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^ SSLSocket - where does the encryption happen?
173533 [billk cts.co] Howdy all, and Happy New Year.
173552 [ilmari.heikk] If I'm not terribly mistaken, all the actual work takes place in the Cextension.http://www.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/ruby/ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c<- there's the SSLSocket functions at least
173585 [billk cts.co] Thanks much!  I should have realized... After all, the ruby-side SSLSocket

^ Using the p command to print files
173539 [info jayeola] If any one has a copy of "why's poignant guide to ruby", turn to page 45. I can see immediately that
173545 [angus quovad] [John Maclean <info@jayeola.org>, 2006-01-02 04.42 CET]
173547 [ben tanjero.] If you've done a full Ruby install, you should have the ri command at
173561 [pere.noel la] ~/Desktop/ruby-1.8.4%> ri Object::new
173568 [ezmobius gma] (~/):~>$: ri "Kernel#p"
173581 [pere.noel la] fine, thanks, i got it ;-)

^ [SOLUTION] Numeric Maze (#60)
173540 [ptkwt aracne] I've always wanted to participate in a Ruby quiz and now I finally had some
173600 [fgp phlo.org] .) a < b

^ Installing ruby-libs-1.8.4-0.4.preview2.i386.rpm on FC4?
173542 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 173583 [oliver.andri] if you actually want to use these RPMs, I would fetch the SRPM
+ 173629 [vnpenguin gm] I make a rpm of 1.8.4 for ... myself on FC4 :-)
+ 174424 [oliver.andri] Just for the record, today 1.8.4 has been pushed back from FC5 to FC4. I

^ Listing Ruby keywords
173543 [info jayeola] Is there a simple way to find out all or most of the built-in keywords? I know that if a keyword's in a ruby script that the debugger will tell you but I'd like to know before hand, in other words when I'm actually writing the scripts.
+ 173569 [g_ogata optu] Can't use an editor with syntax coloring?  ;-)
| + 173570 [wilsonb gmai] Or you could make a script that tries to assign to local variables
| | + 173575 [gene.tani gm] or code like mental
| | + 173598 [chneukirchen] Or you could simply look into the "keywords" file in the Ruby sources...
| | + 173636 [twifkak comc] Or you could bookmark http://phrogz.net/ProgrammingRuby/language.html#names
| + 173574 [gene.tani gm] The Nutshell doesn't list "raise" as a keyword
|   173580 [g_ogata optu] Because they're not really keywords; they're methods of Module.  Try
+ 173965 [ryand-ruby z] ryand-ruby@zenspider.com - Seattle.rb - http://www.zenspider.com/

^ New to Ruby and Programming
173544 [willshattuck] I have lurked for a little bit to see what this list is like.  I am
+ 173549 [znmeb cesmai] Chris Pine's "Learn to Program" is available now from Pragmatic
+ 173551 [ryansobol gm] Can you list and describe the programs you've developed in the past?
| 173555 [willshattuck] Well... that's just it.  I haven't developed anything really.  I have
| 173556 [ryansobol gm] Sounds like your at the cusp of a new and exciting thing, so I want
| + 173557 [willshattuck] Yep, I am about as crispy... er... cuspy as they come right now :)
| | 173563 [scott lacklu] Nah, iterating is where you step through the elements of an array. Your
| | 173573 [perrin apoth] To elaborate, I tend to suspect that the arrays and iterators chapter
| | 173602 [james graypr] puts myarray
| | 173643 [perrin apoth] Well . . . true.
| | 173650 [hal9000 hype] Actually, I think there's a difference in behavior
| | 173652 [james graypr] Other than the return value?
| | 173655 [hal9000 hype] Well, I'm quite wrong. I thought that 'puts myarray' would print
| | + 173658 [twifkak comc] No... that's perl, iirc. :)
| | | 173663 [gerardo.sant] It's true for hashes.
| | + 173675 [dblack wobbl] I think what you're thinking of is array.to_s, which scrunches them
| | | 173680 [perrin apoth] Maybe he was thinking of "print myarray".
| | + 173679 [james_b neur] Maybe.  It certainly struck me as counter-intuitive.  I would think it
| + 173564 [ryansobol gm] Seems like this book is a good match for you.  And the price is right
| | 173610 [slitt earthl] I concur. The table of contents seems to list the skills you need in the order
| | 173625 [willshattuck] Man  y'all are amazing.  I'll put my replies to everyone here.
| + 173567 [james_b neur] <snip/>
+ 173554 [james_b neur] Many resources to get you going. And browse around ruby-doc.org in general.
+ 173566 [wilsonb gmai] Others have already given very good answers on how to learn Ruby.. but
| 173571 [martindemell] Seconded - this is an amazingly good book.
| 173572 [wilsonb gmai] At least you'll know if you're serious about it, after the first few
+ 173595 [zoso foton.e] I think nobody else has actually said it, so: try TryRuby
+ 173649 [mictro gmail] peace,

^ [ANN] Subversion 1.3.0 released.
173576 [kou cozmixng] All functions of Subversion can be used with Ruby from this
+ 173591 [johans gmail] This is great kou, thanks for all your hard work!
| 173949 [kou cozmixng] In <689059740601020508m2a1766bexb748effcae9b8d68@mail.gmail.com>
+ 173604 [demmer12 fas] If these issues are addressed already in trunk, why won't they be
| 173951 [kou cozmixng] In <48A399FB-CB64-449B-8A7F-9A3A9B030C5A@fastmail.us>
+ 180702 [crf sbox.tu-] To clarify, do the Ruby svn bindings always require the same specific
  180725 [kou cozmixng] In <43f9ba4a$0$8024$3b214f66@aconews.univie.ac.at>

^ strange speeds
173578 [kryglik iol.] I've tried to make some speed test in ruby to find out how fast is
173584 [bob.news gmx] The first reason that comes to mind is different insertion order. But I
173590 [kryglik iol.] Well, insertion order will be same, won't be?
+ 173593 [bob.news gmx] format=flowed;
| 173698 [kryglik gmai] thanx for nice script!
| 173764 [bob.news gmx] In this case it's probably due to hash calculation for the hash you
+ 173599 [decoux moulo] This is not the same hash

^ About blocks
173588 [biyokuantum ] (This question might be answered previously. If so, I apologize.)
+ 173592 [dblack wobbl] You don't really use methods instead of blocks; you use methods --
| 173645 [mictro gmail] really intresting lecture!
+ 173594 [bob.news gmx] You need blocks everywhere you need an anonymous callback function such as
  173597 [dblack wobbl] def each(&b)

^ Can I disable the underscore function in markdown?
173601 [capitain gma] syntax.
173630 [rosco roscop] this is\_a? literal underscore

^ Trouble with WSDL
173624 [mghaught gma] I'm having some trouble getting the WSDLDriverFactory to create a
178479 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.

^ A question about Ruby main object
173626 [Antti.Karant] I have been doing different things w/ Ruby for a couple of years now and
+ 173635 [itsme213 hot] See
| 173846 [Antti.Karant] Thanks, this cleared it up. Weird I did not bump into that thread w/
+ 173639 [florgro gmai] Note that you are not doing  def self.method() end. It's just that  def
+ 173642 [twifkak comc] Flagellate = Class.new {
  173746 [decoux moulo] With this you have this case
  173749 [decoux moulo] expect
  173751 [twifkak comc] Nah... 'snot that bad... :)
  173755 [decoux moulo] Perhaps best to don't speak about class-variable because it seems to be a
  + 173760 [twifkak comc] I was talking about English... :P
  + 173788 [mental rydia] I can assure you that the Ruby grammar has pretty complex rules if

^ [ANN] SwitchTower 0.10.0
173627 [jamis 37sign] SwitchTower is a utility that can execute commands in parallel on

^ application and web app technologies
173628 [cartercc gma] January, 2006.
+ 173632 [james_b neur] I really do not want to see Yet Another "My Language/Toolkit Can Beat Up
+ 173633 [steve waits.] Ugh.. I feel for you.
+ 173637 [reinder verl] From your post, it is not clear what these applications do. That may
| 173796 [cartercc gma] Thanks for your post. I see from the tone of the replies that I may
| + 173803 [leavengood g] I have been programming Java for about 8 years (6 or 7 of that
| + 174422 [Juha.Laiho i] This tells a lot more about the original author of the scripts than the
+ 173638 [gene.tani gm] </cross-posted>
| 173656 [gene.tani gm] a few follow ups so i don't appear nasty, but rather helpful, cause,
| 173662 [perrin apoth] Considering the indication that it's a Microsoft shop, I doubt that's at
+ 173647 [matthew.garr] It might help if you elaborated on what these "doubts" are. It doesn't sound
| 173808 [cartercc gma] No, we don't know any of these languages. I'm reasonably competent in
| + 173812 [fxn hashref.] For each language L you'll need to cringe at someone because you use
| | 173967 [znmeb cesmai] It's not a lost battle here ... unless you're advocating something other
| + 173816 [perrin apoth] Just use the best tool for the job.  Who cares if someone has delusions
| + 173827 [khaines enig] I think, though, that what you will find is that there is someone who can give
| + 173830 [matthew.garr] But that's what makes it impossible to give you any meaningful advice: every
|   173885 [cartercc gma] We don't have any 'programmers' on staff. At most, we have several
|   + 173927 [trashcan hot] Fine !
|   | 173946 [my_email_is_] heteroclitc -- irregular, abnormal
|   + 173937 [perrin apoth] I don't foresee this solving your problem in the least.  Unreadable or
|   | 174056 [cartercc gma] A pretty high priority is getting everyone to use the same language. If
|   + 173970 [veatchla yah] Technology is not your problem just as the above are not the reasons
|   + 173977 [twifkak comc] If I had to pick a technology to unify in a development shop, it'd be
+ 173651 [khaines enig] Not to discount the comments from the others who have already replied -- they
+ 173659 [slitt earthl] [clip]
+ 173660 [perrin apoth] Use what works.  Don't change things just to change them.
| 174065 [cartercc gma] CF is like that torx screwdriver in the toolbox. It only works on a few
+ 173705 [my_email_is_] In many shops, perhaps yours too, you are relying on volunteers.  The
| 173706 [james_b neur] Ah. The famous Redundant Array of Java Coders
| 173826 [snail objmed] <james_b@neurogami.com> writes
+ 173730 [chalk adapti] Try matching technologies when building a decision matrix...

^ blk.call vs. yield (possible bug?)
173631 [dbatml gmx.d] I always thought that the following 4 methods should be equivalent if they
+ 174106 [dbatml gmx.d] Nobody having an opinion on that?
+ 174111 [dblack wobbl] I think it has something to do with the Proc/lambda difference.  When
  174167 [dbatml gmx.d] Yes, this is one cause, but I think the real "problem" is the

^ getting wsdl method param types?
173634 [rmt512 gmail] functions.
178481 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.

^ installing mod_ruby
173653 [purchasing b] I'm trying to install mod_ruby per the instructions at

^ Implicit block parameter?
173657 [rosco roscop] Probably this has been considered before, but I'll ask anyway.
+ 173678 [rosco roscop] I got a bit closer by defining an attr_reader 'it' on Kernel, but still it
| 173683 [neoneye gmai] how about?
| + 173684 [neoneye gmai] or how about?
| | + 173685 [doug00 gmail] I think he wants this for any single parameter block though, not just
| | | + 173709 [rosco roscop] That would be nice, but I wonder what'd happen if a method was aliased
| | | + 173720 [dblack wobbl] I've done that sometimes (alias old_meth meth), but I wouldn't want it
| | + 173707 [rosco roscop] Cool, didn't consider doing it that way :) I was thinking in more general
| + 173739 [pere.noel la] could I use this mechanisms for String ?
+ 173691 [dbatml gmx.d] And it seems to have been proposed before.
| 173744 [rosco roscop] Wicked :) I can confirm that seems to work in 1.8 (though I had to make
| 173766 [dblack wobbl] You can submit it as an RCR if you wish, at http://www.rcrchive.net.
| 173771 [twifkak comc] For what it's worth, I'll probably only vote "neutral" for the lack of
| + 173811 [surrender_it] True, but considering how often people write
| | + 173815 [Daniel.Berge] AGH! NOT THAT WORD!
| | + 173874 [a.mcguinness] Another way of dealing with it would be if it were easier to get from a
| |   + 173876 [lukfugl gmai] Jacob Fugal
| |   | 173894 [a.mcguinness] That's good - if I'm mad, at least I'm not alone.
| |   | 173911 [rosco roscop] Yeah, AUIU '&' works a bit like splat but for procs (with to_proc). For a
| |   | 173916 [lukfugl gmai] ;)
| |   | 173926 [rosco roscop] Oops, yes I'm working with the Ruby I patched this morning... Sorry for
| |   + 173882 [rosco roscop] Hmm, check out http://extensions.rubyforge.org/rdoc/classes/Symbol.html .
| |   + 173944 [matti.georgi] module Enumerable
| + 173817 [rosco roscop] (David, can't see your message in the newsgroup, so I'll reply with this
|   173818 [dblack wobbl] I don't like it.  I've never felt there was a problem to solve in this
|   + 173829 [rosco roscop] I do agree that from a readability point of view it's potentially
|   | 173834 [dblack wobbl] That's actually another good argument against "it": you'd be trampling
|   | + 173875 [dbatml gmx.d] With the patch I sent the outer "it" is not "overwritten" by the inner
|   | + 173881 [rosco roscop] Hmm, I know. As I was writing it I started thinking about that and all the
|   + 173831 [surrender_it] <ot>
+ 173762 [surrender_it] eh, I alwaya thought the same.
  173867 [doug00 gmail] For what it's worth, some of us proposed the same thing for the boo
  174113 [halostatue g] None of which I think is actually a reason for Ruby to get it.

^ output buffering
173664 [maggelet gma] Is there any way to do php-style output buffering with ruby or rails?
173712 [alex deletem] require 'stringio'
+ 173756 [maggelet gma] Thanks for the reply Alex but this doesn't seem to work, maybe it's a
| 173780 [alex deletem] I think mod_ruby overloads some of ruby's standard IO mechanisms, eg the Kernel#puts method. You probably need to restore 'standard' STDOUT in a slightly different way in mod_ruby. There's a mod_ruby mailing list where you might get a quicker answer, or try googling STDOUT + mod_ruby etc
+ 176178 [fishkei gmai] Mark,
  176226 [ruby-forum-r] I am not familiar with PHP, would you be able to give an
  176303 [fishkei gmai] I was just trying to find an easy way set headers for each page.

^ OpenSSL SSLError
173669 [timshadel gm] `OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError` whenever I call the `connect` method.  So I

^ [ANN] Toronto Ruby User Group meeting Sun 8 Jan 2005
173686 [mike stok.co] Happy new year to everyone.
173687 [perrin apoth] Holy cow.  You have a cafe just for Linux users?
+ 173690 [halostatue g] Yeah. You know how tolerant Toronto is ;)
| 173726 [bryan-on-lis] Wow! As a former Torontonian (now living in Vancouver) let me just say -
+ 173723 [sy1234 gmail] BSD users are welcome too.  ;)

^ failing rio#mkdir in rio-0.3.4
173689 [wybo servaly] ruby 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 and

^ January Ruby events in the SF Bay Area
173695 [rdm cfcl.com] There is WiFi access to the Internet as well as a large plasma

^ Re: [ba-rb] January Ruby events in the SF Bay Area
173702 [sean-ruby-ta] Well, now that we've survived the holidays (hopefully??), if there's

^ User groups in central England?
173710 [rosco roscop] Just wondering if anyone knows of any Ruby user group or similar in
175344 [simonharriso] I seem to remember emailing hugh quite some time back but don't recall

^ Rdoc dot configuration on os x
173711 [klancaster19] This is probably a bit more of a mac question, but here goes.
173879 [drbrain segm] Install Graphviz.app: http://www.pixelglow.com/graphviz/

^ is /#$/ a Ruby bug ?
173721 [dan dankohn.] p /#$/.match("#")[0]   # syntax error: unterminated string meets eof
173722 [marcel verni] String interpolation with #{} need not use the enclosing curly brackets when

^ ruby-lang down?
173724 [djberg96 gma] It appears that ruby-lang.org is down.  Anyone looking into this?
173733 [willshattuck] It worked for me at 10:53 pm PST.

^ [SOLUTION] #60 Numeric Maze
173725 [daniels pron] charset="us-ascii"

^ ruby-pcap for OS X?
173727 [michael.gors] Does anyone know if there is a port for ruby-pcap on OS X?  I can't
173770 [michael.gors] Never mind on this one.

^ Any interest in a Milwaukee Area Ruby User Group
173728 [tdjordan gma] Any Ruby users interested in forming a milwauke.rb group

^ Try to run ruby on windowsxp
173731 [cplus_develo] I tired to run this program on the command prompt of windows
+ 173736 [james_b neur] The Windows command shell expects to be given Windows shell commands,
+ 173737 [jellenchan g] And you should use 'puts' instead of 'Puts'.
  173814 [julesjacobs ] puts "Hello World!"
  173843 [clintonreece] The program you're using, "cmd" is the Windows command prompt. When you

^ Connecting via Net::Telnet
173732 [willshattuck] Thanks for all the suggestions in the previous email about getting

^ Rubyhelp wanted /offered
173738 [PG hotmail.c] rubyforums.co.uk has just 'opened its doors' so to speak - anways
173740 [tsumeruby ts] Okay, but its using forum software made in php. :) The true ruby elitists will
+ 173801 [chneukirchen] Ruby is no religion.
| + 173804 [leavengood g] Heretic!!! Recant!!!
| + 173809 [james_b neur] Alas.
|   173820 [toddkennethb] _This_ is exactly what cults do (or pretend to do) and not secret
+ 173806 [dblack wobbl] I'm happy to say I don't know any true Ruby elitists.
  + 173819 [sera fhwang.] Whatever, dude. That's because we're too cool to hang out with you.
  | 173821 [hal9000 hype] LOL.
  + 173822 [rosco roscop] In my humble, and possibly controversial opinion, I'd suggest it could be
    + 173824 [perrin apoth] It'd be especially controversial if the sort of non-hacker that doesn't
    | + 173835 [james_b neur] LOL!1!!
    | | 173853 [perrin apoth] You're fired.
    | + 173840 [rosco roscop] Heh, didn't think of that, I just had visions of the flames I'd probably
    + 173857 [trashcan hot] Your opinion is controversial and it is one of its quality.
      175145 [see signatur] Mark