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Ruby Rails - serving image files
175006 [deja@ho er e] I'm pretty new to Ruby and Rails.  I am writing a Rails application
+ 175008 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
+ 217280 [edwin@ou re ] I am an experienced programmer but new to Ruby (and Rails), and I had a

[QUIZ SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
175009 [ruby@an hr p] } [...]

need help to place my gem in proper location
175011 [beeplove@gm ] I thought, placeing any gem file in rubyforge would allow to execute
175092 [tom@in oe he] Yours,
175120 [beeplove@gm ] would rubyforge server be happy with the package build with ruby-1.8.4?
175127 [tom@in oe he] Hm, I think so... although I haven't tried it... but yes, I think that

"chomping" an array at read time
175014 [victor.reyes] ...
175016 [ezmobius@gm ] Right here you are createing a new arrau called lus. then you destroy
175017 [james@gr yp ] lus = File.readlines("test.txt")
175024 [ezmobius@gm ] James-
+ 175053 [victor.reyes] ...
+ 175215 [james@gr yp ] Well, there's no way I know of to get at the file handle used here,

Ruby, Unicode -  ever?
175020 [dmitry.sever] Well, as I could search the web so far, since about 2001 or even early,
175025 [halostatue@g] Ruby *does* support Unicode. It just doesn't treat it specially.
175275 [david@va ln ] How would the regexp engine match multibyte UTF8 characters that have
+ 175283 [dmitry.sever] Ok, I have to admit, that I'm wrong and just an ignorant idiot.
| 175322 [halostatue@g] Didn't say that. I want specific examples of why it isn't sufficient.
| 175384 [bdarcus.list] x = ["z", "a", "?", "o", "b"]
| 175386 [levin@gr nd ] Correct sorting of text is a quite tricky problem, because the correctsort order will probably be language or application specific.
| + 175393 [bdarcus.list] Yes, I'm aware of that, but I'd rather have a default collation used
| | + 175396 [david@va ln ] Hmm. Would a change to String#<=> to respect that document when $KCODE
| | + 175402 [ysantoso-rub] How can you have a default collation if there is no default culture.
| |   + 175405 [david@va ln ] That would be making the default behaviour one that is wrong for any
| |   + 175667 [shot@sh t. l] Do what other languages do, ask the underlying operating
| |     175670 [halostatue@g] Which is not really appropriate for all operating systems, and is one
| |     + 175691 [shot@sh t. l] I'm not a language developer, but a programmer (doing a lot of i18n and
| |     + 198819 [roman.hausne] Can you explain why saying that this way of handling locales is one of
| + 175524 [dmitry.sever] I've just found fresh ICU4R project on ruby-forge (and currently play
+ 175302 [fritz.heinri] There are problems with string formatting when using non 1 byte fonts.
+ 175320 [halostatue@g] I donno. I suspect that if $KCODE = 'u', it will work rather
+ 175351 [mreed@th re ] Have you ever looked at how UTF-8 works?  Any byte whose decimal value is under
  175361 [david@va ln ] Ye gods, I'm being hopelessly stupid again - I -knew- that.. *goes off
  175374 [jim@we ri hh] For those who didn't know, here is an interesting link on the history of

Ruby and Opengl samples
175031 [mr.mc.mauser] i have installed ruby with the one Click installer on my PC.

175043 [michaelaugus] how to send e-mail with ruby on rails ?
+ 175044 [halostatue@g] -austin
+ 175045 [anatol.pomoz] ...
+ 175046 [david@va ln ] Speaking of which, by mere coinkydink I needed that article right now
  175058 [gwtmp01@ma .] Many ISPs block outbound TCP connections to port 25 (the SMTP port).
  175089 [david@va ln ] Well, my ISP is rather happy with anything I do, I had a problem which
  175094 [lukfugl@gm i] I've not used ActionMailer, so I'm not sure what the syntax should be,
  175101 [david@va ln ] No, that's a typo I made in the e-mail - that wouldn't compile right out

Re: IO vs. File
175051 [pan@er kv en] subclass of IO, you can do File::read, which actually is
175139 [bob.news@gm ] No.  I think this is on purpose because writing is more dangerous than
175146 [gsinclair@gm] No, and I agree it's a nuisance.  Matz doesn't consider it to be a

Is there a quick way to compare two arrays and ....
175052 [victor.reyes] ...
175057 [ezmobius@gm ] Like this?
175159 [victor.reyes] ...
175273 [david@va ln ] Shame not, young grasshopper, "substracting" arrays only really makes

Futures in Ruby
175062 [netghost@gm ] I was looking at the Io documentation, just to see what the language
+ 175065 [lukfugl@gm i] Also see http://jacob.fugal.net/blog/4
| + 175086 [netghost@gm ] Interesting, I wasn't aware of that difference.  My assumption was that
| + 175119 [trejkaz@gm i] I think the semantics in this case are just semantics.  The difference
|   175129 [lukfugl@gm i] Not really. As I said, there may be side-effects that shouldn't occur
+ 175178 [mental@ry ia] -mental
  175200 [brianm@ap ch] popular thing to hack on: http://kasparov.skife.org/blog/src/futures-
  175207 [mental@ry ia] It's one of those ideas whose time has come; I fully intend to

embedding ruby + pthread
175066 [joevandyk@gm] I have a C executable that I'm embedding a Ruby GUI (using ruby-gnome2) in.
175154 [decoux@mo lo] it's best if you don't want to have surprise ...

minimal Ruby distribution
175067 [loismaui@ya ] ...
175076 [loismaui@ya ] ...

missing thread state?
175068 [r.mark.volkm] I've been looking at the ri documentation for Thread.status. It's
175163 [r.mark.volkm] It turns out the thread status of "run" means that the thread is

Montastic: the free website monitoring system that doesn't suck
175080 [supercobra@g] Montastic will alert you by email if your website goes down, so you
+ 175087 [jgbailey@gm ] Cool service, thanks for putting it out there!
+ 175105 [usenet@an re] I like it. How often is the status checked?
| 175122 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] How often does the system monitor my sites?
+ 175131 [ben.myles@gm] Looks nice!

Re: Rio 0.3.7
175093 [rio4ruby@ru ] Rio#gzip puts a Rio in gzip mode, so the referenced
175114 [duane.johnso] Fantastic!  Thanks again.  I'm loving Rio more and more :)

case question
175095 [uval@rz un -] I am a little confused
+ 175098 [lukfugl@gm i] case statements use the === operator for comparison, with the when
+ 175099 [caleb@ae -t ] case comparisons are done using ===.
  175104 [uval@rz un -] nil.kind_of? NilClass
  175157 [caleb@ae -t ] === by default calls == unless you specifically override it in your

regexp problem - differences in Perl and Ruby
175109 [sam.dela.cru] I got different results in Perl and Ruby of this regular expression.  Can
175111 [dblack@wo bl] ^ and $ match start and end of line, not string.  For start and end of
175112 [sam.dela.cru] Thanks David.
175113 [sam.dela.cru] Oops sorry, typo, I mean when I replaced ^ with \A and $ with \z

rdoc/usage usage_no_exit error
175115 [tgate@my ub ] I'm trying to integrate rdoc/usage.rb into my ruby script for the usage
175349 [david@va ln ] Check for the REALLY dumb errors. From a look at the usage.rb source, it

Re: Dice Roller (#61) We don't need no steenking leexer/parsers
175116 [CodeSlapper@] This isn't so much a solution to the quiz, but more of an addition to

[OT] Re: Is Ruby RAILS really suitable for modern Web Development ?
175117 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] There's always AJAX. I've been playing with Writely

OSCON 2006 Call for Participation
175121 [glv@va de bu] The call for participation for this year's O'Reilly Open Source

XEmacs Indentation Broken?
175135 [alexg@eb .a ] Just started working with a new Ubuntu box and something wierd is going
175155 [theaney@ca l] I can't duplicate this problem on my machine. I am using
175243 [alexg@eb .a ] Thanks for checking. It looks like it must be something odd in my
+ 175269 [david@va ln ] Happens, check your init files.
+ 175280 [geoffjacobse] No it happens to me too (has for a long while) on numerous boxes and

problem with running foxruby on windows 2000
175138 [cplus_develo] windows ,I use windows 2000 ,I want to do the foxruby tutorials and I
175151 [david@va ln ] While we're at it, did anyone else encounter a problem where FOX dialog
175175 [cplus_develo] 'rubygems'

Antw: problem with running foxruby on windows 2000
175140 [Fleck@sc le ] you' ve already installed fxruby? Then just try the tutorials. Notice the 'require 'fox'' statement. Perhaps you need to change that to fox12 or fox14, according to your installed ruby version. You then can run your fox apps like common ruby scripts.
175142 [mohsentry@gm] should I use require ? should I use windows dos prompt?
+ 175143 [Fleck@sc le ] When you' ve installed ruby on 2K, you can double-click your script file. You don' t need to give a path by require.
+ 175144 [cplus_develo] I use 'require 'fox12''  and 'require 'fox'14'  and it didn't work and
  + 175147 [Fleck@sc le ] Did you use the One-Click-Installer for Windows?
  + 175148 [allen74br@gm] If you installed ruby with the One-Click-Installer for Windows, try

Ruby Weekly News 2nd - 8th January 2006
175141 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 2nd - 8th January 2006

[OT] AJAX pains.
175153 [david@va ln ] I will be doing some heavy-duty web rich client work in the near future
175169 [steve@wa ts ] Are you sure you're in the right group?  The reason I ask is because
175198 [david@va ln ] Whence the [OT] tag, this one was a shot in the blind hoping to avoid
175209 [slitt@ea th ] Have you tried doing an ultra-simple ajax yet? Maybe the simplest possible
+ 175216 [james_b@ne r] AJAX tends to be fairly simple; the hard part is tasteful application.
| + 175224 [steve@wa ts ] The Pragmatic Programmers have a decent book on AJAX.
| | 175253 [david@va ln ] I've already assigned the sample chapters available online as obligatory
| + 175254 [david@va ln ] I expect most of the application to be relatively simple callbacks to
|   175263 [slitt@ea th ] If you haven't already, you should sign up for the Rails list. Rails is a very
+ 175251 [david@va ln ] I went through some tutorials, but I believe I'll need some
  175261 [slitt@ea th ] I'm not sure what you're saying above. Do you consider Rails
  175270 [david@va ln ] Thank you very much, but I don't need a Rails or AJAX sales pitch, I
  175278 [kevin.jackso] Ok, you're asking for AJAX for Java/J2EE?
  175332 [david@va ln ] Quite so, I need some other assurance than a version number that the

How to use WSDLDriverFactory with basic authentication?
175156 [ddavidson@au] I am trying to use SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory but the server requires
178494 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for late reply.

opposite of Thread.wakeup
175158 [r.mark.volkm] If I create a thread and don't want it to be eligible to run until I
+ 175160 [bob.news@gm ] You use a ConditionVariable.  See the Queue example at
| 175164 [r.mark.volkm] That will definitely work, but I was hoping for something simpler like
| 175165 [bob.news@gm ] Depending on your application you can use the std library's Queue.  Client
+ 175181 [mental@ry ia] Stop it at what point in its execution, though?  You don't want to
+ 175281 [ajohnson@cp ] If you want to stop it right at the beginning then perhaps this

Use of eval
175166 [rjseagraves@] I was thinking of adding a simple command console to a Ruby project
+ 175180 [bob.news@gm ] Normally the binding of the caller is used but you can also provide a
+ 175255 [david@va ln ] You could try and reuse the already present IRB, plain eval-ing lines

Not a good way to start my day...
175170 [mr.ra88it@gm] I got up this morning and finally got around to compiling and
175214 [drbrain@se m] Oh, the "Rails does nasty things to Logger" bug, you have very old

Date Conversions
175172 [janchrister.] There must be a better way of converting dates than this ugly mess ?
+ 175176 [peter@se an ] I'm not too sure about the + 2000 part of the year calculation. It seems
+ 175177 [dblack@wo bl] See Date.parse.
  175189 [janchrister.] Thank you, David.

[SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
175173 [email55555@g] My solution send out 17 hours ago from gmail.

flawed use of ConditionVariable
175182 [r.mark.volkm] Example code I've seen that uses a ConditionVariable seems to have a
175195 [bob.news@gm ] I think theoretically you are right but in practice this code will be ok.

How to execute ruby file from other ruby file?
175183 [szczepiq@gm ] How to execute ruby file from other ruby file?
+ 175184 [hawkman.gelo] ...
| 175186 [james_b@ne r] Or,
+ 175187 [ara.t.howard] load 'a.rb'
+ 175258 [david@va ln ] `ruby foo.rb` creates a completely separate interpreter, which you might

Smoking out C extension mistakes
175185 [Daniel.Berge] Every once in a while I'll hit a segfault that turns out to be caused by
175191 [pbrannan@at ] if(foo == Qnil)
175192 [decoux@mo lo] #define NIL_P(v) ((VALUE)(v) == Qnil)

fxtable and SEL_REPLACED??
175197 [rmt512@gm il] i've been using fxruby 1.4 and it's very good. one wrinkle though is
175372 [vjoel@pa h. ] I see that too, but can't answer your question. You might want to ask it
175510 [rmt512@gm il] quick followup to anyone interested, the SEL_REPLACED event works on
175565 [lyle.johnson] I filed a bug report on your behalf at the project page (see
175590 [rmt512@gm il] many thanks lyle I'll try and help you out by doing that myself next

PHP Ruby bridge
175199 [g.melhorn@we] I'm searching for a PHP-Ruby bridge, something like the PHP Java bridge

included module and scope confusion
175202 [netcam@gm il] ...
+ 175208 [netcam@gm il] ...
| 175222 [netcam@gm il] ...
+ 175286 [bob.news@gm ] ...

[OT] Mauricio Fernandez Please Email Me
175203 [james@gr yp ] Sorry to spam this list, but all my attempts to reach Mauricio
175279 [tsumeruby@ts] You could always use IRC to contact him. I'm sure he pops in now and then in
175306 [james@gr yp ] I found him.  Thanks for the ideas though.

Fwd: Ruby Quiz Submission
175204 [james@gr yp ] ...

Re: [QUIZ SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
175206 [morus.walter] #! /usr/bin/ruby

Systems Developer-Toronto!
175217 [wandalin@pr ] Systems Developer- Toronto
175223 [nirav.dani@g] Who do I contact?

Finding CPU% of a linux task
175219 [joevandyk@gm] I'm writing a small Ruby module that can find how much cpu percentage
+ 175220 [james@gr yp ] Ruby's threads are in process, so they should already be in your
| 175221 [joevandyk@gm] To clarify, these aren't Ruby processes I'm tracking.
| + 175226 [hramrach@gm ] What is wrong with
| + 175232 [p.barbierder] /proc/[pid]/task
|   175233 [joevandyk@gm] For my purposes, I don't want to make a distinction between threads
|   175235 [rosco@ro co ] Since you're looking in /proc anyway I guess this is for unixy systems, so
+ 175236 [joevandyk@gm] I can't make heads or tails out of this behavior.  5463 is a thread,
  175239 [joevandyk@gm] Solved!  I thought Ruby was being weird, shame on me.

rails: webrick & lighttp/fcgi threading model
175230 [didier.proph] I am using rails 1.0.0 on os x, and I can't help but notice that
175234 [janchrister.] Webrick is a development server, so it is starting a new ruby process
+ 175240 [drbrain@se m] No, it does not start a new ruby process.  WEBrick is a non-forking
+ 175241 [james_b@ne r] How do you figure? I believe Webrick stays running and keeps application
+ 175242 [khaines@en g] Webrick is much maligned because of the way that Rails operates with it, but
  175245 [didier.proph] Ok, so looking into the WEBrick code, it is indeed a non forking server
  175247 [didier.proph] all right guys, after spending some more time staring at the code, I
  175305 [hutch@re ur ] On top of this you'll get a lot of code being re-loaded while in

thread scheduling
175231 [r.mark.volkm] I've search for documentation about whether Ruby thread scheduling
+ 175287 [bob.news@gm ] No direct means AFAIK.  You can always use Thread#pass but I recommend to
| 175310 [r.mark.volkm] The Thread class has priority and priority= instance methods. I
+ 175317 [vanek@ac .n ] all threads being equal, it's round robin.
  175323 [r.mark.volkm] Thanks for the info!  That's some tough code to read. I thought I
  175340 [vanek@ac .n ] thread_timer, or

[OT] Mark Sparshatt Please Email Me
175238 [james@gr yp ] Sorry to spam this list, again, but all my attempts to reach Mark

dialog that pops up when window busy
175246 [joevandyk@gm] In my window, I sometimes want to prevent the user from doing anything
175267 [david@va ln ] A custom progress dialog should not be hard to implement. If you pop it
175304 [joevandyk@gm] Bleh, meant to send this to ruby-gnome2, not ruby-talk.  :-(

string command
175252 [rubytalk@gm ] ...
175265 [david@va ln ] eval the strings. Mind you, the "p this is test one" is bad code, you

Stupid question from a Ruby newb
175257 [wrbriggs@gm ] be many ways to do it in Ruby...  but what I'm looking for is an
+ 175259 [david@va ln ] There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.
| + 175262 [slitt@ea th ] [clip]
| | 175264 [david@va ln ] Oh, not quite, that was just a general random piece of Zen. (read: brain
| + 175266 [gwtmp01@ma .] Is this because the Smalltalk compiler will notice that there are no
|   175325 [david@va ln ] Quite so, Smalltalk compilers could optimize blocks that obviously
+ 175271 [ara.t.howard] h = objects.inject({}){|h,o| h.update o.key => o.value}
| 175276 [david@va ln ] Oooh, Spiffy (tm) ;P Wish I thought of that. Possibly less efficient
+ 175285 [rosco@ro co ] Stupid questions (i.e. the asking of) are my speciality these days ( :( )
| 175288 [rosco@ro co ] Stupid answers, too. Seems I misread the question, sorry about that :(
+ 175378 [leavengood@g] @myHash = Hash[*objects.map{|o| [o.key, o.value]}.flatten]