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Rails with Lighttpd or Apache
171142 [Rawn027@gm i] I am doing a clean install of FreeBSD and was wondering the best
+ 171146 [steve@wa ts ] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
+ 171204 [ruby-forum-r] lightTPD is absolutely the way to go unless you are

Smarter creation of redunant methods
171150 [caleb@ae -t ] def h_coil(chan)
+ 171156 [bob.news@gm ] You are recreating functionality that's already there (assuming coils
| 171202 [caleb@ae -t ] Thanks - these are some good ideas I hadn't thought of using before!
+ 171161 [ara.t.howard] you can certainly use metaprogramming here, but you could accomplish the same
  171175 [caleb@ae -t ] My issue is that I've got other methods in the class that use these
  171178 [ara.t.howard] then something like

End matching
171159 [slitt@ea th ] That's it, THAT'S IT! I'm tired of forgetting an end or inserting
+ 171162 [bob.news@gm ] "class", "module", "def", "do", "begin", "while", "until", "if",
| 171165 [james@gr yp ] Definitely.
+ 171163 [jim@fr ez .o] The rubyvim doesn't match 'end'? I used to use this,
+ 171164 [james@gr yp ] class / module / def
+ 171166 [pbattley@gm ] One wrinkle: 'do' does not always end in 'end'.  It can be a method,
| + 171169 [james@gr yp ] I imagine all the words in that list have the same issue.
| | + 171171 [agorilla@gm ] and speaking of 'cases', don't forget 'case'.
| | + 171407 [martindemell] Would probablly be better to check for everything that *can* precede the
| |   171464 [rosco@ro co ] Guys, take a look at Vim's implementation. On my system the pertinent
| + 171414 [doug00@gm il] Has anyone ever written a proposal for optional labels after an "end".
+ 171168 [hgs@dm .a .u] It's a bit of a problem, I agree.  I usually create them when I
+ 171182 [rosco@ro co ] Been there :-|
+ 171213 [ruby-forum-r] Actually, I recommend a proactive approach: just condition

171179 [uval@rz un -] sorry for such a basic question
171180 [ara.t.howard] ??
171195 [uval@rz un -] yes, it helps
+ 171196 [ara.t.howard] module M
+ 171220 [lukfugl@gm i] $d is immediately available since the $ prefix makes it global.

RSpec - should_raise method?
171192 [brian.takita] ...

Re: scoped_require 0.0
171203 [ruby-forum-r] I recall talking about this some time ago, either here

String interpolation is a good thing (was Re: convert seconds to hours:minutes:seconds)
171208 [meta@po ox c] It's also faster. Or at least, it was on my system when I ran some

Parsing xhtml with libxml
171230 [jonsmirl@gm ] If you get errors complaining of undefined entities like   when
+ 171237 [ruby-forum-r] Thank you for this!
+ 171239 [rosco@ro co ] Thanks for that. I've been gathering up problems and patches in a quiet

library for html generation
171232 [ljw1001@gm i] ...
171243 [gene.tani@gm] ...
171245 [ljw1001@gm i] ...
171349 [collinsj@se ] ...

X-Mail-Count (Was: Re: Did the numbers for this list get reset?)
171235 [mental@ry ia] Hmm.  Now it's got TWO X-Mail-Count headers.  That's not good.

multiple blocks (unfold)
171240 [mental@ry ia] I've been pondering how to write an "unfold" in Ruby lately, and
+ 171242 [mental@ry ia] -mental
+ 171248 [twifkak@co c] The only other idea I can think of at the moment is one I've seen in a
| 171250 [mental@ry ia] Hey, that's not too bad.  Use the named parameter idiom from Java.
| 171329 [csaba-ml@be ] Csaba
+ 171310 [chneukirchen] C'mon, let's do complete hylomorphisms. :-)
  + 171323 [mental@ry ia] Hey, this is pretty good.  It might be worth into turning into a gem.
  | 171386 [chneukirchen] True, #to_a is left-over.  Not sure what it should be called, tho.
  + 171341 [ptkwt@ar cn ] a philosophical concept that highlights the significance of matter in the
    171387 [chneukirchen] I use the term hylomorphism in the context of category theory, where a

New to coding, lost as hell
171246 [mikari@gm il] I've been looking into coding for a while now and would really like to
+ 171249 [twifkak@co c] Awesome!
+ 171253 [james_b@ne r] You try
+ 171254 [agorilla@gm ] cmd is the 32 bit version of command.com.  I haven't run 98 in a long
+ 171255 [adam.shelly@] Did you try SciTE?  As far as I remember, it worked out of the box
| 171259 [adam.s@co ad] According to the wiki, FreeRIDE is built on top of SciTE, which is also
| + 171261 [mikari@gm il] I've tried Ubuntu (on a live CD) and like it. Right now I'm stuck on
| + 171264 [twifkak@co c] I beg to differ. Especially considering the hair I've pulled out trying
|   + 171265 [adam.s@co ad] Wasn't ME essentially just an upgrade to 98? 2000 was the an incremental
|   | 171272 [perrin@ap th] Microsoft wanted to move everything to an NT base.  Windows 2000
|   + 171331 [slitt@ea th ] Ya know, I beg to differ too. Any GUI that screams with a Pentium
+ 171332 [slitt@ea th ] I don't know anything about FreeRIDE and SciTE, nor have I ever run
| + 171333 [james@gr yp ] No need for that.  Ruby on Windows is not bothered by a Shebang
| + 171334 [kevin.olbric] You don't need to delete the '#!' Line.  Windows will treat it as a comment
+ 171361 [w_a_x_man@ya] For now, forget FreeRIDE and SciTE.  All you need is the Ruby
+ 171610 [jamesvtoomey] Try opening the SciTe editor and typing

Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest this weekend!
171251 [drbrain@se m] Starting Saturday at 10:30 the second Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest
+ 171526 [djberg96@gm ] How did it go?
| 171537 [drbrain@se m] Not as well as we had hoped, turnout was low so we didn't get
+ 171939 [netghost@gm ] Hey I live over in Fremont, if there's coffee, I'll do my best to drop

jedit rhtml autocompletion
171252 [matiassurdi@] Does the jedit ruby plugin have rhtml autocompletion??? (autocompletion

pdf reader
171257 [botp@de mo t] anyone knows of a pdf reader lib? if not ruby, maybe something in perl/python.. (we'd like to read some pdf fields)
171277 [gerardo.sant] Gerardo Santana
171376 [alex@de et m] I've used pdftotext (part of the xpdf tools) to extract content from PDFs into ruby. But as the name suggests, it only helps with extracting text.

ActiveRecord on cygwin with sqlite3
171258 [alexy.khrabr] I've successfully installed sqlite3-ruby on cygwin (can run a simple

activerecord on cygwin with sqlite3
171260 [deliverable@] I've successfully installed sqlite3-ruby on cygwin (can run a simple
+ 171366 [alexy.khrabr] I solved the problem by supplying -rubygems to ruby, by setting
+ 171367 [deliverable@] I solved the problem by supplying -rubygems to ruby, by setting

sounds in ruby
171274 [faker@ya oo ] I've done a cursory search, but could find little support for sounds in
+ 171279 [anatol.pomoz] ...
+ 171281 [collinsj@se ] ...

Class object creation and scope
171275 [drjflam@gm i] ...
171278 [drjflam@gm i] ...

String#dump and quotes
171284 [djberg96@gm ] Just out of curiosity, why are double quotes added to the start and end
+ 171286 [hal9000@hy e] I think it's just for looks, to emphasize that it's a string.
| + 171296 [rosco@ro co ] I assumed that _was_ the point of the quotes and the escaping it does ?
| | 171308 [hal9000@hy e] It may well be. I've just never seen that documented.
| + 171468 [nobuyoshi.na] #dump ignores $KCODE, whereas #inspect is affected by it.
|   171480 [hal9000@hy e] Very interesting. If I ever knew that, I forgot it.
+ 171287 [ruby-ml@ma i] I venture as my guess that it is merely intended to allow

[Q] how to update gems package version listed by rubygems?
171285 [kwa@ku at -l] How to tell rubygems to update gems package version?
171295 [rosco@ro co ] I just had a look through your Gem, and it looks to me like you've been

Ruby and Debian
171288 [hal9000@hy e] I don't wish to open a can of worms here. I'm not even a Debian
+ 171290 [narf968@gm i] aptitude install zlib1g-dev
+ 171291 [jennyw@da ge] Last time I tried this, I discovered that Ruby is split into a whole lot
| 171595 [pabs@pa lo r] =20
+ 171292 [ezmobius@gm ] Hal-
+ 171293 [chriscodes@g] Assuming you're using Ruby 1.8 you need to
| + 171597 [pabs@pa lo r] [snipped]
| + 171886 [shot@sh t. l] Hyspro seems to have 0.8.11 - see the end of
| + 172013 [meta@po ox c] But ruby already lists libruby1.8 as a dependency, so that shouldn't be
|   172169 [runlevel7@gm] Is there an easy way for Debian users to create .debs for stuff
|   + 172282 [fugalh@gm il] It's called equivs, and I've never used it but I know you can do it.
|   | 172323 [zoso@fo on e] equivs is for creating (mostly) empty .deb packages, for testing purpos=
|   + 172383 [shot@sh t. l] Don't you think that following 'let's not reopen' with 'Debian folk
|     172396 [ruby@an hr p] } Hello.
+ 171321 [narf968@gm i] Now I'm having trouble compliling ruby 1.8.3 on Debian stable with tk
+ 171328 [zoso@fo on e] Is he using Debian stable? Is it a server? That is supposed to have been
| 172014 [meta@po ox c] ruby
| 172384 [shot@sh t. l] Or, better yet, ri and rdoc (dummy packages depending on the latest ri
| 172406 [perrin@ap th] The point of Stable is that it doesn't change, so that you'll never have
| + 172416 [angus@qu va ] [Chad Perrin <perrin@apotheon.com>, 2005-12-24 02.23 CET]
| | 172421 [perrin@ap th] Sorry, didn't mean to get pedantic.  Yes, you're right.
| + 172647 [shot@sh t. l] That's why I explicitly mentioned I'm writing about upgrading to the
+ 171604 [pabs@pa lo r] If you're installing from source, you need zlib1g-dev (in Debianese,=20
+ 172012 [meta@po ox c] Probably not such a good idea, because then you lose dependency handling.

Recruitment translators for new Ruby-GetText-Package
171289 [mutoh@hi hw ] I'll release the new version of Ruby-GetText-Package[1]
+ 171298 [kajism@ya oo] I'll be glad to translate the messages to Czech. Please send me some
| 171305 [mutoh@hi hw ] I'll send them soon.
+ 171299 [laurent.sans] French too!  You forgot me Masao :-)
| 171301 [mutoh@hi hw ] Oops, I'm so sorry m(__)m.
| 171302 [kyosuke@se n] Am I out of luck with Czech, too?
| 171306 [mutoh@hi hw ] Czech was reserved by Karel.
+ 171309 [bifacial@gm ] I'll be glad to translate it into Russian and/or Ukrainian. Please send
+ 171408 [damphyr@fr e] I can do greek.
+ 171413 [ruby-forum-r] Still having SMTP issues :/
  171498 [mutoh@hi hw ] Great!
  171503 [mutoh@hi hw ] Sorry, I forgot to attach the file.
  171504 [mutoh@hi hw ] Thanks for your helps.
  171522 [mutoh@hi hw ] Catalan was canceled, and Dutch has been reserved.
  171652 [damphyr@fr e] Yes, but I'm still missing the tarball.
  171714 [mutoh@hi hw ] Hmm. I checked my mailbox and I found a sended mail to you.

questions about ruby cgi
171307 [ljw1001@gm i] ...
171317 [ara.t.howard] [ahoward@localhost xx-0.0.0]$ cat a.rb
171338 [ezmobius@gm ] there an easier way around this than trying to hack the cgi library?

trap ctrl-c and exit nicely
171312 [narf968@gm i] I want to trap a ctrl-c, wait for any http request to finish,and then
171330 [logancapaldo] interrupted = false

trap ctrl-c and exit nicely
171313 [narf968@gm i] Not sure how to trap a ctrl-c, wait for a http request to finish, and

Re: Why would Webrick use instead of
171314 [f@an re s- .] means "bind to all IP addresses".
171364 [ml.chibbs@gm] Thanks!

Why would Webrick use instead of ?
171315 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
+ 171316 [twifkak@co c] Mine's always said it starts on (I'm using normal Rails, not the
+ 171319 [ dez@ma .c m] It doesn't really mean it is listening on - this actually
+ 171325 [drbrain@se m] Tell them to disable their firewall.
  171363 [ml.chibbs@gm] I've been out all day, but thanks to everyone for all the helpful

Why would Webrick use instead of ?
171318 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
171380 [osivertsson@] ...

Passing multiple parameters with select-option to controller
171324 [serbulentuns] I'm using Windows Xp, Mysql 5, Webrick, Rails 1.0 I've 3 tables which
171420 [drbrain@se m] You'll want to ask on the Rails mailing list.

Rescuing SyntaxError
171326 [caleb@ae -t ] Is it possible to catch illegal syntax errors?
+ 171327 [logancapaldo] irb(main):017:0> begin
+ 171335 [vjoel@pa h. ] [~/tmp] cat se2.rb
  171342 [caleb@ae -t ] Sure thing.  Is there any way to catch it though?
  + 171347 [twifkak@co c] begin
  | 171381 [caleb@ae -t ] Yeah, I will.  That's what will work in what I'm trying to do
  + 171372 [catchall1.10] begin

dynamic status updates using net-mdns bonjour messaging
171336 [doug@be ve .] i'm exploring using net-mdns 0.2 (written by sam roberts) to do some

gem: after installing display text
171337 [ml@ku t. in ] Is it possible to display some message after installing a gem?  I have a gem
171343 [drbrain@se m] Ok, we're writing up a card for it.
171345 [rosco@ro co ] so you could 'puts' any message you liked, and also do additional
171927 [halostatue@g] * Any gem may display a message.
+ 171946 [pabs@pa lo r] &group_id=3D126&atid=3D578
+ 171956 [rosco@ro co ] That seems sensible. It would certainly be a nice feature to have (for me,

Re: how to update gems package version listed by rubygems?
171339 [kwa@ku at -l] Thanks Ross, I adopt your workaround and confirmed that
171340 [rosco@ro co ] You're welcome, but we should really thank the person who posted it

Simply a bug ?
171344 [kane@nu er c] I've a problem under windows xp, someone will told "of course", but in
+ 171346 [damphyr@fr e] Yeap, it happens with german and spanish keyboard layouts as well and is
+ 171351 [surrender_it] look in the archives for problems with irb and readline on win32,
  171354 [kane@nu er c] Really, --noreadline fix the problerm. It's stange but its walk.
  173767 [lionel.orry@] I personally put this file at c:\Documents and Settings\Lionel\.inputrc

Reminder: Phoenix.rb Meeting Monday, Dec 19
171348 [james_b@ne r] Just a reminder that the Phoenix Ruby Users Group is meeting this coming
171355 [slitt@ea th ] Does anyone know if there's a Ruby group in Orlando Florida, or
171469 [leavengood@g] For some reason Florida Rubyists seem to be rare. I'm in South Florida
171471 [james_b@ne r] You may want to consider stealing some ideas from the way the Phoenix
171559 [leavengood@g] Thanks for the tips James. I also have an interest in web development
171566 [james_b@ne r] Good to hear.  Give a shout if you start something up.

mouse library ?
171350 [carlos.brasi] this is my first topic in this group
171412 [gerardo.sant] Tk is not the only toolkit available for Ruby though.
171489 [carlos.brasi] thanks

171357 [slitt@ea th ] My umenu program has a utility called ufork.pl, whose job it is to
171358 [james@gr yp ] I believe you are looking for Process.setsid.
171360 [slitt@ea th ] Thanks James.
171362 [slitt@ea th ] exec argarray.join(' ')
171368 [flori@ni e. ] exec *argarray
171377 [slitt@ea th ] Confirmed! Thanks Florian.
171379 [langstefan@g] It flattens the array (argarray) into an argument list.
171383 [rosco@ro co ] I've seen it also called the 'splat' operator, and (I think?) David Black
171507 [logancapaldo] This scared me, so I did some experiments
171508 [james@gr yp ] James Edward Gray II
171510 [logancapaldo] Ok. I was unaware of that. But to_proc is more like to_ary than to_a,
171511 [james@gr yp ] Wish granted.  ;)
171516 [logancapaldo] Well my real wish was that the otherwise didn't exist but I takes

[ANN] Utah Ruby Users Group, December Meeting
171359 [jamis@37 ig ] The Utah Ruby Users Group covers primarily Salt Lake City and Provo/

rrobots submission
171365 [pfharlockk@g] ...
171392 [james@gr yp ] Actually, you were a little early.  ;)  I ask that people not post

171369 [k.lindberg@g] ...

How to grep the shortly matching in a string
171370 [priceagle@gm] I used regular expression to grep content from a web page,but it seems
171373 [rretzbach@go] Would be nice to see the regexp. Maybe using non-greedy multipliers will do.
171375 [priceagle@gm] Thanks Robert!
+ 171382 [rosco@ro co ] Non greedy quantifiers  could probably be used to do this, but given that
| 171398 [dblack@wo bl] array.each {|it| puts it }  ==  puts array  :-)
| + 171400 [rosco@ro co ] I _knew_ I was missing something.
| + 171401 [twifkak@co c] Maybe in Perl 6! http://dev.perl.org/perl6/doc/design/apo/A05.html
+ 171384 [ruby-forum-r] Yes, you want the non-greedy version .*? instead of .*