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^ RubyGems and bin/
171140 [james graypr] I'll readily admit that I haven't looked into this much yet.  I
171145 [jim freeze.o] I think it is just
171155 [james graypr] Sure is.  Wow, that was easy.  Thanks much!

^ Rails with Lighttpd or Apache
171142 [Rawn027 gmai] I am doing a clean install of FreeBSD and was wondering the best
+ 171146 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
+ 171204 [ruby-forum-r] lightTPD is absolutely the way to go unless you are

^ Smarter creation of redunant methods
171150 [caleb aei-te] def h_coil(chan)
+ 171156 [bob.news gmx] You are recreating functionality that's already there (assuming coils
| 171202 [caleb aei-te] Thanks - these are some good ideas I hadn't thought of using before!
+ 171161 [ara.t.howard] you can certainly use metaprogramming here, but you could accomplish the same
  171175 [caleb aei-te] My issue is that I've got other methods in the class that use these
  171178 [ara.t.howard] then something like

^ End matching
171159 [slitt earthl] That's it, THAT'S IT! I'm tired of forgetting an end or inserting
+ 171162 [bob.news gmx] "class", "module", "def", "do", "begin", "while", "until", "if",
| 171165 [james graypr] Definitely.
+ 171163 [jim freeze.o] The rubyvim doesn't match 'end'? I used to use this,
+ 171164 [james graypr] class / module / def
+ 171166 [pbattley gma] One wrinkle: 'do' does not always end in 'end'.  It can be a method,
| + 171169 [james graypr] I imagine all the words in that list have the same issue.
| | + 171171 [agorilla gma] and speaking of 'cases', don't forget 'case'.
| | + 171407 [martindemell] Would probablly be better to check for everything that *can* precede the
| |   171464 [rosco roscop] Guys, take a look at Vim's implementation. On my system the pertinent
| + 171414 [doug00 gmail] Has anyone ever written a proposal for optional labels after an "end".
+ 171168 [hgs dmu.ac.u] It's a bit of a problem, I agree.  I usually create them when I
+ 171182 [rosco roscop] Been there :-|
+ 171213 [ruby-forum-r] Actually, I recommend a proactive approach: just condition

^ Math::PI?
171179 [uval rz.uni-] sorry for such a basic question
171180 [ara.t.howard] ??
171195 [uval rz.uni-] yes, it helps
+ 171196 [ara.t.howard] module M
+ 171220 [lukfugl gmai] $d is immediately available since the $ prefix makes it global.

^ RSpec - should_raise method?
171192 [brian.takita] Does RSpec provide a way to check if an exception gets raised?

^ Re: scoped_require 0.0
171203 [ruby-forum-r] I recall talking about this some time ago, either here

^ Re: challenge - regex which matches nothing
171206 [meta pobox.c] I think you mean 'a regex which doesn't match anything'; surely
+ 171209 [james graypr] No, he meant a regex that always fails.
| 171211 [ara.t.howard] lol!
| 171228 [reinder verl] <nitpick>That never happens in Ruby. =~ returns nil if the expression
+ 171210 [ara.t.howard] indeed i did - but i thought that a subject like that would lead to people

^ String interpolation is a good thing (was Re: convert seconds to hours:minutes:seconds)
171208 [meta pobox.c] It's also faster. Or at least, it was on my system when I ran some

^ Parsing xhtml with libxml
171230 [jonsmirl gma] If you get errors complaining of undefined entities like &nbsp; when
+ 171237 [ruby-forum-r] Thank you for this!
+ 171239 [rosco roscop] Thanks for that. I've been gathering up problems and patches in a quiet

^ library for html generation
171232 [ljw1001 gmai] Is there a ruby library for generating HTML? I'm looking for something
171243 [gene.tani gm] ...
171245 [ljw1001 gmai] yikes!
171349 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ X-Mail-Count (Was: Re: Did the numbers for this list get reset?)
171235 [mental rydia] Hmm.  Now it's got TWO X-Mail-Count headers.  That's not good.

^ multiple blocks (unfold)
171240 [mental rydia] I've been pondering how to write an "unfold" in Ruby lately, and
+ 171242 [mental rydia] -mental
+ 171248 [twifkak comc] The only other idea I can think of at the moment is one I've seen in a
| 171250 [mental rydia] Hey, that's not too bad.  Use the named parameter idiom from Java.
| 171329 [csaba-ml bea] Csaba
+ 171310 [chneukirchen] C'mon, let's do complete hylomorphisms. :-)
  + 171323 [mental rydia] Hey, this is pretty good.  It might be worth into turning into a gem.
  | 171386 [chneukirchen] True, #to_a is left-over.  Not sure what it should be called, tho.
  + 171341 [ptkwt aracne] a philosophical concept that highlights the significance of matter in the
    171387 [chneukirchen] I use the term hylomorphism in the context of category theory, where a

^ New to coding, lost as hell
171246 [mikari gmail] I've been looking into coding for a while now and would really like to
+ 171249 [twifkak comc] Awesome!
+ 171253 [james_b neur] You try
+ 171254 [agorilla gma] cmd is the 32 bit version of command.com.  I haven't run 98 in a long
+ 171255 [adam.shelly ] Did you try SciTE?  As far as I remember, it worked out of the box
| 171259 [adam.s covad] According to the wiki, FreeRIDE is built on top of SciTE, which is also
| + 171261 [mikari gmail] I've tried Ubuntu (on a live CD) and like it. Right now I'm stuck on
| + 171264 [twifkak comc] I beg to differ. Especially considering the hair I've pulled out trying
|   + 171265 [adam.s covad] Wasn't ME essentially just an upgrade to 98? 2000 was the an incremental
|   | 171272 [perrin apoth] Microsoft wanted to move everything to an NT base.  Windows 2000
|   + 171331 [slitt earthl] Ya know, I beg to differ too. Any GUI that screams with a Pentium
+ 171332 [slitt earthl] I don't know anything about FreeRIDE and SciTE, nor have I ever run
| + 171333 [james graypr] No need for that.  Ruby on Windows is not bothered by a Shebang
| + 171334 [kevin.olbric] You don't need to delete the '#!' Line.  Windows will treat it as a comment
+ 171361 [w_a_x_man ya] For now, forget FreeRIDE and SciTE.  All you need is the Ruby
+ 171610 [jamesvtoomey] Try opening the SciTe editor and typing

^ Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest this weekend!
171251 [drbrain segm] Starting Saturday at 10:30 the second Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest
+ 171526 [djberg96 gma] How did it go?
| 171537 [drbrain segm] Not as well as we had hoped, turnout was low so we didn't get
+ 171939 [netghost gma] Hey I live over in Fremont, if there's coffee, I'll do my best to drop

^ jedit rhtml autocompletion
171252 [matiassurdi ] Does the jedit ruby plugin have rhtml autocompletion??? (autocompletion

^ pdf reader
171257 [botp delmont] anyone knows of a pdf reader lib? if not ruby, maybe something in perl/python.. (we'd like to read some pdf fields)
171277 [gerardo.sant] Gerardo Santana
171376 [alex deletem] I've used pdftotext (part of the xpdf tools) to extract content from PDFs into ruby. But as the name suggests, it only helps with extracting text.

^ ActiveRecord on cygwin with sqlite3
171258 [alexy.khrabr] I've successfully installed sqlite3-ruby on cygwin (can run a simple

^ activerecord on cygwin with sqlite3
171260 [deliverable ] I've successfully installed sqlite3-ruby on cygwin (can run a simple
+ 171366 [alexy.khrabr] I solved the problem by supplying -rubygems to ruby, by setting
+ 171367 [deliverable ] I solved the problem by supplying -rubygems to ruby, by setting

^ sounds in ruby
171274 [faker yahoo.] I've done a cursory search, but could find little support for sounds in
+ 171279 [anatol.pomoz] Here you can find windows library for playing sounds
+ 171281 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Class object creation and scope
171275 [drjflam gmai] It appears that class objects (created via Class.new) are somewhat unusual.
171278 [drjflam gmai] I just took a look at rb_class_boot(), and it looks like I can't make a

^ String#dump and quotes
171284 [djberg96 gma] Just out of curiosity, why are double quotes added to the start and end
+ 171286 [hal9000 hype] I think it's just for looks, to emphasize that it's a string.
| + 171296 [rosco roscop] I assumed that _was_ the point of the quotes and the escaping it does ?
| | 171308 [hal9000 hype] It may well be. I've just never seen that documented.
| + 171468 [nobuyoshi.na] #dump ignores $KCODE, whereas #inspect is affected by it.
|   171480 [hal9000 hype] Very interesting. If I ever knew that, I forgot it.
+ 171287 [ruby-ml magi] I venture as my guess that it is merely intended to allow

^ [Q] how to update gems package version listed by rubygems?
171285 [kwa kuwata-l] How to tell rubygems to update gems package version?
171295 [rosco roscop] I just had a look through your Gem, and it looks to me like you've been

^ Ruby and Debian
171288 [hal9000 hype] I don't wish to open a can of worms here. I'm not even a Debian
+ 171290 [narf968 gmai] aptitude install zlib1g-dev
+ 171291 [jennyw dange] Last time I tried this, I discovered that Ruby is split into a whole lot
| 171595 [pabs pablotr] =20
+ 171292 [ezmobius gma] Hal-
+ 171293 [chriscodes g] Assuming you're using Ruby 1.8 you need to
| + 171597 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
| + 171886 [shot shot.pl] Hyspro seems to have 0.8.11 - see the end of
| + 172013 [meta pobox.c] But ruby already lists libruby1.8 as a dependency, so that shouldn't be
|   172169 [runlevel7 gm] Is there an easy way for Debian users to create .debs for stuff
|   + 172282 [fugalh gmail] It's called equivs, and I've never used it but I know you can do it.
|   | 172323 [zoso foton.e] equivs is for creating (mostly) empty .deb packages, for testing purpos=
|   + 172383 [shot shot.pl] Don't you think that following 'let's not reopen' with 'Debian folk
|     172396 [ruby anthrop] } Hello.
+ 171321 [narf968 gmai] Now I'm having trouble compliling ruby 1.8.3 on Debian stable with tk
+ 171328 [zoso foton.e] Is he using Debian stable? Is it a server? That is supposed to have been
| 172014 [meta pobox.c] ruby
| 172384 [shot shot.pl] Or, better yet, ri and rdoc (dummy packages depending on the latest ri
| 172406 [perrin apoth] The point of Stable is that it doesn't change, so that you'll never have
| + 172416 [angus quovad] [Chad Perrin <perrin@apotheon.com>, 2005-12-24 02.23 CET]
| | 172421 [perrin apoth] Sorry, didn't mean to get pedantic.  Yes, you're right.
| + 172647 [shot shot.pl] That's why I explicitly mentioned I'm writing about upgrading to the
+ 171604 [pabs pablotr] If you're installing from source, you need zlib1g-dev (in Debianese,=20
+ 172012 [meta pobox.c] Probably not such a good idea, because then you lose dependency handling.

^ Recruitment translators for new Ruby-GetText-Package
171289 [mutoh highwa] I'll release the new version of Ruby-GetText-Package[1]
+ 171298 [kajism yahoo] I'll be glad to translate the messages to Czech. Please send me some
| 171305 [mutoh highwa] I'll send them soon.
+ 171299 [laurent.sans] French too!  You forgot me Masao :-)
| 171301 [mutoh highwa] Oops, I'm so sorry m(__)m.
| 171302 [kyosuke sezn] Am I out of luck with Czech, too?
| 171306 [mutoh highwa] Czech was reserved by Karel.
+ 171309 [bifacial gma] I'll be glad to translate it into Russian and/or Ukrainian. Please send
+ 171408 [damphyr free] I can do greek.
+ 171413 [ruby-forum-r] Still having SMTP issues :/
  171498 [mutoh highwa] Great!
  171503 [mutoh highwa] Sorry, I forgot to attach the file.
  171504 [mutoh highwa] Thanks for your helps.
  171522 [mutoh highwa] Catalan was canceled, and Dutch has been reserved.
  171652 [damphyr free] Yes, but I'm still missing the tarball.
  171714 [mutoh highwa] Hmm. I checked my mailbox and I found a sended mail to you.

^ Re: [ANN] Net::Netrc 0.1.0
171300 [mailing-list] That's great.  I think that we need something like this in the stdlib

^ questions about ruby cgi
171307 [ljw1001 gmai] I'm trying to use the cgi library to generate some html that will later get
171317 [ara.t.howard] [ahoward@localhost xx-0.0.0]$ cat a.rb
171338 [ezmobius gma] there an easier way around this than trying to hack the cgi library?

^ trap ctrl-c and exit nicely
171312 [narf968 gmai] I want to trap a ctrl-c, wait for any http request to finish,and then
171330 [logancapaldo] interrupted = false

^ trap ctrl-c and exit nicely
171313 [narf968 gmai] Not sure how to trap a ctrl-c, wait for a http request to finish, and

^ Re: Why would Webrick use instead of
171314 [f andreas-s.] means "bind to all IP addresses".
171364 [ml.chibbs gm] Thanks!

^ Why would Webrick use instead of ?
171315 [curt.hibbs g] A guy who was working through my Rolling wit Ruby on Rails tutorial had thi=
+ 171316 [twifkak comc] Mine's always said it starts on (I'm using normal Rails, not the
+ 171319 [ dez mac.com] It doesn't really mean it is listening on - this actually
+ 171325 [drbrain segm] Tell them to disable their firewall.
  171363 [ml.chibbs gm] I've been out all day, but thanks to everyone for all the helpful

^ Why would Webrick use instead of ?
171318 [curt.hibbs g] Someone working through my Rolling with Ruby on Rails tutorial ran into
171380 [osivertsson ] netstat and similar utilities will list the address as when your

^ Passing multiple parameters with select-option to controller
171324 [serbulentuns] I'm using Windows Xp, Mysql 5, Webrick, Rails 1.0 I've 3 tables which
171420 [drbrain segm] You'll want to ask on the Rails mailing list.

^ Rescuing SyntaxError
171326 [caleb aei-te] Is it possible to catch illegal syntax errors?
+ 171327 [logancapaldo] irb(main):017:0> begin
+ 171335 [vjoel path.b] [~/tmp] cat se2.rb
  171342 [caleb aei-te] Sure thing.  Is there any way to catch it though?
  + 171347 [twifkak comc] begin
  | 171381 [caleb aei-te] Yeah, I will.  That's what will work in what I'm trying to do
  + 171372 [catchall1.10] begin

^ dynamic status updates using net-mdns bonjour messaging
171336 [doug beaver.] i'm exploring using net-mdns 0.2 (written by sam roberts) to do some

^ gem: after installing display text
171337 [ml kurt.hind] Is it possible to display some message after installing a gem?  I have a gem
171343 [drbrain segm] Ok, we're writing up a card for it.
171345 [rosco roscop] so you could 'puts' any message you liked, and also do additional
171927 [halostatue g] * Any gem may display a message.
+ 171946 [pabs pablotr] &group_id=3D126&atid=3D578
+ 171956 [rosco roscop] That seems sensible. It would certainly be a nice feature to have (for me,

^ Re: how to update gems package version listed by rubygems?
171339 [kwa kuwata-l] Thanks Ross, I adopt your workaround and confirmed that
171340 [rosco roscop] You're welcome, but we should really thank the person who posted it

^ Simply a bug ?
171344 [kane numeric] I've a problem under windows xp, someone will told "of course", but in
+ 171346 [damphyr free] Yeap, it happens with german and spanish keyboard layouts as well and is
+ 171351 [surrender_it] look in the archives for problems with irb and readline on win32,
  171354 [kane numeric] Really, --noreadline fix the problerm. It's stange but its walk.
  173767 [lionel.orry ] I personally put this file at c:\Documents and Settings\Lionel\.inputrc

^ Reminder: Phoenix.rb Meeting Monday, Dec 19
171348 [james_b neur] Just a reminder that the Phoenix Ruby Users Group is meeting this coming
171355 [slitt earthl] Does anyone know if there's a Ruby group in Orlando Florida, or
171469 [leavengood g] For some reason Florida Rubyists seem to be rare. I'm in South Florida
171471 [james_b neur] You may want to consider stealing some ideas from the way the Phoenix
171559 [leavengood g] Thanks for the tips James. I also have an interest in web development
171566 [james_b neur] Good to hear.  Give a shout if you start something up.

^ mouse library ?
171350 [carlos.brasi] this is my first topic in this group
171412 [gerardo.sant] Tk is not the only toolkit available for Ruby though.
171489 [carlos.brasi] thanks

^ Spawning
171357 [slitt earthl] My umenu program has a utility called ufork.pl, whose job it is to
171358 [james graypr] I believe you are looking for Process.setsid.
171360 [slitt earthl] Thanks James.
171362 [slitt earthl] exec argarray.join(' ')
171368 [flori nixe.p] exec *argarray
171377 [slitt earthl] Confirmed! Thanks Florian.
171379 [langstefan g] It flattens the array (argarray) into an argument list.
171383 [rosco roscop] I've seen it also called the 'splat' operator, and (I think?) David Black
171507 [logancapaldo] This scared me, so I did some experiments
171508 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
171510 [logancapaldo] Ok. I was unaware of that. But to_proc is more like to_ary than to_a,
171511 [james graypr] Wish granted.  ;)
171516 [logancapaldo] Well my real wish was that the otherwise didn't exist but I takes