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^ [ANN] KirbyBase 2.5.1
172828 [cribbsj oakw] I would like to announce the release of version 2.5.1 of KirbyBase, a
172880 [ezmobius gma] Thanks again for KirbyBase Jamie!

^ Stuck installing ruby-fcgi on Linux
172829 [usenet kikob] [root@machine fcgi-2.4.0]# ./configure --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/usr

^ cool way to save big object tree
172839 [mictro gmail] Peace!

^ My wife and I ride a tandem
172850 [Pwarlock hot] My wife and I ride a tandem

^ Directory and file listing
172861 [abeazley gba] I am trying to write my first ruby script to be used with Sketchup.
172871 [detlef.reich] img = Dir['*.jpg']
172881 [abeazley gba] thanks for your reply, I believe i understand, however I dont know how
+ 172884 [GENIE prodig] img = Dir['*.jpg'] sets img to an array of the image names.  the p in the next piece of code just means "do something."  That code iterates through the array of image names.  instead of p img, you could say print img, etc.
+ 172887 [johannes.fri] Dir.chdir "c:/Program Files/..." - use Dir.pwd to see where you are.
  172888 [johannes.fri] name for the array of all image filenames as for the string holding a
  172995 [abeazley gba] Thanks for all of the post so far I really appreciate it.
  + 173007 [wilsonb gmai] require 'sketchup.rb'
  | 173031 [abeazley gba] Ok i think you lost me im still very new to ruby and programming in
  | + 173044 [abeazley gba] images.each do |img_name| but never could get it to work, however I
  | | 173045 [demmer12 fas] I'm starting to pick up Ruby, and I learned through trial and error
  | + 173050 [wilsonb gmai] addMaterial needs to take a parameter, so it can be used without
  |   173133 [abeazley gba] thanks for your reply.
  |   + 173137 [abeazley gba] Nevermind,
  |   | 173141 [wilsonb gmai] filename = 'example.jpg'
  |   + 173287 [dale.martens] while img_num <= maxnum
  + 173325 [dan dankohn.] I'm not familiar with sketchup, but I can at least show you how
    173282 [dan dankohn.] In line 4 here, the array is sorted and then the method is called on

^ Real-time image processing in Ruby
172885 [ishkaprog gm] I'm a Ruby newbie - "Programming Ruby" was great Xmas break reading!
+ 172895 [ilmari.heikk] Don't know about Tk, but would find it sort of strange if it couldn'tdisplay 10fps video. Anyone tried?
| 172900 [rm_rails che] I disagree.   Image processing is an area where even in Java/C#/C/etc
| + 172913 [znmeb cesmai] Have a look at the Perl Data Language (PDL). This was designed to do
| + 172915 [ara.t.howard] absolutely.  unless you start looping... this is the tradeoff for high-level
|   173011 [ishkaprog gm] Thanks - I'll try NArray with RubyInline.  I was about to complain that
+ 172911 [ptkwt aracne] Ruby will probably be too slow for your needs (I doubt you'll be able to
+ 172914 [ara.t.howard] my understanding is that it's used for realtime video processing, so images
+ 172919 [ara.t.howard] i missed this the first time through...
+ 173022 [detlef.reich] cause ruby-v4l was to limited for me i've started to wirte Wc, a webcam

^ Does anyone have a copy of ruedoc?
172890 [duartecarril] I've been trying to get ruedoc but the site seems down, is there any
172898 [ruby-forum-r] I will make it available as soon as possible.
172950 [ruby-ml magi] On 2005.12.29 09:53, Eero Saynatkari <ruby-forum-reg@mailinator.com>

^ get mixin's name
172902 [payton foolo] A somewhat weird situation.
+ 172907 [binary42 gma] The string is simple though... but if you want another way you could
+ 172912 [dblack wobbl] Does this help?
+ 172959 [bob.news gmx] => nil
  173002 [payton foolo] The goal was basically this for a GUI (the answer is probably that
  173269 [bob.news gmx] IMHO this is a bad idea because you cannot change layout that way multiple

^ Loading shared libraries built by Visual Studio C++ 8
172904 [noSpam noSpa] I have Ruby 1.8.2 (Windows One-click installer - thanks, Curt!)
172929 [nobuyoshi.na] VC6 and VC8 use the different versions of runtime DLL.  You

^ session riding
172908 [laytoc rpi.e] When a user browses my script I'd like to grab a session cookie from the
172910 [ruby-forum-r] A normal browser will only send you cookies in the same

^ new to ruby,  "requier" not working?
172928 [davidj.just ] I'm trying to learn ruby from the Poignant guide to Ruby
+ 172937 [archcall gma] Dave,  I am a newbie also.  From the manual "require" and "load" are
+ 172938 [ces.fci gmai] Clayton
| 173237 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
+ 172940 [collinsj sea] This has come up on the list before...
  173258 [gregory.t.br] actually, you could use an instance variable too @words = { .. }

^ Building Ruby-1.8.4 on WinXP with MSVC++ 8.0
172930 [noSpam noSpa] and first did the 'win32\configure.bat' and then typed nmake.
172942 [nobuyoshi.na] VC8 support is in progress now.
172974 [halostatue g] Yes. I've been a bit busy over the last couple of days and although I

^ Locking classes?
172931 [kurtkilgor y] I am just starting to use Ruby. I'm wondering, once a class has been
+ 172932 [jack jncsoft] irb(main):001:0> class A
+ 172933 [gerardo.sant] Use Module#freeze
| + 172941 [ruby-ml magi] ...
| + 172946 [ruby-ml magi] (Sorry if this is a duplicate.)
|   172948 [gerardo.sant] The original poster was concerned about adding methods. In such case
+ 172934 [slitt earthl] Yeah, on a similar subject, under what circumstances would one want to add a
  + 172944 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm going to use the term 'singleton method' to mean a method associated
  + 172973 [rosco roscop] require 'open-uri'

^ Ruby Gtk docs
172935 [horndude77 g] I'm working on learning a bit of Gtk. Using the documentation at
+ 172936 [ces.fci gmai] Clayton
| 173319 [horndude77 g] Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks!
+ 172949 [mutoh highwa] .:% Masao Mutoh<mutoh@highway.ne.jp>

^ How Well does Ruby support Aspect Oriented Programming?
172952 [GFunk913 gma] Here's my question, I would really appreciate input from the list.

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.0
172953 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.1.0 is now available.
173027 [tomcloyd bes] Masao,
+ 173029 [leavengood g] I personally tend to follow the philosophy that if I don't understand
+ 173030 [detlef.reich] GetText is a library that supports you with translation of programs into
+ 173067 [mutoh highwa] OK. I'll improve the explanation since next release announce.

^ Need Help Using Net::SMTP
172955 [dandiebolt y] require 'net/smtp'
+ 172960 [tsumeruby ts] The  "250 Mail queued for delivery.\n" message is from the mail server. You
| 172962 [dandiebolt y] I can post email using postie so I can't see a problem with the basic credentials being sent. There must be some configuration of Net::SMTP that will allow me to email from Ruby. Anyone have a clue what to do?
| + 172965 [kero chello.] $ ri send_message
| + 172967 [rosco roscop] Seriously, 250 is the SMTP +OK code so your mail is good to go. My guess
|   172968 [rosco roscop] No sender/subject is also a trigger for many spam filters I believe...
+ 172997 [vanek acd.ne] this is my email tester script. worth a shot.
+ 173862 [meta pobox.c] You should probably read the SMTP protocol spec in the SMTP RFC linked

^ [HELP] No such file to load -- rubygems
172975 [pere.noel la] i've installed ruby 1.8.4 (on MacOS X 10.4.3) in /usr/local
172977 [cyclists nc.] Looks like you need to install Rubygems.
172980 [pere.noel la] right and not right ))

^ FOUND was (Re: [HELP] No such file to load -- rubygems)
172978 [pere.noel la] %which ruby

^ Re: No such file to load -- rubygems
172979 [jim weirichh] Obvious question ... have you installed rubygems into the new Ruby
172981 [pere.noel la] thanks i found it !

^ problems with dates?
172985 [russ.pridemo] small .rhtml file that will display a dynamic calendar.  Its pretty

^ Beginners Question
172987 [jughead gmx.] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 172990 [james graypr] gets() reads from the files given as command-line arguments, or
| 172991 [jughead gmx.] Wow that was fast. Thanx a lot
| 172992 [dblack wobbl] $stdin.gets
+ 173264 [daniel.schie] while input = $stdin.gets
  173330 [wybo servaly] #!/usr/bin/ruby

^ [SUMMARY] RRobots (#59)
172988 [james graypr] The tournament has been run, so let's begin with the official results.  You can
+ 172993 [james graypr] It has been pointed out that EdBot is missing from the statistics.
| + 172999 [SimonKroeger] I'm realy sorry!
| | 173001 [SimonKroeger] Ok, i ran a quick tournament with 3 matches per round just to see if
| + 173034 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
+ 173100 [joevandyk gm] My head exploded reading that.  I wish I didn't hate math so much.  :-(
  173115 [james graypr] There was definitely a pattern to the big winners:  Lots of math.  ;)

^ Removing RubyGems
173010 [jonathan wad] Hmm, I have ended up with multiple instances of RubyGems installed on my
173018 [jim weirichh] To remove RubyGems from a single Ruby installation, from the
173023 [jonathan wad] Jim, Many thanks for the suggestion, that worked for me.
173304 [anne wjh.har] you forgot to tell us what "that" is in case someone else has that

^ Path Separator and Windows
173032 [justinjohnso] Using ruby 1.8.2 on Windows XP, the path separator used for things like
+ 173035 [bob_showalte] "correct" is debatable, since the Windows API accepts / as a separator.
| + 173038 [halostatue g] Sort of. The base Win32 API does accept \ or /. However, the Unicode
| + 173039 [justinjohnso] Is there a reason File::SEPARATOR isn't set to \ to begin with for
|   + 173040 [bob_showalte] I'm not sure why it works the way it does; perhaps Matz will weigh in.
|   | + 173041 [justinjohnso] No argument there.  :-)
|   | + 173047 [mental rydia] By the time they decided to add support for directories to DOS, / was
|   | + 173059 [perrin apoth] Depending on how you look at it, I think it was either poor planning or
|   | + 173146 [jkelliemille] To show my age :-), I think the reason is historic.  The original DOS file
|   | | 173148 [justinjohnso] Regardless of the history I am still of the opinion that something
|   | | + 173153 [halostatue g] I don't personally see this as an issue. I might think that having a
|   | | | + 173157 [johannes.fri] I'm with Austin: Ruby paths should always use '/' and the translation
|   | | | + 173165 [justinjohnso] This seems like a reasonable solution to me.
|   | | + 173285 [rosco roscop] Well, if I have to write my code to check path separators and work around
|   | + 173275 [rosco roscop] I doubt it - they'd probably need to rewrite it (again).
|   | + 173277 [jwkenne attg] It was only with DOS 2.0 (1983) that they had the idea of trying to make
|   + 173058 [perrin apoth] I'm only guessing, but I suspect it has something to do with aiming for
+ 173036 [halostatue g] Unless you're interacting with external programs, you don't need it to.
+ 173037 [langstefan g] For ruby, "/" *is* the correct path separator. AFAIK, ruby
| 173270 [djberg96 gma] Except that not all Windows functions accept '/' for a path separator.
+ 173268 [bob.news gmx] AFAIK Ruby can usually use both, so 'C:\\foo\\bar' and 'C:/foo/bar' are

^ [ANN] traits-0.9.0
173033 [ara.t.howard] URLS
173046 [ng johnwlong] Ara,
+ 173053 [se digitale-] Just scroll down. I mean *way* down :)
+ 173057 [ara.t.howard] the absence of a few hard to hit but real bugs - most importantly that

^ create file with LF (not CRLF) in windows
173043 [benanderson.] I have a bunch of files that I want to convert from CRLF to just LF.
+ 173049 [billk cts.co] Try in "binary" mode.
| + 173051 [benanderson.] yes - there it is.  Thanks Bill.
| | 173062 [jason.sweat ] Perhaps it makes a difference which binary you use, windows vs.
| + 173323 [malte__ gmx-] Malte
|   173386 [billk cts.co] Ooops!  Thanks for catching that!    O:-)
+ 173274 [jwkenne attg] Just as in many other languages, use "wb" instead of "w".

^ Using Ruby to Invest in the Market?
173063 [michael.gors] An idea popped in my head today.  Has anyone ever used a stock
+ 173085 [cballowe gma] You'd need real time data feeds as well as a trading API. When I was
| + 173090 [sky.yin gmai] I'm looking at Ruby/Finance library (
| + 173095 [joevandyk gm] ...
+ 173114 [james graypr] My investment club uses E*Trade for our purchases.  We are a "buy and
| 173120 [michael.gors] Thanks to everyone for the replies.  I'll have to marinate on this for
+ 173135 [anthony.eliz] I am very interested in this. A few weeks back I looked into a few
| 173168 [cballowe gma] Interesting stuff there - It all seems to require platforms that I
+ 173297 [dbikle gmail] I'd suggest InteractiveBrokers.com  They offer a Java based API.
| 173278 [dbikle gmail] oh, IB also offers paper trading which means you trade with play money
+ 173953 [jimg1968 yah] I guess Ruby will become the script language to some softwares and
  176378 [tgate mypubl] Is there a ruby library for extracting historical securities

^ Fixnums can have instance variables?  Cool.
173083 [gwtmp01 mac.] 3.instance_variable_set("@unbelievable", "believe it!")
+ 173092 [gregory.t.br] that is very cool.
+ 173094 [chris pine.f] When I discovered this, what surprised me was not so much that you
| 173102 [pertl gmx.or] class Object
| 173106 [chris pine.f] irb(main):001:0> a = 'hello'
| 173126 [ryansobol gm] "Fixnums, Symbols, true, nil, and false are implemented as immediate
| 173197 [chris pine.f] What!?  The implementation makes it impossible, not the fact that
| + 173199 [gwtmp01 mac.] Without thinking too hard about it and without looking at the
| + 173260 [decoux moulo] [ruby-talk:17321]
+ 173104 [lyndon.samso] I'm pretty sure some of the crusty old rubyists here would say, Not being
+ 173292 [rosco roscop] irb(main):001:0> class Symbol

^ failing rio#mkdir in rio-0.3.4
173089 [wybo servaly] require 'rubygems'
173504 [wybo servaly] ruby 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 and

^ very simple question
173096 [tomcloyd bes] Bewilderer, tired beginner, here.
173097 [joevandyk gm] I don't understand what you're trying to do.
+ 173098 [tomcloyd bes] This is just a snippet from a larger program. Here, I'm trying to print to
+ 173099 [tomcloyd bes] I just ran this (example from a book) --
  + 173118 [ryansobol gm] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 173291 [bob.news gmx] This is probably an issue of buffered IO and / or changed outputs.  I'd try

^ VS 2005
173103 [shadarach gm] Will Visual Studio 2005 work with Ruby, or does it not have plugins for
+ 173109 [halostatue g] You can edit Ruby files with any version of Visual Studio, but it
+ 173166 [cohen.jeff g] I'm considering writing a VS2005 add-in that will let me write Ruby code
  173171 [mtrier gmail] Check out DXCore by Mark Miller and friends (creators of CodeRush and

^ [QUIZ] Numeric Maze (#60)
173110 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 173181 [ryansobol gm] Are negative numbers and zero allowed to be a starting point or
| 173185 [james graypr] Zero seems fine as a starting number.  You can always add_two.
| + 173191 [jeffrey.dik ] Heh, I couldn't figure out how to get a negative number using double, halve,
| + 173362 [malte__ gmx-] Doesn't 2 / 2 == 1 evaluate as true?
|   + 173363 [james graypr] Yes, but how does that get you a negative number?
|   + 173365 [gavin refine] He meant "You can't get a negative, unless you start with a negative"
|     + 173368 [steve waits.] It happened to me too.  Took me at least a minute to figure out _my_
|     + 173403 [malte__ gmx-] Now I got it. Thank you!  :-)
+ 173201 [ryansobol gm] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 173204 [james graypr] Absolutely.  Please do.
| | 173356 [steve waits.] Since that's about all I'm going to be able to do on this quiz, here
| | 173413 [rictic gmail] I think I've improved upon this test code a bit.  I found this one to
| | 173416 [steve waits.] Looks great Peter.  I posted a note about and link to your improved
| | 173429 [wilsonb gmai] I'd just like to chime in to say that this quiz is killing me.  The
| | + 173435 [ryansobol gm] Don't worry, you're not alone.  :)
| | + 173438 [dbatml gmx.d] $ time ruby num_maze.rb 22222 99999
| |   173443 [ilmari.heikk] $ time ruby numpuz.rb 150128850109293 8591982807778218492
| |   173462 [ruby anthrop] } >
| + 173219 [rretzbach go] I really enjoyed this puzzle, but my brain and my cpu are burning.
|   173357 [james graypr] $ time ruby numeric_maze.rb 22 999
|   173371 [jim.menard g] Damn. I got it down from 7 minutes to 18 seconds on a 667 MHz PPC, but
|   173381 [james graypr] I'm using a Dual 2 Ghz G5, so the hardware is at least *some* of the
|   173497 [kero chello.] kero@chmeee:~/pub/ruby/quiz$ time ruby 60-num_maze.rb 22 999
+ 173489 [jim.menard g] I've posted my solution, along with a few words about my approach, at
+ 174520 [rretzbach go] This was really a nice riddle.
  174523 [james graypr] Sorry, crazy day.  It's up now.