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^ Bruce Eckel and Ruby
171758 [hal9000 hype] <sigh>
+ 171760 [leavengood g] I agree with you completely.
| + 171777 [sigzero gmai] I think that if you think Bruce Eckel is threatened by Ruby then you
| | + 171796 [halostatue g] No, he's not, actually. I don't think he's threatened, but he's
| | + 171809 [hal9000 hype] I didn't say he was threatened. But I think "why" is ultimately a
| |   171831 [ptkwt aracne] Right, but Eckel seemed to be suggesting that one must use a much more
| + 171779 [cyclists nc.] You nailed it, Ryan. This has little (if anything) to do with
|   + 171781 [james graypr] I doubt there are very many professional programmers relying on a
|   | 171785 [jeff.darklig] Come on folks ...
|   | 172073 [perrin apoth] What's up with the "hate Perl and static languages" routine?  I like
|   | 172209 [penryu saiyi] I second.  Obviously Matz liked something about Perl enough for
|   + 171789 [jim weirichh] Mr. Eckel has written books and articles on C++, Java and Python.  In
|   | 171798 [cyclists nc.] With all due respect, Jim, I think it would be a mistake to overlook Mr.
|   | 171812 [jim weirichh] It would indeed be a mistake to overlook it, but I don't see the facts
|   | + 171817 [cyclists nc.] Well, never let it be said that I was foolish enough to argue with Jim
|   | | 171820 [jim weirichh] Sigh, now if I could only convince my kids of this.  :)
|   | + 172075 [perrin apoth] It looks to me like the way Eckel is approaching this, he sees what he
|   + 171800 [hutch recurs] Guys, this isn't a good path to follow. Bruce has been an asset to
|   | 171807 [halostatue g] Mr Eckel is not merely asking the question. He is asking the question
|   | + 171811 [bellarchitec] If you read that article a little carefully, Bruce Eckel is mad about
|   | | 171835 [ptkwt aracne] Indeed that would be awesome.  The more Ruby books the better.  And when
|   | + 171834 [ptkwt aracne] Oh, now that's going a bit over the top don't you think?  I would think that
|   |   + 171836 [hal9000 hype] Sure. But he's been railing against Ruby for five years now (unless I am
|   |   | 171839 [ptkwt aracne] I'm not expecting him to at this point, however I don't think we should post a
|   |   | + 171840 [hal9000 hype] I don't think anyone seriously suggested that.
|   |   | + 172097 [Szymon.Dreje] Bruce Eckel is just goodselling-books-maker rather than guru for coders.
|   |   + 171910 [halostatue g] would use and like Ruby, I'd want him in our camp. But based on reading
|   |     171919 [jim freeze.o] Does this get quote of the week?
|   + 172284 [snail objmed] <cyclists@nc.rr.com> writes
|     172308 [gwtmp01 mac.] At one level I understand this point of view.  But at the same time, how
|     + 172336 [snail objmed] gwtmp01@mac.com writes
|     | + 172337 [igouy yahoo.] Exactly! His time is more effectively spent elsewhere.
|     | + 172340 [blargity gma] And honestly, if the guy doesn't want to learn Ruby, that's fine, I certainly
|     | | 172346 [leavengood g] Yeah that is the thing: if you are happy with what you have and trying
|     | + 172357 [gwtmp01 mac.] It really scares me to hear that people don't have time to read.
|     |   + 172381 [perrin apoth] I couldn't agree more.
|     |   + 172386 [igouy yahoo.] Rather than yet more technical knowledge, the area that frequently
|     + 172565 [csferrell gm] Listen, people have lives outside of programming.  And not everybody is
|       172567 [gwtmp01 mac.] I was responding to the idea that the only reason to read or learn
+ 171764 [james_b neur] <muchGoodStuffElided/>
| 171766 [cribbsj oakw] Ruby kicks Cobol's ass!
| + 171780 [alang cronos] require 'inline'
| + 172077 [perrin apoth] So much for controversy.
+ 171794 [halostatue g] -austin
+ 171795 [mailing-list] Yes?
| 171799 [surrender_it] actually, I still think bustrofedic, or whatever it is spelled in
| 171920 [chneukirchen] I don't think the idea is as clever as you think, for example, how can
| + 171928 [hgs dmu.ac.u] The tactile writing system known as Moon was designed to work like
| | 171936 [Daniel.Berge] Except that I don't believe that he has tried it.  Not really.  I've
| + 172078 [perrin apoth] . . . and how useless is that, when pretty much all my "writing" is done
|   172166 [mailing-list] [stuff that I haven¡Çt written, and really doesn¡Çt relate to what I
|   172213 [perrin apoth] I hit "dd" one time too few, and an extra line was left in the email by
+ 171829 [lyndon.samso] An interesting article. I didn't read it as being con ruby. Just
+ 171877 [penryu saiyi] I'm tried both as well.  In fact, I was directed to ruby by
| + 172083 [perrin apoth] Glad ya think so.  I find it obnoxious, and it contributes to an
| | 172205 [penryu saiyi] Ok, to be fair, that "right" above is my opinion.
| + 172283 [snail objmed] <penryu@saiyix.ath.cx> writes
|   172483 [penryu saiyi] That wasn't evangelism. Just my opinion.  That my opinion
+ 172105 [snowzone5 ho] i usually get slammed for pointing out the following (my hatemail, and
+ 172106 [snowzone5 ho] i'll say. when one space too many or too few can mean time spent
  + 172127 [Stephen.L.Mo] Sorry, but I hate it when people attack the arguer instead of the
  | 172207 [penryu saiyi] I respect your sticking up for Bruce.
  | 172233 [mf chaboteng] The problem is that it's too easy to make up your own assumptions about
  | + 172278 [rdrake98 gma] Agreed. Fervently.
  | + 172482 [penryu saiyi] I know Bruce not at all, and have read only one book (TiCPP).
  + 172142 [slitt earthl] That's why I use tabs and only tabs for indentation, in any
    172149 [bob_showalte] Oh Lord, lets not go there... ;-)
    172153 [jeff.darklig] ha +1

^ oddity with block argument passing
171759 [grddev gmx.n] In my latest project, I was a bit surprised by the way arguments to
172224 [angus quovad] [Gustav Munkby <grddev@gmx.net>, 2005-12-20 21.40 CET]
172555 [grddev gmx.n] thanks for this explanation, now i really understand why there's a

^ Posted my newbie code
171765 [rosco roscop] Well, I've been playing with Ruby now for a couple of months, and I'm
+ 171787 [cyclists nc.] Thanks, Ross!
| 171810 [kibleur.chri] Very nice stuff to study, thanks a lot Roos.
+ 171813 [shadarach gm] Thanks alot Ross.....Do you mind if I add a link to my n00b blog about
| 171823 [rosco roscop] Sure, that'd be great. Thanks :)
| 171827 [shadarach gm] added :)
+ 171819 [acangiano gm] Ross,
| 171826 [rosco roscop] Thanks :) (to everyone too)
+ 171825 [ezmobius gma] Very cool Ross.

^ X-Chat Ruby
171771 [jrjung gmail] I have been looking all over for documentation on writing X-Chat scripts
171772 [jamis 37sign] Note that XChat-Ruby has not been updated in ages, and may not even
171773 [neil hakubi.] It works fine here.  I use it, using a combination of the included

^ Re: [grammarians] shortcut to self.class ?
171784 [mental rydia] I think what I'm going to do at this point is go ahead and start on
171786 [Daniel.Berge] Then ditch heredocs.  I can't think of a case where I desperately needed
+ 171791 [surrender_it] +1
+ 171814 [mental rydia] That's the point of doing a subset grammar to begin with -- we can leave
| 171824 [rosco roscop] Just to chime in, I have to agree on that - AFAIU the reason for wanting
+ 171941 [halostatue g] I use heredocs often. A grammar that doesn't support heredocs won't be
  171944 [ara.t.howard] agreed.  it's extremely difficult to do any serious metaprogramming without

^ DRbUndumped and Marshal
171790 [blargity gma] I'm using DRb with quite a few objects marked as DRbUndumped.  Some of these
171816 [james graypr] obj_to_share = DRbObject.new( my_object )  # will be shared by proxy

^ =~ vs match - Some benchmarks.
171797 [john.carter ] While profiling some code I noticed =~, String.match and Regexp.match
+ 171821 [wilsonb gmai] Huh. Interesting.  Why is
| + 171822 [agorilla gma] Thanks for running these, and posting them.  Wonder if there shouldn't
| | 171832 [nobuyoshi.na] No, the check is done at the compilation phase, so Resulted
| + 171841 [john.carter ] I suspect they are the same to within the experimental error. ie. No
+ 171890 [acangiano gm] Interesting test, John. :)

^ Test failures with snapshot
171804 [surrender_it] I was doing some small tests compiling the latest snapshot, and with

^ rexml - get raw xml of elements and text
171806 [ammon.christ] I'm aware that REXML's Element class can give me the elements or the text
+ 171808 [james_b neur] to_s ?
+ 172102 [gavin refine] irb(main):001:0> require 'rexml/document'

^ Does webrick support the http PUT command?
171818 [acechase gma] The subject line pretty much sums it up. I'm having trouble finding
171846 [rosco roscop] ===[server.rb]===

^ Port Knocking
171828 [sven.schott ] Has anyone seen (or written) any port knocking implementations in Ruby?
+ 171842 [caldridge gm] Pretty neat.. I was interested in doing this a while back but never
| 171849 [sven.schott ] Port knocking is normally TCP and UDP although there are a number of
| + 171855 [wilsonb gmai] Check out Timeout, part of the standard library.
| | 171868 [sven.schott ] Thanks for the tip. I've been wanting to implement a proper timeout.
| | 173105 [ dez mac.com] To dump packets to/from the loopback, you need to tell tcpdump to
| + 171869 [adelcambre g] If you are wanting to test, hping ( http://www.hping.org/ ) can send
+ 171902 [pabs pablotr] Probably.  I've been using Ruby more and more frequently in place of

^ The "ruby way" to break apart a name?
171830 [cohen.jeff g] Switching from C# to Ruby, and learning to write "the Ruby way"... is
+ 171833 [discordantus] ... where 0 and -1 are array indices.
+ 171837 [nobuyoshi.na] What should be returned if fullname has no space?
+ 171838 [dave burt.id] class String
+ 171870 [marcel verni] In Ruby you can open up any class and modify/extend it at any time. Even the
| 171887 [lyndon.samso] Well, you cant after String.freeze :-)
| + 171937 [cohen.jeff g] Thanks for the help, everyone.  All of the suggestions have been
| + 171987 [ruby-forum-r] Ha! Maybe you can  String = String.dup ! :)
+ 172006 [meta pobox.c] Well, I think the bigger issue is that your assumptions are wrong. :-)
  + 172016 [james graypr] Amen.  Names are much trickier than you think...
  | + 172113 [greg.kujawa ] I second that sentiment. I recall a college buddy of mine. His full
  | + 172117 [chneukirchen] Full Ack, James II.
  | | 172141 [lukfugl gmai] I thought that was a spoonerism at first and wondered what you had
  | + 172122 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  |   173522 [cohen.jeff g] HEY YOU GUYS! :-)  I was originally asking for the best way to return
  + 173538 [gerardo.sant] We had a similar problem at work.
    + 173562 [wilsonb gmai] This reminds me of U.S. street addresses.  I (on and off) do work that
    | + 173596 [chneukirchen] And what's the point of storing that in different fields?
    | | + 173603 [wilsonb gmai] One reason is to be able to say things like "Who else lives on the
    | | + 173716 [klancaster19] I'm working on a system that interfaces with a GIS mainframe system
    | + 173608 [blargity gma] De donde fue Texaco Viejo 1/2 C al E, 2 c al S
    |   173616 [wilsonb gmai] That's insane. You win. Wow.
    |   174347 [rm_rails che] Even in the US it gets tricky.  Consider what the US Postal Service
    + 173605 [slitt earthl] I've always wondered about this, both in Spanish names and American hyphenated
      173618 [gerardo.sant] This is the one.
      173623 [dca.gis gmai] And the only problems arise when one or both of paterno or materno is

^ problem with gem
171844 [beeplove gma] I am trying to make a gem package for one of my library that I am
171894 [jim weirichh] Sounds like you built the gem on a Ruby 1.8.3 system and are trying to
171940 [beeplove gma] Thanks a lot for your reply.
171954 [rosco roscop] I think there shouldn't be any need to do that just for the Yaml issue -

^ When are attr_reader type  methods called?
171847 [krishna.vive] I couldnt get a proper subject for the post but here is my question.
+ 171852 [phurley gmai] class Foo
| + 171854 [daniels pron] class A
| + 172087 [krishna.vive] Ok ..sorry for the wrong code.What I meant was do have a class
|   172092 [phurley gmai] ri Class
|   172099 [rosco roscop] I have a feeling you're not far from discovering Ruby magic  - stick with
+ 171861 [rosco roscop] It's top to bottom, as you'd expect. Does the following surprise you?

^ Merging two Word documents with Ruby?
171851 [denvermike c] I've got a bugger of a problem and I thought I'd toss it out there to
+ 171880 [gandalfmeist] Several points
| 171904 [denvermike c] Thanks for your thoughts on this Graham.  By "merge", I meant appending
| + 171929 [edder tkwspi] Microsoft word has something called a master document. Maybe you could
| + 171935 [wilsonb gmai] This can actually be extremely complex, because a named style (such as
| + 171999 [dca.gis gmai] If your documents are properly structured using styles (which is rare)
| + 172331 [groups grand] Does it still need to be a Word document when you're done? An entirely
|   172342 [dca.gis gmai] OpenOffice.org can do the .doc to pdf conversion. I like your idea very
|   172365 [groups grand] Probably. If you have a program that lets you overlay one PDF page on
|   175648 [dsisnero com] abiword can be used from the command line.  See http://
|   176148 [hari_k26 red] i have got  a doubt .hopeu guy can help
+ 171881 [edder tkwspi] The only way I see is to use openoffice. There must be a script
+ 171903 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
+ 171948 [marathoner s] If you have a choice, don't use Word document. Use RTF format instead.
+ 176019 [hari_k26 red] i have got  a doubt .hopeu guy can help

^ Rails DB convention info is a big fat secret??
171853 [groups grand] I started learning Ruby in part so I could do some web scripting, and
+ 171859 [daniels pron] Then off through the second "read more" to learn about associations.
+ 171860 [twifkak comc] My recommendation: Use DarwinPorts to install Ruby, RubyGems, and your
+ 171862 [wilsonb gmai] In general you'll have better luck on the Rails mailing list, but..

^ [OT] - Requesting Feedback on IEMP Definition
171856 [ilias lazari] Some of the reader may have wondered about the evaluation of Ruby early
172984 [ilias lazari] any feedback is welcome.

^ Help with object scope
171863 [listrecv gma] I'm having a really tough time with Ruby's scope (modules, include,
171871 [daniels pron] module M
171907 [listrecv gma] I see.
+ 171914 [cyclists nc.] A little bit of both, actually. Here's a good description of what a
+ 171921 [florgro gmai] A module is a set of instance methods and constants. It can either be
  172065 [listrecv gma] I see.

^ How are people making use of Iconv?
171864 [wilsonb gmai] Since Iconv jumped out of the pond and chewed on my leg the other
171885 [f andreas-s.] Well, that's all that Iconv is supposed to be used for.
171916 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
+ 171933 [wilsonb gmai] <snip interesting code>
| 171955 [pabs pablotr] can
+ 171969 [chneukirchen] Can't you just use //IGNORE?
  + 171970 [pabs pablotr] an=20
  + 171972 [pabs pablotr] an=20

^ Regex with multiple returns
171865 [listrecv gma] boringstuff(returnthisplease)notthis(butthis)dontwantthis(butIdowantthisnomatterhowmanyparenthiesisthereare)
+ 171866 [daniels pron] "boringstuff(returnthisplease)notthis(butthis)dontwantthis(butIdowantthi
+ 171884 [bob.news gmx] boringstuff(returnthisplease)notthis(butthis)dontwantthis(butIdowantthisno
  171899 [w_a_x_man ya] p "junk(keep)trash(this)detritus(text)".scan(/\((.*?)\)/).flatten

^ Re: How do I do this in ruby?
171867 [Russty01 aol] I wasn't prepared for the volume of email this listserv delivers so I need

^ Ruby - Any help
171872 [kjb witty.co] - I was just wondering if there is any where planned for indepth advice/
+ 171873 [admin turbow] set up for this exact purpose - There arent many posts I dont think but
+ 171874 [james_b neur] Right here at ruby-talk.

^ Ruby Weekly News 12th - 18th December 2005
171878 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 12th - 18th December 2005

^ Multibyte regexps...
171882 [hsanson moeg] I am having some issues with regular expressions when working with japanese
+ 171889 [chesschintan] l =~ /s/   ??
+ 171898 [matz ruby-la] The encoding seems to be Shift_JIS. You have to specify encoding
  172533 [hsanson moeg] Thanks a lot...  this seems to work ok.
  172534 [hsanson moeg] I found some documentation about this. Thanks.

^ Best lexer/parser for Ruby language itself
171888 [anatol.pomoz] I need to do following thing: I have some program on ruby and I would like

^ A interesting obervation about object_id method
171891 [hankgong gma] #integer
+ 171892 [chesschintan] puts "For String"
+ 171896 [setrodox use] [SNIP]
+ 171900 [dandiebolt y] Anyone else notice that the object_id of an integer (at least for Fixnum) is twice the integer plus 1?
| 171998 [drbrain segm] Using pointers to odd memory addresses a common way of representing
+ 171905 [twifkak comc] That's because Fixnums are "immediate." So are Symbols. It's a
  172011 [ruby-forum-r] Even without going to implementation details, the code