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^ [OT] Calling all Freebsders.
175672 [rasputnik gm] Quick heads up for any FreeBSD users on list - the
+ 175674 [daniel.cedil] Cool, I'll get those patches installed tonight on my server.
+ 175677 [ryansobol gm] Woot!
+ 175682 [tsumeruby ts] Does portupgrade with with 1.8.4? I mean all the options, not just a couple
| 175684 [rasputnik gm] That's one of the things to test, I guess :)
+ 175719 [luc honk-hon] On a slightly related note, ruby has also recently (like, a few days

^ Widget-like API for DOM objects?
175679 [Daniel.Berge] Is there something out there that would let me create DOM objects in a more
+ 175683 [hannes.wyss ] Dan
| 175692 [Daniel.Berge] I tried to look at the link you provided but I get a 403 forbidden. :(
| 175693 [hannes.wyss ] Hannes
| 175695 [hannes.wyss ] I must learn to think before posting... I've made a tarball, just in
+ 175708 [pabs pablotr] re=20
  175709 [Daniel.Berge] Ah, thanks Paul.  I'd like something prebuilt, but it looks like REXML would

^ Mailing list for Ruby TK
175685 [info jayeola] Is there a dedicated mailing list for Ruby Tk?
175690 [tsumeruby ts] Not that I know of. Ruby has bindings for TK with the distribution. You could
175699 [info jayeola] Oh, that's a dangerous question for a noob ;)
+ 175736 [david vallne] Most of the time, you should be able to go by with code excerpts under 40
+ 175803 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm poor at English. So I couldn't understand what you want to know.

^ question about require
175694 [mr.ra88it gm] I am under the impression that Kernel#require returns false if the
175700 [jim weirichh] See Ruby-talk:174387
175738 [david vallne] Three hoolays for systems that aren't arbitrarily case-sensitive.
175747 [mental rydia] In which locale's notion of case? ;)

^ Range#member? Oddity
175720 [james graypr] I'm not understanding what I am seeing here.  Can anyone please
+ 175722 [Daniel.Berge] I cannot duplicate this with 1.8.2 or 1.8.4.
| + 175723 [james graypr] $ ruby -v
| | 175728 [Daniel.Berge] Whoops, I misspoke.  I was using numbers, not strings.  I do, in fact, get the
| + 175724 [collinsj sea] It happens in 1.8.2 for me. It shows "1" and "10" as being in the range,
| + 175725 [dharple gene] I'm getting this too. 1 and 10 both return true, everything else
| | 175729 [dhinz eng.mc] I don't know for sure but my guess has something to do with numbers vs
| + 175726 [ryansobol gm] I can.
+ 175727 [tokmak gmail] irb(main):001:0> range = ("1".."10")
+ 175732 [desmarm gmai] There was some discussion about this in the recent past.  If my memory
| + 175737 [james graypr] This cleared it up for me.  Thank you.
| + 175745 [david vallne] This would seem to make it an oddity of String#succ, that behaving
|   175746 [james graypr] => true
|   175750 [david vallne] Yes, that always works, but it beats the point of having first class
|   175753 [ryansobol gm] The rdoc needs to be updated for Range#include? and Range#member? then.
|   175756 [david vallne] No, those methods work perfectly. The behaviour of String is the problem
|   175759 [james graypr] ???  How exactly is it that you believe String should behave?
|   175763 [david vallne] Well, to work well in Ranges, for any String s, s.succ > s must hold true.
|   + 175765 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure we don't want to change the meaning of String
|   | 175771 [david vallne] I never said anything the like, the code breakage would be inexcusable.
|   + 175768 [gwtmp01 mac.] How about having Range use Object#strict_succ to generate
|     175770 [logancapaldo] This seems to me to make the problem worse. People expect the values
|     + 175772 [david vallne] I agree that the change proposed would break Range#to_a for strings, which
|     + 175775 [gwtmp01 mac.] It seems strange to want Range to behave like an interval and to
|       + 175777 [david vallne] It's a Convenient Hack (tm), and those are extremely hard to weed out once
|       + 175778 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 175779 [lists bertra] irb(main):006:0> 2 < 10
+ 175781 [hal9000 hype] In short: Don't do this.
| 175783 [janchrister.] If the two strings have the same length, the weirdness disappears.
| + 175787 [pit capitain] Very good point!
| + 175790 [dblack wobbl] But other weirdnesses arise :-)
|   175791 [stefan.walk ] IMO, the thing at fault here is that Ranges include Enumerable. From a
|   175794 [ara.t.howard] but enumerable means neither monotonically increasing nor finite.  so that a
|   175797 [stefan.walk ] Enumerable means that you can map the natural numbers to your set in an
|   + 175804 [david vallne] There's nothing wrong with enumerating ranges, you can well have intervals
|   | 175808 [stefan.walk ] Your messages seems to have been truncated here. Also, you're wrong,
|   | 175811 [david vallne] That is, of course, misleading, but ranges are very commonly used in the
|   | 175824 [ara.t.howard] but that prevents me from doing this
|   | + 175829 [david vallne] Oh, I agree with that myself. I'm just objecting to the people that
|   | + 175892 [adam.shelly ] I was messing around with this range behavior after the last discussion, an=
|   + 175815 [ara.t.howard] that is certainly true.  however, there are no real numbers in computing -
|     175816 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 175809 [rretzbach go] I don't know why to_a is working here.

^ why is this a comile error
175731 [bmoremus yah] I am doing a tutorial from the Thomas~Hansson book and am getting this
+ 175733 [halostatue g] -austin
| 175735 [james graypr] Is it, this time?
| 175755 [halostatue g] Yes, it's a Ruby syntax mistake. However, it's *not* code that's
+ 175734 [james graypr] You are missing one character from the book.  On the last line it's
  + 175739 [lists turnip] By the way, you will be doing yourself a service to get a text editor
  | 175748 [david vallne] Speaking of which, I'll have to get a multimode.el for XEmacs somewhere.
  + 175741 [caleb aei-te] As well as the closing brace after 'addtocart'
    175742 [james graypr] Don't let that second Hash argument throw you.
    175751 [caleb aei-te] It did!  Oh well, it's Friday.
    175760 [lists turnip] Not only is it Friday, but it's the thirteenth ;)

^ ANN: RubyCLR first drop
175744 [drjflam gmai] There's more information about it on the blog entry. This is a very early
+ 175757 [cohen.jeff g] What's the overall idea of the bridge: to allow Ruby to be called from,
| 175762 [drjflam gmai] The bridge allows you to manipulate C# objects from Ruby, which is differen=
| 175784 [cohen.jeff g] Ah!  Makes sense now.  Kind of like how the COM Callable Wrappers let
+ 175874 [wilsonb gmai] How crazy would I have to be to try making a Windows Forms GUI app using this?
  + 175878 [david vallne] Actually, I already managed to call .NET ArrayLists via Win32OLE. It
  | 175879 [wilsonb gmai] I'm looking for the ability to write GUI apps in Ruby, without any of
  | 175880 [david vallne] Well, someone did point my attention at a binary ruby-gtk, so if that has
  + 175887 [drjflam gmai] Using the earlier non-released build of my bridge, I created a lap around

^ Re: [Sidetracking] question about require
175752 [david vallne] Oi, the Titanic of my ramble is getting ready to hit a iceberg. But, here
175767 [christian.le] Thoroughly entertaining! :-)

^ catching exceptions from embedded ruby
175754 [joevandyk gm] I'm embedding Ruby in a C program.  If the Ruby program throws an
175758 [joevandyk gm] I can protect the function that might return an exception (via

^ Questions to Forward (was Re: why is this a comile error)
175764 [james graypr] I see a lot of code posted here that requires external libraries and
175766 [gregory.t.br] I'd say that it's the fact that Rails already has a large support
175769 [desmarm gmai] Once again, GBrown beats me to it.  I agree.
175792 [joevandyk gm] For some reason, I think "Google Brown" when I see "GBrown".  Like
175801 [gregory.t.br] It kind of reminds me of M. Bison in street fighter.
175818 [desmarm gmai] Sorry if I caused any confusion.  For what it's worth, I think that Greg
175819 [hal9000 hype] I'm not sure, but I think a good slogan would be, "What can
175836 [gregory.t.br] A google / UPS merger in the works?  I doubt I'd be creative enough to
175850 [hal9000 hype] Oh, is that UPS? I thought it was Ex-Lax.   :D

^ Re curly quotes and forcing ascci
175776 [ezmobius gma] Listers-
+ 175799 [chneukirchen] What format is the text in?  Could you maybe post a snippet, if possible?
| 175869 [ezmobius gma] Christian-
+ 176116 [aledonne.lis] I suspect you'll have to define the mapping yourself... the Unicode

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.1
175793 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.1 is now available.

^ Duration between two days
175796 [sky.yin gmai] If x is a Date <http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Date.html>, return the
+ 175800 [joevandyk gm] It's something to do with Astronomical Julian Days and fractional days.
+ 175833 [david vallne] Because the code calculates in rationals?
  + 175843 [sky.yin gmai] Thanks, Joe and David. Although I don't quite understand the science behind
  + 175851 [briankbuckle] Though getting a Rational back is not incorrect, clearly getting a Fixnum
    + 175852 [logancapaldo] Requiring mathn did not change the return type. Requiring mathn
    | 175855 [briankbuckle] I think the return type is changed, not just how Rationals are displayed.
    + 175857 [david vallne] Yes, the change of return type is intentional - from skimming the source

^ Compile Ruby9i on Windows
175798 [lists bertra] in my company we use Oracle and Windows :-(.
+ 175810 [david vallne] A .so is a .dll. They're compiled basically the same way, just remember to
| 175945 [lists bertra] Phew, I had to edit all the source files and put the
| 175948 [david vallne] Oh dear. Someone dared to forget to code in that bleeding-edge
+ 175875 [wilsonb gmai] I only tried to make Ruby9i work for a short time, before deciding

^ comparison operations in case statements
175812 [vjoel path.b] This looks kind of cute, as a way to mix class-matching tests with
175813 [logancapaldo] Neat. Seems a little redundant though

^ Tk and instance variables (pickaxe book Ed 2, p260)
175817 [info jayeola] Chaps,
175834 [david vallne] If my (horrible) memory of the 15 minutes I've worked in Tk serves me

^ Newbie regex question about \w
175821 [cohen.jeff g] I'm trying to parse ruby files to find all the class definitions in the
+ 175822 [james graypr] You're close, you just forgot to allow for some space between class
| 175823 [cohen.jeff g] Awesome.  Thanks a lot.
+ 175825 [logancapaldo] your \w is right. \b doesn't work the way you think it does though.
| 175827 [SimonKroeger] before = Object.constants
| 175830 [logancapaldo] Clever!
+ 175826 [dblack wobbl] /^\s*class\s+(\w+)/

^ controller issue with rails? (OSX)
175828 [jgraham maji] I created a table in MySQL and generated a scaffold against the
175831 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] Librend 0.4
175832 [ilmari.heikk] Librend 0.4-----------
175837 [billk cts.co] Looks very nice!!!!  I'm wondering, since SDL is used, does that mean Librend
175842 [ilmari.heikk] Yeah, I think it's limited to a single window. GLUT is a better fitfor multiple windows but sadly its input handling is less than stellar:/
175845 [billk cts.co] Ah, rats.  Hmm.  Is it that it responds poorly/sluggisly to input?  Or
175847 [ilmari.heikk] The last time i checked (a year or so ago (or was it three...)), itdidn't have mousewheel support (on win, linux version seemed to havemousebuttons 4 and 5) and there wasn't a real Windows installer. Theevent API is a bit of a pain as well, with all the events going toseparately set callbacks, instead of a single event pipe. Anyhow, it'sbeen a while since I last used it, so take this with a grain of salt -maybe things are better nowadays.

^ YAML - Time to give?
175844 [isputnik_98 ] Guys-
175848 [dblack wobbl] One problem is that you've just redefined the "city" key for this
176120 [isputnik_98 ] Thanks dave. I believe I had tab spaces, which caused load error -

^ Ruby / Rails / MySQL/ AJAX project, developer needed (Oasis Digital)
175846 [kyle kylecor] work time tracking system, using Ruby, Rails, and MySQL. This will be an

^ More DRb Fun
175853 [blargity gma] kevin@itzamna:~/drb$ ./server.rb
176030 [blargity gma] Here I go solving my own problems again.

^ [ANN] Canada on Rails - 15 Speakers To Debut at the First Ruby on Rails Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada
175854 [nshb inimit.] Canada on Rails (http://canadaonrails.com) has just announced that 15

^ "Programming Ruby", ed. 2, P747. Script generated different image to book's example
175856 [info jayeola] Chaps,
175858 [david vallne] Something must have goofed up between your and my version of the book, on
175859 [david vallne] Diff results after tweaking all the whitespace differences between the two
175861 [nagai ai.kyu] Please ignore this warning. That has no problem.
175863 [david vallne] The bug was passing in literal arrays with one element, 0, or 1, to
175959 [dave pragpro] So, (he says, coming to the discussion late), what does this mean for
175966 [david vallne] The code is fine, for a code example explicitness seems more important to
175995 [dave pragpro] /me sighs happily

^ Path to loaded module ?
175860 [jonathan.der] Is there any way to get the path of a loaded module ?
176053 [leavengood g] def script_find(name)

^ Rails and Ruby in Germany -> Rails is Ruby killer application
175864 [ jupp gmx.de] For a quite some time Ruby's lead an orphan's life. Even university
+ 175865 [david vallne] Well yay, I hope the trend spreads on. Me wanna translated printed Pickaxe
+ 176038 [pesterhazy g] By the way, are there any local ruby (or rails) communities/user groups
  176844 [Stephan.Kaem] There's Hamburg.rb, well in Hamburg, although that (sadly) went a bit

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
175866 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

^ [QUIZ] [SOLUTION] Packing (#62)
175867 [mental rydia] Okay, I'm pretty sure that's 48 hours now.  Here's my shot at a
175868 [ilmari.heikk] [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Packing (#62)
175877 [adam.shelly ] My solution so far.

^ Passing functions as arguments
175870 [notmyprivate] I'm just starting out with ruby.
+ 175872 [farrel.lifso] formatmethod = Df.method(:datestr2time)
+ 175881 [ara.t.howard] yes.  but you don't need to, simply store the name of the method and use

^ Resetting ruby
175882 [listrecv gma] I'm looking for a fast way to "reset" Ruby.  That is, to reset the
+ 175883 [logancapaldo] I'm confused, why do you need to "reset" ruby everytime? Can't you
| 175884 [listrecv gma] The code - and it's require files - are constantly changing.  (That's
| 175885 [logancapaldo] Ok, so change the 'require's to 'load's and then stick it in a
| + 175890 [listrecv gma] fork would save the overhead of loading ruby itself
| | 175893 [lukfugl gmai] However, with fork you'd need to be careful about open filehandles and
| + 175894 [lukfugl gmai] That's not quite sufficient. 'load' simply loads the file again. It
|   175895 [logancapaldo] I know, hence the smiley face. I still think this idea is a little
|   175906 [dali insula.] The possibility to reset the interpreter would be IMHO useful also for other
|   + 175914 [r.mark.volkm] It would also be useful for debuggers so you could rerun the program
|   + 175990 [luc honk-hon] (going slightly offtopic)
|     175997 [vjoel path.b] Aside from the use of native threads in this tcl example (IIRC), this is
+ 175916 [eeklund gmai] I've got code for this kind of testrunner; no specific optimizations,
+ 175918 [ng johnwlong] One thing you could do would be to load up all of your libraries and
| 175933 [listrecv gma] Okay, Ruby core hackers, can you answer our call?!
| 175934 [ng johnwlong] I don't think there's a need for Ruby core hacking if you follow my
| 176025 [michael.ulm ] That would work in this one case where resetting is useful. As this
| 176044 [vjoel path.b] Doesn't GC clean the slate well enough for calculations?
+ 176060 [drbrain segm] In order to ensure your tests won't fail or pass when they should do

^ Re: [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] Signal Handling with Test::Unit
175888 [joevandyk gm] Don't ask me why, but switch the order of the require statments.

^ Generating combinations from multiple sets
175891 [srinivas.j s] Dear all,
175902 [shortcutter ] I have a shorter alternative; it may be more efficient but you'll have to
175908 [srinivas.j s] Thank you!

^ Foxruby codes clarification please!
175896 [cplus_develo] list of customers form external source

^ Problems with SRPM of ruby-1.8.4
175897 [matt technor] I'm building ruby-1.8.4 on CentOS4 (clone of RHEL4) and I ran into a
+ 175898 [aredridel nb] Whose SRPMs are these? I don't think there's official ones...
+ 175901 [oliver.andri] your error message looks like you are using the packages from Fedora
+ 175943 [tsumeruby ts] ENOTFROMRUBYLANG

^ const_defined? behavior
175899 [daniel.amela] Is this the intended behavior of const_defined?
175900 [nobuyoshi.na] Yes.
175982 [daniel.amela] In my case, the constant's name is stored in a variable. So, I'd have
175984 [logancapaldo] def const_defed(var)
176006 [daniel.amela] Pretty cool!

^ only 1 question about RUBY from newbie
175903 [arnuld3 gmai] my name is "arnuld". I have only a very small question regarding RUBY. I  a=
+ 175904 [edder tkwspi] So I suggest you to just try it.
+ 175905 [michael.ulm ] No worries. Ruby (not RUBY btw.) is IMO very well suited for a beginner.
| 175951 [arnuld3 gmai] Hey Michael,
| 176071 [bryan railsr] I'm a newbie too.
| 176085 [arnuld3 gmai] Hey B,
+ 175935 [chris pine.f] "Programming Ruby" assumes you are already a programmer.  If you have