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^ [OT?] Subversion on RubyForge
171562 [tom infoethe] Thought folks might be interested in this analysis of Subversion usage
171574 [setrodox use] Link looks broken.
171582 [perrin apoth] The line wrapped at the letter L.  Just make sure it ends in .html
171588 [setrodox use] Thanks, works now.

^ how to use a proc like a method
171577 [hochherz inf] is there a way to use a proc like a method?
171585 [lukfugl gmai] # ------------ 8< ------------
171590 [lukfugl gmai] # ------------ 8< ------------
171607 [gwtmp01 mac.] This doesn't seem quite accurate to me.  The expression generated
171619 [lukfugl gmai] That's very true and accurate. Thanks for the clarification. My

^ is there a way to use a proc like a method?
171578 [hochherz inf] is there a way to use a proc like a method?
+ 171584 [pit capitain] class A
+ 171587 [rosco roscop] def do(mproc)
| 171641 [twifkak comc] BTW, a more common way in the Ruby world to do the sort of thing it
+ 171601 [jeff opendbm] a=proc{@av=111} #something different
  171603 [jeff opendbm] But apparently this doesn't work in practice, scratch that, hehe.

^ Very new to Ruby--needs help
171593 [smankan ueid] Dear Ruby Gurus,
171620 [ruby-forum-r] What is in the .lib file?
171679 [smankan ueid] Dear Eero,
171690 [smankan ueid] Dear Eero,
+ 171691 [cyclists nc.] The "require" statement loads Ruby extensions, either those written in
+ 171694 [phurley gmai] Is abc.dll the dll associated with power32.lib? Or just an example. I
  171706 [smankan ueid] Thank you Timothy and Patrick, I got the answer to what I am looking

^ Blog for Ruby
171594 [shadarach gm] At the request of a friend of mine, I am doing a blog as I learn to
+ 171697 [snowzone5 ho] you need to open up the comments so people don't have to register :)
| 171705 [shadarach gm] oh, whoops :)  Im pretty new to the whole blogging thing hehe..
| 171742 [jgbailey gma] Not Found
+ 171704 [phurley gmai] I cannot register as your system is not forwarding a password (not

^ status of ruby .net compilers
171596 [jgraham maji] Who is currently working on creating a ruby compiler for .net
171613 [tanner.burso] I have nothing to add other than I would also like to know the status :)

^ Help on Simple Search
171608 [ggbrown mac.] Hey there,
171621 [ruby-forum-r] P <snip/>

^ Names (Was: Re: ruby-dev summary 27761-28026)
171616 [drbrain segm] How does an options hash remove the problem of finding a good name?

^ conflict between active record and Log4R
171623 [phil.swenson] I recently added some activerecord code to a stand-alone application
171659 [capitain gma] I think the activerecord use Ruby's Inner Logger to overwrite the

^ Singleton class - instance or class variables?
171624 [caleb aei-te] When using a singleton class (one that includes Singleton, not an
+ 171627 [ruby-forum-r] I would recommend using class instance variables,
+ 171629 [vjoel path.b] another approach to consider is using a dependency injection framework.
+ 171631 [ara.t.howard] inheritence will break with either.

^ Posting Forms
171626 [galizur gmai] Posting forms looks like it should be easy with Ruby 1.8.3 and

^ Best way to upgrade from 1.8.2 to 1.8.4 on Linux?
171628 [javachalleng] I have installed from source Ruby in the folder /usr/lib/ruby-1.8.2/.
171634 [ruby-forum-r] If you plan on having multiple supported installations,

^ Re: Puby 1.0 Release!
171632 [hcatlin gmai] It does have a nice zing to it.

^ Best way to upgrade from 1.8.2 to 1.8.4 on Linux?
171633 [javachalleng] I have installed from source Ruby in the folder /usr/lib/ruby-1.8.2/.

^ Fwd: [QUIZ] RRobots (#59)
171636 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ ADV: Share the (Ruby) love...
171642 [dave pragpro] ...

^ ADV: Share the (Ruby) love (take 2)
171645 [dave pragpro] Looking for that last minute Christmas present for someone special?

^ [SOLUTION] Robot
171646 [ef alum.mit.] Here's my robot.  The coolest part is the predictive tracker, which
171703 [ef alum.mit.] I guess since filenames are significant I should have attached it

^ Replacing single quotes and backslashes in strings
171649 [phil pricom.] People,
171655 [logancapaldo] str = %q{du phil'sfile_name}
171661 [phil pricom.] Logan,
171670 [logancapaldo] Well, since `` invokes your shell you have to sort of "double-escape"

^ iterate chars in a string
171653 [piccionevola] I'm a ruby newbie, and I'm searching for a way to iterate every char in
+ 171654 [logancapaldo] The usual idiom is str.split(//).each do |character|
| + 171656 [piccionevola] Thank you very much! I did it :)
| | 171658 [botp delmont] #I'm a ruby newbie, and I'm searching for a way to iterate
| | 171662 [logancapaldo] Careful, a character isn't necessarily a byte in length. You gotta be
| | 171663 [botp delmont] #Careful, a character isn't necessarily a byte in length. You gotta be
| + 171668 [discordantus] String#scan with a block is lighter weight, and less wordy:str.scan(/./) do |character|  # stuffend
|   171674 [logancapaldo] str = "Hello\nWorld"
|   171769 [florgro gmai] Heh, good point. Thanks for mentioning this. I think this might be quite
|   171770 [hawkman.gelo] 0.upto(string.length-1) do |n|
|   + 171774 [leavengood g] 1. Generally in Ruby internal iterators (i.e. each, each_byte, etc.)
|   + 171776 [james graypr] You mean besides the fact that it's not very Rubyish?  <laughs>
+ 171664 [dandiebolt y] "hello world".each_byte{|i| puts "%c" % i}
+ 171778 [bob_showalte] puts "Yep!" if str.include?("X")
| 171782 [leavengood g] In case anyone is curious, the above just uses scan(/./m), and is even
+ 171783 [lyndon.samso] a="123"
  + 171788 [jeff.darklig] a.split( // ).each { |c| puts c }
  | 171801 [janchrister.] each_char should beat the current leader as b.chr is not needed.
  | 171805 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think that is true.  The semantics of each_byte are quite clear
  + 184873 [bob.news gmx] a.length.times {|i| puts a[i].chr}
    184876 [kevin.jackso] or even
    184878 [bob.news gmx] We had that already: your version ignores newlines. :-)
    + 184883 [kevin.jackso] So it does!  Well I learnt something anyway :)
    | 184886 [dave burt.id] a.scan(/./m) {|c| p c }  # m is for multi-line
    + 184899 [james graypr] => true
      184932 [robert.dober] "I am puzzled".each_byte do |b| puts "%c" % b ;end
      + 184979 [noone nowher] "I am puzzled".each_byte { |b| puts b.chr }
      | 184982 [Daniel.Berge] Modifying String#to_a to return an array of characters has been brought
      | + 185000 [robert.dober] Mike I really agree, I *was* expecting that behavior from "each" too, some
      | | 185053 [jogloran gma] The thing I don't like about this behaviour is that an algorithm which
      | | + 185059 [bob.news gmx] That's not true.  It just depends on what you consider to be the parts
      | | | + 185061 [robert.dober] Would it not be nice to simply extend the behavior of String#each e.g. like
      | | | | 185064 [bob.news gmx] Please don't top post.
      | | | | 185065 [robert.dober] Sorry Robert but I do not think I made myself too clear
      | | | | 185068 [rossrt rosco] Duck typing?
      | | | | 185073 [noone nowher] Maybe a little off the topic, but I still think it would be pretty nifty if
      | | | | 185079 [dave burt.id] I believe Ruby 1.9 (experimental) has this feature.
      | | | + 185063 [ mfp acm.org] Besides,
      | | + 185080 [ruby anthrop] } The thing I don't like about this behaviour is that an algorithm which
      | + 185085 [transfire gm] <i>Modifying String#to_a to return an array of characters has been
      |   185087 [dblack wobbl] Another lib might change *anything* on you :-)  We all have to trust
      |   185089 [transfire gm] Of course, but the behavior of String#each is not a good context to
      |   + 185092 [dblack wobbl] Well... I'd rather rule out global modification as a response to
      |   | 185124 [transfire gm] What other kind of features would one be inclined to modify?
      |   + 185093 [robert.dober] Sorry for the doubletons, I am working on it :(
      + 185083 [transfire gm] each_bytes is not a good way to do this, btw. It will not remain

^ [ANN] Object Database Access v 1.0 released
171657 [hwyss ywesee] ODBA is an unintrusive Object Cache system. It adresses the crosscutting
+ 171666 [hwyss ywesee] Oops. Where can you get it?
| 171667 [botp delmont] #http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/odba/
| + 171673 [hwyss ywesee] One of the major problems of using a relational database when coding in
| + 171875 [hwyss ywesee] Botp
+ 171687 [vanek acd.ne] Interesting.
  171695 [hwyss ywesee] Lou
  171709 [vanek acd.ne] Thanks.

^ gem install mysql error
171669 [javachalleng] gem install mysql
171672 [caleb aei-te] Do you have the mysql client libraries installed?
171676 [javachalleng] I have mysql server installed. Where do I get the "client" libraries?
171683 [hcatlin gmai] Java,
171693 [caldridge gm] you dont need to install the mysql gem for rails... just configure
171698 [javachalleng] Thank you guys. I will try once I get home and let you know.

^ Nitro Screencasts
171671 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
+ 171684 [jim freeze.o] What exactly am I supposed to see here?
| 171685 [jim freeze.o] Ok, Firefox seems to work. Wonder why Safari doesn't.
| 171688 [george.mosch] Haven't tested with Safari, I have no access to a Mac (waiting for the
| + 171702 [logancapaldo] Shiira 1.1 here (WebKit based browser). It did take a little while to
| + 171737 [ezmobius gma] Works fine in Safari for me. Nice job George.
+ 171707 [pat.eyler gm] Very nice.   I'm convinced enough to go and build a toy with Nitro to
| 171712 [george.mosch] Go ahead!
| + 171716 [pat.eyler gm] I didn't mean to imply that Nitro was a toy.   It's just that I
| | 171718 [george.mosch] thanks :) I would also suggest that you join the mailing list. There
| + 171717 [jeff.darklig] ... So is Rails, and the thing that helped build it's user base as a 10
|   171719 [george.mosch] Be assured, there will be more screencasts. However, I plan to
|   171727 [pat.eyler gm] Make sure you get both the high end and the low end.  I'd love to see
|   171876 [george.mosch] Ok, will do an AJAX demonstration next week. Ajax effects are so easy
|   171879 [jeff.darklig] George,
+ 171857 [m.fellinger ] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 171953 [jgbailey gma] Impressive! I've looked at Nitro before but did not get the sense it
  172086 [george.mosch] Of course it works. Moreover, the underlying scaffolder handles

^ [ANN] Ferret mailing list mirror on www.ruby-forum.com
171675 [f andreas-s.] Andreas

^ anti-xss library for ruby?
171678 [csshsh gmail] Does anybody know a ruby anti-xss library that passes all the cases
171762 [florgro gmai] I've been an advocate of whitelisting before, but after reading this I

^ Ruby on Rails
171699 [mjs_ops gmx.] I have installed the ruby and the MVC ruby on rails for developing of
171722 [zoso foton.e] =20
171725 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find

^ ruby -r profile gives wrong percentage?
171700 [javachalleng] I am using Windows, and I was testing the profiler with the simple
171710 [bob.news gmx] Yes.  Some figures are cumulative.  This confused me in the beginning,
171745 [ruby-ml magi] Specifically it is taking nesting of method calls into account.
171883 [bob.news gmx] ruby -r profile -e 'def foo() 5000.times { puts "x" } end; foo'

^ Bruce Eckel wouldn't know why to switch from Python to Ruby
171708 [cyberco gmai] Bruce Eckel (author of amongst other popular books 'Thinking in Java')
+ 171713 [bob.news gmx] Thanks for the interesting read!
| 171720 [dbalmain.ml ] I've done some programming in Python. I have to say that it's really
+ 171721 [sigzero gmai] I don't think he has "doubts" about someone switching. He wants to see
| 171848 [twifkak comc] me. I choose not to get involved in the conversation. Other people
| 171895 [surrender_it] just to say for..in is delegated to a method in python too, and they
| 171897 [daniel.schie] That's so cool. We need that. Now. Generally, though, I think Python's
+ 171735 [slitt earthl] I'm nowhere near a Python expert (nor a Ruby one) but I'll tell you
| 171792 [surrender_it] OTOH encapsulation may be considered better in python since you can be
+ 171744 [rcoder gmail] Eckel's article is getting pretty long in the tooth at this point -- I
| + 171749 [jamis 37sign] Excellent comparison, Lennon. Thanks for taking the time to post this.
| + 171793 [surrender_it] I think you'have been away from python far too long, recent python (3 or
|   + 171802 [doug00 gmail] Properties in python don't work with subclasses, however.
|   | + 171803 [doug00 gmail] That should have been
|   | + 172100 [snowzone5 ho] is it just me or did that ruby code look a lot cleaner?
|   |   172150 [surrender_it] I think everyone can agree :)
|   |   + 172155 [jeff.darklig] ... be careful, you're gonna bring down the python coding police ...
|   |   | 172228 [surrender_it] you're absolutely right, but in my defense I can say that I did write
|   |   + 172159 [perrin apoth] Argh.  It looks unfinished.  It's asymmetrical, and not in a beautiful
|   |     172227 [surrender_it] de gustibus non est disputandum
|   |     172229 [perrin apoth] Um.  Okay?
|   |     + 172266 [bob.news gmx] We Germans say "◊√er GeschmÁńker kann man streiten" - interestingly enough
|   |     + 172298 [phurley gmai] In matters of taste there can be no dispute.
|   |       172309 [slitt earthl] Is de gustibus non est disputandum Italian, Latin or something else?
|   |       + 172314 [jeff.darklig] latin.
|   |       + 172326 [phurley gmai] Oops that was supposed to be four years of high school latin :-)
|   + 171964 [rcoder gmail] Thanks for reminding me -- I have indeed been away from Python since
+ 171748 [matt technor] I'm not sure that Ruby really is so much better than Python that a Python
| 171752 [perrin apoth] Keep in mind that I'm an absolute non-expert in both Ruby and Python
+ 172098 [snowzone5 ho] ruby has one thing going for it that python doesn't: ruby's oo doesn't

^ [Article] Ruby off the Rails
171711 [stonelists g] My CTO sent me this artile he found.  I sold him on Ruby a few months back

^ RubyPlanet.NET is up and running
171723 [mark.watson ] I would like to thank the people who sent in links to their Ruby
+ 171731 [jonsmirl gma] Have you considered using the Planet aggregator?
| 171733 [mark.watson ] Thanks Jon - I had not seen planetplanet.org before. I already have 4
| 171739 [drewmills gm] I like the notion of a Ruby aggregator.  I use the LISP aggregator (Planet
| 171740 [mark.watson ] ...
+ 171741 [james_b neur] James Britt

^ Shelve module in Ruby?
171724 [bryanweather] I'm fairly new to Ruby and I was wondering if there was a module that
+ 171728 [james graypr] Ruby comes with Marshal and YAML, which sounds like what you are
| 172007 [vjoel path.b] If you want something like PStore, but with both thread- and
+ 171730 [phurley gmai] require 'yaml'
+ 171732 [steve waits.] Also check out [Madeleine][1] in addition to the other suggestions.
  171755 [bryanweather] Thank you all for your speedy responses.  YAML appears to be precisely

^ [ANN] apt-sary-0.1
171726 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract
172868 [usenet ruby-] Brilliant idea, thanks!
+ 172873 [perrin apoth] What exactly does that bit of obfu do?
| + 172947 [nohmad gmail] Something like obfuscator generator?
| + 172972 [usenet ruby-] As suggested, it generates obfuscated code that outputs a given string,
+ 172899 [rubikitch ru] Please try this patch.
  172971 [usenet ruby-] that's about what I did myself, and it works fine. So as it seems you

^ Difficulty opening a socket
171729 [mr.ra88it gm] I write this with some trepidation because it is probably a simple
+ 171738 [caleb aei-te] Is there something listening on port 8080 on your local machine.  Sockets are
| 171750 [vanek acd.ne] telnet localhost 8080
+ 171751 [bob_showalte] OK, that means no process is accepting connections on port 8080. What
  171754 [mr.ra88it gm] Thanks, everyone.
  171756 [bob_showalte] It's fine. We just couldn't figure out what you're tying to do.
  + 171757 [bob_showalte] Er, I mean go to another window and run the *client*
  + 171763 [mr.ra88it gm] Thanks again, Bob et al. It works! I appreciate your help...
  + 171775 [bingopajama ] I just started w/ Ruby myself (really digging it so far).

^ Unix is not an *I*DE (Was: Any TextMate Editor equivelent for Windows ?)
171743 [ jupp gmx.de] To quote Sting's famous song "Russians": I don's subscribe to this
171746 [perrin apoth] Since I'm pretty well dedicated to vim as my primary editor, the same
171747 [gregory.t.br] Am i the only one that thinks Linux and IDE should not be in the same sentance?
171753 [perrin apoth] I guess that depends on how you mean that.
171767 [gregory.t.br] The power of GNU/Linux lies in the very fact that it is NOT an IDE.
+ 171845 [caldridge gm] ...
+ 172067 [perrin apoth] That depends on what you mean by "integrated".  I mean "integrated" in
  172080 [gregory.t.br] My only point is that it does not make sense in the terms of what the
  172160 [perrin apoth] I made an off-hand comment.  You told me how I was wrong, at great