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^ 26th December 2005 - 1st January 2006
173741 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 26th December 2005 - 1st January 2006
173768 [james graypr] Uh, Tim...  I said that in February of 2005 about last year's
173847 [tim.sutherla] Oh dear.
173858 [leavengood g] No wonder I was so confused, because I read ruby-talk over the

^ Ruby Weekly News 26th December 2005 - 1st January 2006
173742 [timsuth ihug] [Now with correct thread name. Was missing the "Ruby Weekly News " prefix.]

^ sort_by{rand} doesn't shuffle array
173745 [pergesu gmai] I did some searching on how to shuffle an array, and found
173748 [ mfp acm.org] @my_array = @my_array.sort_by{rand}
173750 [twifkak comc] or      @my_array.sort_by! { rand }
+ 173752 [sylvain.joye] Except that sort_by! does not exist ;-) (at least not in 1.8.4)
+ 173754 [ mfp acm.org] RUBY_RELEASE_DATE                                  # => "2005-12-24"
  173757 [twifkak comc] 3.times { Hand.smack!(Head) }

^ How to learn 'the ruby way'
173753 [rubytalk spy] I follow this list for some time but due to the volume I might have
+ 173759 [twifkak comc] I'm thinking the best way to do that is by posting examples (short,
| 174272 [rubytalk spy] The problem here is how to find the useful example. If I don't know that
+ 173773 [dblack wobbl] For me, part of the Ruby way is to skip the second of those three
+ 173828 [RevMike gmai] I'm also a java programmer who is learning Ruby.  So far I installed the
  173986 [twifkak comc] +1
  174010 [stijndesaege] wow, "the ruby way" may just have gotten ruby's equivalent of
  174011 [bob.news gmx] In the sense of the programming language or in the sense of the famous

^ Help on I/O pipe
173761 [sky.yin gmai] One process of my analysis program uses an external non-linear optimizer.
+ 173775 [ysantoso-rub] Unlikely. HD does not have a limitation on number of writes like CD-RW
+ 173779 [ara.t.howard] assuming that your analysis code can read it's input sequentially you might
  173907 [sky.yin gmai] Thank Yohanes for the detailed explanation. I've just tried using
  173910 [ara.t.howard] session is not going to work under win32.  you'll need to do something like
  173962 [sky.yin gmai] It works very smoothly now. Thanks a lot for the timely help.

^ could someone explain this CGI problem ?
173765 [lars.gersman] the following code sequence
+ 173769 [dblack wobbl] 1..3.times is being parsed as:  1..(3.times).  Since times returns its
| 173794 [lars.gersman] thanks - this was the hint i needed !
+ 173772 [clr9.randomu] This is, because the 1..3..... statement returns "1..3" and this is

^ Understanding the fundamentals, methods. (from Pickaxe book)
173774 [info jayeola] Hey chaps,
174019 [kero chello.] try

^ [OT] Re: [ANN] Toronto Ruby User Group meeting Sun 8 Jan 2005
173776 [hutch recurs] Good call! Annex 'south'... Grace and Harbord. I've been going by
173778 [halostatue g] I think they leave me alone because they know that the main laptop I
173959 [sy1234 gmail] Yeah, if you boot off a linux livecd you can't even turn the screen!  ;)

^ Ruby projects and interfaces to revision control systems (Darcs vs. Cogito)
173777 [alang cronos] Our company, which is beginning to use Ruby in production systems, has
+ 173783 [znmeb cesmai] I just took a brief look at the Darcs web site and the Cogito web site.
| + 173787 [james graypr] RubyForge now offers Subversion as well, so another excuse not to
| + 173789 [alang cronos] * "Plain" CVS lacks more advanced functionality and doesn't appear to
| | + 173792 [alang cronos] Err, make that 'SVN'.
| | + 173793 [perrin apoth] My understanding is that git is an implementation of a very thin slice
| | + 173807 [mental rydia] It's lunch time, so here are my own (very opinionated) thoughts on
| | | + 173852 [meta pobox.c] connectivity to your CVS server. Not a good idea for large teams,
| | | | 174304 [jeffrey.dik ] 2005 seems to have been a really good year for open-source SCMs.  Many
| | | | + 174455 [eeklund gmai] Note that for really large projects, Subversion (AFAIK) lack
| | | | | 174456 [perrin apoth] That's why we have svk -- svn for large distributed projects.
| | | | + 174550 [fugalh gmail] Let me join the chorus of darcs evangelists. About a year ago, I think,
| | | |   174563 [jimfreeze gm] Can an svn expert comment here? I thought the same was doable in svn.
| | | |   + 174566 [ryansobol gm] ~ ryan ~
| | | |   + 174589 [neoneye gmai] One unfortunatly not do offline commits with svn..  darcs allows this (afaik).
| | | |     + 174594 [anatol.pomoz] Darcs have no such definition as "commit to repository" because of each
| | | |     + 174599 [demmer12 fas] I'm no svn expert, but I know a little about this topic. While svn
| | | + 174168 [ruby-ml magi] You missed Mercurial (hg), actually a fairly good one.
| | |   174223 [perrin apoth] On the other hand, I know people who treat XML as a binary format
| | + 173836 [hynek usenet] Here's missing one important point: While SVN ist generally much
| |   173838 [tom infoethe] Yup, I've heard that too.  All RubyForge svn backends are using fsfs; I
| |   174038 [chneukirchen] Bah, you can just admit you wanted to avoid all that library trouble! *g*
| |   174057 [tom infoethe] So true!  I did have a bit of a struggle with getting SWIG to the right
| + 173790 [tom infoethe] Yup, we support both Subversion and CVS now, and folks seem to be
| + 173813 [rosco roscop] Git looks actually pretty cool, though it's not really a full SCM, but
+ 173802 [hutch recurs] This is tough (I'm going through this process myself right now).
  173810 [alang cronos] There's a shall-not-be-named open source PHP-based project that we're

^ More on the fundamentals...
173781 [info jayeola] Please have a look at the comments below to see that I'm understanding things correctly;
+ 173785 [dblack wobbl] There's no method called name.
+ 173786 [M.B.Smillie ] You've made a couple of fundamental mistakes regarding how methods
+ 173940 [info jayeola] In this line of code can anyone tell me why "food" is a method? I thought that they are preceded by a dot.
  + 173963 [ysantoso-rub] It is not a method, it's a variable, very possibly a block-local one.
  + 174087 [mental rydia] Within the context of the block, "food" is a variable.  "eat",

^ mouse coordinates in a gnome2 canvas
173784 [kibleur.chri] I want to show the mouse coordinates inside a label in a gnome2
173825 [joevandyk gm] require 'gnomecanvas2'
173839 [kibleur.chri] Thanks Joe,

^ [OT] - Requesting Comments for Process Definition and Presentation
173791 [ilias lazari] comp.lang.python / comp.lang.ruby
+ 173798 [claudio.gron] What is the goal of your posting and the intended purpose of
| 173823 [ilias lazari] a) to retrieve feedback subjecting the website in general
| 174489 [xavier.morel] This is a lie, and you know it.
| + 174497 [slitt earthl] Take it easy. The man asked for feedback on his website, not a critique of his
| | + 174512 [rosco roscop] I wasn't going to from say anything, but I have to admit that the site in
| | + 174527 [chneukirchen] [ ]  You know I***s.
| | + 174529 [perrin apoth] The first thing I thought when I read a couple of his emails was "Is
| |   174538 [alang cronos] Whether it's "spam" or not may be up to the individual.  Browse the
| |   175069 [ilias lazari] [note to readers]
| + 174500 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| | 174503 [james_b neur] My spam/bozo filters have apparently been exposed to Kryptonite; I had
| | 175073 [ilias lazari] "We love clients that take their website or application as serious as we
| + 174511 [lukfugl gmai] <Harsh critique snipped>
| | 175075 [ilias lazari] thank you for your message.
| + 174684 [ilias lazari] [...] - (off topic comments)
+ 174996 [ilias lazari] Based on the summary of the feedback so far, I've focused on one page -

^ Re: Ruby projects and interfaces to revision control systems
173797 [keltia gmail] Please don't limit yourself to just Darcs and SVN/CVS.  Consider your
+ 173799 [khaines enig] I'm just a fledgling user, slowly converting my projects to use Mercurial, but
| 173891 [zoso foton.e] , but=20
| 173995 [keltia gmail] It has not been tested as much as Mercurial, still lacks some important
+ 173800 [alang cronos] Ah, yet another option to explore :)
+ 173966 [znmeb cesmai] IIRC the Xen project (virtualizer) uses Mercurial, so they would be a
  + 173974 [james graypr] Can't speak for "everyone", but I use SVN daily straight from the
  | + 173975 [perrin apoth] Ditto that.  The day-to-day uses of svn are quite simple enough to use
  | + 173982 [gregory.t.br] Same here.  Then again, I also use elinks to view the web a lot of the time. ;)
  + 173996 [keltia gmail] Trac has now an unofficial Mercurial plug-in so... :-)

^ [ANN] Family Connection 0.9
173832 [duane.johnso] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 173849 [steve waits.] Very cool Duane!
| + 173859 [jubishop gma] Yah this sounds sweet!  I will be sure to check this out.  Thanks for
| | 173873 [ezmobius gma] Duane-
| | 173878 [duane.johnso] Awesome!  Glad you're enjoying it, Ezra.  As some have requested,
| + 173860 [belorion gma] Sounds intriguing.  Screen shots (or, even better, an online demo) would be
+ 173973 [ara.t.howard] what's the best way to bootstrap the db?  i've got the db configured alright
| 173978 [steve waits.] I did `rake db_schema_import` (or whatever that poorly named task is
| 173980 [ara.t.howard] rake db_schema_import did it.  thanks.
+ 173981 [benhiller gm] I took a screenshot. I was gonna blur out my last name, and then I

^ Re: - Requesting Comments for Process Definition and Presentation
173833 [simonharriso] "Status
173851 [ilias lazari] I've documented everything very clear...
173886 [grflanagan y] I like the overall style of your site - clean layout, good colour
174040 [ilias lazari] thanks.

^ DSL help?
173837 [ezmobius gma] Hey rubyists-
+ 173845 [surrender_it] look on RAA for the "Criteria" package, you may find it interesting and
| + 173872 [ezmobius gma] Gabriele-
| + 173890 [sera fhwang.] Or Lafcadio ( http://rubyforge.org/projects/lafcadio/ ) which
+ 173865 [rcoder gmail] Below is just my 20-minute version -- consider it a source of ideas for
  173871 [ezmobius gma] Thanks rcoder-

^ XML pretty printing?
173841 [christopher.] Is there something in Ruby that will make XML look nice on STDOUT?
+ 173854 [ara.t.howard] puts doc.pretty
| 173869 [christopher.] the "pretty" method comes from where?
+ 173855 [james_b neur] REXML has a options for printing with nice indentation.

^ mod_ruby
173848 [fakeeemail10] I am running FreeBSD on my server, I have Apache 1.3.33 running. I have
+ 173883 [collinsj sea] You probably need to set httpd.conf to associate the execution of .rbx
| 173893 [ruby-talk wh] chmod 755 test.rbx
+ 173896 [kashia.buch ] You might want to check in your filesystem, if that file is readable and

^ Event framework?
173850 [mrt thomaszo] I dabble in home automation and am looking for a framework that would
+ 173861 [bob.news gmx] IIRC there was a discussion about this recently.  You might find it by
| 173877 [mrt thomaszo] - Ruby/Event is now dead.
+ 174012 [raims dot.co] If you don't complain about the language Python community has Twisted Matrix
  174080 [mrt thomaszo] Yes, I considered Twisted. But it evidently has a VERY steep learning
  174093 [gene.tani gm] There's another wa;y to register callbacks etc which i haven't tried

^ Adding an Observer to Test::Unit::TestResult
173863 [gary.mccants] Can anyone share with me on how you would subscribe

^ Using Tk or Fox with a ruby interpreter embedded in a C application
173868 [ivan.muzzoli] in C. I compile the C code with the freely downloadable version of the
173971 [gmurray clou] The load path variable is empty when running embedded.

^ [ANN] KirbyBase 2.5.2
173870 [cribbsj oakw] I would like to announce the release of version 2.5.2 of KirbyBase, a

^ Mailing list question
173880 [joevandyk gm] I'd like to not receive the email that I send to the list (gmail
+ 173884 [lyle.johnson] Can you not just set up a Gmail filter on e-mails from
| + 173887 [joevandyk gm] Oh, yeah, probably.  *blinks dumbly*
| + 173900 [gregory.t.br] This works but keep in mind it'll trash your message as soon as you send it.
+ 173889 [james_b neur] Tell GMail not to show you the copy?
| 173899 [joevandyk gm] I was hoping there was some option (like on the Rails mailing list)
+ 173903 [rosco roscop] Oops, disregard my silly suggestion. *sorry*
+ 173904 [rosco roscop] skip

^ New to Ruby needs help
173888 [smankan ueid] Dear Gurus,

^ [ANN] Instant Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 1
173892 [curt.hibbs g] This release upgrades the included Ruby to version 1.8.4 and will become th=
174043 [chneukirchen] I just noticed this, very cool. :-)

^ silly regex question
173897 [joevandyk gm] Can someone help me make this code not suck?
+ 173901 [james graypr] I guess it depends on what you mean by that...
| 173902 [joevandyk gm] IMO, my version's more readable.  I'm going for readability here.
| 173905 [james graypr] def process_string str
| + 173914 [joevandyk gm] Another silly regex question.
| | + 173918 [wilsonb gmai] You can put the 'x' option on the end of the regular expression.
| | | 173922 [joevandyk gm] ah, nice.  Too bad vim doesn't highlight the comments.  :(
| | | 173939 [perrin apoth] Chad Perrin [ CCD CopyWrite | http://ccd.apotheon.org ]
| | + 173919 [dan dankohn.] Here's a rails example for validating email addresses.
| + 173938 [perrin apoth] Not that I'm the one that has to read it, but . . .
+ 173983 [twifkak comc] def process_string str

^ [QUIZ] Proposed new rule
173898 [warrenbrown ] Please flag all submissions and discussions of quizzes by starting the
173912 [james graypr] I'm fine with "recommending" this as long as everyone realizes that's
+ 173928 [demmer12 fas] I like this proposal, and I like implementing it as a "recommendation."
| 173930 [jubishop gma] I agree. using [SOLUTION] by itself makes sense.
| 174179 [ljz asfast.c] ... and then we can have [ANSWER] for the responses, not to mention
| + 174183 [jubishop gma] We already have a few established tags which people DO use and nobody
| | 174204 [james_b neur] I expect that a general community consensus will determine what get
| | 174232 [perrin apoth] True, that . . . it's sort of a "critical mass consensus" thing that
| + 174231 [perrin apoth] . . . or we could use [OT] for that, too, but it's a *different* [OT]
|   174264 [rosco roscop] [^OT] ?
|   + 174267 [perrin apoth] . . . or [!OT].
|   + 174271 [billk cts.co] Excellent!  What a savings!  =D
+ 173932 [steve waits.] It's already threaded quite nicely.  I can recall one instance, in Quiz
| + 174023 [kero chello.] Full ack to all points, Stephen.
| + 174140 [james graypr] I just finished a hunt back through the last several quizzes and they
+ 173936 [rosco roscop] I still read via the newsgroup, and I'd be sad to see the Quiz go
| 173941 [ezmobius gma] +1
+ 173942 [perrin apoth] I think prefacing subject lines with [QUIZ] makes good sense, and it can
+ 173956 [ryansobol gm] Why does it have to be a rule at all?  Seems like the only one who
| 173976 [james graypr] This is how I've been operating, not wanting to get too heavy handed
| 173979 [steve waits.] Personally don't care.  More importantly is that people reply to the
| 174005 [rretzbach go] Don't make a new rule for that.
| + 174088 [vjoel path.b] How about [META] for discussions about the list itself?  ;)
| | 174102 [billk cts.co] Would discussions about the [META] tag itself qualify as
| | + 174151 [perrin apoth] Uh-oh.  What do we do if we're talking about metaprogramming?
| | | + 174178 [warrenbrown ] James,
| | | | 174198 [james graypr] Just making sure we're all aware of that resource.
| | | + 174193 [martindemell] Use an eigentag, of course.
| | |   174233 [perrin apoth] Of course.  Silly me.
| | + 174205 [james_b neur] I'm looking for the list that that discusses lists that don't discuss
| |   174236 [hal9000 hype] alt.spanish.barber
| + 174116 [hal9000 hype] There are many others, such as [PYTHON], [I-AM-CLUELESS],
+ 174620 [james_b neur] Well, no.
  174645 [james graypr] I'm not clear on what you are asking me for here.  You want the
  174647 [james_b neur] I'm saying that [SOLUTION] by itself does not imply [QUIZ]; all
  + 174698 [james graypr] That's a good point.  You're right.
  + 174738 [perrin apoth] Holy cow, we're talking about namespaces.
    174740 [james_b neur] Yeah, well, I didn't want to bring that up, but that's in a nutshell.

^ building parse.o
173906 [mental rydia] Hey, I've got this HP-UX 11i box which I'm trying to build Ruby
173948 [vanek acd.ne] this line should read,
174091 [mental rydia] Blame HP-UX's make.