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ruby on rails training
171371 [twa@po t. om] ...

PDF::Writer / adding content
171374 [vonameln@as ] I am using Austin Ziegler's PDF::Writer to create invoices, which works pretty

Better way to read data from IO into packets?
171378 [levin@gr nd ] [0x65, 0xEB, <type:8>, <counter:8>, <length:8>, data:length>, <crc:16>]
171431 [vjoel@pa h. ] s = io.sysread(5)
+ 171484 [bob.news@gm ] Why do you use sysread?  I'd prefer to use #read in this case - I don't
| 171543 [vjoel@pa h. ] You're right. I was thinking about readchar, which the op used and I
| 171617 [levin@gr nd ] A packet always starts with the two bytes "\x65\xEB", everything elseresets the state machine.
+ 171614 [levin@gr nd ] Because the application may be started in the middle of a packet orthe stream may be corrupted due to transmission errors.
  171650 [bob.news@gm ] Why not just use a regexp to verify the initial sequence and use their

Ruby and XML, validation and DOM
171385 [thenews-NON_] I've started to learn Ruby  two days ago and it's fantastic! :-)
+ 171391 [rosco@ro co ] Not that this is much help right now, but I am working on on some basic
| 171470 [rosco@ro co ] It's quite basic but it has the all-important 'what methods does it have'
| 171506 [thenews-NON_] I want to thank all for their answers, I've tried Rexml and I like
+ 171395 [dcorbin@ma h] I don't think it validates, so this may not help, but Rexml is a *great* API
+ 171396 [gavin@re in ] I highly recommend REXML for creating the DOM tree and working with

ANN: eric 3.8.1 released
171388 [detlev@di -o] this is to inform you about the release of eric 3.8.1. This is just a

who develops ruby
171394 [doug00@gm il] Where can people get involved in following ruby's development, and/or
+ 171393 [doug00@gm il] Nevermind, I see ruby-core.
+ 171397 [dblack@wo bl] You can join the ruby-core mailing list (same admin setup up as this

Re: Removing parts from a file
171404 [trashcan@ho ] Said like this, i don't think it is possible as it is not related to the
171405 [rubyforum@ik] No not really... It's a large amount of text, all under eachother.
+ 171409 [gwtmp01@ma .] In general, no.  I'm answering from the perspective of a typical
| 171432 [johannes.fri] Sorry, have to agree with the other respondents.
| 171438 [ruby-forum-r] You could read the files in small blocks or line per
+ 171454 [cballowe@gm ] Hmmm... not a general solution, but depending on the specific
  171456 [gwtmp01@ma .] Reasonable idea.
  171459 [cballowe@gm ] nah... it would require filesystem interfaces to the block mapping in
  + 171460 [gwtmp01@ma .] uh, yep.
  | 171492 [johannes.fri] Windows has block sizes too, but File.stat(...).blksize returns nil.
  + 171461 [ara.t.howard] if your records are fixed size you'd be mad to takle this application without

windows - how to control XP control panels: network setting
171406 [itsme213@ho ] I want to write a script to toggle my wireless and wired connections ON/OFF.
+ 171417 [james_b@ne r] * Go to MSDN
+ 171425 [leslie@ca ar] The second edition of the Pickaxe book has some info on calling the

Any TextMate Editor equivelent for Windows  ?
171410 [Roseanna80@h] I am looking for a decent Ruby and RAILs editor.  (JEdit is not really
+ 171415 [james_b@ne r] Not very  optimistic, are you?
| + 171418 [gene.tani@gm] There's been lots of positive discussions about lots of editors in
| + 171433 [perrin@ap th] Care to share any details?
| | + 171440 [gregory.t.br] When I'm on windows the first thing I do is install MSys/MingGW.
| | | + 171445 [vjoel@pa h. ] There are also the gnu-win32 tools, which give you the usual
| | | + 171449 [perrin@ap th] I was wondering what sort of scripts, et cetera, you use to round out
| | |   171462 [gregory.t.br] How much more do you need?  Maybe you should be asking about featurs
| | |   171488 [perrin@ap th] "I'm looking for ideas".  That's all.  A mention of using vim with some
| | + 171451 [james_b@ne r] I have a few vim macros/mappings that insert text for common situations,
| |   171453 [perrin@ap th] As am I.  Thanks for the run-down: that was much the sort of information
| + 171520 [Roseanna80@h] Thanks for all the posts.  Lots of useful tips on various tools, shells
|   + 171523 [fxn@ha hr f.] Well, someone mentioned Eclipse + RadRails, if Eclipse is something
|   + 171527 [james@gr yp ] Well, Ruby grew up on Unix.  That an it's just a good mindset.  ;)
|   | 171529 [shadarach@gm] I know that for myself I have somewhat dedicated the last few days, along
|   | 171564 [perrin@ap th] I always just kinda figured that Linux *is* my IDE.
|   + 171615 [xmitchx@gm i] Why do you need a big IDE? I just use editpad lite (for the tabbed file
|   + 171630 [nightphotos@] I'm a big fan of Visual Studio.  The closest thing I've been able to find
|     172789 [Roseanna80@h] Wayne
+ 171422 [marcel@ve ni] Although probably a more "heavyweight", the RadRails IDE (build on top of
| 172161 [dan@da ko n.] Based on this thread, I downloaded RadRails last night.  After several
| 172257 [chesschintan] ...
| 172290 [wilsonb@gm i] %Q!
| 172325 [phurley@gm i] Arachno handles it correctly
+ 171622 [wilsonb@gm i] I've used UltraEdit for a long time, and it's a great editor. It has
| 171644 [setrodox@us ] I'm also a Vim user, but without cream. But Vim isn't my only editor. I
| + 171651 [logancapaldo] ...
| | 171677 [setrodox@us ] ...
| | 171701 [logancapaldo] hey, thanks!
| + 171734 [wilsonb@gm i] This looks really interesting, but the install process is truly
|   171761 [setrodox@us ] I don't have windows. But on linux it was done in 1 minute.
|   171768 [wilsonb@gm i] Yeah, it just has some dependencies on things that don't exist on
+ 172634 [jussij@ze se] It does code folding, class browsing and syntax highlighting

Re: [SPAM DETECT] Any TextMate Editor equivelent for Windows  ?
171411 [fxn@ha hr f.] Eclipse + RadRails is a good environment and is portable, check out

Newbie: require 'filename'  - undefined local variable or method...
171419 [grehom@nt wo] myhash = { "a" => "ay", "b" => "bee", "c" => "sea" }
+ 171423 [broderson@gm] The exact details of why this I'm not familiar w/ but it is a scope
+ 171424 [gene.tani@gm] this is a common gotcha, ruby doesn't include "." in $LOAD_PATH, which
+ 171427 [ezmobius@gm ] load 'stuff'
| 171441 [grehom@nt wo] Thanks Gene and Ezra, I tried your suggestions but with no luck.  I
| + 171442 [ezmobius@gm ] Yeah I was wrong in thinking that load would load local vars. So like
| | 171446 [vjoel@pa h. ] [~/tmp] cat >a.rb
| | 171458 [ezmobius@gm ] Shows what I get for typing b.rb into irb instead of making it a real
| + 171443 [ruby-ml@ma i] I think there may be a problem with the gateway again..
+ 171436 [vjoel@pa h. ] Local vars are scoped to the file they are defined in, when you use
  171444 [grehom@nt wo] Thanks Joel, that worked but it's way different from a number of
  171450 [ruby-talk@wh] new design and the German and French editions of the Guide.
  171483 [grehom@nt wo] Thanks _why,

Unescaped text in REXML
171426 [farrel.lifso] I'm writing a small app that will be generating HTML programatically
+ 171430 [ruby-forum-r] I think this is what Ara Howard was battling a few
| 171434 [farrel.lifso] That worked! Thanks a stack!
| 171435 [farrel.lifso] Although I removed the 'm' at the end of the illegal parameter. It
+ 171437 [james_b@ne r] <script type="text/javascript">

Re: Newbie: require 'filename'  - undefined local variable o
171428 [ruby-forum-r] myhash is a local variable in stuff.rb and will thus not

End matching -- my solution
171429 [slitt@ea th ] In the end, my solution was to use Vim's marker folding. I enclosed

Writing to ferret index from multiple processes
171439 [f@an re s- .] what do I have to do to be able to write a ferret index from multiple
171463 [dbalmain.ml@] Can you show me some more code? How are you creating the index?
+ 171475 [f@an re s- .] Oops. I am indeed using :create => true. I forgot that I set it because
+ 171477 [f@an re s- .] Oops. I am indeed using :create => true. I forgot that I set it because
  171487 [dbalmain.ml@] I'm not to sure about this one. Are you by any chance explicitely
  171497 [f@an re s- .] No.
  171514 [dbalmain.ml@] Hey Andreas,
  171548 [f@an re s- .] I have checked it in.
  171550 [f@an re s- .] Btw, I tried it again on another machine, and couldn't reproduce the
  171625 [dbalmain.ml@] This is what I would expect to happen. What machine where you running

How to know if a method is read-write or read-only
171447 [transfire@gm] I've now come across a second usecase for knowing if a method is
+ 171452 [johannes.fri] I assume you mean methods that are property getters/setters, along the
+ 171495 [daniel.schie] Do you want to know if a method changes its object's state? In that
  171815 [transfire@gm] Thanks Daniel. That's an interesting approach --probably the best

[ANN] Rant 0.5.4
171448 [langstefan@g] Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,

shortcut to self.class ?
171465 [mreed@th re ] Without writing my own alias, is there an easy way to get the class of
+ 171467 [ara.t.howard] class Object
+ 171499 [daniel.schie] I think it's a good idea to allow `class' to be called from within
| 171540 [surrender_it] +1, but I wonder if this may be a limitation of the parser
| + 171544 [daniel.schie] Probably. I'm getting a bit fed up with the current parser, it seems to
| | 171565 [mental@ry ia] Ter's still learning Ruby and I'm still learning ANTLR.
| + 171558 [mental@ry ia] You could do it with some work, I think, but it'd make the grammar
|   171569 [mental@ry ia] Well, I take that back, sort of.  You've got to do lookahead for <
+ 171567 [hawkman.gelo] ...

:: without a prefix (global?)
171472 [listrecv@gm ] I've found some cases where things don't work correctly unless they're
+ 171473 [drbrain@se m] The constant Circle at toplevel.
| 171637 [listrecv@gm ] Thanks.
+ 171501 [daniel.schie] `::' will take you to the top level.

Thread specific singleton's
171478 [listrecv@gm ] How do I make a thread specific Singleton?
+ 171485 [bob.news@gm ] Thread.current[:my_singleton_id] ||= whatever_creation_expression
+ 171486 [logancapaldo] def thread_singleton()

Is there any chemistry-related ruby application?
171481 [lordmiss@gm ] I searched newsgroup and googled but find no chemistry-related ruby
+ 171715 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Regards,
+ 171850 [masa@ir is s] "ChemRuby" project has been funded and under development.
+ 172123 [srinivas.j@s] Dear all,
  + 172148 [jeff.darklig] ...
  + 172773 [srinivas.j@s] Dear all,

How do I do this in ruby?
171490 [kishor.gurtu] I am trying to write a script that downloads my web server statistics
+ 171491 [bob.news@gm ] That question is probably better answered in a SQL Server related news
| + 171493 [piet.haderma] One that downloads the stats to your local db.
| + 171647 [kishor.gurtu] Thanks guys. This was a great help. Guess I will try using DTS - it was
+ 171494 [jeff.darklig] ...
  171500 [demmer12@fa ] My team has just begun writing a few data manipulation scripts in

Fosdem, dev room
171496 [riboulet@gm ] Since there wasn't a lot of replies to my previous mails and that all

TheYAML change the id of Object
171502 [andrea.regin] I'm using an hash object and i use a Termine Object for the key and, for
171509 [logancapaldo] You need to overload the == operator and the hash method.
+ 171512 [andrea.regin] Thank for your help... this is that I need...
+ 171513 [rosco@ro co ] I was playing around with this, and now I'm doubly worried I have a bug,
  + 171515 [decoux@mo lo] An hash use #hash and #eql?, not #==
  | 171518 [rosco@ro co ] Ahh, there it goes :) Thanks kindly.
  + 171517 [logancapaldo] As ts already mentioned, you missed the eql? part. Me aliasing it to
    171519 [rosco@ro co ] Yes, I see. If I move your alias to after the definition, or just

my RRobots submission
171505 [maurizio.mon] ...

Purpose of Ruby Talk
171521 [shadarach@gm] Is there a clear cut purpose for ruby-talk, or can most any ruby topic
+ 171525 [daniel.cedil] As far as I know, it just has to be related to ruby. There's another
+ 171573 [perrin@ap th] As far as I can tell, there's no specific topic focus to ruby-talk --
  171583 [james_b@ne r] Application or library-specific questions are best directed to a group
  + 171586 [perrin@ap th] Agreed.  I've seen only one LUG and one website (perlmonks.org) that
  | 171589 [rosco@ro co ] Just to say, I've been honestly amazed by how welcoming and friendly
  + 171599 [trashcan@ho ] I thank you very much!
    171680 [hcatlin@gm i] Well, I hate you all.... *grumble*, *grumble*, *grumble*.

ruby-dev summary 27761-28026
171528 [ko1@at ot ne] This is ruby-dev summary 27761-28026.
+ 171538 [vjoel@pa h. ] This would be helpful for extension writers. Would the method take a
| 171542 [ara.t.howard] i really, really prefer an options based approach to these kinds of things.
| 171553 [drbrain@se m] YAGNI
| 171554 [vjoel@pa h. ] YAGN what? GC.always or an options hash?
| 171561 [drbrain@se m] Somebody needs GC.always to help with debugging.  The options hash
| 171602 [ara.t.howard] i disagree.  this thread shows that, had the original interface been option
+ 171575 [ptkwt@ar cn ] So basically, the current method compares the magnitude of the complex numbers

RubyPlanet.NET: please submit URLs for Ruby blog feeds
171530 [mark.watson@] yet another resource for Ruby programmers. The main component of the
+ 171531 [shadarach@gm] Check my sig for mine, which is for complete n00blets, such as myself,
| 171696 [snowzone5@ho] just read your ide comment on komodo...
+ 171535 [james_b@ne r] There's a list of bloggers along the left side.
+ 171545 [chneukirchen] Do you know planetruby.0x42.net?
+ 171736 [ml.chibbs@gm] I see you've already got my blog on there... cool!

bug in remove_entry_secure
171532 [colin@br am ] undefined method `fu_world_writable?' for FileUtils:Module

Dumb question concerning ruby 1.8.2 and 1.8.3
171533 [oliver.andri] I will use the holidays to do my first real steps with Rails. No toying
171534 [james@gr yp ] You're probably fine.  1.8.3 originally broke Rails (and Rake, I
+ 171541 [surrender_it] was'nt the problem about using gems made with ruby-X with ruby-Y ?
| 171547 [james@gr yp ] Pretty much, yes.  But since RubyForge is currently running < 1.8.3,
| 171560 [oliver.andri] Many thanks for the information. This gives me a much better feeling for
+ 171681 [slitt@ea th ] Do you think 1.8.4 will be less problematic?
  171686 [james@gr yp ] Yes, the patch was applied last night to fix the YAML issue.

vim-ruby installation
171539 [dylans@gm il] I've read though a bunch of the vim-ruby posts in this group, and
+ 171571 [penryu@sa yi] The vim-ruby set of vim configuration files do not change the
+ 171572 [trashcan@ho ] It depends on what colors you like.
  171605 [dylans@gm il] Tim and Harpo... thank you !

Re: Rant 0.5.4
171546 [ruby-forum-r] Just a thanks, good stuff!
171549 [pesterhazy@g] I rather like "echidna".
+ 171556 [vjoel@pa h. ] Or how about "puggle" (a baby echidna--see the wikipedia article).
| 171570 [ruby-forum-r] Hee, seconded :)
+ 171600 [damphyr@fr e] This is just typical of latin speakers: They use something just because
  171611 [ruby-forum-r] I am quite certain that they knew what it meant. Have

Ruby Evangelism Through Wikipedia
171551 [daniel.schie] Why not beef up the wikipedia article about Ruby? I just quickly made a

Rails + Amazon
171552 [rubybot@gm .] I am new to ruby and just trying to get into Rails. Very interesting
171555 [dylans@gm il] Hey Rubena !
171563 [trashcan@ho ] I've heard things about rails on this NG, what is it ?
171568 [cameron.math] www.rubyonrails.org
171576 [trashcan@ho ] Great ! Thanks !
171579 [trashcan@ho ] I'm afraid I missed something. what 'rad' means ?
+ 171580 [perrin@ap th] It's an '80s-vintage synonym for "cool" or "awesome", derived from
+ 171581 [mrkode@gm il] ...
+ 171591 [mental@ry ia] Like, totally awesome, dude.

[OT?] Subversion on RubyForge
171562 [tom@in oe he] Thought folks might be interested in this analysis of Subversion usage
171574 [setrodox@us ] Link looks broken.
171582 [perrin@ap th] The line wrapped at the letter L.  Just make sure it ends in .html
171588 [setrodox@us ] Thanks, works now.

how to use a proc like a method
171577 [hochherz@in ] is there a way to use a proc like a method?
171585 [lukfugl@gm i] # ------------ 8< ------------
171590 [lukfugl@gm i] # ------------ 8< ------------
171607 [gwtmp01@ma .] This doesn't seem quite accurate to me.  The expression generated
171619 [lukfugl@gm i] That's very true and accurate. Thanks for the clarification. My

is there a way to use a proc like a method?
171578 [hochherz@in ] is there a way to use a proc like a method?
+ 171584 [pit@ca it in] class A
+ 171587 [rosco@ro co ] def do(mproc)
| 171641 [twifkak@co c] BTW, a more common way in the Ruby world to do the sort of thing it
+ 171601 [jeff@op nd m] a=proc{@av=111} #something different
  171603 [jeff@op nd m] But apparently this doesn't work in practice, scratch that, hehe.