] I think we're talking about two different things.  I'm referring to
|   | 176045 [david vallne] Heh, apparently, I had the standard modification of existing classes in
|   | 176048 [dblack wobbl] My segue from the first of those topics to the second may have been
|   + 176029 [tallison tac] Can't disagree with the need.
+ 175925 [gavin refine] I had never seen the #lcm method before, but I see it on ruby-doc,
| 175930 [tallison tac] Oh thank God!!!  I thought I was going clearly insane.
+ 176056 [guslist free] gus@guslaptop ~]ruby -e 'p(5.lcm(3))'
  + 176057 [logancapaldo] It doesn't require mathn, it requires rational.rb
  + 176058 [jim weirichh] No, it does not.

^ regex
175912 [tallison tac] I'm digging through the Pragmatic Programmers book and had some
175915 [dblack wobbl] /s turns on SJIS encoding, so you probably don't want that.  As for
175924 [tallison tac] There's a lot of differences to get used to here.
+ 175927 [dblack wobbl] It's like so many things: if languages just did what older languages
+ 175953 [david vallne] AND here's a completely new regexp engine coming for 2.0 - fun for the
  175973 [tallison tac] Considering that PCRE is pretty much a language in itself, it would make
  + 176000 [david vallne] Well, I think Oniguruma, the new regexp engine, is a bit closer to PCRE in
  + 176002 [dblack wobbl] Then you'll have to blame Perl, for breaking away from sed :-)

^ Nitro + Og 0.27.0 Client code, WebFile, Elements improved, New examples RDocs
175917 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
+ 175920 [ng johnwlong] Amazing. Keep up the good work George!
| 175922 [george.mosch] Ehm, I don't deserve all the credit.
+ 176010 [shanko_date ] I am following the progress of Nitro/Og with great interest and plan to use it on my next project. Mean while, is there any eStore kind of app out there somewhere? Are there plans to interface payment gateways in near future?
  176094 [george.mosch] e-store applications powered by Nitro/Og. Moreover, you can use some

^ 'env ruby -v' returns nothing
175931 [seanhussey g] I''m trying to figure out why rubygems won't install correctly on this
175936 [lukfugl gmai] It certainly does sound like an environment issue. My guess is the
175963 [seanhussey g] # /usr/bin/env

^ DANGER ! Ruby-Newbie ahead: How to access binary files
175939 [Meino.Cramer] There is a file on my HD, which was written by a C program. The C
+ 175941 [halostatue g] File.open(filename, "rb") ...
+ 175942 [bob_showalte] You need to know the format of the structure and its size.
+ 175944 [ara.t.howard] this is a perfect use case to abstract the error prone method of
  175975 [vjoel path.b] Doesn't this arithmetic assume that the C compiler is packing the fields
  175976 [ara.t.howard] absolutely.  i figured it was beyond the scope of the post to get into that -

^ XMLRPC problem.  Can anyone help?
175947 [bret_hart ho] I was working on a small program to contact a third party website and

^ [newbie] this month, the next month, and the one after that
175950 [masonkessing] What I want to do is simple.
+ 175956 [lists turnip] Well you'd add the month, expressed in seconds, to the current time.
+ 175958 [david vallne] My first guess would be requiring "datetime", and then looking up the
| 175965 [james graypr] We can fix that.  ;)
| + 175968 [detlef.reich] i don't like redundant data...
| + 175969 [david vallne] Ye gods, that's so idiot-proof it ain't pretty anymore amd I let my brain
| + 175978 [ara.t.howard] but
|   176225 [ruby_talk sh] Sorry if this response is too late to be useful to anyone, but here's a
+ 175962 [detlef.reich] irb(main):040:0* t = Time.now
  + 175964 [david vallne] Time#mktime. D'oh. I feel so dense for not remembering that one.
  + 175977 [ara.t.howard] but
  | 175979 [detlef.reich] OK
  | 175986 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):001:0> p(Time::mktime(2006,(48%12)))
  + 176037 [aledonne.lis] Along with Time.mktime, there are Date methods to shift dates by a

^ overriding Object::send
175954 [joevandyk gm] Why doesn't this work?
+ 175955 [ara.t.howard] class Object
+ 175957 [caleb aei-te] It works for me if I use "module Kernel" instead of "class Object".
+ 175960 [lukfugl gmai] class Object
  175983 [joevandyk gm] Hm.  Well, essentially what I want to do is output print statements
  175985 [lukfugl gmai] Jacob Fugal
  175988 [joevandyk gm] Aha, I forgot about that one.

^ There's a deadlock in code in the PickAxe, and I'm not seeing why:
175961 [dave pragpro] The following code (form pg. 739) deadlocks with a large count. What
+ 175970 [vjoel path.b] Ok here, with ruby-1.8.4, Linux 2.6.12, Ubuntu. I tried 100 threads,
| 175971 [joevandyk gm] Same for Ruby 1.8.3 on Ubuntu i486-linux.
+ 175981 [ara.t.howard] works for me on mac and linux.  what are you on?
  + 175987 [johannes.fri] Works on Ruby 1.8.2, WinXP.
  + 175994 [dave pragpro] OSX/ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-30) [powerpc-darwin8.2.0]
    175996 [dave pragpro] Indeed, rebuilding my local Ruby with --enable-pthread fixes it. Is
    176016 [ruby-ml magi] It seems to work OK here both ways. OSX threading, perhaps?

^ Re: There's a deadlock in code in the PickAxe, and I'm not seeing
175967 [dhinz eng.mc] Hummmm, no help here, works fine for me.

^ Help with some PayPal SOAP code
175974 [jdodson indu] I am having issues with PayPal's SOAP API layer.  I am using Ruby 1.8.3
176015 [tsumeruby ts] 06-23-2005. 1.8.2 basically with some patches.

^ [ANN] ppp-1.0.0
175980 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ invalid_arity method similar to method missing ?
175989 [didier.proph] all,
176065 [logancapaldo] you could let your function be called with any number of arguments
176066 [didier.proph] Thanks for your reply. Well, that doesn't solve my exact problem, but
176069 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 176075 [ruby-ml magi] Slightly off-topic, but there is :)
+ 176234 [didier.proph] Logan,

^ [ANN] irbsh-1.0.0
175991 [rubikitch ru] == About irbsh
176034 [dave.m email] I was just waiting for that :).

^ JOB: Ruby/Rails Software Engineer, Chicago, IL
175992 [beau superio] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
176017 [tsumeruby ts] Not to discourage ruby jobs, but please don't email the list if you are a
176020 [robby.lists ] He's (the script) has been doing this quite a bit... Craigslist told me
176021 [tsumeruby ts] Oh? Well.. these guys need to stick to the job related posting sites, not
176022 [robby.lists ] ...seems like all the email address does is hit big lists, craigslist,
176024 [tsumeruby ts] I'll forward the info to the andrew(AHBL) and other people to see if they've

^ how to use rmagic in intrantrails
175993 [yangfreecode] i use intrantrails 1.0,when i code require "RMagick" in irb,
176059 [drbrain segm] Did you install it?
176064 [yangfreecode] i dont install rmagick.In InstantRails\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems,it

^ Question about regular expression
175998 [eric.wenbl g] I need to hack out an regular expression, which will match "SNPB" without
+ 176001 [james graypr] Lookbehind is just lookahead, backwards.  ;)
| 176004 [eric.wenbl g] Thanks for your replay.
| 176009 [ara.t.howard] strings = "STR SNPB", "STR", "SNPB"
| + 176023 [eric.wenbl g] Thanks very much, I really appreatiate your help
| | 176026 [Gennady.Byst] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 176027 [Gennady.Byst] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 176144 [eric.wenbl g] <SNPB>  <foo SNPB>  <SNPB bar>  <foo SNPB bar> matched.
|   + 176146 [stefan.walk ] Then the lookbehind assertion would not have worked either. (?<!A)B
|   + 176174 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):002:0> %r/^ (?: (?:[^S]) | (?:S[^T]) | (?:ST[^R]) )* SNPB /ox.match "STR bla SNPB "
|     176220 [eric.wenbl g] Sorry for my mistake.
+ 176011 [neoneye gmai] tests = %w{SNPB STR\ SNPB}
  176012 [vjoel path.b] $ ruby -v -e '/(?<!STR )SNPB/'
  176013 [neoneye gmai] hmm.. it seem so. Sorry.

^ getting the name of arguments a method takes
176005 [didier.proph] I am wondering if there is a way to programatically get the name of the
190929 [polypus yaho] i also would like to do this. anybody know if it's possible, and also
190949 [dave burt.id] The short answer: no, it's not possible. What do you want it for?
190958 [rossrt rosco] Also, this, if you're only dealing with Ruby methods and are in a

^ Errors produced when starting nautilus in a ruby script.
176007 [info jayeola] I have the following line in a script:-

^ Populating long data column with Ruby OCI8
176014 [Gennady.Byst] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ [ADV] "Learn to Program" is now available
176018 [dave pragpro] Just a quick note to say Chris Pine's new book, Learn to Program, is
176036 [akulbe gmail] I have to say this is another great book from you guys.

^ looking for Ruby equivalent to Perl's FindBin
176033 [Chris.Newman] I am looking for a Ruby equivalent to Perl's FindBin module.
176035 [halostatue g] File.dirname(__FILE__) from the script where data is relative will

^ Time Diff Module
176039 [digidigo gma] Anyone know of a module out there that will encapsulate differences in time=
+ 176040 [wilsonb gmai] ...
+ 176041 [lists turnip] Ruby on Rails' ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Numeric::Time module
| 176046 [Daniel.Berge] This request seems common enough that I wonder if we could convince one
+ 176055 [ara.t.howard] i'm guessing the reason this has not been done generically is that it is

^ Where to find Ruby for the Amiga?
176042 [erikbauer ma] 'Hello World' there, my first post.
176049 [pfharlock ya] I would also be interested in this.  I tried to build ruby for the amiga
176083 [erikbauer ma] Thanks a lot!

^ Populating 'long' data column with Ruby OCI8 (trying again, need a solution badly)
176047 [Gennady.Byst] Is there any way to insert a big chunk of data (say, 100K) into a column
+ 176050 [nakohl gmail] You need to do it in chunks. See documentation for OCI8::BLOB#write().
| 176052 [Gennady.Byst] Thank you very much, Neil. I saw blob support in OCI8, however I need to
| 176070 [nakohl gmail] Sorry, saw "long", thought "lob".
+ 176128 [kubo jiubao.] I don't know why. It may needs piecewise inserts to insert long values.
  176129 [Daniel.Berge] Making that configurable would be good.  I suspect that's what the Perl
  176130 [Gennady.Byst] Thank you very much for the reply. I got the following error after I
  176137 [kubo jiubao.] Sorry, I haven't tested it. oci8.so doesn't support OCI8::SQLT_LNG(8).

^ [ANN] testunitxml-0.1.3
176051 [henrik.marte] testing XML documents. Version 0.1.3 is the first alpha release.

^ Ruby interface to Python
176054 [willi mcomi.] I know this will cause a lot of uproar, but I would like to call Python

^ 1.8.4 untaint behavior
176061 [billk cts.co] I have a script running at $SAFE = 1, and after upgrading ruby

^ PDF::Writer and table columns
176062 [stonelists g] I've just started using the PDF::Writer and am having some trouble with
176067 [halostatue g] I'm not seeing anything wrong with your sample code. Can you provide
176079 [halostatue g] I have reopened bug item #2129, which describes the necessary patch. I
176105 [stonelists g] Thank you Austin.

^ [BUG] Re: 1.8.4 untaint behavior
176063 [billk cts.co] I've reduced it to 10 lines or so, with no external I/O.
176068 [nobuyoshi.na] Probably.
176072 [billk cts.co] Ni Nobu,

^ Looping through files using exec
176073 [luxen124012x] I'm trying to do a mass encode of a large directory of media files but
+ 176074 [caldridge gm] You said bash...
| 176076 [luxen124012x] If I replace exec with puts it lists the commands fine.  My problem is
+ 176077 [nobuyoshi.na] exec replaces current process with invoked command, use system
  + 176078 [nobuyoshi.na] Sorry, misread the command.
  + 176081 [luxen124012x] Sweetness!  Thanks!  Actually now it seems that all my created files are

^ Delayed quote expansion
176080 [kevin.olbric] I'm sure the answer to this will seem simple once I see it.  Right now
+ 176082 [gwtmp01 mac.] template = lambda { |x| "my number is: #{x}" }
+ 176084 [ruby-ml magi] string = '"#{foo}"'
+ 176090 [p.capriotti ] class String
  176096 [kevin.olbric] Lots of good responses here, but the one that turns out to be the
  176104 [james graypr] => true
  176107 [kevin.olbric] A good suggestion, but I would rather avoid unnecessary dependencies if
  176109 [bob_showalte] erb *is* pure Ruby. It is part of the standard library, so every Ruby
  176123 [kevin.olbric] So it is, my bad.

^ how to obtain Ruby version info from a program code
176086 [kajism yahoo] Is there an API call returning Ruby version on which the code is
176087 [frdrch web.d] The constant RUBY_VERSION.
176088 [kajism yahoo] Great! Thanks for your fast response :)

^ Ruby help for all
176091 [pg hotmail.c] just wanted to let everyone in the community know there are some good
+ 176092 [steve_10 hot] Thanks for that Paul - well worth it, In fact the setup tutorial was
+ 176093 [doug.bromley] I very much prefer the format of using forums for community interaction.
  176097 [willshattuck] heh that's interesting because I feel the exact opposite :)  I much
  176115 [julesjacobs ] Jules

^ Newb, how to start coding question - and - flash & ruby?
176098 [pixelmech ya] I'm a web developer (mainly front end) of 10 years but am new to Ruby. I
+ 176100 [halostatue g] I don't have any particular recommendation on the organisation of your
+ 176110 [jim weirichh] Don't know if this is what you have in mind, but you should check out
  176112 [pixelmech ya] Hmm... well this the only thing I have seen that is remotely close. It's

^ Ruby Tutorial Projatc
176099 [Chintakrindi] charset=iso-8859-1
176101 [doug.bromley] I couldn't recommend the Pragmatic Programming books more.  Packed full of
176102 [Chintakrindi] I had already purchased that Ruby book.
176103 [james graypr] This one?

^ Re: Ruby Tutorial Project
176108 [Chintakrindi] No

^ how to double single quote (beginner blockage)
176111 [the.mindstor] if I have a string that contains single quote (f.e. "al'alamein") i would like to escape it with
+ 176114 [julesjacobs ] And what if the input string correctly contains double quotes?? ;-)
| 176117 [the.mindstor] #: Jules Jacobs changed the world a bit at a time by saying (astral date: 1/18/2006 5:05 PM) :#
+ 176118 [gavin refine] Let's build this step by step.
  + 176119 [ara.t.howard] nice explanation gavin.  my brain is too feeble for that but i do the same
  + 176121 [the.mindstor] #: Gavin Kistner changed the world a bit at a time by saying (astral date: 1/18/2006 5:28 PM) :#
  + 176122 [the.mindstor] #: Gavin Kistner changed the world a bit at a time by saying (astral date: 1/18/2006 5:28 PM) :#
    176127 [julesjacobs ] The new Regex library for Ruby 2.0?

^ Ruby and C++
176124 [focusproduct] hey everyone,
+ 176125 [r.mark.volkm] I can't speak to the specific problem you're running into. However, I
+ 176126 [joevandyk gm] It would help if you could post the entire code.  Or at least, some
+ 176182 [pbrannan atd] I suspect that it is the GET_MY_CLASS line that is raising the

^ problems with rescue clause.
176131 [r.fulton auc] I'm writing a script to check passwords against email accounts,
176132 [wilsonb gmai] raise RuntimeError, "#{proto} failed"
176133 [r.fulton auc] Thanks Wilson!

^ Launching a debugger / irb session
176134 [joevandyk gm] I have a GUI application (using ruby-gnome2).  It would be great if
176136 [logancapaldo] ...

^ When is $SAFE reset?
176135 [lists bertra] irb(main):001:0> begin ; $SAFE=2 ; end ; puts $SAFE

^ [ANN] test-unit-benchmark-0.1
176138 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Re: Nitro + Og 0.27.0 Client code, WebFile, Elements improve
176140 [guest gmail.] perhaps you could keep an eye on the site? it seems to be DEAD most of