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^ Geography/Map Classes?
174746 [ljr2600 gmai] I'm still very new to Ruby, however am growing to like the language more
174783 [vanek acd.ne] Below are my zipcode notes. None of this originates from me, so I

^ Newbie question (Array.<<)
174747 [talanb gmail] I must be missing something...
+ 174750 [angus quovad] [Todd Breiholz <talanb@gmail.com>, 2006-01-08 04.15 CET]
+ 174751 [angus quovad] [Todd Breiholz <talanb@gmail.com>, 2006-01-08 04.15 CET]

^ [ANN] Family Connection 1.1.2
174753 [duane.johnso] charset=US-ASCII;
174834 [ezmobius gma] Duane-

^ Is Ruby RAILS really suitable for modern Web Development ?
174768 [Roseanna80 h] I have been reading through RAILS and builing the Depot Application
+ 174771 [joevandyk gm] A lot of people use vim, emacs, or textmate (for OS X).
+ 174772 [gregory.t.br] You might find people who can make a more compelling argument for
+ 174779 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] Rails sits on the server ('server-side' development), whereas you're talking
| + 174780 [zacharooni c] Most Web Applications don't use Heavy Dynamic Graphics. You're starting by
| | + 174791 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
| | + 174927 [Roseanna80 h] Thanks Luke
| |   175041 [joevandyk gm] Rails is not an acronym.  So it shouldn't be capitalized.
| + 174930 [Roseanna80 h] I guess was asking how RAILS could relate to any dynamic graphical
| + 174932 [Roseanna80 h] Thanks Luke
| + 174933 [Roseanna80 h] Thanks Luke
|   174951 [perrin apoth] In other words . . . you're looking for Flash and Java applets without
+ 175042 [leavengood g] I would say the majority of the Rails framework is about the server

^ iphoto parsing
174773 [patrick hexa] Following up on my earlier plist posting, I've just put together a
174948 [pere.noel la] fine thanks !

^ You want a Ruby extension? Talk to me, baby
174775 [joevandyk gm] I've figured that it's probably worth my time to learn how to better
+ 174777 [gregory.t.br] Improving, expanding, cleaning up and otherwise working on the mysql c
| 174804 [bob.news gmx] I'm not sure about MS SQL bindings but IIRC they use ODBC and hence are only
| 174825 [gregory.t.br] MS SQL uses ODBC or ADO.
| 174844 [gerardo.sant] If this helps, I work with unixODBC + Ruby ODBC + Informix on Solaris
+ 174781 [surrender_it] enhancing/updating ruby-gst, the bindings for gstreamer.
+ 174782 [chneukirchen] Christian Neukirchen  <chneukirchen@gmail.com>  http://chneukirchen.org
+ 174785 [ruby anthrop] } Hi,
| 174799 [vacindak gma] I second the vote for getting libical going in a Ruby environment.
| 174888 [victor.reyes] Bob, Thank you.
+ 174789 [vanek acd.ne] if you want to wade into the deep end, I would like a method that would
| 174802 [bob.news gmx] Just store the binding on a stack for all events like "call" and remove it
| 174833 [vanek acd.ne] i wasn't aware of set_trace_func.
+ 174793 [jim freeze.o] I would like to see the Packet Capture Library (libpcap) updated.
+ 174796 [victor.reyes] Joe,
+ 174994 [rdm cfcl.com] Dynagraph is a set of dynamic graph drawing engines, based on
+ 175032 [drbrain segm] Pff, writing extensions sucks.  Just use RubyInline and save yourself
| 175039 [joevandyk gm] Is there any documentation on how to use RubyInline to interact with a
| 175211 [drbrain segm] There's a complete tutorial that ships with RubyInline.
+ 175118 [no.spam plea] I might be out of date, perhaps it's been done and I don't
  175212 [drbrain segm] You don't need an extension for that.  You've already got Ruby-GTK
  175213 [mental rydia] He's probably wondering specifically how to get from an RMagick
  175218 [detlef.reich] my_pixbuf = Gdk::Pixbuf.new(rmagic_image.to_blob,
  175228 [no spam.plea] Absolutely *magick*. Thanks all.

^ [MacOS X] QtRuby/smoke make don't find headers
174784 [pere.noel la] I'm under way to install QTruby but i'm stuck at smoke / make level.

^ gem installation
174795 [r.mark.volkm] I see that when I install a gem, it gets installed under
174925 [gsinclair gm] If you used Ruby 1.6 to execute "gem install foo", then foo would be

^ Problem with dbtalk
174797 [cplus_develo] applicaton name dbtalk07 inserted in

^ Newbie question about threads and gets
174798 [jacekolszak ] I've a simple question - how can I write an application with two
+ 174805 [billk cts.co] This tends to be a problem with Windows ruby.  It seems unlikely to be
| 174808 [jacekolszak ] Yes.. I'm using winxp currently :(
+ 174807 [bob.news gmx] I'm not sure what you're up to in the end but I'd start with commenting
  174816 [jacekolszak ] First of all... thanks for help. I've set sync to true and remove
  174819 [jacekolszak ] $stdout.sync=true
  174939 [bob.news gmx] Are you aware of the fact that ruby will exit as soon as the main thread
  175033 [jacekolszak ] Yes... I know...

^ [QUIZ.SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61) We don't need no steenking leexer/parsers
174809 [novakps gmai] Leexer/parsers?  We ain't got no Leexer/parsers. We don't need no
+ 174956 [ruby anthrop] }
| 174968 [novakps gmai] No, the mis-understanding is all mine.  You are right, otherwise it
| 174971 [simon.kroege] (0..5).inject{|x,y| print y, ' '}
| 174989 [novakps gmai] Excellent!  Less typing, and more importantly, less to parse when reading.
+ 175078 [matthew.moss] Here's my own solution, which isn't nearly as pretty or clever as some

^ [/QUIZ] Dice Roller (#61)
174810 [luke blansha] Attached is my submission.  It looks pretty cool to me, but then this is

^ [SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
174811 [billk cts.co] format=flowed;
+ 174821 [p.barbierder] Well, here is my first solution to a quizz ^^
+ 174824 [chneukirchen] # There it goes, using eval for simplicity, but at least compiling the
+ 174840 [mail exotico] Here is my solution #1 for this nice quiz. Hacky and short, without (!)
+ 174842 [mail exotico] here is my second solution. Quite a bit longer, but a lot nicer.
  174851 [james graypr] Awesome!
  + 174877 [dbatml gmx.d] Here is my solution.
  | 174945 [grddev gmx.n] this is my first ruby quiz, and here comes my solution.
  | 175005 [adam.shelly ] Here's my solution.
  + 175162 [mail exotico] Thanks :)

^ Re: [QUIZ.SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
174812 [M.B.Smillie ] I used the same approach, but found that ** is right-associative (as
174813 [novakps gmai] Good catch.  I felt uncomfortable building this without unit testing.

^ DRb troubles, cannot Marshal or proxy objects successfully.
174818 [seanatiheart] I've been trying for hours trying ot get my DRb session store working.

^ [SOLUTION] Dice Roller (#61)
174845 [jearles symp] 'eval', but I figured I might as well learn a little about expression

^ Re: [QUIZ] Dice Roller (#61) ([SOLUTION])
174854 [rosco roscop] Sorry for the noise.

^ Passing a hash of args
174858 [lists turnip] Is there a way to pass each item is a hash as a successive argument to a
+ 174860 [marcel verni] Hashes aren't ordered. Otherwise you could just do Time.local(*time.values).
+ 174861 [dharple gene] Time.local(*time.values.reverse)
| 174866 [rosco roscop] Pretty sure that'd only work with some hashes, and only if you had less
| 174870 [dharple gene] Yes, my mistake. (too late to be thinking here...)
+ 174862 [james graypr] Well, Hashes are unordered by definition, but as long as we declare
  174873 [lists turnip] Cool. Thanks everyone. I didn't realise you could do *myvar when calling
  174882 [dblack wobbl] send(UNITS[unit])
  175007 [lists turnip] Awesome, thanks. I did feel the method/call bit was slightly ugly.

^ [SOLUTION] Dice Roller
174859 [stefan.walk ] but it was fun to write... ;)

^ Adding a method to a single object
174884 [marco.lange ] how is it possible to add a method to a single object programatically?
174886 [dblack wobbl] def obj.meth

^ global variables are bad??
174890 [info jayeola] Chaps,
+ 174901 [slitt earthl] The global vars in the code you quoted were used not as variables, but as
+ 174902 [lyndon.samso] Interestingly it's allmost universally accepted that Global Variables are
  + 174991 [eeklund gmai] Hazzle free packages for Ruby?
  + 175061 [eeklund gmai] What's important here is how easy the code is to work with.  Global
  + 175103 [david vallne] The main advantage of instance variables to global variables is that
    175123 [lyndon.samso] I guess what I was thinking was, conceivably you could have a class with sa=
    + 175128 [lukfugl gmai] It's not. Both are bad design. However, in the case of the class +
    | 175149 [david vallne] I'm with Jacob on that one, if you abuse OO, (or rather fail to make
    + 175130 [slitt earthl] Why would you do that? With hundreds of methods, wouldn't these hundreds of
      175133 [lyndon.samso] Playing Devils Advocate for the sake of the discussion, a quote from MF :-)
      + 175150 [david vallne] Static methods on helper classes? Eww... Lawks, you call those global
      + 175188 [lukfugl gmai] Let me reconcile what Martin Fowler is saying there with Steve's

^ [ANN] Red Letter: The Ruby Journal site takes shape, accepting proposals
174893 [ruby.journal] After a brief hiatus over the winter holidays, Red Letter: The Ruby

^ [ANN] Do you run a Ruby user group, SIG, or conference?
174896 [ruby.journal] Red Letter: The Ruby Journal will feature a Community page dedicated
175001 [rdm cfcl.com] I don't know if it qualifies for inclusion, but I run the

^ Making a count of unique elements in an array
174910 [dan dankohn.] Given an array, I need to produce a two-dimensional resulting array
+ 174913 [botp delmont] #counter = {}
+ 174942 [bob.news gmx] => ["a", "b", "b", "c", "c", "d", "e", "e", "e"]

^ [ANN] Phoenix Ruby Users Group January meeting reminder
174911 [james_b neur] Monday, Jan 9, 6:15 PM at Cyclone Commerce.

^ New Haven Rubyists Meeting 2005.01.11
174914 [gregory.t.br] The New Haven Ruby Brigade's monthly meeting will take place on
175249 [gregory.t.br] Just a note for those who are interested, the wiki is down for

^ DRB server
174915 [alexmaster85] My DRB server should print a message if a new client has connected,
175035 [drbrain segm] That should go in your front object, the one you pass to

^ How to programatically submit a form that uses document.forms[0].submit()
174916 [groupalias m] have been trying to use Mechanize to submit a form and scrape the
+ 174964 [amrangaye gm] I'm guessing checkSelections() merely verifies that the form parameters
+ 175048 [leavengood g] Depending on what the JavaScript is doing, you may or may not need to
  175274 [david vallne] Which is so wrong on so many levels, and calls for hammering the server

^ Re: PDF Library - Reading the PDF Document .. and sort of [ANN] rpdf2txt
174919 [hwyss ywesee] As a matter of fact there is a pure-ruby PDF-reading library.

^ About Tcl/Tk
174920 [biyokuantum ] In order to build GUIs with Ruby, should I learn Tk?
174967 [H.T.de.Beer ] No, there is no need for learning Tk if you do not want to use it. At
174980 [piet.haderma] Surgeon,
+ 174997 [biyokuantum ] Oh, these are so nice! I didn't know them. Thank you very much indeed!
+ 174998 [biyokuantum ] Oh, these are so nice! I didn't know them. Thank you very much indeed!
| 175002 [biyokuantum ] Is it possible to build a GUI with *NON*-native look and feel? I mean,
| + 175125 [me jasonclin] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 175137 [piet.haderma] No, I didn't. But I'm pretty sure you'll still have to install the fox gui
| | 175334 [david vallne] FOX and fxruby seem to have binary distributions for Windows, which
| + 175152 [david vallne] For the sake of being nitpicky, I have to say that's a VERY bad thing to
+ 175010 [snowzone5 ho] just out of curiosity did you try fxruby with rubyscript2exe?
  175023 [alex.combas ] I was hoping ruby-gtk would be what I was looking for, but I haven't started
  + 175049 [snowzone5 ho] didn't work with rubyscript2exe. i'd rather not have the customer
  + 175124 [me jasonclin] charset="iso-8859-1"
    175167 [snowzone5 ho] v4 out for windows yet? googling for it didn't come up with anything

^ Remove HTML from String?
174921 [jonathan.ott] I can't find a method to remove HTML from a string in the core API. PHP
+ 174950 [hsanson moeg] A regular expression can strip the HTML tags from any string...
+ 174958 [halostatue g] Not built in. It's not really appropriate for the core language.
  175090 [gavin refine] ...just pray that the HTML you are modifying is valid, and not some
  175097 [emschwar eri] More like, "Just pray the HTML you are modifying doesn't happen to be
  + 175108 [ryansobol gm] If you're concerned about prevent browsers from rendering the HTML in
  + 175171 [halostatue g] Actually, that is *not* completely valid, at least not valid XHTML
    175237 [emschwar eri] When wrapped with the appropriate tags, it validated HTML 4.01, which
    175250 [rubytalk gma] i like this code i found, i did not make but found. and i wish i could give

^ rue teaches piglet about symbols on #ruby-lang
174929 [alex.combas ] Taken from #ruby-lang with a slight cleanup
+ 174953 [perrin apoth] Woah, that was confusing.
| + 175003 [mental rydia] Another stands.  "No, I am piglet."
| | 175082 [mike stok.co] That is a scenario Roo would rue.
| + 175021 [james_b neur] "When I use a symbol," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,
| + 175064 [alex.combas ] The reason its so confusing is because that was an actual irc conversation.
| + 175126 [mszpak gmail] Surely piglet meant
+ 175339 [david vallne] You mean someone doesn't find cleverly disguised flames and small-scale
  175369 [alex.combas ] As long as you're not the one initiating or perpetuating these "flames
  175381 [david vallne] Depends on the time of day, season of the year, caffeine level, sexual

^ DRb troubles, cannot Marshal or proxy objects successfully.
174931 [sean.swolfe ] I've been trying for hours trying ot get my DRb session store working.

^ simple match of items in 2 arrays
174936 [clsnyder gma] 02115, 10
+ 174943 [janchrister.] Charles,
| 175106 [clsnyder gma] Thanks everyone - Robert's method works for me with minor alteration.
| 175107 [janchrister.] CLS,
+ 174946 [robin nibor.] You can use the CSV module. As Christer already pointed out, you have
  + 174952 [kbass midsou] ...
  + 174955 [bob.news gmx] - read only lookup zips into mem and process the other line by line

^ Re: "Living Dangerous" stage 2, summarizing ideas
174938 [gene.tani gm] who 1st used the D-word, Matz, maybe?
+ 174940 [gregory.t.br] um... no it's not. Are you looking at the tarpit?
+ 174944 [zimba.tm gma] I wanted to change the wiki but I'm not sure what I think is right
  + 174977 [ryansobol gm] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 174981 [gwtmp01 mac.] Is this a 'Ruby' issue?  Isn't this true of any library/class/etc. that

^ Module or Class Style?
174941 [henryj parad] I have some code that I'm thinking of releasing into the wild. It is
175136 [m.fellinger ] It very much depends on your code, but generally wrapping everything into a

^ hash as paramerter container
174966 [uval rz.uni-] I am looking for Ruby equivalent for this Python Code
+ 174969 [james graypr] => nil
+ 174999 [bob.news gmx] I don't know Python but I assume that foo(**h) assigns hash entries to
  175012 [adam.shelly ] What about

^ [SOAP4R] empty string in response with method defined by means of add_method
174970 [aastanti hot] I'm using a java web service with a ruby client. The easiest thing to
178487 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.

^ use of "return"
174972 [ruby gmail.c] This is a total newbie question, but I'd like to know how "return" is
+ 174973 [dblack wobbl] security_token
| + 174978 [daniel.schie] def foo
| + 174984 [bob.news gmx] def authenticate(login, pass)
| + 175132 [jim freeze.o] Seems like every time I check, code with a 'return' runs slower
|   175193 [leavengood g] require 'quickbench'
|   175272 [david vallne] Most weird. Let's hope someone notices and the compiler is modified to
+ 174974 [hawkman.gelo] 'return' is used to return a value, and end the method processing.
  174986 [bob.news gmx] In this case you wouldn't use return values to flag this error.  It's is a
  175350 [david vallne] Indeed, arg.to_str would be a more consistent duck typecheck. (Le Groan,

^ ruby-odbc -- Strange Chaning of Special Character in Result Set
174975 [bgribaudo ib] Some strange behind-the-scenes character conversion appears to be
175081 [vanek acd.ne] as shown below), and when the output was sent to bash standard output all
175346 [bgribaudo ib] Thanks for your reply.
175359 [vanek acd.ne] I'm not familiar with FreeTDS, but Google says that some versions of FreeTDS

^ RubyMock URL not working?
174976 [seanhussey g] The URL listed on http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyMock for b13media
175161 [jim weirichh] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
175227 [seanhussey g] Thanks!  I'll give it a try.

^ Differing signedness warnings when compiling ruby-odbc.
174979 [bgribaudo ib] When compiling ruby-odbc 0.996 on Ubuntu Breezy, gcc outputs a number

^ Rubydoc.org
175000 [belorion gma] Does anyone know the status of Rubydoc.org?  I haven't been able to get it
+ 175004 [james graypr] I'm not sure what that URL is suppose to lead to, but I'm having no
+ 175013 [james_b neur] Are you looking for ruby-doc.org?
  175015 [alang cronos] # host www.ruby-doc.org
  + 175018 [lyle.johnson] FWIW, looks like rubydoc.org is registered to Sean Chittenden (also
  | 175037 [rosco roscop] Sean recently reappeared and is now keeping a hand on the helm of the
  + 175019 [james_b neur] I think it was, or was intended to be, but it drifted off.
  + 175038 [belorion gma] Thanks all for the clarification.  I think my problem was that I just