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^ Re: Looking for better Ruby/Tk (references)...
172049 [chris.dagnon] Ruby allows defaults to be stated for all parameters to a method.
+ 172112 [greg.kujawa ] I'm not sure if this type of writeup currently exists. If you look
+ 172118 [greg.kujawa ] Here is a good link that is a Tk reference -->
  172235 [joevandyk gm] I really prefer ruby-gnome2's API to tk's.  It makes a whole lot more
  172285 [greg.kujawa ] Me too. The fact that Tk comes bundled with the vanilla Ruby

^ OpenGl
172052 [raymond sile] Any willing to talk offline or here if all are interested in the
+ 172053 [billk cts.co] There are several OpenGL demo programs (ports of the SGI demos)
| 172059 [broderson gm] Raymond,
| 172136 [ilmari.heikk] Regarding future direction of librend, I've been having as along-running (read: lazy and using time to do other things) goal tosplit it into disjoint parts, so there would be the 2D vectorrendering lib, the basic OpenGL lib, and the advanced OpenGL lib(GLEW, FTGL.) Then the dephell would be more manageable, since thecore would only require ruby-opengl, sdl and some image loading lib.Hopefully more portable too.
+ 172109 [mutoh highwa] How about Ruby/OpenGL with Ruby-GNOME2 ?

^ Exception: wrong instance allocation
172055 [ruby foester] I have developed a client-server ruby program using DRb.  The client

^ [JOB] Help needed wrapping C library for Ruby extension
172057 [scottraymond] I need a Ruby extension to be built, wrapping an existing C library.
+ 172071 [davelee.com ] I'm interested in the job.  My experience working with extensions
+ 172211 [joevandyk gm] *shoots you a line*
  172214 [scottraymond] Thanks for the reply, Joe.
  172219 [twifkak comc] Ooh! My bank gives out OFX files online. You should open-source the

^ test msg (please ignore)
172068 [jeffm ghostg] This is a test message please ignore.

^ Problem with: Exception: cannot convert Class into String
172069 [basi_lio hot] puts aString                    <<< no error printing aString here
172074 [konsu hotmai] this code is not complete, so it is difficult to guess why aString inside
172076 [basi_lio hot] Yes, it is incomplete. I was illustrating that the variable aString is
172079 [nobuyoshi.na] Nobody can answer without concrete code.
172085 [basi_lio hot] Wrong (for my purpose)
172088 [chesschintan] even workStrings[0,1] will work too.
172134 [basi_lio hot] Thanks. This can come in handy, too.

^ Strange StringScanner behaviour
172089 [neowulf iine] I have a really bad feeling about posting this here, but I'm kinda
+ 172091 [dandiebolt y] require 'strscan'
| 172096 [neowulf iine] Thanks Dan,
+ 172103 [james graypr] Howdy.
  172115 [neowulf iine] Thanks for the additional information.  That makes things much clearer.

^ Nested class, require
172111 [listrecv gma] How does ruby view nested classes - that is, to define a class within
+ 172130 [rosco roscop] I've just been playing with this a bit, and have updated the relevant nuby
+ 172132 [bob_showalte] It's the second. It's executed in the context of TOPLEVEL_BINDING.
+ 172222 [twifkak comc] Yeah, you can nest a class within a class. That's because classes are

^ gem question
172124 [sigzero gmai] I installed Ruby and I did a "gem update" to see what is newer to
172125 [vjoel path.b] Choose "ruby" if you want to compile for your system. Choose "mswin32"
172126 [sigzero gmai] Thanks!

^ [ANN] langhelp-0.9.4
172138 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ [ANN] gonzui-emacs-0.1
172145 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Ruby version of UMENU
172151 [slitt earthl] If anyone wants a keystroke-only menu system that works on any kind
172156 [gregory.t.br] Interesting.  However, what advantages would this have over using HighLine?
172164 [slitt earthl] Short answer: I don't know enough about Highline to answer this
172167 [gregory.t.br] I'm one of the HighLine developers, I was just curious as to what
+ 172215 [perrin apoth] My "short answer" would have been another perspective on the above
| + 172217 [gregory.t.br] That's what it sounds like.  I don't think that this was unclear after
| + 172260 [slitt earthl] You pretty much got it, although there are some additional usages
+ 172259 [slitt earthl] The weak fault tolerant stuff is just that I'm not yet really
  172261 [gregory.t.br] That is cool.
  172263 [slitt earthl] [clip]
  + 172265 [ezmobius gma] Steve-
  + 172311 [gregory.t.br] You can serialize the objects as arrays, hashes, an array of hashes,
  + 172324 [james graypr] Hmm, I haven't looked into your system at all, but that sounds a

^ MySQL driver test failures
172162 [fxn hashref.] I am installing the MySQL driver 2.7 and get the four failures

^ Diff of opinion on dynamic stuff
172163 [drewmills gm] Let me preface this post by saying that I'm no Ruby expert.  I like it.
+ 172172 [matz ruby-la] "open class" is so strong (often too strong), we can break things
| + 172182 [ruby-talk wh] Matz has put us in great danger.  But Rubyist are okay with it I guess.
| | + 172196 [steven lumos] I'm going to play devil's advocate and hopefully somebody with some
| | | + 172199 [Stephen.L.Mo] Certainly Python can't be against all dynamic stuff.  Ain't that dynamic
| | | + 172218 [perrin apoth] I think you're probably right, and it's a valid concern.  I just don't
| | | + 172226 [Bil.Kleb NAS] My code goes into maintenance mode almost as soon as
| | |   172237 [brian.takita] There seems to be alot of industry inertia on static time tools. Better
| | |   172351 [florgro gmai] The ruby-breakpoint library is not yet everything I would like it to be.
| | + 172216 [perrin apoth] I understood that 100%, and agree with it similarly.  Keep in mind, I'm
| |   172241 [dblack wobbl] I've had for a long time a kind of semi-formulated idea about all this
| |   172355 [florgro gmai] Wrapping unrubyish things behind a rubyish interface so other people can
| |   172382 [perrin apoth] I don't think that was the intent of that statement at all.
| |   172440 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 172192 [vjoel path.b] A chef will tell you that sharp knives are safer than dull ones, since
|   172195 [leavengood g] If these two quotes together aren't a perfect Ruby quotable quote, I
|   172359 [florgro gmai] Heh, and suddenly the name C# starts making sense when comparing it to Java.
+ 172173 [leavengood g] I think what he is complaining about are some of the dynamically
+ 172176 [hutch recurs] Well, Python is plenty dynamic. I think he is complaining about
| + 172179 [phurley gmai] I think there are two conflated issues here. First open classes andtheir abuse and second dynamic method creation. I think they distinctenough they should be considered separately.
| | 172289 [hutch recurs] I agree. But these issues and a few others (e.g. types, inheritance,
| | 172294 [phurley gmai] These are powerful tools and their power increases by using them
| + 172230 [james_b neur] (Mad props to Ralphie, too.)
| | + 172242 [ogilthorpe d] Holy Crap.  If that were to end up on clothing, I would buy it.  I mean,
| | | 172303 [james_b neur] Oooo ...
| | + 172243 [agorilla gma] It is indeed "The Red Ruby BB Gun"
| |   + 172245 [doug00 gmail] A BB gun doesn't cut it though.
| |   + 172255 [ezmobius gma] Well you can shoot your own eye out but just remember one thing.
| |     172306 [gregory.t.br] The Rubyist, Dog's best friend :)
| + 172252 [igouy yahoo.] Yes, the equivalent of "method_missing" has been used for many things
|   172295 [hutch recurs] The problem being: in Smalltalk the language there is no explicit way
|   172698 [igouy yahoo.] Adding a method to a class at runtime is trivial, simply send the
+ 172190 [doug00 gmail] Anyone who tries to reverse engineer ruby code into a different
+ 172837 [ianb colorst] There's some inaccurate ideas of Python in this thread, so I just
  172843 [halostatue g] Is it less sensitive to code smells, or is it something that isn't
  + 172874 [ianb colorst] It's a little of both -- clearly there's some awareness among Ruby
  | 172918 [twifkak comc] the danger of coding the wrong thing (i.e. bugs), and the danger of
  | 173170 [brian.takita] One thing that Open objects are useful for are creating
  + 172893 [sky.yin gmai] Looks like AOP-style feature. AOP is definitely powerful though there

^ How do you know what class defines method foo()?
172168 [sam.s.kong g] What's the easiest(simplest) code to find a class/module that first
+ 172188 [joevandyk gm] $ ri partition
+ 172189 [logancapaldo] Array.method_defined?(:partition)
  172236 [dbatml gmx.d] => []
  + 172256 [sam.s.kong g] This is exactly what I wanted.
  + 172361 [florgro gmai] ...

^ BigDecimal#sqrt
172170 [james graypr] I'm trying to understand the argument to BigDecimal#sqrt.  I figured
+ 172238 [james graypr] Let me try asking me question a different way...  Is this the correct
| 172741 [meta pobox.c] Yes.
| 172767 [james graypr] Is it available online anywhere before then or could I trouble you to
+ 172239 [james graypr] Let me try asking my question a different way...  Is this the correct
+ 172328 [gregory.t.br] This is the C source, if you haven't looked at it yet.

^ Lighttpd/rails deployment error
172171 [phil.swenson] I have been trying to get Lighttpd working.... we have been using
172175 [ezmobius gma] Phil-

^ WinXP, no braces in irb.
172178 [iIdont wantn] I just started learning ruby. Installed on WinXP. Opened a command
172183 [iIdont wantn] The same goes for square brackets and the baclslash. I am using a
+ 172187 [lukfugl gmai] This has come up several times in the past. I don't remember what the
+ 172262 [oliver.andri] Well, you have to configure some some things for it. Sadly. Here are the

^ Problem with net-ssh
172180 [pergesu gmai] /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/net-ssh-1.0.3/lib/net/ssh/transport/packet-stream.rb:203:in

^ xslt processor for ruby
172191 [agnieszka.fi] could you please recommend a xslt processor for ruby? I tried Michael
172234 [wilsonb gmai] Have you run into these yet?
172274 [agnieszka.fi] Thank you. I'm wondering if any of these supports XSLT 2.0?
172279 [rosco roscop] (Not given more than a glance to Libxslt-Ruby yet, but here's how it looks
172286 [r.mark.volkm] I think what you meant to say is that XSLT 2.0 is a "candidate
172305 [rosco roscop] Oops, yes, sorry.
172315 [r.mark.volkm] The thing I'm referring to is called "AltovaXML 2006". You can read

^ get updates
172194 [stevenbristo] My problems are fixed with #3331 & 3332. I have no idea how to get
172197 [leavengood g] Rails-specific questions, especially those related to their release

^ correct terminology for a function that yields
172200 [joevandyk gm] def foo
172201 [ef alum.mit.] It does indeed "take a block".  The block argument is implicit.  You
172203 [joevandyk gm] Ok, thanks.  I'm writing documentation for a domain-specific language
172267 [bob.news gmx] Note, that this has some performance implications though.

^ What's the "#" for?
172202 [richstep911 ] I've started on my first ruby project and came accross the following
+ 172204 [joevandyk gm] a = "hay guys"
| 172206 [ryansobol gm] From the Ruby.new chapter in Programming Ruby : The Pragmatic
+ 172208 [cohen.jeff g] Just wondering, what language has been your main programming language
  172223 [richstep911 ] Joe and Ryan, thanks for the examples and reference.  I'll take a

^ [ANN] FuseFS 0.6.0
172231 [ruby-talk le] I've been gone too long (new job, vacation, etc etc excuse excuse), and
+ 172287 [caleb aei-te] Any chance you can upload a .tar.gz file?  The 0.6.0 is just available a .tar,
+ 172316 [jeff.darklig] Greg,

^ # guide
172232 [mf chaboteng] Martin Fowler

^ Small issue with REXML output
172246 [ChrisLarge s] I've just started working with REXML recently and have encountered a
+ 172249 [ara.t.howard] if you do that it will not longer be valid xml.  try
+ 172292 [chneukirchen] IIRC, there is an parameter to xmlDoc.write.  Try xmlDoc.write(STDOUT, 2).

^ Rails syslogger extremly slow..
172247 [kenlet.usene] I'm using sysloglogger from here...
+ 172253 [gene.tani gm] (not trying to be nasty, but i think the canonical answer is you'll get
+ 172321 [vanek acd.ne] a hard disk is roughly 100x slower than IO over a wire because it
  172720 [kenlet.usene] What are the other available log levels?

^ tutorials
172254 [klaja26 gmai] www.neql.com its a new website with not many members and is looking for

^ How can I stop WEBrick running as a daemon
172264 [sam.s.kong g] I'm a newbie linux user and I logged in to my web hosting server and
+ 172268 [lyndon.samso] You started the process, so you can kill it. If you didn't start it with
+ 172269 [matiassurdi ] Sam Kong escribióº

^ character safe CSV parser.
172270 [sean.swolfe ] I was running into difficulties with the CSV library in Ruby. I had
172327 [james graypr] In quoted or unquoted fields?  If it was quoted, I'm confident
172339 [sean.swolfe ] Interesting. I didn't see this package when I was searching for info on
172341 [james graypr] Great.  An if you run into problems, please let me know because it is
172368 [sean.swolfe ] frequently refere to a file called FasterCSV, which I imagine to be a
172370 [james graypr] I'm not sure I understand the question.
172373 [sean.swolfe ] Ahh there we go! I guess what I was trying to ask is what you just sent
172374 [james graypr] RDoc makes sure it gets linked up correctly when it generates the

^ Rake appdoc problem on winXP
172271 [vlad.gazer g] I'm having problem with running "rake appdoc" to generate the
173782 [kevin.olbric] Has anyone found a solution for this?
173969 [kevin.olbric] Upgrading to InstantRails 1.0 RC1 fixed this problem for me.

^ Displaying object variables, not obj ID
172275 [joench gmail] I'm having problems with displaying an object correctly. I keep getting the
172277 [jim weirichh] Perhaps you are not aware that defining a to_s method in the Chromosome
172281 [joench gmail] Astonishing as it may seem, I do know ;-)
172302 [james_b neur] You are invoking the Chromosome version of to_s method on instances of
172307 [joench gmail] Thanks James, for your lucid explanation.

^ Re: formatting BigDecimal#sqrt
172276 [vanek acd.ne] yeah, it looks right.

^ Quick Regex Query
172280 [neowulf iine] Really quick one for the regex gurus...
+ 172288 [simon.chao g] why do the number of words matter? i thought you only needed the
+ 172300 [cyclists nc.] str = "User root from toronto-hs-216-138-233-211.s-ip.magma.ca not
+ 172322 [bob.news gmx] host_name = /from\s+(\S+)\s+not/ =~ s && $1
  172364 [florgro gmai] Tsk, those Perl guys... ;)
  + 172391 [neowulf iine] Thanks Guys,
  + 172645 [bob.news gmx] Ssshhh!  I'm trying to get over my Perl heritage but sometimes it still

^ Rubyforge project pickup?
172293 [greg.kujawa ] Lately I've been busy trying to immerse myself in a Smalltalk
172296 [marcoshack g] Yesterday I create a project called Net-SIP, a SIP stack
172299 [greg.kujawa ] You are dealing with VoIP (voice, video, etc. over IP) technology. My
172332 [marcoshack g] humm... ok, sorry by mistake.

^ read ruby's flag
172319 [beeplove gma] To read ruby's --verbose flag, I can read $VERBOSE from code,
172333 [rubydevelopm] -W0 -> nil

^ multithreaded file access
172320 [matiassurdi ] I've a class which is run by many threads at the same time.... this
+ 172329 [jellenchan g] Well, I think it's OK to do that.
| 172334 [ryansobol gm] Interesting examples, Jellen, but I don't think it answers Matias'
| 172371 [ilmari.heikk] [kig@jugend:~] cat fw_test.rbdef writer(i, fn, ok)  Thread.new{    t_str = "#{i}" * 65536    while ok.first      File.open(fn, 'a'){|f|        f.puts t_str      }    end  }end
| 172376 [ryansobol gm] Crafty test program.  Coincidentally, my results differ from yours.
| + 172379 [ilmari.heikk] Good! I thought it was odd that they seemed to be atomic..
| | 172385 [ryansobol gm] Regardless, the important thing is to know that it seems file IO via
| | 172392 [matiassurdi ] J. Ryan Sobol escribióº
| | + 172395 [ruby-forum-r] You should guard your critical section :) The simplest way
| | | 172420 [matiassurdi ] Thanks everyone for replying...
| | + 172451 [ryansobol gm] Pay special attention to the section on mutual exclusion.
| + 172457 [snowzone5 ho] i was in a similar situation.
+ 172738 [gwtmp01 mac.] On Posix file systems, writes to a file in append mode are
| 172770 [bob.news gmx] Apart from MT issues this code has serious different issues: you do not
+ 172744 [ysantoso-rub] Don't do this. It's not an atomic operation, either with buffered or

^ REXML -- Parsing doctypes (and some some bugs)
172343 [dharple gene] (1) How does one parse a doctype in REXML?

^ Re: [grammarians] Ruby Grammar
172345 [mental rydia] Oh, hey, cool!

^ Native cross-compiling (-packing) with GUI
172349 [ml marmaro.d] i'm brand new to Ruby, but i like what i've seen by now.
+ 172369 [florgro gmai] No trouble. You just need to find yourself a decent GUI. I've had good
+ 172448 [guslist free] I don't think it will be possible to cross-compile with RubyScript2Exe.
  172454 [google erikv] Indeed, cross-compiling with RubyScript2Exe is not possible.

^ Ruby faster than Python???
172352 [slitt earthl] I read somewhere that Ruby is quite a bit faster than Python. Is
+ 172356 [james graypr] I'm sure you could find special cases to favor either, but in general
+ 172358 [ryansobol gm] Someone posted this the other day.
+ 172363 [rubydevelopm] No. Generally speaking, Python is faster than Ruby.
| 172372 [jaco neottia] Current version (0.3.3) of YARV shows already a big boost on execution
| + 172378 [rubydevelopm] Definetely, Eric. I used the future tense "will be" to indicate the time
| + 172436 [chneukirchen] If it can run your code, that is...
+ 172387 [igouy yahoo.] ...